What A Gas! 2:

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 7

From the last chapter:

"I'm afraid with the way this family is growing, we may soon outgrow the limo." said Mitch. "It's a beautiful limo, and I intend on keeping it, but it just won't hold everyone for too much longer."

"I know what you mean Mitch, and I've seen this coming." replied Reggie. "I did go see a vehicle broker a few days ago, and the only thing he could suggest was a bus. He did have one that is a little smaller than a full sized bus. It holds thirty people and it was built as a private tour bus, but the company that ordered it went under as it was ready to be delivered. The bus was customized for the tour company, and they had it furnished very nicely. All we would have to do is get the tour company paint scheme painted over, and the broker said he could take care of that for us."

"Well then Reggie, if it's brand new I'll give you a check to take to the broker tomorrow." said Mitch. "When can we take delivery of it?"

"If I take him a check tomorrow, we can have it by Friday." replied Reggie.

The next morning, after all of the boys except Trevor and Taz were taken to school, Mitch herded the two boys and Reggie out to the limo. Taz had to take his medications with him, in case they weren't back by lunch, and Reggie stopped at the vehicle broker on the way to the airport. Once at the airport, everyone waited just outside the security checkpoint for Eric and Leah. Once the flight from Las Vegas was announced as arriving, Trevor started getting very excited. Trevor was the first one to spot his sister and Eric, and took off running to meet them.

"Leah!" screamed Trevor, as he held his arms open for her.

"Trev!" screamed Leah, as she ran to her brother's arms and started crying. "Oh Trev, when they didn't come back with you, I thought you were dead! I didn't think I would ever see you again, until they took mom and dad away this morning!"

"I've missed you so much Leah!" cried Trevor. "You're the only one in the family that I ever wanted to see again!"

The reunion between Trevor and Leah almost brought tears to Mitch's and Taz's eyes. Eric was smiling however, when he walked up to Mitch and said, "It always makes me feel so good when I can do things like that. Well Mitch, your family has just grown by one more. Congratulations, it's a girl!"

Mitch half laughed and half cried as he gave Eric a hug. After going to claim what little luggage Leah had, everyone piled into Mitch's limo, including Eric. After they dropped Eric at his office, Mitch noticed it was close to time for Taz to take his medications, so he had Reggie drive to the nearest fast food place. On the way there, Trevor finally stopped hugging his sister long enough to introduce her.

"Leah, this is Mitch." said Trevor. "He got me off the streets, and he's the greatest guy in the world! Next to him is Taz, one of our new brothers. The rest of them are in school right now. Mitch and Taz, this is my baby sister Leah."

"Geez Trevor, you're only an hour older than me!" exclaimed Leah, as she rolled her eyes and laughed.

"It's great to meet you Leah." said Mitch, as he leaned forward and gave her a light hug. "Trevor has talked about you quite a bit since we rescued him from the streets. He seems to be very happy now, and we want you to think about staying with him and us for as long as you want to."

"Well, I don't know." said Leah. "I kinda liked being beaten and locked in my room all the time. What the heck, I'll stay!"

"Don't worry about things like that anymore Leah." said Mitch. "You'll be safe as long as you stay here. If anyone does try to hurt you again, I want to know about it right away. Now, you didn't seem to bring too much with you."

"The social worker in Utah wouldn't let me bring stuff that wasn't really fit to wear anymore." replied Leah. "She said that all that would be taken care of for me here."

"As soon as we get home then, we'll see what you need, then go shopping when the rest of the boys get home from school." said Mitch. "We need to get some things for your brother and Taz anyway."

"How many boys do you have in your house Mitch?" asked Leah, in an interested tone.

"Including your brother, there are nine boys in the house." chuckled Mitch.

"And I'm the only girl?" replied Leah. "I like those odds!"

"I hate to burst your bubble sister, but almost all of us are gay." giggled Trevor.

"That sucks!" exclaimed Leah. "Are there any that aren't gay Mitch?"

"Well, Josh is too young for us to tell yet, and Joey says he doesn't know if he's straight or gay." replied Mitch. "It might not even matter either way, but we just don't know."

"Yeah, at least that's what Lance is hoping for from what I hear!" giggled Trevor.

"Anyway, the rest are gay." chuckled Mitch. "There are three that like much older men."

"I'll bet my brother is one of those, isn't he?" giggled Leah.

"How would you know that sis?!" replied Trevor.

"Because, I've saved your ass from a beating a few times Trevor, by deleting the history files in the family computer!" snickered Leah. "You really have to remember to do that after you visit porn sites, although I have to admit, some of those pictures you looked at the most were really hot! Most of your favorite pictures seemed to be of guys in their thirties and forties. If you like guys that old though Trevor, I hope you find one who really loves you, unless you have already." Then Leah looked directly at Mitch.

"I'm afraid that I'm already spoken for by one of the other boys." laughed Mitch.

"Yeah, Justin is his lover." said Trevor. "Wait until you see him too sis. He's so cute that it'll make you cry because he likes guys."

At that point the limo finally pulled in somewhere, and everyone got out to go in and eat. Mitch ordered for everyone while the kids went to find a large table. Fortunately, Reggie stayed at the counter to help Mitch carry the food to the table. Once the food arrived, Taz got his medications out.

"That's an awful lot of pills!" exclaimed Leah. "Are you okay Taz?"

"Yeah, I'm okay." smiled Taz. "I'm positive though, so I have to take these to make sure that I stay okay."

"You mean like in HIV?" asked Leah.

"Yeah, but it will be okay." replied Taz.

"I'm so sorry to hear that Taz." replied Leah. "A kid I knew back in Utah had an uncle that he'd never got the chance to meet because he was positive back in the early eighties. I hear medicine has done quite a bit since then though."

"Yeah, they'll get there someday." replied Taz. "I just have to keep myself healthy until then."

Everyone was a little quiet at lunch, but by the time it was over, the earlier topic had been forgotten, and everyone had started talking again. By the time everyone was in the limo, the conversation had returned to normal. Once they got home, Mitch and Trevor helped Leah get settled into her new home. Then they took an inventory of what she would need. By the time they were finished, Reggie had returned with the other boys. Mitch then had them all sit in the living room so he could introduce them to Leah.

"Okay Leah, first we have Justin." said Mitch. "Next to Justin is Randy and Davey, then Lance. After Lance is Joey and Josh." After Leah finished smiling and batting her eyes at Joey, Mitch continued, And finally we have Ryan. Boys, this is Trevor's twin sister, Leah."

All of the boys took turns saying hi to Leah, and Leah put more emphasis into her hello with Joey than anyone else. It wasn't that Leah was trying to flirt, but she did find Joey incredibly attractive. By now it was getting close to dinner time, so Mitch decided to take everyone to a real restaurant before doing some shopping. Everyone crammed into the limo, and they were off to dinner. When they got to the restaurant, Taz once again pulled out his medicines for his dinner medications. Then he asked for a glass of water. The waiter didn't make any notice of it, because it was normal to serve water while people were looking at the menu anyway. The waiter returned with a water pitcher and poured everyone a glass of water. When he got to Taz though, he finally noticed all of the pills. The waiter then got a disdainful look on his face.

"I can't reach all the way over there!" said the waiter smugly. "Someone hold HIS glass over here, then give it back to him!"

Trevor suddenly became very pissed, and said loudly, "HIM has a name, just like everyone else! And he also has feelings too! Maybe it would do you some good to try to remember that!"

"It's okay Trevor." said Taz. "That's how I got treated on the streets too."

"It's not okay Taz." said Trevor, with a hint of emotion. "You're not on the streets anymore, and we all love you like a brother!" Then Trevor turned back to the waiter and said, "If you're not going to treat everyone with the same amount of dignity and respect, we want another waiter!"

"Yeah Trevor, you tell that jerk!" yelled out several of the boys.

By this time the manager had heard the commotion, and had come out to the table. "What is going on out here?" asked the manager calmly.

"We want another waiter!" replied Trevor. "This heartless jerk is refusing to serve water to our brother, who needs it to take his medicine before we eat. If he doesn't want to serve us though, we can always go somewhere else to eat!"

Mitch and Justin were both smiling proudly at Trevor, and Mitch reached over and patted Taz on the hand. The manager looked down and saw the medicines Taz needed to take, and instantly knew he was positive.

"I'm so sorry young man." said the manager to Taz. "No one has any right to treat you that way." Then he turned to his waiter and said, "I hope you have a good explanation!"

"I don't have to do anything I don't feel right about doing!" replied the waiter. "If he's sick, why should I risk getting sick just because he wants to pretend he's normal?"

"Have you ever known anyone with HIV?" asked the manager. "Because I can tell right now you haven't! I, on the other hand, have had to watch several close friends go through what HIV puts a person through. Back in the eighties, I held several close friend's hands while they were too weak to even get out of bed! One thing I can tell you is the only way you would contract that disease from this young man, is something that he would probably never consider with someone like you! Your attitude is discrimination, and discrimination of any kind is not allowed here! Clock out and leave now. Your final check will be mailed to you!"

Once the waiter had left, the manager took the pitcher and leaned in to pour Taz a glass of water. Then he patted Taz on the shoulder and said, "I'm so sorry again. I will personally take care of you this evening. If there is anything at all you need, please call me over immediately. Also, tonight's bill is on the house, as a way to show you that I sincerely mean what I say."

The rest of the dinner went okay, and the manager bent over backwards to make up for the stupidity and insensitivity of his former waiter. Trevor looked up to the man several times during dinner and smiled at the manager, thankful that he cared about Taz so much. The manager always returned Trevor's smile warmly. When dinner was over, the manager was there to say good-bye, and invite them back any time.

When he got to Taz, he gave Taz a warm and nurturing hug as he said, "Don't ever accept anyone treating you any differently than they would anyone else Taz. You're a very wonderful person, and you deserve to be treated that way."

When Trevor said good-bye, he hugged the manger even closer than the manager had hugged Taz, and said, "Thank you for taking such good care of my brother. I feel that there is something very special about you." Then Trevor held the man as closely as he could. He could begin to feel something between the two of them, so he continued, "Would it be okay to see you sometime, just as friends? I'd really like to get to know you, and hear some of the things you've been through." Then Trevor scribbled the number to the house phone at home on an napkin and said, "Please, call me."

Trevor had been the last one to leave the table, so everyone was waiting outside for him. Some of the kids wanted to know what had taken him so long, but Leah just looked at him and smiled. This shopping trip turned out much better than the last time they had gone to the mall. Maybe it was because all of the boys were together this time, and no one wanted to deal with all of them at once. Mitch was relieved merely over being able to go to the mall one time without his family growing, although he would take in any boy or girl who needed him. Most of the street kids though were boys, with only a few exceptions. While Mitch was with Leah shopping for girls clothes, he finally got a chance to speak with her alone.

"I just want you to know that things will be a little different now Leah." said Mitch. "I know the story of how your parents were about certain things, and I want you to know that most people don't handle situations that way. You will probably soon see yourself as having a little more freedom here, but there is some responsibility that comes with that. Trevor has already told me that you do show some sense of responsibility, and that's very good."

"Are you trying to have a birds and bees talk with me Mitch?" giggled Leah.

"I'm sure you already know most of the mechanics of that." chuckled Mitch. "I wanted to talk about the responsibility side of it though. I know that you are going to be curious, and that's pretty natural whether you're a boy or a girl. Your willingness to use contraception is a very good start to showing responsibility, but there is a little more than that. I would never interfere with the feelings that are involved with real love, so I don't ever want you to worry about that. When it comes to having sex just for pleasure though, I will expect you to be much more reserved. I'm not saying that you can't, because everyone in this house has done that, but you should be a little more reserved when it comes to that."

"So you're pretty much saying that you don't want me to have four or five boys over every night at one time, or a different boy every night, right?" asked Leah as she smiled.

"I guess that would be one way to put it." chuckled Mitch. "That's the only thing I will ask Leah, and you seem responsible enough to handle yourself okay there."

"Actually there is one boy already that I think I have feelings for, and he might become pretty special to me if he has the same feelings." said Leah.

"You're talking about Joey, aren't you?" asked Mitch.

"Yeah, I might be." replied Leah bashfully.

"Well, Joey is a really cute boy." smiled Mitch. "There are some things going on with him though. Before you try to get anywhere with him, I'd like you to get him to tell you his story. Then, don't push him too hard into doing anything, okay?"

"I guess that's pretty much true of everyone here, huh?" asked Leah.

"You've all been through some pretty rough times, but if you all stick together and support each other, I think you can help each other quite a bit." replied Mitch.

"You know that my brother is interested in the restaurant manager from tonight, don't you?" asked Leah.

"Yeah, I kind of picked up on that." smiled Mitch. "If it turns out that they love each other, I have no problem with him loving an older man. He's told me some of his stories about getting here, and he's met some very wonderful men on the way. Besides, Justin and I love each other very much, and we love to demonstrate our love to each other. I would be a hypocrite if I said anything about Trevor being attracted to older men."

"Justin is pretty cute Mitch." said Leah. "You're a lucky guy."

"Thanks Leah." replied Mitch.

After shopping for Leah had been finished, she went off to join the other boys, while Mitch got ahold of Trevor and Taz to pick up what they needed. Leah seemed to stay pretty close to Joey, which made Joey smile when he noticed that. It also made Lance frown when Lance noticed it. Mitch could tell when he caught up to everyone to go home that he would have to have a talk with Lance when they got home. Once they were home and got settled down, Mitch went to Lance's room while Joey was in Leah's room, telling her his story.

"I wanted to talk to you about Joey, okay Lance?" started Mitch. "You know his story, and that he was forced into prostitution by his parents. That has Joey really confused about his sexual identity right now Lance. I know he's had sex with guys plenty of times before, but it was basically because it was forced on him."

"He knows that I wouldn't be like those guys though Mitch." said Lance.

"I know Lance, you're a very sweet and loving boy." replied Mitch. "You would be a great boyfriend for any boy lucky enough to fall in love with you. That's not the point though. Joey could very well turn out to be straight, or at least bisexual, and there's nothing any of us can do about that. Joey doesn't even know where he stands himself right now, but I can guarantee you that he will want to find out eventually. That means that he may very likely have sex with a girl to do that. He's already had sex with so many different guys that it probably won't make much difference to him right now. I'm going to ask you the same thing I asked Leah. Don't push Joey one way or the other. He has to be allowed to go in the direction that he is destined to go in. He could end up straight, gay, or bisexual, and there's nothing that you or Leah can do about that. I can guarantee you that the first time he has sex with a girl though, he'll know."

"He's going to have sex with Leah sometime soon, isn't he?" asked Lance dejectedly.

"They are both very curious, and Leah is attracted to him." replied Mitch. "If he was meant to be with you though, there's nothing she can do about that. If he was meant to be with her though, there's nothing you can do about that either. He may not even be meant to be with either of you. Please don't let it affect the way you treat each other though Lance. If you and Joey weren't meant to be together, you'll find the person you were meant to be with, I promise. Then when the two of you make love, you'll realize how great love is." Then Mitch gave Lance a warm hug and said, "I know you can do this for me Lance, and if you do, things will work out fine. Are you okay with that?"

"I'll try Mitch, thanks." replied Lance, as he returned Mitch's hug.

Meanwhile in Leah's room, Joey had just finished his story. "Wow Joey, your parents hurt you as bad as mine hurt me and Trevor, didn't they?"

"Well, I don't know about that." replied Joey. "They did try to kill your brother, and they almost did it."

"Yeah, but yours did kill a very important part of you and your brother." said Leah. "That's just as bad as what mine did."

"Well, I never let them do that to Josh." said Joey. "I really think I would have killed them first. I love Josh very much, and he's going to grow up without being too screwed up if there's anything I can do about it."

"I think it's great that you love your little brother that much." said Leah. "I think you turned out to be a really great guy, in spite of what has happened to you."

"Thanks Leah, I think you and Trevor did pretty good too." replied Joey. "You both deserve to be here so you can be happy for a change."

"Well, I am happy that I got to meet you." said Leah sweetly.

"Thanks Leah." replied Joey bashfully. "You're a really nice girl, and I'm glad you were the first girl to live here. I better be getting back to Josh now. If I'm not there he'll never get to sleep to go to school in the morning."

"Could I get a kiss from a really nice boy before you go?" asked Leah.

"Um,... sure,... I guess." replied Joey nervously.

Leah stood with Joey, then put her arms around him softly. Then Leah placed her lips gently against Joey's. Leah gently stroked Joey's back as she gave him a warm and tender kiss. Joey had never kissed a girl or woman before, but he kind of liked how it felt kissing Leah. He returned her kiss warmly as he stroked the back of her neck. Leah finally broke the kiss, and smiled as she looked into Joey's eyes.

"That was a really nice kiss Joey." said Leah. "I liked that a lot!"

"Yeah." replied Joey breathlessly. "I promise we'll spend more time together, just me and you."

Leah giggled when she looked down and saw the tent in Joey's pants, and said, "I can tell you really mean that Joey. Thanks, I like you too."

Joey blushed slightly at Leah noticing his erection, then gave her another quick kiss and said, "I'll see you tomorrow Leah. Do you want me to stop by and say good-bye on my way to school?"

"I'd love that, especially if I could get a good-bye kiss in the morning." replied Leah playfully.

That definitely wasn't helping Joey's erection go down, so he replied, "You got it, Leah." Then Joey turned and went back to his room.

Josh giggled like crazy when he noticed Joey's cock sticking out proudly. The two brothers bantered back and forth playfully while Joey tucked Josh in, then kissed him good night on his forehead. Then Joey climbed in his bed and pulled the covers over him, so he could take care of his erection.

The next morning, Mitch saw the good-bye kiss between Joey and Leah, and saw the effect it had on Joey. After the boys were all gone, except Trevor and Taz, Mitch got Trevor and Leah ready to go out. He left Brandon to keep Taz company because Taz would be meeting with his home schooling instructor today, and just the three of them went out in Mitch's personal car. The first stop would be Valencia, to check into enrolling Trevor and Leah. If everything came out okay, the academy said that the brother and sister could begin classes the day after tomorrow.

After that, Mitch explained to Leah that the state required her to have a preliminary test at the local clinic. Mitch also wanted to check with them about contraception, and get that taken care of right away. He explained to the doctor at the clinic that if Leah intended to be sexually active, that he could not stop her, short of how her parents had treated her. The doctor agreed with Mitch, and worked with him and Leah on a contraceptive program for her. It was a little embarrassing for Leah, but she knew why it had to be done. After a stop at the drug store to get everything the doctor outlined for Leah, it was finally time to return home. Mitch went over everything with Leah, including how to help a boy put on a condom if he had never done it before, then he went to check on Taz's first day of home schooling.

When the boys all got home from school except Justin, who was at lacrosse practice, Trevor stopped by to see his sister. After he was satisfied that everything was taken care of should Leah have sex with any of the boys, he gave his sister a kiss on the forehead and left. Then, Mitch passed Joey on the way to Leah's room as he was leaving to go pick up Justin after practice.

"Hi Leah." said Joey. "I've been thinking a lot about how we kissed last night, and I was wondering if you would like to do that again?"

"Sure Joey!" replied Leah. "Why don't you lock the door and come on over here?"

"Why do you want me to lock the door?" asked Joey nervously.

"In case we don't want to be disturbed." replied Leah.

"Oh yeah, silly me!" laughed Joey.

Joey locked the door, then went over to Leah and took her into his arms. Leah smiled as she looked into Joey's eyes and asked, "You really liked kissing me, didn't you?"

"Oh yeah!" replied Joey softly, as he moved in to place his lips against Leah's.

The young boy and girl wrapped their arms around each other, and pressed their lips together. This time as Joey kissed Leah, he ran his hands all the way down to her cheeks and squeezed them gently. Leah took that as encouragement, so she pressed her tongue against Joey's lips. Joey let out a low sigh as he allowed Leah's tongue into his mouth, then moved one of his hands around to Leah's front side. When Leah felt Joey's hand gently stroking her crotch, she began lifting up on Joey's shirt.

Meanwhile in Davey and Randy's room, Randy was saying, "I don't care what the clinic said Davey, I love you dude."

"I love you too Randy, but I wouldn't want to make you sick, and have to take antibiotics too." replied Davey.

"There has to be a way we can show our love that wouldn't make me sick though." said Randy. "I can still kiss you and everything. The only thing we really can't do is for you to penetrate me in the mouth or butt with your cock. I can still make you feel really good though Davey. I love you, and I want us to make love."

Davey smiled as he put his arms around Randy and said, "I love you too dude. Let's figure out a way to make love."

Davey began kissing Randy passionately, as the two boys began removing each other's clothes. They slowly worked their way over to Randy's bed as they began working on each other's pants. Randy took ahold of Davey's pants and underwear together, and slowly pulled them down over Davey's butt and cock. Davey's cock sprang back up stiffly, as it was now fully erect. Davey then gently pulled Randy's pants and underwear down, and let them drop to the floor. The two boys gazed at each other's equipment for a few moments, comparing themselves. Randy's rock hard cock was about five inches long, and had a very sleek head. He only had a sparse growth of short pubic hairs developing around the base. Davey's cock was close to seven inches, and the head flared out slightly at the base. He had a pretty decent growth of thick hair around the base of his cock.

Randy looked up and smiled as he asked, "They look really sweet together, don't they?"

Davey put his arms back around Randy and kissed him passionately, as he laid them both back onto Randy's bed. Then both boys urgently kicked off their shoes, pants, and underwear. Randy squeezed Davey tightly in his arms, as he kissed his older boyfriend as hard as he could.

Back in Leah's room. Leah now had Joey down to his bright blue briefs, and Joey had removed Leah's shirt. He was now almost finished with her training bra. Once that was off, Joey looked down at Leah's breasts. They were a little more developed than average, and Joey stared intently at them.

"Do you like them Joey?" asked Leah. "I would love to feel you lick and kiss them."

Joey leaned down and held Leah's right breast up slightly, then began to lick and kiss it lightly. When Joey had made his way to the quarter sized nipple, Leah replaced his hands with her own. As Joey sucked gently on the nipple, he reached down and began unfastening Leah's pants. Once he had Leah down to nothing but her panties, Joey switched to Leah's left breast. As Leah grabbed ahold of Joey's briefs, Joey took ahold of her panties. They finished completely undressing each other in perfect unison. Joey let Leah's breast go, then returned to kissing her as they sat down at the same time on the edge of Leah's bed. Joey reached down to rub his fingers through Leah's pussy as Leah wrapped one hand around his cock. After several minutes, they finally broke the kiss and looked down at each other.

"Your pussy looks really nice Leah." said Joey. "I can't wait to run my tongue through it, then make love to you."

"I love the way your cock looks Joey." replied Leah. "It looks like it will taste really nice, and feel even better inside me when you make love to me."

By this time Davey had worked his way down, and was about to take Randy's five hard inches into his mouth. Davey went all the way to the base, and sucked longingly on Randy's cock. Randy moaned in pleasure as he ran his fingers through Davey's hair. After a few moments, Davey let Randy's cock spring from his mouth, then took both of Randy's balls into his mouth at the same time. Randy now had to have his hands on Davey's beautiful seven inch cock, so he had Davey turn around on top of him until he could easily reach the object of his desire. Davey moaned as Randy began to gently stroke his swollen cock. It was still a little painful to Davey, but the pleasure he was feeling made it more than worth it. Davey let go of Randy's balls, and once again took his younger boyfriend's cock into his mouth.

Joey was now sniffing deeply at Leah's pussy. Then he stuck out his tongue and gently licked at the slit. When Leah moaned in appreciation, Joey plunged his tongue into her pussy. Joey had never done this before, so he was now going on instinct as he probed inside Leah with his tongue. He didn't even know what her clitoris was as he found it with his tongue, but Leah knew as she moaned even louder.

After a few moments, Leah gasped, "Oh God,... Joey!... I need to,... taste,... your cock,... now!"

Joey worked his lips back up Leah's body, over her breasts, until he was back to her lips. Then Leah began to work her way down Joey's body with her lips. Once she got down to Joey's cock, she licked the head gently with just her tongue. After a few licks, she began sliding her lips up and down his shaft. Joey was now breathing heavily as he felt Leah working on his cock. Leah left Joey's throbbing cock briefly to grab a few things from her bedside table. As Joey looked down, Leah unwrapped a condom and gently rolled it over Joey's cock. Then she took her foam and put a generous amount inside herself.

Leah looked into Joey's eyes and pleaded, "I have to have you inside me now Joey!"

Back in Randy's room, both boys were now writhing and moaning as Randy passionately stroked Davey's cock, and Davey sucked urgently on Randy's throbbing cock. As Davey felt his orgasm approaching, he swiveled his hips so his cock would point up into the air. Randy began to stroke Davey's cock intensely, as he felt his orgasm approaching too. Randy was the first to begin cumming in Davey's mouth, and down his throat. Davey sucked and swallowed hungrily at the cock that was erupting into his mouth. Then his lips began to quiver around Randy's cock as he felt his load begin to shoot. Randy stroked Davey's cock hard, and watched lovingly as several thick ropes of cum shot from Davey's cock and landed on his stomach. Randy continued to stroke, as he milked the rest of Davey's cum down over his hand and Davey's balls. Davey continued to suck until Randy's cock began to soften in his mouth. Davey turned around then, and the two boys rested in each other's arms. They would have to shower Davey's cum off of them, but right now they just wanted to feel their lover's body next to them.

Joey now had Leah on her back, looking sweetly into her gentle face. Joey lined his covered cock up with Leah's pussy, then slowly pushed himself into her. Once Joey's cock was all the way in Leah, and their groins were pressed tightly together, Joey leaned down and kissed Leah passionately. Then Joey began thrusting his cock in and out of Leah, as Leah gasped in pleasure. Joey now wanted nothing more than to feel Leah in his arms, and to make love to her. To keep herself from moaning too loudly, Leah sucked hard on Joey's tongue, which made Joey thrust into her even more passionately. After several more minutes, Leah was approaching her climax as Joey approached his orgasm. They began to moan loudly and writhe as they were overtaken by their release. Joey's head whirled as he felt his cock filling the condom inside Leah's soft and warm pussy. When it was over, Joey collapsed on top of Leah, not even able to take his cock out of her. Leah held Joey tightly and moaned softly, as she felt Joey's cock soften inside her. After relaxing for several minutes, Joey grasped the condom at the base of his now flaccid cock, and carefully pulled it out of Leah.

Joey gazed into Leah's beautiful eyes and said, "I love you Leah. Every time I've ever had sex before, it was just that, sex. It was a part of what I did so Josh and I could survive. This was more than I ever imagined it could be though Leah. It was so beautiful that my heart wants to sing now. I love you, and I want to thank you for helping me realize that I am straight. I don't hate the things I did before, but they just can't compare to what I just felt."

"I love you too Joey." was Leah's simple reply.

"I guess I'm going to have to talk to Lance, huh?" asked Joey. "I love all of my new brothers the same, and I don't want to lose that relationship with any of them."

"Then have Mitch help you to explain to him that you're straight, and you can't help that." replied Leah. "Explain to him that you love him like a brother, and you always will, but you just don't have the feelings inside you that he wants."

"It'll still hurt him though, and I wish I didn't have to do it." said Joey.

"I love sensitive guys so much!" smiled Leah. "It will hurt him, but we can all help him through that, and find some way to make it better for him. He would have never been happy with a guy that could only have sex with other guys, but never make love to them."

"I know you're right my love, but that won't make it any easier." replied Joey.

"Don't worry babe, we'll all get through this great, I promise." said Leah reassuringly.

Sorry that one ran so long folks, but there was a lot going on there. Okay, before anyone says anything about the scene with Joey and Leah in a gay story section, it was important to the story to show that Joey isn't gay. This scene was a one time thing, although they will continue a relationship. It just won't be described in detail again. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 8.