What A Gas! 2:

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 8

From the last chapter:

"I guess I'm going to have to talk to Lance, huh?" asked Joey. "I love all of my new brothers the same, and I don't want to lose that relationship with any of them."

"Then have Mitch help you to explain to him that you're straight, and you can't help that." replied Leah. "Explain to him that you love him like a brother, and you always will, but you just don't have the feelings inside you that he wants."

"It'll still hurt him though, and I wish I didn't have to do it." said Joey.

"I love sensitive guys so much!" smiled Leah. "It will hurt him, but we can all help him through that, and find some way to make it better for him. He would have never been happy with a guy that could only have sex with other guys, but never make love to them."

"I know you're right my love, but that won't make it any easier." replied Joey.

"Don't worry babe, we'll all get through this great, I promise." said Leah reassuringly.

When Mitch returned home with Justin, it was just about time for dinner. Ryan and Bernie gave Brandon a hand with dinner tonight, so it would be ready when Mitch got home. Mitch had decided that he would soon look into a part time cook for the home, so tonight wouldn't be any every day event. Once Mitch and Justin were home, and all the boys and Leah were called to the table, everyone enjoyed a nice, quiet dinner. It was a little too quiet as far as Mitch was concerned though, and he knew something had already happened.

As soon as dinner was over, Joey quickly excused himself to his room, saying he had homework to take care of. Justin noticed that along with Mitch, and set out to keep Lance company that evening. Justin decided to keep Lance busy with a movie in the rec room that Mitch had begun to set up for the boys. As the movie started getting interesting, Justin scooted over closely against Lance. Lance looked over at Justin, not knowing what to think.

"I always like to sit right up against a good looking boy when I watch a movie." smiled Justin.

That got a smile out of Lance, as he replied, "I guess I can't argue with that logic."

Lance then put one arm around Justin's shoulders, and Justin leaned into him slightly. It was nothing sexual as far as either boy was concerned, just comfortable. The two boys sat contentedly, and watched the movie. Mitch looked in through the rec room door, and smiled that Justin was concerned about Lance. Eventually there was a lull in the action, and Lance turned to Justin.

"They must think I'm kinda dumb, huh?" asked Lance.

"What are you talking about Lance?" asked Justin, as he held Lance's hand. "If anyone thinks that, they'd have to be pretty dumb themselves."

"I'm talking about Joey and Leah." replied Lance. "I could tell at dinner that they had already done something. Do you think he liked having sex with her Justin?"

"I don't know Lance, but even if he did, I hope you won't let it bother you." said Justin. "If Joey is straight, would you still want a guy that could only have sex that means nothing to him with you, or would you want a guy that can make love to you?"

"All I've ever wanted was for someone to love me Justin." said Lance sadly.

Justin leaned over and gave Lance a brief but loving kiss, then said, "We all love you Lance. You have eight brothers and a sister that would do anything for you, except become someone that they're not. I know you want another kind of love, and I know you'll have that someday soon. Do you realize how many cute guys there are at our school?"

"A few, I guess." replied Lance. "I like Joey though. I wanted to at least have a shot at him."

Taz came up and sat on Lance's other side, and put his arm around Lance as he said, "If Joey is straight though, that's never gonna happen dude. I know he still loves you like a brother though, and nothing will change that. You're lucky there. A lot of straight guys don't want too much to do with us, unless they're horny and they just want us to suck their cock. Joey has been on both sides though, so he understands what it's like for us."

"That still doesn't help the fact that I wanted him." replied Lance.

"Would you want him to give up who he is, to do something he's not happy with though?" asked Taz. "If Joey is straight, that means the only reason he ever sucked a guy's cock was to survive. Could you imagine doing that because you had to, and not because you wanted to. Just try to imagine having a guy's cock in your mouth, and the only reason that you're sucking it is to make money to live on. Then imagine that the guy who's cock is in your mouth doesn't give a damn about you. He just wants you to suck his cock so he can ram his cum down your throat. Once that's done, he'll pay you and leave you there like a nasty little whore. Imagine a straight guy putting himself through that Lance."

"I,... I can't imagine that." replied Lance.

"I know this hurts Lance, but Joey has been hurt a lot too." said Justin. "He loves you like a brother though, so can you please find it in yourself to put this aside and understand him?"

"Joey may very well be straight Lance, but there is more out there for you than that anyway." said Taz. "You're a very attractive guy Lance. Hell, if I wasn't positive, I'd be all over you!"

"You're just saying that Taz." said Lance.

"If you think so, why don't you reach down and take a feel of my crotch?" replied Taz. "See what just sitting close to you with my arm around you is doing to me."

Lance slowly reached down, and felt Taz's crotch. Lance felt a very hard and large bulge through Taz's pants. Lance looked back at Taz with his eyes wide, as he subconsciously massaged Taz's crotch.

"I wish I could give you everything you wanted Lance!" sighed Taz softly.

"Why can't you?" asked Lance, as he gazed into Taz's eyes. "We could start off with just sleeping together tonight. That's all I really want for now."

"I guess I could do that." replied Taz softly, as he smiled.

Taz then sat with Justin and Lance, as the three boys finished the movie they were watching. Lance kept leaning over and kissing Taz on the cheek until Taz finally returned it with a kiss to Lance's cheek. Justin smiled at the two boys, as he saw the initial spark of two people falling in love. Lance didn't know what exactly would be involved in expressing love to someone who was positive, but he knew he could ask Mitch, and they could figure it out. When the movie was over, Lance wanted to speak to Joey before bedtime. Taz gave Lance a kiss on the cheek and said he would see him in his room at bedtime. Lance went upstairs, and knocked nervously on Joey's door.

"Come in." answered Joey from inside the room.

Lance opened the door and stepped on in, then said, "Hi Joey, I needed to talk to you."

Joey turned to his brother, who was laying on his bed, and asked, "Josh, can you give Lance and I a few minutes alone? I'd really appreciate it little bro."

"Oh, all right!" replied Josh. "I never get to hear any of the good stuff!"

That almost made Joey and Lance both laugh, as Josh sulked out of the room. As soon as Josh was gone, Joey said, "I'm sorry Lance, I shouldn't have not said anything to you this evening. I just didn't know what to say. I know you have feelings for me, but I'm just not gay."

"Was sex with Leah pretty good?" asked Lance.

"It was the most unbelievable thing I've ever felt." replied Joey, almost shamefully.

Lance hugged Joey and gave him a kiss on the cheek, then said, "Then I'm happy for you Joey, and don't be ashamed that you enjoyed having sex with Leah. I know right now you must be asking how this could have happened to you, and that you never set out to be straight, but no one ever asks for something like that!"

Lance's joke made Joey smile, and laugh just a little. "Then you're okay with this?" asked Joey.

"Okay?!" exclaimed Lance. "I should be the one apologizing to you Joey. All I thought about was what I wanted, without thinking how you might have felt about it. Now that I know that you're straight, it must have been awful for you to do the things you did to survive."

"Well, I didn't hate it sometimes, but it wasn't who I was." replied Joey. "There was one or two guys that I felt okay with making them feel good. Who knows, if I hadn't figured out that I was straight, I might have liked sucking your cock Lance."

"And I would have made you feel as good as I could have too Joey." replied Lance. "You deserve it. I know now though that Leah will make you feel better than I ever could have, because there's love there."

"I love you too though Lance, just not the same way I love her." replied Joey. "I'm just glad you are okay Lance.

"Okay?!" laughed Lance. "I'm more than okay. I think I have a boyfriend now!"

"No shit brother?!" exclaimed Joey. "Who?"

"It's Taz." replied Lance. "We had a talk downstairs this evening, and he's a really sweet guy. I know there are going to be a few issues with expressing love to someone who's positive, but hopefully Mitch can help me out there. I know Taz is never going to do anything that will expose me to any risk, but there has to be other ways we can be affectionate toward each other."

"Well, there are probably a ton of support groups out there for people who love other people with HIV." said Joey. "I'm glad he's found someone who isn't afraid to love him, he deserves it. I'm glad we had this talk too. I was so afraid that this was going to hurt you, and I couldn't stand the thought of that. Like I said, I love you Lance."

"Thanks Joey." replied Lance. "That's probably why I was falling in love with you before Taz came along. You're a sweet and sensitive guy. Would there be anything wrong with getting a kiss from the greatest brother in the world?"

"Not that I can see." replied Joey.

The two boys then placed their lips together, and shared a very sweet and loving kiss with each other. When they broke the kiss, Joey and Lance smiled at each other, as Joey said. "I'm glad you stopped by to talk Lance. It would have sucked if we had ended up not speaking to each other again over this."

"Well, now that my boyfriend explained everything to me, we won't ever have to worry about that happening." replied Lance as he grinned widely. "Now, why aren't you in Leah's room, getting ready for bed?"

"I guess that sounds like a pretty good idea." replied Joey. "I hope you and Taz have fun tonight. I assume you are going to spend the night with him, right?"

"Yep, and I'm looking forward to it!" said Lance. "All he wants to do tonight is sleep together, but I plan on us holding each other as tightly as we can and still be able to sleep."

"Well, if you love him, that can be a lot of fun too." laughed Joey. "I guess I will go and sleep with Leah tonight. Thanks again for understanding Lance."

"What kind of loving brother would I be if I didn't understand?" asked Lance with a smile.

The two boys parted with a warm hug, and Lance went on to Taz's room. Taz had already gotten ready for bed when Lance walked in, and was standing naked at his dresser, taking his bedtime medications.

"You have a really sweet looking butt, Taz." snickered Lance.

Taz finished taking his medications, and turned to reveal to Lance what he had been massaging a little earlier. Taz had about six inches of cut, flaccid cock, which grew to eight and a half inches when erect.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Lance. "The view from this side is even nicer!"

"I'll bet not as nice as the sight of your naked body will be though." said Taz. "Why don't you go ahead and get ready for bed, so I can see if I'm right."

Lance eagerly began to strip, while Taz looked on in interest. Then Lance hesitated briefly when he got down to nothing but his underwear. "I'm not quite as well hung as you are dude." said Lance nervously.

"There's nothing wrong with that Lance." replied Taz. "I'll still bet you look just as nice."

Lance then smiled, as he went ahead and removed his underwear. Lance could tell Taz liked what he saw when Taz saw his five flaccid inches. "That's only about an inch less than mine, which makes it almost perfect in my book!" said Taz.

"Yeah, but the problem is that it doesn't seem to grow much when it gets erect." said Lance. "It only grows about another inch."

"Well, six inches is a perfectly average adult erection." replied Taz. "I don't think there's anything at all wrong with how you look. Now, why don't we go ahead and get in bed, so you can snuggle that nice body of yours against mine?"

The two boys went ahead and climbed into bed together, and took each other into a gentle embrace. Taz's body felt very nice against Lance's, as Lance ran his hands softly over Taz's back. Then Lance began to passionately kiss Taz's neck and cheek. Taz never though he would feel himself wrapped so tightly in another guy's arms again after finding out he was positive, and the contact with Lance was almost overwhelming.

"I've never felt so much love in my life as I do with you Lance." said Taz softly, as he tried to control his emotions. "I wish we had met long ago, before my dad discovered who I was."

Lance gave Taz one more kiss on his chin, then replied, "It doesn't matter now Taz. I have you in my arms now, and that's where I want to keep you for the rest of our lives. It doesn't matter that you're positive to me. We'll live with that together, and we'll find ways to show each other just as much love as any other couple would. Now, I need to feel those beautiful lips against mine. As long as we keep our mouths closed, there won't be any risk to that."

Lance gently placed his lips against Taz's closed lips, and kissed him softly for several minutes. Taz finally eased up a little, and carefully returned Lance's tender kisses. When the two boys lips parted, Taz was very close to crying for joy.

"I love you more than I've ever loved anyone else Lance." said Taz emotionally. "I'm going to beat this thing, so we can have a very long and happy life together as lovers. I'm going to make you so happy that you never think about Joey again."

Lance gazed into Taz's eyes as he smiled, and replied, "Who's Joey?"

That made Taz and Lance both laugh softly, then Taz began kissing Lance's face. Lance had never felt so many kisses on his face before, and he now knew that he had found his mate. As the two boys laid in each other's arms, and softly stroked each other's butts while waiting for sleep to overtake them, Lance nuzzled his face into Taz's chest.

"Tomorrow night, after I move in with you, we are finding some way to make love Taz." said Lance softly. "There has to be safe ways we can show how much we love each other."

"I'll make sure to ask Mitch about it while you're in school tomorrow." replied Taz dreamily. "I want you to be my lover and mate for the rest of our lives Lance."

"That would make me the happiest guy in the world." smiled Lance.

The two boys held each other so tightly, that they could feel every inch of their boyfriend's body pressed against them. They both smiled as they drifted off into a beautiful sleep together.

The next morning, as Lance and Taz woke up in each other's arms, so did Joey and Leah. Joey was afraid he would end up spending a small fortune on condoms until he and Leah were both eighteen, but it would be worth it to him. In the meantime, Lance and Taz were telling each other they would find as many ways to express their love as they could before tonight came. Then Lance covered his boyfriend's face with kisses, before they both got out of bed and helped each other shower and dress. Mitch had never seen so many smiling young faces at the breakfast table that morning, and it made him feel very good about what he and Justin were doing.

Once all of the kids except Taz had gotten ready and left for school, Taz sat with Mitch in the living room and said, "I can't believe how much I love him Mitch. Why couldn't Lance and I have met before I got infected? It might have kept this from happening."

Mitch put an arm around Taz, and drew the boy into him snugly. "I really don't know the answer to that Taz. The only one who might is God. I'm just glad that you have found love with someone."

"You really do believe in God, don't you Mitch?" asked Taz. "If that's the case, why would he let me get HIV?"

"You certainly do like to ask tough questions, don't you?" replied Mitch. "Who knows why this happened Taz. Maybe it was to warn someone about what could happen to them. Maybe you will be the first one who ends up being cured of this disease. It's really hard to know the answer to that until it happens though."

"I really hope it's that second possibility you mentioned." said Taz.

"Me too son." replied Mitch. "I love you very much, and I want to see you live a long and happy life. In the meantime though, we need to discuss safe sex between you and Lance. Have you two done anything yet?"

"All we did last night was sleep together, with some hugging and kissing." replied Taz, as his face reddened slightly. "That felt awesome enough itself, but he wants to move in with me tonight so we can explore our possibilities."

"Well Taz, I've been researching this quite a bit since you came into our lives." said Mitch. "There is no reason why you two boys should be afraid to love each other. You just have to always remember to never transfer any of your bodily fluids to him though."

"Condoms can break though Mitch." said Taz. "I'd hate to even take the chance of an accident like that happening, and infecting Lance with this."

"I can't say that I blame you, seeing as how much you love Lance." replied Mitch. "You don't have to put your cock inside Lance to make love to him though. Lance can have anal sex with you all that he wants, but there's no way you can put your cock inside him without some risk."

"What do we do then?" asked Taz.

"Well, you can try this with him, and see how you both like it." said Mitch. "Both of you boys can lay on your sides, with you behind Lance. Then you can lube your cock up really well, and have Lance hold his legs slightly apart. Finally, you would place your cock between his legs, and have him hold his legs together while you thrust your cock back and forth between his legs."

"Shit Mitch!" exclaimed Taz. "We wouldn't even need condoms for that!"

"If you boys don't mind getting a little messy, I suppose you wouldn't." chuckled Mitch. "I would however suggest a shower for both of you immediately after making love that way. We wouldn't want your cum getting somewhere where it shouldn't be."

"I'll bet Lance would really enjoy my cum shooting between his legs though!" giggled Taz.

"The way you two boys have fallen in love with each other, there's a very good chance of that!" replied Mitch as he smiled. "If you get your cum on Lance though, and he rubs it into himself, make sure he doesn't touch any other part of his body until he takes a good shower. It will be very important to think of his safety at all times when you boys make love."

"What do we do when Lance wants to feel my cock in his mouth?" asked Taz.

"That's a very important question there Taz." replied Mitch. "One of the most enjoyable aspects of two gay people making love is the feeling of your lover's cock in your mouth, and I'm sure Lance will want that too. You will have no choice but to wear a condom when Lance wants to make love to your cock with his mouth. Lance will also have to remain alert at all times as to the condition of your condom. It will be a lot easier for him to detect a broken condom with his mouth, than it would be to detect it inside his rectum. If at any time he feels your condom break in his mouth, he will have to pull off you so you can put a new condom on your cock. You may even want to put on two layers of condoms before he begins any oral sex with you."

"What about the taste though?" asked Taz. "Latex is not exactly the most pleasant tasting thing in the world."

"That's why they make a very wide variety of flavored lubricants." said Mitch. "The flavored varieties were made mostly for oral sex, so they don't taste as greasy in your mouth as a more traditional lubricant would. I'll tell you what son, why don't I call your teacher before he leaves, and call off home schooling for today? You can make it up on Saturday."

"Why?" asked Taz as he smiled. "What did you have in mind?"

"Well, one of the largest shops in the world that deals in sexual aids is right here in Southern California, and I know the manager." replied Mitch. "I don't think he would have any problem with me bringing you in if I explained our situation, and we can get everything there that you and Lance might need to have fun with each other tonight. Does that sound like fun?"

"Hurry up and call my teacher then dude!" giggled Taz. "Let's get going!"

Mitch made the call to Taz's teacher, and chuckled while Taz waited excitedly for him. Then Mitch and Taz went out and got into Mitch's Beetle. Since the shop didn't open until noon, Mitch and Taz stopped to have a nice lunch together so Taz could take his noon medications. After lunch was over, Taz became very excited as Mitch pulled into the shop. It was still early, so there weren't very many people there yet. The cashier at the door stopped Mitch and Taz because of Taz's apparent age, so Mitch asked to speak to his friend, the manager.

"Hiya Sam, how are you doing?" asked Mitch, as his friend approached.

"Never been better Mitch!" replied Sam. "What can I do for my old friend today?"

"Well, I can understand your policy of not allowing minors in the shop, but it's very important that I pick up a few things for my son here." replied Mitch.

"Son?!" exclaimed Sam. "Mitch, you old dog! Have there been some things you haven't been telling your friends?"

"Not at all Sam." chuckled Mitch. "I'm still as gay as I've ever been. A while back though, I took in a boy off the streets named Justin. Justin and I fell in love with each other, then we became fairly wealthy together. We decided that we should use our money to take in other boys and girls off the streets. As I've been taking them in, I've been having them placed in my custody, and becoming their foster parent."

"That's really sweet Mitch!" replied Sam. "The world could use a lot more people that care as much about younger people as you do."

"Thanks Sam." said Mitch. "That brings us to my foster son Taz who's with me today. Taz and one of my other foster sons are very much in love, but Taz is HIV positive. We have to get a few things so Taz and Lance can be safe with their love-making now. I wouldn't be asking you this if it weren't very important Sam."

"I guess this is important!" replied Sam, as he looked at Taz understandingly. Then Sam turned to his cashiers and said, "This is my good friend Mitch, and his son Taz. Whenever Taz is here with Mitch, he is to be welcomed as much as any adult who walks in that door. I know I've never made exceptions to our policy before, but this case is very important. Does everyone understand that?"

The cashiers at the front of the store all agreed, and welcomed Mitch and Taz to the shop. Mitch turned to Sam and said, "Thank you very much Sam. It's very nice of you to understand this situation."

"Nice hell, we need to do whatever we can for your sons Mitch!" said Sam. "You see, a few months ago I met a very wonderful man. He is sweet, gentle, loving, and positive. We've figured out how to safely express our feelings of love to each other, and it's very important that your sons be allowed to do the same thing. I have the name and number of a support group that Taz and Lance can go to for help. They are the best group in the state for helping people deal with HIV, and how it affects their love-making, as well as the rest of their lives. Now Mitch, let's go pick out everything your boys will need!"

Sam led Mitch and Taz directly to the male section of the shop, and it almost looked like a gay sex supermarket to Taz. Sam and Mitch chuckled as Taz lingered a little at the magazine section. Then Mitch noticed Taz as he picked up a very erotic calendar, and stared appreciatively at it.

"Your boy seems to have very good taste." said Sam. "All of the men in that calendar are positive, and they are all promoting examples of safe sex. The proceeds of the calendar, and anything else you buy from their organization, goes to researching a cure for HIV."

"I think we may need a shopping cart before this is over!" chuckled Mitch. "If you like the calendar Taz, it's yours."

"Cool!" exclaimed Taz, as he held onto the shrink wrapped calendar.

"They also put out a very informative, and highly erotic video, if you're interested in that too." offered Sam.

The video section was their next stop, and Mitch and Taz immediately agreed they should get that too. On the way to the section where condoms and lubricants were kept, they passed by a wide variety of sex toys. Taz stared wide eyed as they passed by one of the largest dildos he had ever seen.

"That's our Goliath model!" laughed Sam. "It's suppose to be meant as a novelty item, but I've actually had a few men and women who claim they can take that thing inside them!"

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Taz. "How can they stretch that much?! That thing is at least sixteen inches long, and as big around as a two liter soda bottle!"

"I guess some people are just a little more flexible than others." laughed Sam.

"Do you think that would make a cool decoration for your dresser Taz?" chuckled Mitch.

"I think that's about all I could use it for!" replied Taz. "It would look cool sitting on my dresser though!"

After Mitch picked up Goliath to hold onto for Taz, Taz became interested in getting some smaller toys for Lance and himself. Sam recommended that Taz get two of everything, as he and Lance should not share the same toys. Mitch's idea of a shopping cart was sounding better all the time. Taz picked up a tube that had a rubber seal at one end, and a hose and bulb at the other end.

"Is this what I think it is?" asked Taz.

"That's our Sir Sucks-A-Lot penis pump." chuckled Sam.

"Do those things really make your cock larger?" asked Taz.

"They do increase the size of your cock, but it's only temporary." replied Sam. "Do you have size issues Taz?"

"My cock is eight and a half inches erect." replied Taz. "Lance is only six inches erect though, and he feels a little self conscious at times."

"Well, six inches is the average adult erection." said Sam. "I'm seven myself, and that's perfectly fine with me and my mate."

"Yeah, but his is five inches when it's flaccid, and he thinks it should grow more during erections." replied Taz.

"In that case he can try the pump, but please read the instruction booklet carefully." said Sam. "Sir Sucks-A-Lot comes with a very thorough and detailed instruction booklet, unlike a lot of other pumps. I would also take him to a doctor. If he only grows one inch during erections, there may be a medical reason for that. Most men's cocks grow at least two or more inches during an erection, depending on their flaccid size. At five inches, his cock should fill out to seven or more inches."

As Taz turned to Mitch with the pump in hand, one of the cashiers from the front came along with the cart Mitch now needed. Sam thanked his employee for being so alert, then the three finally headed over towards the condoms and lubes.

"Okay Taz, you're eight and a half inches and positive, right?" asked Sam. "Is your cock as thick as an average eight and a half inches, or a little more or less?"

"It's probably just a little thicker than average." replied Taz, who was becoming a little more comfortable with discussing his cock so casually.

"Okay then, I would suggest this style and size." said Sam, as he handed a box of condoms to Taz. "These are a little thicker than regular condoms, which will help to ensure that your cum stays inside the condom were it belongs. You'll still get quite a bit of sensation through the condom when Lance stimulates your cock with his mouth. If you want even more protection for your boyfriend, you could also put an ultra sheer condom on underneath this one. This condom should be the outside layer though, as it will be your last line of defense against transmitting an infection. This combination is regarded as being safe for anal sex as well, but there are still risks involved in that, and you two should not take those risks lightly. How sexually active do you and Lance intend to be?"

"It's been so long for me that we'll probably want to make love every day, if not more." replied Taz.

"Then you may want to get a couple of economy sized boxes of each." said Sam. "Now for Lance's cock. Even though you boys are going to pump his cock, I would say the standard condom will be fine for him. His cum isn't infected that you know of, so there isn't as much risk there. Now. Let's go down here to lubricants. This first one I'm suggesting is the best on the market for anal sex or lubricating any toys, and will not break down the latex in your condoms. Do you boys enjoy sucking each other's cocks?"

"We haven't yet, but we are both looking forward to having our cocks in each other's mouths." replied Taz, almost boldly.

"That's great!" chuckled Sam. Mitch was also snickering as Sam continued, "You need some flavoring then. As I'm sure you know, condoms don't taste all that good. We have any kind of flavoring you might want, and our best brand has the widest selection, as well as being able to last through a ten to fifteen minute session of oral sex. They have chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cherry, most other fruit flavors, and one of our most popular varieties with gay men, penis flavored."

"You got to be kidding me!" exclaimed Taz.

"Here, see for yourself!" said Sam, as he handed Taz the sample bottle.

Taz opened the cap and took a sniff. The smell instantly caused his cock to begin getting erect, as Taz exclaimed, "Holy fucking shit! This stuff smells just like a cock!" Taz got a drop of the thick liquid onto his finger, then stuck his finger in his mouth. His mouth was instantly filled with the taste of sucking someone's cock. "I'll take three bottles of this!" exclaimed Taz, as Sam and Mitch laughed. Taz also picked out a bottle each of chocolate and strawberry, just in case.

"Is there anything else he needs Sam?" asked Mitch as he smiled.

"Just to give that boyfriend of his as much love as he safely can." replied Sam, as he too smiled.

Taz was also smiling like a kid in a candy shop as Mitch was checking out. Taz couldn't wait for Lance to get home from school now, so he could show him everything they got to help them safely have fun.

It sounds like Taz really needs Lance, so maybe it was good that Lance and Joey didn't get together. So ends today's lesson of how I can make a chapter as erotic as possible, with no sexual intercourse. Please let me know how I did. lol. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 9.