What A Gas! 2:

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

I apologize for the delay between chapters. Due to the death of my youngest brother last month, I needed to take a brief break. I would like to share something with you that happened during that time. I traveled to North Carolina with one of my older brothers for the funeral. When we arrived, we checked into the Fairfield Inn by Marriott in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. My brother, his son, and his girlfriend checked into one double room and paid their bill up front in cash. Since I was by myself, and checked into a single room, I was quoted a much lower rate, and paid with my check card. When I received the charge slip at check-out, I had been charged the same rate as my brother's group. I was unable to get in touch with the hotel manager until I contacted Marriott headquarters. The manager then told me that it was their policy to charge the same rate for one person in a single room as they charge for three people in a double room, which was not what I was told while checking in. I thought everyone might like to know how Marriott treats their guests during times of grief.

This story is © 2005 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between males, and sometimes between different age groups (man/boy). If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 9

From the last chapter:

Taz opened the cap and took a sniff. The smell instantly caused his cock to begin getting erect, as Taz exclaimed, "Holy fucking shit! This stuff smells just like a cock!" Taz got a drop of the thick liquid onto his finger, then stuck his finger in his mouth. His mouth was instantly filled with the taste of sucking someone's cock. "I'll take three bottles of this!" exclaimed Taz, as Sam and Mitch laughed. Taz also picked out a bottle each of chocolate and strawberry, just in case.

"Is there anything else he needs Sam?" asked Mitch as he smiled.

"Just to give that boyfriend of his as much love as he safely can." replied Sam, as he too smiled.

Taz was also smiling like a kid in a candy shop as Mitch was checking out. Taz couldn't wait for Lance to get home from school now, so he could show him everything they got to help them safely have fun.

As soon the kids got home from school, Lance got ahold of Taz to help him pack. Lance couldn't wait to move into his boyfriend's room, so they could live together happily. Lance and Taz kissed several times as they packed. Then they moved all of Lance's stuff to Taz's room.

Once everything was put away in Lance's new room, Taz said, "I have a few things to show you babe." Taz reached into the closet and pulled out Goliath, then said, "I can't wait to shove this thing up inside you Lance."

"Like hell you will!" exclaimed Lance. "That thing would split my ass apart and make my rectum look like it went through a shredder!"

"I'm just kidding babe!" laughed Taz. "This is Goliath. Mitch got it for us as a novelty because I thought it would look good on our dresser. I don't see any way either of us could take that monster inside us. I did get us an assortment of smaller ones though."

When Taz set the dildo assortment out, Lance picked up one of the nine inch ones and said, "Now this baby might feel really good inside me, although not as good as your cock. I wish we could do that."

"We'll have to talk about that first, then Mitch would want to talk to us together." said Taz, as he took out the condom assortment he got from the store. "I could put on one of these ultra sheer ones first, then put on this extra thick one. The guy at the store said that this combination was accepted as safe for anal sex, but there are still risks. We would both have to know and accept those risks, then Mitch would want to make sure that we know and accept them."

"What are the risks?" asked Lance.

"Well, condoms can break." replied Taz. "With two of them on, the odds are a lot less that both would break, but it's still possible. I couldn't take any chance on infecting you with this Lance. I love you, and I'd hate myself if that ever happened."

"Well, let's try something." said Lance. "Do you have an injection or testing needle?"

"I'm sure I have one around here." replied Taz, as he went to his medication drawer.

Taz got out a needle, and handed it to Lance. Lance took the needle, and carefully put a small hole in one of the ultra sheer condoms, then had Taz put it and an extra thick condom on.

"Now Taz, go ahead and stroke your cock." said Lance. "Make sure you pull back on it hard enough to make the first condom break."

Lance watched carefully as Taz stroked his cock until the first condom could be seen breaking underneath the other one. "Did you feel the condom break Taz?" asked Lance.

"Only a little bit." replied Taz. "I'm not sure that I'd feel that if we were in the middle of making love though."

Lance then took the needle, pulled the extra thick condom away from the head of Taz's cock, and carefully put a small hole in it too. Then he had Taz stroke himself again until the thicker condom broke.

"Okay, I felt that one break pretty good!" said Taz.

"Cool!" exclaimed Lance. "Now, if you added a third condom, and made it another one of the extra thick ones, would that be safe enough for us?"

"You really want to feel my cock inside you, don't you?" asked Taz as he smiled.

"Nothing could make me happier Taz, except possibly sucking your beautiful cock." replied Lance. "I really want to do this Taz, and I'm comfortable that it will be safe with three condoms."

"Then we'll talk to Mitch at supper, and see if he agrees." smiled Taz. "Now, I got something else, mostly for you though. I need you to take all your clothes off and lay on the bed."

Lance removed his clothes and laid on the bed as Taz asked. Taz smiled as he reached down and gently played with Lance's cock for a second, then got some lube and the pump. Taz leaned over and thoroughly licked Lance's cock, then took it into his mouth for a few seconds. When Lance became erect, Taz gently lubed his entire cock and the base of the pump. Lance watched in anticipation as Taz put the pump against Lance's cock, and pumped the bulb a few times.

"The instruction manual says not to pump it to the point where it will cause pain." said Taz. "I need you to tell me the moment you feel any discomfort."

As Taz pumped the bulb, he and Lance watched Lance's cock get drawn deeper into the cylinder. Lance's eyes went wide as he watched his cock grow longer and thicker than it had ever been before. At that point, Lance let Taz know that it was starting to become uncomfortable. Taz turned the valve for a second to let some air in, and sealed the valve tightly.

"Your cock looks really sexy inside the cylinder Lance." said Taz.

"I've never seen it that big before!" gasped Lance. "It looks so sweet like that!"

"The instruction manual claims that if you set up a program using the pump, it can permanently increase the size of your cock." said Taz. "Everyone I've ever talked to though says that the growth is always just temporary. We could still try it and see, if you want to."

"Damn, my erection isn't going down, and I'm not even touching it!" said Lance. "How long should my cock stay in there?"

"The manual says no more than one hour at a time." replied Taz. "The reason your cock is staying erect is because the vacuum from the pump is drawing the blood into your cock, and not letting your erection go away."

"Do you mean that if I keep my cock in this thing for an hour, I'll have an erection for the entire hour?" asked Lance.

"Yep, that's what it says!" replied Taz.

"That's just too cool!" exclaimed Lance.

"Go ahead and roll over on your side Lance." said Taz. "It's a shame to ever waste any erection."

Lance rolled onto his side, and Taz grabbed one of the nine inch dildos. He first marked it on the base with an L for Lance, then lubed it up. Taz held Lance's cheeks apart, then slowly slid the dildo into his boyfriend.

"Unngh." moaned Lance softly. "That feels so nice Taz."

"I'm glad I can make you feel good babe." replied Taz softly.

Once Taz had the dildo pushed all the way into Lance, he began to gently thrust it in and out of him. Lance moaned over and over as he felt the toy going in and out of him. Watching the dildo going in and out of Lance's butt was also making Taz hard, so he took his cock back out and began stroking it. Lance could tell what Taz was doing, so he reached back and wrapped his hand around Taz's cock. Lance passionately stroked Taz's cock as Taz continued to thrust the dildo in and out of him. After about ten minutes, Both boys were panting heavily.

"Oh god Lance!" panted Taz loudly. "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum for you babe!"

Lance aimed Taz's cock as best he could, and moaned loudly when he felt Taz's cum shooting against the back of his thighs. Lance was now feeling so many intense feelings that he couldn't hold back any longer. Lance moaned loudly, and his body jerked, as he shot his cum into the cylinder. Finally, Lance's body became still again.

"I take it we're going to have to clean your pump now." said Taz softly.

"Uh huh." gasped Lance.

Taz pulled the dildo out of Lance and set it on the bedside table. Then he took some disposable wipes and gently cleaned Lance's butt and legs. Lance finally rolled over, and Taz deflated the pump. Lance's cock was tender by now, so Taz carefully removed the pump and cleaned Lance's cock. Then Taz moved Lance over on the bed, and laid down beside him. The two boys took turns passionately kissing each other on the cheek and neck.

Taz finally said, "I guess we better clean our toys. It's almost supper time."

Mitch reluctantly agreed to let Taz and Lance use their judgment on this, but only after making both boys swear that they would pay close attention to the state of their protection at all times. After supper, Taz and Lance decided to go to the nearby park. They just wanted to sit on a bench overlooking a small pond, and hold hands while ocassionally trading kisses while no one watched. After about an hour, they got tired of that and wanted to find something else to do. Neither boy knew why, but they decided to take the less traveled way out of the park. Just before they got to the street, something caught Lance's eye.

"What's that?!" asked Lance, pointing to a clump of bushes.

"What's what babe?" asked Taz.

"Over there at the base of those bushes!" replied Lance. "It looks like,... like,... Oh my God! It looks like a foot!"

Taz and Lance ran over to the bushes to find a naked boy, who looked to be about fourteen or fifteen. Both wrists had been cut deeply, and there was a knife with blood on it laying next to his right arm.

"Holy shit!" screamed Taz, as he bent down and checked the boy's neck for a pulse.

"Is he alive or,... or..." started Lance.

"He's alive, but I don't think he's doing very good." replied Taz, as he ripped his shirt off and tore it in two. "I need you to find someone with a cell phone as fast as you can Lance. He isn't going to make it if you don't! I have to stay here and try to stop his bleeding."

Lance ran out to the street, and almost jumped out in front of the first car he saw. Fortunately, it was an unmarked police car. The detective in the car called in for help, and ran back into the park with Lance. Lance asked to borrow the officer's cell phone while the officer kept in touch with the dispatcher on his radio. Lance quickly called Mitch, and told him what he knew. Mitch rushed to the park, and got there just after the paramedics had pulled up.

An officer tried to stop Mitch, who replied, "My boys are in there! They're the ones who found him."

The officer then let Mitch on through. The paramedics were taking over for Taz as Mitch came up, and Lance hugged Mitch tightly. While the paramedics got the boy ready to transport, the first detective said, "You have some really fine boys there sir. If the boy lives, it will be because of them."

"Do you know who he is?" asked Mitch.

"I'm afraid not sir." replied the detective. "The boy was completely naked, and the only thing we've found in the area is the knife that he used to cut his wrists with."

"Okay, we're ready to take him to County General." said one of the paramedics.

"Please take him to Glen Oaks instead." said Mitch. "I'll sign the release. He stands a better chance of making it if you take him to Glen Oaks."

"Sign this really quick!" said the paramedic, as he held a clipboard out to Mitch. Once Mitch signed, the paramedic said, "Okay, Glen Oaks it is. Do you know a particular doctor there or something?"

"Yes, see if Evan Grandy is on duty." replied Mitch.

Mitch told Taz and Lance to go home and get cleaned up, then they could have Reggie bring them to the hospital. Then Mitch got in the car with the detective, and they followed the paramedics to Glen Oaks.

About thirty minutes after Mitch got to the hospital, Taz and Lance caught back up to him. Then it was another thirty minutes before Evan came out of the ER treatment room.

"Mitch!" exclaimed Evan. "I should have known I would see you out here! How are you and the boys? How are you Taz?"

"I'm fine Doctor Grandy." replied Taz.

"We're fine Evan, but we're concerned about the boy." replied Mitch. "How is he?"

"Well, we fixed the damage he did to himself and pumped some whole blood into him." replied Evan. "He had lost quite a bit of his own blood, and I'm surprised he made it here. His vital signs have stabilized though, and I think he'll make it. I hear you did a fine job of helping him get here alive Taz."

"Is he awake now?" asked Mitch.

"I doubt he'll wake up before morning." replied Evan. "He lost an awful lot of blood. If your boys had found him even two or three minutes later, it would have been a successful suicide. Even if he wakes up in the morning, he's going to be almost out of it."

"Can I see him anyway?" asked Mitch.

"Sure, but I'm afraid the boys will have to wait until tomorrow." replied Evan.

Evan led Mitch to ICU, and Mitch looked at the unconscious boy. Even though the boy was out now, he still looked troubled. Then Mitch gently took the boy's fragile hand.

"Why did you do it, you sweet looking boy?" asked Mitch. "What is so bad that you did such a good job of trying to kill yourself? Even Lance let out a cry for help first. I'll come back tomorrow, and we'll see if we can change whatever it was that made you do this."

Mitch then gently kissed the boy's hand, and went back out to join Taz and Lance. The detective had gotten as much information from them as he could. Now he would have to wait until he could talk to the boy to find out who he was, unless the boy's parents came forward tonight.

The next morning, Mitch showed back up at the hospital with Tax and Lance. Lance should have been in school with the other kids, but he successfully begged Mitch to let him go to the hospital. Besides, it was Friday and a good portion of the day would be spent in a pep rally for the lacrosse team, which would play their semi-final game tomorrow. The boy had made it through the night well, and his vital signs had improved a great deal. Evan would be moving him to a room and some point this morning. Mitch did talk Evan into letting Taz and Lance see him in ICU, since they had saved his life the night before. Mitch stood on one side of the boy's bed, and Taz and Lance stood on the other. As the two boys took turns holding onto his hand, Mitch turned to Evan.

"Is there anyone who's stepped forward to claim him yet?" asked Mitch.

"Not yet." replied Evan. "Either the boy isn't local, or there's a good chance that his home life drove him to this. If he were my child, I would have found him last night somehow."

As Lance held the boy's hand and stroked his arm, he asked, "Why dude? What would make you want to do such a good job of killing yourself? I know I felt that way once, but at least I cried out for help first. Why couldn't you turn to someone?"

Then the boy moaned softly, and grasped ahold of Lance's hand. Mitch and Evan turned their attention back to the boy, as Lance and Taz tried to coax him awake. The boy's eyes finally opened slowly, and Evan stepped up to his bed.

"Welcome back young man." said Evan. "You almost checked out on us for good there."

"Why didn't you let me then?" asked the boy weakly.

"Because someone up there didn't want that to happen yet." replied Evan. "The two boys on the other side of the bed are the ones who saved your life last night."

"Am I suppose to thank them for that?" asked the boy.

"It would be nice if you did." said Lance. "My boyfriend and I helped you once, and we'd like to help you again if we can."

"Boyfriend?" asked Evan as he smiled. "Congratulations Taz. I want to talk with both of you boys before you leave today though."

"You two are gay?" asked the boy.

"Yep, and we're not ashamed of it at all." replied Taz. "That's not a problem, is it?"

"No, it's okay I guess." replied the boy.

"Could you give us a little information this morning?" asked Evan. "Even if we just had your name, that would be a big help."

"My name is Denton." replied the boy. "That's as much as I want to give right now."

"That's fine Denton." said Mitch. "At least that gives us something to call you besides boy or young man. We all would like to help you if we can Denton."

"That's a cool name Denton." smiled Lance.

"Who are you?" Denton asked Mitch.

"My name is Mitch Gordon." replied Mitch. "The two boys on you other side are Taz and Lance. I took both of them in off the streets, and I have custody of them now. Me and my boyfriend Justin help boys and girls who are in trouble at home, or who have run away from a bad home."

"You're gay too?" asked Denton. "Is everyone in your house gay?"

"No Denton, not everyone." smiled Mitch. "There are straight kids who need help just as much as gay kids."

"Well, I'm going to have Denton moved now." said Evan. "That way you guys can talk a little more privately about this. Mitch is a good man Denton, and I hope you'll talk to him and his boys. He might be able to help with whatever the problem is that made you almost kill yourself. I hope you give him a chance."

A few minutes later, Denton was placed on a gurney, and taken to a room. The nurses were given orders to make sure there was nothing in the room that he could harm himself with, and Evan had to call the detective from last night. Denton was still very tired, and took a brief nap when he got into his new room. Mitch and the boys stayed right with him the whole time, until Taz had to go get lunch so he could take his medications. Taz brought everyone something back with him, so they wouldn't have to leave. By that time, Denton was awake again, and felling a little better than before.

"I don't want to push you Denton, but I do want to help you if you'll tell us what happened." said Mitch.

"Yeah Denton, we don't want to see anything like this happen to you again." said Lance.

"We'll do everything we possibly can to help you dude." added Taz.

"You can't undo what's already been done though, and that's what the problem is." said Denton.

"We might not be able to undo it Denton, but give us a chance to try to fix it." replied Mitch. "We'll do everything we can to do that."

"Okay, I'll trust you guys." said Denton. "My full name is Denton Cole. I have a friend named Ashton Mercer, but everyone called him Ash. Ash was my best friend, and he was also gay. I'm not, but we still got along great as best friends. Ash was having a lot of problems at home because his parents found out he was gay, so he was spending a lot of time with me. I snuck him in most nights so he could stay with me. One night my parents caught Ash and me in bed together. We weren't doing anything. Ash had been having a bad day, so I was holding him, and that's all we were doing. My parents didn't believe it though. They threw Ash out with no place to go that night, then told everyone that I was gay. I haven't seen Ash since that night, and I lost a lot of my friends thanks to my parents. The private school they had me going to was a bit on the conservative side, and most of the kids didn't want to hang out with me anymore because they thought I was gay. They ruined my life, and I don't even know if my only true friend is okay or not because of them. No one has seen Ash since this happened two weeks ago. I can't take living like this anymore Mitch. It's not the fact that everyone think that I'm gay. If I were, I could live with that. It's just the fact that so many people hate me now because they think I am."

"Well, your parents shouldn't have done that to you Denton, and I'll make sure they can't again." said Mitch. "The most important thing though is to find Ash. You couldn't have done that if you had killed yourself Denton."

"I couldn't find him anyway Mitch." cried Denton. "For all I know, he may already be dead!"

Mitch hugged Denton and said, "It's only been two weeks Denton. It's not too hard to survive for that long. Some of my boys had been on the streets much longer than that. Can you get ahold of any pictures of Ash?"

"I guess I could." replied Denton, as he tried to stop crying. "Why?"

"Because we're going to find him somehow." said Mitch. "My boys know all of the places around here where runaway kids might go. If he's out here, we'll do everything we can to find him."

"Doesn't Justin have practice tonight though?" asked Lance.

"Yes, he does." replied Mitch. "I'm going to have to show you boys how much I love and trust all of you tonight. I'll get Josh after his school gets out, then go to the academy to wait for Justin. The rest of you boys are going to have Reggie take you wherever you need to go to find Ash. Okay Denton, about those pictures of Ash."

"I can call a friend of ours, and have her meet you with the pictures." said Denton.

Denton called his friend, and told her to get as many pictures of Ash as she could, then meet Mitch's bus outside their school. Then Mitch called Reggie to come to the hospital to pick up Lance and Taz so they could get started. He would go to Josh's school later, then head to the academy while Reggie picked up the other kids to join the search. Then Mitch called Eric to have him come to the hospital. Eric told Mitch that he would be there soon, and to make sure that child welfare was there before the detective asked Denton any questions. He would try to beat both of them there. Denton was amazed that Mitch was doing so much for him. Eric did make it to the hospital before the detective, and talked to Denton a few minutes before the detective and the child welfare social worker assigned to Mitch's home came into the room.

"Hi Mitch, are you keeping us busy again over at child welfare?" laughed Wil.

"It's a shame that I have to, but yes." replied Mitch. "Besides, with as much as you've made from the stock you bought from the company that's selling my program, I'd think you like taking care of my family."

"You know I do Mitch." replied Wil. "It's the only reason that I haven't resigned at child welfare."

"I didn't figure you needed the paycheck anymore." laughed Mitch. "Anyway Wil, you know Eric. The other man here is Detective Benson from the police, and the young man in bed here is Denton. This may be a rough one Wil, and we might need all the help you can give us with this."

Denton went ahead and repeated his story as Mitch held his hand. Wil went ahead and looked the boy over when he was finished, including the bandages on his wrists. Then Wil and Detective Benson asked Denton a few questions. When they were finished, Wil turned to the detective.

"I'm going to want to go with you when you talk to Denton's parents." said Wil. "I know he hasn't been physically assaulted, but they drove the boy to an emotional state where he tried to kill himself, and was pretty close to being successful. I think we can at least get child endangerment charges out of their emotional abuse of Denton. I'll have to stop by on Monday to straighten this out Mitch, but I'm ordering that Denton be kept here until we know what we'll do next. I hope your boys find his friend Ash, and please call me the second they do unless the police find him first."

"I'll call you the moment we know anything Wil." replied Mitch. "I hope you can work this out in Denton's favor Wil. After last night, I know he would be better off in my home."

"I'll see what I can do Mitch." replied Wil. "Good luck on finding Ash."

Wil then left with Detective Benson, so they could go talk to Denton's parents. They pulled up to the address they had been given, and went up to the door of the very nice house. When a man answered the door, Detective Benson said, "We're here to speak to the parents of Denton Cole."

"I'm so glad you are here detective." replied the man. "I'm Denton's father, and we were just about to call you about our son's disappearance."

Wil was not impressed by that, as it seemed just a bit too convenient to him. "That certainly is convenient then." said Wil. "I'm from child welfare, and we need to talk to you and your wife both." Once everyone was together, Wil asked, "Is there any particular reason why you told everyone at Denton's school that he was gay?"

"Not that it's any of child welfare's business, but our family has very firm beliefs on homosexuality." replied Denton's father. "It's a sin, and it needs to be corrected in Denton before he gets any older. We felt that his friends would be able to help Denton understand exactly how grave of a sin homosexuality is."

"Well, thanks to you, Denton has very few friends left at school." said Wil. "The real shame is that I've talked to your son, and he's not even gay."

"Well, you didn't catch him in bed with another boy who is a known homosexual either!" exclaimed Denton's mother.

"Yes, and that boy is now missing too." replied Wil. "It seems as though you've done a very good job of this. We have one boy missing, and another that was almost driven to suicide because of the way that he's been mentally abused at home."

"What?!" exclaimed Denton's father.

"Your son is in the hospital right now." replied Detective Denton. "He cut both of his wrists last night, and was within a few moments of having bled to death when he was found. The doctor did a miraculous job of saving his life, and he is now recovering from his suicide attempt. From everything I've heard, the police will support child welfare in placing Denton in protective custody. I'm going to have to place both of you under arrest now, for endangering the life of your son Denton."

Detective Benson put Denton's parents in handcuffs, and read them their rights while waiting for a squad car. Wil was very impressed by Detective Benson's actions, and soon Denton's parents were taken to jail.

"I'm very impressed with you Detective Benson!" said Wil.

"I had to arrest them, they were making me sick to my stomach!" replied Detective Benson. "I have a seventeen year old son who's gay, and he's had to go through counseling for the past two years because of the way people have treated him. I love my son very much, and without that love he very well may have ended up where Denton is, or even worse. I know these people have the right to their beliefs, but they don't have the right to mentally abuse their son to the point of suicide."

Meanwhile, Joey and Leah were going over a few of Joey's old haunts. "Do you think we'll find that poor kid?" asked Leah.

"We have to." replied Joey. "He's probably scared and hurting inside right now. He needs to know that there are people who love him and care about him."

"I love you so much when you get this sensitive Joey!" smiled Leah.

Joey smiled back at his girlfriend, then the two pressed their lips together. Joey and Leah shared a passionate kiss until Leah thought she heard something. "Did you hear that Joey?" asked Leah.

Joey strained his ears, and could hear the faint sound of crying. "It's coming from down that alley somewhere!" replied Joey.

Joey and Leah cautiously made their way down the alley. When they turned a corner at the end of the alley, they found a very dirty Ash sitting in the corner and crying. Joey looked at the picture quickly to make sure it was him.

"Why don't you two get a room?" cried Ash.

Joey and Leah both knelt down to hug the unbathed boy, and Joey said, "I have a better idea Ash. Why don't we get you a room, and get you out of this alley?"

"How,... how do you know my name?" asked Ash, as he dried his tears from his badly tear streaked face.

"Because Denton has all of our brothers out looking for you Ash." replied Joey, as he kissed Ash lightly on the forehead. "He's really worried about you Ash, and he really needs you. You're his best friend in the whole world, and he's upset that he couldn't help you better before. Now he can though, if you want to come with us."

Joey and Leah helped Ash up, and led him back out to the street. On the way there, Joey took out his cell phone that Mitch had gotten for each of the kids, and called for Reggie to bring the bus to them. Then Joey and Leah called all of their brothers to call off the search. Reggie noticed several new faces as he picked up all of the kids. Although Joey and Leah had found Ash, Lance and Taz had found a young girl on the streets. Davey and Randy apparently didn't want to be outdone, as they found a pair of identical twin brothers who had no home. Trevor and Ryan had also ran across another boy on the streets, who was helping them look for Ash. Now they wanted to thank the boy by getting him off the street. Reggie laughed loudly as he joked that Mitch would have a heart attack by picking up six new kids in the space of two days. That also would put Mitch five kids short of filling his home for now.

Mitch arrived home with Justin and Josh as the other kids were helping clean and clothe the new kids. That gave Reggie a chance to break it to Mitch gently. After Mitch absorbed the news of finding four more kids than they had set out to find, he told Reggie to call everyone to the family room when they had been cleaned up.

I've decided to put a little break in here, since this will be my longest chapter ever. Go ahead and grab a bite to eat, or visit the bathroom, and we'll be right here when you come back. Thanks.

Once everyone was assembled in the family room, Mitch laughed, "Wil and Eric are going to love me for this! Okay everyone, we're going to start by introducing the boys and girls who already live here first. Then we'll move on to our new faces. The kids who already live here can say a little something about themselves for the new kids. When we get to the new kids though, I need to know as much of your story about how you ended up on the streets as you can tell."

"Before we start, is it okay if George comes over tomorrow?" asked Trevor. "He's the manager from the restaurant we went to earlier this week, and he finally got the nerve to call me back a few minutes ago."

"That will be fine Trevor." replied Mitch as he smiled. "We're having a party tomorrow before Justin's game anyway, and he's welcome to join us."

That made Trevor happy, as he had been upset over switching rooms with Lance earlier in the week. He understood that Lance and Taz were now boyfriends, but he had really enjoyed sharing a room with Taz for the few days they had roomed together.

First up was Justin, followed by Trevor and Leah, then Joey and Josh. Then came Lance, Taz, Randy, Davey, and Ryan in that order. Each of the boys and Leah told the new kids a little something about their story, trying to make the new kids comfortable enough to open up.

First up was Ash, as he said, "Hi everyone, my name is Ash. I figured out I was gay when I was twelve, which was two years ago. My parents figured it out about two months ago. They took an instant liking to hitting me right away, so I started staying away from the house more. The longer I would stay away though, the worse they would hit me when I came home. I spent a lot of time with my best friend Denton, who I expected to see here. Denton is so damn cool, even though he is straight. He was the first one I told when I figured out that I was gay. Denton just grabbed me in a hug and said, "So what, you're still my best friend ever. Maybe I'll even help you find a nice guy." That's how Denton is though. I love him so much, but I know he's straight and we'll only love each other as friends. Anyway, Denton and I got caught in bed together by his parents. All we were doing was sleeping, but they started screaming at him about being a sinner because he was gay, even though he isn't. After I left Denton's house in the middle of the night, I knew that I couldn't go home. I knew Denton's parents would call mine, and mine would kill me. That was two weeks ago, and I've been trying to figure out how to live on the streets since then."

"I'm sorry no one has had a chance to talk to you yet Ash." said Mitch. "Before I say anything, I need to tell you that Denton is okay, and he'll be just fine. He's in the hospital right now though. The social worker wants him to stay there until Monday, so he can straighten out the situation with Denton's parents, and Denton can hopefully stay here. I'm going to leave Justin in charge of the party tomorrow so I can go to see Denton. You are more than welcome to go with me, and I'm sure Denton can't wait to see you."

Ash looked shocked at Mitch's news, as the girl that Taz and Lance found went next. "Hi, my name is Angelica." said Angelica. "I'm lesbian, and needless to say, my parents didn't take it too well. My mom was appalled when she found out. My dear sweet daddy caught her back turned and told me that he'd like to watch me and my girlfriend though. He was really disappointed when I told him that I was between girlfriends right now. Then my mom came up with what she thought was a brilliant idea. She signed me up for a girls boarding school, with no breaks from school between now and the day I turn eighteen. Then I was told that once I was eighteen, I was not welcome to return home. My dad agreed to it, then caught her back turned and offered to pay me to let him watch after I turned eighteen and found a girlfriend. The man is a filthy and disgusting pervert. I wouldn't have really minded an all girls school, but then I found out that this one was more like a prison, which was why it was in Central America. I decided the streets would be better. Most of the people I've met have been gay boys, or boys who sold themselves to survive. They've been so nice to me though that it made me realize that not all men are scum like daddy."

Next up were the twin boys that Randy and Davey had found. "Hi everyone, I'm Frank, and this is my brother Lin." said Frank. "Get it, Frank,... Lin. Our parents were a little off in the head when they came up with that one. My brother and I always did everything together. We discovered sex together, we discovered that we're gay together, and we discovered that we're in love with each other together, all within the space of about thirty minutes. That was a fun day! That was when we were thirteen, and we've been lovers for three years now. Neither of us could ever imagine making love to anyone else. About one year ago, when we were fifteen, our parents walked in on us in a really passionate sixty nine. There we were, caressing each other's bodies and enjoying the hell out of each other's cocks, and our parents just barge right into the room. Then they did something really strange. They went and got our older brothers, one is a high school senior and the other was home from college, and told them what they had caught us faggots doing to each other. They they told our brothers to go ahead and force themselves up our butts while they made us finish each other off. They only stayed long enough to watch us both cry as we took it in the ass from our brothers, then they left the room. After it was over, our parents came back in and told us both to get the hell out of their house. We got pretty lucky on the streets though. A lot of guys will pay really well just to watch two identical twin brothers make love, and Lin and I still love making love to each other. We could make enough to survive without having to have sex with anyone else. We both still want a home and family though, but not like the one we had."

"Wow!" exclaimed the last boy. "I'm straight, but the idea of you two doing it just made ME hard! Anyway, my name is Elvis. I guess my parents were really big fans. I hate it though. I'm going to change it the moment I turn eighteen. For now I would rather everyone just stick with El, please. I know a lot of you are asking why a straight guy would run away from home. My dad was a really strange asshole. For the longest time I thought that I had a bedwetting problem. From the time I was five until the day I ran away three months ago, I woke up every morning covered in urine. I've been in counseling since I was eight, and saw every urologist my mom could drag me to, but nothing worked. The night I ran away, I woke up to find my dad standing over my bed and pissing all over me. He had been doing that to me every fucking night from the time I was five years old! I was so mad that I punched him right in the cock and balls, then I threw my clothes on and took off. Since him and my mom are still together, I figure that she just doesn't care, so I'm never going back to either of them. I've had to have sex with other guys to survive for about three months now, and I hate it, but it's better than going home. I don't hate gay people though, so none of you have to worry about that. In the last three months I've met some really nice gay people, who've saved my butt more than once, and I hope that's the case this time too. I'll love all of you like family if you'll take me in and give me a chance."

"You don't have to worry about that El." said Mitch. "I'm never going to turn down any kid who needs help, and especially not you. You need to know what it's like to have people who really care about you, and I hope you find that with us. And I want to welcome all of you to our family. The only rule here is to love and respect all the members of our family. The first thing you'll have to do is meet with our home's legal counsel and social worker, so we can legally get you away from your parents. Then you will have to be tested at the local clinic, which is a state rule for group homes. Finally, we'll take you out to get you everything you need here, and enroll you in school. Most of the kids who are already here attend Valencia Hills Academy. They are a very progressive school, with the highest academic rates in the state. A lot of the kids here say it's almost not even like going to school, as they have too much fun to consider it school. If you really want to go to public school though, we can do that too. I hope you will all consider Valencia though. Everyone who has ever seen the school has said that they couldn't wait to begin classes there. If any of you need to talk to me about anything, or just need some love and understanding, I'm always here for you anytime. I'll be around tonight to talk to each one of you individually."

Mitch did go around and talk to all of the new kids, starting with Ash first. Mitch took Ash into a warm hug, then kissed the boy on the forehead. "I'm so glad we found you Ash. This is going to make Denton very happy, and we need to raise his spirits right now."

"What happened to Denton?" asked Ash.

"I guess you're going to need to know this Ash, because I need you to promise to help with him." replied Mitch. "From everything you said about Denton earlier though, I already know that I can count on your help. Denton ran away from his parents home yesterday and tried to kill himself. Two of my boys found him naked in the park yesterday, after he had cut both of his wrists. If they had found him two or three minutes later, Denton wouldn't have made it."

"Why would he do that Mitch?!" asked Ash.

"After his parents caught you two in bed together, they told everyone at Denton's school that he was gay." replied Mitch. "They were trying to shame him out of being homosexual, when he never was to begin with. Denton lost most of his friends in school, and it made his life pretty rough in only two weeks. I did hear from our child welfare social worker on the way here this evening though. Both of Denton's parents have been arrested on felony child endangerment charges, and he will be coming here Monday. We need to convince him though that doing what he did was not the right way to handle things, but we can't preach it at him or order him into accepting it. We have to convince him with the love and compassion that we show him. He still had a lot to live for then, and it's only going to get better for him now. Can you help us with that Ash?"

"I have to." replied Ash. "Denton has been my one true friend throughout my entire life. I don't know what I would have done if it hadn't been for him, and I'll do anything I can to help him."

Mitch gave Ash another hug and kiss on the forehead, then told him to be ready to go to the hospital tomorrow to see Denton. Then Mitch was off to El's room. Mitch gave El the same hug and kiss on the forehead that he had given to Ash, and they both sat on El's bed.

"I can't even imagine a man pissing on his own son every night, starting at five years old." said Mitch. "You should have never had that done to you El, and I promise that it'll never happen again. I would like you to consider filing charges against him. It would do him some good to realize what a wrong and disgusting act that was."

"It was just so weird to wake up, seeing him holding his cock at me and pissing on me." said El. "It made me feel so dirty, especially knowing that he was doing that to me when I was five. I even think that he would hold his bladder all day to empty it on me at night. I would wake up in the morning with my whole body and face covered with his urine, and my hair wet with it. I would be laying all night with my body and head resting in a pool of his urine."

"I ocassionally let my boyfriend Justin urinate on me." said Mitch. "That's a decision that we both came to together though, and we both enjoy it. I've even held his cock in my mouth while he urinated into my mouth, but that was OUR choice. Your dad never gave you any choice El, he just did it. It was very wrong of him to do that to you."

"I'll think about it Mitch, but I really don't even want people to know what he did to me." replied El.

"I can understand that El, and that's your decision." said Mitch. "No one in this house will tell you that you did or didn't do the right thing, and I'll support whatever you decide."

"Thanks Mitch, I think I'm going to love it here." replied El.

"I hope you do El." smiled Mitch.

Next it was the twins' turn. Mitch gave Frank and Lin both a hug and kiss on the forehead, then said, "I want you boys to know that making love to another guy is not wrong, and neither is two brothers loving each other that way. I want both of you to feel perfectly free to make love to each other in this house any way you see fit to love each other."

Frank and Lin shared a very passionate kiss in front of Mitch, then Lin said, "Thank you Mitch. Frank and I have always loved each other with all our hearts. When we make love together, it feels like we're one person. We always hoped to find people who would understand that."

"I do understand." smiled Mitch. "I think you two boys are beautiful together, and I think that it's wonderful that you love each other the way you do. I hope you both feel free to express that love anytime you want, and I hope your love lasts for the rest of your lives."

"We hope so too!" snickered Frank. "Thanks for taking us into your home Mitch. We love you too."

Mitch hugged the two twins, then he was off to Leah and Angelica's room.

"I hope Leah has explained the relationship between her and Joey." said Mitch, after giving Angelica a hug and kiss on the forehead.

"Yeah, and it kinda sucks." said Angelica jokingly. "Leah's really cute, and I was kinda hoping that she would be lesbian like me. Oh well, everyone can't be perfect. Besides, she does have a cute boyfriend if you like boys."

"Have you two discussed what to do when Leah and Joey want to make love?" asked Mitch.

"Yeah, we talked about it." replied Angelica. "I'm a big girl, and can handle seeing the two of them make love. Boy's cocks don't scare me or anything, I just don't want one inside me."

"Are you okay with that Leah?" asked Mitch.

"Yeah, that'll work out fine." smiled Leah.

"Okay, but I want you girls to respect each other's feelings about this." said Mitch. "I don't want you to take advantage of Angelica's openness about this, okay Leah?"

"No all night sex marathons with Joey, got it." snickered Leah.

"And maybe you'll find a nice girl when you get enrolled in school Angelica." smiled Mitch.

"Who said that I wanted a NICE girl?" laughed Angelica.

"And Leah, if Angelica is going to be so understanding of you and Joey having sex, are you going to be able to show her the same courtesy when she finds a girlfriend?" asked Mitch. "You know that she will eventually."

"Yeah, Joey and I can handle that." smiled Leah. "Besides, I've already seen a few girls at school who will probably be all over her when she gets there."

"Are they cute?" asked Angelica.

"How am I suppose to know if a girl is cute?" snickered Leah.

"Hey, I'm secure enough in my sexuality to admit that your boyfriend is cute!" snickered Angelica back.

"I'm afraid she has you there Leah!" laughed Mitch. "Well, I'm going to go now and let you two continue your girl talk. Welcome to our home Angelica, and I hope you will be very happy here."

Mitch gave Angelica another hug, and left the girls alone. Then Mitch went down to sit with Justin, and the two watched as the boys and girls ran back and forth through the house, sometimes wearing almost nothing.

Mitch put his arm around Justin and said, "I really love this Justin, and I love sharing it with you."

"Yeah, it's really cool to have so many cool kids in the house." replied Justin, as he snuggled into Mitch's side.

Mitch leaned his head down, and placed his lips against Justin's. Mitch and Justin shared a very long and erotic kiss as some of the kids stopped to watch and cheer. Then Mitch finally broke the kiss and gazed lovingly into Justin's eyes.

"So, when do you want to add onto the house my love?" asked Justin. "We only have five beds left."

"I was thinking about calling the contractor on Monday." smiled Mitch. "You do know that we'll have to hire more staff when we expand the house though, right?"

"Good, not only are we helping some really cool kids, but we're creating jobs!" snickered Justin. "I like that!"

"So, how big should we make it?" asked Mitch. "Two or three times bigger?"

"I was thinking four." replied Justin, as he snuggled tightly into Mitch.

"Four it is then." smiled Mitch. "It will be something to have one hundred boys and girls running around here. Now, how about we go up to our room and make love? I'd like to do something we haven't done in a while, if you think you can manage a nice pee."

"I can do anything for you Mitch." replied Justin, as he wrapped his arms and legs around Mitch to be carried upstairs.

Mitch woke up the next morning and smiled, as he still tasted Justin's pee in his mouth from the night before. Then Justin woke up and sniffed the scent of pee on their bodies, and smiled up at Mitch.

Mitch smiled back at Justin and said, "Last night was a lot of fun, my beautiful little baby boy!"

"Good, cause I really have to pee!" giggled Justin.

"In that case, why don't you straddle my face and put your beautiful cock in my mouth?" asked Mitch.

Justin tossed the covers aside, then straddled Mitch's face. Mitch took Justin's cock into his mouth, and began swallowing hungrily when Justin began to pee. Mitch aimed his cock at Justin's back, and released his bladder. Justin moaned when he felt Mitch's urine coating his back and ass. As soon as Justin stopped peeing, Mitch began sucking on his cock, keeping it hard. Justin continued moaning as Mitch got him closer and closer to his orgasm. Justin then began to whimper, and a few seconds later Mitch began swallowing his load of cum. As soon as Justin's orgasm was over, he turned around and took Mitch's cock into his mouth. Mitch was already so turned on from the peeing, that it only took Justin a few minutes to bring Mitch to his orgasm. Justin's boy mouth expertly milked every drop of cum from Mitch's cock that it could, as Justin savored the taste of his man's cum. Then the pair laid in each other's arms for a few minutes.

By this time Mitch and Justin had to hurry and change the bed, then get cleaned up and ready for breakfast. Brandon looked a little frazzled after making breakfast this morning, and Mitch knew that it was time to hire a cook. He promised Brandon that he would call a domestic agency from the hospital. Then Mitch grabbed Ash, and they were off to the hospital. Justin would be in charge of getting his party started, and Mitch would go back and forth between the hospital and party a few times.

Justin had everything ready, with Bernie and Brandon's help, by the time Danny and Antonio arrived. This was actually a party for the team, and not just Justin. A few of Justin's and Antonio's teammates arrived next, followed by Mike, Tyler, and Mike's boys. After a few more teammates and friends from school showed up, then came Eric and Casey, finally followed by Trevor's friend George. Mitch was expecting Eric for the party, and Wil to talk to the new kids. His first trip back to the house would be when Wil was expected to show up. Mitch left strict orders that when Eric showed up, he would be in complete control of everything until Wil had come and left.

After all the kids had been introduced to each other, Danny decided that it had been way too long since he had showed off his neat trick. Danny pointed at Randy and said, "Randy, come here. When I pull down my pants, I want you to grab ahold of my cock. Once it's stiff, give it two firm strokes and let go of it."

Eric walked in just in time to see Randy stroke Danny's cock twice, then let go. Danny's cock erupted without anyone touching it, shooting Danny's cum all over the place. Most of the kids thought that was the coolest thing they had ever seen, especially the ones who had never seen it before.

Eric smiled as he said, "Okay boys and girls, no more of that stuff until after the social worker has left. We don't want him to think we're having a teen orgy here." Everyone laughed as they agreed to hold off on getting frisky.

Wil showed up a few minutes early and exclaimed, "Holy crap! What is Mitch trying to do, work me to death!"

"Mitch just has six new kids, including Denton and Ash." laughed Eric. "The rest are teammates and schoolmates of Justin's lacrosse team. They're having a little party because tonight is the semi-final match. Mitch and Ash should be here any minute now.

Mitch came in a few minutes later with Ash, and spoke with Wil before he and Eric got started. Mitch wanted to let Wil know about his plans for calling a contractor on Monday, and expanding the home. Wil laughed as he wished Mitch luck, telling him that he'd need it if he expanded the home as much as he wanted. Mitch assured Will that he would be hiring plenty of new staff, starting in the morning with a new cook. Eric and Wil then started with Ash, and talked to all of the new kids. It was definitely planned to file charges in the cases of Ash, Frank, and Lin, as serious crimes had been committed by their families. Wil also asked El to consider filing charges against his dad, but promised the boy that he wouldn't push him to do it. Then Wil told Mitch that he would get the paperwork started on all six new kids. Wil thought the toughest case might be Angelica, seeing as how if her parents fought it, it would be Angelica's word against her father that he was a pervert. Eric had a few ideas to help with that though.

Once Wil had left, and Mitch took Ash back to the hospital, Eric got out of the way with Mike and let the kids have a party. The new kids met quite a few boys and girls that they would be going to school with if they went to Valencia, and the idea was looking better all the time. Angelica really started having fun after being introduced to a girl named Tabitha. Tabitha was a real hottie as far as Angelica was concerned, and Angelica almost fainted when Tabitha winked at her. Before long, no one could find Angelica and Tabitha, but Leah had a pretty good idea that the two girls were in hers and Angelica's room. That happened with several groups of kids throughout the party though. Everyone thought it was really hot that Frank and Lin were also lovers. When Angelica reappeared with a smile on her face and her arm wrapped around Tabitha's, she thought Mike's two boys looked adorable when she caught them kissing.

"What are your names?" asked Angelica.

"I'm Andy and this is my brother Billy." replied Andy. "We're also boyfriends."

"So I noticed!" giggled Angelica. "You and your brother looked really cute kissing like that."

"We do more than just kiss too!" bragged Billy. "My brother Andy is a great boyfriend!"

"Now that is just too adorable for words, isn't it Tabitha?" asked Angelica.

"Very adorable!" replied Tabitha. "I'll bet you guys look really nice having sex together."

"Yeah, we like doing that!" beamed Andy.

"Well, don't ever let anyone tell you it's wrong, okay boys?" said Angelica. "As a matter of fact, there's another pair of brothers here that do the same thing as you guys."

"Do you mean the two guys that look alike?" asked Billy.

"Yep, they're the ones!" replied Angelica. "If they can do it, you can too."

The two boys talked to the two girls for a while longer, and Angelica and Tabitha had a ball talking to them. Billy and Andy really liked it when the two girls shared a passionate kiss in front of them.

"Are you two girlfriends?" asked Andy.

"What do you say Tabitha, are we girlfriends?" giggled Angelica.

"We better be!" replied Tabitha. "Do you know how hard it is to find a truly hot girl like you?"

Both girls giggled, which in turn made both boys giggle. Mike smiled at the four kids, but knew that he'd have some explaining to do later.

Trevor had taken George upstairs to show the man his room. George had never been this close to being intimate with a young boy since the time he had been one himself, but the idea had crossed his mind once or twice. George knew what the look in Trevor's eyes was saying, as the two sat on Trevor's bed.

"Why me Trevor?" asked George.

"Because you are a beautiful, warm, and loving man George." replied Trevor. "The way you explained things to that waiter almost made me cry because I could see you were so filled with love."

"But I'm such an old man compared to you." said George.

"And my last boyfriend was in his fifties." replied Trevor. "I don't see you as old at all George, just beautiful. Besides, when a boy looks at another boy, the only thing you can see in his eyes is how much he wants to fuck. When a man loves me and looks in my eyes, it makes me feel special. I can see beauty, love, and romance, and not just let's have sex. The sex is nice though, considering that a man's cock is usually larger than a boy's cock."

"You don't have any idea how hot the thought of making love to a young boy has made me over the years Trevor." said George. "And now that I have a beautiful boy who wants me, I'm scared to death. How is this going to turn out Trevor?"

"Well, I hope we fall madly in love, and remain passionate lovers for a very long time." smiled Trevor, as he looked deeply into George's eyes.

George then slowly leaned over, and gently placed his lips against the soft lips of a boy for the first time since he was a boy himself. Trevor wrapped his arms around George, and kissed his man back passionately. The two slowly laid back on Trevor's bed without breaking their kiss, then began to slowly undress each other.

Mitch popped in on the party again about an hour and a half later, while he left Ash with Denton. He knew the two boys would want some time alone anyway. Mitch stayed for about an hour, then said he would be back in time to go to the game. The party turned out to be one of the best parties for Valencia students all year, and all the kids had a great time.

Denton had wanted to go see Mitch's son play, but Evan thought that it would be best for him to rest. Mitch promised him that he would have a chance to see the championship game the following Saturday, and he predicted that it would be Justin's best game ever. Ash made it up to Denton by staying with him while everyone went to the game. After all, he had his best friend back now, and he wasn't about to leave. That made Denton smile brightly.

Valencia was unstoppable that night, on their way to the championship game next week. They completely dominated the game to the point where the other team looked like they hadn't even trained for it. Justin set a school record by scoring a triple hat trick that night, and Valencia set an all-time record high eighteen goals. Mike tried to keep the boys from overdoing it, but once the goals started coming, the team just couldn't control it. Mike knew that their opponent in the championship game would be well aware of this game, and they would come out gunning for them. The team would have to train extra hard for the championships. The locker room that night was louder than it had been all year, and Mike now had to choose the league MVP in case Valencia won it's final game. He was having a terribly difficult time choosing between Justin and Antonio.

That night Danny, Tyler, and Mitch had special celebrations planned for their heroes. All three couples would go to sleep that night with smiles on their faces.

Like I said, longest chapter ever. Once I started introducing the new characters though, it was hard to find the proper place to stop. I know there were a lot of characters at once there, but it just came out that way. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in the much shorter Chapter 10.