What A Gas! 3: We Are Family

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 3: We Are Family

by tim

Chapter 1

From the last chapter:

"How dare you say that kind of crap!" yelled Jack.

"How?" asked Eric as he laughed. "I have the videotape of you saying it, that's how! Do you remember a guy you met in the bar named Peter? He told you that his son was gay, and asked your advice. He was really my private investigator. Your reply made a very nice piece of evidence though Jack. So nice that I'm afraid it will put you in prison for a very long time. Now, like I said before, my client wants custody of Wes, and he's not use to taking no for an answer. I've sent you a package by overnight express. In it is a copy of the tape Peter made, and before you get any thoughts, there are plenty of copies of the original tape, which I have here. I'm just sending that for you to see, so you know that we're not bluffing. You and your wife are to sign the papers I'm sending, have them notarized, and send them back in the return express envelope I have provided. If I don't have them in three days, my client has instructed me to turn our evidence over to the authorities. It will take them less than a day to take you and your wife into custody. Do you understand the instructions I've given you?"

"How do I know you won't turn the tape in anyway?" asked Jack.

"You don't, but this is the only chance you have." replied Eric. "Just so you know, we don't need your cooperation at this point to get what we want. Now, I've talked to you about all I can stomach. You better hope we get those papers back in three days."

That evening, the kids were once again spread out into a new wing. Some wanted more elbow room, so they were enthusiastic about moving into the new wing. On the day Sean filed to have Mark's name changed to Gordon, Mitch got the papers back from Wes's parents. He immediately had Will file them with the state, so Will could finally make Mitch Wes's guardian. As soon as that was done, Will sent his copy of the videotape to the police, who assured him that Wes's parents would be picked up immediately.

Mitch and Justin's dream home had become a reality now, but they knew that this was only the beginning.

Wes was happy when he heard that his parents had been arrested for their treatment of him. That didn't help his feelings about losing Jesse though. He stayed close to Mitch and Justin, until time to go to bed that night. The next day, Mitch would take him to the academy for an admissions test, then shopping. Melanie offered to take care of Mark while Mitch was busy with Wes, but Mitch loved caring for Sean's son. He instead invited Melanie to go along with them. The test seemed to go well, and Ms. Gardenier checked it over quickly to ensure Wes was up to his grade level standards before informing Mitch that Wes could begin classes the day after tomorrow.

Then it was time for shopping. Mitch had built up a stock of personal items and computer equipment required by the academy, so today was mostly about clothing and optional items for Wes's room. Since Wes didn't have a roommate yet, Mitch was sure he would need a few things for the room to decorate it, and keep himself entertained. That seemed to raise Wes's spirits, as Mitch and Melanie had fun keeping up with the boy. Wes did question what Mitch seemed willing to spend on him, but Mitch told him not to worry, as he had spent more on some of the other boys.

How can you spend so much on all of us Mitch?” asked Wes.

Two of the programs Justin and I have designed have done very well.” replied Mitch. “I'm afraid if I don't spend as much as I can on you boys, Justin and I may catch up to Bill Gates.”

That got a snicker from Melanie, and an adorable laugh from Wes. Melanie then said, “You are such a wonderful boy Wes. I'm sure you are going to do just fine as far as school and making friends go.”

Thank you Miss Melanie.” replied Wes.

Wes then set out to help Mitch with his financial burden without any more reservations. Mitch was happy to help Wes with room furnishings and electronic goodies. The clothes Wes picked out were still on the traditional side though, as that was how Wes was accustomed to being dressed. Melanie finally persuaded and helped Wes into a few more fashionable outfits, for when he wanted to dress up. Once they were home, and Mitch helped Wes get everything to his room, Mitch took Wes to the main storage room.

Are there any personal items you haven't picked up here yet Wes?” asked Mitch. “I know you have the basics like soap, shampoo, and toothpaste. We also have several different types of colognes and after shave lotions for you boys. Do you shave any yet Wes?”

Once in a great while, although I guess I don't really need to yet.” replied Wes. “It just feels nice to get rid of the little bit of fuzz I get sometimes.”

Well then, go ahead and get some shaving supplies too.” said Mitch. “Then you can pick out a nice cologne or after shave lotion for yourself. We have several different kinds of powders and stuff like that too, if you need anything like that.”

Once Wes was set with personal supplies, Mitch had him stock himself with school supplies. Then Mitch took him over to a locked cabinet inside the storage room. Mitch took out a good sized box and handed it to Wes.

You're going to need this laptop when you start at the academy.” said Mitch, as he piled a few smaller boxes on top of it. “Every kid who lives here and attends the academy gets one. There, that should be all of the accessories you need for it for now.”

So that's why you kept picking up software that I seemed to like when we were at the electronics store!” replied Wes. “And you're sure all of the kids here get treated this well?”

Every last one of them Wes.” smiled Mitch.

I know some kids on the street who would do anything for a gig like this!” giggled Wes.

Are you serious son?” asked Mitch.

Absolutely.” replied Wes. “Do you know how many kids there are living on the streets here? I'll bet you've given it a good guess, but it's still more than what you think.”

When you're settled in, would you like to help bring a few of them into our home?” asked Mitch.

Sure!” replied Wes. “A lot of them would be great kids if they were given a proper chance with someone who cares about them. I can tell you're that kind of person by the way you've treated me. I really appreciate it Mitch, and I love you and Justin for what you've done for me. I just wish you had gotten to us in time to save Jesse.”

Mitch had Wes set his boxes and bag down, and gave Wes a warm hug. “I'm so sorry that wasn't the case Wes.” said Mitch. “From everything I've heard, Jesse sounds like he was a great kid. I wish we had been in time to save him. Maybe with your help though, we can be in time to save someone like Jesse. I'm sure that would make him very happy.”

Yeah, I guess it would.” replied Wes, as he cuddled into Mitch's hug.

Once Mitch had comforted Wes, he helped Wes take his new supplies to his room. Since the kids of the baseball team had to practice for their upcoming playoffs, dinner would be a little later that evening. Mitch spent the rest of the afternoon helping Wes with his room, as Melanie cared for Mark.

Angelica was very happy at practice. Her spot on the team was now secure, and she would start off the playoffs for Valencia. After a very good practice, Justin came up to Angelica and gave her a light hug. “When you get done with that first team Angelica, we're going to cruise right into the championships!”

Well, I'm sure you guys are going to help too!” laughed Angelica.

Yeah, but we couldn't do it without yours and Frank's arms.” smiled Justin. “I'm proud to be on the same team as you!”

Thanks Justin.” smiled Angelica, as her girlfriend Tabitha came up.

You're not moving in on my girlfriend are you Justin?” laughed Tabitha.

Nah, I'm just telling her what a great pitcher she is.” replied Justin as he smiled. “You know I'm as gay as they come!”

I know Justin, you're a real sweetie.” giggled Tabitha. “I'm proud of my awesome girlfriend too.”

Justin smiled as Tabitha gave Angelica a very warm and affectionate kiss. Justin knew the two girls loved each other so much that they would be together forever, even when Angelica became the first woman to break into the major leagues.

The next day was the last day before Wes began his new school. He still missed Jesse terribly, but he now had a good future ahead of him. Mitch knew the boy seemed to need some time alone, so he let Wes go to the nearby park for a little while by himself that morning. Wes found a bench to sit on, after walking around the park a little bit.

Why did it have to go this way Jesse?” asked Wes aloud to himself. “I loved you so much dude! You and I could have been so happy together if we had both ended up in the home I'm in now.”

After staring out at the park almost in a daze for a few minutes, Wes had to rub his eyes. There was no one else in sight except for another boy who was approaching him. The boy who looked exactly like Jesse came up and sat beside Wes.

Jesse?!” exclaimed Wes.

I knew you loved me Wes.” replied Jesse. “I loved you too. I'm sorry things happened the way they did. We could have been a great couple together, but it wasn't meant to be.”

Then you really are...?” started Wes.

Yes Wes, I'm not in the same world as you anymore.” replied Jesse. “I had to come back to see you again though. Mitch is taking very good care of you, and you're healing very well physically. You have to start healing emotionally now though. The only thing I can tell you is that you were meant for someone else, not me.”

But why Jesse?!” asked Wes. “I loved you more than it's possible to love anyone else!”

I know how much you loved me Wes.” replied Jesse. “Believe it or not though, you have even more love left inside you. You have as much for the one you were meant for as you did for me.”

It sucks though Jesse!” said Wes. “We're just kids! Kids aren't suppose to be murdered and mistreated like we've been!”

I'll tell you a little more then Wes, even though I'm not suppose to.” said Jesse. “The man who killed me needed to be stopped permanently, and this was the only it could be done. There are very good reasons for everything that happens Wes. We may not realize that while we're alive, but it will become clear someday, hopefully a long time from now for you. The man who killed me will now be convicted, and sentenced to die. There's no way out of that for him now. You have a reason to continue though Wes, which was why Mitch and his extended family found you in time. I loved you very much Wes, and nothing will make me happier than to know you will go on and carry on your purpose in life.”

I can't hug you, can I?” asked Wes.

I really wish you could, but I'm afraid that's not possible.” replied Jesse. “Just remember the good times we shared together though, and remember that I loved you so very much. I hope you will be fine from this point on Wes. That's all I want now.”

I'll try Jesse, but I'll always miss you.” said Wes.

I know you will Wes.” replied Jesse. “I'd be worried about you if you didn't.”

Can you tell me one more thing before you go Jesse?” asked Wes.

It depends on what it is my friend.” smiled Jesse.

Which religion is right?” asked Wes mischeviously.

None of them!” laughed Jesse. “Just go with what you feel in your heart Wes. That will be more than enough. I'm afraid I have to go now Wes. I love you, now get on with your life.”

I will Jesse.” replied Wes. “I love you too my friend.”

Jesse then got up, and walked off out of sight. Wes sat on the bench and cried for a half hour, before getting up so he could get on with his life. On the way home he decided he should keep his talk with Jesse to himself. No one would ever believe that he had talked to a ghost. As Wes approached the park entrance, a boy about his age ran into him, knocking himself to the ground and dropping the hot dog he had been carrying.

Thanks for stopping that thief for me kid!” yelled the vendor, as he ran up to the two boys. “Now I'll call the cops and teach his little punk ass a lesson!”

Wes looked at the scared boy, then asked the vendor, “What did he steal sir?”

He stole that hot dog he was carrying!” replied the man. “It serves him right that he dropped it on the ground!”

I want to pay for the hot dog he took, then I want to buy another one for him.” said Wes.

Is this some kind of rip-off kid?” asked the man.

Wes pulled out five dollars that Mitch had given him, and handed it to the man. “Is that enough to pay for two dogs and your tip?” asked Wes.

Yeah kid, that should cover it.” replied the man. “Why though? You're obviously well-off, and this is nothing but a street kid.”

Call it a hunch.” smiled Wes. “I know I wouldn't want to be in the position he's in now.”

Wes and the other kid followed the man back to his cart, and the man got Wes's new friend another hot dog. Then Wes asked the other kid to follow him as he ate. Once the other kid was finished with his hot dog, he said, “My name is Wylie. Thanks for the hot dog, but why?”

Because Wylie, I think I remember you from the streets.” replied Wes. “Have you ever hung out on the boulevard?”

Yeah, I think I remember you now!” replied Wylie. “You hung out with another kid named... Jeffy... no, it was Jesse.”

You do remember me then!” said Wes. “I guess I should introduce myself then. My name is Wes.”

How have you and Jesse been?” asked Wylie. “Did you two find a sugar daddy or something?”

Jesse was murdered.” replied Wes.

Oh shit dude, I'm sorry!” replied Wylie.

It's okay.” said Wes. “We just hooked up with the wrong guy. At least one thing came out of it though, I did find a great home.”

That's not the best way to do it though.” replied Wylie.

I know, and I'm glad to hear you say that.” said Wes. “The home I found has plenty of room, and I don't want to see anyone get off the street the way I did.”

Are you sure about this?” asked Wylie. “What kind of things does the person who takes care of you now expect from you?”

Wes looked into Wylie's eyes, and saw the same look in Wylie's eyes as he had just seen in Jesse's. “You'd love it Wylie!” replied Wes. “The only thing Mitch and his staff expects is for us to go to school, and to be happy. We never have to live like we use to again! Mitch sends all the kids in his home to an awesome school too, and he'll send us on to college after we graduate. The only thing he wants is for us to give up being street kids, and to be happy and normal kids again. Please come back with me and talk to Mitch. You'll see I'm telling you the truth.”

I don't trust a lot of people Wes, but I trust you.” said Wylie. “Let's go talk to this man you describe as some kind of saint.”

Mitch wasn't really surprised when Wes brought a new boy into the house with him. It seemed like all of his kids liked finding others who needed help, once they realized what a good home they had found. Wes introduced Wylie, then Mitch sat down with the two boys to hear Wylie's story.

I'm the youngest of three boys in my family.” said Wylie. “Since I was the youngest, I was also the smallest. That caused my parents to see me as a weakling and a wimp. They had my brothers beat me up several times a week, trying to toughen me up. While my older and larger brothers beat me, they would call me names like wimp and faggot. They would say, fight back you wimp! Only some kind of faggot would take a beating without fighting back! I just couldn't bring myself to hit my brothers though, even though they seemed no have no problem beating me. I finally got to where I couldn't take it anymore, so I left. I've been on the streets almost a year now, but it's better than going back to my old life. Apparently my family feels the same way. I've seen plenty of kids on the street who come from all over the western U. S., and their families are looking for them here. Mine have never looked for me as far as I know, and I lived in Anaheim!”

How do you feel about how you've had to survive Wylie?” asked Mitch.

I hate selling my body and having to steal.” replied Wylie. “Any street kid who tells you any different is lying to you. You never know when some freak is going to pick you up, or when you'll get caught stealing what you need. I'd do anything except take a beating every day to get off the street. I know what Wes has said, but I want to hear it from you Mitch. What kind of things to I have to do for you, to have a place to live here? Do the boys here have to do things to pleasure you and your staff?”

No one ever has to do anything like that if they don't want to, and nothing like that will ever be expected of any kid here.” replied Mitch. “You kids have already been through more hell than anyone should ever have to go through. There are kids who come here who find boyfriends or girlfriends here, but that's natural, and totally up to them. If anyone ever tries to pressure or force you into anything, I want to be the first one to know about it. The only thing I'm going to ask you to do is go to school, and try your best to recover from your past. Once you turn eighteen, you are either free to go out on your own, and I'll help you with that, or you can go on to college at my expense. I want to give you and every kid who comes here the chance to have a good life, that you should have had before you ended up on the streets. I'll provide everything you need to do that too.”

Damn, you're as much of a saint as Wes has described you!” exclaimed Wylie. “Do you know what the funniest thing is though? My parents said that I must have been some kind of faggot to take a beating without fighting back, and they were right. I never thought I would turn out this way, but there were several times when I actually enjoyed having sex with other guys. I could easily see myself falling in love with the right guy now.”

You being gay has absolutely nothing to do with you not fighting back though Wylie.” said Mitch. “It only proves what a truly loving and gentle person you are. Your parents only said that as a means of expressing hate.”

I was hoping you would say something like that.” replied Wylie. “I really want a home here Mitch. Please help me.”

You already have a home here Wylie.” smiled Mitch. “You'll find that everyone here treats everyone else as one huge and loving family. There may be differences of opinions at times, but I teach everyone to work them out in a fair and caring way. Now Wes, we have a tradition in this home. You brought Wylie in, so I want you to help him settle in. You know where the supply room is. There are shorts and shirts in there that Wylie can wear while his clothes are being cleaned. Then get him bedclothes, towels, and toiletries, and help him settle into a room. We have two more empty rooms in the new wing, or he can room with anyone he wants. Tomorrow I can take Wylie to be examined for the state, then to the academy, and finally shopping if we have time.”

Wylie, we have empty rooms if you want one.” said Wes. “As the home fills again though, you will get a roommate. Would you please consider being my roommate now?”

I'd love that Wes!” replied Wylie enthusiastically.

As the boys ran off together, Mitch smiled. He could tell already that this was what Wes needed to help get over losing Jesse. Wes had a ball getting Wylie everything he needed for now. He made sure his new friend had everything too, as he even asked about shaving supplies.

I only shave my pubes and under my arms.” replied Wylie. “My facial hair really isn't growing in yet. I guess I better keep the pubes shaved though. They really itch when they start to grow back in.”

Why do you shave there?” asked Wes.

You're less likely to pick up crabs that way.” laughed Wylie. “Most kids wouldn't need to worry about that, but doing what I did to survive made it a problem.”

I wish I'd known that.” said Wes. “Jesse and I got them once, and they were a bitch to get rid of! So, is there any chance I might get to help you with it sometime? They had to shave me there in the hospital. I was going to let them grow back in, but I can see what you mean about them itching.”

Was it the guy who murdered Jesse that put you in the hospital?” asked Wylie.

Yeah, he cut of my... you know.” replied Wes.

That's just sick dude!” exclaimed Wylie. “Is it okay? I mean, did the hospital find it and put it back on?”

The guy made it easy to find.” replied Wes. “It was in Jesse's mouth.”

I'm so sorry Wes, I didn't mean to bring it up.” said Wylie.

That's okay Wylie.” replied Wes. “I'll probably always miss Jesse, but my friends here will help with that. Maybe I'll even make a special friend, who will help me even more.”

Let's go back to our room now Wes.” said Wylie. “I want to take a shower, since it's been a while. Then I can even show you how to keep yourself shaved down there.”

Once the boys got back to their room, Wylie put away everything he wouldn't need for the shower. As he did that, Wes stripped down and wrapped a towel around his waist. Then he explained to Wylie that that was how everyone went to the showers there. Wylie grinned as he went ahead and stripped down too, then wrapped a towel around his waist. Then the boys grabbed their shower supplies, and headed off down the hallway together. Once they were in the section with the sinks and toilets, Wes removed his towel and motioned for Wylie to do the same.

What if someone comes in?” asked Wylie.

The other kids are still in school.” replied Wes. “Besides, even if there were someone here to come in, no one would say anything. I've only been here a few days, and I've already seen other guys having sex in the showers.”

Wylie smiled, then went ahead and started showing Wes what to do. After putting a little shaving cream on his balls and spreading it out, he showed Wes how to do it gently enough that he wouldn't nick his scrotum. After Wylie had finished his balls, he spread some more shaving cream around his penis. Wes watched intently as Wylie shaved his crotch clean. By the time Wylie was finished, he was fairly stiff.

It always does that when I shave down there!” laughed Wylie.

Then Wylie went ahead and spread some of the shaving cream over Wes's balls. He couldn't help but notice the scar around Wes's penis.

Man, that sicko really did cut it all the way off, huh?” asked Wylie

Yeah, but the doctor said it should be good as new soon.” replied Wes. “Mitch had them give me the best care they possibly could.”

Okay, do you want to do it, or do you want me to?” asked Wylie.

You probably should this first time, so I can see how gently to do it.” replied Wes.

I was hoping you'd say that.” smiled Wylie.

Wylie went ahead and gently shaved Wes's balls, then around his penis. By the time Wylie was finished with Wes, Wes was about half stiff.

Wow!” exclaimed Wes. “That was the first erection of any kind I've had since it got cut off! It felt really nice with you being the one who made it that way too.”

I'd like to do a lot more than that Wes, if you'd like to be my very first boyfriend.” said Wylie.

Do you mean with all the time you spent on the street, you never had a boyfriend?” asked Wes.

No, they were all just tricks.” replied Wylie. “Some of them might not have been too bad, but they were still just tricks. I really want a boyfriend now though.”

I'd love to be your boyfriend then Wylie!” said Wes happily.

Wylie and Wes then shaved their armpits, so it wouldn't look weird with their pubes being shaved. Wes had never shaved there before, so he had quite a bit more armpit hair than Wylie. Wylie then inspected his and Wes's chests for any sign of hair. Once he decided they were good there, the two boys went on into the showers. As they were finishing rinsing out their hair, both boys turned toward each other. Their faces were now very close, so Wylie leaned in and put his lips against Wes's. The two boys kissed and caressed for several minutes, before Wylie finally broke it.

Do you want to do it here Wes?” asked Wylie.

No, I'd rather finish our showers, then make love to you back in our room.” replied Wes.

Let's hurry then!” said Wylie. “I can't wait for us to make love!”

The two boys finished their showers, then almost ran back to their room. They both dropped the towels immediately, and laid down in each other's arms on Wes's bed. After some more kissing, Wes turned around the opposite way of Wylie.

Are you sure it's okay to do this?” asked Wylie.

The doctor said I should be fine after he took the catheter out.” replied Wes, almost breathlessly.

That's good.” said Wylie, just before slipping his lips over Wes's dick.

Wes moaned in pleasure, then took Wylie's dick all the way into his mouth. Then the two boys made passionate love to each other. After what seemed like a while, the two boys heard the first group of kids coming home from school. Wes wasn't worried, because it was a common courtesy in the home that if you knocked, and no one answered, that meant the occupants of the room wanted privacy. Someone did knock as the two boys approached their orgasms, but Wylie and Wes ignored it. Both boys were moaning loudly as their dicks began shooting into each other's mouths.

After the boys rested a moment, Wes looked over into Wylie's face and said, “I love you Wylie. I didn't think I would be saying that so soon after Jesse, but I think you're the one he told me about.”

I love you too Wes, and I'll do my best to make you as happy as Jesse did.” replied Wylie.

After the two boys shared one more kiss, they got up and dressed. Then Wes grabbed Wylie's dirty clothes so he could put them in the washer. After that it would be time to start introducing Wylie to everyone. Wylie was amazed at the number of kids in the home, and at the ratio of boys and girls.

Are you sure this isn't all of the kids?” asked Wylie, after Wes had introduced him to everyone who had come home so far.

Yeah dude, I'm sure.” snickered Wes. “Some of the kids are at baseball practice, getting ready for their playoffs, and there are more at their first track practice of the year. I figure when soccer practice starts in a few weeks, half the kids will be coming home later.”

When the rest of the kids came home, Wes finished introducing Wylie quickly. Than when supper started, all of the kids came by where Wes and Wylie were sitting, and welcomed Wylie to the home. Once that was over, Wylie turned to Wes and smiled.

I'm sure glad I ran into you today Wes!” snickered Wylie.

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