What A Gas! 3: We Are Family

by tim the story guy

As some of you know, and everyone else is about to find out, I am running as a write-in candidate for President in 2008. My campaign started off as a part of my story Allen, in the high school section at Nifty and on my web site. I have decided that if I am going to be serious about this, or at least semi-serious, my campaign needs more coverage. I have decided to add my campaign to this story, as well as to Orgasmia in the sci-fi/fantasy section. I will now start off with my campaign re-announcement, which will also be posted in Allen and Orgasmia. To check out the rest of my campaign, which has been previously posted in Allen, please visit my web site.

Okay everyone, I know that I risk sounding like a certain Reform party candidate from the 90's, but I'm back in this presidential race! Sorry Hillary, maybe Bill can make you feel better. M and I are looking forward to reaching out to the voters on the internet, until everyone realizes that things couldn't be screwed up any worse than they are now. All of my earlier campaign promises are still in effect. And yes M, that includes lowering the age of consent nationwide. And for you younger readers, it still includes lowering the voting age to twelve. I figure if our current leaders want to act like they're twelve, then twelve year olds should be able to vote. Anyway, you may notice that the gloves are now off in my campaign. That is because the candidates from both parties are the biggest crop of jokes yet. Really, why can't decent people run for president? Look at the Republican candidates. We have cross-dressing homophobe, Rudi Giulliani. I know New York loves him, but he gives the rest of us the creeps! Then there is John McCain, who would be so willing to prove that he's worthy of taking over for our current president, that he would declare war on 7-11 if he could. Let's face it, not all Arabs are bad, just those with guns. In the interest of not declaring war on 7-11, let me rephrase that. Make that Arabs living in the Middle East who have guns. Oh hell, I'm going to get letters on that one, aren't I? To set the record straight, there are many decent Arabs out there. They are good, law-abiding people who don't own guns. The ones who own guns are mostly those with a cause, and they are just as scary as Christians with guns. Okay, I better change subjects before I get in too far over my head. But just so everyone knows, I have nothing against Christians either. Christians who believe the Bible is a book filled with messages of love, tolerance, and compassion are good and decent people. I have many friends like that, and I am truly thankful for them. The ones who believe the Bible is a guide for them to express their hatred and intolerance for anything different, or anything they don't understand, aren't worth the sweat off my back though. As luck would have it, they are the most vocal ones at this time. Now let's move on to the Democrats, before my poll ratings drop any further. Hillary has already had two terms as President. Some may say that was her husband, but we all know Hillary wore the pants in that family. Bill hardly ever had his pants on when he was inside the White House. And no, I don't have anything against sex either. Hell, I was cheering the guy on! I thought the whole issue was extremely funny. Then there is Barak Obama. Let's face it, I don't trust anyone who smiles when he has absolutely no reason to do so. Everyone has feelings, and it's totally expected. If you smile when you have no reason to do so, you're either hiding something, or you don't believe anyone should have feelings. Where do I start on John Edwards? I guess I could start on the fact that he's a Republican in Democrats clothing. Be yourself John, it's not a bad thing! Not being yourself is what led to you stinking up the last election. Hell, if you switched to the Republican party, I might be tempted to vote for you! Finally there's Joseph Biden, the man who's current poll ratings are lower than the margin of error. If the error in ratings were too far his way, he would have to vote for someone else multiple times to make up for it. It's over Joe, drop out! Let's face it, the rest of the Democratic candidates aren't worth mentioning here. I probably have more votes lined up than any of them do. There are two reasons why I am back in the race. Wait, make it three. First, I can do better, and that includes our current administration too. Second, I'm bored and I need some cause to occupy my time. Changing this country from its current form of dictatorship back into a democracy would occupy my time nicely. Third, and most important, I need a nice place to live. I rather like the idea of living in the White House. My future First Man and I would do it up really nicely too. We would make it a warm and inviting place to visit, rather than the chamber of horrors that it is now. Well, that ends the announcement of the resumption of my presidential campaign. I hope to endear all of you to my campaign in the upcoming days, weeks, and months. Hell, I have a year and a half to do that, and I stand a better chance of it than some candidates do.

This story is © 2007 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story now contains only legal and appropriate sexual situations, mostly between males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, please visit my site, which is now at: http://timthestoryguy.bravehost.com. I now have mailing lists for all of my remaining stories. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for any of the stories still posted on my site, please send me an e-mail telling me which story you would like to be added to the mailing list for. The posting dates below for Nifty are estimates. They seem to be experiencing a problem with updates at this time, and I am currently seven updates ahead of them in various stories. Please visit and bookmark my site, as my updates will always be current there. Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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What A Gas! 3: We Are Family

by tim

Chapter 2

From the last chapter:

After the boys rested a moment, Wes looked over into Wylie's face and said, “I love you Wylie. I didn't think I would be saying that so soon after Jesse, but I think you're the one he told me about.”

I love you too Wes, and I'll do my best to make you as happy as Jesse did.” replied Wylie.

After the two boys shared one more kiss, they got up and dressed. Then Wes grabbed Wylie's dirty clothes so he could put them in the washer. After that it would be time to start introducing Wylie to everyone. Wylie was amazed at the number of kids in the home, and at the ratio of boys and girls.

Are you sure this isn't all of the kids?” asked Wylie, after Wes had introduced him to everyone who had come home so far.

Yeah dude, I'm sure.” snickered Wes. “Some of the kids are at baseball practice, getting ready for their playoffs, and there are more at their first track practice of the year. I figure when soccer practice starts in a few weeks, half the kids will be coming home later.”

When the rest of the kids came home, Wes finished introducing Wylie quickly. Then when supper started, all of the kids came by where Wes and Wylie were sitting, and welcomed Wylie to the home. Once that was over, Wylie turned to Wes and smiled.

I'm sure glad I ran into you today Wes!” snickered Wylie.

That evening Eric came by, so Mitch persuaded Wylie to tell Eric his story. Eric was easily able to find Wylie's parents on his laptop, which had a wireless connection. Considering Wylie's story, and the fact his family lived in Anaheim. Eric said there would be no problem having Wylie placed in the home. Eric now had all the necessary forms programed into his laptop, so he filled them out, and attached a statement from Wylie about why he was forced to leave home. Then Eric sent everything off to Will's inbox. After Eric had left, and as the kids unwound before bedtime, Mitch got a call from Will.

Hey Mitch, I just looked over the papers Eric sent me about Wylie.” said Will. “I'll see if I can contact his family tomorrow, then stop by in the evening. It sounds like there's nothing to worry about with this one though.”

I hope not, Wylie is a very nice boy, and doesn't deserve what his family did.” replied Mitch.

No one deserves that Mitch, so don't worry about it.” said Will. “I'll look forward to meeting Wylie tomorrow.”

The next morning, after all of the kids got off to school, Mitch got Wylie ready to go out for the day. The first stop was the clinic, so Wylie could be checked over for the state. Everything turned out fine there, except that Wylie was slightly under-nourished. The next stop was the Academy, and Justin was picked out to give Wylie the tour. After finding out that Wylie would pass the entrance exam, it was still early enough for Mitch to take Wylie shopping. As with all of the other kids, Wylie was amazed by what Mitch seemed willing to spend on him. This time Melanie had stayed home to watch Mark, but Mitch didn't need her to encourage Wylie to get what he wanted. About half of Wylie's new wardrobe was within the academy's dress code. Wes hadn't wanted to stretch Mitch's generosity to cover music, so Wylie took care of that. Mitch did mention the home's rules on music as Wylie looked at stereos, which influenced Wylie to go for quality over power. Wylie had a blast picking out a stereo and a nice little selection of music. Mitch laughed as he expressed his relief that Wylie's idea of music actually was music. Mitch and Wylie ended up beating the first group of kids home by five minutes. That let Wes help his boyfriend take stuff to their room. Once Wylie and Wes had everything in their room, Mitch stopped by to take Wylie to the supply room for his school supplies. Wylie was shocked and excited when Mitch handed him his own laptop.

Geez Mitch, you've gotten more for me today than my parents had through my whole life!” exclaimed Wylie. “I can't even describe how much it means to me to be here. Are you like the richest man in the world?”

When I help a kid like you Wylie, yes I am.” replied Mitch.

Hello Senor Mitch, I'm happy to catch you here.” said Diego, as he walked in on Mitch and Wylie. “My laptop stopped working today in the middle of my last class. Could you please see why?”

Sure Diego.” replied Mitch. “Did you lose anything when it stopped working?”

I hope not.” replied Diego. “My teacher gave me the notes and assignments for my last class after she burned them onto a disc. I hope my earlier classes are still there.”

I'll grab an extra laptop for you then Diego.” said Mitch. “Go get yours, and bring it down to my office.”

Okay Senor Mitch, thank you.” replied Diego.

Then Diego and Wylie both went on their way. When Mitch looked over Diego's laptop, it was apparent the the processor was malfunctioning. Mitch was however able to save the information in his hard drive, which made Diego very happy. Just before supper, Will stopped by. Mitch went ahead and sent for Wylie to come downstairs, but wasn't surprised when Wes showed up with him.

Will you stay with us for supper Will?” asked Mitch, as Wes and Wylie came in. “I think George had his staff fixing something special for the kids tonight, in honor of Valencia's first playoff game tomorrow.”

You know how I love George's cooking, but I better not.” replied Will. “The family expects me home.”

Then call your wife and see if she's started supper yet.” said Mitch. “If she hasn't, have her and the kids come on over. We don't get to see your family nearly enough anyway, and Melanie hasn't had the chance to meet them yet.”

Okay Mitch.” replied Will. After Will called home, and convinced his wife to bring the kids on over, he turned back to Wylie and said, “You must be Wylie. Are you and Wes inseparable friends already?”

Yes sir.” replied Wylie, as he smiled slyly.

That's good.” said Will. “I know Wes can really use good friends right now. Anyway, I met your family today.”

Oh.” replied Wylie unenthusiastically. “How were they?”

Fine I guess.” said Will. “They didn't exactly look grief stricken over losing you, or relieved that you had been found. I have to say Wylie, I wasn't impressed with them at all. Of course they wouldn't admit to beating you. Then I asked them if they would like to have me take them into court to defend their claims. At that time, they agreed for you to be a ward of the state. I'm afraid you will have to stay here with Mitch and the other kids.”

Thank you sir!” exclaimed Wylie happily, as he jumped up and hugged Will.

You're very welcome son.” chuckled Will, as he was practically mauled by the happy boy.

When Will's wife and two kids arrived, Mitch sent word to George that he could call everyone to supper. Will and his wife watched and smiled, as the large dining hall almost filled with kids and Mitch's counselors.

I think we may be looking at expanding the dinning hall before the new wing is filled, and the next wing is finished.” said Mitch to Will. Then Mitch turned to Melanie and said, “Melanie, I would like you to meet Will's wife Sarah, and their two sons Isiah and Nathaniel.”

He means Ike and Nate!” proclaimed Isiah.

The boys have decided that Isiah and Nathaniel sound too old fashioned.” laughed Will.

Okay boys, Ike and Nate.” smiled Mitch.

Sarah and Melanie managed to get seated together by halfway through the meal, and talked throughout the rest of the meal.

The next day was the first game of the playoffs for Valencia. Mitch, Wylie, Mark, and all of his staff piled onto the buses, and went to pick up the kids who didn't attend Valencia yet. Then they went on to the academy, where all of the kids who weren't on the team were waiting. Then everyone walked over to Valencia's baseball field together.

Coach Donnelley met Mitch and his group there, and said, “It's a good thing you were generous enough to help us expand our facilities Mitch. This crowd you brought with you would have taken up a large percentage of the seats in our old facility.”

That's why I did it.” laughed Mitch. “I needed to give everyone in the home enough room to see our kids play.”

Coach Donnelley and Mitch shook hands as friends, then the group made their way into the stands. The old bleacher seats had been taken out, and replaced with stadium seating. One entire section of those seats were permanently reserved for Mitch's home, but there were still quite a few of the stadium seats left for other spectators. The old bleacher seats were used to make an upper level behind home plate, and extend the sideline seats halfway out into the outfield. Valencia now had the largest and nicest facility in the district, which was a good thing since it looked like the new facility would be near capacity for the first game of the playoffs. Coach Donnelley had also talked Ms. Gardenier into new uniforms for the team. The new home uniforms were bright white with bright red and brown cursive lettering on the front, and gold trim. The new away uniforms were just as nice though. They were dark brown with gold arms and trim, and a bright red and white cursive lettering on the front. The home fans cheered loudly as Valencia came out to take the field for the start of the game, and when the staring lineup was introduced over the PA. There was still a respectable crowd there supporting the other team, to cheer their team as they were introduced from the dugout.

After Angelica threw a few warm-up pitches, the game was ready to begin. The first three batters on the other team were quickly called out on strikes, and Angelica definitely looked ready for this game. When Valencia came up to bat, they put their first two batters on base. As Justin came up to bat, Coach Donnelley signaled to Tyler on third base. He wanted Tyler to break toward home if Justin hit the ball, then quickly get back to third. That would give Justin a chance to get the runner on first over to second base. Justin did hit the ball between first and second base, so the right fielder had to field the ball. He saw Tyler break toward home plate, so he threw the ball in. When Tyler turned back to third safely, it had allowed Justin to fill the bases. Then Tyrone came up to bat. Tyrone had been watching the pitcher, and had a good idea what he might throw. Justin took just enough of a lead off first base to make the pitcher nervous, but not enough to chance getting thrown out. Tyrone just stood at the plate, and watched the first three pitches sail over home plate for one strike and two balls. The next pitch was the one Tyrone was waiting for, and he unloaded his bat on it. As the center fielder helplessly watched the ball sail over the fence, the home crowd erupted. After crossing home plate, Tyler waited for Davey. Then Tyler and Davey waited for Justin, and all three boys waited for Tyrone, to congratulate him on his grand slam.

Justin came back to the dugout after all four boys crossed home plate, then patted Angelica on the shoulder and said, “That should be more than enough of a lead for you. Let's take this one!”

Valencia was able to add two more runs later, as Angelica pitched a perfect game into the last inning. The first batter to face Angelica in the last inning was able to get all of his bat into one of her pitches, and sent the ball over the left field fence. When Angelica then walked the next batter, Lin came out from behind the plate to talk to her.

Hey Angelica, that was just one run.” said Lin. “We're still up by five though. I know you didn't want to lose the perfect game, but now we have to get these next three out. Just forget about that run.”

Thanks Lin, I'll try.” replied Angelica.

The conference at the mound seemed to calm Angelica back down. The next batter popped the ball up to the shortstop, and Angelica struck the batter after that out. The last batter only got a little bit of Angelica's first pitch, and grounded the ball back to her. Angelica quickly threw the ball to first base, and gave Valencia the first game of the playoffs. The crowd cheered loudly, especially Mitch's section.

Since the kitchen staff had come to the game too, Mitch had called to book the largest banquet room in town. He hoped it would be as a victory celebration, and the kids hadn't let him down. Now that it was a victory celebration, Mitch just hoped it would not end as tragically as their last outing to a restaurant. Toward the end of the meal, Mitch noticed there was some kind of situation going on involving the manager.

Mitch went to the manager and asked, “What's going on sir? I have my family here and I don't want anything to happen.”

Don't worry sir, our patrons are in no danger.” replied the manager. “Some of the shop owners on this block have formed a neighborhood patrol, to try to control the problem with street kids in the area. I myself have always been a little sympathetic toward the kids, and have had my staff feed them when no one was watching. I guess I might not have helped them as much as I thought though. The patrol has a group of six of them cornered out behind the restaurant. I've begged them not to hurt the kids, but they seem bent on being vigilantes.”

Oh hell no they don't!” replied Mitch. “Don't worry about anything sir, I'll take care of them!”

I hope you do sir.” said the manager. “Please hurry!”

Mitch signaled trouble back to his group, and a dozen of the biggest staff members and boys immediately jumped up and ran to follow Mitch. Mitch and his group ran behind the restaurant, to find a group of eight men who seemed to have someone cornered. George called nine one one, and after telling the operator where he was, he put his phone in his shirt pocket so the operator could hear what was happening.

We'll teach you little varmints this time!” said one of the men to the group of six cornered kids. “If you won't take the hint and go away, we'll get rid of you OUR way!”

You won't do any such thing!” yelled Mitch. “Those aren't varmints, they're children!”

This ain't none of your business mister!” said the man. “We all own businesses here, and we're tired of kids like this disrupting our businesses!”

What are you going to do, kill these children then get rid of them?” asked Mitch loudly.

If we have to!” yelled the man.

Well then, you'll have to do the same with us, and we have you outnumbered!” yelled Mitch. “We're also not afraid of scum like you!”

As the men turned to face Mitch's group, and Mitch's group braced for a fight, a voice called out over a loudspeaker, “Freeze right there everyone! This is the police!”

The police then came in, and secured the area behind the restaurant. They had a hell of a mess to straighten out, as they were immediately told several different stories. Everyone from Mitch's group all told the same story though. Then the officer in charge called the emergency dispatcher, and listened to what had transpired over George's phone. At that point, the eight business owners were taken into custody.

The officer in charge went to the man who seemed to be in charge of the group of business owners, and said, “We granted you people a charter for a neighborhood watch program. That doesn't entitle you to dispense vigilante justice!”

Then the officer went to Mitch, and said, “I checked your credentials Mister Gordon. You run a group home for homeless children, and the Child Welfare Authority seems to think very highly of you. These kids were very lucky that you were in the restaurant tonight. Would you by any chance be willing to take charge of them? It's either that, or we'll have to find someplace to send them tonight.”

I'll take in any child who needs my help officer.” replied Mitch.

Thanks Mitch, you're a good man.” said the officer. “Now I have eight not so good men to deal with. Don't worry though, we'll come down as hard as we can on them tonight. I'll have Child Welfare contact your case worker in the morning.”

Once the officers had taken the eight men away, Mitch and a few of his boys approached the still frightened kids. “You don't have to worry kids, it's over now.” said Mitch. “Your friend who runs the restaurant thought you might need our help. I guess he was right, and that was a good thing he did for you.”

Those other people won't be back?” asked one of the boys in the group.

Nah, the police will be busy with them for a while.” smiled Mitch. “My name is Mitch. I have a few of my boys here with me too. We have Tyrone, Bart, Justin, Taz, and Lance. The other boy there is Tyler, but he doesn't live with us.”

Hey guys, we use to live on the street too, but we don't have to anymore.” said Taz.

Neither do you.” added Tyrone. “We have a great home now, with plenty of room for new friends like you.”

What are your names?” asked Justin.

My name is Rudi.” replied the boy who had spoken to Mitch. “These are my friends Lucas, Greg, Cliff, Andrea, and Samantha. She likes to go by Sam though. We all thought if we stuck together as a group, no one would try to hurt any of us. I guess we were wrong.”

Well, there's a lot better way to make sure no one tries to hurt you.” said Bart. “Come live with us. Like Tyrone said, we have plenty of room for new friends.”

I guess it wouldn't hurt to at least check things out.” replied Rudi.

Okay boys, why don't you take our new friends to the buses.” said Mitch. “I'm sure the rest of the gang is waiting there for us. I need to settle our bill with the restaurant manager.”

Mitch went back into the restaurant, where the manger seemed to be waiting for him. Mitch paid the total of the bill first, then pulled out a roll of one hundred dollar bills. He gave the manager four of the bills to give the four servers who took care of them, which the manager accepted happily. Them Mitch counted off ten more bills, and gave them to the manager for himself.

I couldn't accept a tip like that sir.” said the manager.

Why not?” asked Mitch. “Your service to us and those six children outside went well above and beyond the call of duty. What you did for those kids was a great thing. You showed them compassion when no one else would, and you helped protect them from those eight men who had them cornered. You're a hero in my book, and you deserve a lot more than what I want to give you tonight. Please take this, as a show of thanks from me and those six children. They'll have a good and safe home with us now, thanks to you.”

Okay sir, but on one condition.” replied the manager. “I want you to bring your group back again sometime. The next time you come here, the meal will be on the house.”

Okay, but I'll still leave a tip for the servers then.” said Mitch as he smiled. “With my group, they'll deserve it!”

Once they got back to the home, Mitch had all of the new kids come to the large rec room. That way the other kids in the home could join them if they wanted to.

Okay kids, everyone here has heard everyone else's story in most cases.” said Mitch. “It's kind of a tradition, and it helps all the kids here bond as a family. That's what we want here too, one very large and happy family. If you new kids want to hear the story of any of the kids already here, just ask. I'm sure most of them would be happy to tell you their story. The only exception so far has been Diego, but everyone respects his right to privacy. Now, let's go ahead and start with Rudi.”

Hi everyone, my name is Rudi.” said Rudi. “This is kinda strange for me. In most of the homes I've been in, the kids there don't say much about themselves. I've heard everything that everyone has said on the bus here though, and I kinda like the set-up here, so here goes. I was an accident, at least that's what my parents said. They were both carnies, which means carnival worker, and a child didn't exactly fit in with their lifestyle. When I was three months old, they slipped me in the back of some stranger's car in a town the carnival was passing through. The stranger happened to be a local police officer, who already had a wife and six kids. He and his wife didn't want any more, so they turned me over to social services. The next eight years were spent with the same family. During that time, my parents did look me up, so they could tell me why they didn't want me. I guess they didn't want there to be any misunderstanding. My stay at that home ended when they caught me and one of their own sons together. Even though their son was twelve and I was eight, they still immediately blamed me. I might not have started what happened, but I didn't mind it either, so I got tagged as a sexually troubled kid. There were a few brief stays in foster homes after that, but most of my time was spent in group homes, where they could keep an eye on me. I got tired of that a few months after my twelfth birthday, and I've been on the streets almost two years now.”

Well Rudi, you ARE wanted here.” said Mitch. “We'll do everything we can to make up for the rough start you got in life. As for liking other boys, quite a few of the boys here do too. Okay, who wants to go next?”

Hi everyone, I'm Samantha.” said Sam. “Like Rudi said though, I prefer to go by Sam. I just turned sixteen last week. The week before that I was kicked out of my house because I'm a lesbian. No one wants a lesbian daughter. Fortunately I hooked up with Rudi's group the day I got kicked out. I've already heard some of their stories about life on the street, and I'm glad I didn't have the chance to go through some of that. Since there are quite a few gay boys here, how many lesbian girls are there?”

There are a few Sam.” chuckled Mitch. “I'm not going to disclose anyone's sexual orientation though, so you're on your own finding a girlfriend. I'm glad you didn't have to go through some of the horrors of life on the street. Okay, next?”

Hi everyone, I'm, Greg, and I'm fourteen too.” said Greg. “I've been on the street for about three months now. It happened just after my fourteenth birthday. I had still not had one sexual thought about anyone else at that time. I was perfectly happy taking care of myself every once in a while. My dad had been having sexual thoughts though, about me. He came into my room one night, just before I went to bed, and forced me to have sex with him. I didn't want to do it, so he roughed me up a little while he forced himself on me. Then he thought about what would happen if I told someone, so he told everyone I was gay, and kicked me out. I've had to do things with guys a few times to survive, and it's not quite as bad as it use to be, so now I don't know.”

Would you have done those things if you didn't have to to survive Greg?” asked Mitch.

Probably not, but it's still not as bad as it use to be.” replied Greg.

If you consider it bad at all though Greg, it's not who you are.” said Mitch. “I want all of you kids to be who you were meant to be, so I'll want you to talk to a child psychologist Greg. If you are gay, that's fine, but you shouldn't think you are just because your dad made you that way. No one can make you gay if you're not. Do you understand Greg?”

Yeah, I think I know what you mean.” replied Greg.

Okay, who wants to be next?” asked Mitch.

My name is Lucas, and I was taken from my family.” said Lucas. “My mother was a single mom, and had a drug problem. She would drive me to the store because I was the oldest, then have me lift something from the store. Then she would take it and sell it. I didn't have any choice, cause she told me if I wanted to eat, I would do what she said. Then I finally got caught taking a diamond bracelet from one of the ritzy department stores. My mom never found this out, but I got caught on purpose. I hated doing that for her. First they took me to jail to try to scare me, then when they found out what was going on, they put her in jail instead. After the trial, they decided that I shouldn't go into the same home as my younger brother and sister. They said that what my mother had me doing would have been a bad influence on them cause of their age. My brother and sister went to a really nice home, and the people there are trying to adopt them now. The home I went to wasn't quite as nice. They treated me like a criminal, even though it was my mom's fault, and I never got charged with anything. They just said once a thief, always a thief. I never wanted to be a thief though.”

That's true Mitch.” said Rudi. “A few of us have had to resort to taking things, but Lucas never would.”

Lucas, no one here is ever going to judge you for what your mother made you do.” said Mitch.
“You are going to be just as loved and trusted as any other kid in this home. Your mother might not have known the meaning of the word family, but we'll show you what it means. I hope that soon you'll be saying you have a nice home too.”

I want that more than anything in the world Mitch.” replied Lucas.

I'll do anything to give that to you then Lucas.” said Mitch. “Now, why don't we hear from Andrea next?”

Hi everyone, I'm Andrea.” said Andrea. “I'm fifteen, but people always tell me that I look older. I like boys and girls both. That's not what got me into trouble though. My dad rented a porn film that was mostly straight porn. There was one Lesbian scene in it though. The producer of the film also thought I looked much older, and I told him I was eighteen. First my dad saw me have sex with a man, then he saw me have sex with a woman. I was really embarrassed when he showed me the box the movie came in. I didn't need to see what was in it, since I was in it. I'm not proud that I did it. I don't even know why I did it. I guess it was kind of a thrill.”

A few of the kids snickered, as Mitch said, “Okay Andrea, just try not to do anything else that's thrilling like that was. There are other ways to get thrills.”

I know, and my acting career is over.” giggled Andrea.

I guess that leaves me.” snickered Cliff. “My name is Cliff, and Andrea, if you decide your career isn't over, please let me know. Okay, as you might have figured out from that, I'm straight. The reason I left home is that although I'm not a runt, my father is much bigger. He's also a lousy drunk with a bad temper. I'd do anything besides ever go back there.”

Well Cliff, I'll make sure you never have to go back there.” replied Mitch. “Boys and girls, welcome to your new home. The kids here will be happy to help you settle into your room, as soon as you pick one out.”

Mitch's kids then started picking out new kids to help settle in.

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