What A Gas! 3: We Are Family

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 3: We Are Family

by tim

Chapter 3

From the last chapter:

A few of the kids snickered, as Mitch said, “Okay Andrea, just try not to do anything else that's thrilling like that was. There are other ways to get thrills.”

I know, and my acting career is over.” giggled Andrea.

I guess that leaves me.” snickered Cliff. “My name is Cliff, and Andrea, if you decide your career isn't over, please let me know. Okay, as you might have figured out from that, I'm straight. The reason I left home is that although I'm not a runt, my father is much bigger. He's also a lousy drunk with a bad temper. I'd do anything besides ever go back there.”

Well Cliff, I'll make sure you never have to go back there.” replied Mitch. “Boys and girls, welcome to your new home. The kids here will be happy to help you settle into your room, as soon as you pick one out.”

Mitch's kids then started picking out new kids to help settle in.

Greg finally settled on Diego's invitation to help him settle into his room. Diego was starting to come out of his shell a little more, and after hearing Greg's story, he felt the older boy would be a good friend to him. Diego helped Greg get his shorts, underwear, shirt, and socks, then the rest of everything he would need. After taking Greg to his room, the two boys got ready to head off to the shower. On the way there, they stopped by the laundry to get Greg's clothes in the washer.

As the boys were taking a shower, Greg asked, “So Diego, what happened for you to be here? You look like too nice of a kid to be here.”

My parents sold me.” replied Diego.

Ho;y shit dude!” exclaimed Greg. “How can someone sell their kid?”

I guess they needed the money.” replied Diego. “They sold me to a man for the purpose of him forcing me to perform sex on him. The court took me away from him and my parents both, but the place they put me wasn't much better. The man there heard what I had been through, and began charging other men for me to perform sex on them. He also had me do that for him to. I hated doing the things people were making me do though. I was too young for any sex things at all. One night I'd had enough, so I bit the man's penis hard enough to make him bleed really bad. Then I got Senor Will as a case worker, and he put me here with Senor Mitch and the other kids. I feel safe here now, and I like everyone here. I'm very glad Senor Will put me here now.”

You just look much too nice and innocent to have to go through that dude.” said Greg. “My dad forced me to do things, so I know how you feel. I'd love to be your friend Diego. You could even be like a little brother to me.”

I would like that very much Greg.” smiled Diego.

And if anyone ever tries to force you to do anything again, just let me know.” said Greg.

I will, but I don't worry about it here.” replied Diego. “Everyone here seems very nice.”

The boys went ahead and rinsed off, then went back to their room. After talking to all of the girls in need of a roommate, Sam settled in with Rachel. Rudi and Lucas decided to stick together, and Cliff roomed with Bart. That left Andrea taking a room by herself for now.

The next morning at breakfast, the dining room was kind of full. Since the kids from last night probably hadn't eaten anything lately, they were encouraged by Mitch to go back for seconds if they wanted. Not too surprisingly, all of the new kids took Mitch up on that offer. Right after breakfast, Eric showed up to talk to the new kids. Will also stopped by, saving Eric the trouble of sending all the paperwork to him. Eric and Will talked to the boys and girls, then Will signed for them to remain with Mitch. Will also thanked Mitch, as they had been looking for Lucas to make sure he was okay, and place him somewhere where he would do better.

After Will and Eric had left, Mitch announced in a loud voice, “Okay kids, it's shopping time!”

Mitch got so much applause from that, it made him feel like a rock star. One bus was quickly filled, so Reggie had his other driver bring the other bus around. Once they got to the mall, Mitch had everyone gather next to one of the buses.

Okay kids, the new kids will stay with my group until they are mostly taken care of.” said Mitch. “If you want to stay with one of your new friends, you will have to stay with our group for now. Everyone else, please try not to buy more than you can carry. Our group will keep Reggie and his other driver Sherry busy for a while. Remember now, don't get into any trouble, and if you come across a new kid, get in touch with me.”

Hey dad, I need to go with you too.” said Sean, holding onto the stroller Mark was in. “Mark is getting ready to outgrow what few clothes he has.”

I'd be happy to have you and my grandson with me son.” replied Mitch as he smiled.

The first stop was at the children and baby store, where everyone got into shopping for Mark. Not only did everyone find Mark some very nice outfits, they also talked Mitch into getting him some nice baby toys. Then it was off to the clothing store to outfit the new kids. Diego had fun helping his new best friend Greg pick out some nice outfits. Sam asked Rachel her opinion about everything she tried on, as she was now interested in Rachel as more than just a friend. Since Rachel had still never talked about her sexual preferences, Sam thought she had a chance with her. Rudi and Lucas were really getting along well today. The two boys had always been friends, but now that they weren't facing the pressures of the street, they were becoming even closer. Rudi was picking out everything for Lucas to try on, and Lucas was doing the same for Rudi.

Lucas, this outfit you picked out is really sweet!” said Rudi, as he modeled the latest outfit Lucas had picked for him.

I'm glad you like it.” replied Lucas. “I thought you would look nice in it. Then again, you seem to look nice in everything.”

So do you Lucas.” replied Rudi. “You really looked nice last night, when we were taking our shower.”

Really?” asked Lucas. “I never thought of myself as anything special.”

You are special though Lucas.” replied Rudi. “You made being out on the streets a lot more bearable for me, and I think I've fallen in love with you over the past few months.”

No one has ever said that to me Rudi.” replied Lucas, as Rudi's face got closer. “It wouldn't have mattered to me if it had been another boy or a girl either. I've just been waiting for anyone to say that. I am kinda glad it was you though.”

By that time, Rudi's lips came in contact with Lucas's. Mitch smiled as he spotted the two boys sharing a very warm and tender kiss. He had a feeling that would happen eventually though. Lucas was now feeling someone kissing him with love for the first time. He didn't know if he was gay or straight before, but now it was clear to him how he felt about Rudi.

When Rudi broke the kiss, Lucas said, “I love you so much Rudi. I wouldn't have made it out there if it hadn't been for you, and now all I want is to be with you. Would you be my boyfriend Rudi?”

You're the sweetest and most beautiful person I've ever known Lucas.” replied Rudi. “I've always wanted to be your boyfriend.”

Now it was time for Mitch to step in, as he approached the boys and said, “What I just saw between you two boys was very sweet, and I'm happy for both of you. I would however like you two to wait until after I take you to the clinic on Monday, before you make love. You've both been living on the street, and doing things you wouldn't have done otherwise, just to survive. And Rudi has been out there almost two years now. I want to make sure that it's okay for you two to share the kind of love you want, without putting each other at risk.”

I don't care if Rudi puts me at risk though.” replied Lucas. “I've waited so long for someone to love me the way he does.”

I understand Lucas, but a few more days won't be that bad.” said Mitch. “Besides, there are ways to show each other your love without much risk. You may not care if Rudi puts you at risk, but would you put Rudi at risk?”

No way!” replied Lucas.

I'm sure Rudi feels the same way about putting you at risk too.” said Mitch. “Is that right Rudi?”

Yeah, you have a point Mitch.” replied Rudi. “What do we do for now though?”

Lance and Taz went through this too.” replied Mitch. “The two boys fell in love, even though Taz was HIV positive and Lance was negative. They were stuck about how to express their love so that Taz wouldn't put Lance at risk. I'll help you get through that the same way I helped them. When we get back to the home, I'll take you to see a friend of mine. Then I suggest you two talk to Taz and Lance. I hope this is all for nothing, but it's better to be safe for now, rather than sorry later.”

Taz has HIV?” asked Rudi.

He did, but a doctor in England used an experimental treatment on him, and now Taz tests negative for any trace of the virus.” replied Mitch.

Cool!” exclaimed both boys together.

After getting all the new kids outfitted, while some of the other kids picked up new outfits as well, it was time to furnish the new kid's rooms. Rudi and Lucas were now openly holding hands as they walked through the mall, since they had such a large group with them. A few people did glance at them, but no one approached the group to say anything. Mitch was kind of surprised that none of the other kids had called him yet, to say that they had found other kids. It looked like they might get through this trip to the mall without adding to the home. After the department store, Mitch's group stopped at the food court for lunch. The group Justin was with was there as well, so Justin decided to join Mitch's group. Justin could see that Sean wanted to hang out with some of the other kids now, so he offered to take Mark for him until they were ready to leave. Sean thanked Justin, and the two boys switched places.

After Justin had eaten, he held Mark in his arms and fed him as he said, “Hello my sweet little nephew. Your Uncle Justin loves you very much. I got you some really cool stuff earlier.”

It made Mitch feel really nice to watch Justin care for baby Mark. Once lunch was over, it was off to the electronics and music stores. The new kids had to be assured that Mitch did this for all of his kids, as he expected them to have everything other kids would have. Once the new kids go into it, they had a blast. After a full day at the mall, it was finally time to go home. Mitch was shocked that the population of the home had not increased this time, as it usually did during a trip to the mall.

Once Mitch and everyone else got home, Mitch called his friend Sam. Then he took Rudi and Lucas to the same store he had taken Taz and Lance to when they first got together. Needless to say, the two boys had a blast. After dinner, Rudi and Lucas caught up with Taz and Lance. Taz and Lance were both happy to share their wealth of knowledge with the two soon to be lovers. After showers that night, Rudi and Lucas were both eager to put their knowledge to use

Meanwhile in Sam and Rachel's room, Rachel said, “Today was really fun Sam. I think I like having you as a friend.”

Sam unwrapped her towel from around her, and used it to dry her hair as she replied, “Yeah, I love hanging out with you too Rachel. I was wondering, why don't you ever talk about your sex life?”

That's easy!” giggled Rachel, as she looked at Sam. “I don't have one!”

I can't believe an attractive girl like you doesn't have either boys or girls hanging all over you.” said Sam.

I guess I just haven't really thought about it enough to pursue any kind of relationship yet.” replied Rachel.

Do you at least know whether you're straight or lesbian?” asked Sam.

I haven't thought about that either.” replied Rachel.

Sam then threw her towel in a corner of the room, and stepped up to Rachel. Sam put her arms around Rachel and asked, “Could you please think about it now Rachel? I am lesbian, and after spending all day with you, I think I'm falling in love with you. Could you please put your arms around me?”

If I do that, my towel will drop.” replied Rachel.

Let it then.” replied Sam. “I'm standing here naked, holding you in my arms Rachel. You haven't made any move to pull away from me, so it would make me feel better if you were naked too while we hug.”

Rachel began breathing a little heavier, as she let go of her towel so it could drop to the floor. Then Rachel put her arms around Sam, and asked, “I guess I'm about to find out if I'm straight or lesbian, aren't I?”

How do you feel about us hugging each other's naked bodies Rachel?” asked Sam seductively.

I like it a lot.” admitted Rachel.

How do you feel about this?” asked Sam.

Sam pressed her lips against Rachel's, and began to kiss her naked friend passionately. When Rachel felt Sam's hands caressing her bare back, she began returning Sam's kiss with equal passion. The two girls continued their kiss for several minutes, before Sam slowly backed away a few inches.

I liked that a lot too Sam.” said Rachel breathlessly.

Good, because I loved our kiss Rachel.” said Sam. “Rachel, I would love for you to be my girlfriend, and for us to make love tonight.”

I guess I am lesbian then, because I would love that too Sam.” replied Rachel. “I can't believe I have my first girlfriend!”

I love you Rachel.” smiled Sam.

I love you too Sam.” smiled Rachel, as Sam took her hand and led her toward her bed.

Greg smiled the next morning as he woke up. His new friend Diego had wanted to know he could be close friends with another guy, without the guy trying to hurt him. Greg looked down at Diego, as his young friend snored softly into his shoulder. Greg wasn't feeling anything sexual toward Diego right now, just a very warm feeling of being so close to a good friend.

When Diego's eye fluttered open, Greg said, “Good morning amigo. I've never had a friend like you Diego. Being just your friend makes me feel so peaceful and relaxed. I thought after what my dad did, I could never have another close male friend.”

I feel the same way my amigo.” replied Diego, as he looked up into Greg's face and smiled. “It makes me feel so safe and happy to have a friend like you.”

Would you be my little brother Diego?” asked Greg. “I've never had a little brother before, but I know I'd want him to be exactly like you.”

I would love for you to be my big brother Greg.” replied Diego, with his most beautiful smile yet. “Now, let's go have breakfast, my new big brother!”

The two boys then shared a quick kiss to each other's cheeks, and jumped out of the bed in their briefs. The two boys smiled and laughed together, as they got ready for breakfast. When Mitch ran across the two boys going into the dining room, he saw the two happiest boys he had ever seen in his life.

How are things going with you two?” asked Mitch.

Everything is great Senor Mitch!” replied Diego. “Greg is my new big brother, and I'm his new little brother!”

I'm very happy for both you boys then.” said Mitch. “I think you two make perfect brothers.”

As Mitch got ready to take the new kids to the clinic the next day, the crew returned to work on the next and final wing. Mitch knew they would fill that wing easily too, but he was now running out of room due to zoning codes, and couldn't add onto the house any more. Mitch and Justin had to grudgingly resign themselves to that fact. Before Mitch left for the clinic, he went out to see the foreman.

I need to ask a favor.” said Mitch.

You know we'll do whatever we can for you Mister Gordon.” replied the foreman. “What you're doing for all of these kids who have nowhere else to go is amazing. What can we do for you?”

I need your crew to do the addition to the dining room first, and do it so that we can use it while your crew works on the final wing.” replied Mitch.

I think we can do that for you Mitch.” said the foreman. “When do you need it?”

Well, our current dining room is getting pretty crowded.” replied Mitch. “We need it as soon as it can be ready.”

Will two weeks be okay?” asked the foreman. “We have to make sure all work around the dining room addition won't interfere with you using it.”

That would be fine.” replied Mitch. “Thank you very much.”

Rudi had been on the street the longest of all of the kids, so he was the most nervous. The doctor asked Rudi the usual questions, then drew blood for the tests he needed to run. A half hour later, while the other kids were getting their results, the doctor asked Rudi to come back in for more tests. One of those involved a swab being inserted in Rudi's penis, and he didn't like that much at all. Rudi had originally been the first one in, but now he was the last one to get his results, which really made him nervous.

The doctor finally came back out and asked, “You are using safe sex practices, right?” When he saw Rudi start to get really scared, he said, “I'm sorry Rudi, I should have started that differently. The results of the HIV test was negative.”

Oh shit doc, you really scared me there!” replied Rudi, as a look of relief crossed his face. “If it's not HIV, what's wrong?”

You have an infection.” replied the doctor. “At first I thought it might be a venereal infection, which is why I had to swab your penis. You have an infection in your testicles, which normally doesn't end up there. This particular infection can spread from person to person, which is why I asked about safe sex. I'm going to prescribe an antibiotic that should take care of it. It would be best for you to avoid sex for now, but I need you to at least practice safe sex if you can't abstain. Sexual activity will make it take longer to treat this. I just wish I could figure out how it got into your testicles. This particular infection has to be introduced directly into the infected system. Have you had any sexual practices that might be odd?”

About three weeks ago I was with someone who was a biter.” replied Rudi. “He bit my dick hard enough for it to hurt, but he didn't break the skin. Then he started biting my balls, and wasn't quite as careful there. He did break the skin, and a few of my friends taught him a lesson. It took me two days to get it to stop bleeding completely.”

Okay, that would explain it.” said the doctor. “If someone bites either your penis or testicles, and you don't want them to or it starts to hurt, immediately threaten to call someone. That's a very sensitive area, and you don't want to have problems like this down there. Okay son?”

Okay sir.” replied Rudi.

First Mitch stopped to fill Rudi's prescription, then it was on to the academy. On the way there, Mitch sat next to Rudi and asked, “That was a close one, wasn't it?”

Yeah, I guess it was.” replied Rudi. “I'm glad you insisted that Lucas and I practice safe sex.”

Yes, that does seem to have been a good idea.” said Mitch.

Once Mitch and the kids arrived at the academy, and Ms. Gardenier made her pitch, all six kids wanted to attend school there. The kids were set up with the entrance exam, then while they were on the tour with Tyler and Angelica, Mitch and Ms. Gardenier went to the cafeteria for lunch.

Okay everyone, here is our athletic facility.” said Tyler, after the group made a quick stop at the cafeteria as well. “Everyone who attends the academy is required to take at least one extra-curricular activity. Angelica and I are both on our baseball team, which plays in the baseball stadium over to our left. In the center is our fieldhouse, which hosts the basketball, hockey, and lacrosse teams. The gymnasium and aquatic center is right behind the fieldhouse, and we also have swimming, diving, and gymnastics teams. The large stadium to the right hosts our football, soccer, and track and field teams.”

The baseball season is almost finished now.” said Angelica. “We've just started our playoffs. The track and field season has just started though, and soccer tryouts are next week. There are other extra-curricular activities besides sports too. We have the academics team, band, choir, and our theater department. We have one student here named Danny, who's mother was an actress. She was pissed when Danny took choir instead of theater, but Danny has a beautiful voice, so I don't blame him. Here at Valencia, the staff encourages students to take whichever activity suits them best.”

So, if we want to tryout for the soccer team, we can do that even though we're just starting?” asked Rudi.

Absolutely!” replied Tyler. “The moment you are enrolled here, you are encouraged to sign up for any activity you would like to participate in. Have you played soccer before Rudi?”

I was on a youth team in two of the homes I was at.” replied Rudi. “The one I was on the longest voted me best new player.”

Then our soccer coach would insist that you tryout.” said Tyler as he smiled.

I'll tryout with you.” said Lucas to Rudi. “I like soccer, and when my mom would allow me to play, I was pretty good at it too.”

Tyler and Angelica finished their tour, and all of the kids seemed anxious to start at Valencia. By the time they got back to the administration building, Ms. Gardenier had just gotten the test results. “Mitch, I need to see you, Rudi, and Lucas in my office for a moment.” said Ms. Gardenier.

Once Mitch and the two boys were in the office, Mitch asked, “Is there a problem?”

I don't understand this at all Mitch, although I think it might have something to do with spending two years living on the streets.” replied Ms. Gardenier. “A part of our entrance exam also measures IQ. Rudi seems to have a very high IQ rating, at 140, but he missed the minimum for the exam by one question. Lucas is also above average, and he did pass, but with so little time left in the school year he may have problems passing the current grade level.”

Does that mean we can't attend school here?” asked Rudi.

Not at all Rudi.” replied Ms. Gardenier. “I think both of you boys would be exceptional students here. I do however want to wait until next year to start you in your regular class schedules. In the meantime, I want to enroll you as students, and place you in our remedial program with one of our top seniors to assist you. It will just be for the rest of this school year, which only has one quarter left anyway. Would that be okay with all of you?”

I'm okay with whatever is best for the boys.” replied Mitch.

Would we still be able to tryout for the soccer team?” asked Lucas.

Absolutely boys.” smiled Ms. Gardenier.

Okay then, I guess we can do that.” said Rudi. “I really have a 140 IQ?”

Yes, you really do!” laughed Ms. Gardenier lightly. “It's the same as Mitch's son Justin's. Now Mitch, they will need the same supplies that any other student would need. The laptop is even more important for our remedial program, since even most of their classwork will be done that way. Everyone can start on Wednesday, even Rudi and Lucas.”

I'm sure everyone will look forward to it.” replied Mitch.

Once they got back to the home, Mitch had all of the kids line up at the supply room. Justin had gone through the day before, and boxed up sets of supplies as starter kits so everything would be easy to handle. Mitch had the kids come up one at a time with their arms out, and began loading them down with a laptop, case, computer accessories, and the starter kit Justin had made up.

The kids were all excited now, as they couldn't wait for Wednesday.

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