What A Gas! 3: We Are Family

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 3: We Are Family

by tim

Chapter 4

From the last chapter:

Would we still be able to tryout for the soccer team?” asked Lucas.

Absolutely boys.” smiled Ms. Gardenier.

Okay then, I guess we can do that.” said Rudi. “I really have a 140 IQ?”

Yes, you really do!” laughed Ms. Gardenier lightly. “It's the same as Mitch's son Justin's. Now Mitch, they will need the same supplies that any other student would need. The laptop is even more important for our remedial program, since even most of their classwork will be done that way. Everyone can start on Wednesday, even Rudi and Lucas.”

I'm sure everyone will look forward to it.” replied Mitch.

Once they got back to the home, Mitch had all of the kids line up at the supply room. Justin had gone through the day before, and boxed up sets of supplies as starter kits so everything would be easy to handle. Mitch had the kids come up one at a time with their arms out, and began loading them down with a laptop, case, computer accessories, and the starter kit Justin had made up.

The kids were all excited now, as they couldn't wait for Wednesday.

When Wednesday morning finally came, Greg once again woke up with Diego snuggled against him. Greg gently rubbed Diego's chest as Diego's head rested on Greg's shoulder. Diego had slept with Greg every night since Greg moved in, and it seemed like the boy liked this position best of all.

Good morning big brother.” yawned Diego as he woke up, and put his arm across Greg's abdomen. “Today is your first day of school at the academy.”

Yes it is, and I'm looking forward to it little brother.” replied Greg.

I'm looking forward to when I'm old enough to go to the academy too.” said Diego. “I like how you're rubbing my chest big brother.”

Good, because I like doing it.” replied Greg. “I love doing things that are comforting for you. It's comforting for me too.”

I can tell.” said Diego. “When men touched me like that because they wanted sex things, their dicks would get very hard, and stand up into the air. Yours is just laying against the side of your leg.”

That's because you're my little brother now.” replied Greg. “I would never dream of doing what those men did to you. That's why I'm so comfortable with you that I agreed we could sleep naked.”

I love you big brother!” said Diego cheerfully, as he smiled into Greg's face.

I love you too little brother.” replied Greg. “Now, let's get dressed so we can get to breakfast before school.”

Greg's first class at his new school was the Physical Education class with Justin, Tyler, Antonio, and Danny. All of the boys in class were very nice to Greg, and he started making friends right away. When it came time for showers, Danny entered the shower room just after his friends. Danny immediately went to his knees in front of Antonio, and began to passionately pleasure Antonio's cock. All of the boys in the shower room watched, as most of them started getting hard. Greg watched as some of the boys paired off, and began having sex in the showers. Greg couldn't believe it when Tyler sat down in a corner, and began sucking his own cock lovingly.

Greg turned to Justin and asked, “Is it always like this in here Justin?”

Not always.” snickered Justin. “Just once or twice a week. Even some of the straight guys in the class don't mind letting someone suck their cock when it gets really hot in here.”

As if on cue, a nice looking boy approached Greg and Justin and said, “Hi Greg, my name is Jon. I don't have a boyfriend at the moment, so I was wondering if I could suck your nice cock.”

I don't know dude.” replied Greg. “I've had problems with people taking advantage of me before.”

Greg, I know Jon.” said Justin. “He'll respect it if you're straight, and don;t want to do anything with his cock. I know he'd probably enjoy yours though. It doesn't make you gay if you enjoy letting someone suck your cock.”

Well, I guess it would be okay.” said Greg. “Like Justin said though, I couldn't do the same to you Jon.”

That's cool.” replied Jon. “I just want to suck your really nice cock anyway.”

Greg watched as Jon knelt down and opened his mouth. Jon used his lips to gently caress Greg's cock, as he took all of it into his mouth. Greg was now looking down at a boy who was lovingly sucking his cock, and who he didn't even know before today.

Oh shit Jon, you're sucking my cock so nice!” moaned Greg, as he began running his fingers through Jon's silky blond hair.

Jon stroked the head of Greg's cock firmly with his tongue, while his lips stroked Greg's shaft. Greg's cock soon began throbbing in Jon's mouth, which made both boys moan. Jon sucked Greg a few more minutes, until Greg couldn't take it anymore. As Greg grunted loudly, Jon swallowed his cum hungrily. Once Greg stopped cumming, Jon stood back up.

Thanks for letting me suck your cock Greg.” said Jon. “You have a nice one, and it tasted great when you cummed in my mouth.”

Thanks for sucking me Jon.” replied Greg. “It felt really nice, and you made me cum pretty good.”

The boys then turned to see Tyler sucking his own cock lovingly, as he enjoyed every shot of cum he was shooting into his own mouth. As the last of the boys who were having sex were finishing cumming, Antonio grabbed Danny's cock and stroked it twice. The all of the boys watched as Danny's cock throbbed, then shot a nice load of cum all over the shower room. Greg had never seen anything like Danny's auto-orgasm. The rest of Greg's day wasn't anywhere near that stimulating. During the last period, Justin and Tyler were sitting with Greg, as Justin asked him if he had considered any extra curricular activities yet.

I was thinking of band and theater.” replied Greg.

Are you sure you're straight Greg?” laughed Tyler.

I don't really know.” replied Greg. “My father had forced me into having sex with him, then I had to have sex with men on the street to survive. I didn't hate it as much as when my father raped me, but I just don't know who I am.”

Well, we'll be happy to help you figure it out if we can.” replied Tyler. “In the meantime, I think the band and theater programs are both holding auditions next week. What instrument do you play?”

Before I left home, I played the sax.” replied Greg.

Well then, we'll get Mitch to get one tonight or tomorrow for you, so you can practice a little before next week.” said Justin. “If you want it tonight though, you'll have to ask him. I have baseball practice tonight.”

I don't know about asking Mitch for a saxophone though.” replied Greg.

Mitch loves all of you guys like his own kids though Greg.” said Justin. “It would be just like asking your dad to get it for you.”

Justin is telling you the truth Greg.” said Tyler. “If I didn't have great parents, and were in a position like yours, I'd want a foster dad just like Mitch. He loves you, and will get you anything you need without giving it a thought.”

I'll try to work up to it by the time I get home then.” said Greg.

On the way to the baseball field after school, Justin pulled out his cell phone and dialed Mitch. “Hi dad, I love you.” said Justin, when Mitch answered the phone.

Hi son, how's the love of my life doing?” asked Mitch.

I'm great dad.” replied Justin. “Tyler and I are on our way out to the baseball field right now. I wanted to call you about Greg though. It seems that before he left home, he was a bit of a musician. He use to play the saxophone in his old school, and our school band is holding auditions next week. Tyler and I have been trying to talk him into getting you to get him a sax so he can practice for the audition, but he seems a little hesitant. When he gets home, could you hint around that you'd like to help him, without telling him you talked to me about it?”

I think I can handle that my love.” replied Mitch.

Thanks dad, you're the greatest!” said Justin. “I can't wait to get home to thank you in person.”

Are you feeling a little frisky tonight son?” asked Mitch as he snickered.

When am I not?!” laughed Justin. “I'm getting a little hard already!”

Well then, we'll take care of that tonight.” said Mitch. “You boys have a great practice, and I love you very much son.”

We will dad, and I love you too.” replied Justin.

On the bus ride home, Greg sat near Rudi and Lucas. “How was your first day guys?” asked Greg.

It was pretty cool.” replied Rudi. “Lucas and I got a really nice senior to help us get up to speed, and we both think he's kinda cute.”

I thought you two were happy together.” said Greg.

We are, but that doesn't mean we can't think someone is cute!” laughed Lucas. “Just because we think he's cute, it doesn't mean we want to jump his bones.”

Yeah, Lucas has the only bone I want to jump!” laughed Rudi. “As a matter of fact, we almost got busted today because of that.”

Yeah, the teacher had to tell us to keep our hands on our desks during class, and not in each other's laps.” snickered Lucas. “We're lucky he didn't ask us to sit apart.”

I told him that I couldn't help it that I was so in love with Lucas though.” said Rudi. “Then he said he use to have that same problem with his mate when they were younger.”

How did they get over it?” asked Greg.

One of their college professors caught them one day, and pointed them out to the entire class.” replied Rudi. “He said he didn't want Lucas and I to ever have to go through anything that embarrassing.”

Then he said he thought we made a cute couple!” snickered Lucas. “He said he was going to have his mate stop by school sometime, so the four of us could have a talk.”

What does his mate look like?” asked Greg.

We don't know, but our teacher Mister Hanson did say his mate was a really handsome guy.” replied Rudi. “Since Mister Hanson isn't that bad himself, it might be fun to meet his mate!”

You guys are something else!” laughed Greg.

Once the buses got back to the home, Mitch had Greg come to his office for a talk. He had a new program he was working on up on his screen. Greg noticed it, and asked, “What are you working on there Mitch?”

It's hopefully mine and Justin's next hit program.” replied Mitch. “We want to give everyone the chance to be a music producer, even if they have no musical ability. You'll be able to put different instrument tracks together, and the program will help with tempo and riffs from its extensive library of chords and patterns. Hopefully without much experience or knowledge, people will be able to put entire songs together with this program, or at least be able to come up with their own sound bites to use on sites and programs which let you use your own music with them.”

Wow, that sounds really cool!” said Greg.

Oh, you have an interest in music?” asked Mitch.

Yeah, I guess so.” replied Greg. “I use to play the saxophone before my dad forced himself on me, then threw me out. By now though he's probably sold off anything of mine that I had to leave behind.”

It really makes me sad that some of you kids lost so much when your lives were turned upside down.” said Mitch. “I love all of you kids though, and really want to make your lives better than they were before. I think according to the school schedule I have, Valencia will be holding auditions for their band soon. Can I take you out to a music store before dinner, and get you a new saxophone? Maybe you can get in enough practice to make the school band.”

There's no way I could ever repay you for what you've already done for me Mitch.” said Greg.

Come here and give me a hug Greg.” replied Mitch. Once Greg did that, Mitch said, “That was more than enough to pay me back Greg. I love all of you kids like you were my own, and the feelings I get from that love, and helping you any way I can is all that I ask for. Now son. Let's go get you a saxophone. I'll get you any one that you want.”

Greg immediately gave Mitch another hug, as well as a kiss to his cheek. Then Mitch and Greg got into Mitch's car, and went to the large music store near the mall. A very nice and good looking sales clerk met them as soon as they walked in, and led them to the section of the store that carried wind instruments. There were about a dozen different saxophones to choose from, until Greg narrowed it down to the type of sax he played. That still left five instruments to choose from. The sales clerk saw Greg look at the nicest of the five first, before turning his attention to the two least expensive models. Then Greg questioned the clerk about them.

Well Greg, we don't carry any bad merchandise here.” said the clerk. “We leave those for those so-called discount music stores. To be honest with you though, the pitch of the first one you're looking at isn't as good as our other models. You can tune it to where it is perfectly acceptable anywhere, but you have to work with it to keep it tuned. The other one you're looking at is probably our highest maintenance model.”

What about this one?” asked Mitch, as he picked up the expensive sax that Greg had looked at briefly.

That model is the most sought after instrument of serious musicians.” replied the clerk. “Anyone who has ever purchased one of those has been more satisfied than with any sax they had ever played before.”

Can he play it briefly here, to see if he likes it?” asked Mitch.

Absolutely!” replied the clerk, as Mitch handed the instrument to Greg. “We clean of each mouthpiece carefully after each use. Let's see what you sound like Greg.”

Greg took the sax, and limbered his fingers for a few moments. After reacquainting himself with valve positions, Greg played a few bars of his favorite sax piece. It happened to be a rock piece though, and Greg was trying to be a bit reserved in the store.

Greg, can you play that again?” asked the clerk. “And this time I want you to play it like you love playing more than anything in the world.”

Greg smiled shyly, then played the piece without holding back at all. Greg's playing rang throughout the store clearly, as he tuned out the fact that anyone might be listening. Once Greg finished, he heard nearly everyone in the store applaud his playing.

I guess that sounded pretty good, huh?” asked Greg.

Pretty good my eye son!” replied Mitch. “That sounded great!”

He's right Greg, it sounded like a part of you.” said the clerk. “That's exactly how a musician's instrument is suppose to sound.”

We'll take that sax.” said Mitch.

Great, let me go in the back and get an unused one for you.” replied the clerk. “All of our instruments are tuned when we get them here, so all you'll have to do is minor tuning to suit your preferences. This one comes with a very nice hard leather case with brass trim, plus extra reeds of different types, and an extra mouthpiece.”

The clerk returned a few minutes later with the case, and opened it to show Greg and Mitch the instrument inside. Then he handed it to Greg, and led them to the check out counter. Greg flinched slightly when the clerk gave them the total, but Mitch paid it on his debit card as he smiled.

As they walked out to Mitch's car, Mitch put an arm around Greg and said, “We'll be making an exception to the volume rules in your case Greg, but you have to do all of your practicing before nine o'clock. Okay son?”

Okay Mitch, I can handle that.” replied Greg as he smiled. “By the way Mitch, I love you, and I wish you had been my real father.”

I can be your father now though if you want, and that's all that matters now son.” replied Mitch.

Thanks dad.” replied Greg.

After supper that night, Diego sat on the edge of his bed in his briefs, and watched intently as Greg began practicing with his new sax. Once Greg had warmed up, Diego smiled at every note he played.

You play really good Greg.” said Diego, as Greg took a break. “I never knew my big brother was so talented!”

Thanks little brother.” smiled Greg. “It's really nice playing for you, knowing that you're enjoying it so much.”

I could listen to you all evening!” replied Diego, as his smile lit up the room.

After showers that evening, Sam sat at her desk naked, finishing her homework. Rachel had stayed naked too, and came up behind Sam. Rachel put her arms around in front of Sam, and rested her hands on Sam's breasts.

I love you Sam.” said Rachel, as she gently caressed Sam's breasts.

And I love how that feels babe.” replied Sam, as her typing quickened. “I think it's even helping me work faster.”

Then I must not be doing something right!” giggled Rachel.

Trust me, you are doing something very right right now!” replied Sam. “I love you very much Rachel.” After a few more minutes, Sam said, “Okay babe, my homework is done.”

Does that mean we can make love now?” asked Rachel.

Sam turned as she stood up, took Rachel into her arms, and replied, “We can make love anytime you ever want to my love.”

Then Sam placed her lips against Rachel's, and the two girls shared a warm and passionate kiss. Once they had slowly made their way to the bed and laid down, their kiss became even more intense. Rachel moaned softly into Sam's mouth, as she felt two of Sam's fingers push into her vagina. Then Rachel did the same for Sam, and got a soft moan from her. Sam finished her kiss, then turned around on top of Rachel. The two girls spent several minute sucking and licking each other's breasts, before Sam continued going further down Rachel's body. As Sam licked at the outside of Rachel's vagina, she felt Rachel's tongue doing the same thing to her. Then Sam pushed pushed her tongue lovingly into Rachel's slit, Rachel did the same, and the two girls massaged the inside of each other's vaginas with their tongues.

In Rudi's and Lucas's room, the two boys wanted to make love to each other one at a time. Rudi smiled as he laid on his bed, and Lucas rolled a strawberry flavored condom over his dick. Lucas licked gently at Rudi's balls for a few moments, then lovingly took all of Rudi's dick into his mouth. Rudi moaned in pleasure as he ran his fingers through Lucas's hair. Lucas pushed Rudi's dick as far into his throat as it would go, then pulled off and massaged the head of Rudi's dick with his tongue. Then he repeated the same process over.

Oh God babe!” moaned Rudi. “My dick has never felt as good as you're making it feel!”

That made Lucas continue with as much love as he could put into pleasuring his lover. Rudi held himself back as hard as he could, as he writhed on the bed in pleasure. Rudi held back as long as he could, then almost screamed out erotically as he exploded into the condom that covered his dick. It took Rudi a few moment to recover enough to talk.

I've never felt anything that good Lucas!” said Rudi breathlessly.

That's good.” replied Lucas as he smiled. “I wanted my love-making to show you how much I love you!”

More than anything else in the world huh?” asked Rudi, as he laughed softly.

You got that right babe!” smiled Lucas.

Rudi immediately went down and put a chocolate flavored condom on Lucas's dick. Although there was no reason Rudi couldn't swallow Lucas's cum, and he wanted to taste it badly, the two boys had decided they would both use condoms as long as Rudi had to. That didn't mean that Rudi couldn't cheat though, which he planned on doing tonight. Rudi made love to Lucas as passionately as he could, making Lucas writhe on the bed when his dick began throbbing. Rudi then worked on the head of Lucas's dick, getting a good tip at the end of the condom over Lucas's dick. Then Rudi took the tip of the condom between his teeth, and discreetly ground a hole into the end of the condom. As Lucas was about ready to cum, he felt the head of his dick slide through the rupture in his condom. Now he felt the head of his dick in direct contact with Rudi's mouth, and groaned loudly as his orgasm started. Rudi sucked hard, drawing as much cum from Lucas's dick as he could.

Once Lucas had recovered, he said, “Oh well, you wanted to taste my cum anyway. I'm glad you could, even if it was an accident.”

I'm glad I could too my love.” replied Rudi. “Your cum is the best thing I've ever tasted, especially how it mixed with the flavor of the condom. I love you so much Lucas, and I always will.”

So will I my love.” replied Lucas, as he wrapped Rudi in his arms.

In Greg's and Diego's room, Diego relaxed in the bend between Greg's arm and chest as he stared down at Greg's now stiffening cock. “Are you starting to have feelings for me big brother?” asked Diego.

Just the love I feel for you as my little brother.” replied Greg.

Why is your cock getting stiff then?” asked Diego. “That's how men were when they wanted to do stuff with me.”

I'm sorry about that little brother.” replied Greg. “I was thinking about something that happened this morning at school.”

You don't have to be sorry, I think it looks cool.” said Diego. “What happened this morning?”

Two boys in the showers who were boyfriends started having sex.” replied Greg. “Then some of the other boys started having sex. There was one boy who even made love to himself. It was wild how he bent over, and sucked his own cock. Then another boy came up to me, and asked if he could suck my cock, so I said okay. After he made me cum and swallowed it, the boy who stared everything had finished swallowing his boyfriend's cum. He stood up and stroked his boyfriend's cock twice, then let it go. The boy's cock throbbed a few times, then started shooting cum all over the shower room without anyone touching it.”

Wow!” exclaimed Diego. “Something like that might make me hard to!”

I think it is, little brother!” laughed Greg, as he pointed down at Diego's cute little erection.

Oops!” replied Diego, a bit embarrassed.

Don't be embarrassed little brother.” smiled Greg. “I think something like that would make anyone stiff.”

So then big brother, are you gay?” asked Diego. “It won't matter to me if you are. I'll still love you as my big brother, and I'll still enjoy us sleeping like this together. You're my brother, and I'll love you as much if you're gay as I would if you were straight.”

Thanks little brother, I love you the exact same way.” replied Greg. “I really don't know if I'm straight or gay now though. I thought there was a chance I was most likely straight until Jon sucked my cock today. It felt really really good.”

Would having sex with a girl you liked a lot feel just as good?” asked Diego.

I don't think it could, and I feel a little guilty about not making Jon feel as good as he made me feel this morning.” replied Greg.

Would you rather try doing stuff with a girl now to find out, or be with Jon again?” asked Diego.

Greg thought about that for a few moments, then replied, “Oh shit little brother, I think I want to be with Jon again! And next time, I think I want to make him feel good too!”

Then I'd say my big brother is gay, and I still love him just as much.” said Diego. “By the way, thinking about Jon again has made your cock start bobbing up and down.”

Yeah, it has, hasn't it?” replied Greg. “Would it bother you if I took care of this little brother?”

Go ahead, I won't mind.” smiled Diego.

Greg began replaying the event with Jon that morning, as he wrapped his hand around his cock and stroked it. Diego watched intently, and snuggled his head into Greg's ribs as Greg masturbated himself. Feeling Diego snuggle into his ribs and arm made Greg stoke himself even harder.

After several minutes, Greg moaned out, “I love you Jon!”

Greg's cum immediately shot hard out of his cock, and landed all over his and Diego's chests. Diego watched each shot with awe, as it shot up into the air, then landed on either him or Greg. By the time Greg's orgasm ended, he had covered himself and Diego with his cum.

I'm really sorry Little brother.” said Greg. “I didn't mean to get so much off my cum on you.”

I don't mind.” replied Diego. “It feels kind of nice knowing that it's my big brother's cum.”

Do you want us to go wash it off now?” asked Greg.

I'd rather wait until morning.” replied Diego. “It's making me feel nice right now, especially the shot that landed right on my dick, and I want to fall asleep that way.”

During the night, Greg had begun rubbing Diego's chest as he slept. Greg smeared his cum all over Diego's chest in the process. Diego also put his arm across Greg's abdomen as he slept, smearing his arm in Greg's cum, and spreading it across Greg's abdomen.

The next morning in Physical Education, Greg went straight to where Jon was getting ready, with a determined look on his face. “Jon, I need you to stand up for a second!” said Greg.

You're not upset with me sucking your cock yesterday, are you?” asked Jon, not quite sure what Greg wanted now.

Just stand up, and take what you have coming to you!” said Greg.

Jon stood up a little defensively, and was completely shocked by what happened next. Greg grabbed Jon in his arms, and placed his lips against Jon's. As the other boys in the locker room cheered, Greg gave Jon the most passionate kiss he had ever given anyone in his life. Greg held the kiss for several minutes, until Jon's shock wore off, and he began returning the kiss.

Greg finally broke the kiss and said, “Thank you so much for helping me find out whether I'm straight or gay Jon. It was really bothering me until you made love to me yesterday morning, and then I talked to my brother about it last night. I was really confused last night, and my brother helped me realize that I love you very much.”

How did you know I was making love to you, and not just sucking your cock?” asked Jon.

After I realized how I felt, it was easy to see how you felt about what you were doing yesterday.” replied Greg. “I could tell you were making love to me, and I'm glad you did it. I love you too Jon. Can I be your boyfriend?”

I would love that very much Greg.” replied Jon emotionally. “I fell in love with you the second I saw you. You're the most attractive guy I've ever seen!”

I'm so happy for both of you!” said Justin, as he put an arm around both Greg and Jon. “Hey everyone, let's hear it for my brother Greg and his new boyfriend Jon!”

All of the boys in the locker room cheered, then gave Greg and Jon either a handshake, or a hug if they were comfortable enough with that. Then the new couple shared another passionate kiss as Mike walked in to see what was taking the boys so long.

Tyler went to Mike and put an arm around him, then said, “They just became boyfriends my love! Isn't it great?!”

Mike slipped an arm around Tyler and replied, “Yes it is my love.”

Then Mike gave Tyler a short but loving kiss. Most of the boys in school now knew about the relationship between Mike and Tyler, and they were fine with it. After the kiss, Mike waited patiently for Greg and Jon to finish their kiss.

That was very special boys.” said Mike. “We still have a class though, so let's hurry up and get out to the gymnasium.”

Well, there's Chapter 4, and it seems like Greg is getting everything in his life straightened out. I know that I seem to neglect some of the kids at times, But the cast has kind of sprawled out a bit. I will try to get different kids into each chapter from now on. It's either that, or make each chapter ten times longer than it is now. I think I'll go with the first idea. lol. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, don't forget to visit my site at: www.timthestoryguy.com. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 5.