What A Gas! 3: We Are Family

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 3: We Are Family

by tim

Chapter 5

From the last chapter:

After I realized how I felt, it was easy to see how you felt about what you were doing yesterday.” replied Greg. “I could tell you were making love to me, and I'm glad you did it. I love you too Jon. Can I be your boyfriend?”

I would love that very much Greg.” replied Jon emotionally. “I fell in love with you the second I saw you. You're the most attractive guy I've ever seen!”

I'm so happy for both of you!” said Justin, as he put an arm around both Greg and Jon. “Hey everyone, let's hear it for my brother Greg and his new boyfriend Jon!”

All of the boys in the locker room cheered, then gave Greg and Jon either a handshake, or a hug if they were comfortable enough with that. Then the new couple shared another passionate kiss as Mike walked in to see what was taking the boys so long.

Tyler went to Mike and put an arm around him, then said, “They just became boyfriends my love! Isn't it great?!”

Mike slipped an arm around Tyler and replied, “Yes it is my love.”

Then Mike gave Tyler a short but loving kiss. Most of the boys in school now knew about the relationship between Mike and Tyler, and they were fine with it. After the kiss, Mike waited patiently for Greg and Jon to finish their kiss.

That was very special boys.” said Mike. “We still have a class though, so let's hurry up and get out to the gymnasium.”

When the boys got home, Diego caught up to Greg and asked, “How did things go today?”

Jon is my boyfriend now.” replied Greg. “I hope this won't change anything between us, now that we know I'm gay.”

You're my brother Greg.” said Diego. “How could that change?”

I love you little brother!” smiled Greg. “How would you like to listen to me practice my sax?”

I'd love that big brother, and I love you too!” replied Diego enthusiastically.

That evening in Ash and Denton's room, the two boys talked after they finished making love. “So Dent, are we going to tryout for the soccer team here next week?”

I don't see why we shouldn't.” replied Denton. “Once they get a look at what you can do, you'll be the star of the team!”

It may be kinda neat, but no one can kick a goal shot as hard as you can!” replied Ash as he smiled.

You're just saying that because you love me.” laughed Denton.

I may love you, but it's still true.” replied Ash, as he moved in to give Denton a nice kiss.

As Mitch was making his rounds through the home, he cam across Miguel in the rec room. Miguel was looking a little down, so Mitch asked, “What's wrong Miguel?”

I haven't found anyone interested in helping me with my body hair in about three weeks now.” replied Miguel. “I guess everyone has someone now, and no one is interested in someone like me.”

That's not true at all Miguel.” said Mitch. “If you want, I'll shave you right now.”

Thanks Mitch, that's very nice of you.” replied Miguel. “I think I might like that. This hair feels so stifling. It's more than that though. The other boys are starting to talk about soccer, and I love the game. There are youth leagues for guys my age, but it would mean stripping in front of other kids. I would need someone who would be interested in shaving me every day. I want to find a nice boy to be boyfriends with, but who would be interested in someone who needs as much maintenance as I do?”

I'm sure you will find a boy who loves you enough not to care Miguel.” replied Mitch. “You just have to look. Now, let's go clean you up, and maybe you'll feel better about your chances.”

Miguel still had a razor, so they went by his room first for that. Miguel was running low on shaving cream though, so Mitch told him they would pick up more in the supply room. At the supply room, Mitch picked up two cans of shaving cream, and three different types of trimmers.

These trimmers will be yours Miguel.” said Mitch. “You really need all three of these sets to keep yourself clean. One is a regular set of trimmers, which is fine for most of your body. They do cut loose skin very easily though, so I wouldn't use them anywhere delicate. The blades on these smaller trimmers are much closer together, so it's harder to nick delicate skin with them. They're good for places like your testicles, if you want to shave them too. This smallest set is for places where the others won't reach, like around your ears. Besides a trimming head, they also have a shaving head.”

Then Mitch led Miguel to the bathroom in Miguel's section, and had the boy strip naked for him. Miguel was starting to grow a thick coat of fur on his body again, and Mitch knew they would be busy for a while. Mitch started off by neatening Miguel's hairline all the way around his head. Then Mitch covered Miguel's forehead with cream, plus anywhere else on Miguel's face where he normally grew hair. After Mitch shaved Miguel's neck all the way around, he took the smallest set and cleaned up around Miguel's ears. Next was trimming and shaving both of Miguel's arms and hands, including his armpits. By this time Miguel was smiling very nicely. Mitch then trimmed Miguel's back and front, and shaved both sides clean.

Okay Miguel, how much hair do you want to keep on your crotch?” asked Mitch.

Take off everything except a nice looking patch over my dick please.” replied Miguel.

Shave the testicles too?” asked Mitch.

Yes.” replied Miguel.

Mitch took the middle pair of trimmers, and left a very nice looking patch over Miguel's dick. Then he gently shaved the rest of Miguel's crotch clean, along with his butt. Finally Mitch trimmed and shaved Miguel's legs and feet clean. Then Mitch stepped back to look at his work.

You are very clean shaven, and very good looking now Miguel.” said Mitch.

I'll say he is!” said Adam, who had been watching the whole thing. “I'll do anything if I can do that for you from now on Miguel!”

Would that include being my boyfriend?” asked Miguel.

I haven't ever thought much about having sex with anyone yet Miguel, but I think I'd love to with you.” replied Adam. “Could we be boyfriends, so I can shave you anytime you need it?”

Miguel stepped over to Adam, and placed his lips against the other boy's still unprepared lips. Adam didn't know what to think at first, but soon began returning Miguel's kiss. Mitch smiled as he watched the two boys share a tender and loving kiss.

I'd love for us to be boyfriends Adam!” said Miguel, when the kiss ended.

Mitch chuckled as the two boys trotted off happily to Miguel's room. Once there, both boys undressed again. Miguel led Adam over to his bed, then both boys laid down and embraced. As they kissed again, Adam caressed Miguel's smooth body.

I can't wait to shave this body for you Miguel!” said Adam breathlessly. “It's making me stiff just thinking about it!”

Then wrap your hand around my dick, and see what that does for yours.” replied Miguel.

Adam moaned as he felt the shaft of Miguel's dick in his hand. Then he gasped as he felt Miguel's hand gently wrap around his dick. The two boys kissed once again as they gently massaged each other's erect dicks. Then Miguel began to turn around in the opposite direction that Adam was laying in.

I don't know much about having sex, other than jacking myself off.” said Adam.

Then we'll have fun figuring it out together.” replied Miguel.

When Miguel was face to face with Adam's dick, he gazed at it longingly for a few moments. Adam was doing the same thing to Miguel's dick. Then Miguel slowly opened his mouth, and decided to go for it. Miguel slid his lips over the shaft of Adam's dick, and Adam gasped from the flood of feelings from another person's lips touching the shaft of his dick.

Oh God Miguel, I love you!” moaned Adam.

Adam then joyfully took all of Miguel's dick into his mouth, and began caressing it with his lips lovingly. The two boys lovingly and eagerly sucked each other's dicks like they had never done anything that felt nearly as good. Miguel loved making love to Adam, and wanted to suck his dick constantly for the rest of their lives. Adam loved making love to Miguel just as much, as the two boys were lost in the love they felt for what they were doing for each other. Miguel was first to feel a churning in his balls. Miguel began holding his orgasm back as long as he possibly could, and Adam did the same thing when he felt his orgasm approaching. Both boys wanted to hold their orgasms back, even if it hurt, so they could feel their lover's lips on their dicks as long as possible. After more than fifteen minutes, Miguel could no longer hold back. Miguel screamed in pleasure and release as he cummed into his boyfriend's mouth. When Miguel's orgasm ended, Adam let out the same scream as his orgasm hit. Miguel sucked hard on Adam's spurting dick, as Adam had just done to him. Once Adam finished cumming, Miguel used the rest of his strength to turn back around into Adam's arms.

I cummed so hard I can't get up!” moaned Miguel breathlessly.

“”Me too!” replied Adam, just as breathlessly.

Good, then we'll have to sleep in each other's arms tonight!” smiled Miguel. The two boys smiled at each other as they enjoyed their embrace, and eventually drifted off to sleep locked in a hug.

The next morning, Miguel and Adam woke up smiling at each other, still locked in a hug.

I love you Miguel.” cooed Adam.

I love you too Adam.” replied Miguel. “I never knew before whether I was straight or gay, but I'm sure now. I'm looking into the beautiful face of my boyfriend, and it's making me so happy.”

Good, I want my boyfriend to be happy.” said Adam with a bright and cheerful smile.

At breakfast Mitch could tell the two boys had formed an intimate bond, and it made him smile too. On the way to their middle school, the two boys sat together on the bus for the first time. The high school boys were dropped off first, and most of them congratulated Miguel and Adam for finding love with each other. Then on the way to Miguel and Adam's school, it was time for a talk.

Miguel, I have something very important to remind you of.” said Adam. “Now that we're in love with each other, I expect us to talk a lot more during the day. Please remember that Mitch has me enrolled under the name of Pierce. The men who were after me are still out there somewhere as far as we know, and they would kill me if they found me.”

Why wouldn't I call you Pierce?” giggled Miguel. “That's your name, isn't it? Don't worry Adam, I love you and would rather harm myself than put you in any danger.”

I love you too Miguel.” replied Adam, before giving Miguel a brief but nice kiss.

That week Valencia kept progressing through the baseball playoffs, as the combination of Frank and Angelica seemed unbeatable. Justin inspired the rest of the team as captain, and he had talked Coach Donnelley into naming Tyrone as the co-captain. Tyrone's example on the field helped the other kids play the best that they could, and Justin felt he deserved the title. Tyrone didn't consider himself anything special, but Justin and Coach Donnelley both saw him doing very well in the major leagues someday. When Tyrone heard that, he laughed as he told them that he'd love to play for the Giants someday, but he wasn't going to hold his breath. Tyrone didn't know it, but Coach Donnelley was pretty good friends with a scout from the San Francisco Giants. He would make sure that Tyrone was watched closely by the Giants for the last two years of high school. Besides, for all he knew he could help be responsible for the first ever female player in the major leagues as well.

The next week was busy. The high school soccer tryouts were on the same day the youth soccer league visited Miguel's school. Since Adam looked forward to shaving Miguel every evening, Miguel no longer felt uncomfortable with the idea of trying out for a team. The other middle school kids stayed to cheer Miguel and the other younger kids from their home on, and Mitch was there too. The high school kids had already had their permission slips signed so they could try out, but the younger kids would have to have theirs signed at the tryout.

After a few kids had shown their soccer skills, the head of the judging panel announced, “Okay boys, next on the list is Miguel Riviera.” When Miguel stepped forward, the man continued, “Okay Miguel, you've seen what we want you to do. You have two alumni of our league between you and the goal, and another alumni guarding the goal. Of course we don't expect you to put the ball in, but those older boys are experienced enough to make you show us what you can do.”

Miguel carried the ball out with him, and took a few moments to prepare himself. Then he sat the ball down, and began moving it toward the two older boys between him and the goal. The other two boys didn't know it, but they would have their work cut out for them. Once Miguel got close to the first boy, he moved the ball to one side as fast as he could. Once the boy was chasing after him, Miguel stepped in front of the ball and stopped it dead. Then he reversed direction quickly toward the second boy, who was determined to stop Miguel or make him work his butt off to get past him. Miguel saw the boy coming at him hard, so he kicked the ball up in the air, then gave it a knee over the boy's head. The older boy was shocked when Miguel dived underneath his charge. Miguel found himself clear of the two boys who were blocking him, with no one between him and the goaltender. Miguel went so far to one side of the goaltender that the boy knew Miguel would have no choice but to try for his right side of the goal. Then Miguel gave the ball a hard kick to the opposite side of the boy, and the ball barely caught the upper corner of the goal. It was enough for the ball to go into the goal though. All of the judges were now watching in amazement, as Miguel came back over to the sideline.

Have you ever heard of Team USA son?” asked the head of the judging panel.

Yes sir.” replied Miguel innocently.

If you keep playing like that, you'll not only hear of them, but you'll be a part of the team someday too!” said the man. “I'm also on the committee that picks the team members, and I'm going to be keeping a close eye on you!”

Thank you sir!” beamed Miguel. “Does that mean I'll be on a team?”

You could be an entire team yourself!” laughed the man.

Everyone was still cheering Miguel when he came back over to his friends, and Adam gave him an innocent hug. “You rocked out there Miguel!” exclaimed Adam. “I'm so proud of you!”

Good.” replied Miguel. “The only thing I could think of out there was to make my boyfriend proud of me.”

Then Mitch came up and gave Miguel a fatherly hug, and laughed as he asked, “Damn, how many professional athletes am I going to end up having in this home? That was an incredible display Miguel!”

Thanks Mitch, and thanks for taking me in so I'd have this chance.” replied Miguel. “I owe everything to you and Justin.”

By the time the youth league visited the sixth graders in Mitch's home, he would end up with three boys on the youth league. The high schoolers had beat them, with five kids making Valencia's soccer team though. Besides Ash, Denton, Rudi, and Lucas, Theo had decided to try out for the team too. He was going to tryout for football in the fall, and thought trying out for the soccer team might help him make sure he was still in good shape. He never seriously thought he would make the team, but Mike, who was also Valencia's soccer coach, felt Theo's speed would really help the team. Theo's footwork wasn't the greatest, but he could have Tyler work with him on that. Then maybe after football was over next fall, he and Tyler could talk Theo into joining their championship lacrosse team as well. Ash and Denton both made the team during a drill Mike was running to see what some of the other boys could do. Mike was amazed with Denton's ball handling skills, and Rudi and Lucas weren't so sure about being the stars anymore. Then Ash and Denton worked their way down toward the goal, and the goaltender went on guard. Denton kicked the ball to Ash, who then kicked the ball straight up into the air. Ash did a backflip, and gave the ball a kick while he was upside down in the air. The goaltender wasn't anywhere near ready to see a move like that, and had no chance to stop the ball from entering the goal.

Holy fucking shit!” exclaimed Mike. “Sorry about the language boys. I have never dreamt of seeing a boy pull off a move like that though! How in the world did you ever pick up a move like that Ash?”

I love soccer, and I love doing backflips.” replied Ash. “One day Denton suggested that I combine the two. It wasn't very impressive at first, but I soon learned to kick the ball accurately while I was upside down in the air.”

Well son, it's more than impressive now!” laughed Mike. “It's the most amazing thing I've ever seen!”

The end of the week saw the semi-final and championship games for the baseball team. Frank would pitch the semi-final on Friday evening, then Angelica would pitch for the championship on Saturday evening. Coach Donnelley had talked a special guest into attending both games. Friday turned into a pitching duel, which Frank had never been in before. Neither he nor the opposing pitcher wanted to be the one to hand the championship game to the other team though. Frank managed a record for strike-outs through eight innings, and several great catches by Tyrone and Justin helped hold the other team to no hits. Frank had his first ever perfect game going now, but Valencia had not been able to score either. Tyrone was having a very hard time figuring out the pitcher for the other team. The game was still scoreless as Valencia started off the ninth inning, and Justin got ready to go out to the on deck circle.

Hey Justin, could you try something for me?” asked Tyrone.

What's that Tyrone?” asked Justin.

I think I know this guy's weakness finally.” replied Tyrone. “I want you to go out and swing at the first pitch, and miss it badly. Then just stand there taking pitches until you have two strikes. As soon as you have two strikes, you should get a great pitch to hit.”

Okay Tyrone, I trust you.” said Justin.

Justin went out and did exactly as Tyrone had asked him. Sure enough after Justin was called on strike two, the pitcher thought he could get one right down the middle. Justin jumped all over it, hitting the ball to a hole in the outfield. Justin was able to make a stand up double out of the hit, then Tyrone grinned as he came up to bat. The home crowd at Valencia's field was still cheering wildly as Tyrone came to the plate. Tyrone swung like a novice at the first pitch, missing it wildly. Then he stood at the plate and watched until strike two sailed past him. Tyrone prepared himself for the very next pitch. Tyrone almost laughed as he saw it would be a fastball down the middle of the plate. Then Tyrone unloaded his bat on the ball, knocking it farther than he had ever hit a ball before. The crowd went wild as first Justin, then Tyrone crossed home plate. The two boys shared a high five, followed by a warm hug, then went to the bench. When the other team came back up to bat, Frank struck out the next three batters in a row, and sent Valencia to the championship the next evening.

That night, Tabitha went home with Mitch and his kids, so she could spend the night with her girlfriend. The next day would be the biggest day of Angelica's life, and that was a lot of stress for her. Just before bedtime, Mitch and Justin heard a knock on their door.

Come in!” called out Mitch, without asking who it was.

Tabitha stepped in and said, “Justin, you have to come with me! Angelica is so stressed that she can't sleep! I've tried everything I can to relax her, but it's not working!”

Okay Tabitha, I'll see what I can do.” replied Justin.

Justin then got out of bed naked, and crossed in front of Tabitha to get some clothes to put on.

Damn Justin, if I weren't lesbian and you weren't gay...” giggled Tabitha.

You think I'm that cute?” asked Justin, as he spread his arms out before putting his clothes on.

Hell yes!” replied Tabitha. “You could have anyone, and I do mean anyone! I've never seen a boy as cute as you. Now, let's go before I forget that I'm a lesbian!”

Mitch laughed out loud as the two kids left the room. Tabitha led Justin to Angelica's room by the hand, and the two went on in. Angelica was sitting up in bed, with her legs bent and her hands around her knees.

Justin, I'm so scared!” said Angelica, as she saw Tabitha and Justin come into the room.

What's wrong sis?” asked Justin.

Why did the coach give me this game?” asked Angelica. “I've already been through a lot this year. I've had to fight to get onto the team, and fight to stay on it. Now tomorrow if I do well, we're the champions. If I screw up, I'll blow it for all of us!”

Justin sat next to Angelica, put an arm around her tightly, and said, “I know you won't screw up though sis. Coach Donnelley knows that too, which is why he wouldn't have anyone else pitching the championship game. He knew this would be a lot of pressure to put on you, but everyone on the team knows you can handle it. The coach knows it, I know it, Tyrone knows it, and Frank knows it. Frank agreed with the coach that this should be your game. Everyone believes in you sis, now all you have to do is believe in yourself. I know if the Angelica we've seen all season goes out there tomorrow, we're going to be the champions no matter what happens.”

Then Justin wrapped Angelica in a warm hug, and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

I love you, my smart brother!” smiled Angelica, as she began to relax in Justin's arms.

I love you too, my extremely talented sister.” replied Justin, as he gently patted Angelica's back. “You're the first person I've ever thought of as a sister, and it feels so good. I'm glad you're my sister, and I can't wait to see you play your first game with the guys in the major leagues. Now, let your girlfriend help you relax for the game tomorrow, and don't worry about it.”

I will my dear brother.” replied Angelica. “Thanks for everything Justin, and I'm so glad to have a brother like you.”

Coach Donnelley knew the championship game would be broadcast by one of the local television stations in prime time, but he didn't want to let the kids know until game time. This game was already big enough for most of them, and he didn't want to give them the chance to worry about television cameras too. The kids saw the television truck outside the stadium as they arrived for the game, but they thought it would just be for an interview after the game if Valencia won. Then Brian came out to talk to the kids before they went out to the field.

There's something I haven't told you kids, and I'm sorry I had to keep it from you.” said Coach Donnelley. “Tonight's game is going to be broadcast live on local television. When you kids go out there, I need you to try to put that fact out of your mind though. Just tell yourselves that the cameras aren't even on. This is going to affect the other team too, but we have to make sure it affects us less. If we play this game like we've played this season, no one can keep us from calling ourselves champions. Now, let's get out there and show everyone who we are!”

The hell I'm going to forget those cameras are out there!” said Tyrone to Justin. “I want everyone to see me hit the cycle tonight!”

I hope you do my brother!” laughed Justin, as he patted Tyrone on the back.

Valencia was up first, and the cameras were definitely getting to the other pitcher. The first two batters were walked onto base, then Justin came up and hit a single. Everyone advanced safely, and Tyrone came up to bat. All he could do with his first at bat was watch the ball closely as it left the pitcher, and hope for the best. “Holy shit!” thought Tyrone to himself when he saw the first pitch coming. Tyrone unloaded his bat again, knocking the first pitch just over the centerfield fence.

The cycle AND a grand slam!” laughed Tyrone, as he crossed the plate and gave his teammates a high five.

The opposing catcher and coach called for a time out, then went to the plate to talk to the pitcher. The boy looked like he was on the verge of tears, and it took about five minutes for the coach and catcher to calm him down. The coach whispered into the boy's ear, making him smile slightly. Then the catcher whispered into his ear, as he discreetly rubbed the pitcher on the butt. That was enough to snap the pitcher back out of it. Justin saw everything, and could only imagine the things the coach and catcher said to the pitcher. He had a good idea though, and it made him stiff. The pitcher had calmed down enough to strike out the next three batters.

Then Angelica went out to the mound. She saw the cameras that had affected the other pitcher, and wanted to freeze halfway to the mound. Angelica closed her eyes though, until she had completely erased the cameras from her memory and sight. The first batter hit the ball straight up at home plate, and Lin got the easy out. Then Angelica got a determined look on her face, and struck out the next two batters. In the next inning, the other team managed to make up one run when the first batter managed to get onto base due to an error that wasn't Angelica's. The other batters managed to advance the runner to third base, and then home before Angelica got the third out of the inning. Tyrone's next at bat was only a single, and Valencia couldn't capitalize on it, but it gave Tyrone the second step of the cycle. Now he needed two more at bats, with a double and a triple.

By the eighth inning, the opposing team had made up another run, and now trailed by three. Then the unthinkable happened, and the first three batters loaded the bases. That did unnerve Angelica a little bit, and she ended up throwing a pitch she knew she would regret. The batter got good contact with the ball, and sent it towering toward the right field fence. Angelica held her breath and cursed at herself for throwing that last pitch, as everyone watched the ball. Then the ball sailed past the foul pole, barely on the foul side of the pole. The runners on the opposing team groaned as they all went back to the bases they had been on, and Angelica was looking somewhat drained. Then Lin went out to talk to her.

Okay Angelica, let's see if we can get out of this inning now without hurting ourselves too much more.” said Lin. “We still have control of this game, so don't fall apart on yourself.”

I'm not falling apart.” replied Angelica. “I'm just so pissed at myself! That last pitch almost gave them the lead!”

Well, we all know you can avoid throwing a pitch like that again.” smiled Lin. “Let's see you not give those guys anything they can hit now.”

You got it Lin!” replied Angelica, getting her determined look back.

The first pitch to the next batter flew over the plate so fast that he barely even saw it. The batter tried to act like the ball was much closer to him than it was though.

Damn bitch, are you going to try to kill us now?!” yelled the batter loudly at Angelica.

Lin got into his face and yelled, “You talk to my pitcher like that one more time, and I'll retire you myself!”

Okay boys, knock it off!” barked the umpire. “That ball went over the middle of the plate, and wasn't anywhere near you batter. If you use names like that one more time, I'll eject you. Strike one!!!”

Angelica just laughed at the batter, then got two more strikes on him. Angelica was now back in control, and she struck out the next two batters as well. The next inning started with two outs for Valencia batters, and there were still three more before Tyrone could get his next at bat. Coach Donnelley almost chuckled as he saw Tyrone kneeling in the corner of the dugout praying for three base hits. Tyrone's prayers were answered though, and he would now get his fourth at bat. Tyrone had a single, a double, and a home run, and now he needed a triple to complete the cycle. Tyrone had decided that he would let the first two pitches go by without swinging, then go after the third one if it looked like it would be over the plate. On the third pitch, Tyrone went after the ball and hit it hard toward the outfield. The left fielder ran the ball down as best as he could, and managed to get his glove on it. That only knocked the ball away from him though, and it ricocheted out of the corner toward the centerfielder. Everyone saw the ball giving the outfielders a hard time, and ran as fast as they could. Justin rounded third without even looking, and barreled toward home plate. The ball was finally thrown home, but Justin beat it by a few inches as Tyrone triumphantly took third base. The next batter for Valencia managed to get Tyrone home, which he deserved at that point. Then Valencia's turn at bat was finally ended. By this time though, the team had an incredible amount of momentum. Angelica threw nine more pitches, with each one being called strikes, and Valencia won the championship. The crowd went wild applauding the kids, and everyone on the Valencia team had to come out to wave to the crowd.

After the crowd calmed down, it was time for awards. “Okay everyone, I want to call coach Brian Donnelley out here first to accept the championship trophy for Valencia Academy.” said the league director.

The crowd cheered again as Brian came out, then Brian said, “Thanks everyone, for your incredible support this year. This is without any doubt the finest team of kids I have ever had the privilege to coach. Every boy and girl on this team equally deserves the credit for this trophy, and I thank all of you for them too.”

Thanks coach Donnelley.” said the league director. “I think I can safely say that you have given us the most memorable season we've ever had. Now it's time for individual awards. Coach Donnelley tells me this first award was the toughest choice for him to make. For the award for the league's best pitcher, I need Angelica Foster to join us out here.”

Angelica was given a hug by Justin as she started out to the field. Then Frank came up, and Angelica said, “You deserve this as much as I do Frank. You're going to be one of the best pitchers in the major leagues someday.”

I hope you will be too Angelica.” replied Frank, as he gave her a quick hug too. “It is a shame we both couldn't win. When the coach mentioned that he couldn't decide between us though, I told him to put you up for the award. It was incredible for you to even make it here, with all of the obstacles you had to face.”

Angelica gave Frank a kiss on the cheek, then went out to join the ceremony. After the crowd gave her a huge applause, Angelica said, “I have to thank all of you out there first. If everyone didn't think I belonged on this team, I never would have made it this far. Two people who really helped there though, and deserve special thanks, are Justin Gordon and coach Brian Donnelley. I can never thank you two enough for helping me get here. Finally, I want to thank my fellow pitcher Frank Davis. He is every bit as good as me, and I wish I could have shared this award with him. Frank helped keep me in love with pitching, and I love him for that. Thanks again everyone.”

Okay, thank you Angelica.” said the league director. “I know you are the first female to ever play in this league, but after having the privilege to watch you all season, I have to say it was long overdue. I certainly hope you're the start of a new era. Next is the league's most valuable player. This award will make this young man the most valuable player in two different sports in our league. It's a pleasure to call out Justin Gordon.”

Justin came out and waved as everyone cheered. The Justin stepped up to the microphone and said, “Every last player on this team was valuable to our success this season, so I want to thank my teammates because this couldn't have happened without them. I also want to thank the greatest man in the world, my dad. He's really my real dad's brother, but he took me in when I had no one, and I'm so proud of how things turned out because Mitch Gordon took me in and gave me a chance to live a normal life again. I love you so much dad!”

Thanks Justin.” said the director as he smiled. “Our last award is for the league's best all around player. This year that honor goes to Tyrone Adams. Come on out and join us Tyrone.”

This team is like a family to me, and I really love all of my teammates.” said Tyrone, after stepping up to the microphone. “I meant it too that the team is like a family. Most of us live in the same home. And those that don't are very good friends to the rest of us. So I want to thank my new family. Without your love and support, this wouldn't have been possible.”

The team finally made it to the boy's locker room, where they were soon joined by Brian and his friend. Brian's friend then said, “I just wanted to tell you boys that I'm happy Brian invited me here for the past two games. My name is Bill, and I'm a scout for the San Francisco Giants baseball club. I'm going to be keeping a close eye on you boys for the next few seasons. These past two games seemed more like a collegiate championship than a high school championship, and you boys have impressed the hell out of me. Don't be too surprised if I ask several of you to someday wear the uniform of the San Francisco Giants. I'm even going to start breaking the league into the idea of a female eventually playing in the majors. I think we'd be very fortunate to have a pitching duo like Frank and Angelica. There are others that I'm especially impressed with too. Tyrone, you probably belong in the majors now, but we want you to get your education finished first. I can safely say we will have a place for you on our team when you're ready. Now, I have to go wait for Angelica to get decent enough to talk to. And thanks again for asking me to come here Brian.”

Then Bill went to wait outside Angelica's locker room. Once Angelica was decent, Bill went in to talk to her. “Hello young lady.” said Bill. “My name is Bill, and my friend Brian Donnelley invited me out here for the past two games. I'm a scout for the San Francisco Giants, and I was very impressed with you tonight.”

Why were you impressed tonight sir?” asked Angelica. “I didn't exactly have my best game tonight.”

It was still good enough to win the championship for your team though Angelica.” replied Bill. “Besides, I have seen your stats for the season. I know your ERA, strikeout record, and number of wins. Your stats are very impressive, but stats don't show everything. Tonight you showed me everything though. You got into trouble out there, and in a position where most seasoned players would have lost their composure and need to be pulled from the game, you bore down and lived up to the stats you've posted. It takes a great player to do that. I'm so impressed by what you've shown me that I'd love to make it possible someday for you to play with our major league team.”

Is that even possible?” asked Angelica.

I'm not going to lie to you Angelica.” replied Bill. “It may not be impossible, but it's going to take quite an accomplishment by both of us. We're going to have to convince a very male oriented establishment and the rest of the world that you deserve this opportunity. It took forever to get major league baseball use to the idea that black players deserved to play in the majors, and getting them use to the idea of female players will be even tougher. I believe in my heart that you are the young lady that can do that though. Our first obstacle will be to get you onto a major college team after your high school career is over. The NCAA is very resistant to change, but I know a few people who owe me big. Your part will to be to continue proving to them that you deserve to play. You've shown me that tonight, and I hope you continue the path you're on right now.”

Why me?” asked Angelica.

Why not you young lady?” replied Bill. “You are better than most college senior male players that I see every year. I would be very proud and honored to be the person to put the very first young lady into the uniform of the San Francisco Giants, and you would deserve that chance from what I saw tonight. I'm going to be keeping in touch with you if you tell me you want this, and I'll work my ass off to make this happen for you.”

Of course I want this!” replied Angelica. “Nothing could make me happier or prouder! I'll work as hard as I can not to disappoint you. Thank you so much sir!”

Thank you Angelica.” smiled Bill. “I'll be keeping in touch.”

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