What A Gas! 3: We Are Family

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 3: We Are Family

by tim

Chapter 6

From the last chapter:

Then Bill went to wait outside Angelica's locker room. Once Angelica was decent, Bill went in to talk to her. “Hello young lady.” said Bill. “My name is Bill, and my friend Brian Donnelley invited me out here for the past two games. I'm a scout for the San Francisco Giants, and I was very impressed with you tonight.”

Why were you impressed tonight sir?” asked Angelica. “I didn't exactly have my best game tonight.”

It was still good enough to win the championship for your team though Angelica.” replied Bill. “Besides, I have seen your stats for the season. I know your ERA, strikeout record, and number of wins. Your stats are very impressive, but stats don't show everything. Tonight you showed me everything though. You got into trouble out there, and in a position where most seasoned players would have lost their composure and need to be pulled from the game, you bore down and lived up to the stats you've posted. It takes a great player to do that. I'm so impressed by what you've shown me that I'd love to make it possible someday for you to play with our major league team.”

Is that even possible?” asked Angelica.

I'm not going to lie to you Angelica.” replied Bill. “It may not be impossible, but it's going to take quite an accomplishment by both of us. We're going to have to convince a very male oriented establishment and the rest of the world that you deserve this opportunity. It took forever to get major league baseball use to the idea that black players deserved to play in the majors, and getting them use to the idea of female players will be even tougher. I believe in my heart that you are the young lady that can do that though. Our first obstacle will be to get you onto a major college team after your high school career is over. The NCAA is very resistant to change, but I know a few people who owe me big. Your part will to be to continue proving to them that you deserve to play. You've shown me that tonight, and I hope you continue the path you're on right now.”

Why me?” asked Angelica.

Why not you young lady?” replied Bill. “You are better than most college senior male players that I see every year. I would be very proud and honored to be the person to put the very first young lady into the uniform of the San Francisco Giants, and you would deserve that chance from what I saw tonight. I'm going to be keeping in touch with you if you tell me you want this, and I'll work my ass off to make this happen for you.”

Of course I want this!” replied Angelica. “Nothing could make me happier or prouder! I'll work as hard as I can not to disappoint you. Thank you so much sir!”

Thank you Angelica.” smiled Bill. “I'll be keeping in touch.”

Once again, a victory celebration was in order. Mitch had planned on taking everyone to the same restaurant where he met the last group of kids, since the owner had promised him the next meal on the house.

Hey Mitch, the day I feared is finally here huh?” laughed the owner, as he met Mitch at the door. “I've put our two largest banquet rooms together for you, and four of my servers have volunteered for hazardous duty tonight.”

I'll try to make sure it's not that bad.” laughed Mitch. “And I'll make sure they're very well rewarded for their bravery tonight.”

You'll also be happy to know that the neighborhood watch has been dealt with by the police, and I'm the new leader of the watch.” said the owner. “Now all of the businesses are happy, and no one is in any danger, not even the street kids around here. I even take them in for a meal every night now. It started out with just a handful of kids, but now I'd say we serve at least three dozen a night, and it keeps growing.”

That's a wonderful thing you're doing then.” replied Mitch. “If you need anyone to help sponsor your program, just let me know.”

The state stepped in and is helping me, and I didn't even ask them to.” replied the owner. “The only thing they ask is for me to let the kids know that they're willing to help them. I have a social worker who comes by every night now to talk to any kids who want help, and he doesn't pressure them into anything.”

That sounds like my social worker, Will.” chuckled Mitch.

As a matter of fact, his name IS Will.” replied the owner.

Can you do something else for the kids for me, at least for now?” asked Mitch. “Here are some of my cards. Let the kids know they also have the option of my home. I only have one more wing of the home to be completed, but I'll help as many as I can until that's full.”

I'd be glad to Mitch.” smiled the owner. “Some of these kids are the most wonderful children I've ever met, who've just gotten a few bad breaks in their lives. I've even taken in four of them myself.”

I'd love to meet your new family sometime then!” said Mitch. “Why don't you bring them by the home for a visit?”

I promise I'll do that sometime Mitch.” replied the owner.

The celebration that night went well, although it was rather loud at times. The four servers who had volunteered for Mitch's group were kept very busy though. Toward the end of the dinner, Mitch wanted to go outside for a breath of air. He gave Justin one thousand dollars to give to the servers as their tips, then made his way outside. Mitch decided he would walk to the end of the block and back, and his group should be done by that time. About halfway down the street, Mitch passed by an alley and thought he heard something.

Keep him quiet!” whispered a voice that Mitch couldn't identify.

Mitch became very cautious as he approached the area of the darkened alley where the voice came from. Suddenly Mitch felt something slip around his neck, and begin to tighten. Mitch reached up to discover a rope had been thrown around his neck from behind, so he tried to loosen its hold on him. Whoever was on the other end of the rope though refused to let it loosen, and Mitch could now feel his air being cut off. In a few seconds, Mitch found it impossible to breathe anymore, and he knew he had to do something. Mitch pulled the rope to him even tighter, then bent forward as he rolled his back and hips. The small form of a person flew over top of Mitch, and landed on his back in the alley. Mitch could breathe once again, and he immediately pounced on his attacker. Then Mitch saw that the person he had pinned beneath him looked to be a boy of about twelve.

Why were you trying to kill me son?” asked Mitch. “I only wanted to help.”

I was protecting my brothers and sisters!” gasped the boy, as Mitch's weight bore down on him. “There are people out here that would rape and kill all four of us, and not think anything of it! I promised my parents I would take care of them!”

Mitch then let his weight off the boy and said, “I'm not one of those people who would hurt you though. I help children who need it. You can ask any of the kids who live in my home.”

How many is that?” asked the boy.

I don't know without counting.” laughed Mitch. “Somewhere between sixty and seventy five. Where are your parents son?”

I don't know sir.” replied the boy. “They left us here a week ago, and they haven't been back since.”

Then Mitch heard a baby start crying, and asked, “How old is the youngest one in your group?”

My baby brother is six months old.” replied the boy.

You need a loving home to care for you and your brothers and sisters.” said Mitch.

It's two brothers and one sister, and I can take care of them until my parents come back!” said the boy determinedly.

What if they don't son?” asked Mitch. “Why would they leave four children, with the oldest who looks like he's only twelve, in an alley to fend for themselves for a week?”

I know my mom might be having emotional problems, and my dad might have a drug problem, but they'll be back!” said the boy. “They have to come back!”

Can I at least look out for you, your brothers, and your sister until they do?” asked Mitch. “I'll make sure that if your parents do come back, they can find you.”

Why?” asked the boy.

Because I care about children.” replied Mitch. “I want to know that you four are safe until your parents do come back, and it's not safe out here. I promise I'll make sure you're fed, cared for, and happy until they come back.”

I don't know why, but I trust you even though you're still sitting on me.” replied the boy.

Mitch got off the boy then, and helped him to his feet. Then the boy called his brother and sister out, along with his baby brother, and said, “My name is Todd, and I'm twelve. My younger brother Cody is nine, and the baby he's holding is my baby brother Andrew. My sister is Belinda, and she's five.”

Okay kids, my name is Mitch.” replied Mitch. “I run a home for children who are living on the streets. Like I told Todd, I'll make sure all of you are very well cared for until your parents come back for you. I'll make sure you're a lot safer and happier than you are out here. How long as it been since you've eaten?”

I got us some food from a nearby restaurant last night.” replied Todd.

Okay then, that may explain why Andrew is crying.” said Mitch. “Let's get back to the restaurant my group is at before they finish, and get you guys something to eat. Then you can come to my home where you can clean up, and have a nice bed to sleep in tonight.”

Okay Mitch, we're all yours.” replied Todd.

Mitch and his four new kids returned to the restaurant, and the servers were happy to get food for three of the kids, and even scared up a bottle and milk for Andrew. When it was over, the servers were thrilled with the tip Justin left them.

Once they got home, Mitch went to the supply room to get everything that Todd, Cody, and Belinda would need. Mitch put Cody and Belinda in one room, and Todd and Andrew in another, so Todd could continue caring for his baby brother for now.

Okay Todd, I got clean clothes for you, Cody, and Belinda so I can clean the clothes you have on.” said Mitch. “We have another boy here named Sean, and he has an infant son named Mark. I got a few clean diapers and a blanket for Andrew from him. Tomorrow I'll take you and your brothers and sister shopping, and we'll get you enough clothes and stuff to do you until your parents can be found. The showers and bathrooms are toward the end of the hall on the right, and there are separate facilities for boys and girls there. Do you guys need anything else tonight?”

A hug would be nice.” replied Todd, as his emotions finally began to catch up to him. “I think you might be right, and our parents aren't coming back! What are we going to do Mitch?”

Mitch took the scared boy in his arms, and replied, “I have a friend named Will and another one named Eric, and they'll find your parents Todd. If it's a matter of them not being able to take care of their children anymore, I'll make sure you're loved and well cared for here. You, your brothers, and your sister deserve to be happy Todd, and I'll try to make you as happy as I can. If you'll make friends with the other kids here, I'm sure you'll find that you've stumbled into a pretty nice home here.” Then Mitch gave Todd a light kiss to his forehead.

Thank you so much for everything Mitch.” said Todd. “It was really scary out there by ourselves. I'm sorry I tried to choke you too.”

Don't worry Todd, you were just protecting your brothers and sister, and I think it's great that you would do it so well.” replied Mitch, as he smiled and ruffled Todd's hair.

The next morning, Will just smiled as Mitch told him and Eric about the four new kids. Then Will said, “It seems like every kid out there who needs to find you does so Mitch, even if it's by trying to strangle you. We'll do everything we can to find the parents, and see why they abandoned their children. I'm sure Eric will love to help too. I'll need to speak with Todd now, so we can get as much information on the parents as we can.”

Todd came in and provided Will with last names, and as much information as he could. It seems as though their mother's parents never approved in her choice of a mate. They saw the man as a drunk and drug addict, who would only drag their daughter down with him. Since their daughter loved the kind of lifestyle her mate led, the parents let her go, and dropped completely out of her life. That was as much as Todd knew about his mother's family, and he knew even less about his father's family. His parents friends seemed to change regularly, and came and went quickly. Since Todd thought most of them were like his father, it didn't seem like that would help much. Once Will got Mitch alone, he told Mitch to expect to be keeping the kids for a while. He would return with the papers as soon as he and Eric had finished a preliminary investigation of the parents.

After Will and Eric left, it was time to do a little Sunday shopping. On the bus ride to the mall, which seemed to attract almost all of the kids from the home, Mitch had Todd sit with him.

I need to know if you intend to keep caring for Andrew if this turns into a long term arrangement Todd.” said Mitch.

What do you think?” asked Todd.

I think you've been doing good so far, and we have people at the home who can help you do even better.” replied Mitch. “I think it might even be good for Andrew in the long run to have his oldest brother caring for him. Of course when you do go to school here, I can care for him during the day. I also care for Mark while his father Sean is in school.”

I'd like to do it then Mitch.” said Todd.

In that case, I'll get you a crib, a stroller, and a baby bath today, and we can remove the second bed from your room.” said Mitch. “You can talk to Sean about caring for Andrew, as he's been through this with Mark already. Also our counselor Melanie has been a big help in teaching Sean to care for his infant son properly. He almost looks like a seasoned father now.”

Can you get some really nice things for Andrew today?” asked Todd. “He deserves to have really nice things.”

You all deserve that Todd, and I'm going to be spoiling all four of you rotten today.” laughed Mitch. “Like I said before, I'm going to make sure that all of you are happy while you're here.”

After everyone got their instructions and money from Mitch, most of the kids scattered to the wind. Mitch's group included the four new kids, Justin, and Sean and Mark. The first stop was the baby store. First Mitch and Sean helped Todd get everything he would need to care for Andrew, then they had a ball getting baby clothes, baby toys, and baby supplies. Reggie had to make his first run to take things to the bus after that. Then it was time to shop for Todd, Cody, and Belinda. Mitch wanted to stop at an electronics store first.

You probably won't be starting school until the next school year Todd, but I'm going to give you one of our computers that the older kids get for school anyway.” said Mitch. “If you see anything in here that you would like to have for it, go ahead and get it.”

Then Cody came up and said, “It's too bad mommy isn't here to give us money! They have a really cool Wii here!”

Mommy wouldn't give you money for that anyway.” replied Todd.

She might not, but I would.” said Mitch. “As long as you promise to play with your sister on it, go ahead and bring it here Cody.”

Geez Mister Mitch, thanks a bunch!” replied an excited Cody.

Well, your plan of spoiling my brother rotten is going well!” laughed Todd.

And you have a very beautiful laugh Todd.” smiled Mitch. “Now, why don't you pick out a stereo and TV for your room while we're here.”

I hope you know that we're quickly falling in love with your home Mitch.” replied Todd.

Good, that's the plan for now!” chuckled Mitch.

Reggie had no more than returned to Mitch's group, when he had to make another package run back to the bus. Next a toy store caught the eye of Cody and Belinda, so Mitch and the group had to make a stop there. After a rousing time at the toy store, it was time for lunch. Mitch didn't expect this trip to the mall to go without adding to the home, since the last one amazingly had, and two groups of kids had called to say they had found someone for Mitch to meet. The first to show up was Tyrone and Dinh's group, with a boy who looked about fifteen or sixteen. Tyrone and Dinh had only made idle chat with the boy, mostly finding out names and stuff.

Hey Mitch, this is Robby.” said Tyrone. “Mall security chased him right into Dinh and me. After he knocked Dinh over, and they got back up, mall security saw he was with us now, so they told us to keep him with us, and keep an eye on him.”

Hi Robby, I'm Mitch.” said Mitch. “Why were the security officers chasing you?”

I don't know.” replied Robby. “I was outside having a smoke I had gotten from someone. They spotted me as I was putting it out, and just started chasing me. I guess they had seen me around the mall before, and knew I didn't have anyplace to live.”

Well Robby, smoking is a bad habit.” said Mitch. “I used to myself, and I still slip every once in a while. I wanted to try to quit though, so my boyfriend would as well.”

Your boyfriend?!” asked Robby. “Do you mean as in, you're gay?”

Yes, I am.” replied Mitch. “You'll find there are quite a few gay kids at our home too. Is that going to be a problem?”

I know I did that shit a few times, but that was just to make money to live on!” replied Robby. “I really can't stand the idea of having sex with other guys, and I don't see how guys can have sex with each other because they want to!”

Maybe it's because you've never felt love for another guy.” said Tyrone. “I had my father's prison buddies force themselves on me, and I couldn't stand it. But then I met Dinh. The love we share is really beautiful, and when we make love it's the most beautiful thing in the world. I'm really sorry Mitch, I didn't realize Robby was like this.”

It's okay Tyrone, don't worry about it.” said Mitch. “Robby, our home is like a family. Sure there are gay boys and girls there, but there are straight boys and girls there as well. All of the kids in our home respect each other's differences though. Any straight kid there would be the first to jump to the defense of one of their gay brothers or sisters, and vice versa. We all seem to understand one thing, that love is very beautiful, and it doesn't matter if it's between gay or straight people. All of the kids in our home feel that way, and if you don't, then you may not be right for our home.”

I know what this is!” replied Robby. “You're just realizing that you'll never turn me gay! You got a bunch of kids together, and you think you have a shot at turning all of them gay! Well, it won't work with me! I don't care what my father says, I'm not a fag!. It was all just a big mistake!”

Robby, would you like to tell me why you're on the streets?” asked Mitch.

No man!” replied Robby. “It was a mistake, and I don't want to talk about it! My father was wrong!”

He probably was Robby.” said Mitch. “If you talk about it though, maybe I can help. I promise you that no one here is ever going to judge anything you've done, or try to make you into something you're not. In spite of what you believe, I don't try to turn any of the kids in my home gay. I'm as proud of the straight kids in my home as I am of the gay kids. All of my kids are wonderful people, no matter what their sexual orientation is.”

Are you sure man?' asked Robby. “I'm not gay.”

I promise.” replied Mitch.

Okay, it started about two years ago.” said Robby. “I was really into jacking off. A friend of mine said he liked jacking off too, and he wanted us to do it together. I was thirteen, and about to turn fourteen, so I didn't know any better. I said okay, so we both lowered our pants and began jacking off. It was kind of cool doing it with a friend, but I noticed that he watched me jacking off more than he watched himself. That went on for about a year, and I didn't mind too much that he would watch me as he jacked off. I even looked at his dick as he jacked it a few times, but it never did anything special for me. The next to last time we did it together, he said he wanted to jack my dick off for me. I didn't think he was serious, so I let go of my dick and just pointed it toward him. Then he reached over, and began stroking my dick really gently. He looked at my dick like he really liked it as he jacked me off, so I reached over and stroked his too. We both had a really good cum that time. The last time we were together, he started jacking my dick off the moment we started, so I started stroking him. Then he told me that my dick looked like it would taste really nice, and he wanted me to put it in his mouth. I couldn't believe he was doing it, as he got on his knees and I put my dick into his mouth. I realized my friend was gay though, because he looked like he loved sucking my dick. He looked really happy as he sucked my dick, then as I cummed in his mouth. Then he asked if I would suck his dick. I don't know why, but I was a little curious how it would feel in my mouth. I got down in front of him, and closed my eyes as I let him put his dick in my mouth. Then I had to think of having sex with a girl so I could go back and forth on it. My eyes were still closed, so I didn't see my dad come in. I guess my friend was moaning with his eyes closed too. Then my dad yelled at both of us, and my friend took off as fast as he could. My dad continued yelling at me, telling me he wouldn't let any fags live in his home. I tried telling him that I didn't really like was I was doing, and the only reason I did it was because he had just sucked me. My dad still made me leave though. That was a year ago. Now sometimes I have to suck guys dicks, so I can make money to live on. I hate doing it even more now than when I did it to my friend.”

Robby, you shouldn't have to do things like that if you don't want to.” said Mitch. “Can't you see how wrong being closed minded is though? Your dad should have given you a chance. I believe you, and I think you just did it out of curiosity, and you thought you owed your friend something. But now you're acting as closed minded as your dad did. How would it have made you feel if your dad had listened to you, and gave you a chance?”

I guess it would have been really nice.” replied Robby.

And it would be just as nice if you gave others the same chance.” replied Mitch. “If you keep an open mind toward other people in spite of what you've been through Robby, they'll keep an open mind toward you. If you can give me and all of the kids in the home a chance to prove we don't want to make you something you're not, we'll give you a chance to be happy, and never do anything you don't want to just to survive. Doesn't that sound good to you?”

It sounds like what my father should have done for me.” replied Robby.

He didn't though, because his mind was too closed to even listen to his own son.” said Mitch. “We can give you more of a chance than that if you can give us a chance Robby.”

I don't want to be like my father, so I guess I should.” said Robby. “I'm really sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings. Tyrone, you deserve to be happy with who you want to be, and I didn't mean to sound like an asshole. Man, I really need another smoke now! This has taken a lot out of me.”

Okay, I understand.” said Mitch. “Tyrone, why don't you take our new friend and see if you can find Lance, Ryan, or Bart, and tell them it's okay with me to give Robby a smoke?”

Okay, but we're going to keep trying to talk you out of that habit Robby.” smiled Tyrone. “Let's go.”

The next to show up with a new boy in tow was Wes and Wylie. “Hey Mitch, this is Brian, and he's fourteen.” said Wylie. “Wes and I thought we were alone in the restroom, so we went into a stall and began kissing. We had gotten each other's pants down, and were really about to get into it when we noticed Brian's head peeking at us from underneath the stall next to us.”

Then my horny boyfriend went ahead and wrapped his lips around my dick anyway, to give the dude a show!” laughed Wes.

I thought it was really cool!” exclaimed Brian.

What were you doing in there anyway Brian?” asked Mitch.

I don't have anyplace to live sir.” replied Brian.

Okay, we'll try this a different way.” chuckled Mitch. “Why don't you have anyplace to live Brian?”

I've been into other guys dicks ever since I've been into my own.” said Brian. “I love looking at them, and sometimes being able to touch them. Most of my friends at school have let me either look at theirs, or play with them. They think it's okay that I like dicks so much. Anyway, my dad is a heavy sleeper. He's also a jerk. Him and my mom had a battle over who didn't want me in their divorce, and my dad lost. Anyway, my dad is such a heavy sleeper that one night I decided to see if I could get away with playing with his dick while he slept. It went on for a few weeks, and I never did wake him up. Then I decided to see if I could get away with sucking it a little bit. The first few times went okay, but then he woke up because I guess I did it too long. He threw me out right then, and that was about a week ago.”

Well Brian, I hope that teaches you that you should never do anything to anyone without asking them first.” said Mitch. “You asked your friends at school, right?”

Yeah.” replied Brian.

And they said yes, so it was no problem, right?” asked Mitch.

Yes.” replied Brian. “I promise I won't do anything without asking anymore. It felt kinda bad when my dad caught me, and didn't like what I was doing.”

Okay son, I believe you.” said Mitch. “Would you like to come stay with me and my kids?”

Sure mister, I'd love that!” replied Brian eagerly. “It sucks not having anyplace to live! I haven't showered since I left home, and I haven't eaten in three days!”

Well then, why don't you join my group while we have lunch, and wait for one of the kids in our home to return with another new kid. We might as well get both of you some clothes while we're here today, and we were going clothes shopping after lunch.”

That sounds really nice mister.” replied Brian.

Please Brian, call me Mitch.” smiled Mitch.

Okay Mitch!” replied Brian with a wide smile.

We'll stay with your group too Mitch.” said Wes. “We kinda like Brian, and want to make friends with him.”

After Tyrone and Dinh returned with Robby, and grabbed him a couple of burgers to eat while they walked, it was off to the clothing store. While Robby, Brian, Todd, Cody, and Belinda tried on clothes, Tyrone and Mitch had a chance to talk.

I think Robby may have to spend time with one of our counselors.” said Tyrone.

Why is that?” asked Mitch.

His attitude was just too anit-gay at first, then he seemed to mellow out.” replied Tyrone. “He's even being pretty likable right now. I think the reason he didn't like doing stuff to survive was because none of those people were his friend.”

You think he liked what he was doing with his friend then?” asked Mitch.

I'm pretty sure of it.” replied Tyrone.

Well, it wouldn't be the first time something like that had happened.” said Mitch. “We want to give him plenty of room though until he's talked to someone about this.”

After the clothing store, Mitch headed his group back to the other stores, so Robby and Brian could furnish whatever rooms they would be in. Mitch breathed a sigh of relief at only picking up two new kids on this trip to the mall. After returning to the home, Robby decided to room with Bart, since he thought they were both straight, and both smoked. Brian took the last empty room, next to Wylie and Wes. After supper, it was time for showers. Everything went okay, until Robby saw a couple of guys looking at him. Chance happened to be the closest to Robby.

What the hell are you looking at!” said Robby.

Don't worry dude, it didn't mean anything.” replied Chance.

It means some guy is looking at my cock, and I don't like that shit!” yelled Robby.

Don't get bent out of shape man, I have a boyfriend!” replied Chance. “I was just looking because you look nice. If you don't want the compliment though, I'll save it for someone else the next time!”

Maybe there won't be a next time!” said Robby, as he started moving toward Chance.

At that time, Tyrone and Dinh showed up, and Tyrone pinned Robby against the wall.

Think about what you're doing dude.” said Tyrone, as he held Robby still. “Starting a fight will get you kicked out of here right away. Besides, you know how many of these guys are gay. It's the same as if you were in a girl's shower. Don't you think you'd be finding some way to let them know that you thought they looked nice?”

Yeah, but I ain't no girl!” replied Robby.

I know that, but it's the same thing here.” said Tyrone. “Trust me that Chance isn't the least bit interested in you. He honestly was just paying you a compliment. Would you rather these guys tell you how butt ugly you are?”

I ain't that way though!” replied Robby.

You don't have to be any way to accept a compliment in the spirit it's given.” said Tyrone. “These guys are trying to compliment you, and you want to start shit with them over something that just isn't going to happen. I could read you off a list of straight guys here, who have all been complimented about how they look naked. Right over there is Joey. He's completely straight, and has a very serious girlfriend here named Leah. Joey, how do you respond when these guys let you know you look nice?”

Since most of the guys here either have girlfriends or boyfriends, I thank them for the compliment and then I don't worry about it.” replied Joey.

Do you need to hear any more Robby?” asked Tyrone. “Don't get bent out of shape thinking something is going to happen when it isn't. These guys all respect the fact that you say you're straight. If you don't respect them though, you'll find yourself pretty miserable in one of the best homes I've ever seen! And if you ever throw the first punch, trust me that you'll be leaving here right away. I don't want to see that happen, and neither do any of these guys. You've been through enough shit already, and these guys can help you get over it. If you'll let them, they can be the best friends you've ever had. All you have to do is accept the fact that Chance was trying to compliment you, and he didn't mean what you think he meant by it.”

Robby thought about what Tyrone said for a few minutes, then said, “I'm sorry Chance. I guess you were just being nice, and I acted like a jerk, just like my dad.”

It's okay Robby.” replied Chance.

You don't have to be like your dad Robby.” said Tyrone. “God only knows how glad I am that I'm not like my piece of shit dad. Just trust these guys, and give them the chance to prove they mean what they say. If you can try to do that, you'll never be like your dad from what I hear. Try to let these guys be your friends, okay?”

Okay Tyrone, and thanks for stopping me before I did something stupid.” said Robby.

When Tyrone released Robby, he went to Chance and shook the boy's hand, then said, “I really am sorry Chance.”

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