What A Gas! 3: We Are Family

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 3: We Are Family

by tim

Chapter 7

From the last chapter:

You don't have to be any way to accept a compliment in the spirit it's given.” said Tyrone. “These guys are trying to compliment you, and you want to start shit with them over something that just isn't going to happen. I could read you off a list of straight guys here, who have all been complimented about how they look naked. Right over there is Joey. He's completely straight, and has a very serious girlfriend here named Leah. Joey, how do you respond when these guys let you know you look nice?”

Since most of the guys here either have girlfriends or boyfriends, I thank them for the compliment and then I don't worry about it.” replied Joey.

Do you need to hear any more Robby?” asked Tyrone. “Don't get bent out of shape thinking something is going to happen when it isn't. These guys all respect the fact that you say you're straight. If you don't respect them though, you'll find yourself pretty miserable in one of the best homes I've ever seen! And if you ever throw the first punch, trust me that you'll be leaving here right away. I don't want to see that happen, and neither do any of these guys. You've been through enough shit already, and these guys can help you get over it. If you'll let them, they can be the best friends you've ever had. All you have to do is accept the fact that Chance was trying to compliment you, and he didn't mean what you think he meant by it.”

Robby thought about what Tyrone said for a few minutes, then said, “I'm sorry Chance. I guess you were just being nice, and I acted like a jerk, just like my dad.”

It's okay Robby.” replied Chance.

You don't have to be like your dad Robby.” said Tyrone. “God only knows how glad I am that I'm not like my piece of shit dad. Just trust these guys, and give them the chance to prove they mean what they say. If you can try to do that, you'll never be like your dad from what I hear. Try to let these guys be your friends, okay?”

Okay Tyrone, and thanks for stopping me before I did something stupid.” said Robby.

When Tyrone released Robby, he went to Chance and shook the boy's hand, then said, “I really am sorry Chance.”

Mitch was really concerned about the incident in the shower when Tyrone told him about it. “I really hope I didn't make a mistake this time.” said Mitch.

It might be rough at times Mitch, but I still think Robby is hiding from himself.” replied Tyrone. “I just hope no one gets hurt before he finds himself.”

That's what I'm talking about though.” said Mitch. “I'd hate to think that I brought someone into this home who might hurt one of the other boys.”

Maybe Tyrone can get a few of the guys to help keep an eye on Robby until he can sort this crap out with one of our counselors.” suggested Justin. “I know we have a few guys here who can keep him in line.”

Who would I have deal with Robby though?” asked Mitch. “All of our counselors are gay themselves.”

All of the male counselors are.” smiled Tyrone.

Damn Tyrone, you're a pretty bright young man!” chuckled Mitch. “I just hope Melanie can handle such a rough young man.”

Shit, she could probably kick my butt!” laughed Tyrone. “I won't give her any reason to try either!”

I agree with Tyrone.” smiled Justin. “I think she can handle our troubled friend Robby.”

Okay, we'll give it a try.” said Mitch. “Thanks for coming to me about this Tyrone. Could you and a couple of other guys keep an eye on him until Melanie can sort through the mess in his head?”

No problem Mitch.” smiled Tyrone.

The next morning after breakfast, Mitch pulled Brian aside as the other kids were getting ready for school. “I wanted to have a little chat with you Brian.” said Mitch. “The kids here only have a few more weeks of school left, and I don't believe the academy will take any new students with so little time left. That means that the only kids around here during the week until school is over will be you, Todd and his brothers and sister, and Robby. I also know what it's like to feel the way you do. When I was your age, I loved other guys dicks.”

Oh cool, this is going to be one of THOSE talks!” exclaimed Brian eagerly.

Yes, it is.” laughed Mitch. “Anyway, I could be happy just looking at pictures of other guys dicks all day. What I felt then, and what you're feeling now is called penis worship. The thing I'm concerned about right now is not that you are so interested in penises, but the lack of opportunity that you have right now. The only guy around your age who'll be here during the week for the next few weeks will be Robby.”

I heard about him and Chance in the showers last night.” said Brian. “He kinda scares me Mitch.”

That's what I really wanted to discuss with you Brian.” replied Mitch. “Robby is going through a really tough time right now. He's very defensive about anyone thinking that he might be gay. I'm going to have someone trying to help him with that, but I'd like you to stay clear of him during the day for now. Even though he scares you, I know how strong the temptation might be to say or do the wrong thing around him. If you need a male friend to be around during the day, I'm here for you Brian. I wouldn't want our friendship to be anything inappropriate, but I'll put up with a lot more than Robby will. Nothing you say to me will offend me the way it might offend Robby. Do you understand?”

Yeah, and it would be cool to have you as my friend Mitch.” smiled Brian.

Good.” said Mitch as he smiled at Brian. “I have to have a talk with Miss Holton right now, but then I'll come right back, and we can decide what to do with our first day together as friends. Okay Brian?”

That sounds cool Mitch!” replied Brian enthusiastically.

Then I'll be right back.” chuckled Mitch, as he ruffled Brian's hair.

Mitch caught up with Melanie as she was starting her first day of teaching Todd how to care for Andrew as his parent. She could see that Todd loved his baby brother very much, and that would help a great deal.

Hi Melanie, I have a favor to ask.” said Mitch.

What's that boss?” smiled Melanie.

When you're done with Todd and Andrew this morning, I want you to take on a new case as his counselor.” replied Mitch. “I know you were intended as the counselor for the girls in our home, but I don't think our other counselors would be suitable for Robby. He's still very defensive towards gay people, and our male counselors are all gay.”

I can see how that might be a problem.” said Melanie. “I'll have a talk with him after Todd and I wrap things up for the morning. Are there any subjects I should be careful about with him?”

As long as you don't insinuate that he might be gay, you should be okay.” replied Mitch as he chuckled.

Is that a possibility?” asked Melanie.

I don't really know.” replied Mitch. “I do believe there may be unresolved issues about him and his friend from before he was kicked out of his home though. Right now we should consider that as youthful curiosity though, if he'll even discuss it with you.”

After his talk with Melanie, Mitch picked up Mark and returned to Brian. Mitch and Brian went to his office, and Mitch put Mark into the playpen he had set up there. Brian looked at Mitch's office computer system, and asked, “What do you do in here anyway Mitch, run the whole country?”

Nothing quite like that!” laughed Mitch, as he put an arm over Brian's shoulder. “I design computer programs in here.” Mitch picked up two CD rom cases and handed them to Brian, and continued, “These are the last two programs I designed, with Justin's help.”

I've played the rollercoaster simulator before!” replied Brian. “It's the most awesome simulation I've ever seen! The coloring book program looks a little too juvenile for me though.”

Yeah, but younger kids are nuts over it.” laughed Mitch. “Thanks for the compliment about the simulator program though. I just finished another program that Greg helped me with. It's a musical composer that allows anyone be able to compose music. I'm sending that out today, along with add ons to the coaster simulator and coloring book programs. Then I'll have to come up with the next great idea.”

Do you have the coaster add on installed here?” asked Brian excitedly.

Yeah, let me boot up and I'll show it to you.” chuckled Mitch.

As the computer was booting up, Brian went over to look at Mark. “He sure is a cool baby.” said Brian. “He must make Sean really happy.”

Yes, Sean is about the proudest father I've ever seen.” replied Mitch.

Mark just made a really faint raspberry noise.” said Brian. “What does that mean?”

It means he'll be crying in a few minutes if I don't change him!” replied Mitch as he laughed.

Mitch went over and picked up Mark, who was looking unhappier by the moment. Then he put Mark on the changing table, and undid his diaper. Sure enough, Mark had loaded the diaper.

Eww!” exclaimed Brian. “Babies sure are messy, aren't they?!”

Yeah, but they grow out of that in a few years.” laughed Mitch.

Mitch went ahead and cleaned Mark as Brian watched curiously. Brian was fascinated by watching Mitch clean Mark's butt, and his tiny genitals. Then Mitch rolled the soiled baby wipes up in the dirty diaper, sealed them in a zipper bag, and tossed them into the garbage. Brian continued watching as Mitch dried Mark, powdered him, and put a fresh diaper on him. Then Mitch picked Mark up, and held the baby against his chest.

Mark likes being held like this for a few minutes after you change his diaper.” said Mitch. “The computer should be ready now, if you want to take a look at the simulator with the add on package installed.”

As Mitch was getting ready to set Mark back in the playpen, Brian said, “You have some really great new rides in the add on pack. What's this box marked Jet Pack Fly-by-wire?”

Justin and I added a few experimental prototype rides on this package.” replied Mitch. “The wheel assembly runs on a regular track, and is attached to the riding harness by a cable. The riding harness includes a controller that regulates a jet pack that's attached to the wheel assembly, so the rider can control the initial thrust of the ride. They can make it as tame or as wild as they want. The tough part was making sure that the minimum thrust would make the ride complete the circuit, while the maximum thrust wouldn't be so wild that no one could ride it. The thrust levels adjust automatically depending on the layout that you build, or you can run one of the two default layouts. Why don't you give it a try?”

Cool!” exclaimed Brian.

After Brian designed his own track layout, Mitch handed him the helmet and said, “I'm sure you recognize this piece of hardware. Once you have the helmet fitted properly, we have this controller that's included with the add on pack. It's the thrust controller for the Jet Pack coaster. Once you're ready, this ride is best if you're laying face down on the floor.”

Once Brian had the helmet and thrust control ready, he started the simulation and laid down on the floor. Brian saw himself strapped into a harness in a laying position, with his hand reaching out to the thrust control. Then he smiled excitedly as he activated the thrust. Mitch smiled as he watched Brian roll from side to side on the floor, laughing and screaming from the simulation. Once the ride was over, Brian got up from the floor, still a little wobbly.

That was the most incredible thing I've ever felt Mitch!” exclaimed Brian excitedly. “Everyone is going to want the add on pack!”

Thanks Brian.” chuckled Mitch. “I've already received an advance review from a gaming magazine, and they're calling it the best thing to come along since life itself. I guess that'll be another billion or so in the bank for us.”

Geez Mitch, with that kind of money, you could start an entire town just for kids like us!” replied Brian.

What did you just say son?” asked Mitch, with a look of epiphany on his face.

I said you could start an entire town just for kids like us.” replied Brian.

Mitch wrapped Brian in a hug, and said, “I thought that's what you said! Come on over here and sit with me son.”

Mitch went to the sofa and sat down, then pulled Brian down onto his lap in a hug. “Are you okay Mitch?” asked Brian.

I'm more than okay Brian.” replied Mitch. “You've just had our next great idea son! Even with one more wing to be finished on the home, Justin and I are going to run out of space long before we can help all of the kids who really need it. That really hurts both of us, as neither of us can stand the thought of a boy or girl out there in trouble, who needs our help. One home isn't nearly enough to do what we want to do.”

An entire town would do it though, wouldn't it?” asked Brian.

It certainly would come a lot closer!” replied Mitch.

Could you really pull off starting an entire town though?” asked Brian.

I don't know, but I want to at least talk to Eric and Will about it.” replied Mitch. “It would certainly help more than just homeless kids in Southern California though. Just imagine how many there are in places like San Francisco, Seattle, New York, and Florida that could be helped too!”

You could never care for that many kids though.” said Brian.

I know.” replied Mitch. “We're going to need a lot more employees to pull this off. Thank you so much for coming into my life Brian. You are the greatest young friend a person could hope for!”

And you make me feel loved and wanted for the first time in a while Mitch.” replied Brian, as he looked up into Mitch's eyes emotionally. “I love you Mitch. Would you consider being my dad, as well as my best friend?”

You'll be Brian Gordon before you know it son.” smiled Mitch. “I love you very much too Brian.”

Mitch and Brian had a great morning together, and even came up with a new program together called Cuidad de Ninos, or City of Children. They based it on the idea they had come up with earlier that morning. It would be a simulation game, to develop a city for children who needed a home. After Melanie finished a rather long talk with Robby, Mitch went to see her.

I'm concerned that I may need to collaborate with someone about Robby.” said Melanie. “He has quite a few issues going on. The major one is that his father was a quick tempered and intolerant jerk, but he was still the main influence in Robby's development.”

Well Melanie, we'll give him all of the help and support that he needs.” replied Mitch. “You know that I'll never deny any child anything they need, regardless of what it might cost.”

One thing I know it's going to cost right now is that you're going to have to have a talk with every gay boy in this home.” replied Melanie. “Robby feels very threatened by that. There may have very well been some feelings between him and his friend, but he's in pretty deep denial of them if there were.”

Is he a danger to any of the other kids here?” asked Mitch.

For some reason Tyrone seems to be able to diffuse his hostile feelings.” replied Melanie. “The problem is, Tyrone can't always be there. I'd really like to find his friend, and talk to him. That might shed some light on Robby's case.”

I'll have Eric do everything he can to help you find him then.” said Mitch. “And I guess Brian and I should go out with the buses today, so I can talk to all of the kids together.”

That may not be a bad idea Mitch.” replied Melanie. “Oh, was there something you wanted to talk to me about?”

Oh yes, that.” replied Mitch. “What would you say to the idea of us helping a lot more boys and girls that we can in this home?”

Okay, I'm listening.” replied Melanie.

I could stand to be one of the richest men in the world, but I don't want that.” said Mitch. “Helping these kids has made me feel better than money ever could. Now I'm going to be making even more, and I want to put it to good use. Brian has given me the idea to build a town that is dedicated to helping any boy or girl who finds themselves on the street, and in need of help.”

If you had enough money, and wanted to do that, I would think you were the greatest man in the world Mitch.” replied Melanie.

Well, it just might happen.” smiled Mitch.

Mitch and Brian went with the buses, and explained things when all of the kids were together. He asked all of the kids, especially the gay boys, not to do or say anything that might be the least bit sexual in nature when they were around Robby. Some of the younger boys needed clarification of that, so Mitch made sure everyone understood what he meant, and how important it was.

I just don't buy it Mitch.” said Tyrone. “My old man was the only male influence in my life, and I didn't turn out to be a worthless pathetic jailbird. I actually got a future ahead of me.”

As soon as you realize it should have been have, and not got.” laughed Mitch.

You know what I mean!” smiled Tyrone. “The point is, Robby doesn't have to act like his dad unless there's something that makes him want to. I know there's more to this!”

Well, we'll figure it out in time.” said Mitch.

That night after dinner, Mitch had to respond to the first fight at the home. When he got to the wing the fight was in, he found three boys sitting on top of Robby, and Denton was trying to get Ash's nose to stop bleeding.

All of you boys know the rules of this home.” said Mitch. “There is no fighting here under any circumstances! Who wants to tell me what's going on?”

Ash and I were walking down the hall talking to each other.” said Denton, almost in tears. “Robby brushed Ash, then turned on us and accused Ash of trying to cop a feel. I was holding one of his hands at the time, and saw his other hand the whole time. Robby attacked Ash for no reason, and hit him in the nose really hard.”

Bart was one of the boys sitting on Robby, so Mitch said, “Bart, take Robby to your room, and make sure he stays there until I figure out what to do. Denton, you and Ash come with me, and we'll see what we can do for him.”

Mitch, Denton, and Ash ran across Melanie the moment they got to the main part of the home. Melanie took them all to the kitchen, and made an ice pack for Ash's nose. It was very painful for Ash to have the ice pack resting on his nose, but it did slow the bleeding down.

I'm afraid Ash may have a broken nose Mitch.” said Melanie. “I'm going to take him to the emergency room for you, since this is all my fault. I should have realized that Robby was too much for me to handle.”

Thanks Melanie.” replied Mitch. “I need to figure out what to do with Robby anyway.”

When Mitch left the kitchen, he ran across Justin. Justin gave Mitch a passionate kiss, and asked, “What's wrong dad? You look like you're in pain.”

I am.” replied Mitch, as he hugged Justin warmly. “I'm going to have to ask a boy to leave here, and it's going to hurt worse than anything I've ever done before.”

I love you too much to see you in pain.” said Justin, as he gave Mitch another kiss. “Let's go for a walk, and we'll see if I can help it hurt a little less before you do it.”

Justin led Mitch by the hand out the door. Justin and Mitch ended up at the park, and Justin guided Mitch to a bench. Justin shared one more kiss with Mitch, driving his tongue deeply into Mitch's mouth. Mitch finally relaxed when he felt Justin's hand caressing him softly.

I remember that day you picked me up, and we became lovers Mitch.” said Justin. “I'll never forget having to be on the streets either. It was rough out there, and I had to do a lot of things I wasn't proud of to defend myself. When you took me in, I had to learn how to live in a home again. Are you absolutely sure there's no way to get through to Robby?”

I remember how hard it was for you to learn how to not be on the streets anymore my love.” replied Mitch, as he hugged Justin tightly. “I know that most of the kids at our home have had to go through that too, although they've had a lot of help. You've taught your brothers and sisters how to look out for each other pretty well. I wish it were getting through to Robby, but it isn't. Ash likely has a broken nose now, and Denton was still in tears over it. I want Robby to have a home, but I don't know if it can be with us if he's going to hurt the other boys there.”

I guess you're right, but it still sucks.” said Justin. “Do you think Will can find him a place where he'll be okay? I don't want to see him go back to the streets again.”

Neither do I son.” replied Mitch. “I'll give Will enough time to find him someplace where he won't be a threat to anyone.”

At that time, a black teen came running up. At first Mitch and Justin thought it was Tyrone, and something had happened at home. As the boy got closer though, they could finally see that it wasn't Tyrone.

Mister, please help me!” said the boy in a frightened tone. “Some freak is chasing me, and I don't know why! I was on my way home, and he just started chasing me!”

Okay, hide behind the bench we're on, and I'll make sure he loses you.” replied Mitch.

Then a man came running up, and as he got closer, Mitch could see that it was Eric. Eric ran up to where Mitch and Justin were sitting, and took a minute to catch his breath.

Mitch, the boy you are most likely hiding behind your bench... is Jamal Stevens.” gasped Eric. “He's the friend Robby was with the night he got kicked out!”

What?!” exclaimed Jamal, as he stood up from behind the bench. “How do you know me mister? How much do you know about that night?”

I know that you and Robby had mutual oral sex..., and that led to Robby being thrown out of his home!” gasped Eric.

Robby got kicked out for that?” asked Jamal. “Where is he?”

He's staying with the man you were hiding behind Jamal.” replied Eric, finally catching his breath.

I don't know for how much longer though.” said Mitch. “He brushed up against Ash tonight, accused Ash of trying to grope him, then broke Ash's nose.”

That don't sound like Robby.” said Jamal. “If it is him, he must really be hurting! I wanted Robby to be my boyfriend once, because he was the nicest guy I knew. When he first started sucking me, I could tell he couldn't get into it. Then just before we got caught, he started doing it like he really enjoyed it. He would have been a pretty cool boyfriend if he hadn't suddenly disappeared.”

Robby has been living on the streets since that night you two got caught.” said Mitch. “There's a very good chance that he is hurting. He's hurting so much that we can't seem to get through to him. Is there any chance you could come to my home, and see if you can get through to him Jamal? If you can't, I'm going to have to go through with removing him from the home.”

I'd love to try!” replied Jamal. “Let me call home real quick to make sure it's okay.”

It took some convincing, but Jamal finally talked his parents into letting him visit with a friend that night. Jamal and Eric followed Mitch and Justin home, then Mitch had everyone wait outside Robby and Bart's room. Robby was sitting on his bed quietly, and Bart was watching him like a hawk.

Robby, I told you all of these boys and girls treated each other like family, didn't I?” asked Mitch. “Just look at the way Bart is watching you right now. You felt you had more in common with him than anyone else here, and he's staring at you in contempt right now. You broke the nose of one of his brothers for no good reason at all.”

So, I'm expected to just let these guys grope me whenever they want?” asked Robby.

Come off it Robby!” replied Mitch, a little heatedly. “Ash didn't lay a finger on you! You brushed against him, then attacked him for no reason! Every last boy who was in that hallway said the exact same thing I just did! You are losing credibility here pretty fast young man!”

Robby, I know Ash like a brother.” said Bart. “I can guarantee that there's no way he did what you're accusing him of!”

We've tried every way we can to get through to you Robby, and show you that you're not on the streets anymore.” said Mitch. “You seem determined to act like you're on the streets whether you are or not though. I'm really close to calling Will, and having him place you somewhere else Robby. It would likely be someplace in a disciplinary atmosphere at this point. Is that what you want?”

No.” replied Robby meekly.

Do you want to run away, and go back to living on the streets?” asked Mitch.

No.” replied Robby, in the same tone.

Most of the boys in this home are going to disagree with me Robby, but I'm going to give you one more chance.” said Mitch. “I don't want to turn away any child who needs help, and you definitely need help. I brought someone with me who wants to help try to get through to you.”

Mitch opened the door, and motioned for Jamal to come in. A look of fear crossed Robby's face, which wasn't missed by Jamal. “It's good to see you again too Robby!” said Jamal, almost laughing.

What... What did you bring HIM here for?” asked Robby hesitantly.

I must know too much about you, huh?” asked Jamal. “Don't worry Robby, I'm not about to tell anyone whether I think you're gay or not. That would be completely up to you. It's not as bad as you make it out to be though, and I'll prove it.” Jamal went up to Bart, held out his hand, and said, “Hi, my name is Jamal. I'm gay, and I hope that doesn't bother you.”

Bart shook Jamal's hand as he replied, “My name is Bart, and it doesn't bother me at all that you're gay. It's nice to meet you Jamal. You seem like a pretty nice guy.”

Damn Mitch, you said most of the guys here are gay?!” asked Jamal.

Yeah, but not Bart.” laughed Mitch.

Even so, I may still have to come visit here a lot, even if we can't get through to Robby.” said Jamal. “Robby, I'm really sorry that we got caught. I'm really sorry about what the past year has been like for you. I know you've gone through a lot of shit, and it really hurt sometimes. If I could make it stop hurting, I'd love to, even if you don't still want to be my friend. I hope you do though.”

Mitch and Bart could clearly see that Robby was now having a hard time keeping up his tough guy act. Then Robby laid face down on his bed, and began to cry harder than anyone they had heard before.

Oh God Robby, I'm so sorry!” said Jamal, as he went to sit on the bed next to Robby. “Mitch, could you and Bart give us some time alone?”

Are you sure Jamal?” asked Mitch.

I came out to my mom and dad about a month after Robby disappeared.” replied Jamal. “They could see that his disappearance was bothering me, so there was no use trying to hide it. They said that they'll always love me, and if being gay made me happy, then they were happy too. Then they suggested I take karate to learn to defend myself against people who weren't as loving and open-minded as they were.”

Then why were you running from Eric?” asked Mitch.

The first thing they teach you in karate is to avoid a fight any way possible.” replied Jamal. “I'll be fine alone here with my friend.”

Okay, I promise when Mitch opens Cuidad de Ninos, I won't make all of the kids there a part of the story. lol. Anyway, that's a long way off in the future (at least twenty more chapters). It sounds like Robby set himself up for a hard landing, huh? Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, don't forget to visit me at: www.timthestoryguy.com. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 8.