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Richard Darby Stories.


A 5 part story by Richard Darby.


What's it all about, Alfie? - Part 3.


I remember I was full of mixed emotions during the entire week following Dom's dad's invitation for me to go and stay with him. What he'd done to me was so fantastic that I wanted it again more than anything, but I was also scared stiff that somebody might find out about us. I was also scared about what we might do together. Well, 'scared' is probably the wrong word. I just didn't know what would happen, and it was fear of the unknown that was bothering me. But, eventually, Friday evening came around, and after I'd had a bath, I set off for Dom's house. I was as nervous as hell. I arrived at the house and went around the back and let myself in by the back door as I usually did. The back door led into the kitchen, and Dom's dad was there. He grinned at me and said, "So you made it then Alfie? Good lad. Are you hungry? You usually are."


That put me at my ease. I was expecting him to throw me onto the sofa and fuck me or something. Well, I hadn't got a clue what we would do, and him asking me if I wanted something to eat, really took the sting out of the situation. So I grinned and nodded at him and said, "Yes please." And then I asked him, "Is Dom coming?"


He smiled at me. "No. Dom's with Helen and Jon and his mum. They're staying with their grandma. I know they're there because I've just spoken to them on the phone."


I breathed a sigh of relief. Thinking Dom, or Jon or Helen (his other two kids) might call at the house and catch us out had been worrying me all week, but knowing his grandma lived in Taunton, which was about sixty miles away, really put me at my ease. So that's when I really began to relax, and I asked Dom's dad, "What are we having for tea?"


He giggled. "Not kippers. You don't want kippers, do you Alfie?"


I started laughing. "No thanks. I had a school dinner, so cheese on toast will do me okay."


"Cheese on toast it is then Alfie. Three rounds do you want?"


"Yes please," I replied.


So we both had cheese on toast with a pot of tea, and it was only after we'd eaten that Dom's dad asked, "Are you sure you want to stay Alfie? If you've changed your mind, I'll understand. I can easily run you back in the car and explain to your parents that Dom isn't staying this weekend."


I stared at him across the table, and asked, "Do you want me to go back home?"


He smiled and beckoned his finger at me. "Come here and sit on my knee. Let's talk, shall we?"


So I got up, and when he pushed the dining chair back, I sat in his lap sideways and he gave me a big hug. Then he put his rough fingers under my chin and tilted my head back and looked into my eyes, and said, "No Alfie... I don't want you to go back home. I don't know if you've been like me, but I've been as nervous as hell all week thinking about you staying here. I'm a grown-up, but you're only ten years old. I know you liked what we did in your bed, and so did I, but what we're doing now is far more than that. So, I've got a question for you. Do you like me doing what I did to you?"


My throat was bone dry and I was embarrassed when I replied, "Yes."


His eyes were boring into me in a questioning way when he continued, "And you want more? And you want more with nobody around so we can do what we want; more without anybody finding out what we're doing?"


Again I nodded, and hoarsely whispered, "Yes."


He smiled at me then, and said, "So do I. I've loved you for a long time Alfie, and I've wanted to do what I have since you were about eight years old. But you were far too young then. Now you're older, and it seems as though you understand what you want. I would never have touched you if I thought you didn't want me to. You do want me to do things with you, do you Alfie? I mean, now there's just you and me, we can do whatever we want, but remember that I like some of the same things you do, and I'm not sure you're interested in me the same way I'm interested in you. I love your beautiful body, but I'm an old man in your eyes and you may not want me doing what I want us to do. So, how will you feel if we do things together? You know... if we go to bed together and I've got nothing on?"


I shrugged my shoulders and grinned at him, and said, "You're not really old. So that's what I want as well as you."


For that I got a massive hug, and he must have thought that there was no mileage to be gained by talking about it further, because he suddenly chucked me off his knee and said, "Well, do we do it now or do we wait for bedtime?"


I giggled. "Now!"


He laughed and grabbed me, and then he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, and while he was laughing, he said, "The big bad wolf is going to gobble you up! To the bedroom!"


And we both couldn't stop laughing as he carried me to his bedroom and threw me onto the bed. But that's when we stopped laughing. Because it was still light and the curtains were drawn, I knew he'd prepared for this. But preparing and doing are two different things. It was crunch time and I was at his mercy, so I just lay there and looked at him and wondered what he would want me to do and what he would do to me.




I needn't have worried. No other person I've met in my life was ever as gentle and caring and understanding as Dom's dad was with me that day. He understood that I was as nervous as hell, so he sat on the side of the bed and stroked my hair back. Then he leaned over and kissed my forehead. Then he said, "We've been here before Alfie, but you didn't have any clothes on then." He placed his hand on where my raging boner was tenting in my jeans, and continued, "So how about you let me undress you?" He grinned. "I've been dreaming about this all week. You won't believe how many times I've taken these jeans off to get at your delicious body! It must be hundreds! Or even thousands!"


That put me at my ease and made me giggle, and I said, "I wish you had. The zip is still stiff on them and I've got a job to get it up and down. Mum bought them new for me this week. I wanted to look good for you."


He winked at me. "You'll always look good for me Alfie, but you'll look a damned sight better if I can get them off. Lift your bum up and let me get at you! Mr Wolf is hungry and I'm going to put you in my pot so I can boil you up so you're nice and tender and juicy!"


Now you might think this was all an embarrassing time for us, but it wasn't. It wasn't embarrassing because Dom's dad made it all a game. Now think about that! How do you put a child at ease? It's simple... you make it into a game. And that's what Dom's dad did. He kept growling as if he was a wolf, and he never stopped tickling me when he quickly took my jeans and my underpants and socks off, and when he made a grab for my dick after he'd done that, because he was pretending to be a wolf, I grabbed my dick and tried to stop him while I was laughing fit to burst. More growls from him because I wouldn't let him get my dick, and then I said, "You've forgotten something Mr Wolf!"


He gave me a puzzled look. "And what's that, Alfie?"


I grinned at him. "I've still got my pullover and shirt on. You can't put me in the pot with those on."


He giggled and said, "You're right Alfie. I want little boy pie without any taste of shirt and pullover in it." Then he grabbed the hem of my shirt, and while I lifted my arms and assisted him, in one go he slipped them off together. There was a moment of silence when he'd got me naked, and then he licked his lips and said, "By God Alfie, you're the most beautiful boy pie I've ever seen in my life." He looked into my eyes. "Can I have a taste of you now? Which part shall I have first?"


I grinned at him. "The same part you had last weekend, and you can eat it the same way you did last Saturday night when you put your finger up me."


So he did. It was easy and beautiful and sexy and fantastic. He wet his finger and I opened my legs wide and lifted my legs up so he could get to me, and he slipped his finger into my bum. Then he went down and took my dick into his mouth and began to suck me off. There was no need for pretence now, so I put my hands on his head and pushed up at him while he was doing it, and that finger up my bum wasn't at all gentle when he was finger-fucking me, and as had always happened on the first time, it took me less than a minute before the feelings surged through me, but now I didn't need to snore. Instead, I let out a lot of silly noises when the feelings came. I couldn't help it. Not only was I having a sexual release, I was also released mentally from the inhibitions of secrecy.


Afterwards, when I'd come down from the high of my release, Dom's dad came and lay by the side of me and pulled me into his arms. We were facing each other. He smiled at me; I smiled at him. Then he kissed me softly on the lips. I puckered mine and returned the kiss. Those little kisses lasted for ages. They weren't tongue ones, just lots and lots of us pecking each other on the lips, and then I said, "This isn't fair. I've got no clothes on and Mr Wolf has got all his on."


Dom's dad pulled a silly face. "So you want Mr Wolf to take them off, Alfie?"


I grinned and nodded. "Yes please." Then, because things were becoming easier and more familiar, I added, "If you dare!"


He giggled at my last remark. Then he winked at me and got up from the bed. Even undressing, he turned into fun. He did it as if he was a stripper, slowly taking off one garment at a time and twizzling it around his head. I was laughing my head off by the time he was left in just his underpants. He was as horny as me. His dick was tenting right out in his underpants, and he grabbed it and waggled it about. Then he made a silly face and asked, "Are you sure you want to see Mr Wolf's secret weapon, Alfie? I must warn you that once it's released, it can do serious damage to a little boy pie!"


I was giggling when I asked, "What sort of damage?"


Again he pulled a silly face. "Well, you know where my finger has just been? It might try and get in there!"


I pulled a silly face and wrinkled my nose. "No way! It's miles too big for that." Then I decided to be as cheeky as he was, and I said, "If it's really nice to me, then I might just kiss it like you did with mine?"


Dom's dad's mouth opened wide and he put on a pretend look of astonishment. "Oh my God! Are you sure?"


I was doubled up with laughing now, so I gurgled, "It depends. I don't know what it looks like yet. Show me and I'll tell you." And I laughed even more when, as quick as a flash, he whipped his underpants off and stuck his belly out and waggled his big dick at me. And that's when the gay side of me kicked in again. The sight of my very first man-cock as hard as nails sent shivers through me. He had the most gorgeous big dick, and also a pair of balls that would fit perfectly in my hands. But the most beautiful thing about him (and that has always been my preference since) was that he'd shaved all his pubic hair off, which made it look massive. I was gobsmacked, and it must have shown, because he asked, "Well? Do you like it Alfie? Is that nice enough to kiss?"


(A man-cock. I must admit that, although I'd started having fantasies about them, I was still unsure about them. But there's just something about a big dick that gets all my juices flowing, and when I was looking at Dom's dad's dick, all the doors of my inner psyche flew open. I don't believe in God, but if I was ever was going to worship something, it would be a gigantic marble idol of a shaven man-cock, standing proud and dispensing spunk in copious quantities. Yes, I know I'm a kinky sod, but that's what really turns me on. I'd erect one each side of the Clifton Suspension Bridge and then I would knock Nelson's Column down in London and put one up in place of it. That would probably bring in more tourists than Nelson's Column. )


I was salivating when I rolled over and sat on the edge of the bed and looked up into his eyes, and I nodded. He came closer. I reached out a hand. I couldn't reach, so he came even closer and allowed me to hold it. But it still wasn't close enough for me, so I clasped it and pulled on it. That brought him close enough so that I could hold it in both hands. The fun part had gone and I was getting lost in a sea of sexuality. Precum was oozing from his slit, so I touched it and asked, "What's this?"


He smiled at me. "It's precum, Alfie. It's what happens when adult men are sexually excited. It's part of the mating process. It happens naturally for lubrication when you're having sex."


I gave him a puzzled look. "What does it taste like?"


He shrugged his shoulders. Pretty tasteless. It's not like the real stuff when an adult climaxes. Taste it! You don't have to if you don't want to. I told you earlier, you only do what you want to do, Alfie."


I studied his dick. Because he was so aroused, his foreskin had slipped back off his nob, which was swollen and a dark purple. It was big, and I wasn't sure if I could get it into my mouth or not. But I wanted it in my mouth. Oh yes, having seen an aroused man dick for the very first time, I certainly wanted it in my mouth. I was completely ignorant about anything gay really, but my instincts did. I was a boy who liked men. Yes, that was the very first time I realised that the most beautiful sexual object on earth was a man's hard dick, which made me powerless when one was presented to me. The term hadn't even been invented back then, I don't think, but I was a faggot-slut, and I wanted man dick. Later I would be able to get one inside me the other way, but as a ten year old boy, the only way for me to fulfil my carnal desires of having a man dick penetrate me was by taking one into my mouth. So that's what I did.


I knew about spunk and how men made loads of it, but it didn't register on my brain right then when I pulled even harder on Dom's dad's dick and he came closer and I opened my mouth wide and pulled his nob into my mouth. It was the perfect fit. I could take it right up to the back of his nob without puking. He was right. The precum was tasteless and soon mixed with my saliva. And Dom's dad was very gentle with me. He allowed me to do my own thing, even though, thinking back now, he would have had difficulty restraining himself from fucking my mouth properly. Then I got lost in the sexuality of what I was doing. Yes, a ten year old gay boy can get lost in a sea of sexuality if he's developed enough to want sex as much as I did then. So I held his dick with one hand, clutched his balls with the other, and pulled his nob in and out of my mouth just like he'd done to me, occasionally stopping when it was out of my mouth to lick it and rub my nose around it. Goodness knows what Dom's dad was thinking, but he must have thought he'd dropped on the perfect boy slut while I was sucking him off. (He would have been right, too!)


Spunk. I came to love it as I got older, but it is an acquired taste. Thank God it didn't make me sick that time. It would have spoiled everything if I had. Just as Dom's dad was about to cum, he pulled out and told me that I should stop now unless I wanted to get covered in semen. But I was lost in the sexuality of the moment and I didn't want to stop. I didn't care if I got covered in spunk. My dick was as hard as a nail and throbbing and it didn't want me to stop. That's why I ignored him and yanked him back into my mouth again and kept on sucking him off. Only when he shot his load did I understand the enormity of what he was warning me about. I felt his dick pulsing in my hand when he was cumming, and then I was completely taken aback as the first spurts of spunk flooded into my mouth. It was like a dam had opened, and it kept cumming. It came in volumes and I had to take his nob out of my mouth, and because I had, it spurted all over my face and ran down my chin and over my hands and arms and my body, and even dripped from my chin onto my rock hard dick. But one thing I am pleased about to this day was that, despite the shock of what was happening, I didn't stop wanking him off until every bit of his climax was over. Yes, even today I'm still proud of myself for that.




We lay in the bed, under the blankets. It was all over. But it took us until ten o' clock at night before we were finished. It was a night of excitement and exploration... for both of us. That's when I discovered that I was the very first boy Dom's dad had had sex with. (Or so he told me.) That made me so proud. I was also proud because I'd made him cum three times. After I'd sucked him off, and after we'd both got over the shock and awe of that event, and after Dom's dad had helped the situation out because he managed to turn it into fun when he went to the bathroom and came back with a face cloth and a towel and cleaned me up and made me giggle when he was doing it, he sucked me off again. Then we spent the rest of the night having fun and playing with each other's bodies and sharing loads of kisses and doing sex again. Five times for me... three for Mr Wolf. And his three were all done differently. The first time was when I sucked him off, the second was when I wanked him off using both hands as I was sitting on his legs and I marvelled at the sight of it when he shot some more spunk onto his belly, and the third time was when he put me on my hands and knees and he wanked himself off while he was rubbing his nob on my bum hole. It was brilliant. He adopted the name of Mr Wolf, which saved me from calling him Mr Peters. (Later, I called him Bill, which was his name, but not until I was older and more at ease with our familiarity.)


But one of the really special parts of that night was how good he made me feel. He made me feel like a Boy God when he told me what he loved about me. He told me I was a really good-looking boy and how handsome I would grow up to be; he told me how beautiful my body was, and he made me so proud when he described my dick and balls as the most gorgeous boy package he had ever seen in his life. (It didn't register then that, to know that, he might have seen more boy packages than mine and Dom's and his other son's.) He said I was exceptional. I think I made him feel special when I told him that his 'package' was fantastic and I was so pleased he had shaved his pubic hair off. Compliments all round, and two cups of coffee and a shared packet of salt and vinegar crisps in between. Yes, it wasn't all sex. We had fun, and to a ten year old boy having sex with a thirty-nine year old man, fun is what makes equals. It breaks down barriers and makes a boy feel as if he can be as funny and rude as the man if he's not scolded about it.


And then we talked about what we would do for the rest of the weekend. That was fun too. We had to be conspiratorial about what we were going to do. After all, we were not supposed to be together without Dom. So we decided that the following morning we would go to Cheddar Gorge and spend the day there, and I was to call him 'Uncle Bill' so nobody would suspect what we really were.


So that's what we did, and we spent the rest of that weekend having fun driving to places and doing sex at night. And we planned and plotted for the future. From now on, just so long as Dom's dad knew it was completely safe to do so, I would stay with him on the weekends that Dom was with his mum. And that's what happened, but I'll tell you about that in the next part.




Richard Darby. richt4t1958@gmx.com