By: Max the cat


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Part 1: Manipulation Trivia!

Alex Weams and his best friend Ethan Clark sat behind Alex's computer. They were in their favorite chat room and on the other side was Palmer Arnold with a new and unique idea, seduce young boys (his favorite pastime) with a game show technique, miss a question, remove a piece of clothing, no clothing, do something sexual.

A week before he had come across Alex. “Want to play a game?” He asked after some small talk. Not having anything to do, Alex said why not. Palmer explained the rules and the sex stuff made it even more exciting. Quickly Alex was totally naked and when he missed the last question Palmer told him he had to jack off into his hand and lick it up.

Palmer was surprised that Alex did it, actually shocked that he would jack off, catch it in his hand and lap it up. He quickly asked what the boy like doing, girls and other personal things. Alex only had one real friend and that was Ethan, he didn't like girls much and he and Ethan did things together, sex things. Palmer saw an opportunity.

He had bated Alex with free tickets to either Great America or Marine World, that seemed to do the trick. Two day's later Palmer was back with both boys trying to answer his questions and they were not doing too well. Palmer had both down to nothing but their boxers. Palmer asked “ready for the next question?

Both boys nodded. “OK its about TV programs, Cheers: Sam Malone owned Cheers and was a relief pitcher for the Red Sox;s, what was his baseball nickname?” Two preteen jaws dropped. Alex said nothing and removed his boxers displaying an almost hard hairless boy cock. Ethan answered “Sammy?”

Palmer grinned “No, its “MayDay”, drop the boxers!” Ethan now stripped off his boxers, his half hard cock swung back and forth. Palmer chuckled. “I have a deal for you you, answer the next question and you can have all your clothing back. Miss it and you two have to suck each other off in front of me, a 69, OK?”

Ethan quickly asked “What's the question about? Palmer smiled “sports?” Alex smiled, he knew lots about sports, or so he thought. “OK fire the question?” Palmer looked at the naked Ethan who was absentmindedly stroking his cock slowly. He looked at a smiling Alex, “OK, I guess?”

Palmer asked the question. “George Herman “Babe” Ruth had two other nicknames, name one of them?” Both boys looked at the man dumbfounded. “Who was he?” Ethan asked. Alex said “dummy, he was some sort of baseball player I think or was he a football player, fuck I don't know, Ethan you want bottom or top?”

Palmer was recording it all. The two naked boys got on Alex's bed. Alex on the bottom, Ethan's cock dangling over Alex's mouth. A red tongue licked the red head, while Ethan's mouth enveloped Alex's uncut, but stretched tight hairless boi-cock. Palmer smiled broadly at the lovely sight, and he captured each sucking second.

Palmer spoke to the boys “when you each cum don't swallow it, I want to see the sweet white sauce in your mouth, I'll tell you when to swallow!” Ethan and Alex sucked and slurped each other voraciously, the feeling each was getting pleasure from the others oral actions.

Each boy finally ejaculated in the others mouth and sat before the computer screen. They opened wide, the others sperm floated across red tongues. “OK swallow the sweet sperm.” each boy did in one gulp. “Now lick your lips for me.” Each boy did. Palmer was very happy.

A cell phone rang and broke the silence. “Ethan answered it. 'I got to go, it's my Gran.” Ethan quickly dressed, and left leaving Alex sitting their naked, cum on the tip of his cock. Palmer smiled more. “You two made a beautiful sight, I'm hard as a rock. I'm going to The Burger Shack for lunch, meet me there and I'll buy?” Alex thought, then said “maybe?”

Palmer got his food and sat down. He was dipping a fry into a pool of catchup when to his surprise in walked Alex. The boy walked straight to Palmer “thought I'd take you up on your offer.” Alex ordered, Palmer paid and the sat opposite each other They ate in silence for a bit.

I bet you didn't think Ethan and I would do it?” Palmer put down his drink. “Do what?” He responded/ “You know suck each other off, we've done it before a few times.” Palmer shrugged “actually I figured you had, you stripped so easily and jacked off the first time I asked you too!” Alex smiled “were always horny, always.”

Palmer smiled “we all are.” They finished their meal. “Now what?” Alex asked. Palmer was quick. “:We can go to my place it;s close and watch some DVD's, I have some very hot ones?” To Palmer's surprise Alex said “sure, ain't got anything to do. Ethan called he's grounded for a week, his Gran's a bitch, maybe we can play more of the game?” Palmer nodded trying to restrain his glee. “Great, my car's outside, I live very close.”

Alex and Palmer went into the parking lot. Alex stopped in front of the man's 1966 Corvette, completely restored. “This is yours?” The boy exclaimed. “You bet it is, like it?” Alex slid into the passenger side. “This is so sick!” Palmer guessed that meant it was great, he didn't want to make himself look dumb it the boys eyes.

The sped down Webster, turned on Grand Station and in five minutes they were going up a hill to Palmer's place. His home over looked the city and was a bit secluded. Palmer loved the privacy. He was thinking of another notch on his headboard, if he could nail Alex that would be 6 this year so far. He had just sent Robbie off to B.T.W's Lycabettus, the 12 year old was now fucking his sweet brains out as a Pleasure Boy. A 2500 dollar finding fee in his account now, and for a month he fucked the boy day after day, such a slut Robbie turned out to be, could suck the chrome off a bumper when Palmer finished with him.

In his house he got Alex a soda and put on a DVD. A boy Alex's age was sitting on one cock, impaled the boy balls deep. In his hands he held a cock each and sucked them in alternative acts. Alex watched wide eyed. Palmer nudged the boy “that's Robbie, I had him here for awhile, good little slut.” Alex kept looking, but asked “where is he now?” Palmer whispered “on an island in the Aegean called Lycabettus, he's a Pleasure Boy now, I trained him well.” All Alex said is “oh, kewl!” he didn't know where the Aegean was or what a Lycabetttus was?

Palmer then asked 'you ready to play the game?” Alex couldn't take his eyes off Robbie or the 3 cocks the boy was playing with. “Sure, in a minute I want to see if one of these cocks cums?” Palmer whispered “all three cum, just get ready, it's real hot.” Robbie continued bouncing on one and sucking on one then the other. Alex was glued to the action, and hand had slipped into his basket ball shorts and grasped his own cock tightly.

Palmer left and went into his bedroom. He stripped and put on a robe. He had only his socks on and the robe when he returned to the TV room. Alex looked up with a question mark on his face. “I'll give you a head start on the questioning Alex, you have a tee shirt, basketball shorts, shoes and socks and most likely boxers right?” Alex shook his head “no boxers.” Palmer smiled “anyway I've given you a good head start.”

The DVD came to an explosive climax. The cock in Robbie's right hand shot a hot bolt of cum than ran from the boys mouth over his nose, eye and into his blond hair. The one in the left was next and shot sperm the same way and made a cumy “X” across the boys face. Finally the boys eyes went glassy and a white ring appeared around the cock of the one Robbie was riding, semen leaked out of the boys cum filled boi-cunt. Alex's head was spinning.

You ready Alex, come on the my bedroom, more room on the bed. The boy went first with Palmer behind watching the boys ass bounce from side to side. “I can't wait to sink my cock into that sweet hole of his!” He thought to himself. They lay on the bed. Alex was somewhat unnerved, the head of Palmer's cock kept peeking out at him.

In twenty minutes Alex was down to only his basketball shorts. Palmer lost one on purpose and took off his robe, now clad in only white socks. Alex could not keep his eyes off the purple capped cock peeking out of the foreskin. “What do I get if I win?” Alex asked in a shaky voice “and if I lose what happens?”

Plamer smiled/ “If you win I'll suck you off, give you back your clothes and give you a hundred dollars, hows that?”

Now if I win the next two questions I get to have sex with you, OK?” Alex figured he'd get at least one more right, he wasn't that dumb. The next question he lost the basketball shorts and lay before Palmer naked. Palmer was asked a question and got it immediately. Alex got some dampness under his hairless arm pits. “OK Alex: Who's name was signed first on the US Constitution?” Alex went blank, “uh, uh, uh George Washington?” He finally asked. Palmer stroked his almost fully hard cock and shook his head “No good guess, but it was John Hancock!”

A big hand squeezed the boys left ass cheek. “Lets get ready Alex I can't wait to fuck that sweet ass of yours, damn I bet you're a real tight fuck, but lets get you ready, come on to the bathroom, I know you and Ethan have fucked each other right?” Alex slowly nodded and got off the bed. And followed Palmer into the bathroom. Palmer filled the red bag with warm water. “What's that for?” Palmer told him to bend over. He lubed the nozzle and slid it into the boys asshole.

This is to make you a clean and sweet fuck Alex, we want you sweet and ready, right?” Alex now wished he had studied instead screwing off, maybe? Palmer topped the procedure off with a filling of the readied hole with Strawberry lube. He led the boy back to the bed, naked the lay down together Palmer's mouth found Alex's and began to make the boy ready for at least one hard fuck.

Palmer's hands found places on and in Alex's body the boy didn't know existed. Two finger's worked the boys anus making the hole pliable and ready to take the fat purple headed mushroom into his nubile body. Alex's breath came in quick pants, Palmer's head found the boi-cock and began to lick and suck the stiff boi-sausage, a shiver ran up and down the young boys spine, this was very exciting.

Finally the boys eyes opened and found Palmer over him, his slim legs wide, his boi-pussy exposed for the hard onslaught of Palmer's 8 inches of hard flesh. The boy looked down in a dreamy haze and eyed the hard penis with the purple flared head in Palmer's hand taking aim at his prize.

The fat penis head kissed Alex's tight anus. Palmer rubbed the hole up and down. He placed the hard cock at Alex's boi- pussy and gave a hard and steady push making the head of his fleshy tube pass into the tight love hole. Palmer was relentless he kept his hard and steady pushing stretching the colon to fit his girth. Alex couldn't say a thing, he was being stretched and couldn't do a thing about it, he just laid there legs and arms stretched wide and his anus accepted the entire length of Palmer's fleshy weapon.

Palmer's big ball sac finally slapped the smaller sac below Alex's belly covered boi-cock. Palmer's hair covered stomach and pubic bone rubbed the tingling boi-cock. Alex wrapped his arms around Palmer, his ankles locked partly around the man's thighs. “Sweet boy pussy, so tight, so fuckable.” he whispered into the boys ear as his ass pushed his cock in and out of the boy, his only desire was to deposit his cum deep into the boy, it felt so good.

Alex underneath the man began to hump up to meet the powerful fuck strokes Palmer made as he fucked the young boy. The hairy belly kept up it's rubbing of the boi-cock bringing Alex closer and closer to his cum, something he anticipated that would happen soon. “Sweet fuck Alex, your are such a sweet fuck, push back harder, damn this is so good.”

As he fucked Alex, Palmer kept up his sex talk, it seemed to work, the boy responded and seemed to push back even harder as the hard man flesh probed his insides working to a flood of Palmer's sperm. “Such a good little whore, you will make so many men happy with your body, just you wait, they'll line up to fuck you, such a good little fuck slut.” Alex wasn't sure what Palmer was saying but the nasty words made it even hotter, he clamped his inner muscles and the man liked that, he did it more and harder.

Finally Alex felt it, his penis had been rubbed to the final movement. His penis swelled, the head got iron hard and he began to spurt sperm between their bodies. Palmer's body rubbed the boi-honey every which way. Alex's mouth caught a hair circled nipple and began to suck and bite the hard dark brown flesh. That was all Palmer could take, he went stiff.

Palmer's teeth began to grind, he pushed in as far as his cock could go. His cock got bigger, that got Alex's attention. “How could Palmer's cock get any bigger?” he asked himself. Then he felt the fleshy machine gun go off inside of his ravaged hole. Sperm bolts pelted his tight colon. His insides were coated with the man's gooey seed. He cum felt so warm, then began to exit his stretched boi-pussy and pool at the base of his ass.

Palmer collapsed. His head on the side of Alex's face. Palmer's lips pecked the side of the boys ear and mumbled the word “fuck' over and over. The cock inside his body still throbbed as the last of the man's sperm was deposited inside. Alex thought to himself that this was really “kewl, real kewl!” Palmer again rose over the boy as he pulled out of Alex “open your mouth Alex!”

Alex opened wide, he close his eyes tight, he wasn't sure why?” Palmer slid his cum covered cock between the boys full red lips and murmured “suck my cock clean of my cum, my little boi-cunt, suck my cock clean!” Alex did as told. His tongue and lips cleaned all the excess sperm from the man's hanging penis. Palmer thought to himself “very good, he follows instructions so well, what a good little whore he'll make!”

Palmer slid his well sucked, and nicely fucked cock from Alex and laid down along side of the boy. “Wow, that was really something, gee Ethan has something to look forward too, I'm one up on him again!” Palmer heard a sweet little giggle coming from his new little slut. He had lots in store for Alex, he had to call Mason and get Alex and Ethan here together, he'd break in Ethan while Mason continued Alex's training. He chuckled inside and thought “Alex was a real good fuck, maybe he'd have time to knock off another piece of the boy, better take a blue pill just in case.

Within the hour Alex was holding the rampant weapon in his hand and examining it closely. A red tongue tip would snake out and lick the hot purple head then his full red lips opened and enveloped the throbbing length. Down his mouth sucked in half the cock. Palmer held the boys head and pulled the mouth up and down, he fucked the boys face.

Alex grabbed hold of the rejuvenated penis just to keep from having the rampant fleshy weapon crammed down his throat, he had gagged twice, his cheeks were streaked with lines of tears, his nose was also running. He ran his tongue tip up and down the underside and heard Palmer say 'suck my balls, suck my balls.” He slid his red tongue tip the the hair sac and sucked in one and the the other. Palmer smiled “the little slut was learning fast.” he didn't want to press the boy to eat his ass just yet, that could come later, in fact he was very surprised he had gotten this far.

Alex sucked on the balls for ten more minutes when Palmer pulled him up and set his reamed boi-cunt on his cock again. Alex grimaced as they returned to another hard and deep fuck, Palmer held him in place and bounced Alex up and down on his throbbing organ. The boys tightness was working him to another cum. Palmer kept the fucking up for another ten minutes, but another cum boiled in his balls.

Finally the purple mushroom head opened up and spit out gobs more of sperm. Alex felt the cum wash his insides, the slickness felt good, he was getting somewhat sore and now the cumy slickness made Alex slide easier. He just held on, his thin white arms around Palmer's neck. As he was being bounced like a rag doll he thought of how much he had to tell Ethan, this surly had been an enlightening day for the nubile preteen.

He was driven back close to his house. Palmer slipped Alex two fifties and a business card. “buy something you want and call or email me soon, I want you again, your so fucking hot Alex. The boy got out waved and slowly walked home, he was sore, but he grinned and different type of smile, he also held himself a bit different.

Palmer quickly logged on to his computer. Ethan and Alex were not the only boys out there. He had also been talking to a blond sweetie named Tyler. Big blue eyes, turned up nose, rosy cheeks and full lips, just made for sucking a cock. He chuckled there was Tyler bubbly as usual and only wearing his Jockeys. “Hi Tyler what's up?'” the sweet boy giggled “nothing, can we play the game again?”

Part 2: What a gimmick!