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When I met Max

By the time I was 12 or 13, I knew that I wanted men. I had had "play sex" with a friend my age. We played doctor, we touched each other, and we found out while we we did it that it got us hard. We did not know what it meant because we had had no sexual education, but we loved the feeling of being hard and playing with each other's cocks. His was bigger than mine, better developed than me at the age of 12 when we started playing with each other. Then one day while I was rubbing him and stroking him (we did not know about sucking) he started shooting, he told me about the feeling and we were both afraid about what had happened to him.

A few months later I was in bed with my parents lying in the middle while my mom was reading and my dad was sleeping off his beers. I was lying on my side and feeling very horny. I had a raging hard on, and it was as if my cock took control of my brain. I had to feel a cock, so I turned on my side and started playing with my dad's limp, beer filled cock. He did not get a hard on, I kept playing with him, and my cock was rubbing his back, and all of a sudden I got the feeling and my pyamas were all wet. I left the bed and ran into the bathroom. Sure enough, my pajama bottom was filled with cum. I went to my own bed and rubbed my cock and saw it get harder and harder and wanked myself until I shot another load. From that day on I was addicted.

I told my friend the next day and we wanked each other, but by the time we were both 13 he was no longer interested in playing with me. He had a girlfriend and did not want to mess with another boy anymore.

From an early age I used to go swimming at the communal swimming pool every Saturday, and would take my shampoo and soap along with me. I used to go there with my cousin, who was a year younger than me. Usually we arrived at about 1 pm and would stay till about 5 or 6, and then go to his house, my house, or a friend's house. One day I was tired of swimming, feeling cold and my cousin was not with me that day. I was all alone at the pool with no one to play with, so I decided to go stand under the warm water showers for a while. I did not have my shampoo with me, or my soap. There were about 4 people standing under the shower heads. At the far end the one next to the wall was empty so I went and stood under that one.

Next to me was an older guy who was very good looking. (Later I learned he was 25, and that his name was Max.) As I stood next to him, I saw him checking me out. He stood with his back to the others in line watching me. No others could see him as I was standing next to the wall. I certainly was interested in what he was doing because he was rubbing his crotch and I could see his cock getting bigger and bigger before my eyes. Wow, I was under his spell.

I kept on looking at his cock, which was covered by his speedos, and then his face. He kept on licking his lips. Seeing his cock expanding through his speedo made mine expand too and I got a raging hard on. All of a sudden his cockhead was stuck out over his speedo, which made me so, so horny. By that time there were only the two of us in the showers, and he pulled his speedo forward so I could see his whole cock. He asked me to do the same. I did, and he loved it.

Just then a private cubicle shower door opened and someone stepped out. (These shower "rooms" were completely private, with floor to ceiling walls and a full wooden door going right to the bottom, so nobody could see into them once the door was locked.) The guy next to me immediately went over to the door and got into the shower cubicle. When the other man had gone, he quickly motioned for me to enter. I did. He had taken off his speedo and was naked. His big cock was standing upwards pointing to his navel. He took me in his arms and pulled me up, holding me by my ass. My legs were around his middle, my arms around his neck. He kissed me, first on each cheek, then on my lips. I kissed him back on the lips. Then I felt his tongue against my lips.

I did not know what to do. He took away his tongue and asked me how old I was, I told him 13 and a half. He told me I was so sexy. He told me to open my lips and do the same he did. He ran his tongue against my lips again and I opened them up and he started licking my lips, my teeth and looked for my tongue. I started to lick him back and our tongues started dueling in my mouth. I loved it and we just did that for a while. Then he set me down on the bench along one wall. I stood there and he slowly removed my speedo. My cock sprang up and he started licking my cock head, started moving my foreskin up and down my cock. This was the first time someone took my cock into his mouth.

He asked me if I could shoot white stuff out of my cock. I said yes, since a few weeks before. He said he loved the taste of a boy's cum. I asked him what cum was, and he explained it to me. Afterwards he said he was going to put my cock into his mouth and that he was going to suck on it until I shot the white stuff (cum) into his mouth. He said to just let go and not stop or try to push him off my cock. He then went onto his knees and put my cock into his mouth. I was flabbergasted. I did not know what to do. But the feelings were sooooooo good.

I let him do me. I let him wank me with one hand and play with my nipples with the other, all the while sucking on my cock and going up and down on my shaft. All too soon my cock started spewing into his mouth. He sucked and sucked and swallowed everything. He asked me to do the same for him, then stood up on the bench so my head was just level with his cock. I asked him how to do it, and he said first to lick his cock and then slowly take his cock into my mouth bit by bit. I did, but his cock was so big that after I got the huge bulbous head in my gag reflex came up. He told me to just lick it. I did that for a while. Then he told me to stop.

He asked me what time I had to be home and how I got there and where I lived. I told him I had to be home by 6pm as my parents thought I would go on to some friends after the pool. I told him my dad had driven me to the pool. It was only 2:00 pm. He said, "Would you like to come to my place with me and have some more fun? We can do much more there than here, and we'll be so much more comfortable, and I'll drive you home by 6 pm." I was so horny. I wanted to suck his cock again and have him suck my cock, so I said yes.

We went to get dressed, and he did not let me get out of his sight. I suppose he was afraid I would bail out and not show up at the front door. Then we went to his car and he drove me to his house, which was really close to where I lived. He drove into the garage and then we went inside. It was a nice house, but not fancy. Before entering the kitchen from the garage he picked me up in his arms and carried me indoors. He carried me all the way to his bedroom and set me down on the bed where he started to undress me. Then he sank onto his knees and sucked my cock for a few minutes, and then kissed me, putting his tongue back into my mouth.

While he was doing this he was undressing himself. When he was naked, he told me to go lie down in the middle of the bed on the towel that was spread out there. I did that and then he came and lay between my wide open legs. He pushed my legs upwards towards my shoulders and started sucking on my balls. Wow, that was new, and I loved it. He alternated between my cock and my balls. He slipped a finger up my crack and all of a sudden he pushed my legs up farther so my feet were well behind my head. I was really folded together like a ball. This got my ass open and he started licking it.

Then he stopped, took me into his arms, and carried me to the bathroom where I got introduced to yet another new thing for me: the "enema." He gave me several deep filled enemas, and told me to expel everything in the toilet until only clear water was coming out of my ass. When he was happy with the result he put a lot of soap on his hands, and then washed the globes of my ass, my cock, and my hole with his soapy hands. Then he put one finger into my hole and soaped that up. He then rinsed out my ass one last time, toweled me dry, picked me up and carried me to his bed.

Once on his bed he folded me into a ball again and started licking my ass and put his tongue into my hole. He tongued me for quite a long time. I loved it and was getting hornier and hornier. When I was near my peak, he stopped and unwound me and then turned me around so my head was hanging off the bed. He put his cock into my mouth and told me to suck on it. But once the big head was in my mouth I started gagging. He then told me to lie on my side. He took out a small bottle, closed one of my nostrils, and told me to sniff the bottle with my other nostril. I did what he told me to do, and then I did the same with the other nostril, then once more with my first nostril. When he put the bottle down, wow, I was flying. (Those were my first poppers - I am still hooked on them.)

Then he turned me onto my back, put his cock back in my mouth, and my gag reflex seemed to be gone. He drove his cock in deeper and deeper, until I felt him at my throat, and there I gagged again. He took out his cock, took his bottle and put it under my nose again and told me to take a big sniff, a very deep sniff. I did. He moved it to the second nostril, and then repeated the whole thing again with both nostrils. Then he lay me down again and inserted his cock, I was by now drifting and flying high on poppers (although I did not know what they were called then) and in one go just rammed his cock up my throat, telling me to take a deep breath and try to breathe through my nose. Breathing through my nose did not work. I held my breath and he put his cock in as deep as he could and then started rubbing his cock through my throat, his fingers caressing my throat and his cock at the same time. When he saw I needed to breathe, he took his cock out told me to breathe in deeply, then inserted his cock deeply again. After the third of fourth time I had to gag.

Out came his cock, and the bottle was under my nose again. I loved the feeling the poppers gave me, so I sniffed willingly and deeply, and then he started to throat fuck me again. That time there was no more gagging. He continued to fuck me like that until he came, and when he came he pulled out so his cum filled my mouth, and told me to swallow. I did. I loved it and suckled on his cock as if it was a pacifier. After he went soft he pulled out his cock and then started playing with my cock, balls and licking my ass again, getting me once again in a very horny state. I begged him for some more poppers but he would not give me any -- he said all in good time. After a while his cock was hard again and he must have lubed it up because by this time he was sucking my cock, putting his tongue deeply into my ass and putting fingers into my ass where I felt him making circular movements with his fingers. In the end there were about 4 fingers in my ass all probing this spot which sent electricity all over my body.

I think at one point he was happy that I was horny enough and and told me to go on all fours and after a few licks I felt him lube up my ass. I did not know what he was going to do. I thought more fingers. Then he said I'm going to give you the bottle. You may sniff it any time you want to. I want you to sniff deeply now do it two times to each nostril an then relax. I did not do it twice, I did it three times. I could not get enough of the poppers, and he just let me do it, and after the third time he put in two fingers and told me to sniff deeply a fourth time with both nostrils. I did. He again put in two fingers, then stood up by the side of the bed and pulled me over so my knees were on the bed, my legs hanging over, and my ass in the air. I thought there were more fingers, but this time it was his cock. He pushed and I felt his cock enter my ass. I yelled in pain, and he said "Sniff, damn it, sniff!"

I did, and while I was sniffing he slowly worked his cock into my ass. Then he told me to stop the sniffing and he took the bottle from me. He fucked me for a short while, then pulled out, took me in his arms, and sat my ass against his cock. Then told me to firmly put my legs around his middle and standing with his back against the wall he dropped my ass onto his cock. He just let go and my ass just slid down the whole length of his cock. He was no longer holding my ass cheeks, I was sitting on his cock with only my arms around his neck. He started to walk around with me like this and then went downstairs and walked around there and then came back upstairs to his room all with his cock firmly embedded in my ass. Of course the movements he made while walking were working miracles on my ass. I loved it very much. I was hooked.

When we were back in the bedroom he took the bottle and held it under my nose. "You are doing so good," he said, "you may sniff now." And sniff I did, and I loved it, and after I sniffed he just stood there still, not walking around or anything, so I started bouncing up and down on his cock. I put my hands onto his shoulders and lifted myself up and then let myself drop back down. Wow this was good. He told me to stop bouncing up and down and pulled me off his cock.

Then he lay down on the towel in the middle of the bed and told me to come sit on his cock again. I did and I really started bouncing up and down. After a while he changed positions again by taking me doggie style again, and every time he changed positions he let me sniff from the bottle. All of a sudden an alarm clock went off, and he said, "Wow, fuck, I've been fucking you now for one hour and 15 minutes. I'm about to set a new record."

From time to time I would feel as if I was going to cum. I could feel my ass twitching around his cock, but every time I felt I was going to cum he would squeeze my balls or pinch my nipples really hard, and the feeling would subside. (Now I know he was working to coax a very big load out of a 13 and a half year old boy). Well, to make a long story short, he fucked me for another hour. I was constantly swimming on poppers. Then he said that he was going to speed up now so he could make me cum but I was not allowed to touch my cock. He would make me shoot without me touching my cock, and that would make him cum, he said. So he started fucking me faster and faster.

At one point I felt it mounting that I was going to cum, so I squeezed my balls hard so that the feeling would go down. It did go down and I had him fuck me for another 15 minutes before I came. Then, all of a sudden, I started to feel the sperm mounting, and I had the most glorious, best, most wonderful, indescribable orgasm of my life, before or after. Never did I get such an intense orgasm as the first time I got fucked. When I came he started to cum at the same time. It was fabulous. In the end he said he'd set a new record by fucking me for 2 hours and 15 minutes straight, and that I was a champ for taking his cock for so long my first time being fucked. He really took my cherry there.