From:     Snwdemon

Subject:  Who will catch my fall?

Chapter 6:    (M/b, abusive situations, no sex)


            WARNING:  This story contains descriptions of abusive acts, both physical and sexual in nature, involving MINOR boys.  I wish to explain that this story is not true!  Further, it is not intended to promote illegal acts against minors, but to educate people as to what a minor child has to do in order to survive in a severely abusive environment they are trapped in.  One of the most famous examples of this was Steven Stayner, who was kidnapped at age 7 and severely abused for 7 years that included physical, sexual, and mental abuse.  I have had the privilege of working with a number of boys like him, and I consider all of them to be extremely brave.  Many people still believe that children who stay with an abuser/captor do so because they want to.  This is utterly untrue, and is proven through numerous interviews, behavioral, and psychological studies conducted with these victims.  A young child does not have the same ability to cope with stressful situations as an adult would because they have not had the privilege of time and experience that an adult has.  Therefore, they rely more on their basic instincts, and learn quickly what they need to do in order to survive.  Thus, when they are removed from that abusive situation they also have an extremely hard time adjusting to their new environment because they are not familiar with trust, caring, and compassion.  These are the emotions the child has to learn once they are put into a new non-abusive environment.  People assume that these emotions are natural.  Many do not realize that all of our human emotions are learned.


The following story is a work of fiction; however, it does incorporate actual events that I learned from various victims I counseled over the years.  I also do not encourage others to perform any kind of abusive or sexual act with minors.  If the subject of Man/boy sex, child abuse, and/or rape of minors offends you, or this material is illegal to possess material of this nature in your place of residence, or if you are under the legal age to possess such material, do not read further!


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Recap from Chapter 5:

"I'm not a hero, I let all of those other boys die, so how can I be a hero?"  Devon said through his sniffles and tears.  John gently turned Devon's head around until he could see his eyes.

            "No, you are a hero Devon.  You could not have saved those other boys no matter what you tried to do.  All you could do was save yourself until you were able to escape and expose Pop as the monster he really was.  I know how he beat and abused you, and I know that he has tried many times to kill you just as he killed those other boys.  However, he discovered that you were too good a survivor no matter what he did to you, and he could not kill you without risking exposing himself even though he tried.  You even survived when he did expose himself, and shot you not once but five times.  He died, and you still survived so that makes you a hero to me."  John told him with as much conviction and love that he could put into his words.  Devon just looked at him unable to speak so he just nodded his head as another tear slipped down his face.

            "So where will I go now, and who will I be?"  Devon finally asked him after another fifteen minutes passed in silence.

            "We all agreed that the best thing to do for you, was to find a home and family for you, and you can be whoever you want to be because your name will be changed once your adoption is approved."  John explained to him.

            "Ok, but where will I live and who is going to adopt me?"  Devon asked him as he looked at John.

            "Well I was hoping that you may want to come live with me, and be my son."  John said a bit sheepishly with a look of hope on his face.  Devon's face lit up as he heard this because his secret desire of John being his dad was coming true.

            "Really; you really want to adopt me?"  Devon said as his eyes watered once more.

            "Yes I do Devon; I love you and want you to be my son if you want me."  John said with his own tears in his eyes.  Devon let out a soft cry and nodded his head before speaking.

            "I love you too, and I want you to be my dad."  He said as he embraced John with his left arm.  While they both cried as they hugged each other, Devon could only think of one thing to say to John.  He just kept whispering it into John's ear, "Thank you...thank you...thank you."

            John knew that they both still had many obstacles to overcome, but he knew that no matter what happened that they would always be together.  When John first saw Devon, he thought he found a victim, but in truth, he had found his son.  Devon needed him to help repair the damage Jefferies had caused him, and John needed Devon to heal his heart that was broken when his daughter died.  John decided that the rest of the things could wait for tomorrow, and just enjoy being with his son for this night.

End of Chapter 5




My thanks to Miguel Sanchez and BenBear for their assistance in proofing and correcting this chapter.


Chapter 6 -- December 12, 1995

            It was late when Devon awoke because the previous night was fairly rough on him.  In the last couple of days, he had developed a head cold.  The staff had to remove his Foley tube yesterday due to a urinary tract infection that he also had developed.  Although, he was too shy and embarrassed to say anything about it.  Sara had discovered it yesterday morning when she was bathing him, and had it removed after calling the doctor.  Therefore, between his cold, and the pain in his hoppie, he was unable to go to sleep last night.  The night nurse finally got approval from his doctor and gave him a shot that helped him go to sleep.  It was almost noon when Devon finally stifled a yawn, and cracked opened his eyes.  He quickly became aware of his surroundings and after a quick scan of his room, his eyes settled onto John's caring face.

            "Hi," he said as he smiled shyly.

            "Happy birthday Devon," John told him with a gentle smile of his own.  Devon started to correct him before remembering what John had told him almost two weeks ago.

            "It is my birthday today, isn't it?"  Devon answered softly, but his eyes watered as he said this.

            "Now don't be sad Devon, this is supposed to be a happy day for you."  John said as he sat next to him in the bed.  He then kissed him on the forehead and nose before gently wiping his eyes.

            "It is John, but you are the first person to ever remember it was my birthday...just like you are the first one to tell me that you love me too."  Devon told him with a sad expression.

            "Well you better get used to it because I will tell you every day that I love you, and I will always remember your special days too, I promise."  John said to him as he smiled again, before asking.  "Now, are you awake enough to get your present?"

            "You got me a present?"  Devon asked in disbelief and wonder.

            "Well, sort of, but only if you decide to accept it first."  John answered him as he took hold of Devon's small left hand.

            "Yeah, I accept it if you got it for me."  Devon said with a smile while his growing excitement clearly showed on his face.  "Where is it?"

            "Well, that's the problem, it is too big to bring here so I am going to have to take you to go see it."  John said with a small theatrical sigh.

            "'s ok though; I can see it once I'm well."  Devon said while trying to hide his disappointment, although he was not doing a very good job.  John's smile became even bigger as he continued to look at DevonDevon looked back at him confused.  "What?"

            "Well you remember when I asked you if you would like to come live with me, and be my son?"  John asked him.

            "Yeah, and I want to be your son, I want you to be my dad."  Devon answered while putting all of his love and desire into his words.

            "Good, so how would you like to go to your...I mean our new home then?"  John asked him after he kissed Devon's forehead again.

            "Yeah, I would love to go, but I don't know when the doctors will allow me to go though."  Devon said while his face fell and he looked away from JohnJohn gently turned his face until they were looking at each other again.

            "Then let's go, oh and your doctors and the staff here all said to say `Happy Birthday!'"  John said to him with a huge smile.  It still took a moment for Devon to realize what John meant, but once he did, he turned his head sharply and stared at John with his small mouth open.

            " mean I can go home with you today...really?"  Devon asked with a stutter.

            "Yes son, you can go home today if you want to.  In addition, Sara has agreed to be your private nurse at home, so she is coming too.  She will stay with us until you are finished with your physical therapy, or until you are well enough to not need her help anymore."  John told him.  Devon's tears filled his eyes again, and although it hurt him, he sat up and embraced John with his left arm.  He struggled to find the words, but he could not make a sound other than his soft cries as he clung to John.  After a few minutes with John comforting him, Devon was able to calm down and speak.

            "What about me though?  I do I say when someone asks me about who I am?"  Devon said as he struggled to find the correct words.

            "Well, that is another part of your birthday present.  You just tell anyone who asks the truth.  That your true identity is Anatoly Kostov, but to just call you Devon since you have always been Devon."  John explained to him, and he saw Devon's expression become more confused.  "I know that I told you earlier that we would not tell, but my friend Juan Rivera, you may remember him from TV, well he fixed things so that we can tell the truth without you having to go back to the orphanage.  The only condition was that you be adopted immediately, then Ukraine would withdraw their claim on you, and you would be granted U.S. Citizenship so that you can stay here.  This way we can tell the truth about all of the missing boys, and you would not have to lie about who you really are.  Do you understand now?"

            "I think I have to be Anatoly?"  He asked while still looking confused.

            "No, you do not have to be anyone except you.  We know that your birth name was Anatoly Kostov, but you can only remember being Devon though.  Therefore, you are Devon until you decide to change your name to whatever you want it to be, ok."  John explained as he cuddled him causing Devon to relax some.

            "So I'm still Devon Jefferies then," he said in a tone filled with hate.

            "No you are not Devon Jefferies, and never were.  Devon Jefferies died years ago, and everyone knows that now.  You are just a young boy named Devon, just Devon only."  John said emphatically and a look of relief came onto Devon's face.

            "So do I have to make up a last name, or can I choose one?"  Devon asked John while his young mind raced with his thoughts.

            "You can make up or choose a last name, or just stay as Devon only until you are adopted.  It's your decision, so whatever you want is what it will be."  John said to him with a small hug and a smile.  Devon thought about this for a few minutes.  John could see that he was wrestling within his mind over what to do next.  Then Devon's face relaxed as he made his decisions.

            "Can I choose now?"  Devon asked him as he turned his head and looked directly at John.

            "Sure, if you want to.  What did you have in mind?"  John asked him.

            " do you spell Anatoly?  I want to be Devon Anatoly Roberts," he said in a quiet, meek voice while he watched John's face for a reaction.  John's face just softened and he smiled warmly at him making Devon smile also.

            "I was hoping you would choose that last name.  Here, I will show you how to spell Anatoly," John said to him while his love for Devon showed on his face.  He took his notepad from his pocket, flipped to a blank page, and then spelled Anatoly in block letters for him.  Devon studied the name for a long moment before carefully copying the name in cursive in between his name and John's last name, and then looking at John for his approval.  John looked at the carefully printed signature, Devon Anatoly Roberts.  Then he just smiled warmly at Devon making him smile too, and then John said.  "So you really do want to be my son, well then, you will have to make it official Devon."

            "So what do I do? make it official, I mean," he asked him.  John reached inside his sports coat and withdrew some papers.  He then unfolded them and gave them to Devon.  Devon looked at the papers as John handed them to him, and it read `Certificate of Adoption' across the top, but Devon could not understand most of the words printed on the papers, and he blushed pink with shame as he stared at the papers with a blank look on his face.  John thought Devon was just waiting for him to tell him what to do, so he turned to the last page, and pointed to a blank line.

            "See this line here where it says adoptee's signature?  Well, you just sign your new name here, and tomorrow you will be my son...Devon Anatoly Roberts."  John said in a soft voice as he pointed to the place where Devon needed to sign.

            "That quick, Sara said that it would take over a year to be adopted though."  Devon said while looking even more confused.

            "Well, normally it does take that long, but you are special though, so they are making an exception.  See, for you to be granted citizenship, you have to have someone related to you who is a US Citizen already, but since you are an orphan, then it means that you don't have any family here.  Therefore, in order to grant you citizenship, they had to suspend the time-period for the adoption.  Once you sign that paper, you are my son, and you cannot change your mind later on.  Therefore, you have to be absolutely sure that this is what you want because once it is done, there is no going back."  John explained in a serious tone that stressed the importance of the matter.  Devon just nodded his head slightly as he studied the document before him.  Then he looked at John, who saw his tears streaming down his face.

            "All I have ever known is how much it hurt to be me because that is all Pop ever did was to hurt me.  He never said that he loved me, or even say that he liked me...he just said that I wasn't good enough, and then he would hurt me.  For as long as I can remember, I have always dreamed of having a dad who loved me, and who did not hurt me.  Now you have made that dream come true because you are everything that I hoped my dad would be like...and now you will be my dad."  Devon said in a choked voice before he took the pen and signed his new name to it.  Once he finished, his shoulders began to shudder as he lowered his head to his chest and cried.  John quickly pulled him into his embrace while his own tears slipped down his face.

            "And you are everything that I have dreamed that my son would be like, and now you are my son."  John whispered softly to Devon as he held him.  It took a few minutes before either of them could calm down and regain control of their emotions.  However, neither minded the delay while Devon cuddled next to John, who continued to embrace gently him.  Finally, Devon broke the silence between them.

            "So where is home?"  He asked John as he wiped his eyes with the back of his left hand.  John reached over and got him a few tissues to dry his face and blow his nose, before getting some for his self.

            "Well, I don't know really, so it will be a surprise for both of us."  John answered.

            "Why?"  Devon asked in confusion.  "We aren't going to live in your place?"

            "You know that my family died six years ago, and after that happened, it hurt me too much to stay in our house.  Everything reminded me of Lori and Katie, so I had to leave in order to get better.  My best friend let me stay with him and his family until I found a small apartment to live in, but it only has one bedroom.  I rented out the house to a young family.  They wanted to buy a home, but they could not afford it.  Therefore, I made them a deal last year to help them.  I sold them the house for a price that we all agreed on, and all of the rent they had paid to me for the four years they had lived there; I counted that money as their down payment.  By doing that, it brought the price of the house down enough to let them get a mortgage, and afford to make the payments every month.  They now have two young boys and are very happy, and I am happy as well because I was able to help them buy a home.  Even if I had not sold the house, I do not think I could live there again and be happy, even with you, so I needed to find us a new home.  Well, since Thanksgiving, you have become quite a celebrity.  So many of the people who read about you have donated money to you so that you would be taken care of, and one person even gave you a house to live in.  My friend Juan, and Sara went and saw it, and they both said that it is very big and nice, and it is in a good neighborhood with good schools.  So, I was thinking that we could live there since it belongs to you now."  John told him as gently as he could.

            "Me?  They gave me a house, and money?  Why?"  Devon said while not understanding why strangers would do this for him.  What had he done to deserve all these things?

            "Why, because you are a young boy who has been hurt so much and now you deserve to be happy.  When people look at you Devon, they can see how much you have been hurt and they do not want you to suffer anymore.  Many people, including myself, we all see a young boy or girl who has been hurt and it hurts us.  All we want to do is to make the hurt go away so that child can be happy and smile again.  That is what a child is supposed to do, is to be happy while adults like me teach them how to be a grown up as they grow.  When everyone looks at you though, they do not see a happy child; they see a young boy who never smiles, and has to act like a grown up because if he does not then he will be hurt again.  So all of these people have given you this money, and a house with the hope that you can stop being a grown up now, and learn to be a kid again, so you can be happy and smile again.  It is their way of showing their love to you and to all of the other kids who are being hurt just as you've been hurt."  John explained to him as Devon's eyes began to fill again, so he quickly kissed his eyes, and made the tears go away.

            "Ok, but do I have to keep the money?"  Devon asked him with a slight quiver in his voice.

            "It's your money, so you can do whatever you want.  I have to tell you that there is a lot of money though.  You could probably buy the state of New Mexico if you wanted to."  John said with a big grin.  Devon just blushed and laughed in disbelief.

            "You are just teasing me now, because that would cost like a million dollars to do that."  Devon said to him as he smiled.  However, John shook his head no with a serious expression on his face, then he held up seven fingers at him, and Devon realized that John was not joking.

            "Seven million!  You mean all those people gave me seven million dollars?"  Devon asked in shock and disbelief as his mouth dropped open.

            "Seven and a half million would be closer, and a house too."  John said with an uncertain expression on his face.  He was concerned that he may have told Devon too much, and that he couldn't handle all of this news.  However, Devon just blinked several times as he absorbed this information, and then he looked back at John.

            "So I can do anything I want with the money right?"  He asked him.

            "Yes, you can do what ever you would like to do with it," John told him.

            "Then I don't want it cause I don't know what to do with it.  Everybody who gave me this money wants me just to be a kid again, but a kid does not know how to use all that money.  Only an adult knows what to do with that money, and if I want to be just a kid again, then I have to give the money to an adult.  An adult like you; so you take the money and you can use it to take care of me."  Devon told him seriously.

"Ok son, if that is what you want, but that money is not mine only, it is our money.  I will take some and put it into the bank for you, and also put some to pay for college for you, then the rest we can save until we need it."  John told him after hugging and kissing him, and Devon gave him a toothy smile, but then John frowned.  "You know, there will be a lot of reporters outside when you leave today, so I better go make some arraignments for security."

            "Reporters?  What for?"  Devon said with a frightened expression as he remembered what happened two weeks ago.

            "I will make sure that they will not bother you this time Devon.  That is why I have to make some arraignments for security so that does not happen."  John told him to reassure that there would not be a repeat of the events on Thanksgiving.

            "You promise?"  Devon asked with pleading eyes.

            "I promise, ok.  Look, here comes Sara, and she will help you get ready to go while I arraign for security.  Now, you do not lose those papers because I have to take them to the courthouse tomorrow.  I love you, and I will see you in a little bit."  John said as he hugged him and handed him the adoption papers.  Devon held them close to his bare chest as he turned his head up so John could kiss him.  John gave him a light peck on the lips and then kissed his nose before standing just as Sara entered the room.

            "Hi Sara, I think he is over his shock enough to get ready now."  John said as he gave her a friendly hug.  Devon watched them while they greeted each other, but quickly looked away before they turned their attention back to him.  Sara then came over and hugged him before kissing him noisily causing Devon to wipe his cheek while he blushed.

            "Hi there gorgeous, did you miss me?"  Sara asked him as she cuddled him.

            "Yeah...I did.  Nurse Jessica is ok...but I am uncomfortable around her."  Devon said quietly as he looked away while continuing to blush.

            "I know, but she is the best I could do while I took care of things.  Now, do you two have some good news for me or will I have to tickle you until you wet yourself?"  Sara asked him before gently tickling his bare chest and making Devon squirm as he giggled.  John could not help but smile as he watched Devon relax enough to act like the child he was.

            "Ok...oww," he said with a grimace that caused Sara to stop.

            "Are you all right honey?  I didn't mean to hurt you sweetie."  She said in a worried voice.

            "No, you didn't hurt's just that..."  Devon started saying before catching himself and blushing crimson with embarrassment.  John watched Devon move his hand so that it was protectively covering his groin, and he realized the problem.

            "It's ok Devon...uh...Sara, can you give us a moment please?"  John said as he moved to the other side of the bed.  He then leaned over and whispered to her, "Male troubles."  Sara nodded and quickly left the room and closed the door after her.  Devon was still blushing with embarrassment after she had gone.

            "It's ok now Devon, it is just us guys now.  I think I know what the problem is, and to be honest, I completely forgot about it.  I know you are hurting, but will it be ok if I look?"  John asked Devon softly as he hugged him.

            "I was going to tell you, but I forgot too.  It wasn't until I started laughing that my hoppie started hurting bad again."  Devon said tearfully to John.

            "I know it hurts, I had the same infection in my hoppie once also.  Now I need to check because if it is very bad, then I will have to get the doctor to see you.  He may decide to keep you here another day or two until it gets better."  John explained to him, and Devon shook his head no when John mentioned him staying there.

            "I don't want to stay here.  I want to go home with you," Devon said softly through his tears as he pressed his hand more protectively over the covers on top of his groin area.

            "I want you to come home too, but if the infection is worse then I will have to bring you right back.  I am not going to leave you here alone again.  The next time I leave here is with you so we can go to our new home, and I think it would be a good idea to take Sara with us too."  John told him.

            "Yeah, Sara can come with us, but what about your job?  You have to go to work and protect everyone don't you?"  Devon asked him as he looked at John.

            "No I don't...not anymore Devon.  I resigned this morning."  John told him.  However, this only made Devon even more confused and worried.

            "You quit; because of me?"  He asked with a worried voice.

            "No son, I did not quit, not exactly.  I have decided to take a new position is all; Juan Rivera started an organization that helps find missing kids, and helps kids that are being hurt as you were.  Well, the Federal government has decided to make this organization a new part of the government.  Now instead of volunteers and a small staff, it will be a federal agency with its own detectives to help these kids, and Juan runs it now.  He offered me the position of Chief of detectives with the U.S. Marshal Service, I will be in charge of all of the detectives in this new agency, and Juan will be my boss.  So I will still be a cop, but now I will be protecting kids in similar situations like you were in.  I will spend my time helping to find those kids who were kidnapped, or those that ran away."  John explained to him and a look of admiration and then appreciation came across Devon's face.

            "So now you will just help kids like me then?"  Devon asked him quietly, and John nodded in answer to his question.  Then Devon asked, "Are you doing it because of me...or for me?"

            "Because of you, but is there really a difference Devon?"  John asked him.

            "Well, yeah there is.  If you are doing it because of me, then it is because you do not want other kids to be hurt like I was.  But if you do it just for me, then it means you really don't care about them...just about it would not be a good thing anymore."  Devon said to him while only faltering and looking away at the end.  His answer made John love and appreciate him that much more.  He reached out and gently turned Devon's face back towards him.

            "See, that is why you are so special Devon.  Even after all the pain you have suffered, you still care more about others than you do about yourself.  That is why so many people sent you all the gifts, money, and wrote to you.  It is because they can see the goodness inside you that makes you so special.  However, right now you only need to worry about getting better because you cannot help anyone if you are sick.  Now let me look and see how bad it is ok."  John told him as they looked into each other's eyes.  Devon sniffled before he nodded his consent.  John just smiled warmly at him and handed him a tissue.  He waited until Devon had wiped his nose, then he gently pulled the covers back until Devon's bare midsection was revealed.  The small rubber ring that encircled the head of his small penis was gone now, but the healed incision from the circumcision was still bright red.  While most of the swelling and bruising was gone, his tiny point of a penis still looked to be slightly inflamed.  John could see that there was also a slight discharge coming from the tiny pee slit.  John looked at him for a moment.

            "Do you mind if I touch your hoppie?"  John asked him.  Devon looked confused for a moment before he answered.

            "No, it's ok, but...but why did you ask me first?"  Devon questioned with a very confused expression.  While he did not look away, he did lower his eyes down to his hoppie before saying in a very quiet voice.  "You are the only one who asked me except Sara.  Nobody has never asked before though, they just did what they wanted."

            "I know they did, but that is wrong though.  It is your body, and even if you do not own a single thing in this world, it is still your body only.  Nobody has the right to touch your body that causes you to be uncomfortable, and all you have to do is to say no.  If they still touch your body, then you tell a police officer, Sara, or me.  We will make them stop, and they will be in trouble because your body is yours, and if you say no, then it means no.  You remember that ok.  Now, back to business, maybe you had better brace yourself because it might hurt ok.  I need to do something to see how bad the infection is."  John explained things to him, then as he gently held Devon's small penis between his forefinger and thumb after covering it with a tissue, and he waited until Devon braced himself.  Once Devon nodded, and gripped the bed railing as he gritted his teeth, John placed his thumb on the underside of Devon's soft penis along with his forefinger and index finger on top of it.  Then John pressed his thumb inward applying pressure, squeezing Devon's hoppie, and causing him to cry out loudly.  Then it was over, and an aching throb pulsated through Devon's hoppie.

            "I know it hurt honey, but I had to see how bad the infection really was.  I'm sorry for hurting you, but now the doctors can give you the right medicine and make it better."  John said as he hugged Devon tenderly and wiped away his tears.  Next, John got up, and went to the door where he asked Sara to go find Dr. Gholl.  She left while John came back to Devon's side, and continued to comfort him until Dr. Gholl knocked then entered the room along with SaraSara saw Devon's nakedness, and she started to excuse herself when Devon stopped her.

            "No, please don't go Sara," he pleaded while holding his outstretched left hand for her.  Sara quickly came over and sat beside him in the bed before kissing him gently on his cheek.

"It hurts Sara, it hurts really bad," Devon said as he whimpered against her.  Sara tenderly cradled him in her arms just as a mother would do with her own child.

"I know it does honey, and it's ok to cry when it hurts.  Dr. Gholl will help make it better, if he knows what's good for him."  Sara cooed over Devon, but her last remark made Dr. Gholl look at her and he saw that she meant every word.  John quickly filled the doctor in, and explained what he did before showing him what the results were.  Then John handed the tissue to Dr. Gholl, who took it and examined the bloody pus on it.  Finally, he pulled the covers up enough to cover Devon's privates before facing Devon.

"Well Devon, the infection is much worse than we thought, but I think that it will be cleared up in a week with antibiotics and a special ointment, this way you can still go home today.  However, I am going to give you a couple of shots around your hoppie that will help stop the pain."  Dr. Gholl explained to him with a smile.  He saw Devon cringe when he mentioned the shots, so he tried to reassure him.  "It won't be that bad Devon.  The first shot will numb the area then I will give you some Cortisone injections that will help with the pain after today."

"Will they hurt real bad?"  Devon asked in his soft quivering voice.

"Not really young man, the first set of injections will numb everything so it does not hurt because I need to flush out your urethra or pee-pee tube.  Then the Cortisone injections will help keep the pain away and stop the swelling and bruising.  However, you will not really feel those because it will all be numb already.  Now you just relax here with your mom while I get things ready and I will be back in a few minutes."  Dr. Gholl said with a big grin before winking at SaraJohn got up and followed the doctor out of the room, and caught up to him in the hallway.

"Dr. Gholl, do you have a few moments?"  John asked the man as he caught up to him.

"Sure, what is on your mind Detective Roberts?"  Dr. Gholl asked him while guiding him into the staff lounge.

"Well, I would like to know your opinion about the bloody discharge I showed you.  Another thing is about his future prognosis.  I just want you to clear up some things now that Devon is my son."  John explained as they both started to sit down at a small table.

"So you are the lucky one, congratulations to you and your new son.  I know that Devon is probably thrilled about you being his father now."  Dr. Gholl said to him while extending his right hand to him.  John shook his hand and thanked him before sitting down also.  "Now what can I help you with?"

"I see that you know about our little celebrity here, but that is a different matter.  First off, what are your impressions about the bloody discharge I showed you from the tissue?"  John asked in a much more relaxed tone.

"Well it means that the Urinary Tract Infection is much worse than we originally thought.  However, I think that a course of antibiotics along with antibiotic ointment that also has benzocaine to help with pain also.  In a few minutes, I will go and flush out the Urethra and give him a couple of cortisone injections to minimize any swelling and bruising, and it will help with the pain.  I do not believe it warrants enough to have to keep him over night though.  However, I can see that is not what is troubling you though."  Dr. Gholl said.

"Well, you are right in that respect.  See, I have never had a son before, and as my best friend says, I have had most of my adult life dominated by women.  Now I know I can deal with most boy problems, but the one I cannot help him with is when he asks me about his physical size though."  John explained to the doctor.

"Well, I am the right doctor to discuss this with since I am his Urologist.  However, to answer your question is that I really do not know.  I have seen much smaller injuries to a boy's testicles behave in unorthodox ways, so it is hard to say exactly what will happen.  He has a lot of scar tissue on and around his penis also, as well as him suffering repeated traumas to his testicles.  It may impair his development, but then again, it may not.  The best I can tell you to do is to just love him, and don't make this a big issue."  Dr. Gholl said in a more relaxed voice along with much more caring showing on his face.

"That comes to the last thing, which is also related to his development.  You do have to admit that he is very small for an 11-yr-old boy.  I know that I should not worry or make an issue of it, but he already has done that, only he has expressed his worries about him returning to school and being teased again.  He is afraid that the other boys will continue to taunt him about his small size as well as his small penis.  I did explain to him that he was smaller because he is younger than the other boys in his grade, but I do not know how developed he should be for 11, so what should I tell him?"  John asked him while his concern showed in his expression.

"I understand, and I believe that things will be quite different now though.  When he returns to school, what grade will he be in?"  Dr. Gholl asked John, and John thought about it for a moment.

"Well, he has been working on an 8th grade level, and doing very poorly.  He should be in the 5th grade this year, which is what I plan on enrolling him in.  However, if the school thinks it would be better to enroll him into the 6th grade again since he has already been through that work, then I may do that instead.  I really cannot say because I do not really know yet.  I personally believe that he should go into 5th grade where he belongs."  John told him, and Dr. Gholl could see the truthfulness in John's face.

"I agree with you Detective Roberts, and I would not pay heed to the school administrators either.  Devon may well be able to perform competently in the 6th or even 7th grade, but he will still be the youngest and smallest boy in his class.  Therefore, he will not escape the taunts from his peers.  However, by placing him with boys his own age, then he will discover that while his overall physical development, and that of his penis may still be a bit on the small side, he will also see that most of the other boys will not be much more developed than he is.  Therefore, the taunting will not occur since it will usually have the boys who are saying it back it up by showing that they are much more physically developed.  They would not be willing to do that, so they will avoid putting themselves into the position to be taunted as well and will not bother Devon.  I have a son the same age as Devon, and he has faced the same problem, so I am speaking from his experience on the matter."  Dr. Gholl explained causally to John.  This knowledge made John felt relieved since he could tell Devon that he would be just like the other boys now.

"Thank you for your time doctor, you have been a lot of help, but now I have to arraign for some security to keep the press mob away from Devon.  After his last experience with reporters, he is absolutely terrified of them."  John said as he stood and shook Dr. Gholl's hand.

"No problem, glad I could help.  As for security, may I make a suggestion to you?"  Dr. Gholl asked him.

"Sure, I am open to all suggestions right now," John answered.

"Why don't you provide a photo op and press conference, have Devon make a very short statement thanking everyone who has written him.  Then you can tell the reporters after answering a few questions that no more questions would be taken, and for them to honor Devon's privacy as he continues his recovery at home.  Also, hint that there will be a more open press conference later after he has recovered more.  This way they should leave him alone because the media has really gotten a black eye over that stunt on Thanksgiving, so they will not do anything more to fuel that embarrassment."  Dr. Gholl explained as they walked towards the nurse's station.

"I think you are right Dr. Gholl.  They definitely do not want any more news that makes them the bad guys and this way they get their story and pictures of Devon they need in a civilized way.  Now I just need to convince Devon about it, thank you doctor, I really owe you one."  John told him as he shook his hand once more before heading back to Devon's room.  Dr. Gholl then spoke to the nurse about what he would need for Devon then he waited while she did as he requested.

John went out to the main desk and asked to use the phone in the conference room first.  The receptionist gave her approval and escorted John to the room.  Once the door closed, he called Jerry at headquarters.

"Jerry, hey it's John, I need a favor."

"Well laddie, did you make it official?"

"Yes, Devon signed the papers, so it will be official tomorrow."

"That's great John, I'm glad for both of you.  Both of you deserve to be happy, and now both of you can make a fresh start together."

"I know, and thanks Jerry.  I don't think I would have survived if it were not for you and Jeanne."

"We were glad to help John; you know we love you just like we love our kids.  You have been through hell John, and so has Devon.  Now both of you get a second chance so don't waste it."

"I know; we are both very lucky, and I appreciate everything you have done for me.  Jeanne better get used to being called Aunt Jeanne because Devon is going to need both of you to get better, and so will I."

"Well, you know where home is, and it is always open to both of you.  Now I know you didn't call to just express your undying gratitude to an old scallywag like me, so what can I help you with?"

"I need you to schedule a press conference for us at 4pm today.  I do not want a throng of reporters rushing us when we leave.  They scared the hell out of him last time, and I want an orderly conference where Devon and I will make a statement and maybe answer a few questions.  I want it understood though that once we leave that no one is to bother him.  He has enough to deal with already, and he does not need the press hounding him once we leave Bayside.  Can you do that for us?"

"Sure, I will make the arraignments, and that reminds me about something I wanted to discuss with you.  However, that can wait until both of you are ready to settle down in your new place.  It will be a surprise.  So was there anything else you need?"

"Yes there is, but I will understand if you cannot do it.  I was wondering if you could spare a few patrolmen for security to make sure the press behave."

"Oh I think I can round up a couple for you.  Do not worry about it John, I will make the arraignments.  Just make sure that Devon will be ok with this, and give him our love."

"I will, and thanks again Jerry.  You've always come through when I need you."

"Forget about it, now go, and be a father to your new son.  I will see you later."  Jerry told him, and John just smiled as he hung up the phone.  He knew that Jerry would take care of things, and make sure that the media did not traumatize Devon any more than they already had.  John got up and left the room, stopping just long enough to thank the receptionist.  He thought over a few ideas on how to approach Devon, but discarded them all and decided to wing it as he reached Devon's room.  He knocked once before going in and closing the door behind him.  Devon was cuddled up with Sara, but he smiled as soon as John entered the room.

"Hi Dad," Devon said softly with a big smile of contentment.

"Hi yourself...son, I have made some arraignments and I want to go over them with you, but only after the doctor has finished."  John said as he came around the bed and kissed Devon on the forehead.  Devon just beamed when John said `son.'  "So, has the doctor been in since we left?"

"No," both Devon and Sara said in unison.

"Well, he should be here in a few minutes then."  John said to them both.  Just as he sat down, Dr. Gholl knocked and then entered the room followed by the nurse Devon knew as Jessica.

"Just set those things over there, then you can go.  I will have Sara assist me," he said to Jessica who did as he directed, and then left the room.  Sara got up and closed the door again before going into the bathroom and washing her hands.  When she finished she came out and joined Dr. Gholl who handed her a pair of latex gloves.

"All right young man, I am going to give you a couple of injections that will numb everything up before we begin.  Would you like to watch or have your dad help hide your eyes?"  He asked DevonDevon just shook his head no and looked tearfully over at John as Dr. Gholl carefully uncovered his midsection exposing his penis.  John came and sat down beside him in the bed, and leaned over embracing him while also blocking his view.

"It will be fine Devon, just a little sting then it will be over ok.  Just hold onto me tight until it is over," John said to him in a gentle voice.  Devon just hugged him tight with his left arm as he buried his face into John's chest.  Dr. Gholl took a syringe and waited while Sara swabbed the area around the base of Devon's inflamed penis.  He then injected half the contents of the syringe on each side of Devon's penis as Devon cried out for the first injection and gripped John tighter, but he barely felt the second injection except for a dull sting that quickly went away.

"It is done, now it should numb the area in a few minutes.  I will be right back while it's doing that."  Dr. Gholl told them, and John acknowledged him as he continued to comfort Devon who was just whimpering a little now.

"It's over son, and the pain will go away now," John said softly to him as Devon cried softly into John chest.  It took only a couple of minutes for all of the pain to ease away and Devon to stopped crying.  John and Sara then helped him to wipe his face and nose before Dr. Gholl returned.

"Has the pain gone away yet?"  He asked Devon who just nodded his head a little.  Dr. Gholl was quick to notice how Devon would look at him for a moment when asked a question, and then look away.  He was well familiar with this sign, and that just confirmed that Devon had been physically abused into submissiveness.  He just sighed because he truly felt bad for Devon because he believed that no child should have to suffer as Devon had.  Then he took out his pen and sat down beside Devon again.

"Now tell me if you can feel this," he asked Devon as he turned his pen upside down and ran the end around the base of Devon's penis.

"No...well kinda," Devon said meekly.

"How about this, any pain?"  Dr. Gholl asked him as he gave Devon's penis a gentle squeeze.  Devon had stiffened up as he watched him do this, but he relaxed when he felt no pain.  Dr. Gholl squeezed a bit harder causing a small bead of pus to appear from the tiny pee slit, but Devon shook his head no again.  "Ok, I believe we can continue now.  I have numbed the area, but I still think that you will feel a little bit of discomfort when I flush out the urethra.  After that, I will put some antibiotic ointment into the urethra, and give you a couple of injections of cortisone at the base to help control the pain later and keep the swelling down.  You may feel a burning pain when you urinate for the next couple of days, but it should begin to go away after today.  So are you ready to begin?"  Dr. Gholl explained to him, and then waited for him to answer.

"Ok," Devon said as he squeezed John's hand tighter, and John gave him a reassuring hug.  Dr. Gholl had Sara cover Devon around his penis with absorbent pads, leaving only his small, swollen penis exposed.  He then had her hand him a very thin tube that was even smaller than the Foley tube that had been removed the day before.  Dr. Gholl put the tiny tube onto the opening of Devon's penis and it was connected to a large syringe that Sara was holding.  She started slowly pushing the plunger of the large syringe that was filled with saline.  As the fluid began to come out of the end of the tube, Dr. Gholl held Devon's penis and gently began to ease the thin tube into Devon's pee slit.  After he had pushed it in about three inches, he stopped and started to massage Devon's numbed penis gently as the saline fluid and pus flowed out onto the absorbent pads.  After about a minute of doing this, Dr. Gholl began to squeeze a bit harder as he worked from the base of Devon's penis upward.  It was at this time that Devon began to feel the pain, and he let out a soft cry while he clenched his teeth together and squeezed John's hand tighter.

"I am almost done Devon, so be strong for a little bit longer ok," Dr. Ghoul said to him as he worked.  He quickly finished squeezing the pus out of Devon's penis before moving the tube in and out while flushing it with the saline solution.  Once he did this a few more times, he removed the tube and dried Devon before Sara handed him a small tube of medicine that had a long thin tip like the tube he had just used to flush out his penis.  He inserted the tip all the way into Devon's penis before extracting it slowly as he squeezed out a small amount of ointment.  Once he had removed it, he then massaged the underside area from Devon's small scrotum near his anus all the way to the tip of his penis.  As he did this, he explained everything to John, Sara, and Devon so they could continue to re-apply the ointment twice a day for the next five days.  He explained that the medicine would speed the healing of Devon's urethra while stopping the infection.  Finally, he took another needle syringe and gave him two more injections at the base of his penis, but Devon did not feel any pain as he did this.

"All done Devon; you did very good young man.  Now, I have explained to your Dad and Sara about how to apply the ointment, and I will have Jessica bring you his medications while he gets dressed to go home.  Oh, here are his prescriptions for his medications so you can get them filled.  I gave him a mild sedative and some valium just in case he has trouble sleeping.  The sedative and valium will allow him to sleep without dreaming, but only give them to him as needed."  Dr. Gholl told them.  Devon's face brightened up when he heard him tell John and Sara that he could get dressed and leave, and he looked directly at Dr. Gholl.

"I can go home now?  Um...thanks Dr. Gholl...for keeping your promise about it not hurting too much, and for everything else."  Devon said with a shy smile before looking away again.

"No problem Devon, while all of us have enjoyed having you here at Bayside, all of us would like it much better if you were not sick or hurt.  Now you get ready to go home and Happy Birthday too."  Dr. Gholl said with a gently smile as he leaned over and held out his hand to Devon.  Instead of shaking his hand, Devon sat up and hugged him tightly with his left arm as his eyes filled again.

"Thank you...all of you for making me better again," he whispered as he tried to blink back his tears, but only succeeded in having them spill down his face.  "Everyone has been so nice to me here; I'm really going to miss all of you."

"You are very welcome Devon, and we will all miss you here too.  Now, you get ready to go home to your new life with your dad and mom."  Dr. Gholl said as he held Devon gently.  He then kissed him on the forehead as Devon sniffled and wiped his eyes with his hand as he smiled.  Dr. Gholl then excused himself and left the room.

End of Chapter 6

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