From:  Snwdemon

Subject:  Who will catch my fall (Part Two)

Chapter 8:  (M/b, b/b, abusive situations, no sex)


WARNING:  This story contains descriptions of abusive acts, both physical and sexual in nature, involving MINOR boys.  I wish to explain that this story is not true!  Further, it is not intended to promote illegal acts against minors, but to educate people as to what a minor child has to do in order to survive in a severely abusive environment that they are trapped in.  One of the most famous examples of this was Steven Stayner, who was kidnapped at age 7 and severely abused for 7 years.  He was subjected to physical, sexual, and mental abuse.  I have had the privilege of working with a number of boys like him, and I consider all of them to be extremely brave.  Many people still believe that children who stay with an abuser/captor do so because they want to.  This is utterly untrue, and is proven through numerous interviews, behavioral, and psychological studies conducted with these victims.  A young child does not have the same ability to cope with stressful situations as an adult would because they have not had the privilege of time and experience that an adult has.  Also, their brains are growing and developing still so that a young child truly lacks the emotional and physical ability as well as the intricate thought process that adults have.  Therefore, they rely more on their basic instincts, and learn quickly what they need to do in order to survive.  Thus, when they are removed from that abusive situation, they have an extremely hard time adjusting to their new environment because they are not familiar with trust, caring, and compassion.  These are the emotions that the child has to learn once they are put into a new non-abusive environment.  People assume that these emotions are natural.  Many do not realize that much of our human emotional capacities are learned.

The following story is a work of fiction; it also incorporated actual events that I learned from various victims I counseled over the years in the first part of the story.  However, this new part in this story is still a complete work of fiction because I have created, and embellished the facts and individual characters of this story that I took from Part One.  In addition, this story is not intended to be erotic or sexual in nature, but because I have given this story's e-publishing rights to Nifty Archives, I am required to include this legal disclaimer.  Therefore, I do not encourage others to perform any kind of abusive or sexual act with minors as described in this story.  If the subject of Man/boy sex, child abuse, and/or rape of minors offends you, or this material is illegal to possess such material of this nature in your place of residence, or if you are under the legal age to possess such material, do not read further!  Finally, I would like to thank Nifty for e-publishing this story because without their archive, I would not have the large fan base now.

By downloading this story:  "You implicitly declare and affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor, and are entitled to have access to material intended for mature, responsible members of society capable of making decisions about the content of documents they wish to read."  The story is copyrighted under my pseudonym, Snwdemon, and pen name Damion Perez.  A copy has been placed in these archives for your enjoyment.  The story cannot be used to derive monetary gain.  However, if you want to place a copy of this story in your free access archives or free access website, then I give my permission for you to do so.  If your website requires payment for access and you wish to place a copy of my story on your site, then please email me for my permission.  The story cannot be placed in any archives or website that require payment for access, or be printed and distributed in any form that requires payment either directly or indirectly without my written consent first.  Any similarity to individuals, living, or dead, is completely accidental.  Reference is also made in context to some locations, businesses, characters, and people to define the story line.  No other implication about the true sexuality or actions of the people, businesses, or places mentioned is intended.






Recap from Chapter 7:



"Are all the boys asleep?" John asked when he saw Sara.

"Yes, they all conked out before their heads hit the pillows except for Simon, but I think he finally went to sleep." Sara told him with a smile. "It's been a very stressful day for all of them, and they all resisted at first when we told them that they would be wearing those new Goodnites underwear just in case they wet the bed. Except for Simon, but he never resists us except for when he's about to go to sleep."

"Sean was beside himself along with Lucky about how they were not going to wear a diaper, but then Jeanne brought in the underpants, and they saw that they did not look like a diaper at all. Still, they started to refuse until Simon told Ari and Lucky that they all should wear them cause of everything that happened today. He actually admitted that he was still scared and would probably have bad dreams, and then Sasha agreed with him so the others changed their minds pretty quick." Shiloh said with a half smile.

"Those underpants are a really good idea though, because any children their ages are embarrassed about wetting the bed. Before these came out, all an older child could wear was an adult diaper or rubber pants over their normal underwear, so I am glad you thought of them." Tom explained to them and Alva agreed with him as he accepted their thanks.

"Well, once they saw that these looked the same as regular underwear, they still hesitated until Lucky proclaimed them `kewl', and then they all let us put them on them before putting them in bed. Even Ari did not mind them, and he usually does not wear underwear beneath his pajamas. I was a little surprised that Sean allowed me to undress and bathe him because he usually is so modest about anyone seeing him naked." Jeanne told Jerry and the others.

"That's because everything has changed for him and Sky. They no longer have to hide who they are, and the twins have always loved you Jeanne, they think of you as their second Mom." Shiloh told her. "That is why Sean is not embarrassed or shy about you seeing him naked, or even touching him when you bathed him. You have been as much of a mother to him as I have, and now that he no longer has to hide, he is showing how much he loves and trusts you."

"Ah, John and Sara, I was hoping to speak with the two of you along with Simon about Ari, but I guess we can do that later." Alva said to them.

"No, after thinking about it, I talked it over with Sara, and we have changed our minds. You can tell us now if you want, and I think it would be best if everyone here knows. We have to trust everyone here and to do that then we cannot hold back any information including this." John told him while Sara nodded in agreement.

"Are you sure that you want this known to everyone present? Even those who are not part of the taskforce?" Alva asked him while specifically referring to Paquito and Maria.

"Yes, we are sure. Everybody here right now needs to know the truth so we can understand exactly what these two men have done." John told him while reassuring him that it was ok.

"Very well then; could I have everyone's attention please? John contacted me earlier today, and he asked me to view these tapes and wanted me to make a decision that will affect one of the boys seriously. I am speaking about Ari in particular because all of these tapes relate to him, and they also answered many of the questions I have had about his psychological problems." Dr. Alva Cruz told them as he stood up and walked over to the fireplace.

"When I first evaluated Ari, some of his particular behavior patterns are symptomatic of a moderate form of OCD, bipolar disorder, and borderline schizophrenia. However, these symptoms only showed when he was stressed or frightened while he was also able to function almost normally most of the time without the need for medication or therapy, which is not symptomatic of OCD, bipolar, or Schizophrenia. After viewing the tapes, which are very graphic and highly disturbing, I now am able to give a more accurate diagnosis for Ari. So all of you can understand what I am talking about, the simple fact is that Ari is an identical twin like Shiloh's son Sean. When Ari's parents were killed in the auto accident, I have been informed that it is now assumed that they were murdered, Ari was not the sole survivor because his identical twin brother Elijah Ezra Cohen also survived." He told them as he had enlarged photos of Ari and Eli passed out to everyone. "If you compare the photos, you will notice that only Ari has the birthmark above the left corner of his mouth. The other photo is of his identical twin brother Eli, and Jonas has provided me with the affidavit evidence proving that Eli did in fact survive the accident with only minor injuries while Ari was injured more seriously. However, I was informed that Eli was murdered within the week following the accident. Then Mr. Armitage spent the next year after his murder trying to destroy the entire catalog of documents showing that Eli Ezra Cohen ever existed, let alone survived the accident that killed his parents."

"Are you sure about this?" Al Orndorf asked him.

"Excuse me, but are you are saying me that I do not have a grandson, but in fact that I have two identical twin grandsons, one of whom was murdered?" Paquito Rojas asked Alva Cruz while his face tightened with shock and anger.

"Sí, Señor Rojas," Alva said respectfully. They stared at each other for a long moment before Paquito Rojas, as his eyes misted up, looked down at the photos again, and cleared his throat. Then he spoke with a thick voice with his eyes filled.

"Does that tape show who murdered my grandson, and how he was murdered?" He asked quietly and John nodded sadly to him as he picked up the tape marked `Eli'. Then Paquito said to him as Maria hooked her arm around her fathers before using her free hand to wipe her eyes with a handkerchief. "Show us what they did to my grandson, please."

"What these men did to your grandson Eli will be painful for all of us if we watch this tape. Nobody except Dr. Cruz and Jonas has seen what is on this tape. Are you sure about this Mr. Rojas, because Alva has told me that what is on this tape is the most graphic and brutal crime he has ever witnessed?" John asked him honestly, and everyone could see the pain, anger, and sadness in his own face.

"Yes, I am sure Mr. Roberts. If I may call you John, I would very much appreciate it if you called me Paquito, or Pancho as my close friends and family call me. You are my grandson's father now, and a part of my family. You and your wife bring honor to our family because of how you love Ari and his brother Simon. If my grandson Eli had survived, I have no doubt that you would be his father also. You have to know what happened in order to provide the best care for Ari, and I must do the same if I am to have any type of relationship with him. We have to see what happened so that we can give Ari the proper treatment and care for him to fully recover, if that will ever be possible." Paquito told him, and John could see in his face that he meant every word he said, so John nodded along with everyone else present, and he turned on the TV and VCR. Then he put in the tape, picked up the remote, and pushed play before sitting beside Sara. None of them noticed that Simon was sitting silently on the steps in the dark hallway watching the TV also.


End of Chapter 7





Who will catch my fall – Part two – Chapter 8


Tuesday, February 13, 1996 (9:15 PM)

The screen was snowy for a moment before a room with two small beds appeared on the screen. There was no sound to the tape, and for a moment, nothing happened. Then the door to the room opened, and Ari and Eli entered the room followed by Merle and Parrish. Ari's right arm was in a cast and sling, and he had a large bandage on his forehead along with both of his eyes being blackened from the bruising around the bandaged knot on his forehead. He was also limping while his brother Eli was assisting him. The boys sat down on one of the beds, and then Parrish was moving his arms and speaking to Merle while pointing at the boys. Then he turned towards the boys after Merle said something to him, and he kept gesturing and speaking at them until it was apparent that he was shouting at Eli and Ari. Whatever he was demanding of them, it was clear that they did not want to do it, and both of them were frightened. They were shaking their heads no at him, and Ari began to cry as Eli hugged him protectively. Merle left the room leaving just Parrish with the boys, Ari said something to him, and Parrish lashed out, knocking him to the floor with a hard backhand slap. Eli was on his knees next to Ari in a flash, and after a few moments, he helped his brother back up and they sat on the edge of the bed again. Only now Ari's nose and mouth were bleeding and he was still crying as the two of them cowered together. However, they all noted that Eli had now place himself between Parrish and Ari in order to protect him. Parrish said something to them and Eli responded as he shielded Ari from Parrish, and whatever he said seemed to placate Parrish. Finally, a third man entered the room and Parrish and this man pulled Ari away from Eli, dragged him to the wall, and handcuffed his good arm to a ring set securely into the wall there. Then Parrish and the unidentified man turned towards Eli, and Eli said something to Parrish while gesturing to Ari. Parrish replied, and after looking at his brother once more, then Eli nodded to him.

Even though he was still clearly upset and had been crying, Eli stood up, wiped his eyes with the heel of his hand, and then began to undress until he was standing in just his underwear before handing his clothes to Parrish. Merle came back into the room wearing just an undershirt and his dress slacks, and he said something to Parrish as the other man took Eli's clothes out of the room. When the other man returned, Parrish and the man grabbed Eli, and even though he fought and resisted, they still threw him onto the bed and handcuffed his hands to each post on the headboard. Then all three men left while Eli struggled for a few moments against his bonds before lying still on his back, and dressed only in his white cotton briefs as he lay there whimpering yet it appeared that he would not let himself cry anymore. He had a number of bruises, and a contusion that appeared to have stitches on his upper left shoulder. This scene remained this way for almost five minutes with Ari shackled to the wall and Eli shackled to the bed, face up. Then the door opened, and Merle Foxworth entered dressed in just a robe and he had an expression of sadistic lust that contorted his face, while he gazed at the helpless form of Eli. Then he sat down beside Eli, and began to stroke his face a few times before sliding his hand down to Eli's chest, and cruelly pinching the wound on his shoulder until Eli cried out. Then he proceeded to twist his tiny nipples making him scream in pain. They all watched in silence as Merle tortured Eli in this way while he grew more excited with each scream until his manhood was rock hard, and tenting his robe, yet Eli still did not shed any tears. John put the tape on pause at that moment, and everyone let out soft sobs.


"Maybe it is best that we take a few moments before continuing," he told them, and everyone let out a deep sigh of relief before they agreed. He had just put down the remote when they all heard a series of rapid thumps of someone tumbling down the stairs before hearing Simon cry out in extreme pain as he landed hard on the hardwood floor of the hall. John and Sara rushed out into the hall and found him curled up in agony at the bottom of the stairs holding his left hip and leg. He cried out again and wrapped his left arm around his head when the hall light was turned on. Sara carefully checked him over to make sure he was not injured with broken bones other than a probable bruise on his butt and bruising to his hip from sliding down the steps. Then she picked him up carefully into her arms as he continued to whimper in pain while shielding his eyes before carrying him into the living room and laying him on the couch. John looked at them for a moment, and then through the doorway of the den where he could see the TV clearly. He knew then that Simon had come down the steps for some reason, but he had stopped, and was watching the video tape through the doorway. John realized that Simon must have gotten scared when he had stopped the videotape, and suggested a break to everyone. He must have slipped as he tried to go back up the steps, and ended up bouncing down the remaining hardwood steps on his bottom and bad hip. Then John went into the living room where Todd, Alva, and Sara were examining Simon. He was lying on his stomach on the couch, and Todd had pulled his Goodnites underpants down to his knees, and was examining the growing, purple bruise on his left hip and buttock while Simon had his face buried into the throw pillow.

"Alva, do you have any pain medication with you? A shot would work faster than a pill would." Todd asked.

"I have some Demerol, and I believe Visteril in my bag. Do you want the normal dose?" Alva asked him as he stood up.

"No, make it 10/5, and prepare two just in case because Simon has a very high threshold for pain. If he is like this, then he is in a lot of pain." Todd told him.

"Ok," Alva said before leaving the room. A few moments later, Alva appeared again with two syringes and alcohol prep pads, which he gave to Todd. Todd swabbed the top of Simon's left buttock before giving him the shot, and then he massaged the area for about a minute. Simon cried out when the medicine was injected, but after several minutes, his crying and pain had not lessened much. Todd then gave him the second injection, but this time in his thigh muscle close to his hip. After a few minutes, Simon's crying began to taper off to a few muffled whimpers, so Todd pulled his underpants back up and straightened his nightshirt. That was when he finally noticed that Simon had his left arm wrapped around his head and his face pressed into the pillow.

"Sara, turn down the lights because he does not have his glasses on." Todd told her, and she immediately turned off the overhead light and the lamps. John sent Junior upstairs to fetch Simon's glasses, also to check on the others to see if they were awake, and he was back in a few moments with them. Junior handed them to Todd, and then told John that he thought the others were still asleep, but he wasn't absolutely sure that they were. "It's alright Simon, the lights are off, and I have your glasses. Let's sit you up, but keep your eyes closed until I get your glasses on properly." He told him and Simon nodded. Then he let Todd and Sara help him up into a sitting position as he kept his eyes closed tightly. Once he was sitting up, Todd wiped his damp face with his handkerchief before putting on Simon's glasses.

"Ok, you can open your eyes now," Todd told him and Simon looked around. "Now, why are you going around without your glasses?" He asked him, and Simon hung his head as he flushed with shame.

"I'm sorry. I was hurting, so I was coming to ask Mom for my medicine. It was dark so I didn't think I needed them. It was ok until I slipped and you all turned on the lights." Simon admitted sorrowfully.

"It is ok son, no harm was done. Just try to remember them next time," John said with understanding to him. Simon looked up at him for a moment before hanging his head again, and sniffling before nodding his head.

"How is your pain right now?" Todd asked him.

"It's ok now, but I'm feeling a little dizzy and hot is all." Simon told him with another sniffle.

"It's the medication I gave you. You just bruised your hip pretty badly, so it is going to hurt more for the next several days. I want you to take it easy until that bruise is better. That means no attempting to go up or down the stairs by your self, or hopping around on one leg also. I don't even want you to be putting any weight on that leg until that bruise is gone, ok?" Todd asked him and Simon nodded shamefully. Then Todd gave him a reassuring hug. "You are doing so much better than any of us expected Simon, and we do not want you to hurt yourself right now, and cause you to have a setback is all. You were hurt so bad that none of us knew if you would even survive, but you did and you are getting better much faster than we expected. We all worry about you so much because you are the only boy I know who has ever caught a rainbow." He said to him, and Simon could not help smiling when Todd reminded him of how he caught a rainbow.

"I will do better Dr. Todd, I promise." Simon told him in his soft voice.

"I know you will, and I am glad you are feeling better, but when you start hurting again, do not wait until the pain is real bad before you tell us. I know that the medicine makes you feel bad when you take it, but the dizziness and other effects go away soon after you take it, and the longer you take it as directed, then you will feel those effects less and less. The medicine works the best when you take it as it says on the bottle, even when you don't think you need it. Your broken bones have healed, but they are still not strong, so you can easily break them again if you are not careful." Todd told him as he gave him a final hug and kiss before getting up and moving out into the hall. Then John and Sara came over and sat down beside him. Simon tried not to feel guilty; he still hung his head and began to sniffle with shame.

"I...I'm so...sorry. I di...didn't break a ru...rule." He stuttered while his thin body stiffened reflexively, and he actually cringed when John and Sara began kissing him on his head, face, and ears. It took a few moments, but Simon finally relaxed and began to squirm and giggle from their kisses, and he could not help smiling.

"Well, you know the punishment for breaking a rule, don't you? It means that you will suffer the Ancient Chinese Tickle Torture!" Sara said to him with a funny cackle. Then John said, "And it means that it is TIME for THE CLAW!" This had become routine for him and Ari whenever they felt that they had broken a rule and had to be punished. Then John and Sara began to tickle Simon lightly until he was squirming and giggling helplessly, while his perceived infraction was all forgotten now. After a half of minute or so of tickling him, they relented to let him rest and catch his breath. Then after another minute passed, Simon reached up with his left arm and hugged, then kissed Sara first, and then he did the same with John.

"Thanks Mom and Dad. I love you," he said in a choked whisper.

"We love you too son," John told him before kissing him on his nose. Then he asked Simon, "I know you didn't mean to listen when you came downstairs, did you?"

"No, I did mean it." Simon told him with a blush, and what he said next surprised John and Sara. "That's the other reason why I came down so I could tell you all to be quiet because Ari would hear you."

"You could hear us upstairs?" Sara asked him, and Simon nodded.

"What did you hear son?" John asked him.

"You were talking about Ari's brother Eli, and how he died. I put Junior's headphones over Ari's ears with the tape of Kansas playing so he couldn't hear all of you if he woke up. You can't talk about his brother when Ari is around cause it will make him sad all over again." He told them, and by this time, Todd and Alva Cruz had come closer as well as the others as they listened to him.

"Simon, do you mean that Ari remembers his brother and what happened to him?" Sara asked him seriously.

"He does, and he doesn't Mom," Simon told her, which only made Sara look more confused. She started to ask him something else, but Alva stopped her by catching her attention and holding his finger to his lips for a moment. Then he came over and sat on the floor in front of Simon.

"Hi Simon," Alva said to him with a gentle smile.

"Hi Dr. Alva; I guess you want to know about Ari's brother too?" Simon asked him with his quiet voice. When people paid attention to Simon, his voice would get quieter until everyone was straining to hear him. He did not do this on purpose, but it was a habit for him because of the things Pop did to him if he called attention to his self.

"Not really Simon. I would rather have you tell me about your brother, and what he knows and remembers about his twin." Alva said to him in his gentle and friendly voice.

"You're not going to talk to him about it, are you?" Simon asked him with worry in his voice. "You will just make him sad all over again, and I will have to make him forget again."

"You make him forget when he remembers? How do you do that?" Alva asked him.

"It's sorta like what Pop does to make us forget, but you really don't need to use the bad place like Pop did to us to make someone forget. He taught me all about it, and I can do it when they sleep at night, but I have to do it slower so it don't mess them up during the day when they are awake." Simon told him, and when he looked up at Sara and he saw Jonas standing in the doorway behind her. He took in a quick breath, and snapped his head forward quickly while a sudden tremble passed through him as his face paled. Jonas saw it, and started towards him, and the closer he came to Simon, the faster Simon began breathing, and the more visibly he trembled. As Jonas knelt beside Alva, Simon was almost hyperventilating, and he was shaking almost violently now. John started to say something, but Jonas shook his head a little to him.

"I am sorry John, but I forgot to undo this. Remember what I told you I had to do earlier to them so Billy would not be suspicious? I made him, Ari, and Lucky react to me in apparent terror so that Billy would not be suspicious. I won't hurt him, I promise." Jonas told him, and it took a moment before John nodded, but he still watched Jonas closely. Jonas looked directly at Simon, and then spoke sharply to him.

"Anatoly, fie Tzetz!" He said, and Simon sucked in a breath and held it as his body stiffened while he stared directly at Jonas. Then Jonas leaned forward, and kissed Simon on his forehead and said, "Senec, Anatoly. Fie Tzetz...Senec." Simon let out an explosive breath before gasping, and then he drew in one ragged breath after another as the memories suddenly came back to him as he looked up into Jonas's face. Then he leaned forward while extending his trembling left hand to the stubble on Jonas's cheek and gently caressing it. Next, he pulled Jonas closer to him as he leaned his head against his chest while a soft sob escaped him as he remembered how sick, hurt, and so afraid he was when Jonas came to him in that strange place. He remembered how Jonas had taken away his fear that day to make him stronger, and he had told him his true name along with the special words that came back to him. Those words allowed him to hide his fear from Pop so he could be strong.

"Fie Tzetz...Senec...Lycoph," Simon finally said softly.

"Yes Anatoly, you no longer have to hide and be strong all of the time anymore; you are finally free, and now you can free your brothers too." Jonas told him softly before he kissed him on top of his head as Simon began to weep now that he could be afraid once more. Jonas gently handed Simon over to Sara, and then he said to John. "He needs Sara right now, so let's go smoke and I will explain. Have the others wait in the den, and turn down the lights so his eyes will not be bothered if she takes his glasses off." John just glanced at Sara, who nodded as she held Simon against her bosom as he cried. Then John got up, and asked everyone to go relax in the den while Sara soothed Simon. Everyone did as he asked, and Alva and Todd turned off the lights as they left except for the recessed lights, which they turned down to their lowest setting leaving the living room dark. Then John grabbed his coat while Jonas did the same, and they both were surprised as Jerry came up behind them, and took his coat and put it on. Then the three of them stepped outside into the carport where Jonas immediately dug his pack of Marlboros out and lit one while John and Jerry did the same.

"What did you do for Simon?" John finally asked him. "I recognize the names; they are the names of the three heads of Cerberus, the guardian to the gates of hell."

"That was the lock I used to let Simon and Ari hide their recognition of me from my brother. Billy's mind had been slipping for the last couple of years, and he was becoming more paranoid by the day about everyone, especially of Simon. He did not have to put him through the process that many times, but he did because Simon was the only one who never cracked up from it. He was always afraid of Billy, of what Billy would do to him, but he never cracked as the other kids had and that drove Billy insane. At first, it was more like a war against each other's willpower and inner strength, even though Simon was terrified of Billy. Billy was completely obsessed with breaking Simon's willpower, of breaking his spirit, and the more he failed, the more violent he became towards him. He has always physically abused Simon since the day he took him, and Billy made rules for everything just so he could punish Simon. However, Simon adapted and learned quickly, and did everything Billy told him exactly the way Billy wanted him to obey. Therefore, Billy began to become more violent, thinking that Simon would break if he caused him more pain. However, Simon never did, no matter what Billy did to him; Simon just endured it without complaint, tears, or resistance. Billy finally had to relent because others began to notice the injuries on Simon, and after a warning visit from Mrs. Murdock, Billy then began using the chamber on Simon. He still beat him, but now he was using the chamber to try and break Simon, and still Simon adapted and endured. It drove Billy fucking crazy with rage with each failure, and over the years, he became more and more insane because he knew that nothing he did could break Simon."

"There was one thing that Simon did every day no matter what Billy did to him, and it was what hurt Billy the most because Simon told him every day and meant it. He would tell Billy `I love you Pop.' That was because of what I did when Simon was little, when I told him that he had to take care of Billy because he was sick, so Simon never blamed Billy for all of the things he did to hurt him. The more abuse Billy inflicted on him, the more Simon persevered, yet he still told Billy every day that he loved him. I knew that I would have to stop Billy before he killed Simon, but I thought I had more time. I was wrong though, because that is when he brought Simon to Richard's facility outside of Spokane, and Simon was in a coma still clinging to life even though he had a raging infection inside his body that should have killed him. I deliberately pushed Billy into one of his catatonic states, and came here so I could speak to Ari. Terry was watching him because Billy had left him in the room down in the basement for his last behavior modification session after I had reversed the first memory suppression Billy had done to him." Jonas explained in between long drags off his cigarette.

"When Merle finally agreed to let Billy have Ari to get the location of the disks and then eliminate him, I brought Ari here, but I drove him. I told them that I would not be able to explain his bruises and injuries without making people suspicious. Then I suggested to Merle that I could use his private jet and fly here without suspicion, but I knew he would refuse because he is that fucking cheap. I was unable to do anything during the trip because I had Merle's goon Harry Weathers with me until we arrived. Billy immediately put Ari though the process, but instead of trying to make him remember, Billy erased his memory completely. I had to deprogram him afterwards while Billy went to program Sasha. Once I got the location of the tapes and disks, I had to go help Billy because Sasha refused to accept the programming until I made him stop resisting. When Billy came home and found Ari deprogrammed, Billy was pissed and put him through the process again, only this time, it didn't work because Ari had already figured out how to beat it when he went through it the first time. Ari had told me after I restored his memory that he knew how to beat it, and then told me he knew why Billy had hurt Simon so bad before he brought him to the facility almost dead."

"Anyway, after I goaded Billy into a catatonic state, I came back here and spoke with Ari about why Billy had beat Simon so badly, and he told me about how Simon had hid his parents jewelry from Billy. He also told me how bad Simon was hurt, and what Terry had to do to him in order to stop the internal bleeding. That explained the severe infection in his chest and lungs, and I called the guy in charge at the facility and told him so he could get Simon the right medicines, and to give them to him immediately. I had forgotten all about the jewelry, and I realized it was my fault that Billy had almost beat Simon to death because Harry had mentioned it to Billy. I knew that Billy would be even more suspicious if he found the stuff and he would become paranoid about me. I asked Ari if the stuff was safe, and if there was a chance that Billy would find it, but he said that Simon had hidden it well. I also asked him why Billy was so violent to Simon, and that is when he told me that Simon was too afraid really to stand up to Billy even though the process no longer worked on him. He said that is why Billy had hurt him so much because he had tried to stand up to him, but after Billy hit him the first time that his will crumbled because of his fear." Jonas told them with a voice riddled with guilt.

"I knew that Simon had the willpower to stand up to Billy, and I realized that if I took away his fear, then he could protect Ari and himself. However, so Billy would not suspect what I did, I had to make both of them terrified at the very sight of me, and I did, but I did it so that I could release them from that modification by naming Cerberus's three heads. Then I made Ari promise not to resist me because I was going to help him so that Billy wouldn't hurt him. I made him go to sleep, and programmed him to behave exactly the way Billy liked his boys to behave once he came out of the chamber so that Billy would think the process had been successful, and then I returned to Spokane. Richard's team had done the best they could to treat Simon without taking him to a trauma center. They knew that he would have lasting problems, and be in almost constant pain because they could not repair his broken ribs or the break in his leg without performing corrective surgery on him. None of the personnel was medical doctors since they were all scientists and technical specialists, so they could not do the surgical procedures he needed, and I knew that Billy would never allow Simon to go into the hospital for that surgery. I also knew that Billy believed that if he did not put Simon through the memory suppression process at least every other month, then he became paranoid that Simon had turned on him, and was conspiring against him, which he was doing anyway. I figured that Simon would probably only live another month or two before Billy murdered him because of his paranoid delusions he was suffering from." He explained as he finished his cigarette.

"Therefore, I programmed Simon to become two people actually. I made his dominant part of him the part he would show to Billy. This part of him showed his unbreakable will, his strength to overcome and adapt, and no fear. Then, the part of him that contained his doubts, his fear of never being able to be good enough, and his weaknesses and vulnerabilities is whom he allowed Ari to see whenever Bill was not present. Finally, I just told him that he had to survive in order to save Ari from Billy. I told Simon that he was like me when I was his age, and this was what I had to do to save my brother." Jonas told him as he stared out at the starry sky and lit another cigarette.

"Like I said before, Ari has always been timid and passive, but he was the dominant twin between him and his brother Eli. Eli was his protector and the friendliest with others, but Ari was the intelligent one and the most daring of them also, which is why he was the dominant one. When they were apart, they were both lost and confused, but together, their personalities complimented each other, and it appeared that together they made each other complete. After Eli died, it was almost as if Ari had died inside too, and all he had to live for was for revenge. At first, he had wanted to see that Parrish and Merle were punished for murdering his brother, and that is why he ran away twice, not just once, and I helped him the first time. I told him that I wanted the same thing that he wanted, and that was to see Merle punished for everything he had done, and Ari trusted me. I was the one who gave him the key so he could escape with the tapes and disks, and he did exactly as I told him to do when he ran away the first time. He hid the tapes and disks in the locker, then hid the key in the shelter, and never told anyone where the key was hidden. Merle believes that the evidence itself was hidden there at the shelter, and he has searched everywhere for the tapes, but the secret was the locker key. There is a nun there, who has worked in that shelter for 30 years, and I had Ari give the key to her, and she was to give it to the person who told her that they were there to pick up Ezra's key, and she did give it to your guy."

"Anyway, when Ari went to the police, and told them what had happened to his brother, he didn't know that the sheriff worked for Parrish. Only when they took him back to Parrish, and then beat and sexually assaulted him in order to make him tell them where the tapes and disks were at is when he knew that he could not even trust the cops. Finally, Parrish left him alone in the same locked cell that he had been in when I let him go the first time. The key I gave him the first time he ran is what allowed him to escape again because he remembered and used that key to escape the second time. That dumbass Parrish never even thought about how he had escaped the first time, so he never changed anything, and Ari escaped again that night. However, this time Ari was on his own for nearly a year, and he was only eight at the time. Somehow, he survived and he made it to Nashville. Where he stayed or how he survived, I do not know, and it still amazes me that he lived on his wits for nearly a year when he was that young and alone. He finally surfaced again in Nashville, only he went to the FBI instead of the police, and reported to them that Parrish and Merle had murdered his brother along with giving them one of the kiddie porn tapes he took that showed Parrish and Merle sodomizing two boys."

"I know, but Merle must have had a mole inside that office working for him because the agent called Parrish, and had him come get Ari while nothing was ever reported about his allegations, and the tape disappeared." John told him. "I know they spent months trying to force him into revealing where the tapes were, but he never broke. I think that was when you suggested to Merle that Ari had to tell or die, and sent him to Billy. However, I still cannot pinpoint the exact date when Ari was taken to Bill."

"I know," Jonas told him as he finished his second cigarette. "Your timeline is a little off because it was not months but almost several months that they tortured Ari trying to break him. Then Billy had Ari with him for almost a year because I brought him to Billy in December of `94, and Ari had just turned nine when Billy erased his memory, but it only took me two days to reverse it. Lucky had been with Terry since the beginning of May of `94 at the time, it was January when Billy damn near beat Simon to death. Ari went through the last behavior modification process while Billy and Simon were up in Spokane in February, and Ari came out of the chamber just as Billy had gotten back with Simon the first week of March. Even though he was veiled, Ari still took care of Simon and they connected with each other in some special way. Ari came back to life inside, and Simon was actually stronger because of Ari whenever he clashed with Billy. I remember one incident between them. Ari had been helping Simon with his schoolwork, and Simon got an `A' for the first time ever on a math test. He was so proud of that, but of course, that just made Billy even more pissed off because any time Simon succeeded, Billy tried to destroy it. He wanted complete dominance over Simon, and he tried to break him down into total submission. However, Billy saw Simon grow stronger with each success and with each victory no matter how small when their wills clashed. Most of all, he realized that keeping Ari was a mistake because his intelligence was the one thing Simon had lacked because of his learning disability, and that was Billy's only advantage over Simon, but now it was gone because of Ari. Therefore, Billy decided to kill Ari, but by that time, it was too late because Simon had somehow taken Eli's place with Ari. If you have noticed, Ari is submissive with Simon, but he is also the dominant one between them." Jonas told them.

"Yes, we know that he is. Simon is the strong and fearless one, while Ari is the submissive and intelligent one. However, while it appears that Simon is telling Ari what to do, Ari is the one who is making the actual decisions. When Simon is unsure of something, then Ari makes a suggestion, and that is what Simon does then. However, if it comes down to it, Simon still has the authority over Ari who will obey him no matter what. You said that Ari was veiled while he cared for Simon when he came back from Spokane right? Well, somehow Simon realized how much alike he was to Eli, and that allowed him to take Eli's place. When you brought him home, Simon became Eli, and that is why Ari was able to connect and bond so tightly with him. Their connection with each other is so deep now that nobody, not even them, can ever imagine them not being together." John explained to him. "Their relationship is actually good for both of them because Ari can show that he can be brave and strong sometimes, while Simon can let down his guard and show his weaknesses, doubts, and fears to Ari. Ari thinks it through, and then he tells Simon how to overcome those weaknesses, doubts, and fears while Simon does not allow Ari to withdraw inward, and makes him deal with his problems and fears."

"Which makes each of them stronger," Jonas said and John and Jerry nodded before he continued. "Anyway, you may have noticed that Simon is still two different people even now, that he is suspicious of everyone around him that he doesn't know, and that you have to pry an answer out of him. That is because of what I did to him so that he could survive the things Billy did to him, and for him to save Ari from Billy also. Now, you will start seeing Simon as a whole instead of just his strong side or just his weak side. That's what the names were for; it was to remove the barrier inside him that has kept these two parts of him separated."

"It's cold out here, let's go back inside." John told them, and they all went back inside. When they went back into the living room, the lights were on, and Simon was sitting up and laughing at something Junior had said. Jonas walked over, and knelt in front of him, but this time, Simon's reaction was completely normal.

"Feeling better now?" Jonas asked him.

"Yeah, I am," he said with a shy smile. "Um, thanks ok, for everything. I know Pop was your brother, but he was sick in his head. If you had not taken away my fear, then I could not have protected Ari or me from him."

"I know, and that is why I did it, Simon," Jonas said with his own smile. "Just take care of your brother as you always do, and it's ok to talk about Pop without being afraid anymore. Billy was not always bad, not at first when he took you, and made you become Devon, but his sickness made him into the bad person he was at the end. I am sorry that you almost had to die twice before I could stop him from hurting you and any more kids." Jonas said to him as he brushed Simon's unruly hair to the side.

"You shot him when I got free and ran that day, didn't you?" Simon asked him quietly. "Why? He was your brother...didn't you love him?"

"Yes, I did shoot him. I did it because I loved him, but I did not love what he had become. I was not going to do anything to him until you ran, but then Billy started shooting at you, and I saw you stumble. I knew that he had shot you, but you kept running so I killed him before he could kill you. It was not your fault, and it was the right thing for me to do since he was my responsibility. Billy is gone now and it is all over for you and your brothers, I know that he is in a better place, and I know that he is no longer suffering from the madness his disease caused." Jonas told him, and Simon just nodded to him before sitting forward and hugging him tightly. Jonas hugged him and kissed him on top of his head, and then he got up and moved over to the doorway. John, Sara, and Alva came over to him while the others came into the room, but stayed back so Simon would not feel crowded by them.

"I know this might be hard for you Simon, but could you tell us now about what Ari remembers?" John asked him as he sat down beside him.

"Ok Dad," He said quietly. "Ari remembers what happened to his brother, and that was why he was so sad when he came to live with us. He could not stop the bad man from hurting Eli, and he got free after the man left. The man hurt Eli when he put his hoppie in Eli's butt, and he just ran away when he saw all the blood. Then Ari got free and held Eli until he died over an hour later. Still, Ari blames himself for what the man did because Eli took his place since he was hurt real bad from the accident. That man wanted to do it to him at first because he was smaller than his brother was, but Eli would not let him, so he took Ari's place and let the man do it to him instead, but the bad man killed Eli. They had locked Ari to the wall, and he had to watch as the bad man did it and hurt his brother. That is why Ari always thinks he is too little and weak all of the time, because he was too little and too weak to stop them. I made him forget kinda when he came to live with us, so that he would not always think about what happened and not be so sad. He would always remember though when Pop would hurt me, and he wanted take the blame for it even when it was not his fault just so Pop would punish him. He always remembered, but I had to make him not think about it so he would not get sad again. He gets so sad that he wants to hurt himself so much that he will die too, and that's why I told Pop I would take his punishment." Simon told them tearfully in a choked voice.

"I made him forget just like Pop taught me, but he was so lost without his brother, and that always made him remember and get sad again. I know how to make others forget, but I can do it when they sleep, and I have to do it slow so they will not be messed up when they are awake. Ari would talk to me about Eli, about how he was strong and brave for both of them so he didn't have to be. So I made Ari forget everything about him after Pop had hurt me real bad, and Mr. Jonas took away my fear. Since I was not afraid anymore, I tried to be just like Eli so that Ari would not think about him so much and be so sad. I always told him how much I needed him, and how we were brothers so he would not think about what happened, and I made him forget at night by telling him I would take Eli's place, and it worked cause he was not sad anymore. Now, he does not remember because I made him forget and took Eli's place; but he will remember and get sad all over again if he hears you talking about what happened, and that is why I came down the steps to tell you to not to talk about it. If he heard you, then he would remember what happened to Eli and get sad all over again, and then he will hurt himself. I almost lost him last time `cause he was so sad, and I need him too much now to lose him if he remembers."

"I understand now son, and you are right. We cannot talk about this here because it will make Ari remember, and make him sad again." John told the others, and then John just hugged Simon before telling him. "I'm sorry that you had to get hurt to make us do the right thing, and I'm so proud of you Simon. I'm proud of how you take care of your brother, and take care of us so that we can take care of you." Simon just melted into his embrace, and blushed while his smile lit up the room.

"Thanks Dad," Simon replied softly as he blushed. "I love you." John just kissed him on the nose making him giggle before getting up.

"Meeting here was a mistake Lee, so why don't we meet tomorrow at the conference room at headquarters tomorrow?" John asked him, and Lee agreed. Then John went and got the tape from the den, and returned it to the evidence bag. Then Lee thanked everybody for coming, and informed everyone of the meeting in the morning. Most of the taskforce members left for home except Lee, Jonas, Lou, Miguel, Paquito, and Maria. John already knew that Ann and Lou were staying with Lee at his home. Then Paquito came over to John.

"Thank you again for everything you and your family have done for Ari," he said to John as he shook hands with him.

"You are welcome, but I really did not have a choice about what to do with Ari," John told them. "I had to help him, and adopt him because of Simon." He could see that they were confused by his answer, so he asked them to follow him, and they went into the den. He stopped by the fireplace and asked Paquito, "Do you know what happened to my family in 1991?"

"Yes, I heard about the accident Mr. Foxworth and Richard staged, and that your daughter died in your arms at the hospital." He answered.

"Yes, she died in my arms, and a large part of me died that day too. I stayed that way until I met Simon the day he somehow walked into the Police station after Bill Jefferies had shot him five times the day before. Since that day, I have been more alive than I have been in years, and I will do everything I can to help him and make him happy." John told them then he picked up a picture off the mantle, and handed it to Paquito. "This is my daughter Katie, and this should help you to understand why Simon is so important to me." Paquito and Maria just stared at the picture for a long moment before looking up at John.

"Yes, I can see why now. You are not familiar with our culture Mr. Roberts, but we believe that God sends his angels out to walk among us. They touch certain people to help them fight the evil in this world. It is clear to us that Simon is one of those people who have been touched by the angels, and he is making right all of the wrongs that these two men have done for so long. That is why he looks so much like your daughter because this started for you when she was murdered by these men, and he has come into your life now to make things right." Maria told him while Paquito agreed with what she said.

"He isn't alone," Jonas said as he came up to them. "All of the boys have been touched and blessed by the angels. That is why the four of them are nearly invincible when they are together. I am truly sorry that you had to discover this about your grandson Paquito, and I hope that you will allow Ari to learn and understand not only your culture, but also his father's culture as well. I know that your daughter's decision to marry a Jewish man caused the rift between you and her, but now you and Maria are his only surviving blood kin. Richard had Ari's paternal grandparents killed in a similar kind of accident as his parents were, and you would honor your daughter's memory by allowing Ari to learn both cultures so he can choose his own way."

"I will do as you suggest if it is ok with his parents. I am a stubborn and foolish old man sometimes, and my stubborn foolishness cost me my daughter, son in law, and grandson's life. Now I have a second chance with Ari, and I will not make the same foolish mistakes I made with my daughter." Paquito said quietly, but also proudly while a single tear slid down his face. John could see what Paquito's stubborn pride had cost him, and the man would not make those mistakes again.

"No Papa," Maria said to him, and he looked at her. "You cannot think of Ari alone because he was never meant to be alone. Ari is an identical twin, and identical twins are two equal parts that make them whole when they are together. When his twin brother Eli died, a large part of Ari died as well. Yet, Ari has found all of the things he had lost when he found Simon who made him whole again. You cannot think or do for Ari now without including Simon, just as you would have done for Eli if he were alive. The angels sent Ari to him Papa, to make him whole again, and he did that so now Simon is also your grandson and Ari's twin as well."

"Yes, you are correct Maria," Paquito said as he looked down at the floor before looking at her, and then at John. "Your son has made Ari whole again by becoming his twin, and giving him back everything he lost when Eli died, so I am honored to have Simon as part of my family."

"Thank you Paquito," John said sincerely, "and my family is just as honored to have your family as part of ours. Once the threat against them is over, I want to bring them to your home to meet their `Grande'."

"Thank you; and I will help you to alleviate that threat against them. Mr. Foxworth believes that he can escape by fleeing the country before you can arrest him. However, he will find that when he wakes up in the morning that there is a $25 million dollar bounty on his head dead or alive if he leaves this country. There will be no place for him to run to and be safe except for him to stay in this country." Paquito told him, and both John and Jonas smiled at him. "It is the least I can do, and still keep my honor with you."

"No, thank you Pancho, because you just solved a big problem that I had. However, I am asking that you wait until after we rescue Davey and Sky before you put that bounty on him, there might be something else that you can do to assist me too. Merle Foxworth has two other locations where he `programs' orphaned children to be subservient sex slaves for wealthy clients. I have had no success with the governments of Peru and Mexico with shutting down these locations and rescuing the children sold. The government representatives have refused because they do not believe that such a generous man could be guilty of these obviously fabricated allegations; or they simply refuse to cooperate with us, and saying this is a domestic problem that does not involve them. I suspect their refusal is because Merle controls over 50 orphanages throughout these two countries, and if those governments took control of them, then those officials would lose all of the money or kid sex slaves Merle has been supplying to them so they will look the other way. I would hope the country's government would take control of them until his entire sex ring has been shut down, and then allow his foundation to resume the control and upkeep of them since his wealth is all tied up in his foundation. Once he is convicted, and sent to prison, then control of the foundation will go to his grandson and granddaughter who are only seven and eight years old right now. So their mother, who is an honorable woman, she would be the one in control until Tommy and his sister turned 18." John told him as he moved over to the bar and offered them a drink. Both Maria and Paquito accepted a Michelob Dark beer while John and Jonas took a Bud each. Paquito whispered something to Maria, and she excused herself and left the room, but she returned soon with Lee, Juan, Jerry, and Miguel Sanchez. John offered drinks to them, and they all got one before sitting down in the living room.

"John was just telling me about how much trouble he has been having with the Peruvian and Mexican governments in cooperating with his investigation. Specifically, they have refused to shut down Merle's operations in those countries, nor to assist him in rescuing the children sold to wealthy clients. The officials either refuse to even listen to John, or they accuse him of fabricating these lies against such a respected man as Merle Foxworth." Paquito explained to Miguel.

"Oh, really, these officials are refusing to assist him at all?" Miguel asked, and Paquito, Jerry, and Lee nodded, then Miguel looked at John and said. "I have some very powerful and influential contacts throughout Central and South America Mr. Roberts. I will guarantee that the governments will cooperate fully with you from this point on. Just give me the names of the individuals who are refusing to cooperate because they are most likely people who purchased a child, or have accepted bribes from Merle." Miguel told him.

"Where is Simon?" John asked Jerry suddenly as he looked around the room.

"Sara was just about to take him upstairs to bed." Jerry told him, and John politely excused himself before hurrying out of the room. Then Jerry saw the slightly confused expressions on Miguel, Paquito, and Maria's face, and he explained to them with a thick voice what John had done.

"It is something he promised Simon in the hospital after Bill Jefferies shot him repeatedly. Simon woke up briefly after his emergency surgery and he was afraid that if he went back to sleep that he would not wake up again, and he was very afraid of being alone if he died. He was in such terrible pain from his injuries, and he could not handle that much pain. John showed him how to catch a rainbow, and ride it up across the rainbow bridge to heaven just as he had done with his daughter Katie, and took his pain away. Simon was in a coma for the next four days barely clinging to life, and it was almost the same circumstances for John that he had experienced with Katie. Only once she had crossed the rainbow bridge, she stayed in heaven, but Simon came back to him. When Simon woke up, John was there for him. He was still afraid to go back to sleep though, and John promised him that he would always be there with him every time he went to sleep, and every time he woke up. He has kept that promise to him since that day, and Simon will not go to sleep unless John is there with him. John did not go up earlier tonight when Sara put him to bed the first time, and as you can see, he did not go to sleep. Simon will sleep now though, because John is with him."

"That man is just as special as his son. They both have the power to change people's hearts just by being in their presence." Miguel said quietly. "I have only met one other person with the same gift that John and Simon have. You may have read about him last year, and I do not believe that it is a coincidence that his name happens to be Johnnie."

"You are speaking about the young red-headed boy in Texas right?" Jerry asked him, and Miguel nodded. "If I remember correctly, his father or stepfather murdered his younger brother and shot him in the heart."

"Yes, that is who I am talking about. Not only was he shot in the heart, but his stepfather also buried him and his younger brother alive. Johnnie managed to claw his way out of the ground and get his brother out too, then he carried his brother over a mile to a fire department before he collapsed. His brother was already dead though, but Johnnie survived against impossible odds, the same way Simon survived. The doctor who answered the code at the hospital where they took Johnnie was a pediatric psychiatrist. The cardiac trauma surgeon had to open Johnnie's chest in the ER to find where he was bleeding, and that is how they discovered the hole in his heart. The young psychiatrist stuck his little finger into the hole in Johnnie's heart, and kept it plugged until they could get him into surgery to repair the damage. Johnnie's heart stopped three times, but Dr. Owens kept the hole plugged with his finger even as they shocked Johnnie to restart his heart. His arm and finger still aches when he thinks about it today. He ended up adopting Johnnie and two other orphaned boys." Miguel explained to him before continuing.

"It is also because of Johnnie that my sons Jay and Ronnie adopted two orphaned brothers from Brazil along with Dr. Owens attorney, who is also his friend, she adopted another young orphaned boy too. Dr. Owens contacted my son to see if he could help restore some use of Johnnie's paralyzed left arm. My sons Julio and Renaldo are adopted, or Jay and Ronnie as they prefer to be called today, they were street orphans in Brazil just as Simon, and Ari are orphans. They were about the same age as Simon and Ari when I adopted them, and as they grew into adults, they realized that they loved each other as life partners as well as being brothers. I can see that Simon and Ari share the same type of bond as Jay and Ronnie have, even if they are not old enough to realize that they are life partners yet. Anyway, it was after Jay and Ronnie met Johnnie and his brothers, and that was when they realized how incomplete their lives were together without children. Johnnie's father, Dr. Adam Owens, his friend and colleague's wife is the attorney who assisted him with the adoption of his sons Ronnie, Mark, and Johnnie. After my sons met Dr. Owens and his remarkable son Johnnie, he introduced them to his attorney friend, she helped them adopt my grandsons Eduardo and Reuben, and Jay and Ronnie relocated to San Antonio. My foundation now runs a group home named `The Ranch' for troubled adolescent boys where they can receive the counseling and attention they need in an environment where the boys all love and care for each other. They each share their troubles with each other, and they all help each other overcome their problems so they can be happy and normal. It is a wonderful place that I am proud to be a part of." He told Jerry and Jeanne.

"Aye, we have heard much about the good deeds your foundation does for orphaned street kids, and troubled youths. In addition, this boy Johnnie, he sounds much like our Simon here. He came staggering into the precinct in the middle of November with just a t-shirt and jeans worn so thin that you could almost see through them. He was covered in mud and soaked through when he asked me for some help. If he had not been covered in mud, I would have seen that over half of his white t-shirt was soaked through with his blood. After speaking with him for a few minutes, I found out that he was the boy seen fleeing from Bill Jefferies the day before, and I took him back into one if the interview rooms. I bundled him up in some blankets and got him some hot chocolate before calling John to come talk to him, but none of us knew that he had been hit by five bullets as he ran for his life the day before. John interviewed him for over 30 minutes before Simon passed out from the loss of blood. It was a miracle that he had survived that long in near-freezing temperatures, and still was able to walk into the precinct the following day critically wounded as he was. They almost lost him twice, but his doctors said that it was as if Simon just refused to die." Jerry explained with true admiration in is voice for Simon.

"John stayed with him night and day until he had recovered enough to be transferred. If it were not for Simon, John would have never met Sara, she worked in the pediatric ICU at the hospital, and she decided to remain Simon's personal nurse when he was transferred to Bayside after the incident on Thanksgiving. It was on the day that he was to be released from Bayside that he began to remember the events of the day he was shot. His first memory was of your grandson Ari, of how he had raced home from school before Bill could get there first, and he freed Ari and made him to run away and hide. Bill had told him the night before that he was going to kill Ari, and Simon told his counselor and principal what Bill was going to do. However, they were working for Merle, and they called Bill and told him what Simon had said, but Simon overheard them and bolted for home. That is how Simon was caught by Bill that day; he was taking Simon to the place where he murdered all of those other boys when his truck stalled. A cop pulled over to assist him, but Bill was still in one of his rages, so he jumped out of the truck and started shooting at the officer. Simon managed to get free, and he ran for his life even though Bill turned his gun on him and shot him five times before he was killed by his brother Jonas." Jerry told them, and then Jeanne finished the story.

"When Simon remembered about Ari, a full month had passed already since the day he was shot, and Simon was so upset with himself for not remembering. He thought that Ari was gone, or had died waiting for him, but he still showed John where the place was that he told Ari to go hide in. Ari was still there waiting in that place for Simon to come get him, but Ari would not have lasted much longer though if Simon had not remembered that day. It was amazing he was still alive, but he was very sick, weak, and had injured his leg so it had been days since he had eaten anything, and over 24 hours since he had drank water too. Once he was fed, bathed, and hydrated, he recovered quickly because other than a bad case of bronchitis, exposure, a severe sprained ankle, and having a very bad rash on his body, Ari was fine. Our friend Al here had already fast-tracked John's application to adopt Simon, and Simon pleaded with Sara and John to let Ari stay with him." She told them.

"Ari also begged them to let him stay with Simon, so once the court discovered that Ari was in fact an orphan, John and Sara told Ari that he could not come live with them unless he actually became Simon's brother, and let them adopt him also. Therefore, within a month John had gone from a single widower, to about to be married with two new sons. I believe that all of you already know what happened to John's wife and daughter, and I believe that it was not a coincidence that Simon looks identical to his daughter Katie either. Anyhow, once the boys came home Simon was still remembering, and he remembered that his only friends he had were Lucky and Seth. Seth turned out to be Jonas's son Sasha, and Lucky is Sasha's cousin, and Jonas's nephew. It was also because of Simon that Tom was able to see Al, who approved Lucky's adoption, and it revealed just how widespread the sex ring operation was too. So you can see how Simon has affected all of our lives just by his mere presence, just as that boy Johnnie has done down in Texas." Jeanne told them and Miguel nodded, and appeared to be deep in thought.

"You know; maybe one day we can bring Simon and his brothers, and Johnnie and his brothers together one day. It may stop the Earth from turning though by bringing such powerful forces together, but I have a feeling that they would all love each other." Miguel said with a smile making Paquito and Jerry chuckle. "I still want to have Simon evaluated by my son Jay, and trust me when I tell you that he is that good. So far, he has restored about 85% use to Johnnie's paralyzed arm and leg, and he continues to improve daily. I believe that Jay can help Simon regain some use, if not full use of his paralyzed right arm. I also believe that he will be able to help him in some way with his left leg too, and I will call and ask them to come here as soon as they are free to evaluate Simon."

"We would appreciate that very much Dr. Sanchez," Sara told him as she came into the room. "However, we have a little problem right now that I need to discuss with Maria and Paquito."

"If we have done anything to cause offense, we apologize," Maria said with a worried expression.

"Oh no, it is nothing like that. It is just that our sons' bedroom is right above the den, and they all woke up when Simon slipped on the stairs and have been listening to us sort of. Lucky and Sasha would not allow Ari to take off Junior's headphones for the most part, but Ari did overhear us telling you about him being your grandson and nephew. Now, he is really anxious to meet his Aunt and Grandfather is all." Sara told them with a warm smile as John came in with Simon in his arms, and he carefully passed him over to Sara before turning towards the doorway.

"It is all right mi hijo. Come here so your Grande can meet you at last," John said soothingly as Ari peeked around the doorway along with Sean, Sasha, and Lucky standing in the hall behind him and encouraging him. He started to pull back, but Lucky pushed him out into the open doorway, and refused to allow him hide again. Shyly, he inched forward into the entranceway, but he still hesitated to come into the room until Paquito noticed that Ari was looking at Simon and waiting for him. When Simon nodded his head to him; that is when Ari meekly shuffled into the room, and hurried into John's arms. Sasha and Lucky remained in the hall looking nervous until Tom waved them over while Jerry motioned Sean to come to him.

"Come here you two jokers," Tom said with a half smile and Sasha and Lucky came bounding into the room to Jonas and him with big smiles on their faces. Sasha and Lucky both looked relieved once Jonas and Tom hugged and kissed them while Sean quietly stood in front of Jerry with his head down. Jerry pulled him into his arms, and hugged, kissed, and tickled him until Sean was giggling and relaxed.

"This is long over due, but I would like to introduce to all of you my son, Sean Eaglefeather O'Malley." Jerry said to everyone proudly as he stood with his arm around Sean's slim shoulders. Sean reacted with surprise when Jerry did this, and he just stood there, opened mouthed as he looked at his father and then to his mother. Finally, he blushed as he smiled weakly for everyone while they congratulated Jerry and Sean. Then his face crumbled as his tears slid down his face before he turned and ran over to Junior who embraced him as Sean began to weep.

"What's the matter with Sean?" Jerry asked Shiloh and Jeanne with a worried expression.

"He's just overwhelmed is all Jerry. His greatest desire has just come true, and that is having his father's love and acceptance of him and his brother. They are no longer a shameful secret anymore. Junior will talk to him, and calm him down, but your sudden recognition and acceptance of him just overwhelmed him with happiness." Jeanne told them as Jerry and Shiloh relaxed as they watched Junior pull his brother into his arms and began to whisper softly to him. Once they knew that Sean was ok, they all turned their attention to John and Ari.

"It is all right Ari, and you do not have to be afraid. Mr. Rojas is your Mother's father, your grandfather, and Maria is her sister, your Aunt. They are part of your real family, and you can never forget your parents because they will always be here to help remind you." John told him as Ari nodded his head a little bit, and then Ari looked directly at Maria. He stared at her for over a minute before his eyes filled and his bottom lip began to tremble.

" look like my mother," he said softly as his tears spilled down his face, and Maria's tears slid down her face also.

"And you look like your Grande, when he was your age," she said as she held out her hand to him. Again, he hesitated, and waited until Simon nodded again before he cautiously came forward and took her hand. He allowed her to embrace him before he hugged her back with a sniffle.

"I miss her so much," Ari said softly to Maria. Then he caressed her cheek lightly with his small hand as he looked into her eyes. "It's been so long, and sometimes I can't remember her face now." He told her sadly in a trembling voice.

"I know you miss her, and we miss her just as much as you do. However, Papa and I have many pictures of your Mother, and we will send them to you so that you will never forget her." Maria told him as she hugged him again. Then she kissed him, and gently dried his eyes before Ari turned towards Paquito, and shook his hand.

"I am honored to meet you at last Ari, and I am proud of the young man you have become, but we forget ourselves. You do not belong to us alone, and it would be disrespectful if you did not introduce us to my grandson Simon." Paquito said to him, and Ari looked confused.

"But Simon isn't related to you, not really." Ari said meekly with confusion.

"Ah, but he is still your brother, so that still makes me his Grande. We are now part of your family once more, and I am delighted to have two new grandsons to spoil." Paquito said with big smile while Ari's smile lit up the room. Sara brought Simon over to Paquito, and unconsciously Ari was there beside him to help as Paquito took Simon from Sara and carefully sat him in his lap.

"You have to be real careful of his leg Grande, cause it has not healed all the way yet and he hurt it again tonight," Ari told him without thinking of what he said as he supported Simon's left leg until Maria handed him a pillow to put under it. "And his arm don't work yet either from where Pop shot him. He can see real good now though `cause Dr. Todd fixed his eyes after Pop hurt those too." Ari explained nervously as he moved close to Simon who hugged him with his left arm.

"No Ari, that man was never yours or Simon's Poppi. Only he is your Poppi, and she is your Madre, understand Muchachos?" Paquito told them as he pointed at John and Sara, and Simon and Ari nodded.

"Anyway, my friend Miguel here, he believes that his son Julio, who is a very good doctor, can help fix your arm Simon. However, you and Ari will have to come to Brazil, and stay with us so Julio can help you. Then, both of you can meet the rest of your family." Paquito told them.

"Um, what do we call you?" Ari asked him shyly not even remembering that he had called him Grande moments before.

"My name is Paquito Santos Rojas, and she is your Aunt, Maria Santos Rojas, but everybody in the familia calls me Pancho, and Maria's children, your cousins, call me Grande or Grande Pancho." Paquito told them, and Ari looked back at Maria with surprise.

"I have cousins?" Ari asked her, as he stood dumbstruck while Simon's face became worried.

"Yes, you have three cousins, I have two sons and a daughter, and my boys are close to your age. Their names are Ernesto and Alejandro, but they like to be called Ernie and Ali," Maria told him, but Ari stepped away from Simon and backed up a couple of steps as he looked at Paquito, and then at Maria as his face paled. Simon's worried expression changed to one of dread as he realized what was happening.

"Ali? I...have cousins...but I was alone? The...the accident...I was hurt ...Mommy and Poppi died, and they went to heaven ...then the bad men came and got us. The bad man wanted to hurt me more...but Ali took my place. Ali?'s wrong...its Eli...Eli took my place...the bad man hurt him...he made Eli go away...and I was alone." He mumbled in confusion as the memories came back to him and spun around inside his head. Simon twisted around so fast that Paquito almost dropped him, but he managed to grab Simon around his skinny waist as Simon stood with a grunt of pain, and balanced precariously on his right leg. He watched as Ari lifted his trembling hands to his now white face as his tears spilled down his cheeks, but he stopped and stared at his trembling hands for a long moment as the last of the color drained from his face. "Th...there was much blood. He...he took place. I cou...couldn't stop him. I...I am too little...too weak stop him. He hurt Eli...hurt him so much...he made him go...go be with Mommy and Poppi." He said sadly in a quiet voice, and then his eyes glazed over as he staggered and swayed on his feet. Simon lunged towards him but Paquito, stunned into immobility, held him in place.

"No! Let me go. It's happening too fast for him, he's remembering again," Simon barked sharply at him and Paquito let him go. Simon hopped twice on his right leg before he had Ari in his embrace just as Ari's eyes rolled up and he went limp. They sank to the floor together, but Simon could not stifle his cry of pain as he placed his full weight on his left leg to prevent Ari from toppling over backwards. "Don't think so much right now R. Try not to think so much because you will just make the bad dreams come back." Simon told him as Ari began to convulse sporadically as John and Sara got to them. Simon looked up at them with fear and worry in his face. "It isn't time for him to remember because he isn't strong enough yet. It's coming too fast for him."

"Jesus, he's going into shock John," Sara told him as she felt Ari's pulse racing as he continued to jerk sporadically.

"I will get my bag," Alva said as he hurried out of the room, but Jonas came and knelt beside John and Simon.

"Hurry because there isn't much time left for Simon to help him." Jonas said to him as Alva rushed into the hall, and he was back in a few seconds with his medical bag with Todd beside him.

"Give him 10 mg of Valium," Todd told him as he monitored Ari's pulse while Alva prepared the shot. Then Alva knelt next to Sara, who had pushed his sleeve up, and he injected Ari in his arm.

"What can I do to help?" Simon asked Jonas as this was happening, and Jonas just pulled Simon a little closer to him.

"You know what to do because you remember everything. Billy taught you everything he knew, and you have done it before. You remember how to make him sleep, and how to take him back to when he was happy with Eli." Jonas told him.

"I can't `cause I made him forget, and the song only works when he needs to go to his special place with his parents. I would not let him remember his brother in that place, just his parents." Simon told him with doubt filling his voice, but Jonas just placed his hands on the sides of Simon's head. It had just dawned on him that they had it all wrong. It was not Ari who figured out how to stop the process from working by making a fortress in their dreams for their important memories; it was Simon who had done that in order to save Ari from his suicidal depression.

"No Simon Anatoly Roberts, you can do it because you are very special, and you have a very special gift. You can remember anything just by listening, or looking at it just once. You can make others forget the bad things that happened to them so they will not be afraid or sad. Most of all, you can catch and ride the rainbows, and that makes you very special understand. Now use the rainbow to take him back to the time when he was happy with his brother. You were the one who made his special place the first time so he could remember his parents and not be sad, and then you let him help you make yours, so make him a new place with his whole family when he was happy. Make him go to sleep and go to his new special place whenever you tell him until it is the right time for him to remember the bad things about his brother. Now, take him back to the beach before this all began, and use your rainbow to make him six again." Jonas told him in a soft voice that was filled with his confidence and belief in him, and Simon just nodded before answering.

"I will do it," he said softly, and then he tilted his head up towards the light on the ceiling fan and said. "Gabriel, I need you." Then he looked back at the others and said to them, "You have to hold him still, just don't hurt him ok," he asked Jonas, Todd, and Alva before he put his left arm around Ari's shoulders, and pulled him close until his forehead and nose were touching Ari's forehead and nose. "I'm here R. It's me, Si...I'm here just like I promised. You have to listen to me, and do not think about nothing at all R, just listen to my voice," he said softly as he remembered how John did it with him in the hospital. "It's just me and you now, I want you to listen to my voice only, and let your mind go blank." He said quietly as Sara, Alva and the others kept Ari's arms and legs from flailing about.

"What is happening?" Paquito asked Jerry quietly with worry while he and Maria watched with alarmed concern.

"Something triggered Ari's memory, Ari started remembering the murder of Eli, and it has pushed him to the brink of an emotional and mental breakdown. Simon told us that he is not ready or strong enough emotionally yet to cope with those memories. He must have made Ari block out all of those memories, but something triggered them letting him remember now. Therefore, Simon is going to send Ari to a special place in their dreams that he calls their fortress. It is a place he created where all of the boys keep their most important and happy memories so they would not forget when Bill put them in the sensory deprivation room. The boys go to their fortress to escape all of the bad things that were being done to them by Bill, Terry, Parrish, and Merle." Jerry told them quietly, and then he said to them. "Trust me; Ari is going to be fine, just keep quiet, and watch, and you will see why Simon is so special to all of us. He cannot read, but he listened to Ari's favorite song just once and memorized the words, and used it to create Ari's fortress. That is what he used the last time to send Ari to the special place where the memories of just his parents are at, and now he will make him a new fortress where all of his memories of his family including his brother, but this time he will do it with the rainbow." He told them, and then they watched in silence as Simon worked his special magic, and took Ari away with his rainbow to his new special place where his brother and parents waited for him.

"Just listen to my voice R, and let your mind go blank ok. I'm right here as I promised, and I will keep you safe, so just let your mind go blank. Now take a deep breath, and let it out slowly as I count to ten. One...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10, you are doing good R, now just relax and keep your eyes closed. Keep them closed and let you mind drift, but don't go to sleep yet so I can take you to a new special place where he is waiting for you." Simon told him softly while Ari's body slowly went limp in Sara's arms as Simon's voice and the medication calmed and relaxed him.

"The promise that someone will stay awake?" Ari asked in a weak and pitiful voice as he put his complete trust into Simon's hands.

"I promise R, I won't let anything bad happen to you, and so does Mom and Dad. We will take care of you," Simon told him.

"Yes, we promise too that one of us will stay awake for you," Sara told him reassuringly.

"The lights keep the dark away...bad things are in the dark...bad people who want to hurt promise to keep them on?" Ari asked in the same weak and pitiful voice.

"Yes, I promise that Mom and Dad will keep them on so the dark won't come. The bad people and bad things can't get you in the new special place `cause it's in the middle of the light. Are you ready R, `cause it is time to go to the new special place I made for you? Only this time it is really special because you remember him. Eli has not seen you in a very, very long time, and he misses you so much the same as your parents miss you. I put him in the light, and he has been waiting all this time for you. So, you have to listen to my voice because I'm going to take you to him in the special place on a rainbow." Simon told him in a gentle, hushed voice.

"Really, you are going to let me ride a rainbow with you?" Ari asked with his soft voice filled with wonder.

"Yeah R, but this is a very special rainbow. It is the one that took me across the Bridge, and then he brought me back here when I was better. It is the most special rainbow in the whole world, he is the only one who can take us to the light, and he is waiting to take us now. The rainbow is going to take you back to be with Eli, so listen to my voice so he will come, ok." Simon told him with his voice nearly a whisper.

"We are outside now, and the sky is real blue with big, white, puffy clouds all around. If you look towards St. Michael's where Lucky lives, you can see the brightest rainbow you've ever seen before arching across the sky, and leading to St. Mike's. It has every color there is in it and it's so bright...can you see it R?"

"Yeah, I can see it. It's beautiful," Ari said in a whisper. His body had stopped shaking and jerking now as his mind emptied except for Simon's voice and the rainbow.

"Let's go see what the rainbow is doing ok?" Simon asked him, and everything went away except for Ari and Simon as he pictured the rainbow in his mind.


"We are at St. Michael's now, and we can see the rainbow listening by the pretty window with all the different colors in it behind the altar. If you listen, you can hear Lucky singing your special song. That is why the rainbow has come, because Lucky is singing the song, and the rainbow is waiting for us, waiting for you R. Now you have to grab hold, and hold on tight because the rainbow moves really, really fast." Simon told him as he interlaced his fingers of his left hand with Ari's while John helped do the same with his paralyzed right hand. Then Ari squeezed both of his hands gently. "You ready?" He asked and Ari just nodded his head a little.

"Here we go R. The rainbow jumps up really high in the sky heading west, and is moving faster now, so fast that the ground is just a blur, and it still keeps going faster. You can feel the wind blowing your hair back as the rainbow carries us higher and faster across the sky. Now, it is moving so fast that that we are going faster than time. Look at your watch and you can see the hands are going backwards, and we are getting younger as the rainbow goes even faster so hold on real tight. See, it is my birthday again right before Christmas when I was still in the hospital, and I am ten again, then it is your birthday just before Thanksgiving and you are nine once more as you were hiding and waiting for me, now the rainbow moves even faster. Now it is Easter again when we colored an egg and gave it to each other, then it is Christmas again when you first came to live with me. Then it is Thanksgiving, then your birthday again and you are eight again as the rainbow carries us past all of the bad things that happened. The rainbow does not slow down, and you continue to get younger and now you are seven again. It is the 4th of July, the first one without him, and you were so sad because you were all alone in that strange city and nobody cared. The rainbow is beginning to slow down now as it comes towards the light, and it is your birthday when you turned seven. It is the last birthday you had together with him before you went to the bad place, and now you are six again. See, it is Halloween, then it is the first day of school when the two of you started second grade together. The light is real close now R, and the Rainbow carries us into the light, you can see the ground below us as the rainbow slows down even more, and it is the 4th of July again; and there are sand dunes and the ocean with people and kids playing in the sand and in the water."

"It's the beach...look there is the lighthouse that we climbed up to the very top together, and over there are the giant sand dunes that Eli and me rolled down together. We were so dizzy when we reached the bottom, but we ran back up to the top and rolled down it again." Ari said, but his voice sounded so much younger now, and his face had a peaceful, happy expression on it.

"I know R, the Rainbow is stopping, and it is getting brighter. Now it is so bright that we have to cover our eyes as the rainbow stops moving." He said in barely over a whisper, and Ari covered his closed eyes with his small hand. "The light is going away now, and you can see that it was not a rainbow at all that brought us here. It is the Archangel Gabriel, and he has six wings that are all the different colors of the rainbow. Gabriel is holding us in his arms with his six rainbow colored wings wrapped around us. This is his special place in the center of the light, and nothing bad can happen to you here ever. If you look over there, you can see them standing there as Gabriel sets you down. There is your Poppi with Eli, and they are with your Mom waving at you. They all miss you so much...just as much as you miss them, and they are waiting for you." Simon whispered to him as his tears began to fill the inside of his dark glasses.

"I see them Si, it's really them, and they are waving at us to come with them. What about you Si, come with me please, you come too," Ari whispered back to him as Simon gently lowered him down until they were both lying on the carpeted floor with their heads still touching.

"I can't stay R; I have to go back with Gabriel and take of things back home. Now, go to them and be happy with them because they miss you so much. When you are ready, Gabriel will come and bring you back to me, and I will be here waiting when you come back. When you get back, you will not remember Eli when you are awake, so you will not get sad and make the bad dreams come back ok. I will tell you when it is time for you to remember when you are awake, but I don't think it is the right time now, so when you wake up, you won't remember him except for when you sleep. From now on, when you want to remember them, and want to see them again, you can come here to be with them when you sleep. This is your new special place, and they will always be waiting for you whenever you need them, and I will always be waiting for you here when you come back. All you have to do to come here is to close your eyes, and call for Gabriel, and he will come to take you to the light, always remember that ok." Simon told him while his vision began to blur as his tears filled the inside of his glasses.

"Ok, I will remember. Thanks Si...I love you," Ari murmured as he watched Gabriel change back into the rainbow, and carry Simon away from him, and then Ari turned, and ran to his family as they waited. As he got closer, Eli had Poppi put him down, and he ran into his brother's embrace.

"I love you too Ari, sleep well, I will be here when you wake up." Simon said quietly as he gently kissed Ari on the lips, and then he sat up being careful not to disturb Ari, and sniffled before looking at the others. All of then could see the love in his face as he looked down at Ari, and the pain it had cost him to take Ari back to his family. "I took him back to the beach, and Eli was waiting for him with his parents. They are all together again now. I'm scared. I'm so afraid that he will not come back to me," Simon told them in a quiet voice filled with his doubt and fear. Then Sara was there lifting him up into her arms as John gently picked up Ari as he slept, and carried him out of the room.

"I can't see anymore, Mom." Simon told her with a sniffle.

"I can tell. Jerry, could you turn down the lights so I can clean Simon's glasses for him?" She asked him, and Jerry extinguished all of the lights except for one small lamp by the doorway. Sara had him face away from it before removing his glasses. The tears that had filled his glasses spilled out and splashed over his hands. Sara cleaned his glasses, and then gently dried his hands, face, and eyes. "You did very good honey; you helped Ari because it was too soon for him to remember, and now he won't remember until you tell him that it is ok. I know you are afraid that he will not come back, but he will, because you are here and he loves you. All of us love you so much because you are so special, and I'm very proud of you Simon."

"Thanks Mom, I love you too." He said shyly as he smiled, then he let her put on his glasses and adjusted them. "I don't want to be special though, I just want to be me."

"Well, you and your brothers will always be special to us no matter what." She told him before kissing him noisily on his cheek and making him smile and blush cutely.

"I apologize for causing your brother such distress; it was not our intention to do so." Paquito said to them once Sara had Simon's glasses in place and the lights turned up again.

"No, it wasn't your fault. It was an accident; he just got confused is all, when she told him that her son liked to be called Ali. That reminded him of Eli is all, but I took him to the beach, where he went with them right before the accident. That was the last happy memory he has of them all together as a family." Simon explained to him, and they all understood what had caused Ari's near breakdown.

"Will he be ok when he wakes up?" Maria asked.

"Yeah, he will be ok now when he comes back...if he comes back." Simon told her as his voice softened to a whisper while he looked away. He hung his head for a moment before sniffling, and then he turned back to them. "I messed up before by just making him forget Eli, but I made him sleep, and made him a new special place for him. He will forget again, when he wakes up, and it will be ok until it is right for him to remember when he is awake. Only now, I made it so he will remember his happy memories of Eli and his parents whenever he sleeps instead of just making him forget. I was wrong to try and make him forget about Eli before, cause I didn't know what else to do, and that is why he always keeps remembering. It hurts him when he remembers cause all he thinks about is the bad things when Eli died, but Dad showed me that remembering should not hurt, even if it is something bad. So I made him sorta forget about Eli when he is awake so he will not be sad, but he will remember Eli and his parents now when he sleeps. Ari told me that he tried to stop him when the bad man hurt Eli, but the bad man was too strong, and Ari was hurt really bad from the accident. The bad man wanted to hurt him, but Eli took his place, and the bad man hurt him instead. He hurt him so bad that Eli went away to heaven, and Ari tried to get free, but he was still too weak from the accident...he could not stop him from hurting Eli. He only got free after the bad man ran away when he saw all of the blood coming from Eli. Ari broke the bones in his hand as he pulled it through the handcuffs to get free. He tried to stop the bleeding, but the bad man had hurt Eli real bad inside. Ari couldn't stop it, so he just held him and sang to Eli until he died. It is why he always thinks he is too little and weak now because he could not stop them from hurting Eli and making him go away to heaven just like his parents went away. Ari was so sad when Mr. Jonas brought him to live with us, and all he wanted was just to die so he could be with them again." He told them, and they could all hear the deep sadness in his voice.

"He had lost his twin, who was a part of him, and that is why he wanted to die." Maria told him, and Simon just nodded as he sniffled. "However, you helped him not be sad anymore. You cared about him even though you didn't know him."

"I had to, `cause he was so much like me. He was so lost and alone just as I was since Pop killed my family and made me be Devon. I hated being me when I was Devon, and I didn't want Pop to make him be like me. Pop had taught me everything to make others be like me, but even though Pop made me forget, I always remembered what he did to my family so he could make me be Devon. That's when I started making Ari forget at night so that he would not be so sad, and so he would stop breaking the rules on purpose just so Pop could hurt him. I made him forget everything, but I made him put all of his most special memories someplace safe for later so he would never be like me. I can't remember a lot of things cause Pop made me forget when I was little, and everything is jumbled together cause of him making me forget. I can only remember the things that I feel, like the times he hurt me, but I can't remember normal stuff like others, all I can remember are the bad things. When Mr. Jonas brought Ari to live with us, I had forgotten almost everything about my family, except for my Mom's favorite perfume and the poem she wrote for me. I couldn't even remember what their faces looked like anymore, or even my real name, but I remember how he made me watch as he took them away from me cause it hurts so much. I thought Pop wanted someone else to be Devon cause he kept hurting me more and more, and I no longer cared...I just wanted to die so I wouldn't hurt anymore. When Ari came to stay, I thought Pop was going to make him be Devon cause he didn't make Ari go away like he did to the others. I tried to help the others, I tried to teach them the rules, and how to be good so they could take my place, but Sammy, Zach, and Eric didn't listen, and Pop killed them, then he hurt me even more for not teaching them right." Simon told them with his head hung down.

"Ari was different though, he listened, and learned the rules, but he was so sad that he would break them on purpose so Pop would hurt him. I begged him to be good so he could take my place, but he found the gun I had hid when I put his parents' jewelry in my hiding place and he took it away when I told him that it was so I could die. Then he found the card with the poem in Pop's old files, and he found out what my real name was instead of Devon when he was down in the bad place. He gave me the gun back and said that we were the same `cause we were all alone now, and he wanted us to do it kill ourselves together so we could be with our families again. Then Pop hurt me real bad, and Mr. Jonas said that I had to help Ari survive and be strong for him, so he took away my fear so I could be strong. Ari took care of me after he came out of the bad place when I came home, and he kept calling me Eli while he had his eyes covered. He said I was the same as Eli, that I was brave and strong but that I cared more than he had. That is when I made his special place for his parents' memories, then I told him how he could help me make mine, and he was happy again for a little while because of what I did. He got sad again when Pop punished us though, because Eli was always brave and strong for both of them so he did not have to be. That's why I made him forget again, and I told him that I would take Eli's place and be strong and brave like he always was, and Ari promised to obey the rules, and not be sad anymore. That is when I told Pop I would take Ari's punishment, because it was what Eli would do. I did it too, even though I was so afraid of what Pop would do to me, and I knew he would hurt me more because I was taking Ari's punishment, but Mr. Jonas took away my fear so I could do it. Ari thought he was all alone like me, but he started to get better because I made him forget, and because he didn't have to be brave or strong all the time like Eli was since I was doing that for him."

"You said that you would take Eli's place. That's why Ari loves you so much now," Maria said to him, and Simon just looked down at the floor for a moment before nodding his head. "You did as you promised him, and took Eli's place, now you are Ari's twin forever."

"When he came to live with us, he said that I was just like Eli. He said that I was brave and strong because I always took my punishment and never cried no matter how much it hurt. I was the same as Eli when he took Ari's place, and the bad man hurt him and made him go away. The bad man wanted to hurt Ari, but Eli told him that he would take his place. Ari said that Eli screamed as the bad man hurt him, but he didn't cry...not once even though the bad man hurt him so much. I never cried either, no matter how bad Pop hurt me. I promised I would not cry no matter what he did to me after he made be Devon. The first time I cried since Pop killed my family was when I woke up in the hospital after Pop shot me. Dad was there when I woke up, and it hurt so much, but he cried too, and said it was ok to cry `cause Pop was dead and couldn't hurt me anymore. I cried cause everything hurt so much, but mostly cause I could miss them now since Pop was dead." Simon admitted to them in a quiet and quivering voice. Alva came and sat down beside him.

"That man was going to hurt Ari, but Eli took his place because Ari was still hurt from the accident, right?" Alva asked him and Simon nodded again without looking up. "Why did you take Ari's punishment when you were so afraid of Bill?"

"At first, I did it was because Ari was so sad and I didn't want him to be like me cause I was still Devon back then. Then Pop hurt me real bad, and I realized that I was so alone just like Ari was. He needed me, but I needed him just as much, and we were not alone or as sad anymore when we were together. I knew I could be strong and brave for both of us, but I'm not real smart like he is, so he said that he would be smart for both of us since I was being strong and brave for him just like Eli always was. After Pop hurt me, I got real sick, and my leg and side wouldn't heal, so Pop took me with him to where Mr. Jonas was at. Mr. Jonas made me sleep so the doctor guy could fix my leg, and when I woke up, I was no longer afraid except when I was alone with Ari. When we came home, Pop got mad and wanted to hurt Ari, but I would not let him. I told him that I would stop him if he tried to hurt Ari, and he did try to hurt him when Mr. Jonas went out one day, but I hit Pop in the throat hard, he fell down and it took a little while before he could breathe good again. I had never tried to stop Pop before until then, and I thought that he would hurt me more cause of what I did to stop him, but he didn't cause he knew that I was no longer afraid of him. After that happened, he could not hurt me anymore either even though he tried harder to hurt me. That is why he said he was going to make Ari go away, and I told on him at school to stop him, but the principal called Pop instead and told him what I had said, and I heard him when he called. I knew Pop would go kill Ari right then, but I stopped him again `cause I got home first and let Ari go, then made him run away and hide as Pop got there. Pop caught me and tied me up, and he said that he was going to kill me instead for telling, and then he would come back to find Ari and kill him too. Then the truck broke down, and a cop pulled up behind us to see if he could help. Pop was in his crazy mad mood though, and he was trying to shoot the cop when I got free and ran, but Pop shot me over and over before Mr. Jonas shot him." He said in a soft, choked voice.

"Why were you not afraid of Pop anymore?" Alva asked him, and Simon looked around until he saw Jonas and pointed at him with his left hand.

"He is why. Mr. Jonas made me sleep, and when I woke up I was no longer afraid." Simon told him.

"Are you still not afraid?" Alva asked him, and Simon shook his head no.

"No, he let me be afraid again tonight." Simon told him softly and it explained what Jonas had done for him. He had taken Simon's fear away from him so that he would be strong enough to protect Ari from Bill. Only he did not realize that by doing that, it allowed Simon to take Eli's place, bonding him together with Ari forever.

"Are you going to be afraid now?" Alva asked him soothingly.

"No, I don't think so. Well, maybe a little, but I am stronger now and I won't let it stop me like it did before he took away my fear." Simon told him honestly. "I was always afraid when I had to be Devon, but now I'm just me, Simon, and everything is better even when I am afraid. When I was Devon, all I knew what how much it hurt to be him, but it doesn't hurt now that I'm Simon again."

"That is very good Simon. Now, you are going to have to teach Ari not to be afraid and teach your other brothers too. When they know that their fear can no longer stop them, then they will get better just as you are doing." Alva told him as he gently hugged Simon. Simon just smiled at him and blushed.

"I will help them so they will not be afraid anymore. I want them to get better too," He said as he smiled.

"Well, it is late, and you need to rest young man. Now I want you to go to bed, and to go to sleep this time so you can take care of all your rainbows just in case you need them again to help your brothers." John told him as he picked Simon up into his arms. Then Simon kissed him on the lips and nodded to him. "I am so proud of you, my little rainbow catcher, but we have a little problem. When we put Ari to bed, Sean asked if he could sleep with Ari just in case he woke up sad, and we said yes. So how would you like to sleep with us tonight in our bed?" John asked, and as Simon nodded, his smile lit up the room.

"Sean understands how Ari feels because he is a twin too, and he will know what to do if Ari wakes up sad." Simon told him, and then Sara hugged and kissed him before John carried him upstairs to bed.

"Yes, I can see why now. Simon is very special indeed," Miguel said to himself and the others as he watched John go up the stairs out of sight before turning to Paquito. "I have been blessed to have met not just one, but two of these special angels. All children are special, but there are a few who can touch your heart just by their mere presence, and Simon is one of them. Did John tell him about the rainbow being the Archangel Gabriel?" He asked, and Sara told him of how John had shown Simon how to catch a rainbow, and how to ride it up across the Rainbow Bridge to heaven. She explained that John had told Simon when he asked in the hospital about the rainbows that all of the rainbows were the angels Gabriel sent to the good people who were sick or hurt, and near death. The angels would bring them to the rainbow bridge, and let them decide if they wanted to stay or go back. If they stayed, then their bodies would die, but if they chose to go back, then they would get better. However, he told him that only Gabriel came to the sick or injured children since they are the innocent with the most pure hearts, and souls. Then she explained to them how Simon had told them a few days ago of how he catches and rides the rainbows whenever he is sad, scared, or weak instead of going away to his special place in his dreams like he did before. He also told them that when he asked Gabriel to come when he needed him that he always would come to him as he did tonight with Ari.

"I think we have all been blessed because of Simon. He talks with the angels, and with Gabriel, but Gabriel will only come to help those that Simon has touched their hearts because his heart is pure. Your son is truly very special, Sara," Maria told her while Paquito and Miguel agreed with her. They continued to talk about things in general until John joined them about ten minutes later.

"Sorry, but I wanted to make sure that he actually went to sleep this time," John said to Miguel, Paquito, and Maria.

"It is quite all right John, and because he did not go to sleep, we were able to meet my grandsons. I am truly honored to know them, and to know you and your fiancée Sara. Both of you are special with the way you have helped Simon and Ari. I am just glad that they were able to find the two of you because they now have a chance to recapture some of their innocence and childhood." Paquito told them with respect. However, his face remained troubled, and then he asked John. "I am still having a hard time accepting what you have told us tonight about Ari and his twin brother Eli. I knew that my daughter had a child, but I did not know that she had identical twins. I am a foolish and stubborn old man, and my stubbornness cost me more than just my grandson."

"It is not your fault Papa. The man to blame is Merle Foxworth, who murdered him because of his perverted lust for innocent children, and we have some comfort knowing that the man who tried to hide the fact that Eli even existed is now dead as Merle Foxworth should be." Maria told him, and then she said to the others. "My father is a very proud man, and cannot express his loss or grief publicly. However, I am not so proud, and I want to know what is going to be done about Mr. Foxworth because I will not allow him to escape punishment for what he has done."

"Neither will we; and we are working to make sure that he receives the punishment he deserves for his crimes. Jonas managed to save some of the official documents that Richard had tried to destroy including a copy of Ari and Eli's birth certificates. That is just some of the evidence that he gathered to prove the crimes that Richard committed by abusing the power his position gave him." John said, and then he looked over to Paquito and Maria Rojas. "I am truly sorry to be the one who told you that Ari had an identical twin brother named Eli who was murdered because Merle Foxworth raped him just after he turned seven. It was Richard, who carried out the hit on their parents, and his plan was to use the twins to have you step aside, but before he could do that, Parrish took custody of Eli and Ari from the hospital and took them to his facility. Merle Foxworth was there waiting for him, and as soon as he saw the twins, his sadistic and perverted lust took over. He has been using kids to satisfy his desires for so long, and his wealth and power made it so nobody ever said no to his twisted demands. That is why Parrish did as Merle instructed because he was too afraid to tell him no, and for him to wait until Richard contacted them. He allowed Merle to do as he wanted, and let him rape Eli. Merle had wanted Ari at first because he was smaller than Eli was, but Eli would not let them touch Ari, and he offered them his body instead. He took Ari's place, and even though he did not resist, Merle still viciously raped him as Ari was forced to watch. The brutal assault tore Eli's colon because he was so young, small, and a virgin who had not been prepared for such a vicious assault. As you can see, Merle Foxworth cannot have normal sexual relations with anyone without violence because that is all that sexually stimulates him. Once Merle realized what he had done, he chose to let Eli to bleed to death instead of trying to help him, or allowing anyone to call for help. If he had let them to take Eli to a hospital, they probably would have been able to save him, but he did not. That is because he is a coward, who can only get gratification by hurting those who are small and weak, and everything he did was captured on that surveillance tape. I watched the same portion with you after Alva viewed it, and I want to kill that motherfucker with my bare hands, please pardon my language. However, I cannot do what I feel because it will go against who I am, a cop who is supposed to enforce the law only. The tape does answer a lot of the questions we have about Ari's behavior though. Alva said that his behavior is not a mental disease, or behavior abnormality, it is a well known condition known as the `Twin-less Twin Syndrome'." John told them while his eyes filled and tears spilled down his face.

"Ari is now a twin-less twin because he had a twin brother, and Merle Foxworth murdered him by raping him right after they turned seven?" Paquito Rojas asked in a quiet but thick voice.

"Yes Paquito, Merle murdered your grandson by raping him when he was barely 7 years old, and he has permanently scarred your other grandson. The rape happened within an hour of them arriving at the orphanage. Richard called 30 minutes after Eli had died when he discovered that Parrish had taken them from the hospital, and he told Merle and Parrish who Ari and Eli were, and to make sure that they received the best treatment and care there. However, Merle told him that Eli was dead though and to send some people to clean up and get rid of his body because of his arrogance. Instead of doing that, Richard showed up along with a dozen of his men, and spoke to Ari to learn the truth. Then he discovered the surveillance tape, and watched what Merle and Parrish did to Eli. As I said before, Merle did not care, and he expected Richard to just clean up his mess and go away. However, Richard made sure that Merle understood just how close his arrogance and sadistic lust had brought him to death, and he had Merle and Parrish taken away as his prisoners. Merle and Parrish were severely beaten for 72 hours and they each had several broken bones as well as dozens of bruises and contusions all over their bodies when they were dumped in front of an emergency room. That is also when Richard neutered Merle for what he did to Eli because while he could not kill Merle, he still needed to be punished so Richard cut off his testicles. It was only after all that had happened that Richard discovered you had not had any contact with your daughter for almost a decade, and he gambled that you did not know about the twins. That is when he began destroying any evidence showing that Eli ever existed." John told them.

"Well, I know now, and while you are bound by the law, I am not. Merle Foxworth, this slug of a man Parrish, and everyone else involved will pay for what they did to my grandsons. Mr. Armitage is dead, and he betrayed me first, and now I am going to make them all pay," Paquito said while his eyes burned with his rage as he stood and shook hands with John. "You are a good man John, and I know you will take care of my grandson, but now I must leave to attend to my business. It is just after midnight, and if you need to reach me, Miguel and Maria will know how. I would also appreciate it if you would take care of Maria and the rest of my family as well if I am no longer able to once this is finished." Paquito told him, and John said he would. They all knew that in the coming days, the people responsible for Eli's death were going to pay for their crimes.


Tuesday February 13, 1996 (11 PM, one hour earlier)

Sky had been awake for the last few hours, and he was in agony from his arms and legs being bound together behind him. He had tried to shift his weight to relieve some of the pressure from his arms, but he could not move because of the way he was tied. He could not cry out because of the gag in his mouth, and one of the men had blindfolded him too. Therefore, all he could do was whimper as he tried to stay as still as possible, and tried to stay calm. As the hours had past though, his agony had increased along with the pressure in his bladder. Then, for the first time that he could remember since he was four, he wet his pants and began to cry in shame as the hot urine spread down his legs and up to his stomach. However, the gag prevented him from breathing through his mouth as his sinus clogged with mucus, and he began to choke causing his throat and airway to constrict from his asthma.

Carlos Vargas heard him choking, and let out a loud curse as he turned off the highway onto a dirt access road leading into the woods. He stopped in a clearing about a quarter of a mile from the highway, and then he ran to the back of the van. He jerked open the doors, and pulled Sky out onto the cold ground before removing his gag. Sky vomited first, and then he began to cough and spit out as much of the congestion as he could while struggling to breathe. After two agonizing minutes, he was able to croak out a single word to his captor as he struggled for enough air to speak.

"In-hal-er," he wheezed in just above a whisper. Carlos had been lightly patting him on the back when he heard him, and he quickly felt around Sky's sodden sweatpants and found the inhaler in his front pocket.

"Damn kid, you pissed all over yourself." He said as he pulled out the inhaler and removed the cap. Then he wiped it down with his shirt before placing it to Sky's mouth and pressing it. Sky breathed in as much of the medicine as he could, and tried to hold his breath, but could not do so for more than a few seconds before coughing. It was enough though to start relaxing his constricted throat as he continued to gasp for air.

"A-gain," Sky said in a whistling voice, and Carlos placed the inhaler to his mouth a second time and pressed it again as Sky took a much deeper breath this time and held it for almost fifteen seconds before coughing up a large amount of phlegm and spit it out. He indicated to Carlos to do it again, and this time he was able to hold his breath for a half of minute before exhaling. His breathing began to improve as he continued to cough up mucus and phlegm and spit it out. After a few more minutes passed, he said to his captor. "" Carlos retrieved a bottle of water from the front, and held it to Sky's dry lips.

"Easy kid, just a few sips at a time," he told him as he held the bottle to Sky's mouth. Sky drank a few sips before taking a deep swallow, and then Carlos said. "That's enough for now, ok."

"Ok," Sky croaked in response.

"Man, what am I gonna do with you? I can't leave you in these wet clothes." Carlos said aloud as he patted down Sky to see how far the wetness had spread, and he could feel Sky beginning to shiver. "Jesus Christ kid, you must have pissed a gallon at least. Tell you what; I promise that I'm not going to hurt you, and I'll untie you if you promise not to try running away."

"I won't run," Sky said in a hoarse voice. "I promise I won't run away." Then he felt his hands and feet being untied. Once he was freed, he cried out as pain shot through his arms and legs, and then he began bending his arms and hands slowly a little at a time to work out the painful stiffness in them. Carlos went and retrieved a blanket along with a gallon jug of drinking water from the van. Next, he knelt beside Sky and slipped off his sneakers before pulling his soaked sweatpants and shorts down to his knees. Sky reflexively grabbed for the waistband of his blood stained underwear ignoring the pain in his arms and hands before saying as his tears began to soak into the blindfold. "No! Please promised you wouldn't hurt me. I promised not to run away, and I won't. Just don't hurt me...please?" He spluttered.

"I'm not going to hurt you Muchacho, even if you are the kind of pretty boy I like." Carlos said to him as he pulled the wet pants down to Sky's ankles and off him revealing his smooth, slim brown legs, and his small bulge as his wet underwear molded itself to his immature genitals. He saw Sky holding onto his soaked, and bloody underwear as he began to shiver from fear and the cold air, then he reached up, and removed the blindfold from Sky's eyes so that he could see his face. "Look, it is freezing out here kid, and you are soaking wet with piss. If I do not get these wet clothes off you, then you are going to get frostbite or hypothermia, and the piss will cause you to get one hell of a rash too that will be very painful along with these clothes stinking to the high heavens of piss. I am just going to get these clothes off you, wash you down with some water, and then wrap you in this blanket until I can get you some other clothes to wear. You asked me to trust you to not run away, and now I'm asking you to trust me that I'm not going to do anything to you other than clean you up no matter how pretty you are, alright?"

It took a couple of minutes after Carlos removed the blindfold for Sky's eyes to adjust so that he could see clearly. He listened to his captor, and then was finally able to make him out in the dim moonlight and taillights from the van. He was a powerfully built Hispanic man in his mid to late twenties who could easily overpower him and do whatever he pleased. Instead, he was asking Sky to trust him, and he seemed sincere while what he said did make sense to him, even though he kept saying that he was pretty. He knew that boys were usually kidnapped by pedophiles, and they would say anything to them in order to molest them. However, when this man told him he was pretty, for some unknown reason, he liked it, and he believed him when he said he would not hurt him. Still, he was afraid because he had seen the other man grab his brother, and then someone fired a gun and Sean fell down along with the man that had been holding the gun to his head. He also did not see the man who had grabbed him and tied him up though. That man had kept telling him what he was going to do to his boy pussy, even though he did not really understand what that meant because how could a boy have a vagina and still be a boy. Then the man put that cloth over his nose and mouth, and he could not remember anything else until he woke up hogtied in the back of the van alone hours later.

"Why should I believe you when you guys killed my brother?" Sky finally said as his eyes filled with tears again even though he already knew that Sean was not hurt.

"No kid, you got it all wrong. We were told to get you and your brother, but when we went to get you I found out they had lied to me because the others all had guns. Then my idiot cousin shot that teacher when he started running towards you guys, and that's when some security guard killed Rico who had your brother, and all hell broke lose. Everybody was killed except my idiot cousin Luis, but he was wounded as he put you in the van, and I hauled ass outta there. Luis tied you up as I drove, but he had been shot, and I left him at a hospital a few hours ago. I heard on the radio just a few minutes ago that he had died an hour ago but that your brother was not hurt and is under police protection with your Papa right now." Carlos told him, and he could see that Sky looked relieved but still did not want to believe him. "Look kid, I was told that some guy hired us to go get you and your brother and take you to a plane bound for El Cajon is all. He told us that your Mama hired him to get us to go get both of you since your Papa would not let you go home since he didn't have custody of you after the divorce or some shit like that. Rico made the deal with the guy, and Luis brought me in at the last minute because his driver got his ass arrested yesterday, and I needed the cash. The job was for them to grab you both, then for me to drive them to this small private airport, and once there I would get my money while they flew you and your brother home to your Mama in El Cajon. It was supposed to be an easy job since all I had to do was drive, but I had no idea that your Papa was some Captain with the Seattle Police or one of the lead cops in the Jefferies serial killer case either. If I had known that, then I wouldn't have taken this job, and I certainly ain't gonna do anything to hurt you so your Papa can cut off my balls before sending me to death row. So trust me kid, I am not going to hurt you, and I am not going to take you anywhere near that guy who hired Rico and Luis to snatch you and your brother either. I'm in this mess because they lied to me, and I just need some time to figure things out cause I do not want to run from the cops for the rest of my life. So trust me, please Muchacho, ok?"

"S...Sean o...k?" Sky asked him as his teeth began to chatter from the biting cold.

"Yeah, he really is ok. Now, let me get these wet clothes off you and cleaned up before you freeze to death. I'm going to take all your wet clothes off and wash you down with some water, but I won't do anything to hurt you like I promised." He said and Sky was so cold now that all he could do was nod his head as his teeth chattered loudly. Carlos quickly pulled off Sky's wet sweatshirt and his undershirt which was only wet on the bottom front portion, and then his soaked and bloody underwear while Sky tried to cover his small, hairless, circumcised penis, but now he was so cold and shivering too much to resist, or to even cover himself. His penis and balls looked tiny even to him and they were turning blue from the freezing cold air.

"Hey kid, you think you can stand up now so I can rinse you off. Then I can get you dry and into the front seat where it is warm." He said and again Sky nodded before sitting up and hugging himself as he shivered in the freezing cold night. The man removed his socks leaving him stark naked before helping him stand up. He told Sky to put his hands on his shoulders to steady himself while he brushed of the dirt and pebbles to Sky's skin. Carlos quickly splashed the water on him wetting his small body down from his armpits to his small feet. Then Carlos rubbed him down with the dry part of Sky's undershirt. Sky still let out a frightened squeal and grabbed Carlos's hand when he gently wiped, and dried his prepubescent genitals. After drying Sky as best as he could, Carlos wrapped him up in the blanket and carried him to the front passenger seat. Next, he went back and put his wet and bloodied clothes and underwear along with the water jug in the back of the van. Once he climbed into the driver's seat, he started the engine and turned the heater up on high before pointing all of the vents toward Sky. He draped a smaller blanket around Sky's shoulders and over his head like a hood from a coat because he was still shivering pretty badly. After a few minutes though, he saw that Sky was not shivering as much, so he turned around, and then got back onto I-36 heading east, away from Portland, Oregon. Carlos had been driving around for hours after leaving Luis outside the entrance to the emergency room of a hospital near the WashingtonOregon state line. He knew that he was in deep trouble when the man named Jackson called him and demanded that he bring Sky to the private airstrip as planned. However, after listening to the news reports on the radio, and his conversation with Jackson, he decided that he would not turn over Sky to them. He also knew that he could not just take Sky home either without being shot on sight. Now, he drove in silence as Sky thawed out in the seat next to him. After ten minutes had past he asked him, "Feeling better now kid?"

"Yeah, a lot better now," Sky said as he sat with his knees drawn up with the blankets wrapped around him. "Um, know...for not hurting me like you promised."

"Its ok kid," Carlos told him as he pulled into a nearly deserted rest stop and parked. The van had been coated with a special white paint that had washed off easily, and now after spraying it off at a small do-it-yourself carwash, it was dark blue. He looked around the deserted rest area, and other than the two dark 18-wheeler trucks parked at the far end, there was nobody around the rest area. He turned on the overhead light before pulling out a map, and then he said. "Hey, I'm Carlos. What's your name so I can call you something other than kid ok?"

"Skylar Eaglefeather O'Malley, but everyone just calls me Sky cause of my eyes." He said meekly, his legs were still hurting, and beginning to cramp again, so he looked over at him. Carlos could easily see Sky's brilliant blue eyes now, and he understood why his name was Sky. After a few moments, Carlos returned to studying the map without saying anything while Sky studied him in the silence. He carefully went over everything that had happened since he woke up bound in the back of the van. So far, this man had told him that he was not going to hurt him, and his own instincts were telling him that he could trust this man. Therefore, Sky decided to risk his own safety knowing what he was about to do could turn into a disaster, but he had to know if this man was telling him the truth. He asked him nervously, "Did you really mean it when you said that you didn't want to hurt me?"

"Yeah, I meant it, why?" Carlos said as he looked up from the map at him. He just watched, except for a quick glance around the deserted rest area, as Sky shook free of the blankets, and then stretched his slender brown legs out. After a minute of stretching to relieve the pain and cramps in his legs, he noticed Carlos staring at him, and he blushed because he knew that Carlos could now see his naked body clearly in the light. Yet, all Carlos did was to stare at him only, and he could see Carlos's hands begin to shake a bit as he held the open map. Still, for some unknown reason, he did not feel threatened while also realizing that Carlos liked what he was seeing. He leaned back against the seat, but kept his hands on the sides of the seat giving Carlos an unobstructed view of him.

"Um...what did you mean when you said that I was the kind of pretty boy that you liked? You think I'm pretty because you're gay or something?" Sky asked him a bit nervously as he looked at Carlos, but he did not attempt to cover himself. Now, Carlos blushed this time, as he looked away and cleared his throat. However, his eyes were drawn back to the beautiful naked boy sitting next to him.

"Yeah, I are very pretty, Muchacho." He said softly after a few moments of exploring Sky's smooth young body before looking into his sapphire blue eyes.

"We are pretty? You think we are pretty like girls?" He asked him as their eyes met while his young face had a worried and almost an ashamed expression. Even though he was alone with Carlos, he and Sean both had the habit of referring to themselves in the plural sense because they were identical twins.

"No, you are not pretty like a girl Sky. I meant that you are by far the most beautiful boy I have ever seen, but even if you were a girl, you would still be the most beautiful. A lot of people do not understand that boys can also possess the same beauty that girls have while also being 100% boy too." Carlos told him in a quiet, awed voice.

"Really? You like me because you think I'm beautiful?" Sky asked him reverting to the singular again.

"Yeah, I like you because you are a very beautiful boy." Carlos told him again as he let his eyes wander Sky's flawless body before returning to gaze at his miles deep sapphire blue eyes. An electric thrill of excitement went through Sky when he heard this, and Carlos just continued to stare. Sky now understood that he liked young boys, but Carlos did not seem to be anything at all as to what everyone had told him that a pedophile would be like, and he was nothing like Mr. Dawson either. He had always thought that a pedophile was some creepy or dirty old man that bribed or threatened kids to go with them, and then would hurt them if they did not let the man molest them. Mr. Dawson was the creepy looking, and old janitor at school, and he liked Sky the same as Carlos. Sky had let him fondle him a few times, and even let Mr. Dawson talk him into letting him lick his small hard penis, but Sky had gotten scared after he licked it a few times and made him stop because Mr. Dawson started feeling his butt as he licked it. However, Carlos was young though, and he did not think that he looked that much older than his half brother Junior was. Sky considered himself good at guessing someone's age, and he figured that Carlos was maybe 22 or 23. Another thing was that Carlos was not quite as tall as Junior, but he was a lot more muscular, and just as good looking too.

"But we are so little...Sean and me are like the littlest boys in the seventh grade at our school. We are even smaller than a lot of the sixth grade boys too, but our mom said it is because we were born too early. She said that is why we have asthma so bad, and why we are so little...we don't even have any hair down there yet," Sky told him in a dejected voice as he looked down at his small, limp, and hairless penis.

"It doesn't matter how tall you are for you to grow hair on your pecker Sky. It depends on your heritage most of the time. Look at me, I am Hispanic, but I am mostly from Indian descendent just as you are. I was almost 16 before I started growing hair down there. I'm 28 now, and I still don't have any hair on my chest, and just a little under my arms, that's because Indians don't grow a lot of body hair." He told him and saw Sky's expression change from worry and shame to one of understanding. "Now tell me, have you ever seen a hairy Indian before or one with a beard or a lot of chest hair Sky?" This question caused Sky to erupt into giggles again because he knew a lot of real Indians from the reservation that his Mom had grown up on, and none of the adult men or teens there had hair on their chests, or beards either. Just the idea of the Cherokee Indians having hairy bodies or beards made him laugh because it was so ridiculous to him. Now that he knew that Carlos liked him, and thought that he was beautiful, but he still did not understand why Carlos had not done anything to him yet.

"If you think I'm beautiful, then why haven't you done anything then? You molest me or something?" He asked Carlos as he turned towards him giving Carlos a clear view of his penis and balls now that his legs were spread apart. It was almost like an unspoken challenge to Carlos to molest him. Even now that he knew Carlos was a pedophile, he still did not feel threatened, and that made him a bit bolder. While he did not believe that Carlos would do anything to him, he realized that even if Carlos did do something that he would let him do it as long as he did not hurt him. Knowing this, Sky increased the stakes by practically daring him to do something as he reached over and fondled his limp penis as he stared directly at Carlos.

"I couldn't do that to you Sky...or to any other boy. It's not that I don't want to, but I would only do what the boy wanted me to do if he loved me with all his heart first." Carlos told him as he watched Sky's small penis begin to lengthen, and he could see the confused look on Sky's face. "Jesus...why am I even saying this to a little 10-year-old kid," Carlos asked aloud as he turned away and looked at the roof while shaking his head. He continued to talk to the air as if Sky was not even in the van with him. "True, he is a totally gorgeous Muchacho, and veechi too...I cannot deny that he is very naked, and that he is playing with his cute pecker too...I must be dreaming," Carlos said to himself knowing that Sky was still watching at him. He let a visible shudder go through his head and shoulders, and felt his cock begin to harden. So he looked down and said to his crotch while pointing his finger, "I'm not talking to you, so go back to sleep." Sky had to cover his mouth to keep from laughing out loud, as he watched Carlos admonish his dick.

"We're 12 and a half, not 10 okay?" Sky said with a wide grin causing Carlos to look up at him in mock surprise.

"What? You are still here! This isn't a dream after all," He said in astonishment before looking down at his crotch again and saying with a slapping motion with his hand, "Down boy!" This time Sky could not help it and doubled over in giggles. When he finally calmed down, he looked at Carlos with a toothy smile.

"You still didn't answer my question," he said as he sat facing Carlos while his penis was now semi hard.

"Yes I did...I know it sounds stupid, but it's the truth Sky. Yes, it is true that I am gay, and that I like young boys, which would make me a pervert or pedophile to the rest of the world, but I prefer the term boy lover better. Yes, I would love to touch you, and do everything with you, but only if you loved me first and wanted me to do it. I know you think that I'm weird because I am attracted to young boys instead of women, but the truth is that I want the boy to want to be with me as much as I want to be with him."

"So you want them to love you as much as you love them right?" Sky asked him with surprising insight while knowing that this man desired to touch him. He was also surprised when he realized that he wanted to see Carlos naked, and to touch him too. This thought sent another excited thrill through his young body, and he finally covered his groin with both hands because his penis quickly hardened. He was embarrassed only because he actually wanted this man to touch and molest him, and just the thought of it caused his young dick to jump and harden to its full four-inch length. Then, while still blushing a deep red, Sky decided to trust his feelings, and he hesitantly moved his hands away from his groin before looking up shyly at Carlos again who was also staring at Sky's slender, rock hard penis. Sky could also see the large hardening bulge in the crotch of Carlos's jeans, which only excited him more so that his hard cocklet flexed with his growing excitement.

"Jesus Sky, you are very beautiful...yeah, I guess I do want you...I mean him...uh, the boy to love me as much as I love him." He said as he stared at Sky's hard boyhood before adding the last part sheepishly, and then he changed the subject as his own hard cock strained against his jeans. "I was thinking that I could go rinse out your wet clothes, and at least dry your underwear and t-shirt if there is an air dryer in there. If I do, then since I'm supposed to be the bad guy here, I should tie you up again until I get back, but I won't if you promise not to run away."

"No, please...don't tie me up again. I promised I wouldn't run away." Sky said fearfully as he sat up forward in the seat while his blue eyes watered and his hard penis deflated just as quickly. "I will not try to get away, I promised. Please?"

"I didn't mean it Sky, I won't tie you up again," Carlos said quickly realizing his mistake, "I promised too, remember." He said, and he saw Sky's shoulders relax, but Sky was still afraid that Carlos would leave him. His mind raced as he tried to think of something.

"Please, don't leave me here alone. You can't because it won't be safe...for you or me." He said quickly while the fear remained in his voice. "If you leave me naked in here and some cop comes by then you will be in a lot of trouble, or some weirdo could come by and see me while you are gone, and then hurt me. Maybe we can find someplace like a motel or something so we aren't out in the open like this." Sky told him not realizing what he was saying exactly, and Carlos could not help smiling at him when he heard Sky say that a weirdo could hurt him because he was naked before suggesting they find a motel. However, Carlos realized that Sky was simply afraid that he would leave him alone, and that he was still innocent to most things in the world like many young kids were.

"You are right, I would be in a lot of trouble if a cop came by, but I am also a weirdo because all I can think about is touching you since you are so beautiful." Carlos admitted as he averted his eyes in shame while he admitted his desire to Sky.

"I don't think you are weird Carlos," Sky said to him quietly, then as he looked out the window, and he added in almost a whisper. "Maybe I'm weird too, because I like you...and want you to touch me."

"Yeah, maybe we both are just a little bit weird, because I really do like you too Sky." He said, and Sky's face lit up with a big, toothy smile as he looked away from Carlos and hugged himself. Then Carlos changed the subject back to their predicament by saying. "Look, I already am in a lot of trouble just for taking you, but maybe we can think of something to fix things. Let's go see if we can find someplace a bit safer for tonight and get some sleep. Then we can figure out what to do in the morning. However, I'm not going to molest you or anything because it would be wrong, and don't you ever suggest to any other weirdo to go to a motel because he will rape you since that is exactly what you are offering to let him do to you." Carlos told him with a serious voice in order to relieve the sexual desire in the air between them. "When I say rape you, I mean that he will force his big, hard pecker into your little butthole after beating the shit out of you, understand?" He told him seriously, and Sky nodded his head while his fearful face told Carlos that he now understood what he had said actually meant.

Then Carlos put the van in reverse and headed back out onto the highway still heading east. After going another twenty miles into the Oregon foothills, they drove past the Hill House Hotel with a vacancy light on. After turning around, and coming back, both he and Sky agreed that it was perfect. The two-story hotel was a "T" shaped building, and Carlos drove to the backside of the hotel where only one car was parked near the office. He got out and went to the office to get a room, and returned ten minutes later with the key only to find Sky dressed in his still wet sweat pants and shirt. He had Sky wait in the van after parking at the far end of the building on one side, then going to room 218 on the opposite side on the second floor, and turning on the small lamp between the beds before coming back down to get him. Sky had the rest of his clothes bundled together, and Carlos showed him to the room on the ground floor, nearest to the stairwell, picked the lock, and then went inside and turned up the heat while closing the curtains before turning on the small lamp by the single King sized bed. Once inside, Sky stripped off his soiled clothes once again, and went into the small bathroom to pee and shower. Carlos had pulled off his shirt and was sitting on the bed when he came out as naked as the day he was born and sat down close to him drying his straight, jet-black, shoulder length hair. He was no longer shy or embarrassed to be naked with Carlos.

"So now what," he asked him as he ran his fingers through his damp hair. Carlos took out a pocket comb and moved over beside him before starting to pull the comb through Sky's fine black hair. By now, Sky's erection had faded long ago and it was now its normal inch and a quarter length. The small nub of his exposed glans with its frilly collar lay on top of his marble sized balls that were still pulled in tight to his small body making Sky look much younger than he was. His slim body was brown all over except for a light pale brown color around his groin and a small, dark arrowhead shaped mark at the top of his pert little butt. The paleness clearly told Carlos that Sky preferred to wear Speedos instead of the customary board shorts or clam digger swim trunks that were the current style in demand.

"Um Carlos...I'm sorry about what I said earlier ok. I did not know that a boy could be raped too until you told me. Now I know what that man who tied me up meant when he said he was going to fuck my boy pussy. He meant that he was going to stick it in my butt."

"I know Sky, but I would not let him do that to you," he said to him, and changed the subject quickly. "It's late and we will probably have to get up and leave early, so you get in bed and rest Muchacho."

"I, can I ask you something Carlos?" Sky asked him.

"Yeah, sure," Carlos answered as he pulled the comb through Sky's fine hair. "I'm sorry if Luis frightened you by saying that. As I said, I would not have let him hurt you. Now, what do you want to know?"

"Why are we in this room instead of the one you paid for?" He asked with a confused expression.

"I'm doing this so that the room I paid for will be a decoy. If someone finds us, then they will go to that room instead of checking every room to find us. It should also give us time to get away from them too." Carlos explained to him and Sky agreed that it was a very good idea. Then he hesitated again before saying.

"Can I ask you something else?"

"Sure you can Muchacho. What is it you want to know this time?" He asked him.

"It' what we were talking about earlier. I really weird because my mean penis gets big when I look at other guys?" Sky asked as his face flushed red with embarrassment.

"I don't think so, but maybe you should be asking your Dad instead of me." He said as he finished combing Sky's hair. Sky looked at him for a moment before his face saddened and he looked away.

"We can't. He doesn't come around much," He said sadly with a sniffle. "We see him maybe two or three times a month when he comes to visit us...sometimes even less than that."

"Sorry, I didn't know," Carlos told him with understanding. "My old man wasn't around either while I was growing up and I never knew who my Dad was. What about you're Mom, have you asked her?"

"God no," Sky exclaimed as he stood up and faced away from him before saying. "We'd rather kill ourselves than ask her stuff like this."

"Well, I will try ok," he told him before taking a moment to think of what to say as he admired Sky's small pert butt. As he thought about what to say, it surprised him of how physically small Sky truly was. He was the physical size that most nine or ten year-olds were, although his young cocklet and marble sized balls were a good size for his small body. "Is the only time that your pecker gets hard is when you just look at other boys? Or does it get hard when you look at girls too?"

"No, not really," Sky said to him while shrugging his shoulders, and not feeling uncomfortable talking about this with Carlos. "I mean that it happened once with a girl last year, and it doesn't really happen with other boys unless we are naked or something." He said as he turned towards him before pausing for a long moment to stare at Carlos's bare, well-muscled chest and arms while another electric thrill went down his spine. Then he said with a blush, "It only happens when I look at older boys and always when I look at you." Carlos chuckled a bit and smiled as Sky's young cocklet quickly became erect again as he stared at him. "What? You think I'm weird now?"

"No, I don't, nor will I ever think that." Carlos told him as he put his hand on Sky's bare shoulder as Sky stood in front of him. "You are not weird Sky. Do you know what being Gay is?"

"Sort of," he said while still blushing as his hard 4" cocklet twitched, but the expression on his face told Carlos that he did not know.

"Being gay means that a person likes someone who is the same gender as they are is all. You know, a guy likes another guy, or a girl likes another girl the same way as a guy likes a girl. That is all that being gay means, and the official term for someone like us is homosexual. Homo is Latin and means same, while straight people are called Heterosexuals because hetero means opposite. It is not a bad thing to be homosexual or gay, and believe it or not, many boys your age have their first sexual experiences and even their first crush with another boy. In addition, many young gay guys prefer another gay guy who is older than they are because the older partner has already experienced most of the things the younger partner has not yet done. They prefer an older, more experienced partner who can teach them how to have sex with another guy without getting hurt. So far, from everything you have told me, I would say that you are probably gay is all, but you are still young and may not feel the same way when you are older." Carlos calmly explained to him so that Sky understood.

"So I'm like you right?" He said but he still had a confused look on his face. "Cause you like boys instead of girls."

"No, you are not like me. See, as you get older the age of the guys you like does not change that much. You like me, and I am 28, so as you get older, you will still like guys around my age whose bodies look physically similar to mine also. The only exception to that is if you truly love someone, then you will still love them no matter how old they are, or become. So if you truly loved me, then you would still love me when I'm 50 or 80." Carlos told him before he looked down at Sky's young chest that was just beginning to show some muscle tone, while he slid his hands down until they were gently holding Sky by his slender hips. "The same is true for me; only I have always liked boys who are around the ages of 10 to 14, who look similar to you with very little, or no pubic hair like you. As I got older, I still liked only boys that age, but I also realized that I could not do anything with a younger boy without getting into serious trouble. Under the law, they say that I am a pedophile because I find young boys sexually attractive, but I am not a child molester that preys on young boys for my sexual pleasure only. There is a difference because someone like me cannot and will not act on his desires if it will hurt the boy. That is why I haven't touched you because it would have hurt you since you did not understand and I could never hurt any boy like that. I can't because a man, a child molester hurt me that way when I was your age...he raped me when I was 11."

"Sorry, I didn't know that...but now you would do it though," Sky asked him as he put his hands on Carlos's broad shoulders, and Carlos could feel him trembling with anticipation. "If that boy wanted you to do it right...if I wanted you to do it, you would do it cause I know that you aren't a child molester, and you won't hurt me right?"

"I don't know Sky," Carlos told him seriously, as he realized that he was now holding a very willing, and very excited naked boy in his arms who was literally asking him to molest him.

"So do it ok," Sky told him as he pressed his small body closer to where his hard slender cocklet was now pressing against Carlos's bare chest. Carlos could feel how it flexed and twitched with Sky's excited anticipation. "You can because I want you to do it." He said haltingly as his breathing quickened with his excitement, which caused his asthma to become worse. However, Carlos forced his own desire and willingness back down, and just kissed Sky tenderly on his lips before gently pushing him back to an arm length away from him while still holding him by his slim hips.

"I'm sorry Sky; it is not your fault, but I just can't do this with you. This would be wrong to me even though you want me to, so I cannot do it because inside I feel that doing this is wrong. As I said before, this is not just about sex and desire with me because I would like to do what you asking me. You are so beautiful to me, and you are exactly the kind of boy that I have always dreamed about since I was a little older than you are now. However, I want that boy in my dreams to love me with all of his heart, the same way that I would love him with all my heart. Then, doing this would not be wrong to me because we would being sharing our love for each other when we did have sex, and we would not be doing it just to get our rocks off." He said, and Sky still had a troubled expression on his adorable face.

"Why not...please? You can do whatever you want to do...I want you to do it, really. You said that you liked me and I like you, so it's ok now," Sky said in an almost pleading voice. "I won't tell anyone that we did it, and you can even put it in my butt if you want to...even if it hurts ok?"

"No, my beautiful Muchacho, it is not ok. You do not know what you are asking me to do. If I put my pecker in your butt, it will tear you open inside and you could bleed so much that you could die. Doing that will hurt you Sky, and I cannot hurt you even if you want me to. Even if I didn't hurt you much, it will still hurt me and you more than any amount of pain that you have felt before Sky. It would not just tear you butt open Muchacho; it will also tear your soul deep inside you, just as it did to me when I was raped. It took me many years to heal inside after that happened, so I can't do that to you ever Sky, even though we both want to do it, I could never do that to you." Carlos told him, and he could see Sky's face sadden as the tears began filling his blue, almond shaped eyes.

"Anyway, it is against the law for me to do anything with a boy your age because the courts don't believe that a boy like you is mature enough to give your consent for sex with an adult. Besides that, I will not do this because I really do care about hurting you Muchacho. I do care because if the circumstances were any different for us, I could truly love you with all of my heart, Muchacho." He said as his own eyes watered, and Sky's shoulders drooped in defeat before he nodded his head in understanding as his tears spilled down his face.

"Look, try not to think about this so much right now. You are still young, so stay like that, and do not worry about trying to grow up so fast. I am going to take a shower, then in the morning, I will wash and dry your clothes and we can decide what to do after that. You look tired Muchacho, so go to sleep ok." He said before kissing Sky on his forehead, then his nose before he kicked off his boots and went into the bathroom. Sky was wheezing as he sat down on the king-sized bed, and he hugged his knees while his emotions roiled inside him like a thunderstorm. He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand as he sniffled while he thought about everything as his breathing became more audible until it sounded like a whistle. He knew Carlos had done some bad things, and he did help kidnap him, but Sky finally admitted that he really liked Carlos. It was not because he had changed his mind about hurting him, or that he really was a nice guy. It did not even matter that Carlos would not molest him even though he wanted him to do it, but it was because Carlos was a man who loved young boys, he was a man who could love him. He also knew that Carlos had meant it when he said that he would only do whatever the boy wanted because he had hours and hours to molest and rape him, yet he did not. Even when he was standing naked if front of him just now, and was willing...practically begging him to do it, and still Carlos had still refused.

Sky could no longer ignore his asthma as he struggled with each breath he took, and he grabbed his inhaler off the dresser before returning to his place on the bed. The doctor had told them that crying or any type of stress would cause their asthma to worsen because they both had under developed lungs when they were born, and he did not have his medicine that he took every day to help control his asthma. He knew that he would have to depend on his inhaler even more because of that, then he inhaled the medicine and held his breath for a few seconds before exhaling, and coughing as the congestion in his lungs loosened while his airways started to relax. As he sat there, he continued to think about Carlos. Carlos's steadfast refusal to molest him had greatly increased Sky's respect for him. Most of all, he had spent his entire life yearning for his father's love and acceptance of him, but he never felt that he had it, and there was always this gaping hole inside of him because of it, and his tears spilled down his face once more. Now, here was a man who could, and would love him, even if others thought it was wrong. He realized that he wanted, and desperately needed that love as he inhaled another shot of the medicine before putting the cap on it. Therefore, he got up off the bed and sat the inhaler on the dresser again, then went over to the bathroom door, and went inside when he heard the water running.

Carlos had finished stripping to the skin, started the shower, and then stepped in under the hot spray. He had just finished washing his hair when the curtain opened and Sky stepped into the tub/shower and looked him in the eye. Even in the hot spray, Carlos could see the tears in his brilliant blue eyes, so he knelt down in front of him and asked.

"What is wrong Sky? Why are you crying?" He asked with genuine care and concern.

"You said that you would only do what a boy wanted, not what you wanted. You said that you want him to love you as much as you love him right?" Sky asked through his tears and Carlos nodded his head. "We don't have to do any sex stuff if you don't want to. I will still love you Carlos, so will you love me, please?"

"You don't have to do this Sky, I understand, really. It has been a very shitty day for you, you are upset and scared, and you think that if you let me do what I want because I like young boys then I will not hurt you. That is not true Muchacho because I do care about you very much even though I have only known you for less than a day. You are the boy that I have always dreamed of loving, because you are young, smart, and so damn beautiful that you take my breath away. You do not have to do this because I am not going to hurt you no matter what because I promised you. Tomorrow, I am going to clean your clothes, then take you home, and turn myself in. So there is no need for you to do this, understand?" Carlos told him, but his words did not comfort him at all.

"No! You cannot take me back there...please, don't make me go back. I hate it there Carlos. All my life I have known who my father was, and all I wanted was for him just to love me but he doesn't love me. I am not even allowed to tell anyone that my real name is O'Malley instead of Eaglefeather, or that he is even my Dad. Because of him, we are outcasts with our Mom's Cherokee tribe because of the color of our eyes, so they will not teach us the ways of the warriors, or even call us Cherokee. The kids there call us half-breeds is all, and the men will only let us stay with the Cherokee women and the old men only. My asshole Dad comes to visit once or twice a month and expects me to be thrilled that he is there, but he never stays. He always fucking leaves and never stays because he has his family, and it does not include Sean and me. He even told my mom to get a fucking abortion before we were born, but she would not do it. So you know what all those things mean. It means that we were a fucking mistake to him is all. It means that he does not love us, and he never will because our whole lives are just a big fucking mistake to him. We are mistakes because we don't matter to anyone," Sky told him as he cried harder. Then he almost jumped into Carlos's arms and hugged him tightly. "You said that you loved boys, and I will love you Carlos. I need someone to love me because I am so tired of being a fucking mistake, and hurting inside all of the time, but I will not be a mistake anymore if you love me. Please Carlos; I just really need you to love me, ok?"

"I can, and I will someday Sky; but not now...not like this. Listen to me good Muchacho, you are not and never have been a mistake, and neither is your brother, so do not ever say that again because you are not a mistake, not to your Mom or to me. I do not know why your father treats you like shit, but I never will because you do matter to me. See, I already love you because you are my beautiful Muchacho, and I do not want to do anything to hurt you because you do matter to me. However, I did something very wrong when I agreed to help kidnap you and your brother, even if the man who hired me lied about everything. It is still a crime, and people got hurt because of it Muchacho, people got hurt. Can you understand that Sky? Rico, Luis, and the others all died because of this. Another man and a boy who goes to your school were shot too, and they may die because of what we did. Now, I am on the run with you from the cops and the guy who hired me, but all that matters to me now is to keep you safe. I really fucked up this time Sky, and until I fix this, then I cannot let myself love you. I have to make this right first before I can let myself love you, or let you love me. If I allowed us to do what we desired right now, I know that it would make you happy and feel wanted for a little while Muchacho; but then you would be alone again and hurting even more because you would have lost me, and that will not be good for either of us. Therefore, I will take you home where you will be safe from the man who hired me, and I can turn myself into the police. Then maybe I can make a deal so that I do not go back to prison for a real long time, and we can be together when I get out. It is the best I can do Sky, and it is the only right thing to do. I have to do it this way Muchacho and I know that you are hurting inside right now, but I cannot help you stop that pain until I make everything right. I'm sorry Sky...I'm so sorry." Carlos told him as he sat back in the tub, held Sky close in his arms under the hot spray of water, and cried with him.

Afterwards, Carlos carried him out and laid him on the bed after it appeared that Sky had cried himself to sleep before drying him off and covering him up. He knew that this beautiful young boy had just realized and accepted that he was gay, but more importantly, he had chosen Carlos to be the first man he truly loved. He remembered the day he himself had done the same thing almost seventeen years ago, only it was the day his life had went to shit, and Carlos could not betray Sky as the man he first loved had betrayed him. It was also the reason he had become homeless at the tender young age of 11, he had been living on his wits with a little luck since that day so long ago, and had never looked back until now.

He finished drying off, then got dressed again before gathering all of Sky's soiled clothes, and left the room to wash them. Inside the utility room, there was a closet where the maids kept their cleaning cart, and behind that on the floor was a large pile of clothes that past guests had forgotten. He went through them quickly, and found a pair of jeans that would fit Sky along with a long sleeve t-shirt. In addition, there were assorted pairs of underwear and undershirts in a separate pile that the maids were using as rags. Carlos did not find any underwear in Sky's size except for a pair of white cotton underwear that were a size larger, and they were either a girl's cotton panties, or a boys bikini style briefs. Carlos believed that they were boys because they did not have the lining in the crotch that girls panties usually had, and the seam was closer to the back as boys bikini briefs were so it would not irritate a boy's scrotum. Whatever they were, they would have to do, and he added a small Men's crew neck undershirt to the pile of clothes for Sky. He also found a pair of Dockers style pants for him and a polo style shirt, and he added these things to Sky's soiled sweats. He also lucked out because he found open boxes that had the small individual boxes of soap powder, fabric softener, and powdered bleach that were sold in the vending machine by the door. He left a $10 bill on the top box to pay for what he took, and then washed all of the clothes together.

While he waited for the clothes to finish washing, he wrestled with his decision, but no matter what reason or excuse he came up with, he could not justify to himself for turning away from Sky when he needed him like this. If he just turned away and rejected him, then he would be doing the same thing that the first man he loved had done to him, and he knew that he would not be able to live with himself if he did that. Once the washer finished, he put everything in the dryer and waited for the clothes to dry. As he waited, he thought back to the day that had altered his life so much.



Wednesday, February 14, 1996 (just after Midnight)

Merle was still shaken as he gulped down his third Scotch and water. The call from Lou Edwards earlier had completely rattled him with the revelations that John Roberts had already retrieved the missing and incriminating disks and tapes that the little boy-cunt Ari had taken from Parrish. Lou also knew that Ari was Paquito Rojas's grandson, that he had accidentally killed Ari's identical twin brother Eli when he raped him, and that Richard had covered it up afterwards. Therefore, it was now only a matter of time before Roberts or Rojas would come after him, but he was not about to let them destroy everything that he had built over the last forty years. He had been on the phone until 11 PM checking what Edwards had told him, and everything the spineless bastard had said appeared to be the truth so far. His son Noah had been arrested on a warrant issued by the federal judge handling the Parrish sex ring investigation, and that Noah's wife and his grandchildren were now in protective custody with the U.S. Marshall's service. Then Roberts had conducted a massive arrest sweep, and arrested the majority of his people effectively shutting down his entire operation in the upper northwest. He cursed John Roberts again for even being born, and he knew he should have had him killed back in 1990 with his wife and daughter.

Now Edwards was demanding 50 million dollars by noon next Thursday for his men having a little fun with his 9-yr old son David. In addition, Lou was willing to trade him the disks and tapes for his son and O'Malley's brat. Then he had the nerve to threaten to do the same thing to his grandson Tommy that was done to the Petrinelli boy, and he was made to beg that spineless jellyfish to leave his grandson alone or Lou had told him he would send the tape of Eli's death to Rojas. Well, it does not matter what Lou does because he can handle whatever Rojas tried to do to him, Merle thought to himself as he took another drink. He figured that his major problem now, was that things were becoming too hot for him to continue business here, and his clientele were becoming increasingly impatient for the delays in delivery of the kids they had bought. Merle had hoped to lay low until the heat from Roberts' investigation had died down before resuming business. However, he could not because of Richard's actions, the bungled kidnapping, and then Roberts' had spent the rest of the day entertaining himself by arresting almost all of the people in the Northwestern US connected to Parrish and his operations. Then, Lou called with his demands, along with making him grovel to the little prick. He would make Lou pay for that, and what he was going to do to his son David, as he made Lou watch, would make it even more satisfying because nobody threatened or humiliated him and lived. However, he was still trying to find out how his men had fucked up his orders to kidnap the identical twin boys who turned out to be O'Malley's bastard sons. First, they did the operation in broad daylight with over a hundred witnesses, and five of the idiots had gotten themselves killed while allowing one of the twins to escape. He mixed himself another scotch and water, and sipped it a few times while the alcohol relaxed him. Then his phone buzzed, and he hit a button for the intercom.

"Yes Davis? What is it?" He said in an indifferent tone of voice.

"Sir; I have contacted Mr. Jackson at the site, and gave him your instructions for him to check on things at the location. He will make sure that the Edwards boy is not harmed again until after the O'Malley boy is located and arrives at the location. I have been unable to find out much about the driver Carlos Vargas other than he has a record. The other surviving member of the team is Luis Ortega, and he is currently on parole for possession with the intent to distribute. He has also been convicted and served time for sexual battery of a minor, and a separate gang related charge. Vargas did 18 months of a 6-year sentence for Involuntary Manslaughter conviction when he was 18, but has stayed out of trouble since then. I am still working on obtaining their Juvenile records because it is rumored that Vargas was arrested a number of times for prostitution over several years. Last of all, I have confirmed that Mr. Armitage was indeed killed during the failed assault on Bayside Institute. However, the reports I am receiving have all stated that it was Seth Jordan who actually killed Mr. Armitage with a knife thrust into the heart. Will there be anything else sir?" The young man who now served as Merle's personal assistant replied in a reedy voice.

"Inform me if Luis Ortega and Carlos Vargas brings the kid to the location, or attempts to make contact, otherwise I will inform you what to do regarding them after I speak with Mr. Jackson. If they are bringing the O'Malley boy, tell Jackson to keep the little cunt with David for now; I may still be able to use the little bastard, and then have him kill those bungling idiots Ortega and Vargas. See if you can find out who is stepping in to fill Richard's position for me, and have Goings draw up a list of our contacts within the government and all law enforcement agencies. Put Jackson through when he calls; otherwise do not disturb me for now as I consider our options." He told him before pressing another button on the phone ending the conversation. Merle began to pace around the room as he thought about how complicated everything had become. After a few minutes of pacing in silence, Merle picked up the remote and pressed a button to turn on the stereo system. He cycled through the cd's until Nina Chiron was flowing out of the speakers. He carried his cocktail over to his desk and sat down before taking another drink.

He began going over the notes he had written since this fiasco had unfolded earlier in the day. He pulled the operational summary Andrew had provided which broke down the entire operation including Parrish's and Jefferies operations as well. When it came down to it, he was not making any money by using kids who had undergone the memory suppression phase of the reprogramming. Only Richard and Billy had the facilities, equipment, and demand for kids with programmed memories. Bill Jefferies and Terry Robinson's small but lucrative operation of selling brainwashed and reprogrammed kids to clients had no direct link to his organization or him though. However, Parrish was a major part of his operations, and the tape that the boy Ari had taken was the one thing that was destroying his operations within the U.S. He could continue with business as usual without Bill's process because the behavior modification process was all his operations required. Even if Lou did make copies of the tape, the copies could not be used as evidence because there was no way to prove that it was not a doctored forgery, but he had to make sure that Rojas never got that tape because that would prevent him from moving his operations to another country. Therefore, either Merle needed to get the original, or have Rojas eliminated. If he got the tape and verified its authenticity, then he could deal with Lou and his little cunt of a son, which was easier to do than to take on Rojas directly. Now that Lou had possession of that tape, Merle decided that it would be easier for him to get the tape back no matter the cost. He would meet Lou's demands, but he will make sure that Lou would never get the chance to even see the money, let alone use it. Then, Davis buzzed him again.

"Yes Davis, what is it?" He asked.

"Um sir, there is a call on line 5 for you." Scott Davis said hesitantly. Merle knew that line five was the secure line he used exclusively with Richard only.

"Who the hell is calling me on Richard's private line? Did you even think to ask for a name Davis?" Merle growled into the intercom because the last thing he wanted to do was to speak with one of Richard's flunkies.

"Yes sir, I did ask who was calling, but the man refused to identify himself, and he has asked to speak with you personally." Davis answered nervously in his high-pitched reedy voice.

"I wonder what in the hell does he wants." Merle said mostly to himself, and then he said. "Go ahead and put him through."

"Yes sir, I am connecting you now sir." Davis replied.

"Evening Mr. Foxworth," the unidentified man said to him.

"Who are you and what do you want? I am in no mood for games right now." Merle told him.

"My name is Tony Cuicelli, and I am assuming the duties of Mr. Armitage for now until the investigation into his activities is completed. I am here with an associate of yours, Mr. Freeman with the FBI Internal Affairs division, and I believe that we can accommodate each other. The business today with Richard and Jonas had been brewing for a long time between them, and it did not take much to push Richard into his foolhardy assault today. Richard had always felt insecure in his position because of Jonas, who he thought wanted his job. He could never accept the fact that Jonas never had any desire for power because he had found his calling already as a field operative. Jonas was perfectly content on assignment in the field, but Richard always had this inferiority complex, and he was absolutely convinced that Jonas wanted his job. At first, Richard tried eliminating Jonas, but he soon realized that the man was the most effective operative within the agency in over two decades, and maybe of the century. Therefore, Richard began targeting Jonas's family, which was another mistake since Jonas tortured Richard's two adult children and their spouses for almost 24 hours before they died. I thought he would have learned his lesson then, but he continued obsessing about Jonas. Hell, the damn government could not pay Jonas enough to do Richard's job, because the first time some asinine congressman or stuck up senator got their feathers ruffled, Jonas would have killed them. Richard was the suck up and kiss ass, but Jonas is a simple man, and he feels that a bullet to the brain is easier on his lips. However, when I told him about Jonas meeting with Roberts, I never expected Richard would go insane as he did." Tony said with a chuckle.

"Well, I knew that there was bad blood between him and Richard, but I was completely surprised with his failed assault on Bayside this morning." Merle told him in an uncertain tone. "What can I do for you Mr. Cuicelli because while I appreciate the assistance nudging Richard over the edge, but I don't think you called to explain Richard's failings to me? I tried to warn Richard that he was a few fries short of a happy meal by going after Jonas, but he didn't heed my advice."

"You are right, this is not a social call because I want some straight answers, and if you give them to me, then I believe we may be able to conduct some business together." Tony told him. Then Arthur Freeman spoke up, "Hello Merle, I have heard that you had a couple of shit bombs dropped on you today."

"Fuck you Artie. I am not in the mood for games, so why don't you tell me what you want? First off, what kind of business are we talking about?" Merle asked them.

"It is business similar to the arraignment you had with Mr. Armitage. While my personal tastes are not quite as exotic as Richard's were, they are similar since we both enjoyed fresh, young chicken, if you know what I mean." Tony explained to him.

"Fair enough, and what would I get in return for providing you with such a commodity?" Merle asked him as he leaned back in his chair. "Also, how do I know that this is not some kind of entrapment scheme on your part?"

"He can provide you with information to allow you to protect your enterprise, and to be quite frank about it, he is offering himself to you for employment since this division will most likely be dissolved and the agents reassigned once the internal affairs investigation has been completed. Tony has become tired of being a tool for the government, and for not being compensated for his outstanding performance also." Arthur suggested to Merle.

"Well, I appreciate your call Mr. Cuicelli and I will think over your proposal and get back to you. Since you are now in possession of Richard's personal affects, then I assume that I will be able to contact you at this number?" Merle asked him.

"Yes, you can, and I will await your decision on my proposal. If I do not receive a response in two weeks, then I will dispose of this phone, agreed?" Tony asked him.

"Agreed; however, it would benefit us both greatly if you were able to find a way to expose Richard's indiscretions while separating them from his official operations. I believe you know about his personal recruitment program that he had going, and I am sure that it would not be very hard to convince the suits that his criminal activities only involved him and his private ops teams." Merle said to him.

"That is quite possible Mr. Foxworth, but it would most likely force me to stay put and operate under a microscope, which I am not that inclined to do." Tony replied to him.

"It would not be for long Mr. Cuicelli, just long enough to insure that my organization is not implicated in Richard's side operations would be all. Then, I would be happy to employ you as my chief of security, and I would reward you quite handsomely as well for your efforts and time." Merle told him with a half smile. He realized that this was not a setup, but just one of the men in line for Richard's job, who had seen an opportunity to fulfill his desires for a boy or girl, or possibly both. Merle made a small note about this before thinking once more of how he would deal with Lou Edwards, and he realized that he might even be able to use Tony to solve his problems with Lou. "When are you willing to start Tony?"

"Right now sounds good, if you ask me," Arthur said with a chuckle. "Why, is there something special you need us to take care of?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, there is Artie. Lou has turned on us, and he has become a serious threat. While it will be an inconvenience, I have decided to close up our operations in the Northwest for now. Roberts has been conducting arrests all day, and he has rounded up most of Parrish's toadies there, but Evans and Thompson managed to elude him. They could compromise our entire operations if they were apprehended, so how would you eliminate the threat they pose to us?" Merle asked him.

"I think I can manage that, and I have two guys in the area to ensure that the job is done discretely. Is that all for them Merle?" Arthur asked.

"Not quite, but it seems that I have a couple of renegades to deal with also. They have not shown with the boy yet, and it does not appear likely that they will. Can your guys deal with them also, and deliver the boy to one of our locations afterwards?" He asked coolly.

"They can if there was a way to find them," Tony said while Arthur agreed with him. Then, Davis buzzed him again. "Hold on for a moment Artie."

"What is it now," Merle asked him.

"Sir, I have Del Jackson on line two," Scott told him.

"Great, put him through, and put us on conference too," Merle told him, and then after a few moments Del's voice came out of the speaker.

"You wanted me to call you sir," Del said to him.

"Yes, I got a call from Lou Edwards earlier, and he dropped some bombshells on me. He informed me that Roberts has already retrieved the evidence that the boy Ari stole from Parrish. Lou has everything including the videotapes as well as the disks because Roberts gave it to him last night. Lou knows about Ari's twin brother Eli too, about how he died, and he knows that Rojas is their grandfather. He can hang all of us by sharing that info with Rojas, but instead Lou offered to trade us the evidence and his silence for his son David and O'Malley's son, if we can find him, along with 50 million for violating little David. He also informed me that my son Noah has been arrested by Roberts and that my granddaughter, grandson, and their mother are in protective custody too. I just confirmed that what he told me is true because Noah was arrested this afternoon in Memphis as part of the Parrish indictment, and Cindy, Tommy, and their mother are in protective custody with the U.S. Marshal Service." Merle said to him as he got up once more, and went to the bar to make himself another drink. Then Merle asked, "Did you guys get that Artie?"

"Yes, we heard you, but it sounds worse than it is actually. If Roberts knows already, then he knows there is nothing on those tapes or on those disks that can damage us directly. The tapes are not usable as evidence since he has no body, and I know what Richard did to cover up the incident. It will be almost impossible for Roberts to find any concrete evidence that Eli even existed, let alone was murdered because Richard was very thorough. Our concern should be about Rojas, and about him finding out about his grandsons Ari and Eli. Although, since he stepped aside for Richard's man, he has lost a considerable amount of power. Therefore, I believe that it will not be difficult to eliminate him for good, which would also benefit all of us." Tony told him after thinking it over. "If Mr. Edwards is willing to exchange the evidence for his son and O'Malley's son along with the money, I say we should do it. Then, once we have the tapes we can deal with Mr. Edwards and Rojas permanently."

"Understood, now Del, what is the status on Lou's son David? Is he being treated for what those bungling idiots did to him? Also, were you able to contact Vargas or Ortega about O'Malley's bastard?" Merle asked him as he took his fresh drink over to his desk and sat down.

"Yes sir, David is doing well, and the staff here is making sure that his recovery goes well. He is responding positively to the counseling, and the fissures in his rectum have almost healed completely. As for Ortega and Vargas, I called at 9:30 PM, and it was Vargas who answered. I identified myself and asked him where he was at, but he refused to say. Apparently, Luis hired him to drive for this job yesterday, and he was told that they were just picking up the boys to take them to their mother who was going through a nasty divorce. Luis told him that the boy's father had refused to return them after his visitation time was over, so she hired Luis and Rico to get them and bring them home to her. However, he realized that he had been played when Luis and Rico brought the other armed team members along to grab the kids by force at their school. Rico and the other four members of the team were killed while Luis was wounded, but he managed to get the boy Skylar into the van and subdue him. Vargas said that he had to drop Luis off at a hospital once they were safely out of the city because he was severely wounded, and I have confirmed that Luis died from two gunshot wounds just after 10 PM at a hospital located in Vancouver, Washington. Vargas demanded to know whom I worked for, he was quite agitated because Luis was his cousin, and he demanded to know why I wanted the boy. I instructed him to bring the boy to the airstrip as directed, and he would be paid the full amount including Luis and Rico's and the others share too. He said that he was not hired to kidnap the son of a Police Captain, who is a member of the Jefferies taskforce, and he was not going to turn the boy over to me either, and then he ended the call."

"Well, he can't return the kid and tell them he was duped into kidnapping him because O'Malley and Roberts will never buy it unless he has something to substantiate his story. What does he know Del?" Arthur asked him.

"Rico was our man at the location with David, and he was a member of the crew who took David also. He knew the plan that he was to grab the boys, and take them to the airstrip and accompany them back to the location. He told us that he would hire Luis and Roan Paez, whom we have dealt with both of them before, but Paez was arrested for an outstanding warrant Monday so Luis brought in Vargas to replace him. How much Rico told either Luis or Vargas is not clear, but it is apparent that Vargas knows little about the overall plan or about our organization also," Del told them.

"Rico deserved what he got for disobeying my orders and bringing in outsiders. When you spoke with Vargas, did you find out if he knew the destination of the boys once they were put on the plane?" Merle growled at him.

"Yes sir, Mr. Foxworth. Apparently he does not know because he asked what he was supposed to do with the kid since the area was swarming with police. Once things were fucked, he had a choice to head west or south, so he headed towards the Oregon state line, and dropped off Luis near there. He said that there was no way he could make it to the airstrip without being caught, and asked if there was another location he could take the boy to, but that was before he asked me who I was, and who wanted the kid."

"I think we should deal with this matter Del, because Roberts is very smart, and he will believe Vargas's story. Then he will put out the bloodhounds to chase down leads while digging through Luis and Rico's past until he discovers Rico was our man. Are you able to track Vargas somehow?" Merle asked him after taking a sip of his drink as he sat back in his chair.

"Yes sir, Mr. Foxworth. The phone provided to Rico has a GPS unit inside, and right now Vargas is just outside of Portland heading south on the I-5. Even if he turns the phone off, the GPS unit will continue to broadcast his exact location. We also placed another GPS tracking unit under the van just in case the phone was lost or discarded. Roberts has issued an APB description for a white utility van, but the van is actually Royal blue, and the special white paint will wash off easily." Del explained to them.

"Excellent Mr. Jackson, I have two men in the Seattle area that can take care of Vargas and the kid if you will be kind enough to provide them a way to locate them. As for Lou, we need to rattle his cage a little more, so I will also tell my guys eliminate Evans, Thompson, and their boy cunts as well since they are no longer needed. Roberts will go off chasing down their involvement and that should bog him down enough to keep him out of our hair. Lou will call you demanding to know if he is being double-crossed, but you should assure him that you are just covering both of your asses, Merle. Also, assure him that the money will be sent as instructed by next Thursday at Noon, and tell him that you do not know where the man Vargas and O'Malley's kid are at because he never showed up at the designated location. Merle, you can also tell him that you did get a call from the guy, and that he told you that he was not turning him over to you or returning him home either, and has decided to keep him for himself. Then he hung up on you, and that none of your men knows where he went, or how to locate him. Lou should still be willing to deal for his son, and we can let Roberts hunt down the bodies of Vargas and O'Malley's bastard son." Arthur told them on the phone with a chuckle.

"Del, I have another job for you to do also. I am not about to let that slimy little prick Lou get away with blackmail and humiliating me. Once Artie's guys take out Evans and Thompson and Jack Murdock, why don't you have a couple of our guys pay a visit to Lou, and invite him to have a reunion with his son at the facility. However, you make damn sure that they wait until after Artie's guys take care of Murdock, Evans, Thompson, and their boy cunts as well as Vargas and O'Malley's bastard first because I do not want another fucking mess like today. Once you have Lou at the facility, the spineless bastard will spill his guts about the evidence and copies when he watches the things I have planned for little Davey. I think that Roberts is in for a surprise when he raids the location only to discover that it has been abandoned." Merle said with a sinister laugh.

"Yes sir, will that be all for now?"

"Yes, that will be all Jackson." Merle said before ending the call. "Artie, call me if you have any problems, and Tony, I know that it will be a pleasure working with you. Keep me posted for now, and I think I will retire for the night. If you are free this weekend, I would be happy to give you a tour of the farm, and let you sample some of the outstanding poultry that it provides." Merle said before ending his call with them. Then he rang for Davis who came in a few moments later.

"Yes Mr. Foxworth?"

"It has been a very upsetting day, so I believe I will retire for the night. Take messages for all callers and tell them I will return their call in the morning. Also, have the boy Raheem sent to my room...that will be all for tonight." He said in a dismissive tone before turning away from him. He sat back in his chair and thought about things he would handle in the morning while he sipped his drink. After ten minutes had passed, the scotch was now working, and he let his mind wander to the young Palestinian boy Raheem as he mixed his final drink for the night. The kiddie porn outfit in Peru had paid two million for the boy, and Merle knew that they would get triple that amount from the films that they will make with the boy. Now the boy was almost ready for delivery, but he still had to be tested to insure that the behavior modification had worked, and he would break the boy in as well. Even though Richard had maimed him after Eli's death, the daily shots of testosterone allowed him to continue the flesh of young virgin boys. He smiled, as he thought about the beautiful 8 yr-old boy as he took another drink, and felt the warmth from the scotch spread through him. Soon, instead of this warm feeling, he would experience the heat of the boy as he deflowered him. He chuckled with that thought as he took his drink, and headed for his room where Raheem waited.

When he entered the room, closing and locking the door behind him, he saw the young boy sitting on the padded bench at the foot of his large bed. He went over and set his drink on the French made, 16th century night table before removing his clothes leaving him nude. Then he went over, took Raheem's hand, and led him over to the bed. Raheem was wearing a thin `A' style cotton undershirt along with a pair of thin, loose cotton shorts, and he was beginning to breathe faster through his clenched teeth. He knew what was about to happen to him, but he was powerless to resist due to the behavior modification process he had undergone for the last two months, as Merle sat on the bed before positioning Raheem in front of him between his legs. Then Merle began to caress Raheem's flawless, silky smooth, olive colored skin before sliding his hand into the leg opening and squeezing Raheem's tiny balls in a vise like grip making him yelp in pain. Yet, Raheem did not attempt to resist, or to stop him as tears filled his eyes and spilled down his cheeks.

His tears and cries of pain only excited Merle even more as he repeatedly squeezed and twisted Raheem's virgin genitals and tiny nipples, and his own 7" hard cock was now standing straight up with his flaccid empty sac looking like a shriveled old prune. After several minutes of torturing the young boy's immature genitals and tiny brown nipples, Merle was no longer able to control himself. He violently ripped the t-shirt and shorts off Raheem after slapping him hard enough to bloody his nose and mouth, and threw him onto the bed on his stomach before mounting him. Down the hall, Scott Davis heard the boy's screams as Merle violently took his innocence and virginity from him, and tears slid down Scott's face as he walked away. He knew there was nothing he could do to stop Merle right now, and he had spent the last week preparing Raheem by slowly stretching the boy's sphincter with variously sized dildos. He also explained to him carefully the techniques for relaxing his sphincter so that the least amount of damage to his tiny anus would be caused when Merle deflowered him, and he had made sure to use plenty of the pain relieving lube as he prepped Raheem before delivering him to Merle's room. Still, Raheem's painful cries tore at Scott's heart and soul, and he silently swore that he would make Merle pay for all of the pain he had caused to dozens of innocent boys like Raheem and himself.


End of Chapter 8

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