Who's the Boss' Boy

By Elijah

Tony had seen cum stains on Jonathan' bed sheets for the past couple of weeks. Strange, Jonathan was only 11 and hadn't shown any signs of puberty yet. In fact, Tony didn't believe Jonathan was even masturbating yet. Yet there was no doubt about those stains. Tony knew the look and the smell; he tugged his own turnip quite regularly. Was it possible for a boy to ejaculate before puberty? He didn't think so. Tony remembered masturbating long before puberty (such fond memories) and clearly remembered his first ejaculation, which came after he had started growing pubes. Still, it must be possible. After all, the proof was in the sheets.

It was a good thing Angela didn't do the laundry often. If she saw the stains she would probably have the poor little guy in compulsive therapy before he could even deny them! Tony thought he better have a little chat with Jonathan before his mother caught wind of this. Besides, his curiosity was killing him. Jonathan was such a sweet boy. And cute as hell to boot! The idea that Jonathan had discovered the thrill of sex and was bringing himself to orgasm was damn exciting.

Tony had been attracted to Jonathan from the start. The temptation to start something with Jonathan was powerful but he fought it just the same. He needed the job, the house and lifestyle were good for Samantha and at least he could be close to Jonathan. No, he had never been willing to take any chances. But this... this was too much. It was going to take all of his considerable strength to keep things cool now. He would talk to Jonathan... and that was all he would do.

After dinner...

Angela had talked her head off about the Tater Chips account and had bored Mona away for the night. Samantha was staying the night at her girlfriend's house. After a while Angela talked herself out and hit the sack early. That left Tony alone with Jonathan. Jonathan was laying on the floor, propped up on a pillow, watching "Home Improvement" in his Ninja Turtle pajamas. Tony sat on the couch, watching Jonathan's cute little ass and thinking about how to approach him about his discovery. After a time, he settled on how to do it.

Tony let out a loud yawn, stretched, then got up and walked over to Jonathan. Jonathan looked up, a questioning look on his face.

Tony smiled and said, "I'm pretty tired, little fella. Mind if I join you?"

Jonathan said, "Sure" and scooted over to give Tony some of his pillow.

Tony stretched out on the floor next to the boy and quietly finished watching the segment of "Home Improvement" where Mark comes home with his new eyeglasses. When the segment ended and went to a commercial break, Tony whispered in Jonathan's ear, "Do you think Mark beats off?"

Jonathan gasped and stared at Tony with a grin touching his lips. "How would I know?!!" Jonathan giggled.

Tony giggled a little himself then answered, "It takes one to know one."

Jonathan's jaw dropped. "How did you know?" It was out! Tony said, "I wash your sheets, don't I? I wasn't too surprised to find out you like doing it, after all I did it when I was your age. The thing that really surprised me was the fact that you can cum already."

Jonathan blushed deeply. "That's not mine. I can't squirt yet. I'm still too young." This was one hell of a new twist. Tony could feel the blood rushing behind his ears. To think that this young angel was doing it with a friend! Again, Tony whispered in Jonathan's ear. "Who's it from?"

Jonathan studied his hands for a long moment then said, "I'll tell you, but you gotta promise not to tell anyone. Sam would KILL me!"

"Well, who?" Jonathan looked away from his hands and turned his eyed to meet Tony's and said, "Chad McCaan, Sam's boyfriend."

Tony could hardly believe his own ears. Chad?! He was MR. Cool. He was Sam's heartthrob. He was so cute! He was also leaving cum stains on Jonathan's sheets.

"He taught me how to, you know, beat off. He comes into my room sometimes and we do it together. You promise not to tell?"

Tony breathed in deeply and answered, "Of course, little buddy. I would never do anything that would embarrass you. I love you, you know. And I want you to know that it's OK to enjoy those feelings. I do. In fact every guy alive does. Just be careful not to leave a mess. Have Chad use a towel or something. If your mother found out what was going on she'd have a bird!"

Jonathan smiled a beautiful, relieved smile and gave Tony a long hug. Tony hugged him back fiercely. The ending credits were rolling on the TV and they both sat up.

"Well", Tony Said. "Off to bed Jonathan. I'll be up to tuck you in a minute". Jonathan got up and ran up the stairs yelling "See ya" on the way. Tony watched him go. He would have to relieve himself quickly after Jonathan was in bed. He was getting a serious case of blue balls and was leaking a little precum in his pants. He went into the kitchen and made coffee.

After about ten minutes he went upstairs to Jonathan's room and lightly tapped on the door. From the other side of the door he could hear Jonathan jumping into his bed. "Hold on a second" Jonathan huffed. Tony waited for about 30 seconds then tapped again "Come on, kiddo, I wanna get some shuteye". A couple of seconds later Jonathan called in a strange voice, "OK. I'm ready. Come in."

Tony opened the door and walked in. What he saw didn't register right away. Jonathan was lying on his back in the bed with the covers pulled back. He was wearing his Cub Scout ball cap and his favorite denim jacket.... And nothing else!

Tony saw the hat first. What the...Then the jacket. He'd seen Jonathan in it many times, now the jacket was unbuttoned, exposing Jonathan's smooth chest and belly. (Oh, those tiny nipples, that cute inny belly button, the flat tummy, the creamy skin!) Tony sounded an involuntary moan as his shocked mind allowed him to see the rest of the details. Jonathan was sporting a nervous smile... and an erection. Tony had seen the boy nude on occasion, but never like this! In his obvious arousal, Jonathan's perfectly circumcised penis stood straight up, a perfectly straight explanation point protruding a good three-and-a-half inches over his tight, hairless scrotum. Lying there before Tony was the boy he could only fantasize about, naked, horny, nervous and ready.

Tony entered the room and closed the door behind him, his eyes never leaving Jonathan. He spoke quietly, weakly, the pounding of his heart audible in his voice, "How... how did YOU know?" Jonathan shifted uncomfortably. "I found your magazines, the ones you keep under your bed". Jonathan mistook the shocked look on Tony's face for anger and tears welled up in his eyes. His erection rapidly receded to its placid state and he sobbed, "I'm sorry, Tony. I shouldn't have snooped. I'll never do it again."

There was no backing out now. The boy had seen the mags and knew about Tony's taste for little boys. Sweet Jonathan had discovered his secret desires and was offering himself to him. And now, he was in tears. "Aye yo, yo hey! I'm not mad at you. Baby, no way!" Tony sat down on the edge of the bed and looked the boy over. "In fact, I couldn't be more happy. I just want you to know that I would never do anything to hurt you. Never!

Jonathan wiped his eyes with his forearm and sat up a little. "So... you're not mad at me?"

Tony smiled warmly and said, "Of course not, buddy. You went to all this trouble to please me and I should be mad? No way! In fact, you did a great job. You look great!"

Jonathan's tears had dried off, his thoughts back to his original intent. "Do I look as good as the boys in your books?" Tony's eyes swept over the boy's body again, noticing that his penis was slowly climbing up again.

"Better. The best! In fact, you look good enough to eat!" The smile Tony got in return was too much. He leaned over the boy and kissed him on the lips. "May I have a little taste?" Without hesitation Jonathan hurriedly replied, "OK."

Jonathan laid back and spread his legs. His little pole again fully erect. Tony kissed the boy's narrow chest, then each firm nipple. He ran his tongue down Jonathan's belly to navel and stayed there for a while, enjoying the boy's taste and smell. God, His skin was so smooth! Jonathan giggled at the attention given to his belly button and Tony could his abs tighten and relax. Tony stopped licking and looked at Jonathan, who was just getting over his giggles and said. Hold on tight, little buddy, Tony's gonna give you the ride of your life!"

All bets were off now. Tony was going to have the boy he had longed for so long, consequences or not! He leaned over Jonathan and engulfed the boy's penis and hairless balls in his mouth, hungrily tonguing everything at once. Jonathan's body jerked and tensed in response to the wild sensations this was causing. He began involuntarily humping Tony's face. Tony attacked the boy's genitalia like a toothless, starving man attacking a lollypop. The hot little erection jabbed the roof of Tony's mouth repeatedly as Jonathan humped. It didn't take long. Jonathan's rhythmic humping suddenly became sporadic jerks and twitches. His penis became an impossibly stiff twig in Tony's mouth. His balls tightening up unmercifully. His back arched almost painfully for a long moment and then he collapsed into his bed.

Tony released Jonathan's boyhood from his mouth with an audible pop. It stood erect, glistening with saliva before Toy's eyes. Jonathan was almost panting, trying to catch his breath, his half-lidded eyes in a world of their own.

Suddenly, Tony became aware of his own neglected needs. His engorged penis was restrained painfully by his tight jeans and his balls were blue ice. He stood over Jonathan, undid his pants and quickly jerked them down. Without hesitation, Tony started fist pumping his tortured member.

Jonathan came out of his daze slowly and sat up. An inch away from his face, Tony was beating off wildly. Jonathan reached out and lightly touched Tony's flying fist. "Can I do it?'

Jonathan's sweet, piping voice penetrated Tony's intense concentration and just as he was about to achieve the release he so badly needed, Jonathan's request hit home. Tony forced his own hand to back off allow Jonathan to take over.

Jonathan gripped Tony's hard-on and started slowly pumping up and down. His little fingers couldn't quite reach all the way around the shaft but he got enough of it to do the job. Tony forced his eyes open, saw Jonathan's beautiful eyes eagerly watching for the results of his handy work, and that was it

The most intense orgasm of Tony's life crashed through him like a wrecking ball. In his ultimate release, his head was thrown back, his teeth bared and the cords in his neck stood out. The first spasm shot a wad of cum over Jonathan's head and hit the headboard. The second hit Jonathan in the face. Jonathan didn't let go and didn't stop. Wave after wave of intense pleasure racked Tony's body until Jonathan was practically bathing in Tony's cum. Only after the last drop did Jonathan stop pleasuring Tony. He released Tony's penis, and like a puppet, whose strings had been abruptly cut, Tony collapsed on top of Jonathan.

Jonathan, pretty worn out himself, hugged Tony tightly. The sticky wetness of their encounter felt comfortable between their warm bodies. "I love you" Jonathan said in a dreamy, sleepy voice. "I love you to" Tony managed.

Sleep soon overtook both of them.

The End

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