Who's the Boss's Boy 3

By Elijah

Episode 3

Again, this story is pure fiction.

The weekend was here at last! Tony had been up since four-thirty AM. He had everything packed for the camp-out by six o'clock and made his wake-up rounds at six-thirty. Now it was seven o'clock and he could feel Saturday slipping away too soon. He was getting impatient. He walked into the living room and yelled up the stairs, "Come on you guys, breakfast is getting cold!"

"Coming." Angela's voice floated down the stairs. Jonathan and Samantha replied almost in unison, "OK." Satisfied that at least everybody was awake, Tony went back into the kitchen.

Mona had just walked into the kitchen through the back door and took a seat at the table. She was eyeing the steaming plate of hotcakes Tony had just put out.

"Good morning, Mona." Tony said perkily. There's plenty there, help yourself. You want some orange juice?" Mona began dishing up pancakes and breakfast sausage.

"Thank you, Tony." Mona said. "Just a small glass." Tony poured it for her and sat down. "Aren't you going to eat?" Mona asked.

"Naw." Tony replied. "I already ate. You ladies all set for the spa?"

The guys and the girls had their own plans for the weekend. Tony, Jonathan and his newest school-chum, Timmy Wood, were going camping in the mountains. Mona, Angela and Samantha were going to a beauty spa and resort. It was all Mona's Idea. She even planned it out and made the reservations. Tony opened his mouth to thank Mona when the doorbell rang. Tony jumped to his feet and hurried to the front door. "Timmy's here." He chirped. Tony had not met Timmy yet but he had spoken with the kid's mother a couple of times. Jonathan had spent the night at Timmy's on several occasions. Taking Timmy camping was Jonathan's idea and Tony thought it would be a good way to repay the kid's mom.

Tony stopped at the door, took a deep breath then opened it. What he saw standing at the door knocked the breath right back out of him. Timmy was incredibly beautiful, shockingly so. He looked up at Tony with big blue eyes, highlighted by long, sensuous lashes. His medium-length brown hair was parted to the side and curled a little in the back. His eagerness to be a part of his friend's camping trip was evident in his contagious smile. Tony smiled involuntarily back at the boy. "Come in." Tony said, stepping aside.

Timmy said, "Thanks." And entered the house. There was something strangely familiar about Timmy that Tony couldn't quite put his finger on. Just then Timmy's mother stepped up to the door.

"Oh... hi." Tony said and offered her his hand. She took it and shook lightly. "I'm Tony. You must be Mrs. Wood."

"Yes I am. Pleased to meet you Tony." She said. "Thank you so much for taking Timmy with you and Jonathan. It's all he could talk about all week." She looked away and said, "Since his father left... well, you know."

Trying to keep the moment light, Tony smiled happily and said, "It's my pleasure. Besides, Jonathan needed someone his own age to come along. He'd get bored with an old guy like me pretty quick."

Mrs. Wood looked Tony over and said, "I wouldn't." The look in her eyes said that she wished she were going camping with Tony. He had that effect on many women.

"Please." Tony said. "Come in and have a cup of coffee."

She looked at her watch and said, "Thank you, but I've got to get to work." She smiled warmly and said, "But I'll take a rain check, though."

It suddenly dawned on Tony that Mrs. Wood looked an awful lot like Jamie Lee Curtis. She was a very attractive lady. Tony offered her the rain check and then she left, looking back at Tony one more time as she walked to her car. Tony shook his head and closed the door.

Jonathan appeared at the top of the stairs and shouted excitedly, "Timmy!" He ran down the stairs and urged his friend into the kitchen. "This is going to be SO COOL!" Now Angela and Samantha appeared and came down. "Good morning, ladies."

Tony said sarcastically. "Did you get enough beauty sleep?" they filed past him, both rolling their eyes, and went into the kitchen.

Breakfast was wild and raucous that morning. Everybody was excited about his or her weekend adventures. The boys chattered about hiking and swimming while the girls drooled about manicures and rubdowns. Mona kept looking between Tony and Timmy. At one point she slipped a sausage seductively into her mouth, her lips grinning evilly around the breakfast meat, and winked at Tony. If embarrassment were fatal, Tony would be laying dead on the floor!

Eventually breakfast was completed, dishes were washed and the vehicles were loaded. Tony gave Angel instructions not to spoil Samantha too much. Angela likewise gave Tony instructions not to allow snakes or spiders to bite her boy. Mutually assured that neither would happen, Tony and Angela went their separate ways.

The drive up to the mountains took about an hour and a half. During the drive Tony got Timmy to tell about himself. Timmy, it seems, was a big fan of flying. He wanted to be a fighter pilot when he grew up. His mom told him that he was a good son and if he continued to work hard in school there was no reason why he couldn't become a pilot. Again something familiar about Timmy brushed past Tony but he still couldn't grasp it. Oh well, it would come to him eventually.

All through the drive the boys did a lot of whispering into each other's ears and giggling. This drove Tony nuts, and whenever he caught them doing it he would distract them by pointing out some site or another along the road. But the one site that caught their attention was the sign that read, "Barona Lake Campgrounds." They had arrived. They drove up a narrow two-lane road that led to a lodge and a general store. Tony parked the car and everybody got out.

The boys, grabbing their crotches, ran into the lodge, obviously looking for a restroom. Tony followed them in. He found the registration clerk and signed in. The clerk handed Tony a map and gave him directions to their campsite. Mona had outdone herself. The site she chose was very secluded and they could park one half mile from it. There was a creek that ran through the site. The boys came out of the bathroom all smiles and energy. Tony took them to the general store where he bought them candy and soda. For himself he bought a twelve-pack of beer.

It turned out to be quite workout hiking to the site. A half-mile doesn't seem like much, but hiking it while loaded down with backpacks and assorted goodies made it seem more like five miles. The campsite was well worth the hike. An area was cleared under a large maple tree right next to the creek. To the left of the tree were a gas BBQ grill and a waterspout. Everybody removed their backpacks and leaned them against the tree. Tony sat heavily on the ground and worked to get his breath back. The boys, however, weren't even slightly winded. They ran eagerly to the creek and began kicking over rocks, looking for interesting creatures that lived under them.

Tony cracked open a beer and killed half of it in three large gulps. He untied the tent and began spreading out the parts for assembly. Jonathan and Timmy ran up to Tony and Jonathan asked if they could go swimming in the creek. Saying no to these pleading beauties would be impossible. "All right." Tony said. "But I want you to stay where I can see you. No running off downstream or anything, OK?"

Both boys nodded happily and began stripping off their clothes. Tony noticed that neither of them had removed a bathing suit from their backpacks and was about to mention it, but he was too late. The boys quickly removed their underwear and tossed them on top of their pile of clothes. They stood naked before Tony, whose entire being was focused on their smooth, hairless bodies. Jonathan was sporting a good stiffy and Timmy was at half-mast... and climbing. DAMN! They were incredible! Now both boys were at full attention, their boyish penises pointing upward at a playful angle. Timmy's was slightly larger than Jonathan's was. Both were perfectly circumcised and straight as arrows. They were three and three-and-a-half inches respectively. Their smooth sacks sagged slightly from the heat of the hike. That would change as soon as they hit the cool water. Tony fought to regain his composure. How long have I been staring at them like this? That thought brought Tony out of it. He forced himself to look up and saw two smiling faces trying to stifle the giggles. Tony spoke, trying to sound normal, but couldn't. "I... I thought you guys were going swimming." He croaked. "What are you going to do, stand there and show me your little boners all day? Get going!"

Jonathan and Timmy turned and ran to the creek laughing and giggling out loud. Tony heard Jonathan say, "I told you he was cool." "You weren't kidding." Timmy replied.

Tony leaned back against the tree, closed his eyes and downed the rest of his beer. Then he opened another can and drank deeply. Exposing themselves to Tony aroused the two boys and he was definitely aroused by looking. They seemed to be playing with him. Tony wasn't surprised by Jonathan's behavior, but what about Timmy? How much did he know? Tony figured he better keep in control of this trip. It appeared that things could get out of hand quickly and he didn't need that kind of trouble. He already had his new relationship with Jonathan to worry about, but at least he lived with him and could have some control. Timmy was an entirely different story. Tony made up his mind. There would be no monkey business on this trip, no matter how great the temptation. He would allow himself relief only after the boys were asleep tonight.

He went back to erecting the tent with shaky hands. Occasionally he would stop and watch his two naked charges playing in the creek. The water only came up to their knees and the view was terrific. He could feel a good case of blue balls coming on. Tonight seemed like a long time away. By the time the boys got out of the water the tent was complete and Tony was stowing away the packs. As they dried off and got dressed, Tony noticed that they were no longer erect. It was a good thing. That meant that their minds were on more acceptable activities. It appeared that things were going to go smoothly after all.

Tony, Jonathan and Timmy spent the rest of the day hiking and exploring. The whole day they never saw another human being. It was like they had the planet to themselves. Tony had a good time showing them the wilderness and just watching them. When they returned to camp it was just getting dark. Tony cooked up some beans and franks and served crackers and soda to go with them. After dinner the three adventurers sat and looked at the stars. The boys snuggled up on either side of Tony while he pointed out the different constellations and told the stories behind each one. It's amazing how many stars you can see when you're far away from the city lights. When Tony figured he had the boys good and mellow they retreated into the tent.

Once everyone got settled in it didn't take long for boredom to kick in, after all, there were no televisions, Nintendo's or CD players out here. Tony did his best to keep the boys entertained. They told stories and had the mother of all wrestling matches, which ended in the mother of all tickling sessions. Finally Tony declared it bed time. The boys argued profusely but to no avail. The three mountain men disrobed down to their underwear (Tony with his back to the boys to hide his own tent) and climbed into their bedrolls. Jonathan and Timmy slept side by side while Tony slept across them at their feet.

Tony waited a good half-hour, wanting to be sure the boys were asleep. He listened to their breathing, which had become slow and regular. Watching the cute little friends all day, especially the show-off session, gave him a good case of blue balls. Satisfied that he was the only one awake, Tony lowered his boxers to his knees and began masturbating. He closed his eyes and replayed today's earlier scene, seeing again the boyish erections and the smooth, hairless bodies. He could hear them giggling as he checked them out. As his climax drew near the giggling grew louder, more real. In fact, it hit Tony like a ton of bricks. The giggling WAS real. The little turds were awake!

Tony froze solid. The only muscle moving in his body was his heart, and boy, was it moving! He opened his eyes ever so slightly and saw both boys sitting up, looking at him. They must have notices his eyes opening up because they both exploded into a gale of full on laughter. Resigned to the fact that he was caught, Tony pulled up his boxers and sat up. "Very funny, guys." He managed to say. Apparently it was very funny, as the boys' laughter continues for what seemed like forever.

Eventually the laughter died down and Tony was left to explain himself. "Come on you guys." Tony pleaded. "I know you do it too. So what's the big deal?"

Jonathan and Timmy stopped giggling all together. Jonathan said, "Were sorry, Tony. We were kind of teasing you today. When we saw how good it worked we just kind of lost it." Both boys looked sincere in their apology.

Tony took a deep breath and said, "It's OK guys. Just don't be telling anyone about this. I could get into a lot of trouble." Both boys swore never to tell. Satisfied, Tony lay back down and said goodnight.

Jonathan said, "Wait a minute. Aren't you going to finish?" Timmy leaned forward, a wide giddy grin on his face. "Yeah, Tony, we want to watch." Tony sat back up. "Oh hey... hey oh, I don't think that's such a good idea. Remember what I told you? I could get into big trouble."

Jonathan pleaded, "We promise not to tell. It will be our secret. Timmy won't tell, will you?"

Timmy nodded. "I wouldn't dare tell. Come on, Tony. We'll get naked again if you want."

Tony could feel his will to resist slipping away from him. As if on cue, both boys pulled their covers off and removed their underwear. Once again Tony was taken away by their beauty. Both boys were erect and Timmy got up on his knees and started masturbating.

"I'm doing it, Tony." Timmy said seductively. "Now you have to." Jonathan leaned forward and pulled back Tony's blanket. Tony was helpless to resist, but he tried. "

That... that's OK guys." Tony said, just barely above a whisper. "I'm fine. I'll just go back to sleep and tomorrow..."

They weren't listening. Jonathan pushed gently on Tony's chest and told him to lay back. Tony did as he was urged and watched Jonathan remove his boxers, exposing his own larger erection. Timmy waddled over to Tony on his knees and placed his stiffened boyhood right in front of Tony's face. He could smell the boy. All resistance was gone now. He felt a warm wetness enclose around the head of his penis. He moaned out loud as Jonathan began sucking him. Jonathan's tongue licked and swirled as his head bobbed up and down, making Tony close to orgasm almost instantly. Tony looked up, looked into Timmy's deep blue eyes, and realized why he seemed so familiar.

"Didn't you... weren't you in Forever..." Timmy nodded then placed his hand on Tony's cheek and pulled his pulled him to his erection. Tony opened his mouth and accepted the ridged gift, swallowing completely, hungrily. Timmy thrust his hips forward, welcoming the pleasure this awesome man was providing. Tony became lost in the sensations of taste, smell and the unbelievable sensations of being sucked by one boy while sucking the other. Tony could feel Timmy's climax coming on as his own rushed in. He wanted to warn Jonathan of the impending explosion of semen that was about to fill the boy's mouth when he felt the penis in his own mouth stiffen impossibly. As Timmy moaned and shuddered in his orgasm, Tony let loose into Jonathan's mouth. Timmy sat back, pulling his happy little cock out of Tony's mouth. Tony sat up as well, concerned for Jonathan. There was no problem there. Jonathan was watching Tony's hard-on slowly return to its placid state curiously. A drop of cum ran down the boy's cheek, which he wiped away absently with his forearm.

Timmy turned to Jonathan and said, "What about you."

He was genuinely concerned that Jonathan needed satisfaction too. "Will you?" Jonathan asked eagerly. "Heck yes!" Timmy replied. Tony watched Timmy suck little Jonathan off. Timmy's mouth and tongue worked Jonathan's penis and smooth balls like a pro. Jonathan climaxed powerfully into his young friend's silky warm mouth.

Exhausted from the day's... and night's activities, the boys snuggled up to Tony and fell asleep. So much for will power. Tony soon slipped of to sleep, with these words ringing in his mind, "Thanks Mona. I owe you one."