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Wilde in the City
Christophe Gantier




Chapter 3

“I feel like I’m back home!”

Tristan smiled at Shaun as they entered the living room of Eric’s apartment. A huge grin dominated the younger boy’s face and Tristan asked, “And, why is that?”

“This looks just like our old house in Ann Arbor,” Shaun replied with delight as he walked into the room and turned around. “The walls are covered with books, just like Dad’s, and the furniture looks like Dad’s, too. It’s kind of a mix of modern stuff and old stuff. It’s cool!”

And, then, he froze. He stared at a painting above one set of book shelves, an image of several young men, naked and lying on a beach.

“How cool,” the boy breathed as he stepped toward it.

“Yeah, it is. It was painted by a British artist from the turn of the century, Henry Scott Tuke. He liked painting naked guys, sailors, sailing ships, things like that. He’s one of Eric’s favorites.”

Shaun was absent-mindedly squeezing the hardness in his jeans as Tristan moved beside him.

“Come here,” he whispered, guiding the boy toward some French doors.

He led him out onto a rooftop patio with a glorious view of Manhattan. Shaun looked around with wide eyes and muttered, “Wow.”

To the south, above the buildings across the street, rose the towers of Downtown Manhattan, including the twin towers of the World Trade Center. To the north rose the towers of Midtown, dominated by the top of the Empire State Building.

“This is sooo cool!”

Tristan nodded and said, “Yeah. We’re really lucky to have this. It’s fucking impossible to get an apartment with a view in New York. Eric’s dad bought this building a few years ago. He’s waiting for the market to change so he can tear it down and build a high-rise.”

“Tear it down?” Shaun cried. “No way! This is too cool!”

“Yeah, but the problem is, whenever you have a cool neighborhood in New York with personality and interesting people and places, the damn Yuppies move in and ruin it and make it popular, then the developers come in and tear it all down and build fucking glass boxes. Greenwich Village used to be this really bohemian neighborhood where artists and writers and musicians and runaways and gays and anyone with creativity lived. For like a hundred years, even longer, this was where all the rejects and the controversial people came, and it was alive. Now, the fucking rich people are moving in and destroying everything that makes the Village special. Scum like Eric’s dad. It’s awful. I love this apartment. I wouldn’t live anywhere else in New York.”

“This is awesome,” Shaun whispered as he looked around.

Tristan put his arm around Shaun’s shoulder and said, “You want to see what else is awesome?”

Shaun nodded and the older boy led him back into the apartment, across the living room, and to a door. He opened it to reveal a second apartment, one in which all the walls had been removed. There was an alcove formed by bookshelves in a corner, with a desk dominated by a computer and a couple of chairs. It looked cozy. Much of the rest of the giant room was dominated by easels holding paintings in various stages of creation. On the far side was a small dance floor with a barre and a mirrored wall.

Shaun slowly wandered through the huge room in awe, gazing at the dozen or so paintings, half of which seemed to be about various scenes in New York while the rest were of naked men and boys, including one of Tristan!

“Oh, my God!” Shaun breathed.

“What do you think?”

Shaun turned with a questioning look on his face to the older boy, who simply smiled.

“Is this Eric’s work?”

Tristan nodded.

“He’s a writer and an artist?”

Tristan nodded and added, “And a musician and a composer. Tristan’s a polymath.”

“What’s that?” Shaun asked.

“Someone who is an expert in several different areas. Tristan’s a writer, a dancer, a musician, a composer, and an artist. He’s interested in lots of things, the same as me—and you, I guess. You dance and skate and play the violin. Me, too.”

“Wow. But… you’re naked and you have a boner in this one and…”

He stared at the unfinished work, once again groping himself.

“You’re… beautiful.”

In the painting, Tristan was sitting with his legs to the side, his erection pointing upward, his eyes looking off into the distance, a curious smile on his face. The background was dark and indistinct.

“Thank you,” Tristan replied quietly.

“Is he going to sell this?”

Tristan nodded and replied, “He already has, to this man in Britain who loves me, though he has to be careful how he sends it over there. Technically, it’s illegal to paint a naked person under eighteen.”


Tristan shrugged and replied, “I know. It’s art. It’s not porn, but America’s weird about shit like that. They think I’ve been victimized by posing for it. Eric could go to prison for painting it.”

“That’s so stupid.”

“I know, but what can we do? Try to persuade people to be open-minded, but… the puritans are taking over. Uncle Julian says that back when he was in school, things were getting freer, but then Reagan came along and the bigots starting fighting back and now… Eric’s afraid it’s just going to get worse and we’re going to lose all our freedom of speech soon.”

“That’s what Dad was afraid of,” Shaun replied. “That’s why I want to go into politics, to fight for freedom.”

Tristan smiled down at the boy and said, “Good for you. I hope you do.”

It was then that Shaun noticed an electronic keyboard and several computers in another corner.

“Is that where Eric composes his music?”

Tristan nodded and said, “He’s working on a tone poem right now with… his boyfriend.”

Shaun looked curiously at Tristan and asked, “His boyfriend? I thought you were his boyfriend.”

“I’m his ward and his teenage lover. He has an adult… lover or partner or boyfriend, though they don’t live together, and they have an open relationship. They’ve been together since they were thirteen. Trevor came to live with Uncle Julian a couple of years after Julian took Eric away from his father.”

“Eric’s father… abused him?”

Tristan nodded and said, “Like mine did. Not as bad, but… Several Falcons take boys who are unwanted or abused and give them good homes. That’s how I came to live with Julian, who gave me to Eric after a couple of years. Same with Trevor. In return, we’re expected to… do certain things.”

Shaun saw the sudden dark look in Tristan’s eyes. He started to ask what the teenager meant by “certain things,” but felt it was better to wait. Instead, he turned back to the paintings. It was at that moment that Shaun saw another painting near the musical equipment. His eyes grew wide and he exclaimed, “That’s Trevor Hawke!”

He ran over to the painting as Tristan nodded and grinned.

“Yeah. Trevor’s Eric’s lover.”

Shaun froze and then turned toward Tristan with amazement in his face.

“No way! No way!”

“Way,” Tristan replied. “They’ve been together for almost ten years.”

No way!”

Tristan chuckled and asked, “I guess you like Trevor Hawke?”

“He’s like… the best! He’s a god! He’s… he’s fucking awesome and amazing and sexy and… He’s… I love Trevor Hawke! Better than Michael—and I worship Michael!”

Tristan chuckled and said, “You really like Trevor?”

“I… I’m in love with Trevor Hawke!”

Tristan shrugged and said, “Well, you’ll probably meet him in a few days. He’s in Europe right now. They’re about to finish their tour and he’ll be coming back here for a few days before going down to the compound St.Crispin to rest for a while. Eric and I are going out with him, so I guess you’ll be going with us.”

No way!”

Tristan laughed and replied, “Way.”

“Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!”

Tristan laughed as he wrapped his arms around Shaun and held him tightly, softly muttering, “Calm down, Little Dude. Trevor’s just another human. Believe me. He’s just like you and me.”

“But… but… he’s Trevor Hawke! I beat off over him every time I watch his ‘Sexy Boy!’ video!”

“You like ‘Sexy Boy!’? You know who wrote ‘Sexy Boy!?”

Shaun stared up at Tristan in astonishment, but stopped himself but exclaiming “No way!”

Tristan said, “Eric and Trevor were fucked up one night at The Hawke’s Lair and just messing around on the keyboard and Eric wrote it in about ten minutes and Trevor loved it and recorded the first version of it that night. Eric said it was easy to write. He tried to think of a sexy beat, something that would appeal to gays, especially to gay boys. It was easy.”

Eric wrote ‘Sexy Boy!? I don’t believe it! It’s the best dance song ever!”

Tristan smiled indulgently and said, “We’ll have to go to The Hawke’s Lair sometime and have a dance-off to ‘Sexy Boy!’ How does that sound?”

“I could go to The Hawke’s Lair?”

“Sure. It’s not far from here. Trevor would love to take you. In fact, I don’t want to give you a heart attack or a stroke, but he’ll will undoubtedly want to take you to bed. Trevor loves boys, even more than Michael does.”

Shaun simply looked up at him, unable to speak, his face stunned as if he were unable to comprehend the concept of Trevor Hawke wanting to make love to him.

“It’s going to happen, Shaun,” Tristan said with an indulgent smile. His smile faded, however, and he added, “That’s what we’re here for… so they can have sex with us.”

“What do you mean?” Shaun asked, finally able to speak.

Tristan sighed and smiled.

“Come on. Let’s go to my bedroom—I mean, our bedroom.”


~ ~ ~ O ~ ~ ~


It was almost midnight in Amsterdam and Trevor Hawke sat in a coffee house overlooking one of the city’s famed canals. He wore a black beret and a pair of sunglasses, relieved that no one recognized him, as he sat with a couple of his musicians and one of his dancers. They were passing around a pipe with very high-quality hash and he was quite happy and relaxed. The last concert of his European tour had been Saturday night in Amsterdam and it had been the biggest, with the most enthusiastic crowd. The Dutch loved Trevor and he loved them! He was just exhaling a cloud of smoke when his cell phone went off in the pocket of his corduroy jacket.

He raised an eyebrow and pulled the phone from the pocket, curious when he saw who was calling.

“Antoine! My man! Whas happenin’, hommes?”

His friends at the table grinned. Trevor Hawke had not been raised around other African-Americans and was often teased by his friends for sounding whiter than most white people.

“Trev. How was last night?”

“Amazing. The Dutch are so much more open and accepting than almost anyone I know. It was awesome. We played an extra encore of ‘Sexy Boy’ and I thought the entire arena was going climax at once.”

“Awesome man. Awesome. When are you coming home?”

“Well, most of the crew are leaving tomorrow, but I might stick around in Amsterdam for a few days, smoke some hash, play some chess, fuck some boys, find some good music, some good food, some good boys, stroll the canals, check out the museums, pick up some boys…”

“Well, you might want to cut your stay there short. We’ve got a new boy here that I think you’re going to like. Samantha Berringer’s son. His name’s Shaun Wilde.”

“I didn’t know Samantha had a son.”

“It’s a long story, but the boy’s father died recently, and Shaun’s come to New York from Ann Arbor. She doesn’t want him, so Eric’s taking him and Tristan’s breaking him in tonight. The boy’s a virgin. Eleven and a virgin and I think he’s exactly your type. Blond skater, but he’s actually got a brain. Plays the violin, takes ballet lessons, plays soccer. He’s hot as fuck. You will fall in love with him when you see him.”

“Really? Eleven? Into ballet and the violin? And a skater? Sounds like an eclectic combination of interests.”

“Yeah. I can imagine what Julian has planned for him, so I think if you want to stake a claim before anyone else, you might want to come back.”

“Maybe I can snag him for the trip to St. Crispin.”

“That’s what I was thinking.”

“Excellent. Thank you, Antoine, for giving me the heads up. Are you going to take him out for a spin before I get there?”

“I’m gonna try. I get the feeling he’s definitely into chocolate.”

“Yeah, well. Don’t rip him apart before I get a chance to play with him.”

“He’s special, Trevor. I don’t think he deserves what they have planned for him. I think he needs someone like you to watch over him.”

“Yeah? Well, keep me informed about the situation. I’ll let you know tomorrow what I’m doing. I think I may call Eric later.”

“He went over to Julian’s to give Tristan some time alone with him. I think Tristan may have plans for him, too.”

“Well, we’ll see if he can resist the charms of Trevor Hawke!”

Antoine chuckled and said, “Gotta go. I just wanted to give you a heads up.”

“I appreciate it, Antoine. I’ll talk with you tomorrow.”

When he returned the phone to his pocket, his cock was rigid and his face bore a smile that his friends recognized.

“Uh, oh! The Hawke is getting ready to hunt some prey!”

Trevor grinned.


~ ~ ~ O ~ ~ ~


Shaun followed Tristan out of the studio, still looking around in a state of utter astonishment at the wonders to which he had been exposed. They crossed the living room and Tristan took the luggage and backpack and carried then into a short hall, then into a room dominated by a huge bed, with bookshelves, a state of the art sound system, a PowerMac on the desk, and posters on the walls of various movies and bands and artists. He closed the door behind them and then stood before Shaun, smiling.

“You’re so cute. I want to just lie and cuddle with you. I want to pet you like a kitten.”

Shaun giggled and said, “I want to get naked and have wild sex with you!”

“Horny boy,” Tristan teased him. He ran his hand along the side of Shaun’s face and then up and through his wild, skater hair.

“You’re so sexy,” he whispered. “I want to fuck you.”

“I want you to,” Shaun replied whispered back.

Tristan reached down and gently rubbed and squeezed the hardness in Shaun’s jeans. He inhaled and then reached up to remove his denim jacket. Shaun let him and smiled when Tristan tossed it onto a chair and gazed at the sleeveless sweatshirt and Shaun’s bare arms.

“Dude, you make me so hard…” he muttered.

“Me, too.”

Tristan chuckled and then pulled the sweatshirt over Shaun’s head and tossed it atop the jacket, revealing his sturdy torso. He rubbed his hands over it, smiling as he felt the smooth skin and the hints of baby fat that hadn’t yet disappeared with his approach to puberty. Shaun’s nipples were large and the tips were stiff as Tristan’s fingers began to play with them. Shaun moaned with shock and surprise. Tristan grinned.

“You like that?”

“Um, wow. Like, I guess so,” the younger boy responded with surprise.

“You’ve never played with your titties?”

Shaun shook his head and Tristan said, “They can be erotic. Trevor really knows how to drive a guy insane with his titties.”


“Oh, yeah. Trevor and Antoine and Eric, they all know how to drive a boy crazy in all kinds of ways.”

Despite the effects of the two brownies he had eaten, Shaun was trembling with sexual excitement as he breathlessly watched Tristin’s hands explore his body. Tentatively, he reached forward and placed a hand on Tristan’s crotch, once again feeling the older boy’s erection. Tristan reached up and pulled his sweatshirt off, carelessly dropping it on the floor. Shaun could see the teenager’s torso and arms were slim, yet strong, just as one would expect from a ballet dancer, with small tufts of dark blond hair under his arms. His delicate face smiled down at him and Shaun felt an overwhelming wave of desire for him.

“Take off your shoes,” Tristan breathed as he reached down to remove his own.

Shaun quickly slipped his Vans off and then paused as he took hold of the button fly of his old jeans. He looked up, as if asking for permission from the teenager. Tristan grinned and nodded as he, too, unfastened his jeans and pushed them down. He was not wearing underwear and his long, thin erection popped upward and outward, bouncing rigidly, from a small nest of silky, dark blond hair, the foreskin just revealing the slit and tip of his glans. His cock was, it seemed to Shaun, maybe six inches long, curving just slightly upward, and the boy’s lips parted as he stared at it.

Tristan smiled as he gazed at Shaun’s smaller, shorter, but relatively thick boy dick. It bounced with the boy’s heartbeat, pointing upward and outward from the smooth skin around the base, his scrotum tightly holding his smaller balls. The foreskin obscured all but the very tip of his glans. Tristan sighed and slowly reached forward, gently taking the boy’s penis and balls in his hand and holding them for several seconds. He heard Shaun’s quick intake of breath at his initial touch, and then a soft moan.

“So beautiful,” Tristan whispered, gazing down at the boy’s erection and his strong thighs.

Shaun reached forward with both hands, his left hand cupping the fourteen=year-old’s large balls, the right wrapping around his long, thin penis. He, too, simply held it, feeling the older boy’s heartbeat through the hard cock.

He looked up at Tristan’s face, at the blond hair pulled back into a ponytail, the thin lips, the blue eyes… Trystan smiled and then grinned. He slowly dropped to his knees before Shaun. The older boy was still holding Shaun’s dick as the boy thrust his hips forward, his tummy sticking out as Tristan slowly stroked the eleven-year-old’s erection just inches from his face. Shaun could feel the teenager’s warm breath on his boner and it pulsed in the older boy’s hand.

With both hands, Tristan fondled it, exploring the boyish erection in his face, pulling the foreskin back and then pulling it forward. Shaun moaned softly. Tristan ran his fingers over the tight sac enclosing the younger boy’s smaller balls. Shaun whimpered.

Then, Tristan opened his mouth and extended his tongue, licking the very tip of Shaun’s penis, working slightly into the foreskin, teasing the sensitive glans. Shaun’s dick pulsed with the sensations and the boy’s breathing became ragged. He took the teenager’s head in his hands, caressing the silky hair pulled back and running his fingers over Tristan’s dark blond eyebrows. The teenager’s blue eyes looked up at the younger boy as his tongue teased Shaun’s boner.

Suddenly, Tristan opened his mouth more and enveloped the boy’s entire cock, pushing his lips down to the base and even enveloping the ball sac, his tongue sliding along the length of the underside of Shaun’s penis.

The younger boy let out a guttural groan and took hold of Tristan’s head forcing his cock further into the teenager’s mouth, the head of his cock pushing into Tristan’s throat.

“Uhhh,” the boy groaned.

Tristan moaned with the eleven-year-old’s cock completely engulfed in his mouth, his throat muscles working the foreskin-enclosed head of the boy cock. Shaun’s head fell back and his closed his eyes in rapture, his hips working back and forth as he started to fuck the older boy’s mouth, not realizing he was doing so, aware only that his penis was enveloped in a glorious, heavenly, wet warmth.

Tristan’s tongue slid back and forth against the boy’s erection, the tip teasing Shaun’s testicles. The younger boy whimpered with the sensations, running his hands over Tristan’s face.

“Oh, God,” he breathed. “Feels so good. So gooood.”

Tristan could only moan around the boy’s cock as he began to pull his mouth back, only the plunge back down on the entire boyish erection. Shaun cried out.

“Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Ahhh. Ahhh.”

He could feel his penis growing harder and the sensation deep inside him, behind his dick and up his butt, was growing. He was losing control. He was aware of nothing but the moist warmth surrounding his cock and balls, the tongue sliding along the bottom of his dick and over the tight sac of skin over his small, boyish testicles.

Shaun second climax of the afternoon exploded from deep within, building and building beyond what he thought was possible. When it happened, he threw his head back and cried out, thrusting as hard as he could into the teenager’s mouth as he held Tristan’s head and desperately fucked.

Only when the spasms subsided did he become aware of Tristan desperately masturbating himself as he sucked Shaun’s dry-cumming cock. Tristan pulled off Shaun’s boner and released his own erection, his long, thin cock pulsing and throbbing and the younger boy realized that Tristan must have stopped masturbating at just the last millisecond before his orgasm would hit. The teen was gasping for breath, much harder than Shaun was. He remembered from playing with Chad that older boys had harder cums than younger boys, but couldn’t do it over and over the way younger boys could. Tristan was obviously trying to save it so he could do more—which Shaun was quite willing to accommodate.

Still gasping for breath, Tristan looked up at the boy as Shaun took a deep breath and grinned down at him.

“You’re fun,” the teenager declared with his own grin.

Shaun giggled and said, “Let’s do more.”

“Oh, we haven’t even started yet,” Tristan replied as he struggled back up to his feet.

“Man, you have strong legs,” Shaun said with admiration as he stared Tristan’s powerful thighs and well-developed calves.

“I’m a dancer,” the teenager replied. “Yours are getting there.”

“Yeah, but I’m not devoted to dancing. I mean, I like it, but it’s not like my dream or anything.”

“I know. I understand. I have lots of things I like. There isn’t any one thing that’s more important than anything else—except sex.”


The two giggled at each other before Tristan pulled the covers back on his huge bed and crawled in.

“Come here,” he said as he patted the mattress.

Shaun grinned and climbed into the bed. Tristan pulled the covers over them and they embraced, their mouths coming together as they began to kiss again. This time, Shaun pushed his tongue into Tristan’s mouth with as much enthusiasm and need as the older boy had done in the car. They writhed against each other’s naked bodies, running their hands over their smooth, bare skin, fondling and stroking their erections, squeezing each other’s butts.

Shaun was in Heaven. This was sooo much better than with Chad! Tristan really got into it and he did so much more than Chad. Shaun was losing control again as Tristan rolled on top of him. The younger boy had trouble breathing and moving, but the feeling of helplessness was a serious turn-on to him. Tristan was still forcing his tongue down deep into Shaun’s mouth and throat and the younger boy was grunting and groaning,

After several minutes, Tristan pulled off the eleven-year-old’s mouth and simply looked down at him with a horny smile.

“You are one hot little fucker,” he whispered, causing Shaun to giggle. “You’re so pretty, so sexy. I love doing it with you.”

“You’re hot,” Shaun replied in response.

Tristan then dove between Shaun’s chin and shoulder, licking his longue along the boy’s sensitive, smooth throat and causing him to wriggle and cry out, moving his head over in a desperate attempt to protect his neck from the onslaught of Tristan’s lips and tongue, but to no avail. He writhed about and giggled uncontrollably as he pleaded, “Stop! Stop! I can’t stand it!”

His pleas, however, simply fueled the fire of Tristan’s lust. He moved over to the other side of Shaun’s throat and the boy’s cries resumed. Shaun’s struggles fed Tristan’s lust and the boy realized how turned on he was by the younger boy’s helplessness. He grabbed Shaun’s left hand and lifted it above his head, exposing Shaun’s smooth underarm. He breathed heavily as he looked down at the smooth skin. Shaun was gasping for breath and gazing up with fear and anticipation at the teenager’s hungry eyes.

“No,” the boy breathed.

Tristan grinned and dove down on the smooth, sensitive underarm. His tongue licking and his mouth sucking the skin, Tristan growled with desire as Shaun shrieked and writhed about in desperation. Shaun hated to be tickled, and yet this was fiercely turning him on. He hated it—and he loved it.

Tristan worked the boy’s left underarm relentlessly for several minutes until, giving Shaun a temporary reprieve, he pulled away and stared down with wild eyes at the boy. Shaun was desperately trying to catch his breath as he looked up at Tristan’s eyes and the grin on his face.

“What?” he asked with nervous anticipation. “What are you gonna do?”

Tristan smirked and suddenly attacked Shaun’s left nipple with his tongue and mouth. Shaun threw his head back, crying, “Uhhhh!”

Tristan’s tongue slid across the hard, rigid nubbin and Shaun was stunned. He had never imagined his titties could feel like that. He wasn’t a girl. How could it feel that good to a boy? He couldn’t imagine, but it certainly did.

Tristan was sucking and licking the nipple and then lightly nibbling it. Even his teeth felt good, even as they hurt. He loved it.

The older boy seemed to sense when Shaun couldn’t take it anymore. He shifted his mouth over to the right nipple and repeated what he had done to the first one. Shaun cried out all over again, writhing and twisting beneath the teenager, for several minutes until Tristan attacked his right underarm.

“No! No! Ung. Unh. Uh, uh, uh, oh, yeah. Yeah. Stop! Stop! Oh, yeah!”

Tristan chuckled at he attacked the boy’s underarm, enjoying the eleven-year-old’s contradictory pleas. However, after several minutes, he pulled away and crawled back up to lie next to the younger boy. Shaun gazed at him, struggling for breath, and grinned.

“Man, that was so… I mean..”

Tristan nodded and said, “I think you like messing around.”

“Oh, man. I loved Chad, but… wow. This is so good. This feels so good.”

Tristan chuckled and asked, “You like it when someone takes charge, when someone’s the boss?”

Shaun shrugged. He had never thought of it before and he wasn’t even sure of what Tristan meant, but he had loved the last fifteen minutes. He wanted to do it again!

Tristan grinned and said, “I think I know something else little Shaun might like.”

“What?” the boy asked with nervous anticipation.

Tristan simply grinned and the sat up in the bed. He shoved the covers back, exposing both their naked bodies and their rigid boyish erections, before crawling down to Shaun’s strong legs. He spread them wide and sat on his knees between them, running his hands up and down them as the boy’s young cock pulsed and throbbed rigidly before him. Breathing hard, Shaun grinned and asked, “What are you going to do?”

Tristan simply smiled and took hold of Shaun’s ankles, lifting his legs into the air. He scooted forward and then lifted them higher until the younger boy’s butt rose into the air.

“Are you gonna fuck me?” Shaun asked breathlessly.

Tristan simply smiled and looked down at the boy’s rosebud as it twitched before him. He swallowed and took a deep breath before moving his face closer.

“What… you’re not… Tristan, you’re not going to… oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, God!

Tristan’s mouth had stopped just an inch from the boy’s twitching anus before he blew warm breath on it and then plunged in with his tongue, licking across the boy’s butt. Shaun was stunned. The thought that someone could, would do that was beyond anything he had conceived of—and the feeling was better than anything he had ever known.

Shaun moaned and whimpered incoherently as Tristan’s tongue made love to his butt, sliding across the twitching anus and occasionally pushing inward. Shaun’s head rolled back and forth on the pillow as Tristan licked his butt, pushing his tongue against the boy’s hole, slipping just barely into Shaun’s most intimate place.

“Oh, Oh, don’t stop! Don’t stop! Oh, God! Feels so good! Feels so good!”

Tristan continued to like, pushing his tongue in, making the boy’s anus spasm over and over. Shaun reached up to his boner and grasped it, desperately stroking it as the older boy ate his butt. He couldn’t believe how good it felt, how insanely good it felt.

He had no idea how long Tristan licked his anus, but it seemed like hours. Tristan’s tongue and neck were growing sore when he finally pulled away. Shaun was panting and looked up at the teenager with amazement.

“My God, that was fucking awesome!”

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” the teenager responded as he leaned over the boy and pulled open a drawer in the nightstand. He pulled out what might have been a toothpaste tube and a brown bottle labeled “Rush.” He stared at the bottle for a moment, then at Shaun, who watched curiously, and then put the bottle back in the drawer.

The tube was labeled K-Y and he squirted a little bit out onto one of his fingers before setting it aside. He smiled at Shaun, who suddenly understood what was happening. He grinned and said, “Yeah. Do it.”

Tristan licked his butt again for a few seconds and then dabbed some K-Y on Shaun’s anus before rubbing it around and into the rosebud.

“It’s cold,” Shaun whispered.

“It won’t be in a minute,” Tristan replied with a wink before he pushed his index finger in. Shaun grunted slightly and Tristan said, “Push out, like you’re having a movement.”

Shaun did so, and the finger pushed further in. Shaun moaned again, but this time with pleasure. Shaun held his legs up and Tristan rested the boy’s hips on his knees as he let his finger sit inside the boy’s anus. With his free hand, Tristan reached up and began to fondle Shaun’s boner. The younger boy moaned and then Tristan began to slowly push his finger in further.

Shaun inhaled sharply, but Tristan continued to push until his finger was fully inside up to the knuckle. Once again, he let it sit there while he slowly masturbated the boy. Shaun moaned softly and smiled.

Slowly, Tristan pulled the finger out until it was down to the last joint before pushing back again.

“Oh, yeah,” Shaun whispered as Tristan’s finger pushed back.

In and out, several times, Tristan finger-fucked the boy, loosening him more and more, still slowly stroking and fondling the boy’s hard, fat three inches. Soon, he was fucking him rapidly, pushing and pulling the finger quickly as Shaun’s head began to roll around again. He moaned.

Tristan withdrew his finger and Shaun groaned in protest. Tristan smiled and said, “Wait just a minute.”

He placed more lube on his finger and resumed his finger fuck. Shaun was happy to feel the finger return inside his butt and moaned a soft, erotic, “Yeah.”

This time, however, Tristan crooked his finger a bit to feel the inside of the boy’s rectum and the wall separating it from Shaun’s prostate. Suddenly, the younger boy’s eyes grew wide.

“Oh, wow. Oh, oh, oh yeah. Yeah! Yeah.”

Tristan watched the boy’s face contort with desire as his finger slid across that special spot. Shaun twisted and squirmed as he moaned, “Oh, yeah. Fuck. Yeah.”

“So, did Chad do this?” Tristan asked.

“Uh, uh, fuck. No. Fuck, yeah. Do it.”

Tristan smiled and then began to finger-fuck him faster and harder.

“Put your dick in,” Shaun asked.

Tristan shook his head and said, “Not yet. How about another finger?”

“Mmmm. Okay. Just do it.”

Tristan grinned and pulled his finger out, lubed up the first two, and then put them both against the little rosebud. Shaun grunted and scrunched his face as Tristan pushed the two fingers against his anus. He pushed harder and the two fingers entered up to the first joint. Shaun grunted in pain and said, “Owe. That hurts.”

“Just push out,” Tristan replied as he pushed in.

Shaun did so, and the fingers entered and stopped at their second joint. He let them sit there for a moment as Shaun panted before rotating them back and forth. Shaun grunted, but he continued to push. Tristan moved them in further so they were all the way in. Once again, he let them rest there as Shaun grew accustomed to feeling something in his butt.

“It feels good to have something up your butt, doesn’t it?” Tristan asked with a smile.

“It hurts, but it feels good, too,” Shaun replied in a strained voice. “Rub that place again.”

With both fingers pushed in all the way, Tristan began to rotate them again. Shaun groaned and Tristan started fondling his dick again.

“Oh, yeah.”

Tristan smiled and started pulling the fingers out.

“No! Leave them in!”

Tristan pulled them to the first joint and then pushed them quickly back in. Shaun grunted before Tristan pulled out a second time. He turned them so they were rubbing the magic spot as they pistoned in and out of the boy’s butt. Shaun moaned and squirmed about beneath the teenager. He continued to finger fuck the boy for several minutes, loosening his sphincter and getting the boy more and more excited until he took a deep breath and pulled them out completely.

“I think it’s time,” Tristan said, and Shaun’s grin grew.

“Yeah, fuck me.”

Tristan carefully lubed his long cock and, as Shaun held his legs up behind his knees, positioned the head of his cock at the boy’s anus.

“My dick’s not really big,” Tristan explained. “It’s long, but it’s not thick, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting it in. Let me know, however, if it hurts too much.”

Shaun nodded, taking a deep breath and preparing himself. Tristan pushed harder and the head of his cock entered. Shaun cried out. Tristan stopped, but Shaun cried, “Take it out! Take it out! It hurts!”

Tristan pulled out and frowned—and then glanced at the drawer. He pressed his lips together thoughtfully before he finally said, “I didn’t want to do this unless I had to, but I think you need this.”

He leaned over Shaun and pulled the bottle of Rush from the drawer.

“What’s that?” the boy asked.

“Poppers,” Tristan replied. “You sniff it and it gives you a serious head rush. It also relaxes your butt muscles and makes it easier and less painful to get fucked. I’m going to let you take a hit and jerk you off for a bit so you can see what it’s like and then I’ll give you another hit and then fuck you. Okay?”

Shaun nodded. Tristan took the cap off and placed the bottle next to his lips, inhaling deeply and then holding it out. The poppers were already hitting him as the other boy followed his example. Tristan was exhaling as Shaun gave him the bottle back and he twisted the cap back on.

“Fuck,” Tristan muttered as he grabbed Shaun’s boner and began to stroke him.

Shaun was not expecting what happened. His head rushed and his body felt alive. His heart was beating fast and he suddenly felt so horny he couldn’t stand it. Tristan’s hand on his boner felt better than anything had ever felt in his life! He wanted to fuck!

“Oh, man! Oh, fuck! Yeah, this feels good!”

Shaun was writhing about as Tristan beat him off and the boy moaned and whimpered and babbled as his lust and desire spiraled.

After a couple of minutes, he could tell it was wearing off. He wanted more! Tristan was slowing down jacking him off, as well, but Shaun wanted more.

“I want more!” he exclaimed, “and fuck me!”

Tristan smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, I figured you’d like that,” he replied as he lubed up his cock again. He placed the head at the opening and then handed the bottle to Shaun, who opened it and took a big hit. As the poppers took effect, he was barely aware of holding the bottle and cap out for Tristan, who pushed his hips forward as he took a hit. Screwing the cap back on, the poppers hit him, and he shoved his hips forward.

Both boys moaned, “Fuck!” at the same time, Shaun’s more out of pain and shock than Tristan’s, but as Tristan’s cock pushed halfway in, Shaun’s head snapped upward. His heart racing and a light-headed horniness overwhelming him, Shaun stared up at Tristan’s face as the teenager pushed forward.

“It hurts!” he cried. “It hurts!”

Tristan couldn’t stop, however. He pushed his cock all the way into Shaun and held it there, the boy’s warmth surrounding his cock and making it even harder. Shaun threw his head back, crying, “Hurts! Hurts! Hurts!”

Tristan pulled back and then pushed in again. Shaun was breathing hard as he felt the teenager’s cock fill his butt. Tristan began fucking the boy faster, pulling almost all the way out and then plunging back in.

“Oh, God,” he muttered. “Fuck!”

Shaun, however, still in pain, was starting to feel something else. The special spot Tristan’s finger earlier found was now starting to send waves of pleasure up his butt and they were joining with the pain. Several more seconds later, Tristan was moaning.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Ah, fuck, Yeah, yeah…”

Tristan took another hit of the poppers and handed the bottle back to Shaun, who inhaled even more before returning it. Tristan was barely able to replace the cap before the hit became too intense to concentrate on anything other than the amazing heat enveloping his cock in Shaun’s ass. The younger boy was moaning now, unable to speak, just whimpering his pleasure and desire as the teenager’s cock pounded into him.

Tristan grabbed the boy’s erection as he fucked him and began to jack him off. Shaun cried out and writhed wildly underneath him until his climax hit with an amazing force. The boy didn’t expect it so quickly or so strongly.

Tristan cried out when he felt Shaun’s ass squeezing his cock as he fucked the boy. The younger boy’s erection sent Tristan over the cliff, as well. Cursing, his head falling this way and that as his hips shoved his cock deep into the boy, Tristan felt his cum shooting into Shaun, the boy’s sphincter gripping and releasing and gripping with each spasm of Shaun’s climax.

After several seconds, Tristan collapsed beside Shaun, his cock popping out of the boy’s anus and Shaun releasing his legs, allowing them to fall to the bed. As Tristan gasped for breath, Shaun gasped and moaned, “Fuck. Oh my God. Oh, God. That was sooo good. I can’t believe you fucked me. I can’t believe it felt so good.”

Tristan leaned over and kissed the boy’s cheek.

“Damn, Little Dude! That was awesome!” the older boy exclaimed. “That was just too fucking much!”

He rolled his head over to Shaun and whispered, “How do you feel?”

“It hurts, but… I like it. I want to do it again.”

He grinned at Tristan and the older boy opened his mouth in disbelief.

“It hurts,” Shaun admitted, “but it feels good, too. I have to do it again. Please.”

Tristan smiled with amazement.

“I’ve created a monster.”


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