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Wilde in the City
Christophe Gantier


Chapter 4

“You don’t seem like your usual self, Eric.”

The young man stared out the window at Central Park to his right as Antoine drove down Fifth Avenue. They had just left Julian’s apartment. He inhaled and after a long moment, he replied, “Oh, I was just thinking.”

“About what?” Antoine asked.

Eric shrugged and replied simply, “Shaun.”

“He’s a cute boy. Sexy. He’s gonna be real popular.”

“Yes,” Eric replied reluctantly. “He is.”

Antoine glanced over him. Eric gazed at the Central Park Zoo as they passed it, remembering several pleasant Saturday and Sunday afternoons spent there with Uncle Julian and a number of Julian’s friends. He assumed Julian—and a number of his friends—would take Shaun there, as well. He frowned.

“What’s the matter?”

Eric inhaled again and said, “It’s something Julian said during dinner this evening that’s bothering me. One of his connections—he wouldn’t say who—is interested in using some of our boys for… things I don’t really approve of.”

“Like what?” Antoine asked carefully.

Eric frowned and turned his attention to the view before them, down Fifth Avenue and some of the most expensive real estate in the world. After a long moment, he said, “We’re not a prostitution ring. Yes, we love our boys, but we take care of them. We send them to the best schools. We take them around the world. We set them up for successful lives as adults. We love them. Yes, we have sex with them, but they’re boys who were in bad situations and they’d be doing something like that anyway. They’d be in much worse situations. We take care of them. We love them. Yes, we share them with friends. Sometimes we give them to our friends when we know they will take care of them the way we take care of them, but we don’t whore them out. I don’t like that.”

Antoine stopped at the light at 59th. The Plaza Hotel was to their right. Trump Tower was a couple of blocks ahead. Eric thought of the wealthy and powerful who lived and worked in the buildings before him, some of whom were friends with Julian and other Falcons and had spent time with Eric when he was a boy. He had never thought of himself as a whore. Yet, perhaps, he was. They may not have been trading money—at least not directly—but they were trading in friendship, in cooperation, in favor, in deals…Yes. They may not have been directly paying for his body, but the Falcon family benefited from the time these men had spent with him nonetheless. Now, someone, an associate of Julian’s, wanted to take it one step further and actually tie money directly into the equation. Was that any different than a gallery in Chelsea offering to show Eric’s paintings or Falcon House offering to publish a writer’s work or Falcon Goldstein and Associates letting someone in on an IPO that was about to be offered or a United States Senator co-authoring a piece of legislation that might be beneficial to the interests of the Falcon family? Ultimately, it was all about power and money. What was the difference if money was directly, instead of indirectly, tied into the equation? Of course, the difference could mean the involvement of the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York or the District Attorney for New York County—or Eric’s conscience.

“I’m sure it would all be done very discreetly,” Antoine replied as the Rover began to move forward. “Everything the Falcons do is discreet.”

“Oh, yes. I’m sure everything will be oh so discreet and oh so proper. Nothing to damage the precious Falcon name and reputation,” Eric responded contemptuously. “In the meantime, what damage do we do to the self-image and self-esteem of the boys?”

Antoine smiled and said, “The boys are having fun. What boy doesn’t love a chance to get his rocks off?”

Eric turned his face toward the black man and stared for a long moment before turning back and watching the Plaza Hotel pass by. After a moment, he said, “Antoine, you’re a Falcon boy. How would you have felt if you knew the family were making five or ten thousand for a roll in the hay with you?”

“Jealous that I wasn’t getting some of that green.”

Eric sighed and said, “Yeah. I suppose I would have, too.”

He paused and then muttered, “God, I hate this world sometimes. Whatever happened to just plain love?”

“I think people spend too much time overthinking shit. Just let the boys have fun. If they like getting fucked up the ass, let ‘em. Does it matter to them if the family’s making money or getting legislation passed or books published or art sold—or music performed?”

Eric shrugged and then asked, “Speaking of music, have you heard from Trevor?”

Antoine nodded and said, “I talked with him this afternoon. It was midnight in Amsterdam and he and the boys were gettin’ toasted in some coffee house before they went lookin’ for tail.”

“I wonder why he hasn’t called me.”

Antoine shrugged and said, “He told me he was going to. He wants to meet Shaun.”

“I’m sure he does,” Eric replied dryly before looking at Antoine with surprise and asking, “You told him?”

Antoine nodded and said, “Yeah. Shaun’s his kind of boy, I think. I thought he’d like to know about him.”

“And why is that?”

Antoine shrugged and said, “Shaun’s kind of a bad boy. He’s a skateboarder. He’s got some backbone, too. I don’t think he gives a fuck what people think about him. Trevor likes boys like that.”

Eric nodded, but added, “I think Shaun’s like that on the outside, but on the inside, he’s just another boy who wants to be loved.”

“That, too. Trevor will like that, too.”

Eric frowned and asked, “Antoine, you and Trevor talk. Honestly, do you think Trevor is getting a little bored with me?”

Antoine glanced over him as they drove past Tiffany’s and Trump Tower. “Why do you ask that?”

Eric shrugged and answered, “I don’t know. I just wonder. I’m twenty-four and I spend most of my time writing and painting. When he’s around, we work on music, but… I don’t party as much now as I used to.”

“You’re growing up.”

“We’re both twenty-four. Trevor’s always with his musicians and his dancers. When he’s on the road, his life is one big party. How can I compete with all that?”

Antoine chuckled and said, “Maybe Trev wants some peace and quiet when he comes home. Maybe he needs to leave all that shit behind when he comes back. Maybe you’re the peace and quiet he needs.”

Eric chuckled and said, “It’s hard for me to think that I represent the quiet life for him after all the partying we did when we were kids. If Trevor had been anyone else, Uncle Damian would have kicked him out of the Falcon Dance School and if I had been anyone else, Great-Uncle Siegfried would have kicked me out of Huntersfield. We were hellions.”

“And you survived and now you’ve written a bestseller and your work hangs in some exclusive galleries and Trevor’s got a Grammy, a double-platinum album, and is finishing a world tour. So, look at the two of you. You think your life did you any harm when you were kids?”

Eric chuckled and said, “In other words, quit worrying about shit, shut up, relax, and have fun.”

“Well, I work for your uncle, so I wouldn’t say it like that, but…”

Antoine winked at Eric, but he would be certain to keep a transcript of this conversation locked in his memory. He was probably going to need it.


~ ~ ~ O ~ ~ ~


The only light Eric could see in the apartment when he entered after Antoine dropped him off came from one of the bedrooms in the hallway. He could hear voices in a way that told him the boys were not engaged in anything wild and crazy, so he called out, “Hey, guys. I’m home.”

“We’re in here,” Tristan responded.

Eric walked up to the open bedroom door and smiled when he saw the two boys, naked and on their knees on the bed, it appeared that Tristan was assisting Shaun with inserting a butt-plug in his anus. The younger boy looked at Eric with embarrassment and covered his partial erection as his face blushed deeply. Tristan grinned.

“Well, I see you’ve put your time to good use,” Eric remarked wryly. “I’m surprised you’re introducing Shaun to butt-plugs already. He hasn’t been hanging from the ceiling and getting gang-raped by bikers, yet, has he?”

“That’s tomorrow,” Tristan replied. “I figured you could help with that, considering how close you are to the Hells Angels and all the other gangs.”

Shaun’s eyes grew wide, but Eric rolled his own eyes and reassured the younger boy, “He’s full of it. I was fucked one time when I was nineteen by a biker and he wasn’t a real biker. He was one of those Wall Street wannabe bikers who wear their custom-made leather and ride their custom-built bikes on Sunday afternoons to impress their friends.”

“Ah,” Shaun replied with relief.

Tristan grinned and said, “Shaun’s a sweetie. We’ve been in bed all evening. He’s so sexy.”

The younger boy looked up and Tristan added, “I fucked him three times.”

“What?” Eric asked with surprise. “You? The Bottom from Hell? You throw your legs up before you even know a man’s name.”

“Hey. He needed to be fucked and you’re too big to break him in, so I stepped up to the plate and I hit three home runs, if I do say so myself.”

Shaun grinned and said, “Tristan was wonderful. It felt sooo good!”

Eric raised an eyebrow, but Shaun quickly added, “It kind of hurts right now, but it’s okay.”

A funny look, however, came over the boy’s face and, suddenly, he said, “I have to go to the bathroom again.”

Tristan grinned, carefully pulled out the butt plug and helped the boy out of the room as Eric smiled at the way the older boy was helping him. He turned and walked to his own bedroom, undressed and showered, brushed his teeth, and emerged to find the two boys snuggled under the covers of Eric’s bed.

“Well, that’s a pleasant surprise,” he declared as he approached the bed, his long, thin cock growing erect before them.

Shaun blushed slightly. Tristan smiled and said, “I told Shaun you’d probably want to do something with him tonight. I hope that was okay.”

Eric smiled and said, “Well, Julian fucked me pretty hard before dinner and, apparently, you and Shaun have been at it like rabbits since Antoine dropped me off…”

Shaun and Tristan both giggled and the older boy said, “Shaun really likes sex.”

The younger boy blushed again and said, “I’ve only messed around with Chad, but… oh, man. Tristan is sooo cool and sexy and… hot. And, well…”

He stared with blatant lust at the tall, slim man standing naked before him, Eric’s erection pointing outward so fiercely. Shaun fondled his own erection under the covers as he stared and took a deep breath.

“I hope you don’t think I’m like a sex maniac or something, but… I wanted to do it with Dad so bad and he never would. I mean, he loved me. We loved each other, and Dad was so good and everything. He was the best, but he wouldn’t do it with me. He loved sex and he brought guys home and I’d listen outside his door…”

He stopped and a look of horror came over his face, mortified that he had admitted such a thing. Eric chuckled and said, “Dude, I totally understand. What horny kid wouldn’t in that situation. Was it hot?”

Shaun swallowed and nodded.

“Mega-hot. So, now… I just feel so horny now and… you look a lot like Dad. I mean, tall and red-haired and… sexy…”

Eric smiled as Tristan whispered, “Eric’s the sexiest man in the world—well, next to Trevor.”

Eric’s eyes darted to Tristan’s, and the teenager added, “He knows. I told him. He saw Trevor’s portrait, so I had to tell him.”

Eric nodded and said, “I know, Shaun, that you don’t know anyone in New York yet, but we have to keep certain things quiet. We have to be discreet and one of the things we can’t talk about in public is how Trevor and I are close. We don’t want fans mobbing our apartment if he happens to show up sometime and we certainly don’t want anyone to know he’s sometimes with Tristan.”

“I know,” Shaun replied. “I was discreet about Dad. I didn’t even tell Chad that Dad was gay.”

“Well, good,” Eric replied as he pulled the covers back and climbed in. “I’m glad we can trust you.”

Shaun was trembling as he felt Eric slide next to him and his warm body come into contact with his. Eric’s rolled onto his side facing the boy and his erection pressed into Shaun’s thigh. Eric propped himself up on his left arm and looked down into Shaun’s smooth babyface.

“You’re so pretty, Shaun,” he whispered softly. “You’re a beautiful boy.”

Grinning, he added, “You look naughty and nice at the same time.”

Shaun giggled, his boner throbbing against the covers. Tristan, lying beside him, licked his left ear and said to Eric, “Tristan’s a horny little angel. He loves sex. He came a dozen times tonight.”

“Does he ejaculate, yet?” Eric asked.

Tristan shook his head and said, “No. Not yet. He’s just a demonic little angel.”

He kissed Shaun’s cheek and said, “He’s an incubus.”

“What’s an incubus?” the younger boy asked.

“A sex demon,” Eric replied as he kissed the boy’s forehead, his right hand sliding up and down Shaun’s smooth, soft, but strong thigh. “A male sex demon. A female sex demon is called a succubus.”

“Because she sucks?” Shaun asked with a giggle.

“No,” Eric replied with a grin. “I’m pretty sure it comes from an ancient Greek word, So, maybe we’ll call you our incubus, our little sex demon.”

Shaun giggled and Tristan suggested, “Maybe that’s what Shaun could be in your next book. You could make him an incubus.”

Eric smiled and raised an eyebrow. “That’s a thought, but I couldn’t publish it. An eleven year-old sex demon? I might be able to post it on some internet site, like Nifty, but I couldn’t publish anything with an underage boy actually having sex. I had to be careful with Tristan Larkspur not to let your biting people get too erotic.”

“Mmmm, I vant to suck your dick!” Tristan declared in a Bela Lugosi accent to Shaun.

“Yeah,” Shaun responded with a growl.

Eric’s hand slid up the boy’s thigh and his fingers slid across his ball sac. The boy moaned and when the man’s fingers enveloped his boner, Shaun whimpered and thrust his hips upward.

“I can’t believe you’re still so horny,” Eric remarked softly as he stared into Shaun’s blue eyes. “You two didn’t get high again, did you?”

“No,” Tristan replied. “This is just the way Shaun naturally is. A horny little fucker—or fuckee.”

Eric grinned and kissed Shaun’s forehead, then his eyebrows, his eyelids, and his nose before pausing just above his full, red lips.

“Can I feel your dick?” the boy whispered.

“Yes. You can do anything you want, Sweetie,” the man whispered back with a smile.

As Eric’s hand slowly stroked Shaun’s boner, the boy reached down under the covers and wrapped his hand around Eric’s man-sized erection. He moaned as much from the heat and hardness of the man’s cock in his hand as from Eric’s loving touches on his dick. Eric’s fingers slowly moved Shaun’s foreskin slowly up and down his rigid shaft as Shaun’s hand felt all over Eric’s long, hard circumcised cock and down to his big, fat balls. He twined his fingers through the red hair around the man’s cock and he moaned. He was holding a cock in his hands, a man’s cock. A man’s cock.

Growling with boyish desire, he rolled onto his right side, facing the young man and grasped Eric’s cock with both hands, feeling it all over and moaning with the horniness of what was happening. Tristan watched with a smile, his eyes meeting Eric’s, who smiled back and silently mouthed, “I love you.”

Tristan nodded and pulled away, sitting cross-legged a couple of feet away to give the man he loved and the boy who had come to live with them space to make love to each other.

“Oh, wow,” Shaun moaned as he reveled in the feel of the man’s erection.

“You like that?” Eric asked with a grin.

Shaun nodded and replied, “I love dicks. I love looking at them and thinking about them and… feeling them.”

Eric winked at Tristan and the teenager shoved the covers back. Eric rolled onto his back and spread his legs wide. Shaun grinned and crawled over the man’s left leg to sit between the two strong thighs. On his knees, he reached down and started feeling Eric again, cupping his hands over the man’s balls, caressing the inside of his thighs, roaming his hands up and down the rigid shaft of his penis, feeling the angry, purple crown of the man’s cock, running his fingers through the nest of red cock hair at the base.

“Kiss it, Shaun,” Eric softly urged him. “Kiss my cock. Lick it. Lick my balls.”

Tristan was slowly masturbating as he watched Shaun’s first opportunity to explore a man’s genitals. He could see the hunger in the boy’s face as leaned forward. Shaun puckered his lips and kissed just below the crown on the sensitive underside of Eric’s cock and the penis flexed upward against the boy’s lips.

Shaun moaned with hunger as he extended his tongue and began licking along the underside of the throbbing man cock, starting lower and lower with each lick until he was licking Eric’s balls. He hovered over the man’s scrotum and watched with fascination as the two orbs seemed to move and churn about in the large ball sac.

“Mmmm,” Eric moaned as the eleven-year-old explored between his legs.

Shaun reached down and began to stroke his own hardness as he licked and kissed Eric’s genitals. Tristan scooted over and snuggled up under Eric’s left arm and watched with fascination as the younger boy satisfied his curiosity and desire. Eric’s left hand began to fondle Tristan as his right hand reached down and he twined his fingers through the younger boy’s wild mop of golden hair.

“Suck it, Shaun,” he softly urged. “Suck my cock.”

Shaun looked up with hunger and nodded before scooting upward and taking the man’s hard seven inches in his hand and pulling it back until it pointed upward. He took a deep breath, his own dick pulsing madly as he realized he was about to suck a man’s dick!

He opened his mouth and extended his tongue as he lowered his lips almost to the swollen purple head of Eric’s penis, touching the drop of precum at the slit and then licking all around the head of the man’s cock. Eric inhaled and closed his eyes with the feeling of the boy’s tongue on his erection.

Shaun supported himself on his knees and his left hand as he held Eric’s penis with his right and took the head into his hot, boy mouth. Tristan whispered, “Fuck,” and crawled out from under Eric’s arm. He crawled down between the man’s wide-spread feet and stared up at Shaun’s winking rosebud as the younger boy took more of Eric’s cock into his mouth.

“Watch your teeth, sweetie,” Eric said gently.

Shaun simply whimpered in response as he moved his lips further down the man’s cock, opening his jaw as wide as he could to accommodate the size of Eric’s penis. He whimpered even louder when he felt Tristan’s hand pull his cheeks apart and the teenager’s warm breath on his anus. He moaned with anticipation, knowing the older boy’s tongue was about to make love to his sore, swollen anus again.

Eric sat up and propped the pillows behind him before caressing Shaun’s face. The boy was focused only on the adult penis in his mouth, but groaned loudly when he felt Tristan’s tongue touch his rosebud. Eric reached under the boy with his left hand and fondled Shaun’s boner, moving the foreskin up and down and eliciting even more groans and moans of lust from the boy. With his right hand, he reached under the boy’s chest and began to play with his left nipple, rubbing it and pulling it, gently twisting and pinching it, as Shaun wriggled about rapturously.

His whimpers were becoming even more plaintive as Eric and Tristan played with him. Having already cum earlier that evening, Eric wasn’t in a hurry. He was enjoying watching Shaun have fun sucking his cock and Tristan licking the boy’s butt.

Tristan’s tongue actually felt soothing to the younger boy, whose butt was still sore ftom Tristan’s three fucks earlier. Tristan knew, however, that neither one of them could get through a fourth fuck that night. That was why he reached between his own legs and began to desperately masturbate, loving the feel of Shaun’s twitching anus against his tongue.

Eric could feel Shaun’s boy cock growing harder, even though he was deliberately not stroking him. He was simply holding his penis and gently squeezing it, but he didn’t want the boy to cum just yet. He released it, and gently took hold of the boy’s head. Slowly, he pushed it up and pulled his cock from the boy’s mouth.

Gasping as much from a lack of breath as from the teenage tongue working his butt, Shaun looked up at Eric’s smiling face, his eyes wild.

“Wha… what…”

“Come here, sweetheart,” Eric said softly, holding his arms out.

Shaun crawled up into his arms and the man and boy embraced, their mouths uniting and their tongue pushing through each other’s lips. Eric passionately caressed the boy’s face and Shaun felt giddy kissing the man. He was kissing a man! A man! Just the thought was a turn-on for the boy.

Tristan crawled up and straddled Eric’s right leg. He reached forward and began to fondle the two hard cocks before him, the short, boyish three inches on his left and the long, rigid seven inches on the right, Shaun moaned at the teenager’s touch on his boner. Eric’s cock throbbed in his Tristan’s right hand. He then leaned down and took the man’s erection in his mouth.

Tristan knew it would take Eric longer to cum, especially since neither was high on anything other than their lust, and considering that Julian had already fucked him earlier. He was an expert, however, in sucking men and, especially, in sucking Eric. It took several minutes of work, listening to the man and the boy moaning and whimpering as they passionately made out with each other, Eric’s hand caressing Shaun’s smooth body, but Tristan soon had Eric on the verge. He decided not to let the man linger on the edge, but to push him all over way over.

Eric groaned into Shaun’s mouth as one hand held the boy’s face firmly against his and his other hand pulled Tristan’s mouth firmly down on his cock. Within seconds, his hips thrusting and squirming, he shot his cum into the teenager’s mouth. Tristan moaned loudly as he swallowed the man’s bittersweet load, some of it leaking out from his lips.

Shaun was turned on by Eric’s lust and his orgasm. Almost immediately after Eric’s last spasm, the teenager, moved over to the Shaun’s rigid boy cock and hungrily enveloped it. Shaun could feel that Tristan’s mouth was full of Eric’s cum and the thought drove the boy mad. He began to wriggle and squirm about beside the man, who continued to make love to the boy’s mouth. Tristan reached down and desperately stroked himself as he hungrily sucked Shaun’s dick. Shaun’s high-pitched, almost girlish whimpers and moans grew into orgasmic cries as his body suddenly stiffened before it spasmed violently. He groaned animalistically into Eric’s mouth as he experienced a fierce, but dry climax in Tristan’s mouth.

The boy’s orgasm ended even more quickly than it began, and Tristan pulled off Shaun’s erection. Gasping, he sat up and raised himself up onto his knees, desperately jerking himself off, his head rolling about as he thrust his hips outward toward the man and boy before him. Eric reached under the teenager and began to fondle his balls as Tristan frantically pumped on his boner. Suddenly, the teenager threw his head back and thrust his hips forward, howling as his cock began to shoot his fourth load of teen cum in five hours all over Eric and Shaun’s legs and torsos. Shaun watched in amazement and Eric smiled with love as Tristan’s powerful climax slowly diminished until the boy sat back down on the man’s thigh and gasped desperately for breath.

“Fuck,” he breathed.

“Man, that was awesome,” Shaun exclaimed with a grin.

“Yes, it was,” Eric replied. “Did you like that?”

Shaun nodded fervently and replied, “That was totally awesome!”

“You looked like you were feeling pretty good there,” Eric remarked before he kissed Shaun’s nose.

“I was! Man, that was the best,” the boy exclaimed. “Well, it was pretty good when Tristan fucked me, too, but this…”

“It’s a lot better than whacking it off in bed by yourself at night, isn’t it?”

“Oh, yeah!”

Eric wiped up some of Tristan’s cum with his index finger and held it before Shaun’s lips.

“You want to try some?”

He expected Shaun to make a face and reject it, but the boy surprised him by grinning and nodding. He opened his mouth and Eric inserted his cum-covered finger. Shaun sucked it clean and when demanded, “More!”

Eric and Tristan both chucked and began wiping up the teenager’s ejaculate and feeding to the boy. Tristan chuckled and said, “I think Shaun’s a Sexy Boy!”

Eric chuckled, as well, and Shaun nodded.

“Yeah. I am definitely a Sexy Boy!”


~ ~ ~ O ~ ~ ~


Julian Falcon sat on the couch in his study, wearing only his robe, sipping brandy, reading the latest from Salman Rushdie, and listening to Liszt on his stereo when Antoine knocked on the doorframe and asked, “Are you busy?”

“Not at all,” the man replied with a smile. “Come in.”

His driver and personal assistant entered and said, “I had an interesting conversation with Eric as I was driving him home this evening.”

“Did you?” Julian replied with interest. “Pour a brandy and have a seat. Do tell.”

Antoine walk over to the cabinet and poured a Pasquet as he said, “He seemed moody. He’s usually pretty relaxed after you’ve fucked him, so I was wondering if something had happened. He was reluctant, at first, to say anything, but he finally told me that you had said that one of your associates wants to start making some money off the boys.”

Julian nodded and said, “Yes. Andrei Laurent has several clients who would be interested in spending time with a select boy or two. What Eric doesn’t realize is that Christian and Timothy have already been doing so, with quite pleasing results. Andrei says he’s already made a quarter million off the two. Of course, they’re very refined boys and are appropriate for a very refined type of man. Andrei’s brother Matthieu has some with more, shall we say, exotic tastes. He would like a boy who might be more… adventurous, but not one that might be found on the street. He still wants the quality of a Falcon boy, but who won’t be above a little adventure, so to speak. Do you think Shaun might fit that bill?”

Antoine sat down across from his employer and said, “Shaun didn’t grow up in the kind of environment of your typical Falcon boy. His father was a leftist college professor at the University of Michigan and the boy was a skateboarder. Yeah, he’s familiar with art, music, books, and shit like that… excuse me…”

“Don’t worry. That’s why I may need your help.”

Antoine smiled and said, “He’s got a foot in both worlds.”

“So, he has the seeds of the refinement we need at the same time as the seeds for the bad-boy we need.”

Antoine nodded. Julian sipped his brandy and said, “Well, then. Eric and I, along with Damian and some others in the family and among our circle can help cultivate his refined side, and then I will rely on you—and maybe Trevor—to help him explore some of the more challenging and exciting aspects of… queer life.”

Antoine smiled and asked, “How far do you want me to go?”

“Go wherever his interests and curiosity take him. You may want to encourage some of his curiosity. And some chemical inducements might not be bad.”

“What are you suggesting?” Antoine asked with interest.

Julian shrugged. “Well, our boys are not prohibited from using marijuana and Extasy, but in moderation. There are some, shall we say, stimulants that we prohibit. I think some liberalizing of those rules in Shaun’s case might be in order, to stimulate his curiosities and desires.”

“Eric won’t like that.”

“Eric doesn’t have to know.”

“What about Tristan?”

“I think Tristan can be easily manipulated. He might even be encouraged to cross over to the dark side, so to speak. He has some issues. His father beat him and abused him and he has problems with self-esteem. I think Matthieu and his friends might appreciate having a pretty-boy like Tristan, as well. In fact, why don’t you begin with Tristan tomorrow night. We’ll say he has an appointment with someone and you take him and, instead, you will be the appointment. We’ll let Eric continue Shaun’s education in the ways of love and see where Tristan leads him after tomorrow.”

‘Sounds fun.”

“When does Trevor return?”

“Late in the week, I think. After I told him about Shaun, it’s probably sooner than later.”

“Good. Some time at the Hawke’s Lair might help the cause.”

“Oh, yeah. Definitely.”

Julian sipped his brandy and then added, “If our experiment with Shaun and Tristan works, we might consider expanding. Of course, I need not remind you of the necessity to keep this quiet.”

“Don’t worry. I’m going to have some fun with my little boys.”

Julian smiled. “Yes, and I shall, as well!”


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