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Wilde in the City
Christophe Gantier


Chapter 5

He was happy, so happy. Warm, safe, loved. Everything was wonderful. He felt arms around him, a warm body behind him. His arms were wrapped around someone, another body in front of him. He was hard. He felt so good. Everything was wonderful.

Shaun Wilde opened his eyes to find Eric Falcon’s smiling face just inches away, his blue eyes gazing at him with love. His hand was holding Shaun’s erection, not stroking or fondling it, simply holding it. He could feel Tristan’s arms around him and the teenager’s warm breath on the back of his neck.

“Good morning,” Eric whispered.

Shaun smiled and whispered, “Good morning.”

“How did you sleep?”

“Good. I kept having sexy dreams.”

Eric grinned and whispered, “Gee. I wonder why?”

Shaun giggled and asked, “Were you playing with me when I was asleep?”

Eric nodded and said, “And Tristan. You have the most angelic look on your face when you’re asleep and about to climax. Your smile is so innocent and pure and… angelic.”

Shaun giggled again and whispered, “I thought I was a demon.”

“Your innocence is part of how you seduce men.”

Eric’s hand began to move slightly across Shaun’s erection, slipping the foreskin slowly up and down the hard shaft. The boy squirmed slightly and felt a change in Tristan’s breath on his neck. He felt, rather than heard Tristan moan softly behind him. Shaun rolled onto his back and his two lovers snuggled up to his naked body, Eric resting his head on his left arm as his right hand fondled Shaun’s boner and Tristan’s legs over the younger boy’s thighs and his head resting on Shaun’s shoulder.

“So, little demon, what would you like to do today?” Eric asked. “You have the entire city at your feet. What do you want to do with it?”

“This,” Shaun replied with a grin.

Tristan kissed his shoulder as Eric kissed his cheek.

“Shaun the Wild Boy,” Eric remarked with a chuckle. “How about we check out Washington Square and eat lunch at some cool place, maybe check out Timmy Wang for some cool threads.”

“Timmy Wang? Isn’t he some kind of designer?” Shaun asked.

Eric nodded and said, “He’s a friend of mine. I model for him sometimes.”

Shaun looked at him incredulously and asked, “Is there anything you don’t do?”


Shaun giggled and replied, “Me, too. I don’t do girls.”

“Girls are icky. They have cooties,” Eric added, “and they’re silly and they’re always whining if you don’t give them enough attention and… girls are yucky.”

“Yeah. Guys are more fun. Guys are sexy. Guys have dicks and girls don’t. I love dicks.”

As if to emphasize his point, the boy’s hands grasped Eric’s and Tristan’s erections. Both moaned and grinned at him. Shaun turned his face toward Tristan and the teenager leaned over to kiss him.

And, then, the telephone rang. As the boys kissed, Eric rolled to the other side and looked at the Caller ID box beside the phone. He sighed and picked it up.

“Julian,” he said with false cheer. “What’s happening this beautiful morning?”

“Did I interrupt something?”

“Of course.”

“Good. It’s time for the three of you to be up. It’s after eleven.”

Eric sighed and said, “I wasn’t aware we were on a schedule. Why are you calling from home? Why aren’t you at the office terrorizing your minions at Falcon Publishing?”

“One of the perks of being the owner. Besides, I’m having lunch with an associate today at Au Contraire.”

“Dinner last night, lunch today. Why don’t you just buy the place.”

“I’m actually considering it. Anyway, I was calling because someone would like to spend the day and tonight with Tristan.”

“Oh, Julian! Today?” Eric exclaimed. “No! We’re getting to know Shaun. Tristan and Shaun are getting close. Can’t this wait?”

“I’m sorry, but it’s a friend of mine from out of town and today is the only day he has free. He is particularly interested in Tristan. He’s a ballet enthusiast and saw him perform last fall when the Falcon School put on their December review.”

Eric looked over at Tristan and saw the dismay on the teenager’s face.

“Let me ask him.”

“Eric, it’s not up to him.”

Eric frowned and replied, “I beg your pardon?”

“This is important. I will make it up to him, but I must have him for this.”

Eric sat up and pressed his lips together angrily.

“Julian, this is what I was talking about last night. It’s one thing to share the boys with friends and cousins and whatever, but we can’t turn this into a business. I won’t let Tristan get involved in anything like that.”

In a cold voice to which Eric was not accustomed, Julian replied, “First, this is not a business proposition and second, this is not your decision, Eric. Do not cross me, Eric. You’re my favorite nephew, but I will not hesitate to put my foot down. Remember Daniel?”

Eric was trembling with rage. He tightly clutched the phone, took several deep breaths, and then said with a cold voice, “This is not over, Julian. All right. You have the upper hand, but this is not over.”

“I understand. Now, Antoine will be by the apartment at twelve precisely to pick him up. He doesn’t have to dress specially for this, but make certain he has taken a V and E about 11:45.”

Eric sighed and replied, “Yes, Herr General. Are there any other instructions?”

“Yes. I am free Wednesday evening and I would like you to bring the boys over for dinner.”

“Am I included, or will this be just you and the boys?”

“Oh, you can eat, but Shaun will spend the night.”

Eric stared ahead, but said nothing.

“Eric, I love you, but you need to remember who you are and your place in the family. I can cut you off without a cent with just the snap of a finger. I saved you, Eric, from your father. You owe me.”

“I thought my entire adolescence was payment enough.”

“Oh, no, dear. This is a debt that can never be repaid. You know that. Now, be a good boy and have Tristan ready. The V and E at 11:45. Antoine at precisely twelve. All right?”

Eric inhaled and softly replied, “All right.”

“Good boy. I will speak with you later.”

The call disconnected and Eric slowly replaced the receiver in the base. Tristan watched him and said, “It’s okay. I don’t mind. I’ll… I’ll have time to be with Shaun. I can do this. I don’t want you and Uncle Julian to get into a disagreement over me. I know my responsibilities.”

Eric’s eyes met the teenagers and his took a deep breath.

“I love you, Tristan. Thank you.”

“It’s cool.”

“You don’t have to dress up for it. I don’t know who it is. Some friend of Julian’s who saw you dance last December. Oh, and take a V and E at 11:45. Antoine will pick you up at 12:00.”

Tristan nodded and soberly kissed Shaun on the cheek. The younger boy looked worried. Tristan smiled and said, “Everything’s fine, Little Dude. You have fun today with Eric. It’s going to be good. I promise.”

“Okay,” Shaun replied with a forced smile. He watched the teenager leave the room and Eric wrapped his arms around him. The young man said nothing, but he hugged the boy tightly, burying his face in the blond mop atop his head.

“Is Tristan okay?” he asked softly.

Eric nodded and replied, “Yeah. He’s fine. It’s me.”

“What’s wrong?”

Eric closed his eyes as he hugged the boy. Shaun waited and then said, “Yesterday, Tristan said that the Falcons take boys who are abused and nobody wants and give them good homes, but in return they have to do certain things. Is that what Tristan has to do now? One of those… certain things?”

Eric sighed and nodded against Shaun’s head.


“He has to have sex with someone?”


Shaun waited a moment and then asked, “Will I have to do that, too, now?”

Eric said nothing for a moment and Shaun looked up at him. Eric’s eyes met his and the boy nodded.

“Okay. I understand.”

“It’s not really what you think,” Eric replied. “Our boys always like sex. They enjoy it. They… have reasons for liking sex and they enjoy being with men. But, if any boy doesn’t want to, he is never forced. Never. You do what you want to do, Shaun.”

“But, Tristan didn’t want to go today.”

“Well, Tristan’s a special case and… I’ll explain it sometime. Suffice it to say, Tristan wouldn’t be going if he really didn’t want to.”

Shaun looked down and nodded. Eric hugged him tightly and then whispered, “When he’s gone, we’ll go out and get you a new skateboard and walk over to Washington Square. How’s that?”

“I don’t want a new skateboard,” Shaun replied. “I love mine. Dad gave it to me last year and it’s perfect. Mom said it’ll get here tomorrow. I can wait, but I would like to go to Washington Square.”

Eric nodded and said, “And we can grab a slice of pizza someplace or a hot dog at a sidewalk vender and maybe visit Timmy Wang. He’s a really cool designer and he has a shop nearby.”

Shaun frowned and said, “I don’t want to look like some spoiled rich kid who wears nothing but expensive preppy shit.”

“Oh, trust me. You won’t. Timmy doesn’t design clothes like that. I think you’ll like what you see.”

Eric led the boy out of bed and the two went into his bathroom. In the shower, Eric soaped up the boy’s body and caressed him all over, kissing him as he played with the boy’s nipples before stroking Shaun’s erection and bringing him to a climax before they completed their showers. Once out, Shaun went to the other bedroom to dress and found Tristan, fully dressed and sitting on at the small desk in front of the window looking out on the street below. He had two pill bottles before him and he was simply staring at them. He looked up and smiled sadly at Shaun. The younger boy, still naked, approached and hugged him.

“You don’t want to go?” he asked softly. “You don’t want to have sex with this man?”

“I do, but I don’t want to leave you,” Tristan replied with a smile as he looked up at Shaun. “I love all the sex I have, but I just wish I had more of a say over when I do it and with whom I do it. Does that make sense?”

Shaun nodded and asked, “Is this the way it’s going to be with me?”

Tristan shook his head and said, “You aren’t really Julian’s boy. You’re Eric’s. He’s responsible for you, unless he lets Julian take you over, too.”

“I don’t think I’m going to like Julian.”

“Oh, he’s sweet, but he’s… in charge.”

He opened the pill bottles and removed a blue diamond shaped pill and a round yellow pill. He popped both into his mouth and drank from a bottle of water.

“What do those do?” Shaun asked.

“Well, one’s called Extasy. It’s a drug that makes you feel all lovey and everything. It makes you feel empathy with the people you’re with. You really get into the person you’re with and, if you’re dancing, you really get into the music. The problem with Extasy, when you’re having sex, is that it makes it hard to get hard. So… you take Viagra.”

“What’s Viagra?”

“It’s a new pill that just came out that makes your dick hard. It doesn’t make you horny. It just makes your dick hard so that when you do the Extasy, you can really have hot sex.”

“Oooh! I want to do that!”

Tristan chuckled and said, “You don’t need either one. You do just fine in the bed as it is.”

The teenager stood up and smiled down at the younger boy. He held Shaun’s face and said, “You have fun with Eric. Have a wonderful day with him. I’ll be back tomorrow and we’ll have an awesome time. Okay?”

Shaun nodded and the two kissed. Tristan pulled away and said, “I need to get downstairs and wait for Antoine to pick me up and take me to my date. Have fun.”

“I will. You, too.”

“Oh, I’m sure I will once the drugs kick in. I just need to get over my disappointment at not getting to be with you today.”

Shaun grinned as the older boy left the room. He pulled out a pair of underwear and a pair of shorts with a tee-shirt on which was printed the message, “Depravity—A Way of Life” along with a flannel shirt, which he left unbuttoned. He fingered his hair almost into place and slipped on his Vans before appearing in Eric’s bedroom. The young man was wearing jeans, a white tee-shirt, and an old and frayed v-neck sweater. Shaun preferred the way Eric was dressed!

“All righty, then. Let’s blow this joint!”

He stopped and said, “Oh, that reminds me. You want to get high before he we take off?”

“Sure!” Shaun replied eagerly.

Eric chuckled and stepped back to the nightstand, sat down on the bed, and loaded a pipe. He patted a place beside him and Shaun sat down.

“Have you ever shot-gunned?”

Shaun nodded and said, “Me and Chad shotgunned.”

“Chad and I,” Eric said without thinking.

“You knew Chad?” Shaun asked with a twinkle in his eyes.


Eric took a hit and held it before placing his lips on Shaun’s and blowing it in. Shaun took it like a pro and after a second hit, the boy stared ahead and muttered, “Wow.”

“How are you feeling?”

“Great,” the boy replied with a goofy grin.

“Good. Let’s go.”

By the time they reached the street, Antoine had already picked up Tristan.

“So, where are we going?” Shaun asked as he gazed up at the cloudy sky.

Eric led him across the street and to the south, answering, “Timmy Wang’s boutique on Christopher Street, and then we’ll head over to Washington Square.”

“Is it far?”

“Not really. Aren’t you a little chilly like that with shorts?”

Shaun shook his head. “It’s June.”

“It’s New York. Early June is always cool and rainy.”

Shaun shrugged and said, “This is a cool neighborhood.”

“Yes, it is. It used to be a lot cooler before they started cleaning it up and letting the yuppies and the developers change everything, Twenty-nine years ago this month, on June 28, 1969, one of the most historic events in gay history took place. The Stonewall Riots.”

“Dad mentioned them. We used to go to the Pride parades.”

Eric nodded and said, “Well, it all began a block from here,” as they walked. “The Stonewall Inn is a nice place now, but back then it was a filthy dive and Christopher Street was a real slum. All the runaways and gays and drag queens and drug addicts, along with writers and musicians and poets and artists and Communists and every kind of reject you can imagine lived around here. Anyway, the NYPD used to raid gay bars and check ID’s and harass the patrons and, well, that night, everyone just got fed up and fought back. They did it for three nights and, eventually, the police changed their policies.”

“Cool! I wish I’d been here! Were you there?”

Eric laughed and said, “I wasn’t even born. I’m twenty-four. I was born five years later, in 1974.”

“You were thirteen when I was born in 1987.”

They reached Christopher Street and walked past the Stonewall Inn, with its rainbow flags, and the small fenced in park across the street.

“Just imagine the paddy wagon over there and the policemen with their Billy clubs and the kids all around yelling and throwing things at them and the police beating people and chaos all over the place. Right here, at this very spot.”

Shaun looked around and softly said, “Cool.”

Eric nodded and then proceeded on down the street until they came to a small boutique with “Timmy Wang” above the window. As they entered a slim, young, Chinese man with spiked hair exclaimed, “Eric!”

“Zhang! How’s it going?”

Zhang moaned and touched his head.

“The hangover from Hell. Tuesday blues on Monday.”

Eric chuckled and asked, “Were we ecstatic Saturday night?”

“Of course,” Zhang replied. “And everything else.”

He turned his attention to Shaun and asked, “So, who’s the cutie?”

“This is Shaun. He’s joining the family and we need to fix him up. I’m putting him in your hands.”

“Praise God!” Xhang exclaimed. “I can do anything I want with him?”

“Anything,” Eric replied lasciviously.

Shaun looked at him with surprise, but Eric simply grinned.

“Oh, Sweet Thing, you are perfect! Skater?” Zhang asked.

“Skater, dancer, violinist.”

Zhang grinned at Shaun and said, “You just let me dress you and everyone in New York will be drooling over you. Timmy has the perfect look for you.”

He turned to Eric and asked, “Sexy Boy?”

“Of course.”

Zhang nodded and said to Shaun, “You know Timmy worked with Trevor Hawke to develop a Sexy Boy line last fall. You will be the ultimate Sexy Boy.”

“Awesome! I love Trevor Hawke.”

“I’ll be you do!” Zhang replied. “And I can imagine he absolutely adores you!”

“Actually, they’ve never met,” Eric replied. “Trevor’s in Amsterdam recuperating from the European tour before he heads back and Shaun just arrived in the City yesterday. I have a feeling they’ll both have heart attacks when they finally meet.”

Zhang chuckled and said, “When Trevor fucks you, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to Heaven.”

Shaun was already painfully hard and Zhang’s talk was simply adding fuel to the fire of his desire. He looked up at Eric and asked, “Is Trevor Hawke really going to fuck me?”

Eric gave him a restrained smile and replied, “We’ll have to see. The two of you haven’t even met.”

Zhang caught his eye and nodded.

“Well, now! Let’s go back to our private dressing room and I’ll bring some things back to see what we can do with you!”

“Cool!” Shaun said eagerly as he unconsciously squeezed his hardness.

Eric followed him through the boutique with his hands massaging the boy’s shoulders and neck. Shaun looked around at the exciting displays of clothing and grinned. He couldn’t believe he was going to be wearing such cool clothes. He felt slightly guilty, though, afraid he was betraying his progressive thinking.

The private dressing room was spacious, with three chairs and a couple of tables. On the wall were several framed posters of Timmy Wang in his wild creations. Shaun stared at one and said, “He’s sexy.”

“Yes, he is,” Zhang replied, “and he’s going to think you’re sexy, too. In fact, I bet he’ll want to use you to model his new Sexy Boy line for next year.”

“Me? A model? No way!”

“Oh, you’re perfect, Shaun. You really are. We need to work on making your hair a little more, shall we say, rebellious and you’ll be perfect.”


Zhang knelt before the boy and measured him before standing back up.

“Now,” Zhang declared as he clapped his hands together, “take your clothes off and I’ll be right back.”

“Everything?” Shaun asked with an illicit thrill.

“Oh, yes. We have our own line of underwear and some of the Sexy Boy line is designed to be worn without underwear.”

“But, what if… I mean…”

Zhang grinned and said, “You’re a Sexy Boy, Shaun. You know what you want and you know how to take it. That means, you don’t care if you’re sporting wood. In fact, when you wear Timmy Wang, you’re supposed to be boned!”

Shaun giggled and declared, “All right!”

Zhang winked at Eric and left the room. Shaun grinned and said, “Well, here goes!”

“Take it off! Take it all off!” Eric cried with a grin.

Shaun felt an amazing thrill at the thought of being completely naked and hard in a clothing store dressing room. It felt dangerous and wicked and rebellious and nasty. He removed his flannel shirt and the “Decadence” teen shirt before kicking off his Vans. He gave Eric a sensuous smile as he slowly slipped his shorts down his strong, but slim legs and then thrust his hips out toward the young man, his boner forming a long tent to the left in his briefs. Eric reached forward and began rubbing the front before he slipped his thumbs under the elastic band and slowly pulled them down. Shaun watched with growing lust as the band slipped under his boner and his penis snapped up and forward, bobbing and then pulsing with his heartbeat. Eric slowly pulled his foreskin back, freeing the crown of his boyish penis and then opened his mouth, slipping it between his lips.

Shaun moaned. Between the weed from earlier and the thought of being out in public in this way, he was so horny he was afraid his might do it right then.

Eric could sense his climax approaching and pulled off.

“Don’t stop!” Shaun cried with a wild look in his eyes.

Eric chuckled and reached up to Shaun’s nipples. He extended his thumbs and gently placed them over the hard nubbins. Shaun whimpered softly before Eric began to slowly move the thumbs over the rigid little mounds in the center of his nipples.

“Uuuhhh,” Shaun groaned as he closed his eyes, his head rolling backward.

Eric rubbed the boy’s nipples for several minutes, Shaun moaning the entire time, his breathing growing harder and more ragged until the door opened. The boy jumped back, but Zhang, carrying a stack of clothing, grinned and said, “Don’t stop on my account. In fact, we need your nipples hard.”

“Why?” Shaun gasped.

Zhang just smiled and said, “This is the Sexy Boy line and you are a Sexy Boy.”

He set the clothes on two of the tables and then turned toward the boy, shaking his head in wonder as he declared, “Shaun, you are one beautiful boy. Timmy is absolutely going to love you. You are perfect to model the new Sexy Boy line.”

“You think?” Eric asked. “You aren’t just trying to get into his pants, are you?”

“He’s not wearing any pants,” Zhang replied with a grin and Shaun giggled, feeling adventurous. Writhing slightly about before the salesman, he vamped, “You really think I’m sexy?”

The tight, red vinyl pants Zhang wore were obscenely tented outward in the front and the man slowly rubbed his crotch as he replied, “You are an absolute gold-mine, Shaun. You’re going to be in every fashion magazine. You wait and see.”

Shaun turned his head toward Eric, though his erection remained pointed toward Zhang.

“You really think I can be a model?”

Eric nodded and replied, “If Zhang thinks so, then you can.”

Shaun turned his head back and said, “Cool!”

Zhang stepped up and began to pinch and pull Shaun’s nipples. The boy whimpered again. After a minute, Zhang then picked up what could only be described as a pouch with string. He knelt before the boy, Shaun’s erection bobbing just inches from his face. He quickly sucked it into his mouth and then released it, causing the boy to gasp before Zhang said, “Step into this.”

Shaun did so and then Zhang worked the boy’s boner into the pouch. Adjusted it and then gave it an affectionate pat before sitting back.

“What do you think?” he asked Eric.

“Very nice.”

“It’s for when the boy has to have something underneath, but he doesn’t want all the restrictions.”

Shaun giggled and said, “It makes me feel sexy!”

“Right now, everything makes you feel sexy,” Eric replied with a smirk.

“Okay, off with the thong and now, let’s get down to business,” Zhang declared.

Shaun giggled again and slipped the thong off, waiting expectantly for the next piece of sexy clothing. Zhang picked up a pair of red vinyl pants similar to the ones he wore and helped Shaun into them. They were tight, but fit perfectly. Kneeling before the boy, Zhang ran his hands along Shaun’s legs and butt and over his crotch. He adjusted the boy’s erection to point upward and said, “Oh, yeah. Sexy.”

“I feel so sexy,” Shaun replied.

Zhang nodded and said, “Yeah. He’s not a poser. He’s not playing the game. He’s a Sexy Boy. He’s gonna live the life.”

Shaun was breathing hard, his heart racing as he watched Zhang pick up a tight shirt with two lightning bolts emanating from where his titties would be under the cloth. He pulled it over Shaun’s head and worked with the snug shirt until he was hugging the boy’s torso just right. Then, he began rubbing and pulling the boy’s nipples again, making them even harder until they tented out the cloth. The lightning bolts appeared to be shooting out from his nipples. Zhang grinned.

“Hot. Fucking hot.”

Shaun looked at himself in the mirror and said, “Man. I turn me on!”

Eric and Zhang both chuckled and Zhang picked up a black vinyl jacket.

Now, you can wear this with just about anything, or you can wear it without the shirt. That would be hot.”

“Oh, yeah,” Shaun replied as he posed before the mirror. He grinned at Eric and ran his hands over his body. “I love this!”

“It works. You’re a beautiful, sexy boy, Shaun.”

Zhang had him undress again and they tried on several more ensembles before Eric said, “I think this will do. You did perfectly, Zhang.”

“I know my boys,” the salesman replied with a wink.

“Well, I think you need a tip for all the hard work you’ve done,” Eric declared. He unfastened his cell phone from his belt and said, “I need to make a couple of calls. If you’ll excuse me for a moment…”

He smiled at Shaun and winked. The boy grinned excitedly and looked at Zhang, who smiled back at him. As Eric left the room, Zhang took a deep breath and, in a raspy voice, said, “Get naked.”

The boy nodded with a wild look in his eyes. Quickly, he removed the last ensemble and then stood naked before the man, his boner bobbing before him.

“God, I’d love to fuck you,” Zhang growled. “Have you been fucked?”

Shaun nodded proudly and explained, “My friend, Chad, fucked me back home and Tristan fucked me three times last night!”

Tristan? Tristan fucked you?” Zhang exclaimed with a grin. “He’s such a pussy boy, I can’t imagine him topping! How was it?”

“Hot! I loved it! Are you going to fuck me?”

“Not now. Right now, you’re going to suck my dick. On your knees, Sexy Boy.”

Zhang wasn’t much taller than Shaun and when the boy dropped to his knees with a thrill, he had to reach up only a little bit to the young man’s crotch. Shaun ran his hands over the hard lump in the red pants. Zhang grabbed his head and forced it against his crotch, rubbing the boy’s face against his hardness.

Shaun loved feeling the man take charge that way. He didn’t understand why. He didn’t try to understand. He just knew it was hot.

Zhang was breathing hard as he pushed his hips forward, pressing Shaun’s face against his erection. After a moment, he growled, “Unzip my pants, boy.”

Shaun reached up. He had difficulty pulling the zipper down the tight pants and over the erection inside. When he reached the bottom of the zipper, he pulled the snap. It popped open easily and he pulled the pants open, revealing a small tuft of silky dark hair. He ran his fingers through it for a moment before Zhang said, “Suck me!”

Shaun was more than ready. He pulled the tight pants down the man’s hips and Zhang’s cock popped out, slapping the boy in the face as it stood up rigidly before him. Hungrily, the boy opened his mouth and took it in, his hands feeling and caressing the young man’s penis and testicles. The boy moaned as he opened his mouth as wide as he could and sucked as much of the man’s short erection in as possible.

“Yeah, Sexy Boy. Suck me,” Zhang growled. “Suck my cock.”

Tristan and Eric had been much gentler and loving with him and Shaun had loved that, but Zhang almost sounded angry. It frightened him a bit, though at the same time, it excited him, too.

He plunged down as far as he could and then pulled back, his tongue sliding back and forth across the bottom of the man’s cock. He plunged down again, the head pushing against the back of his throat, at which Zhang grabbed his head and fucked his mouth, pushing his cock in deeper and causing the boy to gag. He pushed Shaun’s head back and then rammed his cock into the mouth again and again.

Shaun was choking and frightened, but he reached down and began to frantically masturbate as Zhang brutally fucked his mouth. The boy choked and gagged at the force of the cock pushing into his throat.

“Open your throat,” Zhang ordered. “Open it!”

Shaun tried to do as he was told and he had some success, taking Zhang’s cock in with less choking and gagging than before.

“Yeah, yeah. Suck me!” Zhang growled.

He ran his fingers through Shaun’s hair and then grabbed it as he resumed fucking the boy’s mouth. Shaun was moaning, in between chokes as Zhang resumed his hard fucking. The boy suddenly stiffened as he desperately beat his boy cock and he cried around the man’s penis as his climax hit. Zhang’s desire was only enflamed by the boy’s orgasm and he fucked Shaun’s mouth even harder, ignoring the boy’s gagging and choking before he, too, hit his climax, filling the boy’s mouth and throat with his cum.

“Ah, fuck! Fuck, shit, fuck!” he cursed as his cum dripped down Shaun’s lips and chin.

When he was finished, he pulled out, gasping for breath, and ordered, “Clean my cock.”

Gasping for his own breath, Shaun wiped his mouth with the back of his wrist and nervously looked up at the man’s cock, still in his face, though it was now not quite as rigidly hard as it had been.

“Clean it,” Zhang repeated. “Lick it up.”

Shaun swallowed what was in his mouth, his gag reflex still on the edge, and then licked the cum that had dripped down Zhang’s cock and down to his balls. When he was finished, Zhang caressed his face and said, “You did good, Sexy Boy. You’re learning. Not bad. You’ll get better. We’ll do this again next time.”

Shaun said nothing. He was confused. Zhang had seemed almost angry when he was sucking the man’s cock, but now he was tender and nice. He was smiling. He looked at the man in confusion. Zhang grinned.

“You don’t understand what just happened, do you?” the man asked gently.

Shaun simply shook his head. Zhang nodded and leaned over. He kissed the boy’s forehead and said, “Sweet thing. Some boy’s just naturally like to be used. I think you’re like that. I could tell when we were getting dressed. You like to be told what to do. Well, I gave you what you wanted, even though you didn’t know that’s what you wanted. You were so turned on when I was fucking your mouth, weren’t you?”

Shaun swallowed, ashamed to admit that he was.

“And remember how hard you were jerking off? Your hand was a blur as you were beating your dick.”

Shaun inhaled and nodded.

“You loved it. You’re new to everything. You’re learning. You have so much to experience. I envy you, being your age and starting out. I’d love to be where you are. I’d love to start all over. There are all kinds of boys and all kinds of things to learn. Just sit back and enjoy the ride, Shaun. And Eric’s the perfect person to be your guide. And Tristan, too. You’ll be okay. Some things are going to scare you and confuse you and somethings aren’t going to work for you. Just remember to be true to yourself and don’t let someone else decide for you what you are and who you are.”

“Okay,” Shaun said as he finally spoke.

Zhang tipped Shaun’s face up and smiled down at him be he leaned over and gently kissed him, no tongue, just a gentle, loving kiss on the lips.

“Sexy Boy.”


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