Willie B

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I seem to have a block when it comes to the `American Tavern' series and feel it is time to work on something else. We'll move from the northern industrial location of my story for a short stay in the hot humid location of New Orleans. Or more exactly the `River Parishes' just outside of New Orleans.

Part One

I don't remember exactly how it happened but I was down on my luck again living in a little camper trailer parked outside my sisters house. Pulling in a slightly more than adequate wage as an assistant manager in a convenience store. In almost every sense it was a fun job, the people I worked with and most of all the customers.

This was a period of my life devoid of sex but the friendships were great. Just living was starting to feel like one big party. Yes I did drink a little beer. I was just high on life and the overall feeling of wellbeing.

Working there was interesting to say the least. It seemed we had ten or more employees working everyday. The store had a kitchen that did fried chicken with all the fixings. Unless you've been there you would never understand the popularity of fried chicken in coonass country. Lunchtime every day I think we had about a two hour stretch of lines of ten to twenty deep at all four cash registers. I hope I don't offend too many when I say our customer base was 99% red necks that don't turn me on in any way. Among the other one percent was some of the hottest groin stirring eye candy anyone could ask for.

My job as the assistant manager is somewhat of a misnomer as I didn't have much to do with managing the store. The man that owned the store had about 30 - 36 similar stores in this and the neighboring parishes. My job here was to train new hire managers for his other stores. Some of the new managers were resentful that they were being trained by only an assistant. They were never informed my pay rate was much higher than a manager and I was the one that did their evaluations.

Julia, my manager, was one sweetest girls anyone could ever ask to know. She was very short; I have a hard time remembering if there was ever anyone she didn't have to look up to. One of the few I ever met in Louisiana, that knew the word `work', understood it and wasn't afraid of it. I've been thinking of how to use a word here and just can't seem to fit it in, so... I just say it `firebrand'.

Some of the many interesting people working there I could do spin-offs about them forever. Let's stick with Julia for a while. She was long divorced with three teenagers at home. Time passes and I learn she has a few boyfriends. One special one, but not what we could call a commitment. She did bemoan the fact that she had a hard time being able to be with him. Not a lot of free time being a working mom with three teenagers at home screaming for attention.

As Julia and I got closer, not in the way of lovers, but as friends we shared so many of our thoughts and goals in life. I was in a stage of my life I wanted no one to be sharing it with me. She on the other hand wanted to go for the gusto with her boyfriend. I for my part took advantage of all the attractions the fun town of New Orleans had to offer. I don't want to demean myself so I'll just say New Orleans offered an endless supply of hot guys. Julia's boyfriend worked out of town and was only around for short weekends.

One thing that made me feel a little weird about myself came out in one of our talks. I loved to go to movies but felt strange about going to see a movie by myself. I mean here I am walking in to the movie alone and everyone else there is with their dates of a group of friends. I don't know but I get the shivers thinking of that.

Talk happens, things happen and soon the plan is formed that next Friday I will take the kids to the movies and Julia will have some worry free time to do what she needs to do. I don't know how to say it but it is near impossible for a mother that loves her children to have any worry free time to just relax and live her own life.

Friday evening finds me at Julia`s house, a small four room shack that can't be more than 20 feet square sitting next to the tracks. The poverty of Louisiana is all around and after a while you don't notice it. Remember, I'm living in a camper trailer myself. I just to a beep-beep with the horn and she soon comes out with her kids behind her. Julia in her robe and slippers formally introduces me to her kids. I've met them all before during their many trips to `hit up' mom at work and never known them to be anything but neat, clean and well mannered.

Today I can only say they were well dressed and squeaky clean. I'm sure they are wearing new outfits their mom bought them just for today's trip to the movies. First there is Marcia, 17, then Heather, 16, and Willie, 15. The girls both look like they are going on 26, modestly dressed yet showing their assets to the best advantage. They have heavy colorful makeup, not really overdone but still not far from clown make-up, something I'm sure they learned from their mother. Last was the boy, Willy 15, tall. Or I figured his height was about the normal max for his age group. He seemed a little on the thin side but with the baggy cloths that were popular then it was hard to tell. His hair was thick and short, a light brown color that told you only a few years ago he was a tow headed blond. The eyes, the long lashed eyes were a shade of brown anyone could lose themselves in.

Soon after everyone was loaded in the car and Julia checked that they all had their money for the movie and a fast food stop we were on our way. We were told to be back by midnight and I was informed not to arrive much before then. Putting Marcia in the front and caging brother and sister in the back was sure a mistake to be corrected next time we stopped. I've heard of the love between brothers and sisters but this pair were starting to undo that belief, especially when I kept hearing the word `kill' in their conversation.

The trip to the Mall was really uneventful, jump on the freeway, drive around the airport and into Metairie and the Lakeside Shopping Center where we decided to see a movie.

I was relieved to find we all wanted to see the same movie. With a little nudging on my part the seating was settled with the girls together and Willie and I together a few rows behind. Except for some guiltless knee rubbing nothing exciting happened that wasn't on the screen.

After the movie ended around nine PM, and having 3 hours to kill, we decided to run down to the French Quarter to get something to eat. Another trip, this time with Willie in the front, and ten minutes later we're walking on Bourbon St. We had a great time just walking around looking at the tourists. The kids being too young for most places and most of the other being too expensive for us we ended up spending well over an hour, and a few dollars, in the Marie Laveau House of Voodoo Museum. (Always a fun time)

When everyone seemed to be starving we made our way to the other end of Bourbon St. (the gay section) The Clover Grill has always been one of my favorite places to grab a quick greasy spoon meal. We poured in, grabbed a table, and sat noisily fighting over menus. The table being in the window, they all were, and across the street from a gay bar, with all the shutters being open, was quite a sight and the kids soon quieted down to a steady stream of giggles from watching the activity in the street.

A quick trip out of town, dropping the kids off right on time and I am home to watch a late movie on TV. Yeah I don't think was watching the TV, with my mind flooded with thoughts of Willie. Willie, cute quiet shy, so damn shy you want to just grab him and take a bite out of him just to get him to react. I don't think he said ten words all evening. But again he did express himself. Express himself with a shift of his eyes, a blush of his cheeks, or a slight upturn of his lips forming a magnetic smile that would draw you in. The mind wonders, did he draw himself closer then needed ... I just got to get him talking some day.

The Friday trips to the movies became a regular event. Over time the routine slowly changed. Julia and her boyfriend started going out on Fridays leaving the house empty. Sometimes she would be gone all weekend (lucky girl). I never was asked to be responsible for the kids after midnight. The girls soon wanted to go right home after the movie. I would guess their boyfriends were coming over to visit or pick them up. But whatever activity they had going it was something Willie wasn't welcome to take part in. Time went on and our Friday night movies became a routine of taking the girls to the movies and then Willie and I had three or four hours together with time to kill. What did we do? We spent a lot of time trying out different eateries around New Orleans. Other times (getting close to payday and near broke) we would pickup a few burgers, drinks and five or six large fries to eat in the car. It was a short ride into the spillway, away from everything, to sit in the car and eat, talk or just kick back. I like driving up on the levee and watching the night time river traffic until the police chased us away.

A conversation with Willie moved on at a breakneck speed of 10 -- 15 words per hour. I had to use all the arts of a dentist to get more than 2 words at a time out of him. During our silent conversations I did manage, after time, to learn a lot about Willie. His sisters hated him (they would really die to protect him). He was just making passing grades in school (another bright kid slipping through the cracks). None of his girlfriends stayed with him for more than a few weeks. Everyone in school picked on him (being shy and a poor boy going to a school that was 90%+ upper income kids) His sex life didn't exist. He never has gotten pass first base with any girl. When I asked him, "how about with boys", he clamed up and changed the subject. He did have a few close friends that I never had the chance to meet. They were, "Like my brothers". Masturbation? At home his sisters gave him hell if he was in the bathroom more than 3 minutes. Pounding on the door they would yell out, "stroke it, stroke it". He told me that a few times while at the movies he would go to the men's room and take care of things. Most times he would take a long walk in the woods just to be alone with little Willie.

He got to the point that he was comfortable around me. He'd lay in the car leaning against me or with his head resting in my lap and just start out the windshield watching the stars. Many times I asked him if we could get together over the weekend and maybe go to the beach and he would explain to me that he didn't want anyone ever knowing I was anything more than a ride to the movies. I think I figured it out later that his `brother' was a lot more involved then he made out.

The most he ever said in one sentence was when I asked him if he was gay. "I don't know", he said, "I'm only fifteen and at this age who knows anything for sure". "I've thought about it and I know I want a blow job from a guy cause I heard they can do it a lot better than a girl". After taking a big swig of my Coke to wash down the French fry I about choked on I looked him in the face. Damn, I wish I could describe the grin/smile he had then, and not to be outdone I say to him, "Hell, little boy, I'll eat anything you have that is over six inches". I knew that should hold him for a year or two.

End Part One

Yes, Willie is a horny teenager. He wants sex just as much as anyone. He seems to have gotten over his issue with trust and has almost gotten the nerve to ask for it. We'll have to wait until the next part to see what happens.

Part Two

I think it was just the next week we were sitting in the spillway off to the side of the road under the only streetlight for a mile or more. We were just lying back with a couple trays of Burger King food on the seat between us listing to some country tape. Willie nudged me a few times to get my attention, yeah maybe I was dozing just a little. I looked over at him and he was motioning with his head and eyes for me to look down. Being parked under a light the front seat was well lit and I saw a sight I'll never forget. Sticking out of the folds of his pants was the head and maybe an inch or two of the most beautiful dick I`d ever seen. Uncut but with what I would best describe as `fluffy' ridge of soft foreskin around the base of the head. When he notices he has my attention he says, "see, it's over six inches". "Did you bring a ruler?" I asked. "No", he sighs with an air of utter rejection. I reach over putting my hand over his joystick spider fashion feeling the heat and the hardness. Pulling up and down with my finger tips I say, "if you really think this is over six inches we have to find a ruler so I can measure it sometime". The look in his eyes was one of total confusion. While I slowly stroked him with a tight finger tip grip he moved the food from the seat to the dash and slid closer. I knew it was time to stop. This wasn't something I wanted to get started. As I started to pull my hand away he grabs my wrist and forces me to continue. Just three, four strokes and he tensed up and little fucker fired maybe five shots of his joy juice into the palm of my hand. I opened the front of both pairs of pants he was wearing and wiped his cum on his boxers. "Why did you do that", he asked, "we have a pile of napkins sitting here"? I just gave one of my shit eating grins and told him, "I think we need to get a ruler pretty soon".

The subject of conversation changed and a short time later I was dropping him off in front of his house. He told me to wait out here for a minute and he runs in the house to return 30 seconds later. He opens the door and gets back in the car, opens the glove box and puts a ruler in it. "We have it when we need it".

The next afternoon, Saturday, the phone rings and after answering it I hear Julia's dripping sweet voice. As I listen to her idle pleasantries my mind is racked with fear. I just know something has gone wrong at work and I try to think of a reason to give her why I can't go in to work on my day off. Through the mist of her chatter the story starts to come to light. She and her daughters want to spend the day tomorrow at the mall. How do you spell `relief'? Willie has suggested that he could be out of their hair if he spent the day with me. I thought about it for a few minutes. Not to think it over but so I wouldn't seen overly anxious. "Yes! A day with Willie." Knowing he was right there with her I asked if she had any idea what he might want to do. The idea of a road trip came up, was voted on and accepted by all. I suggested going to the beach at Grand Isle for a day of swimming, picnicking and fishing. Again the plan was made. After Julia telling me she would buy me a tank of gas we hung up saying, "see you in the morning".

Eight AM Sunday morning and Willie is on the phone to see if I'm ready to go yet. Shortly before nine I'm pulling up in front of his house. Before I can even get the car to a complete stop he has the door open throwing in fishing tackle, coolers, towels, blankets and who know what else. I get out and stop him suggesting he put all the crap in the back seat so he could sit in front with me. He stands up with a look that could say nothing except, "yeah, your right, damn am I stupid". Willie stuck his head in the house and yelled out he was leaving, climbed in the rearranged car and we were gone. "Their all in the bathroom, mom said hi", he tells me as pulled onto the road.

The first thing he does is reach in the back grabbing a rolled up towel so he could show me his new swimming suit. Colorful is a dull description of it. I guess it looked like a fisherman hat, covered with hooks, lures, rods and reels. It even had a fishing ruler on it. He made sure he told me he had checked it and it was accurate. Have I created a monster? This quiet shy kid I knew last week just can't shut up.

One Hundred miles, maybe a three hour drive. "No Willie, don't change your clothes yet. I want to stop and do some shopping on the way." "Pass me a Pepsi, Please." "Yes I can see you have an erection. We'll check it out later." And so we continued on our way. We drove across the river (the Mississippi), south, maybe west on the US highway until we came to the turnoff. Willie chose to take the country road on the east side of the bayou (river) and not the State Highway on the west. This trip is the defining example of a `Sunday drive', maybe 50 miles of uneventful back road driving. South along the bank of the bayou, fifty miles of tied up shrimp boats, and on the left, endless fields of sugar cane. A little over an hour into our trip we pulled into Lockport, crossed the bayou and found a K-Mart and Winn Dixie. Run in, run out loaded with sandwiches, drinks, a few pounds of shrimp for bait and I think every lure K-mart stocked.

Well I ran out. When I got to the car Willie wasn't in sight. A few minutes later Willie comes running up to the car. I just love that run a teen develops when he is all arms and legs and hasn't gotten the knack of coordinated control mastered. "I had to use the bathroom." He noticed the leer I gave him and said, "I didn't do that. But I wanted to."

Willie had his shirt off before he was in the car, his shoes and socks before I had the motor started. I mentioned to him that if he planned on changing into his swim trunks he should wait until we got out of the town. We quickly crossed the bayou and again headed south on 308 again. I wish I could read his mind. All he is doing is sitting there with the glove box open and sliding his ruler through his fingers from one hand to the other. Finally we get away from any traffic and I pick up his towel and toss it over his lap, to give him some privacy, and hand him his swimming suit. The towel is tossed into the back seat, his pants go down and soon they are in the back. I find myself driving down the road with a naked teen complete with erection and his school ruler in his hand. Shyly, yeah right, he says, "now will you pull the car over for a few seconds". I pulled off the road onto the shoulder and shift into park. I turn slightly in my seat and watch him slowly stroking his rock hard dick as if it was going to get any harder. It was kind of cute watching him stroking with one hand while trying to hold the ruler still enough to measure. Finally he clamps the two together saying. "See, over six inches".

I held his dripping cock in my hand and he held the ruler. He held his cock and I held the ruler. I held his cock stroking slowly as it got even harder, if possible, and held the ruler against the beautiful thing, checking one last time for the measurement. "Six and one eight inch", I announced as I continued with my slow steady stroking. "I told you over six", said Willie as he slid even closer. Stroke. Stroke. "Ok, I said I would eat anything you had over six" Stroke. "Do you want me to nibble on that top eighth inch of skin?"

I didn't think it was possible but I'm sure I could feel every emotion/mood change he felt through my grip on his cock. His body did one shove into my fist and slumped into the seat with a shiver of total dejection moving through his body into his cock like a reversed orgasm. "Don't worry, I'm just joking. But this isn't the time or place." Stroke, stroke. "Put your clothes on and let's get out of here before someone stops to help us or something." One final stroke to insure blue balls the rest of the day and I start the car. Willie moves back into the passenger seat and pulls his new swimming trunks over his bright red spike. I'll bet he is glad they are baggy.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. We drove south in silence through Golden Meadow and on to LA Highway #1. Willie never having been here before got excited and maybe a little scared when I told him the road through the wetlands we were on was only six to twelve inches above sea level and if the wind and tides were right we could be driving through water. He couldn't take his eyes off the water coming to the edge of the pavement the rest of the trip.

The beach was uneventful except two things. Our inflatable red, white and blue beach ball got away from us while playing catch in the surf. Have you ever seen a two foot ball skimming over the waves into the Gulf with a 20MPH wind pushing it? The second thing was as we were leaving and in the parking lot there was a cute well developed young teenage girl sitting on the trunk of a car wearing a skimpy bikini. Surrounding her were six boys around her age. Not one of them was able to hide the super erection he was sporting. Talk about tent city. Willie and I nudged each other with a smile. "I've been like that all day" he whispered to me.

Just a short drive out of Grand Isle there is a small bridge that arches over an even smaller bayou high enough to permit small boats to pass under it. Pulling off the road and along side of the bridge to the edge of the bayou you can park a car out of sight of the roadway. This may not be the best fishing spot in the state but it gives you the feeling of privacy. And fishing is what we did for the next three hours. A break to eat, a break to have a few drinks but we didn't want to do anything but fish. Although we were trying to catch flounder we were cussing each other we didn't being a few sacks to bag the Blue Crab we were catching. I think we landed about twelve crabs for every fish we caught. I never even thought of catching crab with a rod and reel but I guess they can't resist shrimp even if it is on a hook. I don't think it is much of a secret that I'm not the most avid fisherman in town but watching Willie and his excitement made the trip worth while.

After a few slips and half a dozen falls into the slick grayish med Willie decided it was time to call it quits. He dove into the brackish water to try to get some of the mud off him. It worked, somewhat, but I wasn't sure I wanted to be in the same car with him for the trip home. There is something about the smell of that mud that three or four showers won't get rid of. I told him to just sit around for a while until he dried off and we could scrape most of it off when it dried. He grabbed a Pepsi and stretched over the hood of the car. Thirty seconds later and I figured he wanted to get out of the sun. Or at least he was pitching a tent in his swimming suit that looked big enough to shade both of us.

He noticed me staring at it and gave me another of his mischievous little boy grins. Taking that for an invitation I rested my hand on his thigh running my finger tips over his smooth mud dusted skin. Stirring slightly Willie lay back, locked his arms under his head and let out a breath he must have been holding for ever. I don't think it was a sigh as much as the sound of total contentment. As I was slowly tickling his inter thighs with my finger tips he slowly slid down apparently trying to force my hand higher on his leg. I wasted no time sliding my hand into the ample opening of the legs of his trunks. Spider walking my fingers up his inter thighs I soon was brushing against that silly net bag they put in those trunks. His squirming told me I was going in the right direction. His shallow breathing told me he didn't think I was going fast enough. I quickly got my fingers, my hand into that silly net sack. My fingers roamed through his pubes until they were wrapped around his warm, hot, rock hard cock. Sucking another deep breath he raised his hips off the car trying to force his dick farther into my hand. I rested my left hand on his abs to support myself, rubbing firmly, while I slowly stroked his meat with my right. Through his clenched teeth, between shallow breaths, he whispers or moans he was going to cum.

I pulled my hand out and told him that anyone walking over the bridge could look down and see what we were doing. "Why don't you get in the car and change your clothes". "Oh God, I can't stop again," he says as he reaches into this trunks and starts stroking himself. I put my right hand on his trunks stopping his stroking while I gently pull his hand out with my left. "If you will just take a few seconds to get naked and get in the car I'll guarantee you will go places you have never been before". He collapsed again across the car's hood, his whole body seeming to deflate, as he recovered from his near orgasm.

After a moment, his breathing having settled down, he hopped off the hood and walked to the side of the car and opened the door. A second later he was standing in the open door his fingers tangled in the string ties of his swimming suit. I've never known them to not get knotted up when you were in a rush. Being in a rush Willie started to force them off while still tied. Of course I had to help him. Together we got them down over his hips and he kicked them off into the grass nearby. My god, he was beautiful standing there as if being naked was the way he was meant to go through life. His half hard dick was pointing out, curving down, barely following the contour of his chilled pulled up scrotum. I couldn't help to notice again his uncut cock had almost no foreskin and his reddish head shined in the sunlight like someone that was cut. I gently urged him onto the seat and soon he was sitting part in, part out of the car. I spread his legs and kneeled between them placing my hands back on his thighs. While gently massaging his legs we both watch his dick harden, swinging from between his legs, over his thigh to stand in its full glory pointing toward heaven. With our eyes locked on each other we both knew heaven wasn't far away.

I'm sure I've commented that Willie never said much but he didn't need to. Every breath he grabbed, every sigh, every twitch of his body, the spasmodic way his muscles moved under his skin said volumes of how he was feeling now. He leaned back with his upper body propped on his elbows watching as I continued to rub his leg moving my hand to brush his balls with their covering of peach fuzz. He collapsed onto his back letting out a moan when I suddenly reached and grabbed his waiting cock in my hand.

Slowly jacking his hard cock I kept running my thumb over its head spreading the precum around. Soon, after a few rapid strokes and another gasp for breath from Willie I squeezed my hand around it and pulled the foreskin up as much as I could. While I massaged the upper half of his dick in my fist I leaned over and started licking his balls. When I opened my mouth to try to suck them into it he raised his pelvis off the seat trying to force them into my wet warm mouth. Getting them both where we both wanted them I toyed with them with my tongue, rolling them around, stretching his sack from his body. As soon as I let his jewels slip from the confines of my mouth I started blowing cooling air over his saliva covered sack watching it pull up toward his body once again. He moaned again, shuddered some, and started trying to hump his cock into my fist. I let go and he continued to hump his glory into the air. "Ohh... man I'm so close", he kind of grunted and tried again to grab his cock to finish him self. I grabbed both his hands and pinned them next to his body as I leaned over and started to lick up and down on his cock as it waved freely in the air. His body relaxed as I tongued the head of his never harder, never larger, dick.

I let go of his hands and wrapped my thumb and forefinger around the base of his hardness to guide it as I sucked his head between my lips. At the same time he sucked in a gulp of air and lifted his arms resting his fists on my shoulders. I suckled the helmet shaped head as I ever so slowly started to bob my head up and down on his ready cock. I started slowly taking more of it into my hot mouth with every stroke while his fist started gently tapping some unknown rhythm on my shoulders. His body tightened as he straightened himself and wrapped his legs around me, I guess to keep me there. I soon had all of him in my mouth, the head was going in and out of my throat Willie was, for lack of a better word, purring. He was trying not to move his body and let me do all the work. His fists opened and he lightly gripped my shoulders in his hands gently kneading them. Not trying to force me down, he was just letting me know when to change speed or whatever. I tried long slow strokes, short fast strokes bobbing my head, using my tongue as a weapon on his sensitive dick. My finger and thumb, still wrapped around the base of his dick started jacking the base of his dick in short one inch movements, matching the rhythm of my head on the rest of the wonderful thing.

I wasn't doing this for very long when his body tightened up. His legs gripped my waist tighter. His fingers tightened on my shoulders digging his nails into me. His hips again lifted from the seat and his breathing increased to a rapid series of "man.. man... Ohh man" with some little moans when he could no longer form words. My fingers around the base of his dick kept stroking him, trying not to pull any of those almost blond pubes in the excitement, and soon I could feel the base expand into a hard mass of boy meat almost twice as thick as a moment ago. The helmet next started to swell until I thought it was going to choke me. His lithe body started to grip me tighter in everyway it could as it started what seemed like a wave like motion on the car seat.

I've read a lot of stories that try to describe an orgasm, none of them were able to put this moment into words. Explosion? What is a word for explosion raised to the one hundredth power? My hand moving over his stomach, his chest, feeling his breathing stop, the muscles tighten to the same steel like hardness of his cock. The only sound from him was a low almost inaudible mixture of a groan, a growl, and a hushed scream. My tongue, my lips, my mouth, my hand, his grip on my body made me able to feel every wave of what must have been the wildest orgasm he ever experienced. I could feel each jet of his creamy cum as it started in his toes and shock its way through his body to blast into my mouth, my throat. If I wasn't so involved with sharing his climax I might have gagged, might have chocked as his cum mixed with the saliva in my mouth.I swallowed, I swallowed his nectar, I swallowed his glorious cock. Did I stop breathing? hell yes, I have never been so connected with someone like this before. Sorry for those of you that might want to know, I didn't count how many blast of his nectar we shared I can just say he surprised me. A horny teen who had been teased all day can do wonders I guess. Willie eventually collapsed back onto the seat. He loosened his grip on me, not letting me go as his dick slowly started to soften in my cum filled mouth. As it seemed to be becoming over sensitive he gently pulled me off his dick and pulled me up until I was laying on top of him getting a hug that said it all. Willie and I weren't ready to enter a kissing relationship but the hugs and cuddles said it all.

After coming down from one of life's greatest highs we separated and got up. He seemed almost sad to be getting dressed. I made sure everything was stored properly and we were soon on our way home. It was a long drive in silence. With each of us deep in our own thoughts. I started thinking this might have been a mistake. When he reached across the seat to grab my hand I knew all fears of anything being wrong were calmed. By the time we got home he was sleeping across the seat, his head resting on my lap and his hand unconsciously stroking my thigh.

End Part Two

Yes, Willie I know you have crossed a bridge of sorts but I feel you have much sadness in you. It is going to take a lot more than sex to make you really happy.

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