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The Wondrous Mikey

By Ero Writer

The clock seemed to be standing still that day as Josh Irwin tapped his fingers aimlessly against the side of his keyboard. It had been a long, horrible day; he just wanted that damned fat little hand to reach the number five, so that he could finally go home. It wasn't that Josh hated his job, it was `fine'. It paid the bills, and even allowed him something extra for a rainy day. Alas, the life as a credit councillor was weighing him down. He knew he could do more. In fact, Josh was doing more, albeit, in a fashion that didn't earn him a degree. At heart, Josh was a computer animation entrepreneur. Although self taught, he was quite good at it, and could spend days on end messing about on his computers.

"Hey Josh, you up for the bar tonight?" asked the soft, inviting voice of Alice Reynolds, Josh's not so secret admirer.

Josh looked up from the blank monitor of his screen "Uh, no sorry. I've got a lot to do this weekend."

Alice's face scrunched up in the usual form she had adopted which portrayed malcontent "What exactly do you do when you're out of the office?" Alice leaned down and rested her arms on the corner wall of Josh's cubicle "You're always busy doing something or other -- you should get out more, it'll be good for you."
"Meh," Josh shrugged, "I'm not much of a drinker Ally, you know that."

"No one said you have to drink. Hell, we could go bowling for all I care. Friendship's good for you."

Josh looked up at Alice, guilt nearing an expression on his face, "Rain check?"

Alice just exhaled a sigh that was filled with sarcasm and disappointment, "Sure thing Josh. Just give me a call if you find a moment," Alice stepped away from Josh's work space "twenty-five is too young to be cooped up indoors all the time."

Josh waited for a moment, looking toward Alice as she departed from her defeated persuasions, and then turned back to his desk to shut down his computer. It wasn't that Josh disliked Alice, because he didn't, she was a nice girl. The problem though, was just that; Alice was a girl, and Josh knew years ago that girls did absolutely nothing for him, and strange as it may seem nor did men, for Josh's attractions were built upon something far more complicated than the simple man or woman categories.

The front bumper of Josh's rust bucket of a car bounced off the narrowed curb of the driveway as he pulled in front of his garage and squealed to a halt. Pulling out his keys from the ignition and then leaning over to the passenger seat, Josh grabbed a small box of computer knick-knacks that he had picked up at the Computer Depot on his way home from work. He then reached for the door's handle and pulled back the release as he awkwardly kicked his feet out of the car.

"Look out!" warned a screeching voice from what seemed like all directions.

Josh jumped back into his car, dropping the box in the process, and cracked the back of his skull against the car's roof as a soccer ball rolled across the lawn, at the speed of a dying slug, more than eight feet away. Josh blinked plainly at the ball then stared down at the asphalt which was now greedily hoarding his spilled possessions in a scattered array of randomness. A sharp pain then announced its presence upon the back of Josh's head, and while placing his hand over his wound, he turned to search for the voice that had so wonderfully warned him of his impending danger...

"Sorry -- I really thought it was gonna go closer." said the same, slightly quieter, voice as before.

"No harm done," lied Josh. "Just a concussion, no big deal." Josh looked up to see who he was talking to, only to find a younger boy, between 10 and 12, approaching him wearing a pair of well worn black sweats and a white t-shirt, "Shit, my ass kicked by a kid."

"Shut up. I didn't kick your ass, that was your car," snickered the boy.

Josh leaned down and reached for his scattered things on the ground, "You always tell adults to shut up?" The boy smiled, and dropped his gaze to the ground as his face glazed red. "Didn't think so," chuckled Josh "you gonna help me pick this stuff up or what?"

The boy smiled and dropped to his knees "Sorry sir," he apologized as he carefully collected the objects between them.

"Oh God, please don't call me sir. I'm Josh -- you live around here?"

"No. Well yeah, I do now."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh yeah, that's right," the boy looked back to the street and pointed "We just moved in across the street there the other day, or I mean I did anyway. It's my aunt's place."

Josh noticed the boy's tone drop several tones as well as his expression and decided not to ask anymore into that particular category, "So what's your name? I know, `Kid' right?"

The boy's blue-green eyes returned from the street and looked toward Josh, "Mikey."

"Mikey huh? -- Nice to meet you Mikey," Josh extended his arm to shake Mikey's hand.

"Thanks. So what's all this stuff for anyway?"

"Just computer crap. All the discs you have there in your hands are blank," Josh peered inside of the box with his nose up against the brim, "The rest of the junk is flash-drives and firewire cables."

Mikey stared into the box then up at Josh, "Why do you need so many flash-drives? I got one and it never gets full."

Josh thought for a moment as he watched the boy scratching at his wavy-brown hair which had apparently been tickling his ear, "Uh... well it's kinda like my way of organizing everything -- like miniature filing cabinets." By the expression on Mikey's face, Josh knew that the boy didn't quite understand; actually, Josh wasn't quite sure he understood either. The flash-drives were just an experiment to see if it could make things easier.

"Yeah..." Mikey placed the blank discs inside of the box, "well, guess I'll let you get back to whatever it was you're doing." Without so much as a wave, Mikey ran across the grass, grabbed his ball, and then ran back towards his house.

The next day, Josh had gotten out of bed late. He had been up too late in front of his computers constructing a new character for an experimental RPG game that he was creating. As a result, he had slept in `til ten-thirty. Angry at himself because of his late start, Josh decided to skip breakfast to get the grocery shopping done so that he'd have the rest of the weekend to work on his game, so after a quick shower and hurried over to the local supermarket.

Aisles were congested with mothers and overflowing shopping carts, as Josh attempted to weave through them. Turning random corners and being directed by the traffic's current, Josh had somehow managed to wind up in the baked goods section on the opposite side of the store where he had meant to be. However, the brownies did look good.

"Hi Josh," greeted a familiar voice. Josh involuntarily snapped his head back toward the voice with a grim look across his face to see Mikey standing in behind a half filled shopping cart, "What'cha you doin' here?" asked Mikey.

Josh couldn't help but to smile when he realized it was Mikey who had found him; possibly out of relief that it wasn't one of his annoying coworkers, though mainly because the boy looked so damn cute as he wobbled off of the end of his shopping cart seemingly daring it to topple over to the floor. "Oh, hey Mikey. Just getting some shopping out of the way."

Mikey looked inside of Josh's shopping cart to see a package of chocolate cookies and a large tray of brownies, "Wow, I wish I could go shopping with you," he mumbled as he glared behind him to the towering girth of frozen vegetables and whole wheat breads. "My aunt's nuts! Who needs 20 loaves of bread?"

Josh snickered at the boy as he gave the bread the evil eye, "I suppose you do," replied Josh while looking up to a woman who was dropping a bag of apples inside of Mikey's cart. "Hi," Josh leaned forward and offered his hand to the woman, "You must be Mikey's aunt."

The woman sneered at Josh then forced a smile, "And how do you know my Mikey?" "Oh," Josh suddenly felt himself becoming nervous, "Sorry. I'm your neighbour -- well kind of. I live across the street from you."

Mikey jumped from the cart and circled towards a rack of packaged cupcakes as his aunt placed her hands over the cart's handle, "You're the one with that nasty old Earth killer?"

"I'm sorry?" asked Josh, confused and oddly offended.

"That rusty piece of metal that you drive around in all day," explained the woman as she began to push the shopping cart away from Josh, "Come on Mikey, quit messin' around I'm tired."

Josh stared at the nasty old git, as she walked away from him as if she balanced the entire world's ethics upon her upturned nose. He couldn't believe her `high all-mighty' persona. It was aggravating and well, just plain rude. Deciding it best to avoid the bitch altogether, Josh turned around and made his way back toward the canned food section. As he made his way back passed the aisles his attentions were suddenly pulled to the opposite end of them. He stopped and stared for a moment as a humoured smile stained itself against his cheek as he watched Mikey performing the Mashed Potato for his aunt, who was ignoring him completely. After a brief chuckle, Josh moved on, but as he crossed the next aisle, there at the other end -- somehow -- was Mikey expressing the Running Man... and his aunt walked by looking the other way. Just as Josh was about to resume his grocery search, he noticed Mikey waving to him from the other end of the store with a huge smile on his face. Josh grinned and waved back, and as he continued on, without surprise, there in the next aisle was Mikey performing the Macarena. Mikey's face was red with amusement and slight embarrassment, but he still continued following Josh through the store's aisles, and coming up with a new dance for each one at that. Though, by the time they had reached the last few aisles, Josh had become sure that Mikey had run out of named dances and was now just making them up as he went along.

Later that day, Josh was taking a break from his computers to prepare dinner when he heard a sudden thumping noise repeatedly crash and echo throughout his house. Mildly annoyed but more curious, Josh placed the lid on top of a pot which contained his scrumptiously nutritious meal of boxed mac'n'cheese then wandered through the living room towards the front door.

Peeking out the front door, Josh spotted Mikey standing out in the driveway kicking a ball against the garage door. His first reaction was to barge through the door and let the little bugger have it. However, as Josh stood there and watched the boy happily wreaking havoc upon the garage door, possibly leaving dents in the crap aluminum metal, his initial reaction subsided. He realized that the kid probably only wanted some attention, but "a quick spanking might help" too, thought Josh with a grin.

Mikey's leg stretched out and then his f00t slammed against the asphalt as he manoeuvred himself to block the ball from getting passed him. His red, silky-looking shorts would jump up his leg from the movement and shimmy their way back down over his knee, his shirt was stretched out in behind his head to keep him cool, and his slender but defined stomach and chest bore a rash of massive red circles as a result of him jumping in front of a ricocheting ball, then the barely noticeable edge of a white elastic waistband which was peeking out over the hem of his shorts.

Staring with an intensity that would drive an ordinary man insane, Josh quickly became frustrated; there in his driveway was a wondrous sight to absorb and here he was hiding behind the blinds of a tiny window. Josh waited for the next thump to echo throughout his home then yanked open his front door and, trying to look upset, stomped outside "Hey! What are you doing!?"

Mikey froze in his tracks and only turned to watch his ball roll over his foot and down the driveway, "What?" he asked trying to portray innocence through a cheeky grin.

"What do you think?" replied Josh, in a spiteful whine.

"Oh," Mikey looked to the garage door then over to the rolling ball, "Sorry."

Josh tried not to smile at the boy who was grinning with mischief but failed when Mikey randomly poked out his tongue and squashed in his face, "Geez kid, you better not be crapping your pants on my property," Mikey's face became red and he giggled like a blushing schoolgirl. "Is there something wrong with your garage?"

"Nope," Mikey said plainly.

"Then... what are you doing?"

Mikey looked over at his house then back over to Josh, "My aunt went out somewhere while I was at the park," he then turned his gaze back at his ball, "she left a note on the door saying not to go far," he then looked back up to Josh "so I fig'ered it would be safer to play over here than at my place with a locked door."

Looking over to Mikey's house, Josh shook his head "You hungry?"

"Yeah," replied Mikey as he lifted his shirt back over his head and pulled it back down over his stomach.

"Well, you might as well come in for something to eat -- I made mac'n'cheese."

Josh then stepped back into the house, leaving the door behind him; only a moment later, Mikey followed.

"Your house is a mess," blurted Mikey as he casually walked through the living room.

"It may look like a mess but the carpets are clean -- could you take your shoes off?"

Mikey jumped back towards the front door, his cheeks pressing upward against his eyes from his grin, "Sorry Josh, I forgot."

"It's cool, you didn't know."

Mikey's eyes wandered around the room as he slowly poked at his bowl of cheesy pasta and kicked his heels lightly against the legs of his chair. He hugged his bowl close to his chest like he was hoarding its warmth, and held his fork within a closed fist instead of bracing it with his fingers. A gentle humming noise, its melody unclear, tickled off of his lips while he unknowingly bobbed his head side to side; "What song is that?" wondered Josh.

"Dunno, can't remember -- my mom used to sing it to me when I was a kid."

"Hmm, sounds familiar," decided Josh. "You sure you're hungry? You don't seem to be enjoying that all too much -- I know my cooking sucks but it can't be that bad."

Mikey looked down at his bowl then smiled over at Josh, "I wasn't really hungry. I just wanted to see what your place looked like."

Swivelling to the side on his seat, Mikey hopped off of his chair and walked into the living room. Josh quickly stood up and gathered their bowls then threw them in the sink to soak, "So... I'm not sure what your plans are," started Josh as he met Mikey in the other room, "but you're more than welcome to hang out here until your aunt gets back."

"Thanks." Mikey fell back on Josh's sofa and plopped his feet up on the coffee table in front of the television, "So what do you do here all day?"

"Uh, honestly? I sit in front of the computer and make games."

Mikey turned his head back to face Josh, "What kind of games?"

"Mainly RPG's, uh, Roll Playing Games. But I made a couple of action based ones too."

"Really? Can I play one?"

Mikey sat up to the edge of the couch, his shorts bunching up just over his knees, and gazed up at Josh. "Yeah, one sec. I'll go grab a controller from the other room."

Jumping back into the couch and crossing his legs, Mikey squished his shoulders into the corner of the couch to get comfortable. Josh returned only a moment later with a controller and a disc with only permanent marker on its face to state its title. "That's the game?"


"But it looks like a CD."

"It's not," Josh assured the boy as he turned the disc over "See? The bottom is blue like a regular game. It just doesn't have fancy pictures on the front because... Well because I'm too lazy to make one."

Mikey giggled at Josh as he watched him turn around to put a disc in a tiny disc drive that was underneath the TV, "What's that?"

"It's what's going to play the game for us."

"We're not playing it?"

"Well, you are -- it's only a one player."

"Oh, okay good. What system is that?"

"It's not a system, it's just a drive. Kind of like a mini computer, except this one's attached to a bigger computer."

Mikey nodded, pretending to understand, and reached out his arms to grab the controller from Josh as he passed it to him, and as soon as the television was on Mikey found himself already playing, "There's no start menu?"

"Nope, not yet. The game works fine though."

"What do I do?"

"Just roam around the mansion and kill whatever you see. Careful though -- the zombies are pretty nuts"

Just at that moment, Mikey screamed at the top of his lungs and jumped up in his seat, "Holy crap!"

"See! I told you!"

"You seriously made this?"


"Dude you rock," praised Mikey as he jumped forward in his seat and thrusting out his arms like he were trying to kill the zombies with the base of his controller.

Josh sat back and watched Mikey wreak anarchy upon all that crossed his digital path for the next hour, occasionally glancing toward the window to see if Mikey's auntie had returned. Mikey flopped and fidgeted from one cushion to the next, and every now-and-then to the coffee table then floor. "That's it! I give up!" proclaimed Mikey, dropping the controller to the floor, "Why'd you make it so hard?"

"So that people won't beat it in the first couple of hours that they play it."

"Oh," realized Mikey, "That makes sense. Well, I still give up -- for now," Mikey then sat down on the couch next to Josh, "So now what?"

"Dunno. What do you think?"

"I dunno, it's your house," Mikey peered across the street to see if his aunt was home "Looks like you're still stuck with me too, Gloria's still not back--got any movies?"

"Yup, they're in that drawer next to the TV, knock yourself out."

Mikey slithered his body off of the couch and crawled over to the entertainment unit where he slowly pulled open the drawer to leaf through its contents. Josh saw his eyes widen, followed by his arms shooting up into the air, acting as if he had just found the Holy Grail itself, "You got Final Destination!" he then climbed to his feet to look at the back of the case, "can we watch this one? Please!?"

Josh chuckled and rose to his feet to walk towards Mikey, "I dunno it might be too scary for you."

"No way!" retaliated Mikey, "I just played your nut-job game -- my shorts aren't squish'in anywhere!"

"Good point," agreed Josh, "So... I won't get into trouble for letting you watch this will I?"

"Nah, Gloria won't care."

"All right... Well grab us something to drink from the fridge and I'll get this started."

Mikey ran into the kitchen faster than Josh could finish the sentence, "Hey Mikey?"


"I just realized -- I don't even know how old you are."

"Eleven," answered Mikey as he re-entered the room with a couple of root-beers, "You?"


"Really?" Mikey's face scrunched up in disbelief, "You look older than that!" he teased as he dropped down onto the couch.

"Shut up."

"Excuse me?" Mikey stood back up from the couch, "Do you always talk to adults like that?" he said in his best `mock- Josh' impression that he dubbed possible.

"Oh -- I get it," replied Josh in a sarcastic moan, "You don't want to watch the movie do you?"

Mikey's face became consumed with a massive, reddened grin as he perched his lips and quietly sat back down on the couch. Josh just smiled and pressed play on the remote while backing away from the TV to join Mikey on the couch and snuggled down into the corner.

Throughout the movie Mikey remained quiet. Josh couldn't quite understand it; he had thought that kids were always anxious and fidgety. Mikey, however, was a different story. He sat with his feet up on the couch, curled in at his side, and his arms folded over the arm of the couch, opposite to Josh. Sometimes Josh even found himself staring at the boy just to see if he was still blinking, for his eyes were large and wide, glistening from the strain of his intense viewing.

Eventually, Josh realized that he had seen more of Mikey than he had of the movie; he couldn't help himself. There was something about the current situation that enticed him, like a pull against his eyes. It wasn't just the fact that he had this new, strange boy sitting beside him on a couch. It was an odd thrill, like he was doing something sneaky, feared being caught, yet had to see how long he could get away with it, whatever it was.

Soon after, everything became clear when Mikey randomly flopped his body across the couch and laid his head against the side of Josh's thigh. Josh looked down at the boy, holding his breath as if trying not to gasp, and his hand placed itself on the boy's shoulder. Feeling his chest become heavy and flutter, Josh stared down at Mikey. His hair was a mess and sticking up in random directions, and his eyes were wide and glued to the TV as they sparkled of moisture in between blinks. He had his chin placed gently on Josh's leg, his arms folded neatly beneath his chest, while one leg curled itself upward so that his knee was close to his chest and his foot buried within the separation of a cushion, as the other leg stretched itself out against the backrest of the couch.

Josh found himself admiring the boy's comfort; not many people can make themselves at home in somebody else's house quite so easily. He then admired the boy; his thin build and his outstretched, semi-curled body with his round bubble of a butt gracing the air with its presence as it curved upward, forming a slight U-shape in his back. His shirt had risen slightly, revealing the smooth looking skin of his back, and the luring sight of that same white waistband that Josh had seen before.

"Mm, that feels good," sighed Mikey, as he stretched out his legs on the couch.

Josh looked downward and realized that somehow his subconscious had begun circling his fingers against Mikey's shoulders, "Oh, sorry," he apologized, quickly removing his hand.

"No -- don't stop," Mikey whined, "It felt comfy."

Josh smiled nervously as he stared down at Mikey, who had now rolled over onto his side. Mikey raised his hand and grabbed Josh's wrist then placed it back on his shoulder, "Do it again, -- Please?"

Looking down at the boy, Josh felt his throat become dry as he gathered the courage to resume his prior activity. He then turned his head and studied the boy's form once again; Mikey had pulled his shirt up partially, and was using the bottom of it like a glove over his hands which were resting under his chin. Josh's eyes became locked on the boy's creamy, tanned skin. It looked so smooth and soft that Josh had found suddenly found the incentive to gather the required encouragement needed to continue rubbing Mikey's shoulder. His eyes became locked on the boy's waist, the white elastic now revealed even more of itself and was now displaying a thin blue stripe followed by the GAP logo.

Mikey shuffled around, resting the back of his head against Josh's side, and then pulled Josh's hand down to his chest. Josh attempted to not appear uninterested as he stared blankly at the television scream while resting his hand on the boy's chest. He could feel the Mikey's heartbeat below his palm, and the warmth of his body as it absorbed into his hand. Looking down at him, Mikey was right back into the movie, watching it as intently as ever.

Soon, Josh found himself becoming relaxed with the situation. His mind was still racing, and his heart was about ready to bust through his chest, but his nerves were slowly subsided. Allowing his anxious hand some freedom, Josh delicately slid his hand in circles over the centre of Mikey's chest while wishing the boy was still holding his shirt up. As Josh fell victim to the lure of the movie, his hand explored Mikey's chest.

Mikey would occasionally reposition himself slightly and eventually snuggled up against Josh's stomach. Similarly, Josh's hand was now slowly encircling Mikey's stomach; the boy's skin was even smoother than Josh had thought it to be. He found his fingers had become strangely addicted to the sensation of Mikey's warmth, and greedily caressed the beauty below. His index finger then grazed the elastic waist of Mikey's underwear, causing Josh a loss of breath. He circled once, up to Mikey's navel, then slid his fingertips over the protruding fabric, and brushed them against the hem of the boy's silky red shorts.

Josh looked down at the boy's face to see if he could read any reaction, but there was none. He then circled once more, around Mikey's bellybutton, and then travelled farther down until his fingers slid horizontally across the waist of red shorts with still no reaction from the boy. For a moment Josh had completely intended to allow his hand to keep on travelling. However, his conscious would not let him, so instead he dropped his hand over Mikey's half- revealed thigh where he resumed his explorations. As his hand slid across the boy's leg, Mikey's body was sent into shivers. "That tickles," announced Mikey as he squirmed and kicked out his leg.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"It's okay," Mikey settled back down, "it still felt good though."

"You're confusing me," snickered Josh, unsure of what to do next, but Mikey didn't reply; he had already returned his attention to the TV.

Staring down at the boy to see if he were going to say anything more, Josh scratched as his thumb with his index finger, feeling the familiar slide of Mikey's shorts.

His stomach rose to his chest as adrenaline surged through Josh's body. His throat became dry, and his tongue swelled as he attempted to breath. Gently pressing in his thumb, Josh felt the fabric of the shorts slide above a slightly rubbery object. His palm became instantly clammy as his mind attempted to comprehend what Josh was feeling. Stretching out his fingers, running them through the folds of smooth fabric, he cautiously allowed his hand to weigh itself downward. His middle finger could feel the waistband belonging to Mikey's Gap underpants, and the rest of his fingers lay dormant over the firmness of Mikey's lower abdomen through his shorts. He then lightly slid his thumb back and forth; the rubber-like object was soft and pressed tightly into the shining cloth above it. As Josh did this, Mikey stretched out his legs and arms then sank back into the couch with his limbs sprawled outward.

Josh had almost crapped his pants when Mikey did this; he thought for sure Mikey would protest, but instead he just smiled and resumed his gaze to the movie. Confused as to why Mikey hadn't said anything, because surely he had to have felt something, Josh swallowed his sudden anxiety as his mind resumed its control. He looked down at Mikey's outstretched body, his hand still casually lying atop of the boy's shorts which were now rolled up to the top of legs. Josh's eyes widened at the wondrous sight of pale lengths, then at the bunched up shorts to see the blue hemmed leg of Mikey's briefs. Drawn to the new sight, Josh slowly manoeuvred his hand towards the revealed fabric, his palm slowly sliding itself over the small obstruction that his thumb once cradled. He caressed the stitching as his thumb slid over it then boldly allowed it to feel the untouched skin of the boy's inner leg. Josh froze as he felt Mikey's muscles become tense below his touch, but the boy said nothing.

After what felt like an eternity of stillness, Josh's hand resumed its mission. His fingers curled underneath the leg of Mikey's shorts as his thumb pressed in against the boy's soft centre. Slowly pulling back the material, Josh gazed down at the boy's partially revealed underwear. Although the waistband was white, the fabric was a warm blue and contained bold horizontal red stripes which was encased by white borders. He stared down at the boy's briefs and the gentle dip at the top of his leg from where it joined to his pelvis then the gentle lump beneath the cotton fabric, perfectly defined by the stripes. Josh then realized that he his thumb and index finger had found that same rubber object, and were gently rolling it between their grips.

Looking down at Mikey, his head was still turned to the side, and his eyes were still transfixed on the television. Josh stared back down to the boy's crotch and watched himself roll the boy's object in his fingers, and then gazed upon Mikey's exposed legs and stomach which was when he realized that the object was slightly larger, firmer. An excitement rushed over him, and he involuntarily squeezed it, causing Mikey's body to suddenly become tense, which then became a full bodied stretch while arching his back in the air. Josh's eyes met Mikey's, and were then greeted with a smile before Mikey turned back to the TV.

Josh's hand had wound up on Mikey's tummy during the movement, so he slowly slid his hand back down towards where it had been. This time, Josh's hand lay straight over Mikey's stomach, and stayed that way as it travelled back across the boy's waistband. As he reached the other side, Josh's hand was met with a prodding obstacle. Lifting his hand, Josh moved it forward then slowly dropped it over the lump's warmth. It was both soft and hard at the same time and expelled a heat like no other. Josh felt his fingers wrap around it, holding it at his finger tips, and as if by mistake his hand began to gently stroke its firmness.

Mikey still remained with his eyes glued to the TV as he remained lying on his back with his head resting on Josh's leg. Josh's heart was beating so heavily that he feared that it would soon give out, but he continued his exploration regardless. Just then, as Josh was about to explore further, Mikey's hand lifted from his side and his hand travelled towards Josh's, causing the man to fear that he had gone too far. However, when Josh was about to remove his hand before the boy could protest, Mikey's fingers pressed into his abdomen, and instead of moving Josh's hand, scratched beside his stiffness.

As Mikey's hand returned to his side, Josh had realized that he had forgotten to breathe and exhaled a hollow sigh. Mikey's head turned to Josh, and he stared up at the man with a lazy smile upon hi s face as his knee rose from the couch then leaned against the back rest. Josh nervously smiled down at the boy with his hand unmoving over the crotch of the boy's shorts. Then, Josh's fears came to life as Mikey's hand suddenly placed itself over his own, and as Mikey's grip tightened over Josh's wrist while slowly lifting upward, Josh felt a strange sensation of surprise. Mikey held the back of the man's hand and ever-so-slowly slide it down inside of his shorts. Josh felt his insides twisting as if they had been thrown inside a blender while the smooth-warmth of cotton flooded his against the nerves of his fingertips. His hand automatically began to explore as he looked down at Mikey's face, still smiling up at him.

The wide leg of Mikey's shorts had been spread open, displaying the majority of his briefs. Josh's fingers slid over the slender mass, still hidden by the fabric, feeling it twitch as his fingers reached its tip. He squeezed the stiffened length at its sides with his fingertips, absorbing its strength, then pressed his palm down over the boy's crotch, and slid it downward between his legs. The softness of Mikey's warm pouch, beneath Josh's hand, induced a new sensation, one of welcomed contrast.

Josh had to have more, and feeling his bravery strengthen, he slid back his hand to Mikey's stomach then pressed his hand into it while sliding his fingers towards the boy's waistband. At first, his fingers rolled back over Mikey's briefs, where he cupped his hand around the boy's centre in a firm but gentle grip, but then he slid his hand back and cautiously pried his fingertips underneath the white elastic of Mikey's underwear. Josh stopped to allow his breath to ease and his heart to slow, and then slowly moved on.

The silky-smooth skin warmed his hands so greatly that Josh's fingers felt wet and sticky, but his mind would not allow him the moment it would take to dry his palm. His knuckle came in contact with an overwhelming heat, which was spongy to the touch and hard to the feel. Josh's hand encircled it, his fingers wrapping greedily around the strange new substance. It wasn't long, nor was it plump: from its base, to its tip was no more than the length of Josh's index finger to ring finger. As the slender length became harder, Josh began to massage it. Pressing the smooth skin of Mikey's erection against the firmness of his excitement, Josh's fingers developed a slow, circling rhythm. His hand then became curious, and Josh slid it downward, curling his fingers under Mikey's loose-hanging pouch as his thumb caressed its side. His middle finger reached out and fell between the boy's legs and dipped in between the gentle curves of him behind.

Mikey's body became rigid as the man's finger slowly dug itself deeper below him, but instead of moving away from it, he became curious and spread his legs apart. Josh's fingertip soon pressed against the tightened folds of Mikey's entrance, and with an overwhelming excitement, he began to explore its circumference.

Josh's eyes stared down at the beautiful form of a body at his side, as his gaze became locked upon the arousal, partially poking out from his briefs. His mind became confused and frustrated at the same time, while it attempted to decide which part of this boy's body he wanted more. Then, as his mind felt it could not take anymore, Josh's heart took control; his hand withdrew from inside the confines of the boy's underwear as both his hands grasped the sides of the boy's shorts. Mikey looked up at the man and his hips rose from the sofa's cushion, and Josh slid the fabric down past his knees. Josh glared down at the boy's, awkwardly bunched up, underpants which were partially rolled up at the legs and lowered at the waist. Mikey's length peeked out of the fabric, proudly pointing towards his bellybutton. The boy looked up at Josh and back down to his underwear, as he sat up next to the man, and dipped his thumbs under the elastic of his briefs then slid them down to meet with his shorts at his ankles. Josh's head scrambled in lust as his eyes scurried to soak in the boy's splendour, and without the assistance of his distracted mind, pulled the boy up onto his lap.

Mikey smiled with uncertainty at Josh, while shyly looking down at his exposed lower-self. Then, as Josh's hands slid across the boy's thighs, Mikey turned his back and leaned into the man's chest. With Mikey's legs hooked around the outsides of his legs, Josh began to stroke the boy's erection while his other hand slid down against the inside of the boy's thigh, and around his hanging sack.

The muscles in Mikey's thighs tensed as his hips slowly rose and the lowered, as Josh's middle finger slid back in between the flesh of the boy's separation. Mikey rolled his head back against Josh's chest, and Josh lowered his face to the boy's hair. As the scent filled his lungs, Josh felt his lips instinctively begin to kiss the top of Mikey's head, and slowly down behind his ear. The boy's tensed muscles of his abdomen and legs quivered as the probing of Josh's finger circled the still-tight pucker of his backside. Mikey's head fell back and his chin rose, as Josh's lips met with the boy's jaw line and neck, causing shivers to flood across his body. Josh slowly made his way up to the boy's cheeks, placing gentle pinches against his soft skin; then, as if by accident, their lips met. Josh felt excitement overwhelm him and his finger pushed up against the boy's entrance, and pierced its way inside. Mikey gasped at the sudden intrusion of what was barely a centimetre inside of him, and involuntarily pushed down against it. As their lips pressed tighter against each others, Josh increased the speed of his stroking on the boy's cock; he could feel the head of Mikey's erection swell, as his fingers spun around its top, while Josh slowly circled his finger inside of the boy's loosening entrance which caused his finger to slide in farther.

Josh felt Mikey's lips begin to part, and followed by the boy's tongue as it violently pierced into his mouth. Mikey's hips then forced themselves downward, consuming Josh's finger the second knuckle, then threw his supple body outward and then upward. Josh felt Mikey's hardened length expand and shake in a sudden tremor, as his finger was tightly grasped by the muscles of the boy's lower embrace followed by a slippery moisture which caused Josh's fingers to glide freely over Mikey's still-hard length, as a few gentle beads of fluid trickled down the head his erection.

The two remained quiet as Mikey's body fell limp. They stared at the TV, watching the credits rolling up the screen. Josh placed a quick kiss on the top of Mikey's head, and then lowered his gaze to look into Mikey's eyes, "So, did you like the movie?"

Mikey turned his head, sporting a mischievous grin, "What movie?"

Josh peered down at the boy's, now limp, penis, admiring the slightly glistening skin of his centre. He then looked across the darkened room, through the small parting of his curtains, at the car parked in the driveway across the street, "Wonder how long your aunt has been home."

"Who cares?" snickered Mikey, as he snuggled himself into the man behind him.

Mikey peered at the clock on the wall to his left, "Damn, guess I should go, huh?"

Josh sighed, "Only if you promise to come back."

"Of course."

"Then I guess you can go," Josh kissed Mikey's cheek, "you gonna be okay over there?"

"Yeah," Mikey assured the man, "Gloria's not as bad as she looks, just forgetful -- Guess she's not used to having a kid yet."

"I suppose, but don't forget that you're welcome here whenever you want; and not just because I want your body," Josh giggled guiltily, "You can just come and hang out too."

Mikey rolled off of Josh's lap, and slithered to the floor as he reached for his clothes. Josh leaned forward and gently spanked the boy's bare-bottom, as Mikey bent to slide his leg into his underwear. With a mock-angry glare, Mikey smiled back at Josh then reached for his shorts.

"See yeah soon then?" asked Mikey while straightening his shorts.

"Anytime you like," Josh replied, softly, as he watched the boy walk towards the front door.

Josh followed in behind the boy, watching him slide into his shoes. While bending over, Mikey stared up at Josh with a huge grin on his face. Josh looked back at the boy, confused, "What?"
"You wet your pants."

Josh glanced down at his crotch to examine himself, "Shoot..."

Mikey's eyes then widened, followed by a mocking giggle, "Somebody got excited! You creamed!"

"Well... Yeah, I did," Josh dropped his head as his face flushed.
"Guess maybe next time you can have a go," with that said, Mikey turned and opened the door "Bye," and just like that, he was gone.

Josh watched as Mikey galloped across the street towards his house. He then smiled to himself, closed the door, and fell against its surface. Looking over to the couch where he and the boy had once been, Josh exhaled and closed his eyes to reflect upon all that had happened, then inhaled the still powerful aroma of his wondrous, "Mikey."

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