a venture into onanism  
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Oh, the pressure to perform, to achieve... the stress of exams just round the corner, and the demands to excel... it was practically killing young Josh.

God, he needed a break!

He needed to get away from it all... relax and unwind a bit. Shutting the book he stood up and stretched. Well, he'd go out, take a walk down the block... maybe even go and visit the new store that had opened last week at the corner street. Just window shop... you never know, maybe he'd get some 'inspiration'! He smiled as he closed the door softly behind him. He surely needed some, some 'inspiration'... and then he could return, lay back and jack off to glory. That would surely help, help take away some of the stress!

And as has been so rightly said - teen boys are always horny, full of cum... and dumb, and Josh soon proved it right!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The store wore a festive air and as he walked up, he saw the colorful streamers and danglers announcing the launch of a new men's perfume by a famous brand. Entering the moderately crowded store, the first thing that grabbed his attention was the huge, absolutely huge, cutout of a full color, Greek-god... bronzed and sprawled out... looking down at him, hot and sultry. Tight blond ringlets, chiseled features, bare-chested, arms thrown overhead, legs akimbo, and zip undone. White briefs covered the pubes... a prominent, mouth-watering bulge lifting the material... Licking his lips Josh stared... slowly walking past, already feeling the gentle stirring in his boxers.

He walked around for a while watching the late afternoon crowd, mostly old women and some kids... 'Nothing worth watching,' he shrugged with disappointment, and then headed for the men's department, slowly winding his way to the underwear section... eyeing the posters of studs in briefs and jocks, seeing the stacked racks, boxes displaying more pictures of amazing men, bare but for those tiny pieces of cloth covering their family jewels... Looking around slyly he quickly picked up two boxes featuring an amazingly handsome youth in colorful bikini briefs and then walked to the jeans section, his mind already made up... Picking up two jeans, he threw them over his hand, covering the two boxes and then looked around for the men's changing room, spotting the sign pointing towards the back. He went ahead and entered the narrow corridor, noting that all the doors were open, and going to the last cubicle, entered the tiny space, softly closing the door behind him, flipping the latch...

Carefully he undid the seal tape and slowly opened the flaps, extracting both briefs...

Holding them against his face he inhaled deeply the fresh smell of the new cloth... feeling the softness of the material against his cheek. Then dropping his jeans he sat down on the bare floor and pushed down his boxers, his erection springing out, and felt a shiver pass down his slender form as the cool air caressed the burning flesh pole... Taking himself in his eager hand he felt it flex as he lovingly squeezed the hot shaft, the tip already glistening under the bare florescent light.

Rubbing the new briefs over his mouth and nose, he stared at the picture on the box, carefully standing them up on the floor and then gripped his cock tighter as he began to masturbate in real earnest...

Closing his eyes he tried to picture himself on an exotic island... a vast expanse of pristine, white beach... the azure blue waters lapping gently over the smooth sand... He was lying on the sand, alone... eyes closed... soaking up the mild rays of the sun when he sensed a presence and opening his eyes looked up into the grinning face of a youth... the same youth on the box... totally naked. Silently he dropped by Josh's side and slowly lowered his face, kissing the teen on the mouth...

Rubbing the balled briefs across his smooth chest Josh speeded up as the young model positioned himself over Josh... and then slowly lifted his legs...

He could feel the hot tip against his virgin hole... fiery and unbending... and as the handsome model swayed his hips and aligned his cock... Josh reached lower... wrapping the brushed cotton around the base of his tingling penis... he was close... his toes were already curling and uncurling... and his stomach muscles were flexing violently...

The youth lowered his mouth once more, brushing his lips against Josh's open mouth... and as Josh reached up to wrap his hands around the strong shoulder, the model rammed in...

With a groan and violent bucking Josh exploded... his cum shooting high up in the air... spurt after mind-blowing spurt... before splashing his chest, pubes and the two new briefs with the thick semen.

In the build-up to the finale, and in the throes of his passion, he hadn't heard the sound of soft feet out in the narrow corridor... and neither did he hear them stop before the only closed door... He didn't hear the rustle of clothes and didn't see the two tiny faces peering curiously from under the door... watching him... watching his private act in a public place... And as he groaned and came, he didn't hear the giggles... or the stern footsteps of an adult...

He slumped back against the wall, his eyes still closed, his heart still slamming wildly... and as he went on rubbing the balled briefs across his belly and chest, in the process getting the new pieces of garments soaked in his cum, he heard the firm rap on the door of his cubicle...

"Open the door..." said a harsh voice.

Josh scrambled up and nearly tripped on his jeans and boxers around his ankles...

"Open the door..." the voice commanded again.

"Um, uh... one sec..." he stammered as he quickly tried to pull up his jeans, loosing balance and stumbling against the wooden wall.

The rap was louder now...

Pulling up the zip, and trying to smoothen the tee, and feeling the coolness of the fast drying cum on his chest, belly and pubes, Josh reached out to undo the latch and then realized that he was still holding the two briefs, now wrinkled and wet with his cum. Throwing them in a corner he undid the lock and stood aside as the door flew open and a tall, burly man glowered down at him.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"So," the burly Chief Security Officer said re-entering the room where Josh had been sitting amongst the stacks of cartons and crates for the past twenty minutes, "shall we discuss this little indiscretion of yours, your, um, venture into onanism?" he asked sitting down on the table, looking down at Josh.

Quickly lowering his eyes the boy felt the flush slowly rise... the ears hot once more as his heart picked up the beat.

"Ah, one of those 'life's fitful fever', eh?" Officer Gregory added, looking keenly at the cleanly embarrassed teen.

"I, um, uh..." Josh stammered before trailing off, his eyes looking up for a moment and then back to looking at his hands on his lap, shaking slightly.

"I'm all ears, pray, do tell me," encouraged Gregory, clearly enjoying the whole act.

Josh remained silent.

"Do you realize that your very private act, in a very public place can put you in a lot of serious trouble..." he finally said, more a statement than a question. "So, maybe, if you can explain the situation..." and he paused here for effect before adding, "I'll need to call in the police. After all, there were two witnesses, and minors at that!"

Josh felt his face burn with shame... and the tears well... Oh the humiliation, first getting caught, and then this, POLICE! Trying to blink away the tears that threatened to burst forth, he looked up pleading, "I... ah, I was... God, I have exams next week and I was stressed, I'm sorry, I just got carried away..." he blurted out, thoroughly ashamed.

"O, how full of briers is this working-day world!" he said, "A wretched soul, bruised with adversity," and then added after a brief pause, "Shakespeare."

Josh sat, his hands trembling, his mind in turmoil, totally scared.

Suddenly getting up Gregory paced the tiny room, "Two new jeans," he paused, "and two brand new briefs," he stopped behind Josh, placing a soft hand on the hunched shoulder, "each item of garment now soiled, " he said, removing his hands and riffling through the pieces that lay on the table.

"Big trouble, young man," he said sitting back on the table.

"Please," Josh pleaded in a chocked voice, looking up with reddened eyes, "I'm really, uh, terribly sorry... and... and it won't happen again..."

"I'm sure it won't, the juice ain't worth the squeeze. But how do I explain these?" asked Gregory, pointing at the clothes on the table. "What do I say, 'shop-soiled'?"

Josh stared, silent, totally shamed.

"Well, maybe you'll buy these items..." Gregory finally said looking down into his eyes.

"I... ah, I..." Josh stammered, "I don't have the money..."

"Oh, but I must answer the boss. How do I explain this, huh?"

"Please..." Josh pleaded.

"But if you don't pay for the stuff I must inform the store manager..." he trailed off, tilting his head to a side, eyes staring up at the ceiling, as if deep in thought. "And then," he spoke after a brief pause, "the police will have to be brought in..." And as Josh sat and shivered, he went on, "then the courts... 'O shame, where is thy blush?'... Shakespeare," he added after another pause, watching the boy shiver, wringing his hands, "God, maybe a short spell in a cell... Oh, and to think, the tabloids will go to town with the story, and your pictures too!"

"Please, do something..."

"But what?"

"I... I don't know, but I'll do anything, please help me," pleaded Josh, on the verge of tears, "not the police or the courts, I'll do anything!"

"Anything?" Gregory asked.

Josh nodded vigorously.

Staring back at the ceiling, lost in deep thought, Gregory rapped the table top...

"The quality of mercy is not strain'd, It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven, Upon the place beneath..." he finally said, looking back at Josh, before pausing for a moment and then adding, Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice. 'It is twice blest: It blesseth him that gives and him that takes..."

Josh stared back, his head still swimming, his body numb, barely making any sense of the words.

"OK," Gregory finally said getting off the table and walking to the closed door, "Thou shalt be both the plaintiff and the judge, Of thine own cause..." obviously once more quoting from Shakespeare, and locking the door turned around, "'For they say every why hath a wherefore...' and I say, every problem should have a solution... 'And thus I clothe my naked villany, With odd old ends stol'n out of holy writ, And seem a saint, when most I play the devil'"

Walking back to the table he once more sat down, "OK, let see what we can work out," he said with a smile, reaching out and patting Josh's left cheek, 'Though this be madness, yet there is method in it', and so, why don't you take off your clothes for me..."

With a start Josh stared at him... surprised at the suggestion, but also feeling his heart begin to slam as his cock slowly hardened.

"`There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life, Is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat, And we must take the current when it serves, Or lose our ventures...', Julius Caesar," he smiled, as his large hands gripped the slender shoulders and gently pulled Josh up.

Slowly he stripped away the clothes and as Josh stood shivering in his nakedness, Gregory let out an appreciative whistle, his large hands reaching out to tweak a nipple, pat a butt and fondle the twitching teen phallus, "Prime..." he smiled at Josh, "and now, you may proceed," he said, leaning back on the table on his elbows.

" 'Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore, So do our minutes hasten to their end'," he recited softly as he watched the naked boy move in, between his spread thighs and slowly reach out...

With shaking hands and trembling fingers Josh slowly began undoing the buttons and then took off the shirt... reaching lower to undo the zip and then pull off the pants. He paused for a moment, gulping, his whole body wracked with an uncontrollable tremor, and then taking a deep breath, he hooked his fingers in the elastic waist band of Gregory's boxers and tugged them off... gasping loudly as his eyes feasted on the Security Officer's loins...

Like the rest of Gregory... it too was large, very large... and with wide eyes, and a grateful heart, Josh bent forward, stooping to conquer...

No more Shakespeare... no more quotes... none were needed any more, as the tiny room was soon reverberating with the nasal whine and obscene slurps, shortly joined in by satisfied groans... But the sounds barely penetrated the stout door, and the corridor outside remained blissfully silent... the store without now bustling with shoppers as the staff scurried around, engaged in their routine responsibilities...


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