"Y" Boy Part 8

By Jeffy

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Ok guys, I did promise in part 7 that Cory and Jeff would be back. I'm sorry it's been such a long time and I hope you enjoy this part. I must apologize for not writing as much as I'd have liked to, but my recent job search took up most of my spare time. Happily, that situation is now resolved. It's also especially difficult after seeing the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center firsthand, but we must go on or the bastards win!

This story depicts minors and adults having unprotected, unsafe sex. Obviously, this is not real life and should be taken as such. Otherwise, enjoy!

Otherwise, enjoy!

"Foul mouthed? Fuck you!" - - A. Foley

Chapter 15 -- The Birthday Boy

The months fairly flew by, and before I knew it summer was here again. I couldn't help but notice that time doesn't stand still, especially with kids; the top of Cory's head was up to my shoulder, rather than at chest level as it was when I first met him. I wondered about him growing up and entering puberty, and whether he'd still welcome the attentions of a dirty old man like me.

Meanwhile, my birthday was rushing toward me like a freight train. You see, I'm a real turd about my birthday. No, really, I mean it. There's just something about it that I absolutely hate. Normally, I just treat it like any other day and ignore it. One year some of my friends had a surprise party for me, so I stayed away after I found out. Everyone said they had a great time eating my cake and opening my presents, so I guess it worked out OK, at least that time; nobody ever tried that again, however.

So it was that I was determined to be a total dickhead about this upcoming birthday, as usual. And, as usual, my friends and lovers had to set me straight.

It was a Saturday at the beginning of July, and I was sitting around Michael's pool (as was our normal routine) while Sean and Cory ran around like lunatics, trying to see if they could drive us both to distraction (they could) and probably violating the town's anti-noise ordinances. I swear, I never get tired of seeing the boys just run around, have fun, and just be boys.

"So, Jeff, have you thought about what you want for your birthday?" Michael had an innocent look on his face, which should have tipped me off right away.

"Well," I began, "there's really nothing that I can think of right offhand. I guess just a nice dinner out or something." I was trying to treat it lightly. Ha, right!

Michael gave me a hard look. I had come to recognize his style, as a mental health professional, a person, and a lover: he tackled things head on. He just wasn't constitutionally suited to the roundabout approach, and he didn't disappoint me this time.

"You're not going to be a butthead about it, are you?" He said this in the sweetest, most reasonable tone of voice you can imagine, causing alarm bells to go off in my head. He had a plan of some sort in mind, I just knew it.

"This year, in case you haven't noticed, you have others to think about. The boys and I talked about it, and we want to do something nice for your birthday. And guess what, you're going to let us." Michael smiled at me like the cat that'd swallowed the canary. Damn, I just knew he was up to something!

I sighed, sensing the inevitable. "Sometimes you're a stubborn butthead, but I love you." I leaned over and kissed him, feeling a bit misty eyed. This love stuff has pitfalls you don't hear about in songs on the radio.

"It's mutual, butthead!" We melted into a long, tender kiss until we were rudely disturbed by two naked, wet, giggling boys.

Sean jumped onto my lap, while Cory did the same with Michael. All barriers had vanished between us since we'd first become lovers and Sean felt as at home on my lap as Cory did sitting with Michael. Of course we retaliated by tickling the boys ferociously until they begged for mercy, or at least threatened us with peeing on our laps if we didn't stop.

I thought to myself as I slowly dried Sean's pale, slim body. Did I love these guys? Yes, with all my being. Was it too much to ask to let them to celebrate my birthday? No, of course not. There, easy decision.

That decided, I turned all my attention to Sean. He had very pale skin and didn't tan well, so he had to be careful about getting too much sun, as many redheads do. He'd also shot up, hitting a growth spurt recently, although he remained very slim, almost skinny. I always marveled at his boyish good looks, extending right down to the freckles that liberally decorated his shoulders. I just had to kiss the last few drops of water off of those shoulders. He tasted of sun and boy, with a little chlorine thrown in.

"Whoa, wait, if we start that we'll never eat dinner. Come on, let's get cleaned up so we can go out to The Barn and have a nice dinner." Michael was such a spoilsport sometimes! Sean stuck his tongue out at him, mirroring my feelings exactly.

We all got dressed and adjourned to The Barn, where were greeted by Dean, the owner. I was glad to see that they'd reopened after the original restaurant burned to the ground the previous year. We all got seated and ordered appetizers and iced tea, and then ordered our meals. I went for the blackened Cajun fish, Michael went with a steak (he always does) and the kids both wanted pasta. We passed the meal very enjoyably, chatting and laughing.

Afterward, we all went out back to feed the fish and turtles in the huge lake in back of the restaurant. As we stood on the docks, lots of sunfish and small turtles swam over and ate the bread that the boys enthusiastically tossed into the water.

"Hey, Michael, get a load of that monster!" I pointed to the biggest snapping turtle I'd ever seen, happily snapping up chunks of bread. Shit, the monster had to be easily three feet from snout to tail!

"God! Glad we're safely up on the docks!"

I could only agree, as a huge bass swam up from the depths to claim his portion. Oh, for a rod and reel at that moment! Bread exhausted, we repaired back to Michael's to sit on the couch in front of the TV in one satisfied heap until our dinner fullness passed. Sean sat on my lap and Cory sat on Michael's, apparently having agreed to switch lovers for the night (which was fine with me).

Sean began to doze as I gently rubbed his back. I just love to give a boy a back rub, and tonight was no exception. I really got into it, keeping my touch soft, lulling Sean off to la-la land while I planned out what I wanted to do to my little redheaded lover boy. You see, I planned to tease him as long as I could, to drive him to an absolute sexual high and then to satisfy him (and myself, of course) completely.

I began by moving one hand around to his smooth, flat belly. He had the merest hint of baby fat on him, just enough to be absolutely adorable and gently pinch (which I just had to do). Sean started, then lay with his head back and a smile on his freckled face. I couldn't help but smile back; he was so open and trusting!

I caressed his lovely face with my fingertips, tracing the line of his cheekbones, his eyes, snub little nose, eyebrows, and forehead. He was so incredible, I wanted to explore each individual freckle as I paid homage to his beauty. His eyebrows were so fine and delicate that you had to look hard to see them, and you could lose yourself in his blue eyes. Sean sighed and relaxed completely under my caress. I had him right where he wanted me!

Still teasing, I caressed his upturned palm. If you've never done this to anyone before, try it. It's almost unbelievably intimate without being overtly sexual. Now Sean began to squirm a little, wanting the sexual release I would eventually give him; I wanted this special time to last as long as possible. Now don't get me wrong, I love all of the boys, but as we'd gotten more used to each other and more sexually oriented, foreplay had gotten shoved aside in favor of good old-fashioned fucking like crazy. I just wanted to have some tenderness and intimacy with Sean.

I moved on, tenderly nibbling on the inside of Sean's elbow until he was looking at me closely, wondering why I hadn't touched his dick yet. Let him wonder! I gently lifted his arm above his head, exposing his soft, hairless underarm. I kissed and licked my way along his arm until I got there, really causing him to squirm. I swear I could do that to Sean forever! I lost myself for a time in exploring, licking, tasting, and sucking on every inch of that wonderful, boy-skin. Sean was squirming like crazy and making unintelligible noises, but I held him firmly until he stopped and relaxed, moaning. I alternated between licking in a circular pattern and working my way from side to side (like a cat), loving the clean taste and boy scent that seemed to permeate my senses. Finally, I had to come up for air.

One glance at Sean told me that he was in the same state I was, namely that of aroused beyond belief. I took a deep breath to steady myself, then began my assault on Sean's neck and ears. I worked my way slowly, nibbling on his soft, wonderful neck, then gradually moving upward. I was careful not to inflict a hickey (that might just be a bit too obvious on a preteen boy), but did everything short of that until I was happily nibbling on Sean's earlobe. His ears are absolutely perfect, not too big, with nicely bitable lobes. This totally drives him wild, unlike Cory who can take or leave the ear nibbling but just loves to have his neck kissed right below the ear. Oh well we all have our preferences.

I gently kissed him on the lips, refraining from inserting my tongue into his mouth, as much as he wanted it at the moment. I had other things in mind! I gently kissed my way down the center of his chest, only briefly licking each nipple as I went by (much to Sean's disappointment, since he moaned as I did it). I took my time, licking and kissing his smooth abdomen, until I got to his slim, throbbing boyhood, sticking up proudly. It was soooo cute as it just stuck straight out, throbbing a little, totally straight (Cory's, like mine, has a slight upward curve). I homed in on Sean's balls, almost out of sight and drawn up tightly under his hard on. I gently grasped them, pulling them downward, playing with them, tugging on them, then rolling them around in their silky, hairless sac while Sean collapsed against me, breathing hard. Evidently I'd discovered something he really liked! I glanced over at Michael, who smiled and gave me a thumbs up. He and Cory were paying rapt attention to us. Hell, you couldn't ask for a more appreciative audience!

Now, how to tease him yet still satisfy his (and my) desires? Hmmm, I'd settle for sucking on those wonderful little balls. I gently, lovingly sucked in the left one as his other ball tried to retreat to it's hiding place. I marveled at how small and soft it was, then decided what the hell and sucked the other one into my hungry mouth. I sucked firmly as Sean's small body spasmed in delight again and again as his hands clenched on the couch. It seemed that I was successful in driving him crazy! The only problem was that I was rock hard and needing to get off myself, like really bad.

Letting his little marbles go, regretfully, I just had to lick my way up the inside of his thigh, just at the point where it joined his body. God, it was so soft and warm, rich with the fragrance of a young boy. It's that wonderful, clean smell that you can never mistake once you've experienced it. Sean was, by this time, almost incoherent with desire, moaning and rolling his head from side to side, a little glob of spittle rolling down his chin. At this point, I'd have been hard-pressed to say which one of us was more desperate to get off, but somehow I managed to control myself.

I gently turned the nearly comatose boy over and lubed up his small, pink anus. It was slightly open from Michael's regular attentions, pink, and beautiful, just inviting me to have my way with it. Of course, that was my intent! I originally wanted to rim him out good, but I was just too hot and bothered for that. I'd make it up to him later. Sean barely stirred as I applied a generous dollop of KY to my fingers and worked them around his hole, making sure that he was well lubricated. Then, unable to hold back, I plunged the entire length of my hot, hard shaft into him in one slow thrust. As I've mentioned before, I'm not particularly well-endowed, and since Sean was used to Michael's much bigger pole, he took mine with only a small grunt of pleasure.

Now however, I had a dilemma on my hands. How could I make slow, passionate love to Sean and still tease him? Talk about a paradox! I thought about it while I just held him close on my lap, enjoying the closeness, while Sean did the same while waiting for me to begin fucking in earnest. Experimentally, I shifted Sean's weight on my lap until I was rewarded with a gasp of pleasure on his part; apparently my dick was pressing right on his prostate. I had it!

I wrapped him up in my arms, holding him just tightly enough that he could squirm a bit but nothing more. I held him there, not quite sitting still, and not quite fucking, as I shifted him around on my dick. Not quite content with that, I nibbled on his neck and luscious ears ad he cooed his pleasure. We were so close that I'd have had to climb inside his skin to get any closer! We just sat there, rocking, as the sweat flowed freely from our bodies and Sean began to attempt to thrust his tight, hot, wet butt into my body to get more penetration. Maybe it was the position, or maybe it was the way Sean was squirming in my arms, but I found myself getting closer and closer to the edge. Frantically I began to think about work to calm down, but Sean had his own ideas. He clenched and unclenched his ass rapidly, causing me to totally lose control and begin shooting into hit wet, tight, velvety cavern. I literally saw stars as my orgasm hit me; it seemed to go on and on, spurt after gooey spurt, until I had nothing more to shoot. We collapsed, spent, into a sweaty pile of flesh. I was dimly aware of Michael and Cory going at it right beside us.

I don't actually remember going to bed, but we must have since that's where I woke up the next morning, with Michael snoring up a storm beside me. The kids had retreated to the guest room to get away from his snores, which sounded like some special-effects machine gone wacko. Picture R2D2 mixed in with Chewbacca and you've pretty much got it.

The next weekend was my birthday. I looked forward to it with decidedly mixed feelings. I'd been a butthead about it for so long that it was almost ingrained in me, much as I tried to fight it. I seem to be as much a creature of habit as anyone.

I got to Michael's fairly early on Saturday after hitting the grocery store, bagel shop, and cleaners to take care of the necessities of life (and yes, I classify onion bagels as such). The place seemed to be quiet as I wandered out back. Too quiet. I was on guard for any and everything!

The boys didn't disappoint me. Just as I got to the pool area and saw the big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF" sign I was bowled over by an avalanche of boyflesh yelling, "Happy Birthday" and grabbing me on every portion of my anatomy. I was pleased to see that Matt and James had shown up, as well as Cory and Sean. No sooner did they sort themselves out they were off again, running around the pool like maniacs after giving me a quick kiss each. Kids sure tend to keep you on your toes!

Michael showed up, grinning, to help me to my feet as soon as my head stopped spinning. When I asked him what the plan was for the day, he just grinned at me with his little "I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you" look. I ground my teeth in frustration as he led me around to a lounge chair that had been set up in a prime, shady spot. I got settled in with a glass of wine and watched the boys horse around in the pool, at first with their suits on, then bare assed as their horseplay got more intense and they pantsed each other. Each time one of the boys passed my chair (throne?) I got a nice kiss and cuddle, but it seemed that I wasn't destined to have sex with them just yet. I settled back and had more wine, content to let their plan unfold.

By early afternoon Michael had managed to stuff me with hamburgers and hot dogs, not to mention a bit of wine, and I found I was ready for a short nap to recharge. As I settled down I felt Matt and James snuggle nakedly in with me (luckily the lounge chair was of the variety big enough to almost have it's own zip code). I drifted off, totally content, not to mention a bit sozzled from the wine.

I woke up a couple of hours later pleasantly refreshed and luckily not groggy from the wine. Cory and Sean stretched sleepily on either side of me. Wait a minute, didn't I go to sleep with Matt and James? Hmmm, going to sleep with two naked boys and waking up with two entirely different naked boys was a singular experience. I happily snuggled with the boys, who were content to kiss (bleh, morning breath, but who cared?) and touch, but didn't seem inclined toward any serious sex. I smelled a plan! These little sex fiends never showed this much restraint.

I glanced at the sun sinking low on the horizon as the boys led me into the house to get cleaned up. The wine had pretty well worn off by this time and I felt alert and clear headed, probably from the power nap earlier.

"What's this?" I asked Cory, seeing my shaving kit laid out for me in the bathroom. You see, I have this religious objection to shaving on any day that I don't have to go to work.

My little lover just looked at me with his puppy dog eyes and held out my razor. I sighed and gave in to the inevitable. Finally, shaved and showered, I emerged to find an empty room and my tuxedo laid out for me along with a note in Cory's boyish handwriting. It said, "A gentleman should dress for dinner." Now my curiosity was really piqued. Where could we be going that required formal dress?

It turned out that we were going to Michael's dining room. I came out to find all five of my lovers looking at me, all dressed, combed, and scrubbed. The boys looked so damn cute in their Sunday best and Michael looked dashing in his black tie and tails. My heart just melted seeing how much trouble they'd gone to just for me.

The dining room was the picture of elegance with the fine china, crystal, and candles set out. The boys all took turns bringing our food, starting with appetizers and finishing with the most sinful chocolate cake you can imagine. The boys had their best manners on display for me, being perfect little gentlemen, using the right forks (hey, they were one up on me in that respect), putting their napkins on their laps, and generally being very proper. I couldn't tell you what we talked about during dinner, or what we ate, other than to say it was wonderful. I was too busy being enveloped in this sort of rosy glow that came from being with those I love. God, how I love these guys!

Dinner over, the kids cleaned up the dishes (they refused to let me help) and I repaired to the den, which had been set up as a sort of dance floor. The walls were covered in black draping of some sort, where was a raised stage set up in the center, and hanging from the ceiling was (I did a double take) a spinning disco ball. Where the hell had Michael found one of those things?

Michael poked his head in. "The floor show starts in a bit, make yourself comfortable!" he told me.

Floor show? Hmm, something told me this was gonna be interesting! I thought a minute. I knew Matt had taken dance lessons for years, even though he'd never demonstrated his talents (well, those talents anyway) for me. As far as I knew, none of the other boys danced, but I was determined to enjoy the show anyway. I settled into the single recliner in the center of the room and waited with happy anticipation.

I heard giggling from behind the makeshift curtain across the hallway where the boys were undoubtedly getting ready for whatever they had planned. Michael's head appeared suddenly, grinning like a loon.


"I suppose so, bring it on!" I couldn't wait for whatever was to come next.

With a flourish, Michael stepped out from behind the curtain. I applauded his appearance.

"And now presenting, for your viewing, drooling, and jerking off pleasure -- The Birthday boy Dancers!" Michael gestured grandly, then came and sat down next to me in a chair I hadn't noticed.

All in a rush, the boys stepped out from behind the curtain. My breath caught in my throat as I literally drank in the sight of four oiled, sexy, nearly naked boys prancing out proudly. They wore black Speedos, grins, and not much else. God they were beautiful! Some hip-hop song I didn't recognize started on the stereo and the boys, right on cue, started to shake it and bake it!

Let's see if I can describe their dancing styles. Matt was precise and controlled, totally in rhythm, his formal dance training showing in every step; he moved with natural rhythm and grace. Cory, my beloved boy, wasn't far behind him in skill, even though he had only a little training. Sean bopped right along with the music, showing his natural grace but it was obvious that the only dance training he'd ever received had been inflicted recently by Matt. James, however, had a sense of rhythm just like mine -- none! He danced more like Fred Flintstone than Fred Astaire, but his boundless enthusiasm more than made for it. I just sat there, spellbound, amazed that Michael and the boys would go to so much trouble for my birthday.

I just had to play with myself a little as the boys really got into it, showing their beautiful bodies off for my benefit, but Michael caught both of my hands.

"Now, now, none of that," he told me in a mock-stern voice, "keep your hands on the arms of the chair. That's a good boy!" He patted my head just like I was one of the kids. Meekly, I obeyed and put my hands back on the chair arms. I watched the show, wanting to reach out and touch the boys, but I knew that Michael (bless him!) had other ideas.

The first song over, the boys all rushed back behind the curtain. The sounds of giggling and scuffling could be heard as they prepared for the next song.

I just smiled as the opening strains of "Car Wash" began to play and the boys came back out. Have I mentioned that Michael was a big disco fan back in the `70's? I could tell that he'd had a hand in the song selection. I soon lost all inhibition as I gyrated in my seat and clapped along with Rose Royce as the boys, now a bit sweaty, shook it harder and more energetically than ever. The song ended, and the boys scampered back behind the curtain. I was so aroused that my dick threatened to burst through my pants at any time and my breath was coming in short pants. I think the breaks between songs were as much to allow me to recover as to let the boys do the same!

After Michael got me a glass of water, the show went on with several selections from Saturday Night Fever. Let me tell you, with the boys dancing along (now in white Speedos) I appreciated the brilliance of the Bee Gees more than ever. As the boys closed out their set with "Stayin' Alive" I was sitting there drooling, the blood long since having gone from my head to my dick. I guess it's true, men have both but only enough blood to run one at a time. Michael seemed fascinated with watching me degenerate into a drooling, horny idiot.

After the next small intermission, I heard the familiar strains of "YMCA" come blasting through the stereo as I laughed and clapped. The boys rushed back in, dressed for the occasion. Cory had a toy tool belt around his narrow waist, Matt had a police hat on and a toy gunbelt around his waist, while Sean wore a single feather in his hair and James was dressed in a leather vest. All of the boys were again dressed in their original black Speedos. Both Michael and I went wild (as did the kids, who were dancing their little butts off) as we clapped and made the "YMCA" signs with our arms.

The boys looked soooo hot I just had to cum! I began to get my dick out when Michael grabbed my hands again, the bastard! He held onto them until I calmed.

"You fucker, I need to cum. Let me go!" I wasn't in the most rational frame of mind at that moment.

"I love you too, but the boys'll kill me if I let you cum now, sorry. Just compose yourself."

I whined like a lost puppy with need, but somehow managed to keep from throttling Michael, who seemed to be fascinated by my predicament. I swore I'd get him when his birthday rolled around!

With the song ended and the boys back behind the curtain, Michael nudged me and whispered, "One more song and then it's off to bed with you, young man!" I loved his sense of humor sometimes, but at that moment I was too painfully aroused to notice.

I couldn't possibly see what could top the performance I'd just witnessed, but as usual, I was wrong. Michael turned all the lights down low. I waited with great anticipation.

Oh. My. God. The first, soft strains of Donna Summer's "Love to Love You" wafted through the air. Cory entered, stage left, wearing nothing but a seductive little grin as he began to dance the most sensuous, sexy dance in the entire history of mankind. As his body slowly undulated his eyes remained locked on mine, letting me know that he danced only for me, communicating his love through that intense gaze. Cory was sweating freely now, totally into his dance; I could smell the sweet perfume of his boy-sweat from where I sat. Cory moved, he writhed, he gyrated, all in perfect time with the music. The light reflected off of his sweaty skin and slim physique, making him look like a perfect little boy-god. I looked down and saw that his beautiful small dicklet was hard and throbbing as he danced out our love. Still holding eye contact, he moved his hands down his luscious boy-body, caressing his nipples, getting them hard for me before moving down to his perfect bubble-butt cheeks, squeezing them, then separating them to show me his incredible little pink hole. From Michael's intake of breath, I gathered that this wasn't part of the planned choreography. Smiling a devilish little smile, Cory licked his middle finger then proceeded to insert it into his hungry anus, not stopping until the digit was fully imbedded. God! I was hyperventilating for real now, unable to believe the scene in front of my eyes. Cory got down on the floor, humping with his hips, being fucked by an imaginary lover. I swear my mouth hung open and I could almost feel the drool running down my chin.

Finally, after some timeless time, the song ran down and Cory walked over to me, put his arms around my neck, plunked himself down in my lap and whispered in my ear, "Happy birthday!" Then he began to nibble on my ear, which always drives me nuts. For once I was speechless, totally floored by the incredible performance I'd just witnessed.

"Did you like my dance?" he asked me, grinning from ear to ear.

"Ah, ur, um, god!" I guess the blood hadn't yet gotten back to my brain.

"I'd say he did!" James, grinning, stood behind Cory, as did Matt and James. All of them were naked, grinning and hard, ready for action.

All four of them? Flattered and excited as I was, I didn't there was enough Viagra in the world to enable me to satisfy four horny young boys on my best day. Meanwhile, Cory was seriously working on my earlobe, making me shiver with delight.

"OK, OK, scoot you guys. Jeff needs to catch his breath and clean up, and so does Cory. Get ready for phase 2!" Michael started playfully slapping butts as the boys scooted, all except for Cory. He held on tightly, as if he never intended to let me go. Michael physically separated him from me (the heartless bastard!). Cory went, after glancing backward and grinning.

Phase 2? I didn't think my heart could take it, though I'd die with a smile on my face!

Michael took me to his bathroom, where he proceeded to undress me like a little kid and put me in the shower. I was still in shock from Cory's dance. All I could see was his body wildly gyrating to the music and his eyes communicating his love with laser beam intensity.

"You'd better do right by that amazing boy tonight, you know that?" Michael was looking me right in the eyes, suddenly serious. I just nodded and he smiled.

I was marched to the bedroom, where I was greeted by a sight right out of my fantasies. The only light came from about a zillion candles placed on every horizontal surface. This gentle light illuminated the sight of four naked, hard, horny boys in Michael's king-sized bed. The boys just smiled as I walked over to the bed like a zombie and got in. Cory and Matt were on one side of me, while James and Sean were on the other side. One by one, all of the boys gave me a hot, wet, long, deep French kiss, their little tongues going wild in my mouth, until I finally had to come up for air.

Then the boys got down to serious work, their smooth little hands touching me everywhere, stroking, caressing. I honestly couldn't tell you who touched me where or which hands were attached to which boy, but my nips, dick, and ass got plenty of attention. Then they moved around, one of them licking and sucking my dick, one my nips, one kissing me madly, and another tonguing my ass. From time to time they switched around, and eventually I had each of their little cocklets and asses in my mouth. I made sure each came at least twice in my mouth as I settled back to enjoy, cumming twice in the process. By some miracle, I stayed hard, the taste and smell of sweaty young boys permeating my being.

Suddenly, the other boys were gone and Cory was cuddling at my side. How I love that kid! We both just lay there, cuddling, taking a bit of a breather, before Cory moved on top of me. As I began to run my hands all over his soft, warm, bare skin he put a small finger over my lips and whispered, "Shhhh, let me. Just enjoy!"

Who was I to argue? Cory lay on top of me, touching, rubbing, and kissing me passionately. He seemed to be trying to get his small tongue as far down my throat as it would go, so I took the opportunity to do the same to him, getting a big gasp at the unexpectedness of my action. Taking things in hand (so to speak) Cory moved on to my neck and ears, again driving me nuts with desire. I'd never seen the little guy so sexually aggressive! He tried to take his time, but I know he was as excited as I was. It wasn't long before he moved on down to my right nipple, licking and sucking, before gently using his teeth, drawing an deep moan of pleasure and pain right from my guts. Encouraged, he moved on to the other one, giving it the same treatment. I just lay back, and before I knew it my little lover was licking my balls, pausing to suck on one, drawing it into his hot, wet little mouth and then spitting it out. I couldn't ever remember being this aroused in my entire life, and Cory hadn't even begun to work on my dick yet!

He soon remedied that oversight as he began to tongue, lick suck, and even nibble on my dick. Abruptly, I lost control and just HAD to cum! Cory sensed this and rather rudely grabbed both of my balls in his hot little hand, pulling them down away from my body. Yeouch! I spasmed wildly, but Cory held on like a little trouper until I'd calmed down.

"Now, now, none of that, not yet." He wagged a small finger at me, then paused to lick up a large glob of pre-cum that had dripped down the side of my dick. Shit, he was gonna drive me insane! I just lay there panting.

Suddenly, Cory lifted himself up and abruptly impaled himself on my dick, sliding it all the way in with one long, sustained lunge. I was concerned he'd hurt himself, but he only gave one satisfied grunt before settling back down on it, getting the absolute maximum penetration possible. I put my hands up to caress his lovely body, but he rather firmly put my hands above my head, wanting to do all the work himself. Finally, I let him, as he moved ever so slowly up and down, panting a little. He also flexed his butt muscles, making his hot, already tight little tunnel contract at unpredictable intervals, driving me to another level of unimaginable pleasure.

We both grunted and sweated for a time as the pleasure grew more and more unbearable. I know that Cory came at least three times; I could tell from his grunts, which became more high-pitched when he did. Finally, I could take no more as I rolled Cory over and began to pound his little ass harder and harder until finally, my balls drew up and we both came like we never had before. It seemed like my orgasm went on forever as I pumped my seed into my eager boy who was busy having his own mind-blowing orgasm. I saw stars and the earth moved under me as space and time ceased to exist until I found myself collapsed on top of my panting boy, both of us sweating like mad. I looked into his eyes and kissed him gently, brushing his wet hair back from his forehead.

He kissed me on the nose and whispered, "Happy Birthday!"

And it was!