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You Never Know 2


`Strange how things turn out,' Eric thought as he pumped his cock into Ireland's very willing, well-used arse. The boy was bent over the table in Eric's stockroom-cum-office, his school trousers round his ankles, grunting with satisfaction as Eric rammed home.

He only fucked the boy in school occasionally – it wasn't exactly the safest place to fuck him after all – but the danger element excited the boy and the outer door to Eric's wooden `temporary' classroom was locked.

He'd been fucking the boy for over a year now and Eric didn't usually keep a boy that long, but Ireland was exceptional. Most of the many boys that Eric had sampled in his twenty-odd years of teaching had been `cock only' boys, boys who wanted to be brought to orgasm by something other than their own hands but nothing more. Usually they moved on to girls after a month or so and Eric looked around for the next one to seduce and suck.

Ireland had been different. Eric hadn't seduced him – at fourteen, the clothed boy was far too unattractive to even think about seducing. The boy had come to him, asking for protection from the bullying his unpleasant personality so richly deserved, and had offered to do what Harris, the boy Eric had been sucking until the Friday before, had done. Ireland's very limited brain had thought that what Harris had done included taking teacher cock up his arse, and once Eric had seen Ireland naked, that is where teacher cock went.

It was a strange arrangement; to be honest, Eric didn't like the boy, but he did like the boy's body, and he especially liked the complete, unquestioning, total availability of that body.

It had taken a week of dedicated fingering to get Ireland's hole stretched enough to take a good seven inches of thick cock up him, but once his virginity was a thing of the past, Ireland took that cock on a daily basis.

Until Ireland, Eric had been much more of a sucker than a fucker, but the boy's willing and available hole had rather changed his outlook on life. Ireland was pure fuckflesh, and Eric had come to the conclusion that he rather liked fuckflesh.

He didn't fuck Ireland to climax this time  – he was doing the boy bare and there wouldn't be time for him to clean up before he had to go to his next lesson, and even Ireland, stupid though he was, would not want to go into class with teacher cum dripping down his legs. Instead, Eric withdrew, wiped his cock clean with a damp cloth and finished off in the boy's mouth. No time to suck out the boy's spunk, that would have to wait till lunchtime.

The normal lunchtime ritual was for Ireland to arrive at Eric's little, private room, offer his mouth for deep, deep kissing while his school trousers were undone and fell to the floor around his ankles, freeing his magnificent cock for fondling – the boy had long since given up underwear in order for his possessions to be more readily available – and then he would sit and smoke a cigarette while Eric sucked his spunk out.

Today, Ireland did not arrive alone.

The boy with him was fair-haired and slender, a little hatchet faced, but even so, far better looking than Ireland. He was also small, probably not even within three inches of being five foot, and very obviously some three years younger than the ugly fifteen-year-old who should have been arriving alone for his regular sucking.

Eric raised an inquisitive and less than pleased eyebrow, though his brain did register that the fair-haired little item might be worth some attention in a couple of years' time.

"Had to bring him," Ireland shrugged, "Miss Evans ain't here today an' the cow what's in instead won't have no-one lunch time."

"Why does that mean you have to bring him?" Eric asked, annoyed that his lunchtime mouthful was clearly not going to happen today.

"I has to look after him, don't I," Ireland explained, shrugging again.

Understanding seeped into Eric's brain; Miss Evans, the newly appointed Head of the `Alternative Skills' Department – `Alternative Skills' being the latest politically correct educational term for `thicker than shit' – had instituted a system of monitoring, whereby each young boy was placed in the care of an older one in order to reduce the possibility of bullying. This one was obviously Ireland's to look after.

"It's alright, though," Ireland said, "He's well safe."

"Is he," Eric said, far from certain just what Ireland meant by that.

Some of that uncertainty evaporated when Ireland produced his packet of cigarettes and offered one to the young boy before taking one himself.

The boy hesitated for a moment, looking at Eric and then at Ireland who nodded in confirmation. Ireland had obviously told the not-yet-teen that he was allowed to smoke in Eric's office.

Eric was not too pleased.

Eric's lack of being pleased penetrated even Ireland's incredibly thick skull and he told Eric that the boy knew when he had to keep his mouth shut.

Eric knew when he was being boymailed and switched on the portable air-con unit in his room, so the classroom would not reek of tobacco smoke. Clearly he was going to have to wait until after school for his protein. At least Ireland's magnificent cock would deliver a decent mouthful then, as the boy would not have spunked all day, and Eric was well aware of the number of loads Ireland was used to providing.

That compensatory thought lasted only a few seconds.

"Ain't gonna be able to do stuff after school no more," Ireland said, blowing a smoke ring.

Eric almost choked on his own intake of smoke; Ireland's words were a long way from being discreet.

"Gotta start work," he said, as though that explained everything.

"Work?" Eric asked, feebly.

"Yeh," Ireland did his usual shrug, "Me old lady says it's time I started earning, an' her an' the bloke what she does her stuff for's got me someone lined up for this afternoon."

Eric could only guess at what Ireland actually meant, but that guess was enough to make him pray that the fair-haired not-yet-teen was as useless at guessing as his place in the intelligence ranking suggested he should be, and, to be fair, his blue eyes showed not the slightest hint of curiosity.

"Reckons he can get fifty quid a go for me," Ireland elaborated, "An' he's put the word out an' says he can get me at least one a day and probably three or four at weekends."

"What?" Eric whispered, horrified by what he was hearing. Not horrified at what he thought he was hearing, but that the fair-haired, blue-eyed, not-yet-teen was hearing it as well.

"He's gonna take thirty an' me old lady gets twenty, an' she's gonna give me five of that. Other way round if we does it at mine instead of his."

Even if the not-yet-teen's skull was thicker than reinforced concrete he must surely cotton on to what Ireland was talking about. Eric could hear the police sirens that he was certain would be sounding for real in his ears sometime this evening.

More in hope than expectation, Eric looked at Ireland and then flicked his eyes towards the young, fair-haired boy. Amazingly, Ireland actually picked up on this,

"Told you, he's dead safe, ain't you Pete."

"Course," the not-yet-teen answered, actually sounding slightly annoyed that his `safeness' might be questioned.

"An' he can do after school an' all."

"Sorry?" A very confused Eric said.

"Pete's okay with comin' to see you," Ireland explained patiently, "Takin' over from me like what I took over from Harris."

"You mean ..........." Eric started but never finished because Ireland interrupted him,

"Yeh; well up for it, ain't you, Pete."

"Yeh," the fair-haired boy agreed, a hint of life showing in his blue eyes for the first time, "Jonny says you ain't much bigger than him so I should manage easy."

"How old are you?" Eric asked the boy, mainly because he couldn't think of anything else to say.

"Twelve," the kid declared proudly.

"He spunks though," Ireland said in the boy's defence, "Not much, but he does spunk."

"I spunks every time now," young Pete insisted, "You knows that."

"He ain't got a lot there, course, cos he only just twelve, but he's well smooth still, so you won't need to shave him for ages yet." Ireland's own pubic growth had succumbed to the razor long ago at Eric's insistence.

"It's three an' a bit!" the boy protested, "I knows it ain't nothin' like yours but it ain't bad for me age! You wanna see it?" he asked Eric.

Eric never had a chance to say if he did or not because the boy was already undoing his belt and dropping his trousers. Like Ireland, there was only boy under his grey, school trousers, and he happily lifted his shirt to his shoulders so Eric could see all there was to see.

What Eric saw was not at all unpleasant. The boy was lithe and slender, no hint of the puppy fat that so often clings to the bodies of not-yet-teens, the tiny nubs of his nipples seeming to wink enticingly. His thighs already had shape to them, long and slender, again no hint of surplus flesh, and his little cock stood firm, pointing up towards his chin, the head still sheathed in its protective covering of skin.

Given a couple of years, possibly only one more year, the boy would be a pure cock-hardener, Eric thought, and even now, too young though he was, Eric felt twinges of temptation.

One thing that Eric had never been able to handle was temptation; he could resist it for a while, but he always gave in to it in the end.

"How did you come to get him?" Eric asked Ireland, his eyes remaining fixed on the twelve-year-old's almost complete nudity. There was no point now in trying to pretend that the young boy had been brought to his storeroom office simply because the new policy for boys with concrete skulls meant that he had to be with Ireland when not in the care of his teacher.

"Weren't hard," Ireland shrugged.

"Was when I showed it to you," the fair-haired boy giggled.

"Always fuckin' is," Ireland snorted.

"I know," the boy giggled some more.

"He wanted a piss," Ireland elaborated, "An' I had to go to the bogs with him, didn't I."

"An' I showed Jonny me cock," the boy grinned, "Never wanted no piss."

"Wanted wankin' though," Ireland said, "Like what he does now."

"Course I wanted wankin'," the boy snorted. "I likes gettin' wanked."

Eric did not find that difficult to believe; the boy was still standing, trousers round his ankles and shirt pulled up to his shoulders, proudly showing himself off.

"Been wanked before, then, had, you?" Eric found himself asking.

"Yeh, on holiday in the summer," the twelve-year-old said, as though it were a matter of no real importance, "Couple of older kids, they gave me a wank if I sucked them first."

"Good at suckin'," Ireland said, "Never even had to tell him to swallow."

"Them kids on holiday said I had to swallow theirs," The boy said, still holding his shirt high. "Liked it," he giggled.

Eric told the boy to cover up and reached for his cigarettes. He needed one!

"And you've fucked him?" Eric asked Ireland when all three were doing their best to fill the small room with smoke. Ireland was far from being small, how had the little kid managed it, he wondered.

"Yeh, weren't the first," Ireland told him.

"Got fucked an' all on holiday, didn't I," the not-yet-teen explained, "Them kids did me."

"How old were they?" Eric couldn't help asking.

"I dunno," the boy shrugged, "Bout the same as Jonny, I spose. Weren't nowhere near as big, though," he grinned. "Fucked me loads."

"Didn't it hurt?" Eric was trying his best to get his head round the thought of mid-teen cock going into not-yet-teen hole.

"First, it did," the boy shrugged, "Didn't care, though. Liked it. Don't hurt none now, though. Just feels well good."

Despite all his prejudices, Eric couldn't stop himself wondering what it would be like to fuck a twelve-year-old boy.

"Pete's okay with you doin' him if you wants," Ireland, "Ain't you, Pete?"

"Yeh, deffo," the boy agreed, "Ain't been fucked by a bloke yet. Well up for it."

"An' Miss Evans ain't gonna mind a bit if Pete come to you lunchtimes instead of stayin' with her," Ireland explained, "So is you okay with him? He can do after school an' all, no problem."

Temptation and Eric had a brief battle, very brief and Temptation won.

"You available after school today?" Eric asked the little fair-haired boy, who now had his clothing back in place.

"Yeh, course," the boy grinned, "No problem."

"I gotta be at Dwayne's straight from school," Ireland said, "So I'll show Pete where to wait for you an' then I'll have to bugger off."

"Dwayne's?" Eric asked.

"Yeh, the black bloke what's pimpin' me. Said he got someone wants me arse on his way home from work, so's I gotta get there early so he can make sure I'm ready."

"You sure you're okay with doing this?" Eric asked. His concern was not based on any moral misgivings, as far as he was concerned a boy's arse was his to sell if he wanted to, but more because Ireland, being so thick, might not fully appreciate what he was getting himself into.

"Yeh," Ireland dismissed any such concerns, "Been fucked by you enough times to know what it's all about, ain't I."

No way Eric could deny the truth of that.

For a brief moment when Eric walked out to his car at quarter past three he hoped the fair-haired, not-yet-teen, Pete, would not be there. Eric did not fuck twelve year old boys; boys that age were not his thing. Eric liked adolescents, and this boy had a while to go before he became one of those.

But the boy was there, appearing from behind the school mini-bus where Ireland had told him to wait, and hopping into the front passenger seat of Eric's nondescript Seat Ibiza with a huge smile on his face.

The smile definitely gave him a degree of charm, far more charm than Ireland had ever possessed. Two more years, perhaps one, and Eric would have been wondering about the possibilities of exploring inside the boy's underwear. Now there was no need to wonder because the boy was here and Eric already knew he didn't bother with underwear.

Almost without thinking, a habit formed from Ireland being where the young boy now sat for almost a year, Eric passed across his cigarettes and lighter as he left the school gates.

"Thanks," the blue-eyed Pete cooed, accepting the offered packet.

Well, Eric thought, that's a lot more than Ireland ever did, a `thanks' had never found its way past his lips.

"You want me to get it out so you can feel it while you're driving?" Pete offered, reaching for his zip.

"Best not," Eric stopped him, "Quite a bit of traffic around and it wouldn't look good if I was driving with one hand inside your trousers."

"Spose," the blue-eyed, not-yet-teen sounded disappointed, "Does it take long to your place?"

"Only about fifteen minutes," Eric told him.

"Cool, and then you can do stuff to me proper," the boy grinned, clearly eager to get started on this new adventure.

Despite his reservations about the boy's age, Eric was experiencing the beginnings of an excitement of his own. The boy was passably decent to look at, one of those almost-teens whose mouth seems to go from ear-to-ear, and Eric was finding it impossible not to wonder how it would feel to have his teacher cock inside that wide, very young, pupil mouth.

"What time do I have to get you home?" Eric wanted to know.

"When you's had enough of doin' me, I spose," the boy grinned – he looked rather nice when he grinned – "Me mum don't give a shit when I gets home."

Eric found himself hardening. He knew he shouldn't be hardening up because he had a twelve-year-old boy in his car; Eric got hard about boys of fourteen and fifteen, not undeveloped boys of twelve, but this particular fair-haired, blue-eyed, not-at-all-bad-looking, smooth and slender boy of twelve was in his car with the express intention of getting into Eric's bed. Knowing that made Eric hard and he wanted to feel the boy's small fingers on his cock, feel the soft lips of wide, not-yet-teen mouth sliding over his pulsing prick.

Eric couldn't just take advantage of the boy even though he was far from ignorant about what was going to happen. He had been fucked by Ireland, and, if Eric had interpreted matters correctly, fucked more than once by him. He'd cheerfully confessed to having been fucked by two other teens as well, but simply because he'd had three teen cocks up inside his arse didn't mean that the boy was not still innocent. All that could simply have been no more than childish fun, nothing more than a game; getting fucked by a man was something different. That wouldn't be just boys playing around; it would be the exploitation by an adult male of a boy too young to understand what he was doing. Even more so because the boy's intelligence level was about the same as that of a Labrador puppy.

Labrador puppies love to play and any doubts that Eric had about the boy's intention of playing disappeared the moment he shut his front door behind them. Without a word being said, but with an enormous, excited grin, young Pete began to shed his school uniform of trainers, pale blue shirt, grey trousers and dark grey socks. There was nothing else to shed.

Eric, as any other man who knows that the greatest sexual satisfaction a man can have comes from indulging in the delights of boy flesh, simply gazed on the presented sight. Four feet nine inches of firm, slender utterly hairless not-yet-teen boy, standing with his three and a half inch little prick pointing at the ceiling, grinning with excitement and delighted as only a boy can be that the man he was naked for could not tear his eyes away from what he was offering.

"Come here," Eric muttered, his voice thick with lust and wrapped his arms round the boy, a boy whose head didn't even reach Eric's chin.

Eric knew he should have told the boy to put his clothes back on immediately, taken him home at once, but instead of doing that his hands stroked the warm, silky skin of the boy's back, down to the wonderful firmness of his only-just-a-handful buttocks, an unbidden finger tracing along the tight crack.

All resolve to do the right thing disappeared when the boy's hand fumbled Eric's zip undone, worked its way inside both zip opening and boxers and gleefully grasped hard teacher cock in its little fingers.

"Shower first," Eric half-gasped as he felt for the very first time the forbidden delight of not-yet-teen fingers on his cock, "Get your arse really clean because I am going to eat that arse like it's never been eaten before."

"Wicked," the boy giggled into Eric's neck, "Not had that done to me before."

Eric watched the boy shower, partly to satisfy himself that essential areas were properly cleaned, and partly because he simply liked what he was looking at.

When he'd started teaching Eric had been able to view the majority of the school's boy population naked in the showers; showers in those long ago days were compulsory after all athletic activity, and Eric would simply wander down to the changing rooms towards the end of a lesson and feast his eyes on the naked flesh available.

It had been a random event, he never knew until he arrived what age group would be on show, though he made every effort to see the fourteen and fifteen year olds, and had selected more than one specimen for future attention. Boys of Pete's age he had seen in plenty and he had marked a few down as being worthy of attention in a year or so, and a couple of times he had spotted a thirteen with an already developing cock and pounced at the first possible opportunity.

He'd never looked at the twelve's and only just thirteen's with any interest other than marking the odd one down as a future possibility; boys of that age simply didn't have enough dangling between their legs to be worth anything other than very casual interest, and Eric had always been, primarily, a cock man.

Now he looked at a naked twelve-year–old in a very different way. The boy may not have anything that could reasonably be described as a brain, but he had a body that more than made up for that deficiency. Although barely chin-high to Eric he was perfectly constructed, every element in proper proportion to the rest.

Soon he would start a growth spurt and his slender but shapely legs would lengthen and his little prick grow from three-and-a-half to four or more, developing into something well worth the sucking, and his spunk-making factories would grow larger as they increased their production of Eric's favourite snack.

The boy occasionally paused in his washing to look at Eric, grin and thrust his hips forward lewdly, grinning even more widely when his actions produced an increasingly lust based smile on Eric's face.

The boy washed and dried, Eric took him in his arms, bent so he could get his mouth to the boy's lip level, and moved in for a kiss.

Surprisingly, young Pete was confused, not knowing what to do. The boy had taken cocks in his mouth, swallowed the spunk that shot from them and had other loads of that spunk pumped into his twelve-year-old hole, but he had never been kissed.

With Eric's hands wandering over his freshly washed and dried back and buttocks it only took the boy seconds to understand that this was part of having sex with a man and he opened his lips for Eric's tongue without complaint. The boy did not have very many brain cells, but the ones he did have were fully programmed for sex.

Kissing, Pete decided, was something he liked rather a lot, especially when it involved hands cupping and squeezing the tight mounds of his arse, so he responded enthusiastically, completely making up for his lack of skill by the vigour he put into his response.

Eric discovered, a little to his surprise, that kissing a twelve-year-old boy was surprisingly erotic and, now he had a twelve-year-old boy to kiss, it was very definitely something he would be doing a lot of. And if kissing a twelve-year-old boy's mouth was that good, what would kissing his hole be like?

"Can we go to bed now?" the fair-haired, blue-eyed imp begged when his introduction to snogging ended temporarily, and Eric had never been able to resist a boy who begged for that.

"I think it is bigger than Jonny's," the imp said as he viewed ready-for-action teacher cock in the bedroom, "But I expect it'll go in alright."

Eric was less sure about that, but he already knew that, easy or not, it was going to poke its way inside tiny, tight, not-yet-teen hole. Before that though, he needed to eat.

"On the bed, on your back, knees by your ears," Eric instructed, and the boy, with the suppleness of a lithe twelve-year-old, promptly complied, opening up his arse for Eric's totally lust-filled gaze.

One long look, an almost silent "Oh, fuck!" and his face was buried in the boy's arse, his thumbs assisting by pulling the cheeks as wide apart as possible.

"Jesus fuckin' shit!" The words hissed out from the young boy's mouth as Eric's tongue hit the spot.

There was a lot more of similar invective as Eric licked greedily around the tiny pinky-brown hole, the boy doing his best to get as much of his entry point onto Eric's probing tongue as he possibly could.

Eric's brain told him that this was the sweetest arse he'd ever eaten and to ignore any hints of developing jaw-cramp because this was far too good a meal not to sate himself on.

One distinct advantage of the boy being so young and small, Eric decided, was that he could get quite a decent bit of tongue up inside, a process made easier by the boy long since abandoning his obedience to the instruction of getting his knees beside his ears, and instead stretching his legs as wide as he could while still keeping them back over his head.

Next time, Eric thought, already accepting that there was going to be a next time, he would tie the boy's ankles and wrists to the bed posts and really make the most of the delicious little arse.

For his part, young Pete was blissfully unaware that any more could be made. He'd taken to being fucked from the very first painful entry of teen cock into his tiny, virgin then, hole, but having that hole subjected to the things Eric was doing to it now was beyond his limited capacity to believe. If this was what men did to you when they had you, then he was sticking to men from now on!

Eventually, Eric had to stop, his mouth could take no more and his lust levels were at screaming pitch.

He brought young Pete's legs back down to the horizontal and looked at the hugely grinning not–yet-teen face, blue eyes dancing with excitement, happiness and pure lust.

"Enjoy that?" Eric asked, unnecessarily because the answer was obviously a huge YES.

"Will you do that to me lots?" the boy asked, hopefully.

"Very lots," Eric grinned at him and the boy giggled with pleasure; having tongue in his hole was a new experience for him, but just the once was enough to make him an addict.

Eric allowed his eyes to move slowly downwards from the boy's grinning face, taking in the delight of his young flesh.  True the boy had not yet reached adolescence, and until now Eric's only interest had been in adolescents, but Pete's twelve-year-old body was perfectly constructed, he was, in effect, an adolescent in miniature. His narrow chest with its two little brown nubs demanded attention, both manual and oral, as did his slender thighs. His middle-finger sized cock, rampantly hard, was glued to his stomach, pulsing with his heartbeats. Such a contrast with the magnificent weapon Ireland had, but it was still a cock, a boy's cock, and boys' cocks have to be sucked.

Eric worked a finger under it, prising it from the boy's stomach and stunned at just how hard it was. He lifted it and then let it go, cock springing back to stomach with an audible slap.

Pete giggled, "I does that lots when I plays with it," he said, and gave a couple of demonstrations.

Eric lifted it again, forcing it towards the vertical, and plunged his face downwards, mouth open, swallowing the boy whole.

"Ooooohhhh," the boy cooed as his little prick experienced its first ever contact with the inside of a mouth, a sound that was repeated with more volume when his only-just-dropped balls went the same way.

Pete was not one of those boys who permits his cock to be sucked, lying passive while he is worked on; Pete used his hips to ram his little possessions as far into Eric's mouth as they would go, the sheer rigidity of his prick ensuring that its little, still skin covered head rubbed firmly along Eric's hard palate at the same time as his balls were being licked.

Eric's hand explored the sheer smoothness of the boy's warm skin, chest, sides and thighs, before pushing underneath to grab and squeeze arse flesh while the boy was doing his best to fuck Eric's mouth and, in doing so, ensuring that Eric's initial resolve that the boy was too young to be fucked evaporated in a haze of pure lust.

A finger found its way into the tiny arse crack, probed around, found the little centre point, still all wet from being tongued, and poked its way inside.

No resistance, no objections, the boy's hole pulsed at the touch of finger, a rosebud opening its petals to the sun.

The simple ease with which Eric's finger made its entrance and the effect that had on the boy determined the next step. Young Pete writhed and moaned as he was sucked and fingered, his little pants and gasps making it clear that he wanted more, needed more, and more he was going to get.

Eric withdrew his finger, removed his mouth from finger-sized cock and lifted the boy's legs once more, Pete, without being told, grasping his own legs behind the knees and presenting his twelve-year-old hole, a hole that was wet and pulsing, positioned for fucking.

Lube, something Eric always had at hand since he had started fucking Ireland on a daily basis, was applied to pupil hole and teacher cock – Eric was going to fuck the boy raw, no health and safety nonsense, he was far too far gone in lust for that, and no further stretching of hole either. If the boy could take Ireland then he would take Eric, and Eric's cock was demanding that it, and it alone, should be what opened the tiny hole wide.

He did, though, show a little mercy, and went in slowly. No mercy was really needed though. Pete's eyes popped open wide as his hole did the same. He gave a squeal, a grunt and lots of moans as his insides were speared by man cock.

Pete let go of his legs, allowing them to rest on Eric's shoulders, and eagerly submitted to the fucking that followed.

Eric was in fuck heaven, just as much as the boy. The sheath of boy innards round his thrusting cock was tight, but it was the tightness of size, nothing more. The boy was small, Eric was not small and the combination was absolute perfection.

Eric fucked the boy until his young body was no more than quivering jelly. He had to use every last bit of his will-power and control not to rush things and spunk far too soon inside the boy, but he managed and just about clung on to enough sense to know that spunking inside the boy would lead to mess later.

Unable to prolong things any more, Eric withdrew with a loud, sucking `plop', accompanied by a gasp from the boy at the sudden withdrawal, but any disappointment at the abrupt end to his fucking disappeared when Eric, his cock wiped clean, dragged to boy's mouth downwards, and he opened that mouth to receive his reward.

Young little Pete was just as happy to have cock in his mouth as he was having in his arse, and there was one thing about having it in his mouth that he definitely preferred. When a cock spunked up his arse he only knew that it had happened because if the extra stiffness and little jerks of the cock inside him; he never actually felt the spunk squirt out. That was a disappointment, but it was not a disappointment he suffered when the cock spunked in his mouth.

He felt the extra stiffness and the little jerks but he felt the spunk actually shooting out in his mouth as well. He tasted it as well, and the taste of spunk was a taste he'd already come to enjoy. Thick, slimy, creamy spunk in his mouth was definitely something he almost craved for. He understood why the boys who'd fucked him had wanted to keep their cocks inside him when they spunked, but this idea of his teacher's, fucking him to jelly and then getting him to suck the cock that had fucked him the rest of the way was, he thought, absolute perfection.

Eric's sperm had retreated a little in the time it had taken for him to remove his cock from Pete's tight hole and wipe it clean of lube and any other unnecessary elements, so the twelve-year old still had some work to do, work he had taken a delight in doing.

He sucked, slurped and licked the thick shaft in his mouth with boyish enthusiasm, and, being a boy, was eager for his reward, a reward he hastened in its arrival by wanking Eric as he sucked him.

And what a reward! Mid-teen boys can produce a decent quantity of cock-cream but they rarely leave themselves alone long enough for a proper load to build up; men in their early forties wank less and subsequently spunk bigger loads. Twelve-year-old Pete received his biggest mouthful yet, and boyfully set about wasting not one single sperm.

As Eric pumped it out so Pete swallowed it, keeping just enough in his mouth as the pumping came to an end to savour it properly and allow it to just trickle down his throat. It tasted stronger than any of the boy spunk he had eaten, but as far as Pete was concerned, that only made it even more tasty.

For Eric, watching the twelve-year-old boy eat his cream was just about the sexiest thing he had ever seen. It was, he had to admit to himself, also probably the most perverted thing he had ever seen, but somehow that simply made it even more sexy.

It had taken just about an hour for a forty-six year old teacher to kiss, suck, tongue and fuck a twelve-year-old schoolboy before squirting his load in that boy's mouth, but it had taken far less than that hour for that teacher to appreciate that some twelve-year-old schoolboys are an absolute delight to kiss, suck, tongue and fuck, and when they eat your spunk with obvious relish then one simply has to ignore the fact that they are only twelve and the teacher is giving lessons he really ought not to be giving.

A committed educationalist, Eric firmly believed that boys should be given lessons according to their ability; young Pete was thick as the proverbial brick academically, but in matters of sex he was well capable of being fast-tracked.

Eric needed a rest even if twelve-year-old Pete, still incredibly hard where it matters and grinning widely as he savoured the last sperms still lingering in his mouth, was more than ready and willing to start the second half.

"Not finished yet, are we?" he pouted as Eric fumbled for his cigarette packet.

"No, but I need a fag after that," Eric weakly smiled, "Even if you don't."

Pete decided that he did and cheerfully played with himself while he smoked, completely unbothered by the fact that Eric was watching him.

The boy did have a nice body, Eric could not deny that; he was an amazing fuck as well and obviously loved having cock in his mouth. By the time he was fourteen, a proper age for bedding, he would be incredibly good at the things men want boys to be good at.

The sudden realisation that Eric could, if he wanted and managed to hang onto the boy, fuck him all the way to fourteen and beyond, made Eric choke on smoke. As long as he didn't get caught, of course; that would certainly spoil things.

"How often do you do that?" Eric asked, noticing that Pete had stopped just playing and was now wanking quite enthusiastically.

"What, wank?"

"Yes, wank."

"All the time I spose," the boy grinned and wanked harder.

Watching those three-and-a-half unbelievably hard inches being finger pounded provoked in Eric's mind the most disgustingly perverted thought he had ever had.

"How do you feel about fucking me?" he asked the boy.

Young Pete stopped in mid-wank, eyes wide in astonishment.

"What, me stick it up you?" he asked.

"All the way up," Eric grinned.

"Fuck, yes!" the boy asserted, then frowned; "It's only little, will you feel anything?"

"Enough," Eric assured him, "You are going to stick that little tungsten-steel nail in me as far as it will go and hammer it home with all you've got."

Doggy, Eric thought was the best way, the boy would get more of his little prick inside doing it like that and, for some reason, Eric wanted that little prick as deep inside as its three-and-a-half inches would go.

He wasn't disappointed; young Pete, went in with no difficulty, and once inside he simply went crazy, slamming his little cock in with all the force he could muster, clinging onto Eric's hips to add extra weight to his thrusts and fucking at a speed that would make any rabbit turn green with envy.

Eric did not normally want or allow boys to use his hole; there had been a couple of thirteen-year-old exceptions, but nothing older than that, but this twelve-year-old was a `must have up me' boy and having him up there was even more than Eric had hoped for.

"Keep going till you spunk," Eric ordered, and his order simply made the boy go faster and harder.

It takes quite a long time for a twelve-year-old to spunk and Eric was in sensation overload by the time it happened, even the boy had started to slow down a little, but he stuck to his task and eventually squealed out his spunk, flopping back, temporarily exhausted by his labours.

"Fuck me," he gasped, "Fuckin' is ace. You gonna let me do it again?"

"You rather fuck or be fucked?" Eric asked, knowing that most people preferred one to the other.

"Dunno," Pete grinned, "Loves all of it; anythin' sexy is brill."

"So how would you fancy being my boy?" Eric asked.

"Am, ain't I?" the boy looked puzzled.

"I mean, properly my boy; my `all the time' boy."

"Oh, sees what you means," Pete nodded, "Not just a kid to play with in school like, but all the time. Sleepin' with you an' all."

Sleeping with the boy was not a thing that Eric had included in his plans, and was not, he assumed, a thing that was possible anyway.

"That would be very nice, but not, I suspect, very possible."

"Don't see why not," the boy shrugged, "Me mum ain't gonna mind if she knows I ain't gettin' into any trouble."

"But she wouldn't know that, would she," Eric used normal logic in formulating that comment.

"Course she would," young Pete said in a tone of voice that suggested it was Eric who was being thick. "She has to leave me on me own when she goes out to work nights, don't she, so if she knows I'm with one of me teachers she'll know I ain't gonna be gettin' up to no good, won't she."

"Might well be not so happy at knowing her twelve-year-old son is getting his arse thoroughly fucked though."

"Ain't gonna give a toss about that, is she. Probly be a bit pissed I ain't gettin' no money for it, though," Pete grinned.

"What sort of work does your mother do?" Eric asked, a suspicion forming in his mind.

"She's a prozzie, what else," Pete said shamelessly, "Same as Jonny's mum. Works for Dwayne, like what Jonny is doin' now."

Eric really did not know what to say.

"Dwayne's said he could get loads for my arse cos I'm only twelve an' blokes pays good money for kids my age, but I don't wanna go on the rent, not yet, anyway."

Eric knew when he took his job more than twenty years ago in an inner city boy's comprehensive school that the moral standards of the area were different from the accepted norm – that was the main reason for wanting to work there, the possibility of there being a steady stream of available boys who, because of their cultural background, would never dream of saying things it was best they didn't say to anyone in any sort of authority. This, though, was even more than he'd ever bargained for.

"Why don't you want to go on the rent?" he asked, "Sure your mum could use the money."

"Yeh, spose," the boy agreed, "But I ain't doin' it yet. I wants to choose who gets their cock up me arse, for a bit anyway."

"I got mine up there," Eric pointed out.

"Yeh, well, I sorta chose yours, didn't I."

"Did you?"

"Course I did. I knew you was fuckin' Jonny, an' when he asked me if I fancied takin' over cos he was gonna start earnin' I thought why not? Jonny said you was a decent bloke an' you'd look after me an' you knew how to fuck an' all."

"Do I?" Eric couldn't help grinning, "Know how to fuck?"

"Fuckin' hell, yes," Pete giggled, "Too fuckin' right you does."

"So do you want to be my boy?"

"Proper boy, sleepin' with you an' stuff?"


"Deffo," young Pete smiled, a lovely wide smile, "An' I don't care what you does to me; if you wants to tie me up an' cane me an' stuff that's okay. Ain't no-one gonna see the marks, is there."

Eric looked as stunned as he felt; Pete simply laughed.

"I knows what blokes does to boys," he giggled, "You can dress me up all girly an' all if it turns you on."

"Think I like you best naked," Eric was forced to grin himself.

"Cool, I likes bein' naked," Pete chortled.

"Done deal," Eric smiled.

"Yeh," Pete lay back and reached for his cock once more, a cock that rapidly returned to its default condition of hard. "Thought you'd only wanna do me in school an' stuff. Never thought you'd want me proper cos I'm a bit young an' Jonny warned me you likes your boys a bit older."

"You and Ireland had a good talk about me then, and Ireland said some things he really should not have said."

"Nah," Pete dismissed that, "He never said a word till I'd got him to fuck me in the bogs at school, an' never said nothin' about what you an' he did till he got his job an' wanted me to take over so you didn't have to go without while you was lookin' for somethin' new."

"Okay," Eric accepted, "But there are some things that should never be talked about."

"I knows that," Pete snorted, "An' I might be thick but I ain't stupid. Some things you says to some people an' they'll swear blind they know nothin' about it if they have to. Like me mum; she's gonna have to know you're fuckin' me an' lookin' after me, but she'll swear I'm at home all the time bein' a good little boy."

"You sure?"

"Course I'm sure. I means, you's safe an' all, ain't you. You knows Jonny's on the rent now but no way you'd ever say nothin' is there."

"True," Eric had to agree.

"So you gonna keep me proper till you finds someone a bit older, then?"

"Yes," Eric agreed, "If it's okay with you then I'll look for some tasty fourteen either when you leave school or go on the rent. Not before."

"Really? Wicked!" Pete's wide mouth stretched into its widest smile yet. "An' if you keeps me in fags an' gets me clothes an' stuff as I gets bigger, me mum'll be well chuffed."

"Deal," Eric agreed. "Might even feed you as well."

"Yeh," Pete grinned, "Feed me loads of cum."

"That as well," Eric agreed.

"You wanna fuck me again now, or shall I go an' tell me mum?"

Simple sense was telling Eric that if a twelve-year-old boy tells his mother that his teacher is fucking him and wants to sleep with him, then the mother's response is likely to spell the end of freedom for the teacher, but the tower block jungle seemed not to live by normal rules.

"If you tell your mum now that will mean you will be sleeping in this bed tonight."

"Let's go then," Pete chortled, "An' then you can start doin' all sorts of nasty, sexy stuff to me."

It did occur to Eric as he drove his new boytoy to his tower apartment home that he had not embarked on the most sensible, prudent and wisest of actions, but, what the hell, he had a not-yet-teen boy to use for his unlimited pleasure, and he wasn't going to risk missing out on that simply for the sake of conventional morality.

After all, one never knew if such an opportunity would come up again.