The Youth Pastor Chronicles

Chapter 1

Disclaimer and Warning:

This story depicts sexual acts between Adult males and Boys of varying ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of different ages; Please leave now. This story is a work of fiction (fantasy). The acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. Any resemblance to particular person or persons or series of events is entirely coincidental.


The Youth Pastor Chronicles

Chapter 1

"FUCK me Pastor, FUCK ME HARD!" urged the youth.

There before me was one of the hottest eleven year old boys in my congregation of youth. Adam was naked and already dripping from the tongue fuck I had given. Holding his legs up with his ass off the sofa, is hairless skin called to me.

"You think you can take all ten inches of me and not cry, if you do cry I will only fuck you harder!"

Biting his lip Adam nodded in agreement to me.

With a powerful thrust I shoved all my inches into the slutty boy. Covering his mouth to muffle the scream as my length fucks in the tight tender anus. Tears fill his eyes urging me to fuck it more forcefully and show the boy how I've been holding back and now he will experience all my power and manhood.

"You fucking love my dick, slut," I growled.

Adam could only whimper and whine as my cock punched his innards. His pucker red and grasping my cock with each thrust. I pushed more and more into him, making Adam reel on my stick.

"OH GOD PASTOR, OH G-G-G-GOD," gasped my young lover.

"Fuck Adam, I love it when you call me Pastor."

Spurring me more in my fuck the force so great the youth struggles to hold onto his legs. I lean in and kiss his youthful lips and savor the tastes as my pole pushes deeper in.

Adams little boy parts jolt with his body as my fucks progress, the couch creeks as my lover takes his fuck. Each deep thrust makes him gasp as he feels my cock punch deep into the youth; ten inches is very deep fore any a man; and a youth is even more astounding.

I pull my dick out and allow the boy to stand and brace him shelf against the back of the sofa, then without warning I again pursue is lusty ass. Our skins slapping and me biting his neck. My balls slapping his ass and boy nuts. Sweat is pouring from the youth and I. Adam can only moan and beg me to continue using his body.

We fuck and roll in lust on the couch, making it our love nest. In the end I have his arms and legs wrapped around me as my cock pins him against the wall. Adam kisses my face forcing his boy tongue and licking my mouth as we fuck in a furious heat.

"I Love your cock, it's so Hard," squirms Adam.

Adams little boy boner rubs against my abs as he grinds into me and masturbates himself there while I fuck his pussy. Soon he's close to coming and his body becomes ridged and his body spasms as the overwhelming dry orgasm consumes his soul. This action caused his cunt to close tightly on my cock and milking its hardness with vigor. In minutes I'm ready to cum and fill his guts with my fatherly seed. One deep thrust and I flood his innards to the point that my cum is dripping and spitting out of his gaping orifice.

Adam is all but passed out and dazed from the event and struggles to regain control as I lay his weak body onto the sofa. I spread his legs and finger what I can of my seed into his pussy. His body still limp and weak from the fuck. I taste my seed and share it with his mouth and kiss him back to life.

With in minutes he's ready to fuck again, but sadly we cant so not to arise suspicion for our demonic act. Kissing and caressing as we dressed and cleaned and tidied my office. Hating to see the young Adam leave he departed with hope that my cock would be in him again another day.

- - - - - -

There are two things in life that are important to me, one being sex and they other the gym. I love working out feeling pumped, and it keeps my body and mind sharp. Sex is like air, my cock is constantly hard and my mind races with sexual heat non-stop; just the way I like it.

I have been a Youth Pastor for my local Non-Denominational Christian Church for seven years, and love it. It's not like a life calling for me, I started Pastoring since it was expected of me, but through seminary school I learned that church is not all its cracked up to be. Maybe I am jaded, but it is my life. So I keep up the pretense but my heart is more devoted to my other life than this.

I'm Domenick De Luca, I go by Nick or my family its Nicki. I am married and have two sons. With them I am the saintly Pastor Father, but then when I am away, I am prowling for sex and fucking all that walks with my manhood. I'm proud of my body, its gym chiseled like an adonis, shaved smooth and my best feature is my ten inches by seven inches around uncut dick with two large egg sized nuts, that hang low. When it comes time for me to cum, shoot buckets of semen.

Being a Youth Pastor is not all fun, I have to organize and plan out activities and mentor and council them. But it does have his benefits, there are plenty of horny boys that need a lusty cock shoved up there pussies!

- - - - - - -

Later that day the Lead Pastor, Reverend Stephens came to my office.

"Nick, do you know the Jones family?"

"Which one?" was my reply.

"Alton and Mary Jones, with their teenage son John?"

"I know John he's a good kid, always eager to help and comes to the activities regularly."

"Nick, the Jones have brought me their son, he's got a problem, very serious, and very addictive."

"Don't tell me he's given into drugs?"

"Nick I could only wish, he's opened the demon door to promiscuity and lust. Alton discovered his son playing with himself today and apparently he's been touching himself every day if not more. With you being his Pastor, I think he would do better being talked to by you."

"Tim, thats terrible, but sure I can talk to John, I've been watching him grow since I came to this congregation, it always amazes me the trouble some youth pursue or find."

"Thanks, I'll send him in shortly."

- - - - - - -

All that talk about masturbation being a sin makes me laugh. I play the role of a pastor very well. But as for masturbation, I touch myself daily and I don't know man that hasn't, if they deny it, they are just shy!

- - - - - - -

John entered my office with his head down and just sat on the sofa with not a word to say.

"John, look at me," I say, waiting for him to look. "How long have we know each other?"

"Seven years Pastor De Luca."

"Call me Nick, we are going to have a very frank and open conversation."

"Okay," John replied while taking a deep breath.

John was a jock, the star football player at the local school. At seventeen he stood about six feet (two inches less than me). Broad shoulders with the classic narrowing down to the waist. With his shaggy blonde hair and muscles he was a fine looking young man. But most of all I liked his green eyes.

Without warning John cried out, "Pastor I've sinned, I know I'm doing wrong, but I can't stop. I CAN'T!"

"John, your parents brought you to me, for help, I know whats been troubling you, your dad caught you masturbating in your room,"

John was petrified and then he could not look at me any more in the eyes . Tears and fear filled his face, I knew him all to well, that sweet lad.

Moving from my desk and sat next to him on the couch; and wrapped my arm around his shoulder to pull him for a manly hug.

"John, stop crying... masturbation is nothing to be ashamed of."

John looked up at me and questioned, "But my dad says it's evil and that I should wait till marriage to experience these feelings."

"Are you the only person you know that jacks off?"

"No," John nods.

"Its quite common isn't it?" I pause and make a move to have a hand on his knee as I continue. "John what makes you so horny, that you have to touch your cock?"

"I just have to, Nick!"

"John, be honest with me."

"My girlfriend, she's so HOT! I wanna get into her pants and FUCK her... (gasp) Sorry Pastor forgive my language."

"Those are natural feelings, nothing to be ashamed of, and as men we have needs and those needs must be met. I know your father told you jacking off is wrong, most parents do. They don't like to see their once little boys grow up. Your body is now that of a man, your seventeen and strong, handsome, and waiting for marriage is not possible. If you don't masturbate your dick will still shoot in a dream, or at some other moment. John I know it must be hard, but it's not a sin to touch your dick and get off, it will help you control yourself so that you don't have sex, and it may in time actually help you when it comes to having sex. I can also bet that you have been jacking off before you met your girlfriend." Now I go in for another move for the wanton lad, "Look, even now I am hard, talking about sex"

Its true talking about your dick and sex, surely enough your dick gets hard, and this was no exception, We talked some more about his desires and lust for his girlfriend, as his dick tents his jeans and mine snakes down my leg. Both the bodies aroused and heated from the conversation of sex and lust.

"John it's natural, I am a Pastor and I too masturbate. Your parents like many don't appreciate it, but you will not be condemned for this act. Do you think the Lord would condemn you, when it feels so good to touch yourself, it is even possible when washing yourself to get hard and set off your penis into a raging erection. If it's so easy; then how can it be so bad?"

"Your parents like many haven't been taught right, they live in archaic age where sex is a taboo, but instead we should live it. I bet your father has and does masturbate at times."

"NO Sir he doesn't, he told me he didn't."

"And you believed him, when we have taken the same sexual purity oath and yet both of us here are hard and do rub our dicks," I reply while rubbing my crotch ever so slightly. "Every man whether young or old has at one time touched their cocks and given themselves an orgasm. Your dad may not want to admit that to you, for he feels it's a sin, but is it really a sin?"

Looking John into the eye, making sure I see if the youth understood that masturbation and pleasing ones self was essential and key to life. We talked more and each question only confirms what I was preaching. Talking about sex, and the need to fulfill ones cock, the lust in the room and the horny John is all but masturbating in his pants.

"John, masturbation is good and pleasing, just don't get caught. If you need a place to relieve the tension you can always come here. I personally need to wan one out right now I'm so hard. Do you want to, I won't tell your parents if you wont of me, but as we know they just don't understand your a man now!"

John nods his head and starts to undo his jeans and fish out his cock from his briefs. With great long strokes the youth jacks his cock of with a greedy speed. As for me I go slow to put on a show for my horny youth, from the back and drop my pants and expose my ass to the youth. Folding my pants and placing them on the desk and turn around and expose my mammoth hard-on.

"John, no need to stop, I'm going to join you," since John had stopped and his attention was fully on my body and my erection. Removing my shirt I get naked and sit next to John on the sofa.

John pulls of is clothes in an eager haste and joins buck naked and hard. Quickly in his youthful lust shoots his load into the air and landing onto his bare jock chest. I was no were near the climax, so I continue my sexual enjoyment.

"Your done already, fuck man, you need to learn to enjoy it! It's just you and me and no one will disturb us."

I take long deep strokes with my hand while the other tweaks a nipple and rubs my body as I caress every inch of my skin. Allowing my self to get into it I moan and groan as my hands explore and massage my meat to a hard glistening stage.

I can see that John is hard again and stroking his hard dick again. Trying to emulate me in my moves and feel his body as he rubs his cock in time with mine.

"Here is one of my favorite places to touch when I jack," I say. Reaching down and playing with my nuts a bit, and then rub my perineum. Massaging the innards and making my cock harder.

John struggles to find the spot and try to act like he knew about it and is doing so now. I reach down and rub his spot for him. Shocked at first but then sends him into a new ecstasy of touch.

I remove my hand and let him find the spot and masturbate. Soon again he's ready to climax! Hearing and seeing the hot youth pant and groan has set my dick on fire. John and I reach the moment of no return and then in unison we shoot our seed into the air. His small teen ribbons coat his chest as my cock continues to bob and shoot copious amounts of jizz onto me and the sofa.

"HOLY SHIT, thats a lot of cum!"

"Comes from these huge man nuts!"

"Wow, Nick, that was amazing, THANK YOU!"

"No worries John, I needed that bad, if you couldn't tell. If you come here more I'll show you some more tricks and things to make it better; and some of it will help you out with sex. Remember don't tell you dad or others about this... Oh and by the way your dad does masturbate, but if you ask him he'll deny it!"

John was so pleased and beaming with a new found confidence. While he dressed I gave him the holy scripture mumbo jumbo to relate back to his parents and the Reverend, so that he would have a cover for being with me. John left the office and thanked me for setting him right!

- - - - - - - -

Some time later there was a knock on the door. "Come in," I said.

In walked Reverend Stephens, "Hey Nick, thanks for helping out with the Jones' their son is going to be trouble if he cant curb his demons."

"No worries Tim. John was ideal, he was remorseful and we talked about meditation and reading the bible in times of distress. I don't think he will be abusing his seed again."

Chuckling Tim replied, "I am glad to hear." Turning around and almost walking out the door, Mr. Stephens speaks, "Oh! Nick, thanks for being the Youth Pastor, in the seven years you have been here our attendance and participation has grown every year, You are a miracle worker!" With those words the door closed.

- - - - - - - -

I love my life being a Pastor with a demon side. Heres to another seven years of sex!

End of Chapter 1