The Youth Pastor Chronicles

Chapter 2

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This story depicts sexual acts between Adult males and Boys of varying ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of different ages; Please leave now. This story is a work of fiction (fantasy). The acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. Any resemblance to particular person or persons or series of events is entirely coincidental.


The Youth Pastor Chronicles

Chapter 2

"John, thank you for coming to my home for the visit."

"Have I done something wrong, for you to call me here," inquired John Jones?

"Your mother called and said she has found, as she puts it; 'items that can only mean my son is still sinning.'"

"OH GOD! She found my cum rag!"

"Your really not good at being cool with this, masturbation at your house is off limits!" I look John in the eye and wait till he nods in agreement. "John did you not listen to me last time, you're a fucking idiot."

"I did, I thought if I just made sure they were asleep it would be okay..."

"And by your cum stained sheets you now know your wrong!" I may be hard on the youth, but he needs to learn his place and were to come to for advice. "John, you can't leave anything behind, nothing!" So you masturbate in the restroom flush the semen down the shitter, or you do it at school in a stall, better yet cum here and all is well! Your parents expect you to be preached at; so coming here is an easy place to masturbate."

"Pastor De Luca, I am so sorry," cries John as his eyes fill with tears.

"John your okay, your a great kid, but like I said your parents don't understand. I am betting your girlfriend isn't helping?"

"No, yesterday she sat on my lap in class and moved around, she made me blow in my jockeys!"

"Sounds likes she wants you to fuck her pussy!"

John nods yes as his cock hardens in his shorts.

"John, I want us to be good friends, and friends help each other. Sounds like to me we need to get you ready for sex, so after high school you can marry, and be a god in the bed"

John was a little startled but the idea of sex, but then also very, very intrigued, I could read his face so easy.

"So hows the masturbation going, you like that spot I showed you last time?"

"Its good," nodded John as he lowered his face to the floor.

"No need to be ashamed." I said as I started to undress and reveal my naked skin. "Whats the longest you've taken till you shot your cum?"

"Like ten minutes"

"John, I'm gonna help you break that goal and when we are done tonight you are going have a mind blowing orgasm. Now get naked!"

John quickly undressed exposing his youthful muscled jock body. We sit on the couch massaging our members to a hardened state.

"Feels good huh, just keep rubbing but let me know when your close to cumming."

"Okay Nick"

Each of us caressing our skin moving our hands about our bodies. Hearing him moan and call out her name as he rubs him jock cock. The smell of his body and the way he arches his back as he gets more engrossed.

"Nick it's coming!"

"Stop touching just sit there, let the feeling pass, then start jacking again, each time it approaches stop."

John gasps for air as the need to cum floods his body, letting go of the cock, the moment passes, then greedily he begins again. Shortly again the emotions flood his teenage body and he has to stop again. Johns cock is hard and leaking pre-cum.

"John you need to take your time, its not about the orgasm, but enjoying the moment. Do you mind if I show you? Then you can feel really good."

"O... Okay?"

I grab hold of his dick and squeeze tight around the head. John is all but jumping out of his skin and trying to escape, but yet can't, for my hand feels good. I take my other hand and rub the hand across the gland in a circular motion. John begins to shudder, I continue my rub, till John's breathing is erratic and his back arches to its extreme.

Stoping "You like that?"

John nods yes

When it safe to proceed I grab his dick and rub the shaft up and down in long slow strokes; going up all the way to the tip.

"You like other places to be touched?"

John thinks, and gasps as my hand masturbates his cock. I go and tweak a nipple, and see how he likes. Then rub my hand on his body and skin. Feeling each muscle, and watching him reel in the ecstasy. Each time he comes close I hold back and then progress him farther. I focus now my energy on his groin, masturbating him while playing with each nut, then rubbing his perineum and even his anus mouth. John shudders and moans in my touch.

Each time he's calling her name, begging to fuck her and fill her.

For forty-five minutes this game of edging continues. Johns cock is a deep purple and begging to be released from it's ecstatic torture. Each time I tough he begs me to let him cum.


Hearing him call my name I then let him touch his cock again and feel the monstrous orgasm flood his body. With no hands my cock rockets out its semen as I watch the erotic youth ejaculate.

John's body reels and spasms as his cock pours out jolt after jolt of semen. His body pulsing, and loud moans and groans fill the air. After the show is over, John is all but passed out, his breathing shallow, and sweat and semen cover his body.

I dress and watch the youth lay there on the sofa and recover.

Ten minutes later John finally speaks, "WOW!"

"Wow what?"

"That was amazing, never have I had that!"

"I know, now you know how to last longer and the more you do this the longer it will take to cum. Now when you masturbate alone focus on the different ways to masturbate and the areas that felt good when I touched them."

Getting up form the sofa naked, he walked over to where I was at my desk and leaned in, "Pastor, you rock! When can we do this again!"

I reach over and grab his dick. "We are gonna have so much fun stud."

- - - - - - - -

I am a full time pastor which means If a youth needs a visit either I go to the church or they come to my office here at home. Its sound proof and talking to youth for long periods of time is my job.

I wish all my youth were sexual, but I do have to coach and help and inspire, thank god for my Masters in Divinity.

- - - - - - - -

Later that day there was a knock at my door, it was a youth crying. I was well before school let out, but somehow he ditched and found his way to me.

Letting him in I awaited him to calm down and tell me what was wrong.

Five minutes pass and the boy begins to finally talk, "Father, I... I... (Sobs) G-g-g-gay"

I just pulled the boy in and hugged him and let him cry, then once all the tears were gone, I pulled his face up and looked into his brown eyes.

"Boy, I'm not a Catholic Father, this is a Christian church and I am just a humble pastor. As for being gay, I know most churches even mine, doesn't feel being gay is against nature. But in the office and with me it's okay. You are not sinning and all love is blessed."

We talk and I find out that his parents don't approve of his orientation and that he was kicked out of the house this morning. Also that he and his parent just started attending this church this week.

"How do you know your gay, your got to be only ten years old," I questioned

"I'm thirteen, and I watch and look at guys, its all I think about and... dream about!"

"Well I'm Pastor Nick De Luca, but you can call me Nick in the office."

"I'm Javier Rodriguez," he shyly responded.

"Tell your parents that you're meeting with me to help you conquer the gay demon."


"Javier, that is what you tell your parents, for in here all love is excepted and then when your old enough to move out of your parents home you can live as you choose, but your parents don't want you to be gay, so here is the only place you can be free."

Javier just looked at me.

"Now in here we can share love and be as we want, the Lord understands, but parents and others will not. I want you to be gay, I want to hear and share with you and help you. Is that okay?"

Javier nods yes.

"Javier what happens in here stays in here, your a smart boy and if others found out in the church you would be called a sinner and evil, but are you? No! You're a beautiful sexy boy, that needs the love of a man. Why should you be denied while others get love?"

Javier was putty in my hands, his eyes connected with mine and I knew his loins were going to be received today!

"Javier you mind me asking, want turns you on; what makes you hard?"

"I don't know - - - - men."

"Come here"

On my computer screen were images of men in various stages of dress all covering their private areas.

"You like any of these?"

Pointing only to the men that were toned and muscled, I proceeded. Next page of images were of naked muscled men with erections and posed in masturbation.

"You like?"

Javier only nodded as I saw him make a quick adjustment of his goods.

Next I started a video of two men fucking.

"Have you seen this before?"


"Have you had sex before?"


"Is this what you want a man to fuck you."

Looking at me he nodded yes.

"What would you think if I told you I like fucking like that?"

Javier was still and only looked at me, I could tell he wanted to speak but was unable.

"The first time a cock fucks into your butt will hurt a lot, are you sure this is what you want?"

Javier nodded as he gulped. As you can tell by his name Javier was latin. His dark tan, olive skin and black hair made his face shine. He was only about four and half feet tall, with boyish features that made my blood boil!

I turned off the computer and stood up from the desk. Lifting my t-shirt I took it off over my head, exposing my chiseled shaved torso and then doing the same to my pants. Letting the youth stare at my naked body.

I stand six feet, two inches tall, and every inch of me is sculpted in a gym. I have average body hair, but I shave from the neck down every other day to remain smooth. My face is handsome and strong with Italian features. My hair is black and my eyes brown. My hair is normally medium length and shaggy and yet easy to pull back and look serious. I have a goatee and as you know my best feature is my ten by seven inch dick! And Javier was loving to look at my body.

"Do you want to touch?"

Javier nodded and slowly approached my body. First touching my abs and then pecs, and going down, and touching the legs. Avoiding my dick at all costs.

"Javier you can touch my cock, it's okay, you can do anything you want to me, ANYTHING!"

Javier looked up to makes sure I was telling the truth.

"Would it be better if I laid down or sat down on the sofa?"

"Sit down!"

I sit down and Javier knees between my legs and touches all he same areas and then with a finger touches the head of my dick. Still looking at me for approval he continues to explore. Taking my cock and rubbing the hard shaft up and down. The youths eyes are fixed on my throbbing cock, and not wanting to cum, I pull him off.

"You like my body, Javier."


"Can I see yours?"

He nods yes and slowly starts to remove his shirt. His torso was smooth and just a small amount of hair under the arms. His lean body led to his shorts with ease he removed them and showed his tenting briefs. Then in a moment of grandeur he was naked. His pubes was that of a man, which only made his boy cocklet look so small as its bone hard self struggled to peek out of the forest of hair.


He smiled and jumped onto my lap! Started to kiss me and he struggled to make out. But letting the youth feel strong I followed and soon he got the hang of kissing as our naked bodies touched and caressed. Soon I could feel his boy boner pushing hard against me and without warning Javier shoots a ribbon of seed on my abs.

Javier looks scared and sorry for cumming.

"Dude it's okay," I smile.

The kissing continues and as if he didn't notice I start to probe and open his ass with my fingers. The Youth was primed and eager and willing to submit to all I wanted.

Once I knew he was ready for my cock, I asked, "You ready to loose your virginity, and accept my dick in your sweet pussy?"

I like to drive, so I laid Javier's naked body on the sofa and pulled his ass to the end and had him hold his legs. I give him a whiff of poppers and a muscle relaxer. With that I shoved my cock into his warm flesh. Gasps and moans filled the air as inch by inch, I invaded the boy. Horror filled his face as more of my meat stretched his moist innards. Then once fully in I stopped and held my cock in so that he could adjust and relax at my great size. A few tears fell from his eyes.

Slowly I begin to fuck in and out, gradually gaining speed and force. Soon the youth is reeling and jolting as a rag doll as my fucks open and shove him. Loud screams of joy and begs; encourage me to rape the youths virginity away.

When it so intense your body sweating and your energy all devoted to the fucking of this teenager I soon met my match and shot volleys of cum deep inside his bowels. So much cum floods inside it leaks out the tight hole and down my cock and balls. I was so overcome with ecstasy, it was hard for me to regain control and breathe.

Kissing and cuddling on the couch, Javier took all my cock as a man would and loved every moment. Some blood, but that is natural with a first time, and like a champ he cleaned up and scheduled another time to come back for a fuck!

End of Chapter 2

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