The Youth Pastor Chronicles

Chapter 4

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This story depicts sexual acts between Adult males and Boys of varying ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of different ages; Please leave now. This story is a work of fiction (fantasy). The acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. Any resemblance to particular person or persons or series of events is entirely coincidental.


The Youth Pastor Chronicles

Chapter 4

With the beginning of summer it was time for me to join the scouts on a camping trip. The last day of school we leave for the first summer camping trip as a troop. I cant go to all the trips as a Pastor, but for this week long first camp, I always join and clear my calendar.

It was always up in the mountains and near a swimming hole, and most of us just swam in our underwear, but me I don't own a single pair. Kissing my wife good bye I leave in the morning to meet the troop at the church to head out.

To my surprise Officer Granger drove up. As I found out, he had offered Reverend Stephens some help with the camping trip, and he had accepted. This was so going to curb my fun. Now this Officer was going to be watching my every move. FUCK!!

Driving the church van to the site my drive was great since I had a group of boys all to myself. We talked about their girlfriends, their school life, plans for the summer, and exercise. In my van was that new dads older son, Brody, he was twelve and just as studly as his father!

Once at the trail head we all piled out. Hiking in all the equipment was easy and yet dreadful! Officer Granger hikes side by side with me so when a boy came to speak to me, there he was also. I learned a lot about him, Anthony "Tony" Granger was his name, and he was thirty-five years old, with no kids, single, and loved being a single man and protector of righteousness.

About two hours of hiking and we reached our campsite with trees and a meadow and a swimming hole and all! Perfection. As normal we always set up camp first and then it was game time.

While setting up my tent, I noticed a naked chest. I could see out of the corner of my eye a shirtless torso. Stopping my action I glance and find its the officer with the duty to make sure I am in jail. If he wasn't such a prude, his body was fucking perfect. The "V" shaped back, nice firm pecs, he worked out in a gym as did I, and his body was sculpted and toned like an adonis. His treasure trail even made my cock stir, and thats when it hit me! Well, if he's out to get me, maybe I can get him off my sent, if I seduced him. Make him want to fuck and love me! People will do anything for the one they love!

Tony was single, not a kid or girlfriend in his life, was he closet gay and would he love a mammoth cock shoved up his cunt? This was going to be pure fun!

Walking over to his tent site, I could tell he was having difficulty. "Tony, you need help," flashing him my "I wanna fuck you" eyes.

"Oh, GOD yes, I haven't camped since I was eleven."

"Let me help."


Removing my shirt I join in and help him raise a simple tent. Making sure to take time and innocently rub skin to skin. Making sure to scratch and adjust my goods, when I notice him looking up. Tony even blushed, I had him fucking pegged and getting into his pussy was going to be easy.

After the site was done it was time for me to take a dunk. Knowing that I had no underwear I let the scout master know I was going to look for a more secluded area and swim in the buff. This was not unusual and at times he and maybe even a few others would join me naked.

Walking alone I find my spot, and strip, then just relax in the cool water. I swim and relax for quiet some time alone. Enjoy the time I even have a little fun with my dick.

Finally someone joins me and its Brody the hottie dads son.

"Does Mr. Roper know your here," I ask?

"Yes, he's coming too!"

"Sounds good, join in."

Pulling off his wet blue boxers he exposes all his naked skin to my eyes. Brody was a small boy, only about four feet tall, with dark brown hair and eyes. Freckles on his cheeks and spots on his body his tan skin, showed that he had been swimming in the buff before - no tan lines. His body still hairless, but his balls all shriveled up against his little boy cock of two inches. Cannonballing into my spot, he splashes me to the side.

Soon Craig Roper, Tony, my masturbator John, and two other teens entered the pool in the buff. Tony I watched to see his package he apparently had not gotten wet yet and was fully dressed. He wore boxer briefs and then I saw the dick. Nice man bush but a small dick, probably only six inches hard.

There in the pool the boys played while us three men chilled and chatted. Brody every now and then would come up and try to join the chat, but some boy would dash him away to the game.

Craig left too look on the other boys and get the dinner fire started, leaving me and Tony pretty much alone. Swimming closer to his resting spot, we chat about the weather, scouting, and other small talk topics. Then he got all personal on me.

First checking to see that none of the boys were near, "Nick, are you attracted to these boys?"

I move in close to him; "No but your body is fucking fine!" Making sure to graze his thigh with my hand.

This all must have caught him off guard for Tony just stared at me, like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. Taking several large gulps and licking his lips, he started to quiver and blush.

"I'm sorry Tony, I know its wrong for me to say such things, forgive me."

I get up out of the pool and gather my clothes and walk away. I could hear him getting out and following me.

"Nick wait!"

I stop and let him catch up to me. "Tony, its okay, I'm sorry I said anything, just go back to the pool!"

With that he grabs my arm, "Nick, please turn around?"

I turn and Tony standing there dripping wet and naked (like me), with eyes full of tears. He just looks at me unsure what to say.

"I know its wrong of me to have made a move, I'm married, but when we were putting up the tent and then you asked, I.. I.." Moving in and I plant a kiss on his wet lips. I can feel Tony melt and give in to the kiss and start to pull me in and guide my hand to his tight muscular ass. His cock is already hard and poking me. No words were spoken we find a place in shallow water and begin making out as our naked bodies lay in the water.

The grinding and caressing continue as our hard cocks rub and poke each other. My tongue explores his mouth as his body gives way to my will. Without words his body is on the bottom and his legs spread for my cock to fuck into his man cunt. Pushing my cock into his ass with ease, I could tell that Tony was an experienced fuck. Taking all my inches in one push not flinching, just kissing me in silence as our bodies meld.

Tony almost panting and moaning as my cock slays his ass with masterful fucks.

To encourage him and seduce him more I say," Tony, you feel so good."

"You feel so good too, can't believe I'm doing this."

It was strange to fuck so slowly almost as if he and I were making love. Trying to keep the pace good, I fucked him with slow deep thrusts. Soon I could tell I was hitting a magic spot for Tony, his eyes would roll back and loud moans escaped his lips. I take the cue and job the spot more with my cock, causing the man to reel and moan more on my fuck stick.

Suddenly Tony was on fire, his hands clawing at my back, and all he could do was beg me to fuck him more. "NICK FUCK ME, OH GOD YES!!!!"

Tonys breathing got shorter and more erratic I could feel his cock pulsing and soon he was shooting his seed between us, only to be carried away in the water. Not even being close to coming I continue using his ass for my pleasure. Plunging my cock in and out of his pussy, then pulling on his hair a bit, I bite his neck.

Tony again is on fire and rolls me over and takes to riding my cock on his own. Almost like a woman he bounces up and down with a giddy face as my cock pushes and explores is anus. Each time he rams it into the hilt, his ass clenches down and milks the shaft.

Clawing at my chest and biting my nipples he arouses my senses. I pull my dick out and lay Tony, onto his stomach, then taking aim at the ass, I spread his legs and shove the ten inches into his cunt. Tony screams, as my cock fucks his pussy. Deep, forceful fucks, make his frame quake. For each time I ram in his entire body shakes with the torture and heaven it receives.

I can tell that once again, Tony is close to coming, and soon I hear the manly grunts as he shoots his seed into the sandy shore. With one final deep forceful fuck, I plant my seed into the Officers cunt. Leaning in I nibble on his ear.

"Tony, your pussy is so fucking hot, best sex ever!"

All Officer Granger could do was whimper and shake as my jizz filled his innards. GOD I'm good! Tony was so overcome he almost passed out there on the shore.

Getting up and dressing I returned to camp, leaving my horny officer to care for himself. This weekend was going to be fun, getting him off my scent and onto my cock was easy. Now all he was going to be thinking was, when my amazing fuck stick was going to make him a bitch again!

- - - - - - -

That night I lay in my tent just trying to sleep as I hear Tony masturbating in his tent, I could even hear him whisper my name, "Nick, god yes, Nick... Oh Nick!"

About to doze off, I hear my tent zipper slowly open. I lay there so that Tony can wake me up and then I can pretend I never heard him jacking off. To my surprise it was not Tony, but Brody.

"BRODY! What are you doing here?"

"SHHHHH you want to wake up the camp."

I looked at him inquisitively.

"I saw you fuck Officer Granger, and I want your huge penis up my pussy," was horny Brody's reply.

I just sat there, unsure what to do, not like I couldn't fuck the boy, but the thought had crossed my mind that Tony might be trying to trap me with this horny youth.

"I promise not to tell the Reverend if you fuck me, other wise your sexual man fucking days are over."

This little boy knew very well how to play the sex game, fucking bitch was wanting my dick and with those words no way he was put up to this.

"You think you can handle ten inches of pleasure up that pussy of yours?"

"Yes! Want me to prove it?"

Slipping off his pajama pants he exposed his naked ass and front to me. Now I knew what I thought was shrinkage was actually his real deal. He had not even started puberty. Brody was a late bloomer, that I was going to enjoy!

Uncovering my hard dick from my sleeping back I let the boy marvel at its size and girth. Soon he took the head into his mouth and worked the shaft like a professional. Once the dick was throughly wet he kneeled over my raging boner. I warned him he'd need lube, but he denied and in one quick drop my cock slipped into his pussy!

The warmth of his love chute was incredible, I could almost see my cock pushing into his stomach as he began to fuck himself on my tool. Arching his back and pulling at his hair, he was in an erotic state as he whined and moaned like a bitch in heat. Making sure he was quiet he leaned in and began to kiss my lips.

"Your cock is so huge, you make me so HORNY!"

"I make you horny, bitch you fucking ride my dick like a pro!"

"You wanna get deeper in?"

With that I roll him onto the floor, keeping my cock buried in the boy-cunt. Then once there Brody instinctively lifted his legs to his chest, and allowed my cock to slip ever more deeper. Letting out a gasp he moaned and winked at me, as my cock fucked him. My speed picked up as the youth only urged me on. His dirty talk, and begging me to make him my bitch was enthralling. Each time I fucked him the youth would gasp.


That final statement I lost control and pushed so hard and deep, I swear I heard something tear inside the youth. My cock spasming and spewing my seed into the youth. Struggling to support myself as my orgasm rages, I finally loose the battle and collapse on top of Brody.

Sliding out from under me, Brody kisses my lips and sneaks out.

- - - - - - -

The next day I slept in; who knew Brody was going to take so much energy out of me. Apparently several boys and all the leaders tried to wake me but to no success. Only the need to take a fucking long piss woke me from my slumber. Running buck naked from my tent to off into the woods to relieve my morning hardon. Pissing for a good 3 minutes as a stead hard stream flowed from my penis.

Once I was done pissing, I grabbed my jeans and slid them on. GOD I LOVE FREEBALLING!

It was almost lunch and Brody was hankering for my cock. He kept asking while others were not looking to take him into the trees and rape him. Fuck I wanted to, but also had duties to complete, when I finally had time it was lunch time.

Brody begged to sit on my lap, but as if no one would think it odd to have a twelve year old on my lap. The boy is getting me fucking hard, and Tony isn't helping either. Tony keeps rubbing his crotch and is doing almost the same begging as Brody!

After lunch the boys leave for a hike with the scout master and I am left alone in the camp to clean and get set up for the night sermon I am to give. All I really want to do is fuck, my cock is hard and snaking down my jeans, and it hurts in its rock hard glory.

Making sure the coast is clear, I then strip and go naked. I decide to forego the cleaning and take a dip first. The cool water on my naked skin feels good, the sun shining on me. I cant help but take some time to touch and explore my body.

Laying in the sun, I lay and let the sun tan my skin, every now and then adjusting my cock to a semi hard state. I hear some wrestling in the trees, but when I look, no one is there. Then again I hear the noise and this time I see a park ranger coming out of the brush.

"Hello, this is not a clothing optional area"

"I know, but there is no one near, just me, and now you. You've seen a dick so I doubt there is an issue."

"Well there could be, but your dick is to small to even worry about"

"To small, fuck man I'm ten inches when aroused and it's seven inches around, you cant fucking beat that," I said to the arrogant ranger.

Unzipping his pants and fishing out his flaccid dick from the tight white briefs. "Dude, soft my dick is as big as yours, you got nothing, when hard it's fucking fourteen inches of uncut glory!

There it was his ten inch flaccid dick, and slowly gaining length as he rubbed the head of his uncut penis.

"FUCK, that can do some damage, bet you a pussy will scream and bleed when you fuck her!"

"Dude you don't know the half of it, fucking bitches cry and and I can only go like a third of the way in; men are the better fucks, they don't cry."

We talked for a good hour, he and I just laying in the cool water and sunning our naked bodies. His long red hair pulled back in a ponytail as his muscled alabaster skin just set off his giant organ to perfection. I found out his name was Randy McQuade and he too had a hankering for young flesh.

"Come around here about 10:00 PM I think I have a the perfect slut for you to fuck!"

- - - - - - - -

This was going to be fun, Brody being impaled by fourteen impossible inches!

Now I just had to wear out Tony, so I could go with Randy and not be noticed!

- - - - - - - -

Tony was easy, when he got back from the hike we fucked in the cool shade in the meadow. I think he even said "I love you" while my cock fucked his man cunt. He was so easy to manipulate.

Now its time to wait for Randy to come and see his masterful cock fucking a tiny boy-pussy!

- - - - - - - -

End of Chapter 4

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