The Youth Pastor Chronicles

Chapter 5

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This story depicts sexual acts between Adult males and Boys of varying ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of different ages; Please leave now. This story is a work of fiction (fantasy). The acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. Any resemblance to particular person or persons or series of events is entirely coincidental.


The Youth Pastor Chronicles

Chapter 5

After my nightly sermon the camp closed down and everyone called it a night. It was coming close to 10:00 PM and Brody had not showed up at my tent, like I thought he would. Then about three minutes till ten, and the zipper on the tent opened to show the eager teenager. Brody was wearing only a loose pair of mesh shorts the hugged his lower hips.

"Well you ready for some fun, I got a buddy with fourteen inches, you wanna try to please his cock?"

"Hell YA!!! He really fourteen inches?!"

"Yes he is, come with me," I said to my young size queen boy.

Walking into the woods, with Brody on my back. I could already tell the boy was excited to see this huge dick. His little boner poked my back as we walked to find the celtic ranger. The ranger finds me first and invites us to follow, we go into a cave and once in to a deep inlet. The ground is dirt, but blankets and mats cover most of the cold ground.

"Wow, your ready!"

"Dude, my cock is always ready for action."

Letting Brody down off my back he eagerly went up to the Ranger and asked "You really fourteen inches long?"

"Yes, you wanna see it," replied Randy.

As Brody nodded his head, the ranger unzipped and dropped his pants then unbuttoned his shirt and let the boy stare and look at his toned muscled body. His bulge was huge as his cock strained to be contained in a set of white briefs. Then he teased the boy has he would expose his red pubes, or the beginning of the cock and then stop.

Brody was practically dancing and begging to see the monster that was going to rip his pussy. Then in a final move Randy let the briefs drop to the ground, all Brody stood there with his mouth open and watering!

Brody slowly walked forward and touched the tall mans dick, and it twitched as the youth explored and touched every inch of the tube steak. Rolling the foreskin back Brody began licking and worshiping the rod. As for me I was naked and masturbating while I watched the Ranger molest the eager youth.

Randy let broody lick and stroke the inches to a ridged hard state. Laying one the ground as the youth devoured what he could of the fuck stick, Randy would play and open the youths tender chute. Finger fucking him with lube and massaging his prostate. Every now and then Randy would touch a rather erotic spot in the boy and he would whimper. Focusing on the area that made the boy whimper, Brody had to stop sucking as his pussy was stimulated in a sexual heat. I could see Brody shaking as he struggled to stay on all fours as the masterful celtic massaged and probed the pussy.

Now the whimpering changed to screams, they echoed in the cave as the youth shouted his love and joy for the mans touch. His body reeling and spasming and eyes fluttering as the youth struggled to control his body. Suddenly without warning the youth collapsed onto Randy and stopped moving. Lifting the youth up he had passed out from his dry orgasm and his body was limp and ready to be opened and fucked by a cock with no mercy.

Helping lube Randy's inches I watch him get the tip to the passed out youths anus. With Brody being passed out, there was no tension in the youth as he pushed inch by inch into the fuck chute. With four inches left he shoves the cock fully in, and begins to fuck in and out. With the fucks in I could see his innards almost move to accommodate the extra four inches as his guts were fucked roughly.

Brody awakens and lets out a scream as Randy's cock is fully in the youths cunt. Awaking to the pain of a man as huge inside was overwhelming but the horny boy soon relaxed again and let the fucking continue. Then the strokes get more intense and I can see Randy's face getting flushed.

I can visually see that Brody was in pain, but then somehow this pain was immense pleasure to the young slut. Seeing this only wanted me to know his dad more, and see if that is where the youth learned his slutty arts from.

The more the Randy impaled the youth the climax soon over came his muscled frame. With a few violent pushes the deed was done and Randy just lay on the floor catching his breath. There was a little blood on the cock, but not of dangerous amounts.

Taking my time I slide my cock into the gaping hole left by Randy. I could feel the semen he left inside and the warmth of the innards all stretched and limp as my cock grazed and probed. Brody was exhausted from the onslaught of the huge dong, and week and powerless to stop my cock from its jabbing fucks. Every time my cock would fuck into the flesh at the end, Brody would moan.

Brody sweaty body was a putty in my hands, He would try to kiss me but then almost faint as his body was used for my pleasure. God the cream from Randy made this fuck so hot, seeing Randy lay there passed out and having Brody to my self was ecstasy. Taking my time I fucked him in every imaginable position and all over the mats and blankets. Depositing three loads into the weak youth.

Carrying Brody back to camp we went to sleep.

- - - - - - - -

It was impossible not to think about the amazing fourteen inch cock Randy had on his body. That thought consumed my time and made me want to see him more and more, but then again I still had to work on Tony and fuck with him and make him love me. And in deed he had told me he loved me, for the next morning I woke up with him crawling into my tent.

"Morning stud," I called out as his naked body joined me in my tent.

No words he spoke, he only lifted my cock out of the sleeping bag and began to kiss it and suck it too a fully hardened state. Slurping my cock slowly he caressed my balls and even sucked on them at times. He'd gag a lot trying to take the full ten inches into his mouth. Also the seven inches of girth was of no help to his oral endeavor.

I love hearing a man gag on my cock, better yet even choking and hurling, but being in camp I could not risk the noise.

"MMMMM thanks Tony for the attention!"

Stopping to say,"No worries lover, your cock is so fucking hot!"

God he was hooked on my dick!

Continuing his sucking and working every inch he could. Soon we heard boys and others emerging from there tents in the morning cool. Tony was clearly worried about being caught and was about to stop instead I held his head down almost making him choke. Getting the idea he began again at his lusty endeavor.

He was indeed great at sucking at cock, but so not my type. Trying to get to climax I thought of last nights fuck with Randy and the tired youth we fucked. Remember all those hot moments my cock flooded Tony's mouth with my seed. Tony struggled to swallow the copious amount; but did lick it all clean when my cock was done.

Getting dressed I left my tent first and distracted those outside so the naked Tony could return to his tent unnoticed.

- - - - - - - -

Now I wish I could say that all the leaders and boys had one huge orgy and we fucked till the week was up. But sadly my life is not that blessed. I did have a nice masturbation session with John finding him rubbing one out in the woods. Several nice fucks with Randy, and my daily fucks with Tony were nice.

Brody proved to be the highlight of this trip. One morning he was exceptionally horny and begged me to fuck him. All he wanted to do was sit on my lap, he told me he would do all the work. He had even made a hole in his shorts so that all I had to do was stick my cock up inside and no one would have to know. God that thought made me hot.

Brody even let me see the hole in shorts, and sure enough it had a great access to the red pucker. While others were not even watching I reached two then three fingers into his pussy. Brody just pushed and grinds on my fingers. Fucking had to find a way to get him on my lap and not have it look weird - I HAD TO FUCK HIM SOON. My cock was so hard I was sitting on my lawn chair cross legged to hide the boner in my jeans.

It's a hard thing to come up with a reason for a pastor to have a boy sit on his lap innocently for at least five minutes. I could tell, Brody was getting restless.

Suddenly Brody comes to me crying and his face stained with tears. He hops on my lap and straddles my torso like a toddler, and just holds himself against me as he cries. I try to comfort him and find out whats wrong. All the other leaders are just as confused as I am.

Whimpering Brody whispers into my ear, "I'm fine get your cock in me, I NEED IT!!!"

"Others will think your a baby!"

"I don't care, I get sex, GET YOUR COCK IN ME NOW!!!"

I didn't need further coaxing and when the coast was clear I slipped my cock out of my jeans and with one push Brody had my cock in his pussy. His long t-shirt covered the action and he just sat there and gyrated his hips and fucked himself slowly on my cock as he cried and I "tried to console the distraught youth."

I could not believe it, this was working. At times others would come and check on us and no one could tell that Brody was riding my cock. He would cry harder and shake his body making him able to take the cock out more and slam it back in as he moaned. Crocodile tears flowed from his face as he inaudibly talked about the drama he had been through.

Brody was a professional riding and milking my cock with his ass muscles. Making everything look like he was indeed crying. FUCK his father is one lucky man, this had to have been taught by that hunky man! Brody milking my cock for minutes on end, how long could he go, how long could I go?

Thinking of how everyone was oblivious to our fucking only made this moment so hot. I struggled not to cum, but within five minutes my cock was begging to shoot inside the youth. To hide my face as I flooded the youth, I laid it on Brody's shoulder. As my cock pulsed and twitched and emptied every last hot ounce of cum into the horny boy. Brody just whimpers and cried louder to hide my grunts of pleasure.

Brody just laid there and let my cock rest inside as he just cuddled up. The crying was done, and now he drifted to sleep as my cock stayed buried in the pucker. When my cock recovered and he was asleep it hardened and pushed deep inside the boy. Again I fucked the youth unknown to those around. This time when I shot my semen, Brody awoke with a smile.

When the coast was clear, he got off my lap and I zipped up. God this kid is fucking fantastic! My seed in his pussy while he joined his buddies and swam.

- - - - - - - -

End of Chapter 5

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