The Youth Pastor Chronicles

Chapter 6

Disclaimer and Warning:

This story depicts sexual acts between Adult males and Boys of varying ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of different ages; Please leave now. This story is a work of fiction (fantasy). The acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. Any resemblance to particular person or persons or series of events is entirely coincidental.


The Youth Pastor Chronicles

Chapter 6

God I hated returning home, when the scouting trip was over, but finding Brody's dad was going to fun, if he truly was the source of his sons erotic training. But for a week, then two, none of that family came to church.

But I am getting ahead of myself. First I must tell you what I did to John. Making him a man, by teaching him more of the ways of masturbation and self pleasuring. Then ultimately fucking with men.

- - - - - - - -

John came to my home office for our regular meeting. We had become very comfortable with each other as men. I was naked already in the room when he entered. John quickly followed suit.

Talking about summer and how he and his girlfriend were. Soon John was talking about masturbation and how much fun it has become, and finding new ways to touch and feel. His penis was hard and leaking, like a horny teen should be. I enjoyed pushing the boy further and making him lust after the sensation of sex. He was now masturbating at least three to four times a day. This boy was an addict.

"I have got two things to teach you tonight. One I learned from a friend the other is my favorite masturbation technique."

"It's your favorite and your gonna share it now, you're holding out!"

"Its worth the wait, I even got you a gift and you can take it home if you like."

Pulling out two cases of sounding rods I give one to him and sit down next to him on the sofa. I open the kit and pour some lube onto a medium sized sound. Squirt some on my piss slit and then slide the rod slowly down my urethra.

"GOD man, this is the best, like masturbating your cock from the inside, and as you go you can either stay or stretch out your cock hole."

"Wont that hurt?"

"Not if you go slow, and if you stretch it out you'll still cum and piss, just be gentle and slow."

John just sat there watching me work the rod in and out of my manhood. I could not help let out some nice deep sighs and moans as I pleasured my cock.

"You going to join me?"

"I don't know, will it hurt?"

"What you'd rather watch me have all the fun, or I bet you want me to do it for you!"

"No way man, I'm not a fag!"

"Dude I fucking touched you many times, does that make me a fag?"


"Dude what makes a man a fag is when he likes cock shoved up his shitter and NOTHING ELSE will get his cock off but being fucked by a man. Is that us?"

"No way"

"Well, then relax, I don't just love things shoved up my ass, I'm fucking my wife daily and have two kids."

Without even noticing my words he relaxed and started to jack his cock off, but still no sounding rods. John was fixated on my pleasure and watching that rod expand my urethra and seeing it move down the shaft.

"John, you're making me feel silly here, if you don't wanna try, it's okay."

"N-NO! I-I just... WOW your cock is fucking HUGE!!"

"As if this is the first time you seen it," I replied laughing.

I take some lube on one of his rods and then I squirt some on his dick. He's still stuck on watching my dick with the sounding rod mostly in.

"Touch it!"

John leans over and touches my cock and squeezes the rod mostly out and shoves it more in. Slowly masturbating my fuck stick.

I take the rod and shove it in his piss slit slowly as he strokes and watches my cock ooze and pulse. As I shove the rod into is teenage cock, John stops and plasters himself agains the couch as a new sensation fills his body.

"G-G-G-GOD!" he exclaimed.

Working the rod in and out and rubbing his cock to a rock hard erection. Soon John was panting and getting restless, the passion was mounting. He just sat there letting me do the work; and work his cock with a masterful perfection. Going got a larger sound that would stretch his urethra a bit I start my penile onslaught.

"John, I wanna show you my second spot the feel good in masturbation. It can be done with a finger or a toy, are you okay with that?"

John just nods and moans as my hands molest his teenage cock.

"Inside your body is your prostate, and when massaged if can rocket your orgasms even more. But to reach it we have to go into your anus. Is that okay."

For a moment panic struck my lads face.

"Do you trust me, have I ever done anything that has not felt good?"

Moaning out a loud yes, I offer him the options a prostate massager or my finger. John points to my finger.

I lube it up and gently massage his pussy. Letting him relax to the touch, while my other hand keeps the sound in his dick and then releases at times to make the youth stay hard.

Then when he's good and relaxed I shove one figure in and then work it, then two, this took some time on the virgin. Then when the two were fully relaxed I found his prostate and began to rub and push.

I could tell when I found the spot, Johns cock twitched, and the sounding rod ejected from the cock totally and he shuddered. Moans and gasps filled the air as I introduced him to anal pleasures. Soon he was pushing against my fingers and just moaning and it was getting louder and louder. His cock was turning red and the veins pulsing. John tried to sound while I pleasured is inside, but couldn't focus.

With a deep thrust of my fingers, Johns cock erupted and shot ropes of semen onto his chest. More semen than when he edged with me, this was a man sized lot and he was in heaven. Even when his cock was done, his jock body was still twitching as he strained to capture his breath back.

"You like that new spot, I think even more than me," I smiled.

Giving him the anal massager, "This is yours, it will help you reach in there better, but you can always reach with a finger if your limber enough."

John just nodded and glowed as he sighed.

"Well now I need to take care of me"

"No let me please, you fucked me up good," John offered.


I sit down and the youth takes his spot in between my legs. His eyes stared at my naked skin. I wondered what lustful thoughts were filling his mind. I could even see him salivating a bit, only me wondering more of his thoughts. I also knew that the next step of actual sex, was going to be way easier.

Shoving the sound into my cock fully I purred as he stroked and fulfilled my heat. John picked up speed and worked my rod with energy and desire. I could feel the rod pushing into my bladder. Roughly he abused my cock and shoved and jacked it violently. I could tell he so badly wanted it to cum and end his torture.

As he focused on my cock, I tweaked my nipples and started to caress my torso. I wanted to cum for him badly and with the attention I was giving my self and he at my groin. Then like a rocket my semen shot out of the purple head. My cock sent volleys of cum over and over again. My chest, stomach , and even Johns face got covered with the copious amounts of jizz.

To my surprise John licked it off his lips and his hands. I globbed mine up and did the same. GOD this jock was mine and getting to the pussy fucking was so going to be next!

- - - - - - - -

Two days later he was again at my doorstep this time it was 8:00 AM on a Saturday. Nicely the wife had left earlier to spend the day with her sisters and left me to relax and sleep in.

Grabbing my robe and shoving my hard-on between my clenched legs as I open the door. Once I noticed it was John I let the hard cock point under the robe.

"Pastor... I mean Nick, I need help I just wanna have sex so bad! Its all I think of and now I found some porn, I want it so bad!"

"John what about the sin, do you want to sin and ruin your chance in heaven?"

"No, thats why I came here instead of fucking."

"I know its hard, sex is something men need, masturbation is great, but then at times it is only second best."

John came into the house all flushed and emotional.

"John do you know why sex before marriage is a sin?"

"Not really, just is?!"

"Son when a man and woman have sex what happens?"

"I don't know, they have fun!"

"Despite having fun the two of you make a child." Moving in and cupping my hand on his balls (although in shorts I can tell his hard). "Your seed is what makes life with a woman, and to make a life outside the bounds of marriage is sin. Yes, there are condoms and other things, but none are 100% effective. So it's no sex."

I remove my hand, and look at John in the eye for response.

"I understand," he sighs. "What do I do, Nick, I NEED IT!"

Every now and then I catch him looking at my cock tent and the peeks of skin in the slit of the robe.

"I know of a solution, it's frowned on by others, but it's not a sin. Your seed cannot make a child, and so your protected. Others just judge, do you want this help?"

"What is it?"

"Can two men make a baby?"


"So is it a sin for us?"

"I guess not, but I'm not a fag!"

"I know John, do you think I am?"

"Hell no!"

"We are just men with needs, whats wrong with that, us helping each other. I have needs, you can see I'm hard. Also it's not cheating since, its with another man. John this will also help you when it comes time to fuck your wife. I can teach you even more if you like?"

John nodded yes and took a gulp, I could tell he was nervous. I guided him to our guest room and removed my robe and sat next to him; naked. I take his hand and place it on my thigh. He clenches a bit but also caresses the skin. I can tell emotionally he is overwhelmed.

"Now John, if you want this to stop we can at anytime."

Quickly John nods yes.

"First there is the kiss, I assume you know how to do that, so I'll show you areas on the body that feel good to kiss on both you and a woman."

I lean in and kiss the side of his neck, John's back arches and his cock rockets to a pulsing hard-on. I continue to kiss and suck his neck as John moans and groans in my touch.

"Next there are the nipples."

I take one of his half dollar sized nipples and lick and suck it into my mouth. John now arches more and falls down on his back to the bed. He's begging me to do more, as he thrashes his head back and forth.

I take one hand and begin to stroke his cock and my tongue explores every inch of his body. Once getting down to the cock I suck it into my mouth. With in seconds the jocks cum floods my mouth. Drinking in I come off his cock and plant a kiss onto his lips. Slowly his lips part and the dance of lust begins.

John is fully lost in the moment, his hands probe and caress my skin, and he even starts to jack my cock off. Johns lusty body is beginning to sweat and from his movements I bin to think if he's watched some gay porn. For he starts to guide my hand to his pussy and allow me to rub and explore his sex.

There was no need to instruct more, he was mine and I knew I would get my cock into his tight virgin cunt.

While kissing his neck and my fingers probe his pussy, I hear John moan, "God this is great!"

I pour lube onto the pussy and get three then four fingers inside. John is loud and moaning with all his energy and hard like a rock. His cock presses against me as I lay on top. Johns lips are supple and full, kissing is natural for us as our bodies mesh.

Biting his ear, he said the magic words, "FUCK ME NICK, FUCK ME!"

Looking him in the eye, "The first time will hurt just like a woman, are you sure, once I start, there is no going back or stopping?"


With that I lube my dick and pull up his legs and then shove the cock into his pussy. John lets out a scream. My method is to the hilt and then relax. So shoving until the cock is fully engulf in the warm twat. Then I allow his muscles and body to relax and adjust to my size. All tear filled John looks at me and smiles.

Once ready I start my rhythm and fuck in strong powerful thrusts. I apparently hit and massage his prostate well, for each thrust only makes John whine. His cock still hard and he reaches in and strokes it while I fuck.

Taking my time I train him in positions and methods that allow the cock more pleasure and some that give the anus more pleasure. Fucking my length fully in and Pound him more feverishly as my orgasm approaches. Slamming my groin into his ass, my cock opens his innards. With a violent push that shakes Johns body my cock floods the youth with my man seed.

I roll to the side and we kiss and make out as he fucks the sheets. Soon he shoots his fourth load into the bed sheets. John rolls on top of me and straddles my chest.

"GOD that rocked!"

"And you haven't even fucked a pussy yet," I smile at him. "Be hear Friday night and I will have an ass for you to fuck. Your welcome to stay that night as the others will. My wife will be out of town."

Agreeing to join me in about a week again we enjoy the afterglow chat.

- - - - - - - -

On Thursday I finally see the single hot Dad of Brody's. But before I saw the dad, I was fucking Adam in the choir loft. This is important, so lets go to me fucking Adam in the choir loft.

It was a special night were the parents could drop off their kids and attend an adults only party at the Reverend Stephens home. So when the coast was clear me and Adam climbed into the loft. He did miss his dad, but it worked well for me, I was seeing him much more and getting to fuck his pussy almost daily.

Adam stripped and offered his cunt to me the moment he laid down on the floor. Letting my cock out of the confines of my clothing I fucked into his tight used hole.

Adam was a boy but spoke dirty like a man, telling me to fuck him like a bitch, making him a whore, fuck his dirty little pussy and what not. Fucking his tiny body with force he bended and kept on begging. Feeling the moment approach I let my seed fill the youth.

Suddenly while my cock is filling Adam the door to the chapel opens and I hear a voice.

"Son, assume the position; daddy needs a release."

We remain quiet and look down to the chapel floor and see the hunky father with his son pressed agains the wall fucking him with his daddy cock. I could not believe it, there was the mystery dad and he was the source of his sons sexual training. I also learned that he did not fuck lightly, he forcefully thrusted his cock deep into his middle son. I would guess his some was about eight or nine. I could tell the boy was being fucked through his shorts, so like Brody he must have a hole for easy access.

Listening to them grunt and moan my cock was going to explode again. Just a few movements inside Adam and he was flooded again with the semen on my lust.

When all the action was finished I heard the kinky dad say "Now I need to find that fucking Pastor that fucked my son." His voice was very angry, and well I was not wanting a confrontation here at church.

Letting Adam leave, I waited in the choir loft for some time before I decided to emerge. Opening the door I caught the eye of the father coming around the corner.

Shoving me back in, he pinned me against the wall and grabbed my balls and squeezed ever so slightly. I could tell he was going for the power and dominance tactic. So I do the same in return but I just grab his dick.


"Oh really, 'assume the position; daddy needs a release' I saw you fucking your son in the chapel." I start stroking and rubbing is dick though his jeans as I look him in eye.

"Okay so you know," he replies with a smile. Letting go of my good he steps back and lets me move from my pinned position. "So Brody was a good fuck on the camping trip, you don't get into other mans kids without that dads permission."

"Dude I get that, your son crawled into my tent and practically begged me to fuck his pussy. So if you are looking for monogamous sex from him, you better talk to him."

"Damn slut! But damn good in the bed."

We talked for a good two hours there in the loft and learned a lot about him. Jason Iverson, thirty-four years old, with three sons, Brody (12), Cody (8), and Boyd (5); each sexually active and raised on daddies milk.

"Come over Friday night, I'll introduce you to the clan and have some fun. Brody tells me you have a nice large dick!"

"Ten inches man, but Friday I have plans fucking my own youth, but does Saturday work?"

"Ya, come on over in the morning and we will have a late breakfast."

"Sounds nice, see you then."

- - - - - - - -

End of Chapter 6