The Youth Pastor Chronicles

Chapter 7

Disclaimer and Warning:

This story depicts sexual acts between Adult males and Boys of varying ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of different ages; Please leave now. This story is a work of fiction (fantasy). The acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. Any resemblance to particular person or persons or series of events is entirely coincidental.


The Youth Pastor Chronicles

Chapter 7

Tony was always begging me for sex, I don't think he was ever satisfied with himself when my cock was not in his man cunt. He'd pay for hotel rooms and food just so their would be some excuse for him to get my cock up inside. I was flattered, but he was totally not my type. Damn fool was hooked to me and off my scent, but now totally in love with me. Trying to find a way to let him go was tough.

"I Love you Nick," cried Tony.

Slipping my dick out of his pussy I lay beside him on his bed. "Dude you got to cool it down, I'm MARRIED."

"I know, divorce her and lets runaway."

"Tony, I'm flattered, but I love my wife and then there are my kids, If I leave I will never see them again."

"So its complicated, if you love one another anythings possible."

"Tony, I cant, the sex is great, but thats were this relationship ends. I told you at the beginning I was married."

"So I'm just a pussy to fuck?"

"No," I said smiling into his tear filled eyes.

"If you leave me, I'll make your life a living hell. You will never be able to get away from me!"

"Dude, why so stalkerish?"

"I love you NICK! When we are apart I feel like I'm dead. You're all I can think about and all I want."

HOLY FUCK, this dude was going to be hard to get separated. I got him off my youth fucking cock scent; but now I have a psycho stalking boyfriend. He was making my life a soap opera and I don't like drama.

With all the acting skills I mustered; I kissed him so passionately he melted, and I cried and told him how much he meant to me. Being married was apart of me and that it was just a tough week for me.

God I was happy to leave that sappy psycho in his house and get back to mine. Tony was trouble and going to be, until I can find away to disconnect the cord.

- - - - - - - -

Friday night could not come sooner. The wife was on a trip with her family leaving me alone. I invited Javier, Adam, and John to join me that evening for a focus group of the youth of today, and how the church fits into their lives. I love creating covers, so fucking easy.

All had permission to stay the night since it was going to be a long night and so they brought there PJs and overnight things. Javier's and Adam's parents appreciated the attention I gave their sons, and were safe with them being with me. I helped there sons become better members of society.

So at 7:00 PM all the boys arrived and some of the parents stayed to watch and makes sure all was okay. So as a good Pastor, I did have focus groups questions and material all set and we did just as I told the parents. Once the last parent left the home, the doors were locked and we all ran to the master bedroom.

Javier and Adam were naked in a second and on the bed making out and waiting for the two of us to come and fuck them. I eagerly undressed and was about to jump onto the bed, but noticed that John was still undressed.

Talking to John, I learned he was nervous and almost scared to fuck the boy, like somehow he'd hurt him. Letting them know he would not, I sent the sexy Adam to help him undress, and ease the lad. I knew Adam would be able to get John into his pussy.

As for me; Javier was going to be my first fuck. Javier in a playful mood, tried to escape from being fucked. Grabbing him and pinning him down I let our cocks graze each other. Javier lifts his ass and grinds into my body. Sliding my cock down I find his eager fuck cunt. Grabbing some lube I massage his pussy and then slide my girth into him.

Gasping and moaning was all Javier could do as every inch filled his frame. Javiers smooth latin skin felt good in my hands. Leaning in and kissing his body as my cock fucked in and out of his hole.

The tight warm ass of Javier milked my ten inches as I fucked. God I loved the smile on his face as I penetrated deeply. He would gasp and whine as my fucking got more forceful. My cock was in heaven as the boy eagerly did as he was told. My cock filled and raped his pussy as my thrusts gained more speed.

Javier got louder and louder as my impaling got harder. He'd whine and beg so much that it even distracted John from fucking for his first time.

"GOD, GOD, GOD," was the only word that Javier could say as he was fucked ruthlessly. His body shook and shivered as the cock invaded his pussy.

Then as the moment came to cum, my seed filled Javier's womb and flooded his innards. Javier was in rapture, as he was filled. One loud yell, his eyes rolled back and his body spasmed. His cock let loose a few drops of teen cum and then he passed out.

By this time, John had finished his first fuck and with a smile of completion he let Adam lick clean his fuck-stick. With Adam licking and slurping on John, I positioned my self behind his round globes. Taking aim my cock, I pushed into Adam as he blew John.

Adam never missed a beat, continue his suck while my cock had his way with his innards. Feeling Johns cum inside was hot, its warmth and lube was perfection. Knowing that John had done his deed inside made me proud!

Once Adam was done swallowing his load from John I begin to really fuck his pussy. Pulling fully out and then ramming every inch back in; making Adam wince and moan. John watch as I fucked the boy with passion. John came over by me and watch my cock fuck the youth. John just rubs and kisses my torso as I fuck the whore.

Adam begins to beg me to stop, his body is week, and even try to push me off a bit. I only fuck harder as he begs. Adam knows how to spur me on, and he was playing the part.

"John, this is how you give this bitch a dry orgasm," I grunt.

Pushing my cock in at an angle so Adam's prostate is rubbed more, the youth reels. Adam being possessed with lust, spews forth his profane words and taunts as my cock buries inside. The eleven year old youth, begins to spasm, and loose control of his body. Words can no longer escape his lips, only moans, as his dry orgasm envelops his body.

This only made Adams pussy clench onto my cock and milk and beg for its juice. Pushing once more into the hilt, my cock erupts and explodes inside. Since this was his second fuck the semen now flows out of his anus like a river as my cock floods it more.

Adam lay there panting as I pull my cock out of his pussy. John was more in heat than I had ever seen him. I could tell he wanted a rough fucking. His eyes begged for my manhood.

John took my cock in hand and rubbed it till it was hard, and then laying me down he sat on the length. Once fully impaled, his muscled legs moved him up and down, off my cock.

Three fucks in a row these boys were going to wear me out and I liked it.

Having only fucked John once before, I was amazed at his skill and desire for taking my cock. Milking me up and down with is jock pussy, he was riding this for the long haul. Making sure he enjoyed each movement he was slowly fucking himself.

Adam was not about to be left alone; but Javier was still passed out from his fuck with me. Standing over me he began to make out with John has he moved down on my rod. This gave me full view to his dripping pussy. I let Adam sit on my face as I licked and probed him with my tongue. Tasting mine and John's semen as it dripped from is clean pussy.

Though my face was blocked I noticed tiny hands now caressing my balls and John still fucked himself. Javier was awake and touching my balls. Wanting to go faster and fuck John harder, knowing I could go farther with him I pull the youths off and pin John down in a masterful move.

"John, you really want me to fuck you, worse that I did Adam?"

John looked me in the eye and nodded yes.

Javier and Adam watched and touched each other as I mounted the muscular jock. First shoving my cock fully in and then out and then waiting and shoving it all in. John grunting as my cock pounds his ass.

Then fucking him fast as my length expands his cunt. John whimpers and sweats as my fucking gets harder and faster. You can hear the loud slaps of skin as I race fuck the jock. His green eyes at times roll back as my cock grazes his prostate. The blonde shaggy hair, tosses as I fuck.

John's cock remains hard as my fucking of his pussy continues. At times rivers of pre-cum pour out and coat is dick. I hear the panting as he struggles to catch his breath. Fucking his body with force that shakes the bed. Soon the frame is banging the walls as my rape of John continues.

I pull on the jocks hair and snarl, "Your ass is mine!"

John only whimpers.

The two youth watching are enthralled with my fucking and each try to please each other with their hands.

John cant hold back, his cock starts to shoot the life giving seed. Shot after shot they coat his stomach and chest. Adam hastily tries to finger some off as I continue fucking the tired teen.

My cock is raging hard and red as I fuck pushing my cock deeper into him. I can see the pain on John's face, but yet his happy knowing my cock fills him. Only when I'm done with his body I allow my seed to fill his cavity. Then John can relax and recover from my rape.

The evening was an orgy, each of us fucking, sucking, and masturbating. My favorite position was when I fucked John again on all fours, and Javier was under sucking his cock and Adam getting sucked by John. God this night rocked!

- - - - - - - -

It was shame in the morning to say good-bye to the youths. Each leaving and heading home to sleep more of the night off. John walked funny, I could tell my cock did some damage on his ass, and he loved it. Now I had to shower clean and get myself over to Jason's and meet his family. Doubt I had any cum left, but I'd still have fun!

- - - - - - - -

Upon arriving at Jason's home, I was greeted but the middle child Cody. Naked as the day he was born and sprouting wood, he had no shame in showing his boyish body. Cody was small for his age being only three feet ten inches tall but like his dad he had the violet eyes. His eight year old body was lean and inviting as he lead me to the back of the house.

The closer we got I could hear screams, moans, and other sexual noises. Cody took me to the basement and there a world of sexual toys and depravity met my eyes. Brody was bound and being fucked by the very Celtic Ranger that fucked him on the camping trip. While Boyd the youngest in the clan, was being abused by his father. The youth was penetrated fully by his father seven inches. Crying didn't stop this man from fucking and filling his son with seed. All were cumming as we entered the room.

Once Jason was done fucking the innocence out of Boyd, he got up and shook my hand. "Welcome to sexual heaven."

I was in awe not sure if this was good or maybe even demonic. It was dark and the room was full of every kind of sexual device, for the novice and the experienced master.

"You okay, you seem to be lost for words," chimed Jason, bring me back to reality. "Come with me lets have breakfast, Randy has to leave soon so lets, let him have his way with the young."

All through breakfast I could hear Randy grunting and fucking each of the youths. Their screams and begs filled the basement.

Jason calmly made breakfast and sat next to me at the table, the screams and noises didn't phase him. It was like normal noise one would hear on the radio or TV. He talked even like it was normal to have a man fucking his kids with a fourteen inch cock.

I was sure the boys were dying down in the dungeon.

I tried to focus on Jason, but all I could get was that he was the father of the kids, but the mother was some prostitute he paid, and then she vanished, and he had the kids all for this purpose of having sex. Each had been trained and were ready. I somehow felt I had stepped into hell.

About thirty minutes later, Randy came up and said good bye, I could not help but notice some blood in his huge flaccid cock. I wanted to run down stairs and see if the boys were okay, but Jason just kept on talking.

Only when the father was ready did we proceed down into the basement. I was so worried my heart literally was trying to escape from my chest. But the boys were fine all sitting on the mattress on the floor talking and touching each other. This was not hell, but heaven!

"Your face was fucking priceless, my boys and I enjoy rough sex, pain is pleasure! Nick, you were fucking worried and sweating up there! This was the best!"

Everyone just laughed at me.

"Who do you want to fuck first!" offered Jason.

I felt like I was at a market, ready to by a whore to fuck, and yet I kind of was. Brody started to get up and come to me, but Cody was faster and beat him to my body. Cody was eager and ready to be fucked, his hole was still gaping from the fuck he had with Randy.

Laying down I let the boy suck and masturbate my cock to an erection. I soon felt Boyd's tiny hands stroking my meat as his older brother sucked my cock head. I was in heaven as my body was sucked and ravaged by Jason's hungry youth.

- - - - - - - -

End of Chapter 7