The Youth Pastor Chronicles

Chapter 8

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This story depicts sexual acts between Adult males and Boys of varying ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of different ages; Please leave now. This story is a work of fiction (fantasy). The acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. Any resemblance to particular person or persons or series of events is entirely coincidental.


The Youth Pastor Chronicles

Chapter 8

Fucking with Jason's boys was an awesome weekend. Boyd was the best of all, I never really thought someone so young could be so good with their mouth and hands. He was so eager to please and be fucked and even enjoyed being sucked. It took a bit to adjust to his dry orgasms, he always ended up pissing after. Cant wait to be with them again when I rested and ready for the perverse.

- - - - - - - -

It sucked when the wife returned and having to be all good and dressed at home. But one thing did make this all feel better was time again with my sons, and somehow now my oldest was looking really sexy. I had fucked other boys, but always never thought about using my own sons. James as opened a lust in my heart and now my own son was the object of my passion. I was so going to have to teach him how to honor his father; after all it was a commandment.

Carson had seen me naked from time to time growing up. He and I would shower at times if we were in a hurry; and now he was seven and I wanted to plow his boy-cunt.

One day while my wife was out shopping I got naked for a late shower and walked by his room naked. Peeking in I could see him at his desk drawing and just having fun. Stoping, I walk in and start a conversation.

"Hey bud, what are you doing?"

"Drawing, dad you're... you're naked!"

"Sorry, I was heading to the shower and then saw you."


"What are you drawing?"

"Just a dragon; see," Carson said, holding up is artwork.

"Carson, that is awesome, you're going to be a great artist!"

"Thanks Dad!"

Getting up he hugged me and then sat down and continued his drawing. But feeling his body pressed against mine, was erotic.

I left and felt really nervous, somehow seducing my son was going to be a lot harder than I thought. My son made me nervous, and very, very hard.

- - - - - - - -

I wish I could tell you that after the shower I got my nerve back and that I was ready to seduce and fuck my son that night; but sadly I didn't. Three days later my wife was gone again for the day and left me alone with Carson.

I sleep naked a lot during the summer and this morning was no exception. Rolling over in bed I could feel my cock was rock hard, and even oozing some pre-cum; I must have had a nice dream. Carson is apparently awake and hears me stirring in my bed.

"Dad, you're awake," he says as he enters my room.

This was not abnormal, just the circumstances of my cock was, hard yes, but oozing and leaking through the sheets was abnormal.

"I'm bored! What are we gonna do today?"

"Well, what do you want to do?"

"I don't know."

While sitting there giving out ideas my son stops me and says, "Dad, whats that, did you pee in bed?"

I look down and see a pre-cum spot, not a small spot, but huge from a night of well fucked dreams.

"No, Carson its pre-cum."


I shed my sheet and let him see the dripping cock, all the time he was sitting there on my bed my cock kept dripping and pulsing its red head. Carson just stared at my ten inches of veiny cock.

"Dad, your dicks hard!"

"I woke up this way, see how it's leaking, thats what's its from."

"Why is it leaking piss?"

"It's not piss, its sappy and sticky, its what your dick lets out when your excited."

"Your excited?"


"What you excited about, like today or just happy?"

"Carson it's not like that, I'm sexually excited."

"'X'ual happy?"

So I begin to explain sex to my seven year old son, letting him know how the male body grows and develops. He's very interested and asks a lot of questions and is always eyeing my prick. When I'm done I just rest there on the bed with him both of us just talking about sex, and answering his millions of questions.

Then he has the question I begged in my heart, "What's sex like?"

"You wanna know what sex is like, I can teach you, but the first time can hurt?"

"Why will it hurt?"

"Your body has to adjust to sex, it takes a bit, but then it's the best feeling ever."

Carson agrees to have sex.

"Before we begin you have to promise not to tell anyone, not even mom."


"Remember the commandment to honor your mother and father," I say looking deep into my sons eyes.


"Us having sex is you honoring me, and if you share that with mom or others, would this be special and honoring?"

"I guess not," my son said shruggingly.

"Carson, I'm serious, do you want to sin, and be bad to God, or do you want to honor me and keep this bond secret. If you cant promise to me and God, then you won't learn about sex from me."

"Really, k I promise."

"Get the Bible and swear to me and God that you will never share this with anyone else."

Carson is a good boy and does as he is told. My cock is leaking more and more pre-cum as the moment approaches. Carson joins me naked on the bed.

"Carson, do you wanna touch me?"

"Can I?"

With the nod of my head Carson eagerly comes to me as I lay down on the bed. He was not shy in his touching, the first thing he grabbed was my aching cock. He even sampled some of the dewy sap to his lips.

Laying my son down, I lay him on his back.

"Carson, I love you so much, I can't believe we get to share this. I will make you so happy.... do you trust me?"

Carson nods yes.

I kiss his cheek and then his lips and then his neck. I allow my lips to caress his smooth body as I move south. Once I got to his groin I took his flaccid boy-cock in my mouth and sucked it. Slurping on his uncut skin and then sucking in his balls, and caressing every inch with my tongue. My son just arches his back and moaned as his daddy pleases his privates.

Carson thrashes on the bed as his first orgasm arrives. Its fast and I can tell he's scared, his face is white and his eyes roll back, and then a stream of piss flows from his cock into my mouth.

Catching his breath, Carson looks at me and smiles. "What was that?!"

"Your first orgasm and when you get older you'll shoot like daddy will"

"Shoot what"

"I'll show you, but you need to do what I did to you"

With that he leaned in and sucked my cock like candy. Had to teach him about teeth and how to suck, but he quickly picked up the method and went down on his daddy. Those small lips and his black hair hiding his eyes as he devoured the very meat that made him.

I was intoxicated with his passion and his lust. I was edging my cock in his mouth for as long as I could. Once he had a good rhythm and had him sit on my chest and suck my cock from there. Gave me great access to his nuts and pussy. I took lube and fingered his cunt. Carson was a little leery, but his trust was there, and he soon eased into my touch. Soon his three inches of dick was hard again and his nuts hug tightly against his body.

I enjoyed working and rubbing my fingers inside my sons cunt, he just loved anything I did, and he sucked my cock more and more. But as we all know the moment of orgasm will come and like a flood my cock unleashed its load into my sons mouth. Instantly Carson was gagging and choking on the thick white liquid that spurted from my cock.

Once my onslaught of semen was done, I said, "Carson, thats semen... cum and what you will shoot when you get older. It is what makes babies."

"Its salty and chunky, I like it!"

God my son was a natural lover of cum.

"Dad will I shoot a lot like you, and when will I, DAD THIS IS SOOOOOO COOL!!"

"Son it is cool, and I am glad we can share this, and when you get older maybe about twelve through fourteen you will start shooting, and as for the amount, I think you'll be a big shooter like me!"

"Way cool!"

We headed to the shower to clean up, while cleaning him up I took my soapy fingers and shoved them into his pussy. Naturally my son leaned onto my hand. Made my cock hard as steel again. Carson noticed and just looked at its massive size.

"Carson, I want to share the most intimate thing two people can, this is what can hurt a bit, I'll go slow. If need I'll stop."

He nodded yes.

I soaped up my cock and his ass with tons of suds and then gently pushed my cock head into his cunt. Carson flinched and made it difficult. Letting him relax and caressing his cock he then let more of my length into his pussy. I got half my inches in and knew that was all he could take today. Slowly fucking my member in and out, Carson adjusted to the thrusts.

The feeling of my son on my cock was the most sexual thing I had ever felt. There we were in the shower fucking, and Carson was enjoying it. Being the first time to experience this taboo, my cock shot again into his youthful guts and even poured out into the shower floor.

When it was done I just held him as we kissed under the shower.

"Champ, today you became a man!"

- - - - - - - -

John was a fucking horny teenager, and when Adam was not available for him to fuck I'd find an appointment on my calendar. But then today was something more, he called me in a panic.

He was feeling trapped and needed to just vent. It was going to interrupt my time with my son, but this seemed like a need, not a sex stop. So he came over all in tears and just started crying. Its odd to see a seventeen year old jock of a stud cry like a baby.

For a good hour I just held him on the couch as he cried and tried to tell me, but all he could do was cry. Then when all the tears were whiped and he had regained his control, he confided in me.

I find out that he broke up with his girlfriend and his parents are furious with him. I probed more into the issue with his parents, but all I can tell, is he wants to live a life different from theirs and they just don't understand him. (What teenager doesn't feel that way at one point or another.)

Finding out more, I learn its all over college and what to become in life. He's feeling choked and stifled since his parents want him to be a doctor or a pastor, and he wants none of that. Instead he dreams of playing football for a living or being an architect. I console him and let him know that after high school he can make his own decisions. Letting him know that is another thing he will have to keep secret, but that he may upset his parents when he decides not to become a doctor, but that they will always love him.

John was consoled and happy, He left and that was it, no sex, I was so disappointed. Now I felt like his fucking pastor instead of fucking fuck teacher. He better let me into his pussy again soon, but then again I could always have my secretary schedule him in for an appointment.

- - - - - - - -

With having time with Carson that week was awesome every chance we got, we took advantage of and fucked. It was amazing to me how much my son loved to be with me and feel sexual. He was more eager than any boy I had ever seduced.

Once I knew he was acclimated to sex fully, I took a Saturday to introduce my sex crazed son to Jason and his clan. Going over the Iverson's we enter the home and head to the basement and there like all the times before all the family was naked and in some sexual act.

Carson and I quickly stripped, I was eager to join and fuck the youngest again, it was amazing to me how hot he was for cock. But sadly my son was shy and not sure what to do. I could see that Brody was finishing up his deed with his youngest brother. The timing was perfect, I handed Carson off and I took Boyd. I knew that Brody could awaken my son and that he would have fun fucking my sons pussy.

Watching Brody take my son was fucking hot, as I watched the two youths make-out and romance, Boyd's eager mouth licked and sucked my dick. I wanted to fuck Boyd; and knew I would; but watching Brody fuck my son was something that made my cock even harder. Brody was a master at fucking young, he ruled Carson's ass, and made him his right there on the mattress.

When Body got me close to cumming I had to stop watching and fuck him shitless. Not wanting him to take the load orally but anally, I lay the young sole on the sofa edge. The boy gave no resistance as my cock pushed in. I could see it shove into his abdomen area and fuck him. Intensely the youth just laid there as I used his body. Every now and then he would wince or moan as my cock penetrated his fuck chute.

Every now and then I'd lean in and kiss is tender soft lips and skin. His whining was perfection, almost a beg for my cum to fill him. His pussy was tight and warm; and Boyd struggled to handle my size.

Not wanting to cum but make it last, I pulled out and turned him to his belly and then began to fuck his pussy again. I could tell that Boyd liked this position more, for his moaning got louder. I am still amazed that his tiny body can take all my ten inches up into his shitter. Fucking him was heaven as I filled him with my fuck-stick.

Just pressing against his skin as my cock fully penetrated the youth was erotic. My cock pulsing and pleading to cum. With a deep thrust, Boyd whimpers as my cock unleashes a load into his his boy twat.

Body laid there and recovered as I moved onto the next available ass. Cody was waiting in a sling all tied and legs spread. His hole gaping open and cum oozing out. I rammed my cock deep into Cody and he let out a scream as my girth filled his wet pussy.

Making use of the sling I swing him off then onto my cock. Each time slamming it down to the hilt, making Cody squirm. His hole just moved and I could feel it flex and engulf my rod.

Feeling Jason come up from behind I slow my rhythm, as he hugs my chest and whispers into my ear, "I wanna see Cody swallow all ten inches of your cock and make him choke and gag."

I greedily agree and pull my cock out of the used chute and move to take aim at Cody's mouth. I start to ease the cock little by little into the mouth of the youth. I can feel it slowly work down the throat. Cody starts to gag and choke, I ease up.

Jason gets hesitant and swings cody fully onto my cock, his nose is buried in my nuts and his lips fully encase my meat. Jason held his son there, he was choking on my cock. Then he hurled up the semen in his stomach. Only then did Jason let go and let his son recover. Then he'd hold him again till he choked on my length.

Cody was struggling but eager to please and hastily tried to take every inch of my manhood.

"This is good for Cody, I want him to be able to suck Randy's inches when he gets older, so if he starts on your ten now, in three years he should be able to suck all fourteen inches of Randy!"

Forcing my cock into the hungry youth as he hurled and gagged on the inches that shoved into his throat. For a good ten maybe twenty minutes this continued, and at times Cody would all but pass out for air. Now he was relaxed and let me fuck his throat. Getting faster with my pace as I held onto his ears. Seeing the cock go down his throat was hot, and then knowing my seed would go strait to his stomach.

Cody was taking it easily now and my time to cum was approaching. I could feel the balls tightening up and the cock pulsing as I fucked the throat. With a adept thrust, I gagged the young boy and emptied my nuts. Cody was choking as my seed flooded inside, not wanting to pull out the your hurled as my cock unleashed its large load. Once down I pulled off and had my son lick my body clean.

God I loved fucking with this family! And Jason gave me the perfect offer, "Nick divorce your bitch and move with us to Mexico, I have a place on the beach, and we can fuck our sons anytime and no laws to stop our evil lust. Randy's going to join, fuck man you have to, you're the kinda dad I came back to the US looking for!"

God I did love fucking with them, and Jason was a nice enough fuck. Images of us in Mexico with our sons was hot; and Randy there with is giant cock was even more erotic. But also now I had an idea on how to get the psycho Tony out of my life.

- - - - - - - -

End of Chapter 8