The Youth Pastor Chronicles

Chapter 9

Disclaimer and Warning:

This story depicts sexual acts between Adult males and Boys of varying ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of different ages; Please leave now. This story is a work of fiction (fantasy). The acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. Any resemblance to particular person or persons or series of events is entirely coincidental.


The Youth Pastor Chronicles

Chapter 9

There before me stood the naked jock, I know he's older than my normal, but damn he was sexy with his blonde hair and green eyes. John was mine to fuck again today and I didn't even have to schedule an appointment. He came to me begging me to fill his pussy.

His six and half inch dick was hard and even dripping a few drops of pre-cum as he walked towards me. I laid on the bed and let him have full view of my nakedness and arousal. His muscled chest was smooth and sweaty from his run to get over to my home. His hair was pulled back in a small pony tail which let his green eyes shine.

John had a way to turn my cock rock hard at just a look and he knew it. Crawling on to the bed he slinked over to my body. Kissing me and then slowly moving down till my cock was slid into his eager mouth. John could not handle my full length but worked every inch with hands and mouth. Making sure it was wet and well loved.

Each suck and touch, John made sure only further excited and readied my cock for his anus. Once he was sure I was fully lubed to enter his body he laid back and spread his legs. Once I took aim and entered his pussy, his legs wrapped around my waist and pull me in for kissing. This was Johns favorite position. Making out as my cock fucked in and out of his primed pussy, rolling and heaving on the bed.

Feeling Johns hard cock pressed against my body, his cock coated us with its clear sap. The sweat on our bodies combining and the passionate kisses growing more heated.

Raising my self up a bit, I so I could fuck deeper, John begins to moan and beg. I can tell my cock is grazing a spot of heaven for him. Now the jocks cock is twitching and leaking a steady stream of pre-cum.

"GOD, OH GOD, NICK!" was all John could mutter before his cock erupted. Ropes of teenage seed shot onto his abs, chest, and face.

You would think that this would make the teen ready to stop, but instead I have learned his first cum is only the beginning. Now that he has shot, I know what I can do. I pull out of his gaping pussy and pin wrestle is body to the bed. Once his ass is in the air and his back to me, I ram my member inside.

John squirms and my fucking gets rough, and I pull on his hair. Leaning in I bite his neck and then savor his ear. John is putty in my hands, as his body melts under my control. I pound my cock deep inside his chute and continue fucking faster. Now the only sounds in the room, are my grunts, John's whimpering, and the loud slapping as I mesh out bodies into one.

Turning John back on to his back I grab the headboard as he holds his knees to his chest. Slamming my cock in harder and deeper, John lets out a scream. My cock fills his pussy more and more as I slam my cock into his flesh.

Johns hands tug and claw at my muscled torso. Taunting me with his words and begging me to cum. Making sure is body is well fucked I finally let my cock release the torrent stream of cum. Johns face lights up has he feels my cum flood his guts, then suddenly his flaccid cock shoots forth some of his teen seed. Oozing down his stomach as my load finishes inside.

Pulling out of his fucked chute, I roll onto the bed next to the sweaty youth.

"GOD, that was a good fuck," I breathe out.

"Hell ya, always is!"

"You enjoying fucking Adam and Javier?"

"Oh yeah, Adams the best, but... but this doesn't make me a fag, its just till I get married or need more sex! Right?"

"Dude sure, but if your gay, your gay, Javier is gay all he likes is men. It's all good with me."


"Ya," I laughed.

"Well, I better go, my moms gonna be fucking worried," John said as he leaped from the bed and quickly dressed. Not caring to say goodbye; he left me alone in my naked sweat. Feeling cheap and like a paid escort, I headed to the shower to rinse and wash the scent of sex off.

- - - - - - - -

Having my wife gone again was nice and the perfect time to start my plan with getting rid of Tony or converting him to my evil sinful ways of sex. It took some time to get it all planned and have my wife go and this time leave my son Carson behind. But reluctantly she agreed and Carson was ready to help his dad.

Tony was eager to come over and spend the night with me. He was even excited to meet Carson.

Carson and Tony hit it right off, Carson even flirted and asked to touch Tonys muscles. He was a child in awe of the sculpted psycho officer. We ate dinner drank beers and just chatted and chatted. Once Carson when to bed, it was time, to set things in motion.

Beer after beer he would drink, I wondered when he was going to, or even if he ever would pass out. I kept him hard and horny by tugging at his cock as we were naked. I was doing my best acting and then after twenty-four beers, Tony passed out.

Carrying him to the bed I lay him down and wait for him to revive just a bit so the sex can begin. His eyes open a bit and we kiss and I offer him my ass, "Tony, I love you can we please be one and fuck!"

"God, yes Nick, I LOVE YOU," Tony slurs out.

Leaving the room I wake up Carson and send him into the room. I stand in the room and watch. Carson approaches the hard cock of Officer Granger, and sucks the shaft in. Wetting each inch of his drunken cock.

Tony was delirious I could have had a cow sucking his dick, and he would not have known the difference. But to further the charade, I spoke, "God Tony, I love your dick!"

The drunken man reached down and shuffled my sons hair and forced his head down on his hardened prick.

"Suck it Nick, GOD I LOVE YOU!!"

"FUCK ME, FUCK ME TONY, Make me yours," I whisper into his ear.

Releasing my sons face, my son stops and begins to sit on the man's hard six inch cock. I let my son impale his pussy on the man and fuck himself. Watching my son enjoy the ride and seeing Tony twitch on the bed as he fucks my son. I wanted to stay till the finish, but as Tony approached orgasm there was a chance of his awakening to his state so I left the room and listened to from the hall.

There I could hear Tony moaning and professing his love for me, and then he let out a deep grunt as his seed filled my young son's pussy. Then I hear him zone out and sleep.

Carson comes to me and we kiss, and he goes to bed with the officer as I sleep on the couch.

- - - - - - - -

I awaken from my sofa nap about 6:00 in the morning, and to my surprise everyone else is asleep. I traverse down the hall, and I look into my room, there I find Tony with a cock freshly used, and my son ass dripping with the lovely officers cum.

Did the officer convert, so now the psycho would be okay, or what did this mean?

Noticing that Tony was sleeping with his freshly fucked cock and so was my son, I wake the sleeping man.

"TONY! Did you fuck my son?"

From those simple words, he woke up and shot off the bed in a single movement.

"WHAT!" Tony screamed.

Analyzing the scene and finding his cock covered with fuck juice and my son's ass dripping with cum, the horror filled his face. Then I knew that the second fuck must have been my son during the officers sleep.

God, Carson was good, a freshly fucked cock is far better than a last night. Carson caught Tony with the smoking gun!

"Tony you said you were excited to see my son, not fuck him! YOU suspected me of fucking kids, and here YOU are the pervert. RAPING MY SON!!!"

The words ensue as I accuse and point at this demon officer. Telling him how I thought he loved me, but instead he was bidding his time to fuck my son. I started to threaten to expose and report him; Tony begged that I don't, for this act would ruin him and send him to jail. Carson even joined in on the show. My son clung to Tony, begging him not to go, and cried when he said he didn't love him, and how he thought they loved each other.

Tony cried, and for hours we fought, and the end he knew he screwed up and in his drunken state he had seduced my son, and took away his virginity. Now that heavy cross was his to bare, and that he had killed our relationship. Tearing my heart from my chest and ruining the only real love in my life!

God it was a work of art, I could have not imagined or planned anything better. Carson deserved an oscar for his performance, and getting in the second fuck, so his ass was freshly fucked. WOW, now I could go back to a drama free sex life without the dragging Officer.

Funny thing is after all this morning drama, me and my son did make sweet love on that bed. Fucked and filled his pussy four times!

- - - - - - - -

John had been on my mind all week since he left me on the bed in such a hurry. One afternoon I got the courage up and called his cell, I was glad to learn that all was okay and that he had spoken to my secretary and made an appointment to see me on Sunday. So with the normalcy established again I was free to return to lust endeavors.

- - - - - - - -

Jason Iverson, that slutty demon of a father, was becoming a great friend and more. His offer to run to Mexico was looking hotter and hotter every time I saw him. Mostly I would sneak away at night and crawl into his bed and we would fuck, kiss, and just talk. Then there were his boys; one, if not all, would also be in the love bed.

I was just not sure what I wanted, what I needed. I loved the thought of having access to his sons full and he mine, but was it all I wanted. I wanted love, fucking slut, I was turning mushy.

- - - - - - - -

A few days later John showed up to my house unannounced. Opening the door I found the hunky teen jock with two passes in his hand.

"Hey Pastor, sorry its short notice, but my dad found out he cant get off work, and I don't want to go alone, you want to come with me," John eagerly announced.

"Where do you want me to go?"

"Oh ya, the University gave me passes to watch practice today, they want me to attend school there when I graduate. I know its not a game, but they say I can practice a bit with them, and I just don't want to go alone."

"That would rock, haven't seen a college practice since I was in college. Let me change and talk to the wife and we'll head out."

"Thanks, Ni.. I mean Pastor De Luca," John noticing my wife turning the corner into the room.

I talk to the wife, and she thinks it's a good idea for John to bring his Pastor instead, and that it might help him get into the college more since it is a Christian University. I head to my room to change from my lounging holely clothes to something a little more pastorish.

Not sure how but John followed me to the room like a lost puppy and just watched me as I changed and dressed. I could tell he was going commando like me. His mesh shorts tented as he watched my cock zip up into my jeans. I was sad to leave and not be able to take advantage of his hard cock, but we did have to arrive soon at that training camp.

John had borrowed his fathers car, so I sat in the passenger seat and let him drive us to the practice. Being the passenger did give me some free hands, so that on the drive I could have some fun. Reaching over to his mesh shorts, I pushed the fabric up and reached in to rub his semi hard cock to a raging hard-on. John did have some trouble driving, but he ended up adjusting.

Sadly we arrived that the event before I could edge him to completion, but I knew I would get the chance again later. John did have some issues getting out of the car, but letting his hard cock poke out of the top of the shorts was a good idea since his shirt would cover the head.

For most of the time we just sat on the bleachers watching the team practice. But with coaches and other player sitting near, my hands were neatly rested on my lap and not on John's.

When it came time to watch John join the team for a few practice plays I was in heaven. John took off his shirt and ran onto the field. Watching him sweat and rough with the other college boys was invigorating. Talking to the lead coach about John was interesting, not that he suspected, but was genuinely impressed that I was his pastor and that the boy was "deeply religious."

People can be so dumb!

When practice was over, I was invited to the coaches office and as we walked and talked, we passed through the locker room. Seeing the college bodies and there cocks swaying as they walked. Giving wedgies to some, and the slapping of the towels as the boys talked and showered. It was amazing to see all those wonderful bodies, and even seeing my John, all talking and fitting in with the college bodies.

In the office I could still hear some of the noise from the locker room. But my conversation with the coach was very dry. We talked about John and his conviction to Christ, and how he might fit in the University. The coach was very impressed with John's skills on the field and was ready to give him the scholarship.

When John was done in the locker room he came to the coaches office and joined in the conversation. He was excited and happy to join and wanted to be apart of the team.

John was beaming as we left the University. He kept thanking me for coming and then once in the car, he leaned over and gave me a kiss that made my cock go strait to hard. I could tell he was in heat too for his cock was tenting the shorts and he was climbing over to start a fuck.

KNowing that other could find us here I urged him off, even though my body was not liking it. John quickly drove to a local park and parked in the shade away from everyone. He crawled into the back and was naked before I even managed to join.

Neither of us had lube so since he was cleaned and showered I let my tongue wet his young pussy. Each time my tongue would like his tender pucker he would moan. His breath was fogging up the windows as his moaning and begging got louder. Once he was wet to my liking my cock was aimed and shoved into the fuck-chute. John's legs wrapped around my waist as my hips thrust my cock deeper into his eager pussy.

I loved watching his face as my cock rubbed and pleased his pussy. John's lips would curl and he would at times bite his lower lip as my cock invaded his body. Sweat covered our bodies as we fucked in the back seat of his fathers car. Kissing John was paradise, he knew how to kiss and would bite my lower lip as the fucking quickened.

The car was rocking as my fucks penetrated him harder and deeper. John started to quiver and swear as my cock invaded.


John's cock pulsed and then torrent streams of his sperm shot and coated the roof of the car. Seeing his euphoric state I let loose my man-seed into his teenage rectum. Laying on top of his youthful body was kissed and made out. Our sweaty bodies caressing and rubbing, only once done, does my limp cock slip out of his pussy.

"I love you Nick," I hear John whisper.

"I like you too kid."

"Know I mean I love you, having sex with you is great!"

"You haven't even fucked a girl, who's to say you know what you're talking about?"

"Maybe I don't, but I do know how I feel."

I lean in and kiss his lips, he smiles. "I'll get you a pussy to fuck and then you can really tell what you like."


"Ya, you're a man we need to finish this education of yours," I smile.

Taking the car to get washed and get rid of the smell of our dirty deed we call the day over and once again I return to my life as a married man. Oddly my wife is not home and nor are my kids?

- - - - - - - -

End of Chapter 9