I.            Out for a Smoke


Zac is an interesting lad when I first met him. He knows what he wants and he knows how to go about to get it. I was standing outside near a doorway of the hotel smoking my pipe after having a not so great dinner in the hotel restaurant. He walked up to me "Hey mister Sie ein Licht kam?" I figured he was asking me for a light, my German is rough at best but `Licht' I new meant light. So I replied `Sorry are you asking me for a light?' "Ja, I mean yes I am do you have a light?"


Well, being the good caring adult that I am I said "Aren't you a little young to be smoking?" He looked me up and down and in perfect English said "My dad is cool with it. Actually my dad is cool with anything I do" He was staring at my crotch when he said it. So I handed him my lighter and he lit up a cigarette and leaned against the wall next to me also trying to stay out of the cold German night air and wind.


He looked me over again "English or American?" "American" I replied. He smiled at me "Cool, I like Americans. My dad and I are going to use the sauna and the pool after supper would you like to join us? By the way I'm Zac, its short for Zachary but I really don't like people calling me anything other than Zac. Are you okay with that?"


I puffed on my pipe and chuckled "Yes Zac I am okay with that. I don't like people trying to change my name either. For that matter most people can't pronounce it anyway so I just go by RJ".


He continued leading the conversation "You don't see many a man using Pfeifer anymore except for maybe the old farmers and you never know what they put in theirs, but you can take a pretty good guess, yours smells sweet".


I chucked again and said Thanks Zac. "So what do you think about going swimming with us and do you think I can take a puff on your pipe?" I said "You are bold aren't you. Sharing a pipe is not something I would normally do".


He smiled again "I usually get what I want and I bet you'll do it for me once you get to know me better".


I said "Okay my turn, how old are you?" "12". I said "Okay I'll tell you what I have a spare pipe in my pouch so if your dad says yes then you can use my spare pipe and we can enjoy smoking a pipe together, how does that sound?"


Zac smiled "Marc will say yes, he always does". "Marc?" "Yeah that's my dad. Come on its cold out here you do have a swim suit with you yes?"


I looked at this five feet two inch brunette with short cropped hair and hazel eyes and I knew I had just been picked up and as of yet didn't know how far the outcome would be but the bulge in my trousers showed my approval to the lad. Zac knew it and smiled again. He stubbed his cigarette and waited for me to clear my pipe and I followed him into the back door of the hotel. We walked up to a man in his late thirties about five feet nine inches, brunette and also hazel eyes.


Zac said "Marc, Uhm dad this is RJ. He is going to go swimming with us if that is okay with you of course". The man eyed me once over head to toe and said "Sure Zac if that is what you want". "It is". The decision was made with two words. I extended my hand to both, "Nice to meet you Marc, and to you as well Zac. My suit is up in my room say about ten minutes at the pool". "Our suits are also upstairs". The three of us got on the elevator. Zac pushed 3, I pushed 4. Zac said "Just push 3 on your way down we will be ready. We are in 304 if we aren't at the elevator". I heard 404 come out of my mouth followed by a young voiced `Cool'. As the doors closed on the third floor with me still in the elevator Zac smiled to his dad.


I opened my door thinking of this angel in the room right below mine. I paced myself not to seem too anxious or be too much of a rush to be with him again. I undressed and put on my bathing suit and a tee shirt and a towel from the shower. I figured there would be towels by the pool but with the new European community and rules who knew so I would take one anyway. I even took a few puffs of my pipe. Yeah I had a smoking room so why smoke outside. Laziness for one and I would have never met Zac if I didn't. I put on my sandals tossed the towel over my shoulder and locked the door, the old tumbler and key style not the electronic key card. I took the ten steps to the elevator and hit the call button, the doors opened immediately.


I pushed 3, the doors slowly closed and the elevator couldn't have moved any slower descending to the next floor. When they opened Zac stood there looking impatient at me, bare foot wearing blue swim trunks with a grey stripe on one side and a red stripe on the other. Marc was bare foot and wearing a grey set of trunks and holding a tee shirt in his hand. I was definitely over dressed for the occasion, but my black trunks with a grey stripe and grey tee seemed to appease the boy's impatience. Marc made the comment of the towel and I just shrugged my shoulders. Zac is the one that caught me "RJ did you smoke in your room? It smells different than what you had downstairs".


"Yeah I have a smoking room and I took a few puffs, sorry to keep you waiting". The boys grin widened like the Cheshire Cat. Marc's eyes rolled back at the same time knowing Zac now had a place to smoke inside the building and only one floor up. Zac curled his toes on the elevator down to the Entry level were the pool and sauna were located. The room keys have to be exchanged at the front desk for the keys to the sauna or the pool area keeping the traffic in the areas to a minimum for the hotel staff to manage. Marc asked "Which first?" and explained my puzzled look of exchanging the keys so my answer was "You get one I'll get the other so we have access to both". Zac thought that was a brilliant idea. He thought it even better when I asked him to choose. He pointed to the key in my hand not knowing which one I had or his father had. It was the sauna key. What I didn't know at the time was there are four pool keys and two sauna keys providing more privacy.


Marc and I chatted about our work while Zac checked out the sauna and waited for me to undress so we could get into the sauna. Zac played conductor putting Marc on one side of the bench, me on the other and himself in the middle all on the same row. Zac's knees kept swinging out making sure to touch Marc and me at the same time and to make sure that if he was not the center of attention that he was most certainly a part of what was being talked about.


After the sauna and a nice swim we said goodnight to each other, they getting off on the third floor and me on the fourth. We agreed to have dinner the next night as Marc suggested he knew of a nice Bavarian style restaurant in the area. Zac's eyes begged me to say yes and I couldn't have said no if I tried. Besides the only restaurant I knew of in the area was the hotel and I wasn't overly impressed with it so I agreed to meet them at the lounge after I got back from work and had a shower.


     II.            Weiner Snitzel and Spatzle


I met Marc and Zac after work and cleaned up for supper. Marc and I agreed to take separate vehicles to the restaurant so I just followed him from the hotel to the restaurant. I found it to be a nice little place family owned and operated. Mom and Pop working the kitchen with their son handling the bar and waiting on tables. The place only had four tables, two right in front of the split bar and two against the side wall. A fire pit in the middle separated the tables and provided privacy. We took the table in the corner. Zac sat on the end bench between Marc and I.


The conversation was light and pleasant but Zac made sure he was the center of attention again. We ordered drinks first, Marc chose a local beer, a coke for Zac and red wine for myself. Zac couldn't stop himself from trying my wine, and a sip of his dad's beer. The waiter came back to take our dinner orders. On Marc's suggestion we all agreed on the weiner snitzel and the spatzle noodles. When the dinners arrived and the waiter returned to the bar to attend to the other tables Marc broke the ice of the topic of being gay.

"RJ I think you know that Zac and I are gay. And yes I am a boy lover as well. I think you are a boy lover also and Zac would like to have you make love to him. You have my permission as long as you will not hurt him".


Well there it was out in the open in a quiet voice so no one else could hear the conversation. Zac asked "Are you gay RJ and would you like to make love to me? I want to be in your arms, your hands all over my body".


I said "I am bisexual actually but yes I am a boy lover and yes I would like to make love to you Zac".


Marc said "There must be rules here. You cannot take pictures or videos of him. I do not want anything on the internet. Also you must promise that you will not force him to do anything he is not comfortable with. If Zac gives you permission to have anal intercourse than you must wear a condom. Also Zac has to be back in our room by ten tonight. He has to sleep in his own bed".


I agreed to Marc's terms. Marc then said that the guy at the bar was cute and muscular and wondered if he could have someone warm in his bed tonight as well. We paid for our meals and Zac and I left to go back to the hotel. Marc was making moves against the twenty or so old. It appeared Marc would be getting some cock of his own for the night.


Zac wanted to stop by their room to pick something up. I asked him what and he smiled and said "You'll see". It was a vibrating dildo that he wanted to play with. He also grabbed his pajamas to make it easier when he had to go back to his room. Zac wasted no time to get me naked so he could see and play with my cock. I undressed him as well. Zac pushed me back to the bed and climbed in bed with me. He was in control and knew it. He kissed me on the mouth and our tongues started a slow dance tasting the other's saliva. His lips found my tits as he sucked and played his way down my chest. His hand wrapped around my seven inch cock as his tongue darted and licked around my circumcised crown. Zac showed that he knew how to handle a man cock in his mouth.


I asked him if I could have his boy cock in my mouth so he turned around to be on top of me his hairless cock and balls now at my mouth. I savored his scent and his boy body as he continued to give me a professional blowjob. His young ass was clean so I had no problem probing his hole with my tongue. Zac moaned with pleasure. I went back to sucking his hairless balls and his hard three and a half inch nail.


Zac said "I want to taste and swallow your cum. I want the vibrator in me as well to make me cum". I was happy to please him. My hand found his vibrator and used it on his hole as he fucked my face on top of me still sucking my cock. I could tell his orgasm was approaching and having this fantastic boy on top of me in my bed my ability to hold off my own orgasm was waning as well.


I managed a warning to him telling him I was going to cum and his sucking and fucking became more intense. He was trying to get more of the dildo inside him so I pushed more of the vibrating toy into him sending him to climax. As his body shook on top of me I gave him what he wanted and filled his mouth with my cum. Zac sucked and swallowed every ounce I gave him. I was rewarded with a tiny amount of watery boy cum from his dick in my mouth.


Zac rolled off of me laying on his back with his arms spread wide on the bed. "That was awesome RJ. My dad doesn't even make me feel that good and we have been doing this since I was eight".


I rolled to my side to rub his chest and feel his heartbeat. I said "You're pretty awesome too kiddo, that was a great blowjob. Doing this since you were eight".


"Yeah dad taught me. I guess when he caught me sucking a couple of boys from school he figured why not. He fucked me when I was ten. He likes men and boys of all ages, I bet he would let you fuck him if you asked"


I chuckled at him. "Your dad is a little too old for my tastes. I stop at boys I prefer hairless pre-pubescent boys or boys that just hit puberty and only cum a little. Just like you did".


Zac smiled "You want some more of it?"


"Yes". Zac and I still had enough time to suck each other to another climax before his bedtime curfew. He put on his pajamas and packed his clothes and the toy and left my room.


Zac and Marc only had one more day at the hotel before they were heading home. I still had until the end of the week before I was flying home. We exchanged phone numbers and Skype accounts so we could stay in touch. The final night we used the sauna and pool again. This time there were no bathing suits in the sauna, so Marc and I got the first chance to see each other naked. Marc shaves his body to be hairless where I have a hairy chest and hair all over my body.


I asked Zac as he was sucking his father's six inch uncut cock in the sauna "Zac do you prefer your dad's hairless body or do you like my hairy body and circumcised cock?"


Zac thought of the answer first "Dad's balls are easier to suck than yours so I don't get hair in my mouth like I do with yours. I like them both I guess".


Marc filled Zac's mouth with cum. Zac was moving to give me my blowjob in turn but Marc stopped him. "RJ I know you like boys but I would like to give you the blowjob and taste your load". Marc was right that I wanted Zac to do it but I gave into Marc and sucked Zac's cock and balls and finger fucked him while his dad sucked me dry.

  III.            Return Trip to Germany


When I returned to Germany Marc gave me their address and was not far out of the way from Hamburg or Hannover the two cities I would be working in. I flew Saturday night and landed Sunday morning in Hamburg. I plugged the address into the rental car GPS to visit my new friends before I had to drive to Hannover for work the next day.


I was greeted by a big hug from Zac with him wrapping his five feet two inch body around my waist and hanging on my neck. Then I was introduced to his friend Daniel. Daniel is fourteen and cute a little taller than Zac. I didn't know if there would be any fooling around with another boy at the farm house, or is Daniel a player, maybe he is one of the boys Zac was talking about from school, so I was polite and thanked them for inviting me and waited to see what would happen.


Marc prepared lunch for us and the boys ran around the farm like boys do. Marc finally broke and said "RJ Zac has something to tell you. And as for Daniel he is here for me. He is still a virgin but wants to know what it is like to be with a man. I will take his virginity away today. If he wants to be with you that is his choice. However I think it would be wise for you to pay attention to Zac while you are here. He is really smitten with you".


I said "Zac is a special boy. I can spend time with just him if you like".


He continued "Use Zac's room if you wish. I think it would be more appropriate if we are not in the same room with the boys. Maybe later on. Zac should have anything you need".


I agreed. Zac and Daniel came back to the house. Daniel declared to his friend and the men "I think I'm ready if you are". Marc put his hand out and the teen took it and followed Marc to his bedroom.


Zac said to me "I'm ready for you too. I want you inside me and no need for a condom. I want you to seed me. Dad already knows about it. He said it was my choice to make". Zac extended his hand to me as his father had just done and led me to his bedroom. Zac had a tube of lubrication next to his bed.


Our clothes were put on his chair as we wrestled on his bed our bodies intertwined him sucking on my nipples then I would suck on his. His body had just a faint odor from running around outside. He smelled like a boy. Zac pushed me back and climbed on top of me facing me. He grabbed the tube and reached behind himself to grease his hole and then greased my cock. I let him be in total control and Zac aimed my cock to his hole and lowered himself until he hit bottom. Zac leaned forward to my chest and raised himself and lowered himself back until he got a good rhythm. I held his hips and played with his cock and balls when he sat straight up.


Zac said "Push into me, I want this to be our joining". As Zac came down on the stroke I started to push deeper inside of him. On the up stroke only my cock head stayed inside until he came back down pushing everything inside of him. Zac was moaning and getting more aggressive. Zac grabbed his own cock to stroke it to the beat of the flesh. With his own climax going he squeezed his ass tight bringing me along with him. I gave him his wish and filled his ass with my cum. Zac collapsed on my chest breathing heavy. We just laid there with me still inside of him.


From the sounds of the farm house it sounded like Daniel's virginity has been removed and the house went quiet. Zac said "They're in the kitchen. I want to see this".


Zac freed himself from me and opened his bedroom door and walked out with cum running down his leg. Zac had Daniel bend over to see what his dad had done. Daniel also showed cum from his ass so Zac bent over so his friend could see as well. Marc and I just looked at each other as the boys started laughing and giggling both proud of their accomplishments.


Marc opened two beers and opened a bottle of red wine and handed me two glasses and the bottle of wine. He then handed the other bottle of beer to Daniel. I poured the two glasses of wine and handed one to Zac. Wine glasses and bottles of beer clanged together in an unspoken toast.


Marc sat at the table and I joined him. The boys sat on each of us rubbing the cum from their asses back onto the man that put it there. We drank our drinks, Zac and Daniel compared notes on how fun it was to be bred. Marc said "RJ are you staying tonight here or do you have to leave?"


I said "I have to check into the hotel tonight. Your place is too far to drive in the morning and there is construction on the highway. I would rather make the drive today. Otherwise I would have to get up at four in the morning to make the drive".


Zac turned in my lap "RJ you do still have time to breed me again before you have to leave? I am so glad you came to see us. Skyping with you is fun but being with you in the flesh again is much better. How long will you be in Germany? I know we'll Skype but can I see you again before you go home?"


I brought his face to mine to kiss him, our lips met in a not so passionate tongue twisting episode as we had done before but more of a kiss of understanding that I had to leave soon. "I have a little time before I have to go my love but I don't know if I can do you justice again so soon as our last adventure. I love your body in its perfect form".


"Well if you can get it hard again we won't need the lube, if you want daddy to do it and you can have Daniel he won't need l any lube either". He knew he had me. Daniel was cute but fucking a 14 year old with someone else's cum dripping from him just didn't have the same appeal.


I put my semi-hard cock back into Zac sitting at the table, it only took a minute to get a full hard-on again. Marc didn't wait for an invitation from Daniel and stuck his cock into the teen. The boys rode us, Daniel shot his load on Marc's stomach before Marc filled him up again. Zac worked me to another climax and wrapped his arms around my neck then giggled "You need a bath, but so do I".


Sucking his cock and balls in the shower Zac asked "When am I going to see you again?" I had to answer him with truth "I don't know Zac, I hope it will be soon".



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