Zach and Tyler Find Love

This is a story of love between an adult and a minor child, it is purely fiction and did not truly happen except in my imagination. Although it is not required, your input and comments about my stories are always appreciated. In this story you will find love and sex, both oral and anal, and diaper use. If some or all of this does not sit well with you then feel free to not read it, otherwise I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to email me at, or visit me at my new site

Chapter 1

Five years ago, Tyler was married, had a decent job, had a loving wife, just bought a real nice house for a real good price, it was a bankruptcy sale of a pretty well used townhouse, so Tyler picked it up for about half the price it was worth. His wife and he had had plans of slowly fixing it up over the next few years, as it was still very livable, just not nice looking, mostly cosmetics really.

Well they both wanted children really bad and had started trying pretty much as soon as they bought the house. Over the next two years of trying to become pregnant, they had had two miscarriages, one of them going as far as almost three months. It hurt, a lot, but Tyler's wife did not take it very well at all. Finally on the third pregnancy the baby carried to full term and a beautiful baby boy was born, he was one week early, weighed only a little over six pounds and was the light in Tyler's eye instantly. His wife was happy as well, that's until she started going through post partem depression about a week after their son was born. So Tyler sent her back to work full time to help regulate her a little, it was on the suggestion of her psychiatrist, and he stayed at home with the baby.

About six months later they became pregnant again, and not even one month later, she miscarried. With all the miscarriages she had had before, the post partem depression she was still going through, and just plain stress, it all combined to just make her snap. She was being held in the hospital for a few days for observation, but while no one was watching, she left the hospital with only the clothes she had came in with. Tyler had had to go home for a bit to care for their son, and when he got back they told him that she had disappeared. And that was the last he, or anyone, ever heard from her, she just vanished. She had no wallet, no ID, no nothing, even her parents had heard nothing. Tyler was now a little depressed as well, not only did his wife just disappear, but he now had to raise and support his son all by himself.

That was all almost three years ago now, Tyler's son is still the light in his eye, his name is Aidan, he has beautiful bright green eyes, long curly light brown hair, cute little button nose, and a mischievous little grin that showed that he loved to play. He was in the midst of potty training and doing not too bad, but still preferred his little diapers, and Tyler was not forcing the issue anyways, as he did not care one way or the other, because he was a diaper lover himself. He did not want to force that on his son though, so let him decide on his own what he wanted, Tyler just let him have the choice.

Tyler is now in his mid twenties, is nearly six feet tall, a little over the two hundred pound range, same color hair as his son, but blue eyes and the same grin. Everyone always commented on how much alike they looked, and it was always received as a compliment.

Soon after Tyler's wife left he got a new job with the company he had been working for before Aidan was born. It was a computer technical support call center, and they arranged for Tyler to be able to work from his home, he was the third tier technical support, so normally only ever talked to the front line agents anyways, helping them with the tough issues, and rarely did he ever have to talk to a customer, he loved that. His passion had always been for computers and he loved to teach people how to use them, with the company agreeing to allow him to work from home, it allowed for him to stay at home with his son, do lots of work and still get paid, as he only took maybe twenty to thirty calls in an average eight hour shift, and most of those only lasted three to five minutes. He was given a notebook computer, that was updated every two years, a cordless phone system that hooked up to his internet connection, of which the company also paid for. He was not paid a huge amount, a little under two thousand dollars a month, but he was wise with his money, so he did very well.

Over the past three years, in every spare minute he had, Tyler and Aidan worked on the house, getting it to the point that it was finished just as Aidan's third birthday was just around the corner. Of course Aidan was of no real help, but as he got older he tried to help more and more, mostly all he could do was bring daddy a tool here and there, but he was so proud to be helping his daddy.

Almost exactly one year ago, when Aidan was just turning two, a new family moved in a few houses down in the same complex, a mother and two boys. She was recently divorced, mid thirties and not bad looking, just worn looking. The boys were two and six, and looked like twins, identical except their sizes. Platinum blond hair, vivid blue eyes, the cutest little dimples and little button noses. Zach and Zane were their names, Zach being the older of the two, and they ran and played with all the kids in the complex, including Aidan, but their mom, Janice, was rarely outside to watch the boys, which kind of annoyed all the other parents a bit.

Of course because Tyler worked from home, and he could go completely cordless, he would often sit out front in a lounge chair, watching the kids playing and doing his work, so naturally every kid in the complex knew him, so did most of the parents for that matter. Tyler was also a very handy person, not only did he do every last bit of construction in his house, but he was great at fixing children's toys, bikes included. So anytime a child in the complex had a flat or a broken toy, or a skipped chain, they went to Tyler, and he fixed every last one of their toys.

Now Zach was a quiet little guy, cute as can be, but he never talked, especially to adults, and never men. Tyler of course had seen he and his little brother a lot over the last year, and had even said hi on more than one occasion, but the only one to ever reply was Zane, and it was in baby talk, as he still barely talked, even though he was now nearing three, whereas Aidan was speaking very well, could count as high as fifteen, knew most of the alphabet, knew his left and right, and could keep up a pretty good conversation. So it was a complete surprise that the day before Aidan's birthday, when they were outside, that Zach came up and shyly asked Tyler to fix his bike.

“Um, hi, my bike is broken. Can you fix it please, the others all say you are the person to ask?” Zach very nearly whispered.

“Sure kiddo, just give me one minute while I finish this call and then I can get right on it.” Tyler answered after muting his mic for a moment, he had been listening to the person explain something at the time, so Zach did not realize he was on a call at the time. Not even two minutes later Tyler gave the agent the answer they needed and his call was done. So he put himself into idle and went to help Zach out.

“So Zach, what seems to be the problem with your bike. Were you making fantastic jumps and had a nasty crash and will likely lose a limb?” Tyler asked, teasing the now seven year old boy.

“Um, no. Just my chain fell off.” Zach again whispered.

“Oh, well shame that, big boys like you should be out being little daredevils, and you know, you can talk to me, I promise I won't bite, well unless you want me too. Although you do look rather tasty, I bet you have some pretty tasty baby back ribs there.” Tyler again teased, trying to loosen the boy up.

“Mommy would kill me if I got hurt doing something stupid on my bike, and I wouldn't be very tasty.” Zach said, still quietly, but not a whisper, and with the tiniest bit of the grin that he often had when he was playing and thought no one was watching.

“Ah, mommies are just like that, they don't understand little boys and their need to do dangerous and stupid things, and maybe even get hurt. Man, if I told you half the stories about me when I was a kid, you would pee your pants.” Tyler said.

“I would like that.” Zach said with a real laugh this time and loud enough that Tyler did not have to strain to hear him this time.

“Ah, so you do have a voice and you do know how to laugh in front of an adult. So what is it you would like, peeing your pants or hearing my horror stories?” Tyler asked and Zach instantly blushed and stuttered.

“Hearing your stories of course.” He stuttered out.

“I bet, but all little boys like to pee their pants sometimes too, I know I sure did when I was your age. Now let's get your bike inside and get it all fixed up. Aidan, you go ahead and play outside baby while I fix Zach's bike, but don't go out of sight remember.” Tyler said.

“Okay.” Aidan said brightly and went and continued playing with his trucks in the dirt on the side of the house, and the other two went into the fully appointed garage.

“So you said your chain came off huh, let's get it up on the bench and I will give it a quick fix and make sure everything else is good as well.” Tyler said and then picked the bike up, stopping to briefly smell the cute boy.

Ah, Tyler's other deep dark secret, he was a boy lover as well, he loved them, adored them, cherished them, they were his own personal gods. He would not however ever hurt a child, it would kill him, the thought of doing so sickened him. He had his fantasies of course, who doesn't, but he controlled his urges. He was more the mentor type, he helped kids out, no matter what he was doing, he would stop at any time, while doing anything, just to help a boy in need, just as he was doing right now. What Tyler smelled in his brief stop was all boy, apple shampoo, hint of intoxicating boy sweat, and the unmistakable scent of stale pee. Aha, a bed wetter, Tyler thought instantly.

He got the bike onto the bench and into the holder he had designed and built for just this chore, it revolved to easily access all parts of the bike, but could lock into place when needed. He spun the bike and locked it in place so that he could check the chain.

“Well, I found your problem, the rear tire nuts are a bit loose, which caused the chain to become too loose when the tire slid out of place, a quick easy fix, but I will go over everything so that it's safe to ride again. If your bike ever does not feel right, just bring it back and I will look at it, okay.”

“Okay, it has felt a little wobbly back there for a little while.” Zach admitted.

“And that's the reason you should have come to see me sooner. What could have happened, if you had have jumped your bike, is that the chain could have fallen off in mid air. It would then leave nothing holding the back tire on as the nuts were that loose, and the tire could have easily come off. I will leave it to your imagination as to what would then happen. Let's just say your mommy would be wanting to kill you, like you said, because man, would that have hurt.” Tyler said simply.

“Oh man.” Zach said, looking a little ashen.

“Oh man is right.” Tyler said and started working.

He first got the chain back into place, then repositioned the rear tire and tightened it up. He then gave the chain a good oiling, as it was getting dry, tightened the front tire nuts and then readjusted the brakes. Once all that was done he unclamped the bike and brought it down.

“There, all set, however before you leave, I want to adjust your seat and handle bars, they were set for when you first got the bike, and you have grown lots since, so they are not set properly for you anymore, you should come see me for that and a check on everything else every couple months or so. You saw that I tightened a few things and oiled your chain, just that little bit of maintenance will keep a good safe bike for years to come, and this is a good bike, so you want to keep it healthy.” Tyler instructed the boy.

“Wow, thanks, how come you do this for all of us?”

“Because a lot of you have no one else to do it, and those of you who do have dads, well they are useless with tools, and they get me to fix all your stuff too. Why do you think I'm the complex handy man, I fix everything around here.” Tyler said with a grin and a shrug.

“Yeah, my mom is still 'mazed that you fixed the kitchen sink so easily. She said it was a surprise you weren't married, and if she weren't sick of men, she'd snatch you up.” Zach said, ah little boys, gotta love them, little memory boxes for the little things parents never want others to hear.

“I thought I felt you watching me. It was an easy fix, and tell her, I was married, but am not going there again either, wasn't worth the trouble. By the sounds of it, she will agree. Hop up now and we will get you back out and playing.” Tyler said with a laugh and Zach hopped right on.

Tyler spent a few minutes readjusting the positions to the seat and handle bar until he was satisfied that Zach was all set. Of course working with the boy right under his nose was absolutely killing him, but he cataloged all the scents for later.

“Okay kiddo, you are on your way, have fun and don't be afraid to be a little stupid, your mom won't really kill you, but don't tell her I said that, because she WILL kill me.” Tyler said, perfectly straight faced.

“Okay, thanks, and no I won't tell her.” Zach said brightly and took off, riding out of the garage as fast as his cute little legs could peddle.

Tyler went back to work on the phone for the last half an hour of his shift while watching the kids play. Because he lived in the back of the complex all the kids came to play there as there were no cars ever, unless one of the three other people who lived in the back was coming home from, or leaving to, somewhere, and that was rare. Not to mention Tyler had all the best toys for all the kids to play with. He bought Aidan lots of good outdoor toys so that he learned to play without being dependent on TV or video games.

The following day Tyler threw a huge complex wide birthday party for Aidan. He brought out the grill from the back deck, a fold up table for all the accessories, and then made hot dogs for everyone. No one, except a few people, knew that it was Aidan's birthday, so it was a big surprise for all the kids, but Tyler did not want all the kids to have to buy gifts, he just wanted a big party for everyone. So for two hours in the afternoon, Tyler made dozens of hot dogs and served bags and bags of chips, and the huge, supposed to feed a hundred, cake was all eaten. Many of the parents came around trying to figure out what was going on, and they all stayed for a hot dog and cake as well, and Tyler was smacked for not telling everyone, as they would have all bought gifts like he always did for all their kids. Tyler of course just shrugged it off. Zach and Zane did come by, but other than a shy hi from Zach, Tyler hardly even saw him.

It was a week later that Tyler again saw Zach, and this time he was bringing his little brothers little bike with training wheels in for a service, Zane trailing behind him. Tyler was not working that day, so he was free and clear to help the boys, he was just tinkering in the shop while Aidan was out playing water guns with a few of the other boys his age, why Zane was not with them he was not sure.

“Good morning handsome boys, what can I do you for today?” Tyler asked happily.

“Zane's bike needs fixing, it won't move.” Zach asked shyly, quietly.

“Hey, I thought we got rid of that shyness last time, if you don't quit talking so quietly around me, I'm gonna have to sample to see if those baby back ribs are as tasty as they look.” Tyler said teasingly.

“But I don't know you, my mommy says to never talk to strangers.” Zach said almost fearfully.

“And that's good advice, except I'm not a stranger, your mom knows me, I know her, and I know you boys as well, not as well as I would like to, but I do. Now, I'm strange though, you have to admit that. You know what, I think I have to try them, your tasty looking baby back ribs are driving me mad.” Tyler said and then very quickly, before the poor boy even had a chance to react, grabbed the boy, flipped him around and cradled him in his big strong arms and starting biting at Zach's back in a way that would tickle him. Zach started screaming in laughter.

“Oh, I was right, oh the best tasting baby back ribs I have ever tasted, oh I gotta have more.” Tyler groaned out as he pretended to really eat all of Zach's back, making the poor boy scream in laughter, he was laughing so hard he peed. Not that Tyler would have noticed though, as he was wearing one of his goodnites under his pants, this Tyler did notice though, and thought it was very nice, what he would not give to see the boy standing in only his wet night diaper.

“Wow, that was some good meal, thanks.” Tyler said as he set the boy down.

“That tickled. Why did you do that?” Zach asked, after finally getting his breath back.

“It was supposed to, and you needed it, you are too tense boy, you need to learn to relax a bit more.” Tyler said happily.

“Um, okay Tyler, but it really tickled.” Zach said with a little smile. As much as he would have loved to have said he did not like it, he loved it, and he knew that Tyler knew it too. He just hoped the man did not feel his diaper under his pants. He had snuck it on that morning, even though he got in trouble the last time he wore one during the day.

“Let's see what we can do about your big brothers bike!” Tyler asked.

“He's my little brother.” Zach said, rolling his eyes.

Tyler wanted to say oh really, which one of you is wearing a diaper right now, but he did not want to crush the little boy, especially since he thought it was so cute.

“Oh really, he is such a big boy.” Tyler said, mussing up Zane's hair, making the little guy giggle cutely.

Tyler got the bike up onto the bench and got to work on it. He quickly found the problem. The wheels were turning freely, but the crank was not, he took that apart and found that the bearings had ceased up completely. There was not even a spec of grease in there, and looked as if there had never been any. Over the years, it had been Zach's bike first, and did not look as if it had been new then, water had obviously gotten inside and rusted it solid. It had to have been tough on the poor boys legs, trying to pedal that thing for last little while. Tyler knew those bearings were completely shot, so threw them out, cleaned and repacked some new bearings into it and then gave it a generous grease job. He then went over the whole thing, tightening everything, oiling the chain, it was even more dry than Zach's had been, and then took it down and sized it properly to fit Zane.

“Wow, that looked really hard to do, and that black stuff sure was messy.” Zach said.

“Yeah, grease is very messy, but the job was easy. It wasn't put together properly, so that was why it broke down.”

“Thanks.” Zach said and off they went.

Over the course of the next few weeks Tyler went about doing his work, working in the garage, watching the kids play, all the usual things, but the one thing he missed, well person really, was Zach. He was so damned cute. Finally after exactly three weeks to the day he had fixed Zane's bike for him, Zach came strolling by, alone no less. Tyler noticed something funny about the boys pants though, they were really thick in the bum, but Tyler could clearly see the band of the boys underwear as his pants had ridden down a bit. He wondered if Zach had put his underwear over his diaper to help conceal it, or was wearing multiple pairs, or maybe even had a towel stuffed in his pants.

“Hey Zach, come here a minute please, Aidan, you go ahead and stay playing while I talk to Zach okay?”

“Okay daddy.”

“Okay Tyler.” Zach said a second later, obviously deciding whether he should or not.

“Come over here where we can talk, but no one can hear us, I have to ask you a personal question I'm sure you don't want the others to hear if they get too close?” Tyler asked with a crook of his finger, pointing to the corner that was concealed from view.

“Wh-what is it.” Zach stuttered out.

“Well first of all, how many pairs of underwear are you wearing there, and secondly, why not just wear one of your goodnites again?” Tyler asked gently.

“I, I, I'm not wearing lots of underwear, and I, I, I don't wear goodnites.” Zach stuttered out, trying to deny the facts.

“Zach, first of all, don't be scared or embarrassed, and secondly, please don't lie to me, I can see that your bottom is a lot more padded today than is normal, even more so than when you were wearing a goodnite a few weeks ago. I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to, and I would never tease you for it.” Tyler said gently to the obviously scared or embarrassed young boy.

“How did you know?” Zach almost sobbed out.

“Well, I'm very observant first of all, and second, remember when I had that awesome helping of baby back ribs, well I felt the goodnite, it's unmistakable. If you wet the bed, and or need them during the day, I would recommend you get something better though, as the goodnites leak very easily. I bet you would fit the Pampers size six perfectly, and they would look and feel a whole lot better, I even have some here if you would like to try them instead.” Tyler offered.

“I don't need them during the day, but I pee the bed at night, and they do leak. How come you have pampers size six, Aidan is the same size as Zane is, and Zane wears size four?” Zach asked.

“If I tell you that, can I have your word that it will be a total secret?” Tyler asked mysteriously.

“Sure, I won't ever tell anyone.” Zach said, making the classic cross the heart oath of all young boys since the dawn of time.

“Well, you see, I like to wear diapers as well sometimes, and the Pampers make a great doubler for the adult diapers that are so thin, not to mention they just smell so nice. Plus do you remember that boy who stayed here about six months ago, he needed them at night, that was why I had them to begin with, I found the other use later on.” Tyler admitted quietly.

“Wow, you like to wear diapers too. I thought I was the only one, mommy says that big boys shouldn't want to wear diapers.” Zach admitted.

“Mommies don't always understand things like this, if you would like me to talk to her about it, I can, I can make her understand.” Tyler offered.

“No, don't ever tell mommy please, if she found out I would be in big trouble again. That was why I have not hardly been outside, she grounded me for two weeks 'cause she caught me in that goodnite you felt, and it was wet. It wouldn't a bin if you hadn't tickled me so much though.” Zach said, a little grin creeping onto his face at remembering the feelings.

“Ah, so you enjoy peeing your diapers then. So tell me, do you really wet the bed, or do you do it on purpose?”

“I still wet by accident almost every night, but sometimes I don't, but I'm still wet in the morning.” Zach admitted happily with a wide grin on his face, now that he knew he was not alone, he started to open up a lot.

“Very nice. I like to wear to bed every night, and I never used to wake up wet, but I do now. Lots of boys, just like us, like to wear diapers, it's not such a horrible thing. On my own computer I have lots of pictures of other boys wearing diapers as well, plus there are hundreds of really neat stories about boys wearing diapers. Some of them might not be suitable for you though, as you are a little young, but maybe sometime I could print you a story to read, but you would have to do so here, I doubt your mommy would like to find one of those laying around.” Tyler said.

“Really, there are pictures and stories of baby boys just like us wearing diapers, I would love that, you are the coolest. Do you think I could stay here one night and you could show me some of this stuff.?” Zach asked very excitedly, and Tyler guessed, and accurately, that little Zach was as hard as can be, buried deep under all that underwear.

“I would like that very much, but your mom has to say yes, and I will have to talk to her first, and I will tell her the reason why, she needs to know, we cannot hide something like that from her. Mothers have a second sense about certain things, and she will know you are keeping a big secret from her, and this is a huge secret. But don't worry, if I tell her about you, I tell her about me as well. If you tell her to come by this evening, then we can talk, you can stay at home so that you don't have to be embarrassed any while I make her understand.” Tyler said gently, trying to soften it a little for the boy.

“But why do you have to tell her?” Zach asked fearfully.

“Because I won't lie to someone, and if she were to ask why I would allow you to stay the night, I would have to tell her, as telling her anything but the truth would make it far worse in the end. Not to mention, she already knows you like to wear them right, in a way this would be to help you out, so that you wouldn't get in trouble for wearing them anymore.” Tyler said convincingly.

“Okay, but I still don't want to tell her.” Zach said haltingly, still not so sure it was such a good idea.

“Now, you should go on home and get all those underwear off before you go and get yourself into even more trouble. And don't worry, I will work everything out.”

With a nod of his head, Zach headed out the door and Tyler went about his day. He and Aidan were just finishing up their dinner that evening when the doorbell sounded. Tyler told Aidan to finish up and then go play, and with a nod and a mouthful, he finished his last bite while Tyler went to get the door, almost certain he knew who it was.

“Hello Janice, come on in. I trust Zach told you that he wanted to spend the night here, otherwise you wouldn't be here. To tell you quite honestly I thought he would chicken out.” Tyler said as he showed Janice in.

“Yeah, he seemed really embarrassed to be asking, and I could not figure out why, now you are making me even more curious.” Janice said, looking puzzled.

“I will get into that in a few moments, but come on up and we can sit in comfort and talk.” Tyler said and they went upstairs to the living room.

“Wow, your place is a lot nicer than mine is, completely different too.” Janice said as they went up the stairs.

“Thanks, just finished in fact, it has taken the better part of three years to do, and it was in pretty rough shape when I bought it. It was a foreclosure and the people just did not care any more near the end I guess.”

“Wow, but really why put all this money into a townhouse that's not likely to really return your investment?”

“Well when I bought it, it was valued at two hundred thousand dollars, I paid what was owed to the bank plus ten percent and fees, so I only paid a little over a hundred for it. The value, as I'm sure you are well aware, is now closer to three hundred, so by adding only sixty thousand into it, I'm still way ahead, and besides, I doubt I will be selling any time soon anyways, I plan to stay here for a long time, so I wanted to make it more me.”

“Wow, very nice. I wish I could have gotten a deal like that.”

“It was mostly just luck and an aunt in the real estate business. Well I know you are curious as to why you are here this evening. Well Zach found out that we share a common odd desire and he wanted to spend the night and talk about it. I'm certain that you are aware that he likes his diapers just a little more than most boys do, but trust me, it's not abnormal or anything, nor is it bad. I too have that same desire, have had since I was younger than he is, and there are lots of others out there as well. I have a friend who is a therapist, and he knows all about me and all about desires and fetishes, and he says that everyone has one, no matter how much everyone tries to deny it. I know you will have one, but it's not my place, nor anyones, to ask what it is. The only reason I'm telling you mine, is because you have to know. If and when Zach comes over, he will want to be diapered, and he will want to know all about it from someone like he is.” Tyler said, all at once to get it out. Janice had tried to say something a couple times, but Tyler just held up his finger to stall her questions.

“Wow, that's a lot to take in all at once. I knew about Zach, how could I not. The amount of times I have caught him putting on his or his brothers diapers, going out with them on, peeing himself on purpose, all that, I did know. I was trying to stop it because I thought he was being strange, but I know you are right, I do and I wouldn't really want others to know, and I guess loving diapers is really not all that strange, especially considering what some people are into. I appreciate you being totally honest with me though, and I know that it must not have been easy to tell me, but I have to know, what are your feelings towards my son?” Janice asked, Tyler had hoped she wouldn't, but knew she probably would.

“Thanks for being understanding, and with a question like that I feel as if I'm in high school again, taking a girl on a date and having to meet the father first. But in answer to your question, perfectly honest, I'm not interested in hurting your son in any way, just help him out, steer him in the right direction, answer questions, all the normal big buddy type things. Might I ask though why you would ask, it makes sense, but I want to know why you want to know?”

“Thanks, and I know you are being honest, but not totally. You see, my brother is a boy lover, I have known since he was young, so I know the signs, I think you are one as well, I have known for a long time, since we moved in really. And both times Zach has brought their bikes to be fixed he has told me, he was very happy by the way. Anyways, I know my brother, and he always helps boys in trouble, no matter what, and he would never hurt a child in any way. He has had only one sexual relationship with a boy, and it was entirely on the boys prompting, and ten years later, they are still the best of friends, even though the sexual relationship ended when the boy was thirteen, he drifted away from wanting and needing sex with my brother, like I said, that was ten years ago. He is a very happy healthy person now, he wasn't when they met though. I can tell you though, that if you have never had a sexual relationship with a boy, you will likely be getting yourself into one with Zach, he is gay, and he knows it, and I know he knows as well.” Janice said.

“Um, I'm not really sure what to say. Your brother and I sound so much alike though, and no, I have never had sex with a boy before, and I don't see how you could know that he will want me like that.” Tyler said, a look of shock on his face.

“You don't have to say anything, and thank you for not trying to deny it, it would have lowered you in my eyes. Zach has had sex before, I have no idea when the first time was, but it went on for a long time. He now craves it a little, but he does not really understand those cravings, so he withdraws into himself and won't talk to men. You see, I'm not a good mother, I never wanted children, and no, don't try and say your not or anything, it wouldn't help. You see, my husband really wanted children and he said he would stay at home and raise them while I worked, so I agreed. So while I worked my husband had himself a built in sex object, and unlike you, that was all Zach was to my husband. Because I never ever changed Zach's diapers or anything, I did not notice anything, but from the time he was a little over two he constantly cried whenever his father was in sight, it drove me nuts, so I worked more and harder to get away from it. By the time he was four he must have gotten used to it, and probably even liked it, because he was no longer like that, he seemed almost passive. It was at that time that I was about to have our second child, well as soon as Zane was born I went back to work and the abuse kept going. It wasn't until Zach was five and a half that I found out about what was happening, I was sick and came home early and happened to walk in on him fucking his little boy slut, as he was calling him, Zach was just laying there taking it, not crying out, but moaning on every insertion, so I knew he was at least somewhat enjoying it. I stood in shock at the door, he had not seen or heard me, not until I yelled at him. Well he just finished off as he knew his goose was cooked anyways, and then pulled out, and sat down. I forced him to explain everything to me, and he did. I could tell, by what he told me, that he was only in it for the sex, and not the love, like my brother. I could have lived with it if it had been mutual and not forced, I wouldn't have liked it, but I would have lived with it. So I filed for a divorce, told him he better not ever try anything with another boy, cause if I ever found out, I would have him jailed in a heartbeat. I told him he could go to work now and pay support and never see the boys again. He had no choice, with his head hung low he packed and left, and other than a monthly check, I have not heard from him since. So that brings me to Zach now, I know that he craves it, as he has found a few toys now that fit nicely, and with a little lube, he will play all night if I let him. So trust me, if and when he comes here, it won't be just for the diapers.”

“That's truly disgusting what he did, he made you have children just to make himself some sex slaves, is basically what I get from that, sick. I won't have sex with Zach though, unless it's truly what he wants, and it will be with full knowledge, and I will let you know when and if it turns that way as well.” Tyler said after a minute to digest the information.

“No, I don't need to know it, I know already that it will happen, it is only a matter of how long can you hold off.” Janice grinned.

“I don't even want to have sex with him at all. He is too young, and all he should know is playing with friends and getting into mischief, I will provide to him a strong male role model, and that's it.” Tyler said.

“Yeah, you say that now. I know you will fall, he adores you, ever since you fixed his bike, you are all he ever talks about, but he is so shy around men. He does not understand his feelings, and he is probably a little scared of them, considering that was what drove his daddy away. We talked lots about it, and he knows what his father did to him was wrong, as it was done for all the wrong reasons, but I made him see that him liking it wasn't wrong. I was actually starting to think that I should send him to my brother as Zach was starting to get very depressed, and I knew Bobby would be able to help him out, you however are an even better choice as you don't live five hours away. I said before I'm not a good mother, but I do love my boys, I just don't know how to deal with kids.”

“Well I can honestly say this is possibly the strangest conversation I have ever had with someone. A mother is basically giving me her son to have sex with. I will try not to, honestly I will, and it would never be just sex, even if he does eventually get me, it could only be love, or nothing.” Tyler said with conviction.

“I know, and that's the only reason I'm giving you my blessing, I wouldn't allow just anyone to satisfy my son. Well I will tell Zach that he may spend the night and come over any time you allow him to, but when should I say he can come over, because he will ask the second I tell him?”

“Well it's Saturday now, I have the weekends off, and I work from five am to one thirty pm every day. It's only just after four now, so if you are okay with it, he can spend the night tonight. Tell him not to bring anything, not even his toothbrush, I will have everything he needs.”

“Wow, nice shifts, and you work from home right, yeah you do. I will tell him, and I'm willing to bet he will be over in under ten minutes. Anyways, I should be going now. I will talk to you later okay.” Janice said and then stood to leave, Tyler walked her out.

Not even ten minutes later there was a rapid knocking on the door and Aidan ran to the door and made it just as Tyler was getting there himself, so Tyler let Aidan open the door.

“Good evening Zach, by the sounds of your knocking, I would say that you are excited to be spending the night tonight” Tyler teased.

“Yeah, I'm so happy, do you think that you could diaper me right now?” Zach asked excitedly, before the door was even closed.

“Sure kiddo, Aidan and I could probably go for a change right about now anyways. Aidan are you wet?”

“Uh uh daddy.” Aidan said cutely.

“Okay, you go ahead and continue playing with your toys then baby face.” Tyler said to his little scamp.

“Okay.” Aidan said and then went down the stairs as fast as he could go.

“As for you baby boy, let's go upstairs to my bedroom.” Tyler said and started up the stairs.

Zach excitedly followed Tyler up the stairs, not even noticing that although the house was identical to his on the outside, the inside looked very different.

“Now, are you really sure that you want me to do this for you. I will undress you, put a diaper under you, put diaper cream onto you, diaper you up snugly, and then get you into some nice new jammies?” Tyler asked gently, he had to ask.

“Oh yes please, can you hurry up!” Zach asked impatiently.

“Hold your horses little man, we will get to it. Now, would you like your diapers thin, medium, thick, or really thick?” Tyler asked.

“Really thick please.” Zach asked nearly vibrating now.

“Okay, I want you to lay down on the bed and close your eyes, you are not allowed to open them at all.”

Zach nearly jumped like he had been zapped and landed on his back and closed his eyes tightly, and Tyler went to the closet to get all the supplies he would need. He took it all to the bed and laid it all out and started getting Zach undressed. Once the boy was down to his underwear, Tyler knew the boy was very excited, considering there was a very obvious pulsing bulge in them. Not overly large, by any means, but just right for a young boy of seven, and mouth watering to say the least. He then lowered the boys under pants and his cute little circumcised erection bounced out, it was dark purple as if he had been very excited for a long time, but other than admiring it for a second, Tyler did nothing more. He then took the Pampers diaper and slid it under the little boys bum and then took one of the special diaper doublers, he had to order from Europe, and slipped it into place as well. It would easily add four times the capacity to the already quite thirsty Pampers Cruisers diaper. He then took the diaper rash cream, god Tyler loved the smell of it, and started to apply a generous coating to Zach's entire groin. As Tyler was rubbing the cream into Zach's bum crack, Zach moaned and pushed himself slightly to try to get Tyler's finger to slip inside, Tyler just withdrew. Then when he was trying to put cream on the boys penis, Zach again moved to try and get some attention, but Tyler ignored it. He then pulled the ultra thick diaper up and secured it snugly. Then using a nice one piece sleeper he had in Zach's size, he got it onto the now frustrated boy and then zipped it up in the back.

“There you go, how does that feel?” Tyler asked once he was completed.

“The diaper feels really awesome, thanks, and I love the sleepers, but why do you have them in my size?” Zach asked puzzled.

“Because I found these and a few other pairs in a thrift store, and they hardly looked used, so I bought them, I knew that Aidan would eventually grow into them, and if you can use them first, then great. Now I want you to go on downstairs and I will be right there.”

“But I can help you get diapered.” Zach said with the tiniest bit of a pout.

“Yes, I'm sure you could, but that wouldn't be appropriate. Go on downstairs and we will talk when I get there, okay.” Tyler said softly.

“I guess so.” Zach said, a little downcast.

Tyler just patted the boys amply, and very cute, diapered bum as he walked past. Tyler then went about getting himself all nice and diapered, thick just like Zach had wanted, his favorite way himself.

“So boys, should we lay down and watch a movie before Aidan's bed time?” Tyler asked as he entered the rec room.

“Sure, as long as I can cuddle up to you.” Zach said with a shy smile.

“I would like that very much, I can sit in the middle and you both can cuddle up to me.” Tyler said.

Both boys nodded and Tyler went and put in Ice Age 2, as he had not yet watched it, and they all sat on the couch, both boys cuddled up to Tyler's side. For the next nearly two hours they cuddled on the couch and watched, and laughed at, the movie, and they all enjoyed it a great deal. Half way through it though, Tyler got up and made popcorn and brought down three large drinks. He of course had a master plan, and Zach may have even realized it, but neither said anything.

“Okay baby, it's time for you to head up to bed, give Zach a kiss good night and we will go up.” Tyler said to Aidan.

Aidan got up and went to Zach and kissed the almost shocked boy right on the mouth, and then got up and followed his daddy upstairs. After a quick diaper change, and dressing the squirming boy into his pajamas, Tyler got him into his bed and with a good night kiss of his own, and Aidan laid down to go to sleep.

“Well, what would you like to do now Zach, we have two hours before bed time?” Tyler asked as he came back in the room.

“I would really like to see some of those pictures you said you have?”

“Sure, come on over to the computer and you can sit in my lap.” Tyler said. They went and sat down and Tyler opened up his files that had all his pictures, and for the next hour they looked through them all, with only a few comments here and there.

“Wow, those were all awesome, would you take pictures of me as well, I would really like that?”

“Sure, I would love to take lots of pictures of you, but I won't post them to the internet until you are a lot older and give your permission then.”

“Cool, we can do that tomorrow though, I want to ask you something.”

“Sounds good, and I would like to ask you something as well, but you ask first.”

“Okay, do you love me, do you think I'm cute?” Zach asked shyly again.

“Well, it's too soon to tell if I love you, but I really like you, but I think I might just love you, and you are very cute.”

“Well, I love you, you are so kind to me, and you know lots about me, but not everything.”

“Actually, I think I know everything about you. When your mom was over earlier, she told me a story about you and your daddy, and that brings up the question that I have for you. Did you like what your daddy did to you?” Tyler asked softly.

“Well, not all the time, he used to hurt me, especially when I didn't want him to do it, he was kinda mean sometimes too until I would let him put his peepee in my bum. Once he was in though, and it started to feel good, I liked it just fine. He sometimes made me do things to my brother though that I did not want to do, and Zane would cry lots. I hated hurting him, but daddy made me do it. I do miss having his peepee in my bum though sometimes, can you put yours in there for me please?” Zach asked pitifully.

“Oh baby, that's horrible, he should have never made you do things like that, and then make you do things to your brother. As for your request Zach, I could not, it wouldn't be right for me to do that to you, even if you wanted me to do it. I can however teach you ways of pleasuring yourself, and I can love you all you want and be just like a daddy to you, but not sex.” Tyler said gently.

“But, but, I thought you loved me, you diapered me and everything, you put cream on my bum and peepee, you must want to do that.” Zach asked, nearly sobbing.

“Yes, I'm starting to love you, but love and sex are different. Your daddy ruined that for you, you now feel that to love a man you have to have sex with him, that's not the case, you don't need sex to be loved. And I diapered you because I love you, I diapered you properly, because I love you. We wouldn't want to give you a diaper rash now would we?”

“But I love you, and you love me, and I want to have sex with you.” Zach said, now crying deeply.

“Shh, shh, now now there baby, don't cry, I do love you, but I cannot have sex with you, it would be wrong.” Tyler said, now crying as well and rubbing the poor boys back.

“But I need it. I have tried a brush and a candle and a cucumber, but they all don't feel right, I need you. Please fuck my little baby ass?” Zach asked, getting obviously horny.

“Zach, please don't talk like that, it's not nice. Fuck is a horrible word to describe a beautiful thing. Come on, let's go upstairs and get your soggy diaper changed, you have nearly soaked it already.” Tyler said and then stood up and carried the young boy all the way upstairs, locking the door and shutting all the lights off on the way.

Zach just laid his head on Tyler's shoulder all the way upstairs until Tyler set him on the bed.

“Before you change me, can you lay with me and just cuddle for a bit?”

“Okay, I would like that as well.” Tyler said and then crawled in and laid down as well, he on his back, and as soon as he was laying down Zach crawled up and practically laid right on top of Tyler.

They laid like that for a long time, just cuddling, both enjoying it a great deal, but Zach had other ideas, he slowly moved himself so that he could do something he had wanted to do ever since Tyler had first fixed his bike. He quickly reached up and gave Tyler a kiss, but not just any kiss, a deep, and tender, and loving kiss. At first Tyler was too surprised to react, and then when he did, he found he couldn't, Zach was making him melt, and he was powerless to stop it. Zach ended up kissing Tyler for a good five minutes before he pulled apart, Tyler gasping for breath from the incredible kiss.

“Wow, where did you learn to kiss like that, but you shouldn't have kissed me like that either?”

“I don't know, it just felt right, but I had to, I had to show you I loved you.” Zach said, sounding so small again.

“Baby, I do love you, but you don't need to kiss me or have sex with me to show it.” Tyler said, trying to convince the young boy, but having a hard time convincing himself now, especially after that kiss.


“No buts, the only butt I want right now is yours diapered and ready for bed.” Tyler said with a swat to the aforementioned butt.

“Fine.” Zach said with a pout.

Tyler pulled off Zach's sleeper and then worked to get the already very soggy diaper and doubler off and his diaper area all cleaned up, and as with the last time, Zach was as hard as can be, and if possible more purple than before. Tyler then slipped a clean diaper and doubler underneath and started to apply the cream. This time though when Tyler was applying the cream to Zach's crack, Zach grabbed his hand and forced the cream coated finger as deep inside his ass as it would go, with a deep groan from Zach he started jacking the finger inside himself.

“No, Zach, this isn't right, we cannot do this.” Tyler said in a panicked voice, but not fighting hard enough to lose the grip.

“Oh man, that feels so good, put in another finger, please?” Zach moaned out and let go of Tyler's hand, Tyler did not remove it, but in a near trance state, just did as the boy asked.

With an even deeper groan, Zach started stroking his angry purple erection with his thumb and fore finger. Tyler, seeing this, just decided what the hell, and swatted the hand away and took over. As soon as Zach was loose enough he added more cream and reinserted, this time with three fingers.

“Oh god, I missed this, I need your peepee in me, please put it in me?” Zach nearly cried out.

Tyler was too far gone and too hard, thinking completely with the wrong head now, he just ripped off his diaper with his free hand and crawled up into bed and into position, once he was in place he slowly moved his erection to the entrance and pushed in. With a deep groan from Zach and a hiss from Tyler, Tyler started slowly moving in.

“Oh god baby, you are so tight and hot, are you sure you are not hurting?” Tyler moaned.

“No, keep pushing it in, it feels so good.” Zach moaned out, and Tyler kept pushing in, he did so until he bottomed out and could no longer push in.

“Oh, I never imagined it would be so hot and tight and feel so good, are you sure it doesn't hurt?” Tyler panted.

“Oh god, you feel so much better than daddy ever did and you did not hurt me at all. I really like it like this, I can see you, do you think you can kiss me?” Zach begged.

“What, did your father only do this to you when you could not see him?” Tyler asked, more disgusted again.

“Yeah, he used to say I was only an ass to fuck, nothing more. He didn't love me, but you do, you feel way better than he ever did, I can tell that you really do love me, now kiss me!” Zach demanded.

“Oh baby, I'm so sorry, he should have never done that to you, but I love you so much.” Tyler said with a tear in his eye and leaned down as best he could and kissed the little boy beneath him. It was awkward, and he could not hold the position for long, but the kiss was passionate and mind blowing for the short time it lasted.

“Oh, you have to start moving, it's going to feel so much better.” Zach instructed.

Tyler started a slow sensuous motion, in and out of his little lover. For the next ten minutes Tyler slowly and passionately made love to the little boy who only wanted sex.

“Oh baby, I can't hold on, I'm gonna cum real soon, oh, oh, oh, Zach, I'm cumming.” Tyler panted out and then spewed forth his large load.

Once the orgasm had passed Tyler collapsed to the side, still buried deep inside Zach, and Zach for his first time ever, experienced an orgasm that was not brought on by himself, he was crying from the experience, he was so happy, it just poured out.

“Oh baby, you're crying, did I hurt you, oh god, I will never forgive myself?” Tyler asked and then sobbed out.

“No, you did not hurt me, you made me feel so good, you made me have that tingly sensation and I never had to touch myself once, I have never had that before, I always had to do it myself.” Zach said with a huge smile on his face, tears still in his eyes from the sheer happiness.

“You mean to tell me that your father used your cute little bum, but never once helped you to have an orgasm, that's what it's called by the way, the tingly feelings?” Tyler asked, again truly disgusted.

“No, I didn't even know what one felt like until after we moved here and I did it accidentally.” Zach said.

“Oh god, that's even worse yet, he did not even care a little for your pleasure, that's just sick. Well baby, lay back and enjoy this then.” Tyler said and then changed positions.

For the next ten minutes Tyler did nothing but stroke, kiss, lick, suck, and even lightly bit at every piece of exposed skin. Poor little Zach was moaning out in extreme pleasure, he had never known his little body could feel so good. Finally once Tyler felt that Zach was not going to be able to last much longer he targeted his little throbbing erection. Once he reached the target he inhaled and sucked the entire tasty little treat into his mouth, balls and all. Zach's back arched at the sensations and he very nearly screamed out. Tyler went to work, using every trick he had ever read about to make the intense feelings last as long as humanly possible, however Zach was already too far gone, he lasted only two minutes before he exploded in an orgasm that would take years to again equal in size and power. It was so powerful that Zach completely passed out, but the smile on his face was gigantic, even in his sleep.

“Wow, that was some powerful orgasm, never knew a little guy could cum like that.” Tyler chuckled to himself.

Tyler got up and grabbed the supplies and again diapered Zach and then himself, leaving the pajamas off this time. He then crawled into bed after turning the lights off and the curled up to Zach and fell asleep as well.