Chapter 2

“Morning daddy.” Aidan said as he crawled into bed with Zach and Tyler.

“Morning baby, you feel real wet this morning, did you sleep well?” Tyler asked as he woke up.

“Yes daddy, I slept good.” Aidan answered simply.

“Thats good, you lay down with daddy and Zach for a while and let Zach sleep okay.” Tyler said.

“Okay.” Aidan said and laid his head on his daddies shoulder and played with his hair, Tyler also played with Aidan's hair.

“Good morning. What time is it?” Zach asked as his eyes fluttered open about fifteen minutes later.

“Hey there baby, it's a little after four am, we should have been up by now, but I wanted to let you sleep, you were a little worn out last night. How do you feel this morning?”

“I feel great, I love you so much, I have never felt so good ever before. It's real early, why do you get up so early?”

“Well I start work at five am, so I like to get an early start to wake up and have some breakfast. I don't work today, but I get up at the same time every day no matter what. I'm glad you feel good and I love you too kiddo.” Tyler answered.

“Can I stay here today please?”

“You will have to go home and ask your mommy, but you will have to ask her if it's all right to come shopping with us as it's our shopping day today.”

“I don't mind, I would like that.” Zach said and then started to get up to do just that.

“Hey there, I doubt your mom would appreciate being waken up at four thirty in the morning to be asked a silly thing like that, why not wait until a little later.” Tyler teased.

“Oh yeah, I was just so excited, sorry.” Zach admitted.

“No need to apologize, I understand. Let's all go have a bath together after we go grab a quick bite to eat to tide us over until later.”

“Okay.” Zach said brightly, and Aidan said the same a second later, he loved bath time with daddy as well.

They went downstairs, all still in their soggy night diapers and made and then ate some toast.

“Wow, I just realized that your house looks really different than mine does, how come?”

“Because I did not like the layout before, so I have worked to make it look like this, wait till you see upstairs better. The master bedroom does not look any different, except that it does not have the master bathroom that your moms bedroom has. I took the other two bedrooms and the bathroom and redesigned them and made them all better. The bathtub is really nice and big, all three of us will fit in there with no problem, but while Aidan is around, no playing okay.”

“Oh wow, and how come, don't you play with Aidan as well?” Zach asked innocently.

“No, never. He gets an erection all the time when I change him or clean his penis, but I would never do with him what we did, I'm not like your daddy was, what he made you do was wrong, and it would hurt Aidan. If and when he decides he wants sex, he can choose all on his own, and not be forced like you were, and he can choose who it's with as well.”

“Oh, okay, that sounds nice. I wish you had have been my daddy instead, but then again we could not play like we did last night then could we? Can we go have that bath now please?”

“Sure. Let's go boys.” Tyler said and all three of them ran up the stairs, both Tyler and Zach pretended to be to slow for Aidan, and they let him beat them up the stairs to the bathroom, he was laughing and giggling the whole way.

“Wow, this is a really nice bathroom, and you have your laundry room in here as well, instead of by the kitchen like ours is.”

“Yeah, I hated that, most of the laundry is upstairs anyways, it was too much of a pain carrying everything up and down all the time, and it works better in here.” Tyler said as he started the water in the tub.

Once the water was at the right temperature, Tyler started by getting Aidan out of his soggy diaper and into the tub, he then turned to Zach and did the same thing, and lastly he got himself out of his diaper and then crawled in the tub with the two boys.

For the next half an hour the boys played with the toys in the hot water while Tyler just laid back and relaxed, with the jets of the tub blasting water on his back, while watching the boys play.

“Okay, let's get you dirty boys all clean. Aidan, you are up first.” Tyler called out and Aidan, with a pout, as he loved playing in the bath, came and stood in front of his sitting daddy and submitted to being cleaned. Once Aidan was all done, Zach was called forth as well and then cleaned spotless, from head to toe. Tyler then quickly washed himself and then got out, dried off, and then got the boys out one at a time, Aidan first, for drying.

“Zach, you go and get into the clothes you came in yesterday while I get Aidan dressed, when you are done you can come and help if we need it.”

“Okay, but can you put a diaper on me please?”

“Sorry no, we will be going out in a few hours anyways, so no point in wasting a perfectly good diaper, and we never go out in our diapers, and you shouldn't either. Aidan is potty training, and he knows that when not at home it's potty and not diaper, at home it's his choice, the same goes for both of us, okay.”

“Oh, I just thought that I could wear diapers all the time with you.” Zach said, a little hurt.

“No, it's not good to wear diapers all the time, you could become too used to them and end up actually needing them, and that would be bad, trust me on this baby.” Tyler said softly while giving the young boy a hug and a kiss to the tip of his little button nose.

“Okay, if you insist.” Zach said and turned and went to Tyler's room.

While Tyler went to get Aidan all dressed for the day, Zach went to the bedroom and started getting into his clothes. As soon as he was finished he went in search of the other two and found them in the bedroom next to the bathroom.

“Holy crap, Aidan's room is so cool, does he actually have a tree fort for a bed?” Zach asked in amazement as he came in the room.

“Yes he does, and thanks for the compliment. I built this for his third birthday and he only just got it, cause that wasn't too long ago. The bedrooms in these places are not exactly huge, so I had to use all the space available. You see I took out the closet, a boys room really does not need one, there is a good sized desk under the bed which has tons of drawers for all Aidan's clothes, and the small couch there is a pull out for when friends stay over. The bed is completely suspended so that there are no supports to get in the way, and the safety netting just has the leaves in it to make it look like it's a tree, and you can see in the corner the tree trunk.”

“I would kill for an awesome room like this, the leaves and the tree trunk in the corner look so realistic it really does look like a tree fort. Can you build me one as well?”

“I don't know baby, this took almost a year to do. and was quite expensive I might add. I can see about doing some cool stuff to your bedroom though, we can talk to your mom about it. Speaking of whom, when does she normally get up in the morning anyways?” Tyler asked, all the while standing there naked and dressing Aidan, he just finished though as he asked the last question.

“Usually about seven or so, depends on when Zane wakes up really, and that would be so cool.”

“Okay, thanks. I will get you to go ask your mom right around then as we will want to leave a little after that anyways. We always go out for breakfast on Sunday's and then go to the flea market to find good deals on things we need around the house. Then from there we go shopping.”

“Sounds fun.” Zach said happily.

“Good, for now would you like to go downstairs and play then?”

“I would rather play in your bedroom.” Zach said with a hint of a grin and a lot of blush.

“Um, okay, I guess we could do that. Aidan, you go on down and play.”

“I wanna play with you guys.” Aidan said with a pout and a stomp of his foot.

“We are not playing a game a big boy like you can play Aidan, we will come down in a few minutes and we will all play Lego's together, okay.” Tyler said softly.

“Okay daddy.” Aidan said and then turned and left. Tyler and Zach followed right behind him to Tyler's bedroom.

“What were you thinking of doing baby?” Tyler asked.

“Lay down on the bed, close your eyes and find out.” Zach said, getting very excited.

As soon as Tyler did so, Zach ripped off his clothes, he had not even bothered putting underwear on, grabbed the diaper cream and laid on the bed, his face in Tyler's crotch. With a deep groan from Tyler, Zach started licking and kissing his painfully hard erection. After only a few moments of that, Zach switched tactics and started sucking on it, getting about half way down the large shaft before he could comfortably go no further. Tyler was in heaven, he had never had a blowjob before, his wife had point blank refused to do so, and the one other time he had given a boy a blowjob, when he was a boy himself, the other boy refused to reciprocate afterwards. What Zach was doing to Tyler though was causing him to climb higher and faster in his orgasmic bliss than he had ever done so before.

“Oh god baby, I'm gonna cum, oh my god, I can't stop it.” Tyler gasped out, his entire body vibrating, and then he exploded.

Zach, instead of pulling off, just started sucking even harder when he heard this and within a few seconds he was receiving the treat he wanted. He had always hated it when his father face fucked him, he was always so rough and shoved in too far, causing him to gag, but he always loved the treat at the end, this time though was his favorite. He savored the treat for a few seconds before swallowing it down, and then before Tyler was even half way down from his orgasm, Zach was already putting some of the diaper cream on his little hole and working it with his fingers to loosen up a little bit. Once he felt like he was ready, he gave Tyler a couple strokes to bring him back to full hardness. Tyler, still with his eyes closed, and not even down from his last orgasm, gasped when Zach took hold of his erection and jacked it a couple times, it went back to steel hard in seconds, and Zach smiled at this.

Once Tyler was ready for it, Zach crawled on top of Tyler and moved into place and then grabbed on to Tyler's cock and then sat down, forcing the entire thing inside him in one quick thrust.

“Holy fucking Christ.” Tyler nearly screamed out. His dick was still so sensitive and this caused him to go back into overdrive, nearly cumming a second time right away. “Zach, oh my god baby, you are going to kill me” Tyler gasped out.

“No, I won't, but I wanted some fun now, and I wanted to look at you again when you did me.” Zach said, a big, happy, satisfied grin on his face.

“Oh god, you are so hot baby, ride me.” Tyler gasped out as Zach was doing just that. He would pull almost all the way up slowly, and then drop down quickly and then all over again. He was driving Tyler crazy and he knew that he was not going to last long at all, and he was right. Within only about two minutes ha came again, so strong he felt it burn as his cum exited from his dick head. With a large growl, his orgasm was fully upon him and Zach was even having one as well, but he was squeaking so cutely, not that Tyler really noticed.

“Oh Zach, that was incredible. How did you learn how to do all this?” Tyler asked, knowing that his father only did him while not looking at him.

“I have been dreaming of this for so long, I imagined lots of ways of having a big peepee in my bum where I could still look at my man. I never ever want to have someone do me again and not look at me.” Zach nearly spat out.

“Then that's how it shall be baby, I will always look into your loving eyes when we make love.” Tyler vowed.

“Thank you, I love you.” Zach said.

“You're welcome, and I love you too, now hop off, it's your turn.”

Zach hopped off and waited for Tyler to instruct him as to how he was wanted. The wait was not long.

“Okay baby, just lay on your back with your head on the pillow, so that you can see, and I will give you the best orgasm of your young life.” Tyler instructed.

“Okay.” Tyler said and then did as he was asked.

Tyler crawled into position and then started licking and kissing all over Zach's groin and bare pubic area, Zach for his part was enjoying this a great deal and was moaning and groaning like crazy. Finally Tyler stopped torturing the poor boy and sucked his whole package into his mouth again and started a nice tender blowjob. Zach, being that he was already close from a minute ago, could not last very long at all, maybe two minutes, and he was pulsing and squeaking in his immature little orgasm.

“Oh wow, that was so good, I never want this to end.” Zach said.

“Me neither baby, but eventually it will. Here, cuddle up to me, I should tell you some things about me.” Tyler said, hating having to do this to the boy, but he had to know.

“What is it?” Zach asked curiously, and then cuddled up to Tyler.

“Well, you see, I'm a boy lover, that means that I love boys, and not men. So eventually I won't want to have sex with you any more, it will be a long ways away, but it will happen. I of course always want us to be best of friends, and I would hope that you yourself finds someone closer to your age when you get older. I hate having to tell you all this, but you should know, this is your life after all. If you no longer want to be with me, I will understand of course.” Tyler said quietly.

“Oh, okay. I guess I understand, but we can have lots of fun until then and we will always be friends right.” Zach asked happily, after thinking about it for a moment.

“It's a hard thing to understand, I know, and yes, we have many years before that happens, at least seven, and yes, I always want to be your friend.”

“Good.” Zach said and then reached up and kissed his lover. He and Tyler shared a deep and passionate kiss for quite a few minutes before Zach pulled away.

“Wow, for a little guy, you sure are a great kisser. Well let's get dressed and go play for a while.”

They got dressed and headed down to play with Aidan. For the next couple hours the boys all played with the Lego and built whatever they came up with and had lots of fun. Finally at just before seven Tyler told Zach to go talk to his mom. So, like a bullet, he shot out of the house. It was fifteen minutes later that he heard the doorbell He went upstairs to let Zach in.

“Oh, hi Janice, wasn't expecting you, I trust Zach asked if he could spend the day with us and go shopping?”

“Yes he did, he is getting changed and watching Zane while I'm here and then I will send him over once I get home. I would like to talk for a few minutes though, if I could.” Janice said.

“Sure thing, come on in.” Tyler said and then followed her to the living room.

“So, he obviously wore you down far faster than you thought, he looks far happier than he has in years, you did that for him. I can tell he loves you a great deal. So how are you holding up, I know you did not want to move in the direction of sex?” Janice asked with a grin.

“Yeah, he wore me down all right, and I'm glad he is so happy. I still feel a little guilty, but I know that he made all the moves, not like the law would care mind you, but it keeps my conscience clear.”

“Told you he would. I was quite surprised that he wasn't diapered when he came in, how come?”

“Because I told him that when we are staying at home it's his choice, but when we go out of the house it's only the potty, no diapers. He did not like that at first, but he will be fine.”

“Good idea, I guess I'm going to have to start doing the same thing.” Janice said with a smile.

“Might be easier to support it and let him, then having him hide it behind your back. Just make him the same deal, when he is at home, he may wear diapers as long as he wants, but when he leaves the house, no diapers.”

“You're right, and that's how it shall be from now on. So where are you guys going then?”

“Out for breakfast, then the flea market and then shopping. Our Sunday routine basically.”

“Okay, I will send Zach right over then.”

“Okay, you have a good day, what time would you like Zach home by the way?”

“If you want you can keep him over night again and just send him home in the morning when you start work, he has his own key.” Janice said with a grin.

“I don't mind, and Zach will be very happy I'm sure.” Tyler smiled.

“That's an understatement. Have a good day.”

Not even two minutes later Zach came bursting through the door, gave Tyler a huge hug and a kiss, and started talking a mile a minute.

“Mommy said I can spend the night again and come home in the morning when you start work, is that true, when are we gonna go, I'm really happy to be spending the day with you.” Zach said in one quick breath.

“Whoa there, you Tasmanian Devil you, slow down. Yes it's true, you get to spend the night again, and now that you are here, we can go. Aidan, come get your shoes on baby.” Tyler said to the happy boy then called down to Aidan.

A few seconds later they all had their shoes on and were headed out to the car. They drove to the nearest good restaurant and all ordered breakfast, well Tyler ordered Aidan's for him. They all enjoyed the meal and then headed out to the flea market. It was almost half an hour to get there and they opened at eight, so they would be there right after opening. Perfect, Tyler thought, he always liked getting there right at opening so that he could check out for the best deals.

They spent the better part of two hors looking around at all the wares that the weekly event always had, and other than a few fruits and vegetables they ended up leaving with almost nothing. They then headed to a thrift store nearby that Tyler knew of.

“What are we doing here?” Zach asked.

“Well, thrift stores are a great place to find all sorts of great things for great prices. I almost never buy anything new, why bother when others give away perfectly good stuff, and it all ends up here. About the only things I don't buy used are shoes and underwear, it just feels wrong. Heck, nearly all of Aidan's Lego came from this very store, the rest from the flea market we just left.”


They all went in and looked around. Tyler went to his favorite section first. For some reason this thrift store always had a good selection of all sorts of diapers, and if he could use them, he bought them, as they were always cheap. Most of Aidan's diapers, and all of the doublers Tyler used, came from thrift stores, and occasionally he would find some for himself as well. Today they hit the proverbial jackpot though and found a large selection. Tyler took nine of the ten packs there as he would use them. They then went to the toy section, found some more Lego and a couple other good toys for Aidan. Next was the housewares section and he did not find anything worthwhile there and last was clothing. He found two really nice sleepers for Zach and a couple new pairs of pants for Aidan. They went to the checkout and Tyler figured that Zach would step aside so as not to be embarrassed about all the diapers in his size being there, but he was right there with a large smile on his face. Their next stop was the huge Costco store a few minutes away. Another two hours later they exited the store with the groceries that would be needed.

“Wow, you sure bought a lot today, and a lot of diapers, that's cool. I should tell mommy to go there as well, those diapers were really cheap compared to the goodnites she buys.” Zach said happily.

“And that's the reason I go there. There are a couple more in town that sometimes have them as well, and you cannot always depend on them having them, but sometimes they do.”

“Wow, can we go to those as well when we get back home?” Zach asked excitedly.

“Sure thing kiddo.” Tyler said, he was always happy to go to thrift stores, he loved them.

They got to the car and headed back towards home and made it in good time. Once home they headed towards the first of three good thrift stores in town. The first two were both a bust, but the third was a goldmine. They had six packages of the thickest youth sized diapers there were on the market, they were all brand new in the packs, and they were all cheap. He grabbed all of them and tossed them in the cart. They would be a little big on Zach still, but they would fit perfectly with a Pampers diaper underneath as a doubler. They searched around for a few minutes more and found some more Lego and that was it. They went and paid for everything and headed back home.

“Wow, you sure bought a lot of diapers, and all those ones at that last place are for me aren't they?”

“Yes, and yes. When we get back home, I will pull the car up to the garage so that we can unload everything in relative privacy.”

“Oh yeah, I never thought of that. I don't really want my friends to see those.” Zach said with a shy smile.

“Then why did you risk going outside with diapers on before?”

“Cause I just had to wear them.”

“And that's the best way to get yourself caught. But now you don't have to worry, whenever you want to wear them, you can, just as long as you are at home, inside, where no one can see you.”

“No way, mommy is gonna let me wear diapers at home too?”

“She sure is. Aidan, when we get home it's nap time okay.”

“Okay daddy.”

“Does that mean we can play a bit once we get home?” Zach asked quietly so that Aidan would not hear.

“If that's what you'd like, I'd like it as well.” Tyler answered.

“I would.” Zach said with a cute little grin.

The rest of the drive home they just listened to music and did not talk any further. Tyler backed the car right up to the garage so that they could offload all their stuff into the garage. Once the car was offloaded they all went inside and Tyler took Aidan to his bedroom for his nap.

“Do you want a diaper or a pullup for your nap baby?”

“Diaper daddy.” Aidan said with his cute little dimpled grin.

Within just a couple minutes Aidan was freshly diapered and laying in bed for his nap. Tyler then gave his son a kiss and told him to have a good nap.

Meanwhile Zach was working hard to bring the groceries upstairs by himself, and Tyler joined him when he could, and before too long they had everything brought in.

“Come on baby, let's take all these diapers upstairs and then I think you had some playing in mind.” Tyler said with a wink.

“Yippee.” Zach said and loaded up as much as he could and ran up the stairs as best he could. Tyler grabbed the rest and followed.

As soon as Zach reached the bedroom he dropped everything on the floor at the end of the bed and started stripping. Tyler was walking in just as Zach's underwear were flying off, and they just so happened to be flying in his direction, and landed smack in his face. Tyler just dropped the packages he was carrying and grabbed the underwear and gave them a deep satisfying sniff.

“Ah, I love the smell of boys underwear, and yours smell great.” Tyler said with a smile. He closed and locked the door and then started stripping as well, the vision of a naked, and very hard, Zach in front of him.

“I need you in my bum again please?” Zach asked.

“Okay, let me go get a better something to use as lube then.” Tyler said. He went to his dresser and grabbed his tub of lube and brought it to the bed.

“What's that?”

“This is lube, or lubricant, it's lots better than the diaper cream we used, and will make it even better for you. What I want, when I lay down, is for you to lay on top of me and you can suck me while I prepare your cute little bum, how does that sound?” Tyler asked with a grin.

“Awesome. I can't wait.”

“I can tell you are excited, your dick is as hard as granite.” Tyler said with a giggle.

“I can't help it, it's like that when I'm near you, it was the first time I met you, and it has never been this hard before, ever.” Zach admitted.

“Yeah, mine is tons harder when I'm around you as well, even my wife never once got me this hard.” Tyler said as he was laying down on the bed.

Zach crawled on and immediately started kissing and licking Tyler all over and then sucked his dick while playing with his balls gently. Tyler threw back his head and moaned deeply at the sensations that Zach was causing in his body. A few minutes into the pleasure that Zach was giving to Tyler, Tyler realized that he was supposed to be doing something as well, so grabbed the lube, popped the top, and got a good finger full of the gooey gel. He headed to the ultimate prize and once he was close enough, realized Zach had to move his legs so, with his other hand pushed Zach's legs so that Zach was essentially straddling him, and then once his cute little bum was opened up, he moved back in and smeared the lube all around the hole and then started working his finger inside. It was now Zach's turn to throw back his head and moan long and deep. Tyler was amazed that such a small hole could easily accept him all the way inside, the tiny little thing stretched so much, and so easily though. Within just a few moments Tyler slipped in yet another finger and then worked them in and out. Zach finally realized he too was supposed to be doing something else, other than enjoying, so he started to suck again. Tyler again moaned at the sensations, but continued fingering Zach's hot little bum, and soon he was adding a third finger, and that was where he would stop, well not stop, but he would add no more fingers. He started a good slow, but steady, motion in and out of Zach, and Zach slowed down and started going at the same pace. They were both very much enjoying themselves and before too long they were in the throes of their first orgasm of this session, Zach enjoying the flavor, and Tyler amazed at the power of the contractions in Zach's ass.

“Oh god, that was totally amazing.” Tyler moaned out as he was coming down.

“Oh yeah, you made me have the feelings totally without touching my peepee.” Zack groaned out as well.

“Come up here and kiss and cuddle with me for a few minutes please, I want to hold you?” Tyler asked.

Without a word Zach jumped and turned, nearly levitating, and landed on Tyler and started kissing him right away. This time it was slow and gentle, but still very passionate. For such a young boy he sure had a lot of passion and feelings locked away in his little body, and he wasn't afraid to show them. After a few gentle minutes Zach broke the kiss and laid down on Tyler and they cuddled for a while, luxuriating in the lovemaking they had just shared.

A few minutes later Zach rolled off of Tyler and onto his back, he then grabbed his knees and pulled them back, Tyler knew instantly what was being asked of him and took the invitation, both of them without a word. Tyler slowly slipped inside his little lover and they both moaned deeply at the penetration, as it felt so good. Tyler started a very slow and gentle motion, pulling nearly all the way out, and then pushing all the way back in, in a very slow motion, with every movement both of them were moaning lowly and they were both slowly climbing up to the plateau of orgasm.

“Oh baby, I'm close, I'm going to cum very soon.” Tyler gasped out.

“Me too.” Zach sighed out.

And within just a few seconds of each other, they each shared a long slow orgasm and Tyler collapsed to the side so as not to crush poor Zach.

“Thank you, you make me feel so safe, so loved, so good.” Zach sighed out, a tear running down his cheek.

“Hey baby, I love you too, and I will work to make you safe and feeling good as best and as often as I possibly can.” Tyler whispered into Zach's ear as he hugged him tight.

“I know.” Zach whispered back.

They laid all cuddled up for a long time until Zach had to pee.

“I have to go pee, can you diaper me up with those new diapers please?”

“Yes baby, I will. One of the Pampers diapers with some holes in it and then one of those over top. You want a doubler inside the pamper as well?”

“Can I?” Zach asked excitedly.

“Sure, one ultra thick, coming up.” Tyler said and then hopped out of bed.

Zack giggled and Tyler dug. He grabbed the stuff to ultra diaper himself as well, one of the new diapers would work well for that, it would tape up, but only just barely, but once one of his diapers was over that it would not matter anyways. He brought it all to the bed, including the diaper rash cream, and then worked swiftly to get Zach all diapered up.

“Wow, this is so thick and very comfortable. I bet I could stay in this until tomorrow and not leak.” Zach said as he stood up and examined Tyler's handiwork.

“Care to test it out with me, I will be just as thickly diapered and we can stay in them till tomorrow morning right before you leave?”

“Wow, that would be awesome, you're the best.” Zach said excitedly.

“Yeah, I know. Come on and help your boyfriend out a bit here.” Tyler said and Zach got a huge grin on his face.

“I like that and sure.” Zach said all proud.

“Of course you cannot tell anyone outside this house at all what happens here, I would get in huge trouble if anyone were to find out.”

“I know. Daddy always threatened me to not tell anyone. You don't have to threaten me though, I would never tell anyone, 'cause I love you.” Zach said proudly.

“Glad to hear it, and it's so sad that your dad threatened you.” Tyler said aghast at that.

“Yeah, he always said he would cut mine and Zane's balls off if I ever told on him. He really scared me sometimes when he said stuff like that. I never told mommy that, and I know daddy never did, cause I was there when he told her everything, but please don't tell mommy, she already feels bad enough about what happened!”

“Your mommy should know that though, it's important. What if he found another boy and was doing stuff like that to him, how would that make you feel?” Tyler asked gently.

“I guess you are right, I would feel real bad if he did that to another boy somewhere, he was really mean to me sometimes and he was my daddy, he would be worse to someone else probably.” Zach said quietly.

“Possibly yes, but I would hope not. Your mom should know though, just in case.”

“Okay, I will tell her tomorrow. I will tell her everything.”

“That's good baby. Come on, let's go print out a couple good stories and sit down and read for a while.”

“Can you take some pictures of me first?”

“I can take pictures all day long, I want to see your diaper getting wetter and wetter all day, drink lots. I will print out the stories first though and I can take some pics of you while you are reading and everything.”

“Wicked.” Zach said with a grin.

They went downstairs and Tyler went to his favorite site and printed off two different stories, the first of which he passed to Zach as it finished, and then grabbed the camera while Zach laid down on the floor and started reading. Tyler's camera, while not the most expensive, or the best there was, was a good one, and he set it to the best possible quality and started snapping off a few pictures of Zach, all comfortable and laying on the floor. Zach rolled over and held the story up reading it while laying on his back and Tyler took a few more pictures. He decided that that was enough for now and went and retrieved the story off the printer that he had printed for himself, it had just finished. He went and laid on the couch and started reading his story, only a few minutes later Zach climbed on top of him and laid down on his big lover and continued to read. Tyler had not worried about the story being 'R' rated, as what they were doing was beyond any 'R' rated story he would ever find, and he noticed that Zach had to stick his hand inside his very thick diaper a few times to readjust himself and he thought it cute.

“Wow, that was an awesome story.” Zach said a while later when he finished it.

“You either read very well or skipped a bunch of words as you never asked once.”

“I love reading, I do it all the time, so I'm pretty good. Have you finished yours yet?”

“Yeah, I just finished mine a few minutes before you did, do you want to switch?”

“Sure, but I want you to take a few more pictures of me on the couch first.” Zach said with a grin.

“Okay.” Tyler said and then grabbed the camera again.

For the next ten minutes Tyler snapped off dozens of awesome pictures as Zach posed and moved in various ways, he apparently loved having his picture taken.

“Wow, those are gonna look awesome. Later, once Aidan wakes up, which should be soon, I want to get some nice pictures of the two of you together, posing and playing.” Tyler said once he finished.

“I love you taking pictures of me in my diapers, can I see them now?”

“Nope, not yet. I will load them to the computer later and then we can view them then, okay.”

“Okay, that's cool too. Well, let's start the other stories then.”

They traded off and started reading, not ten minutes later though Aidan came down with a pout on his face and wet pajama bottoms.

“Hey baby, looks like you sprung a leak there, let's get you upstairs and get you cleaned up.” Tyler said and he set his story down and took Aidan's hand.

“I will just stay here, this story is awesome, but it's way longer an the other one was.”

“Okay baby, enjoy. We will be right back.”

Tyler led Aidan upstairs and to his bedroom and stripped him quickly.

“Ah there's the problem, had your hand in your diaper again I see. You really need to learn to point your little guy back down after playing with it.” Tyler said with a chuckle. Aidan's little penis was pointing up, when it's supposed to be pointed down, and the only time that happens is when the little guy plays with himself. Aidan had been doing that since nearly the time he was born, and from what most everyone told him, it was a normal occurrence, even with girls.

Tyler got Aidan all cleaned up and then went and grabbed the diapers. He got Aidan all nice and thickly diapered, same as he and Zach were, as Aidan would like that as well. In just his diaper, as Tyler and Zach were only in theirs, Tyler carried Aidan downstairs, tickling him most of the way. When they got back to the basement they found Zach still reading, but with one hand down the front of his diaper, rubbing his little boy cock rhythmically.

“Hey you, save that for later, it won't kill you to hold off.” Tyler laughed.

“What, this story is real good, way better n the last one was.” Zach said, not even a little embarrassed, but removing his hand none the less, he did take a little sniff though, which Tyler thought was cute. He set Aidan down to play and then grabbed the same hand Zach had been using and gave it a little sniff as well.

“Smells good huh.” Tyler said with a grin.

“Uh huh. I never thought anyone else but me would like that smell, but you do too?”

“Unless it's very strong, yes, very much. Aidan, you go ahead and play for a few minutes by yourself while Zach and I finish reading our stories okay!”

“Same here.” Zach said.

“Okay daddy.” Aidan said and then started playing with all his toys.

Tyler grabbed the story he was reading and then laid back down on the couch and Zach immediately changed positions so that he was cuddled up to Tyler and then continued reading. They both finished their stories almost exactly at the same time, some fifteen minutes later, and with an adjustment by both, they got down to play with Aidan. They played for a little while and then Tyler got up and grabbed his camera and then started taking pictures of the two boys playing and having fun. He probably ended up with over a hundred just like that, but then decided he wanted some nice posed ones.

“Okay, now I want you two to start posing some, go wherever and do whatever and I will take the pictures.” Tyler instructed.

“Okay.” Both boys said at the same time.

For the next twenty minutes the boys had all sorts of fun posing for the camera and by the time they were finished Tyler had taken probably another hundred or so photos and his memory card was saying it was only half full, so he had tons of room left.

“Well boys, that's it for now. I'm going to go up and make an early dinner since we did not have lunch, and you two can play down here.” Tyler said as he was putting his camera away.

“Okay.” They both said.

He went upstairs and wasn't even half way through making dinner when the doorbell rang. He wondered who it could be, but grabbed a robe and threw it on and went to answer it.

“Oh, hi Janice, I wasn't expecting you to stop by, and hi Zane.” Tyler said as he opened the door and saw the two of them standing there.

“I wouldn't be, except my idiot ex husband just called and said he had to talk to me as soon as possible. I was wondering if you could maybe keep both boys over night and watch them tomorrow for me, I will hopefully be home by a little after lunch, but by dinner time for sure?”

“Sure, that won't be a problem at all I'm sure. While I'm on the phone, Zach can watch the boys and I'm sure they will be just fine. Before you go, seeing as how you are going to see your ex, I think Zach has some things he wants to tell you first, and it might help out in this area, depending on what's wrong.”

“Oh, I was hoping to leave right away, but if it's important we can do this first.”

“I think it might be. It's some stuff about what happened to Zach that you maybe have never heard and did not know.”

“Oh, it's important then.”

“Why don't you go on up to the living room and I will take Zane down and tell Zach to come up.”

“Okay.” Janice said and they did just that.

“Zach, your mom is here and she has to go see your dad for some reason, I think now would be a good time to go tell her what you told me earlier, that and anything else she does not already know. I will stay with the boys down here.”

“No, if I do this, I want you with me please?” Zach asked pitifully.

“Okay, if you are sure. Aidan, you and Zane stay down here and play please?” Tyler asked the boys.

“Change of plans, Zach wanted me here as well.” Tyler said with a shrug as he came up the stairs and Janice gave him a questioning look.

“Oh, whatever makes him more comfortable. Now Zach, Tyler says you told him some things that I maybe never heard before and did not know. What is it baby?” Janice asked as softly as she could.

“Well, daddy used to tell me that if I told anyone what he did to us, that he would cut mine and Zane's balls off. He used to make me suck on Zane's peepee and stick my fingers in his bum. He even made me stick my peepee in Zane's bum, he said so that he would be prepared sooner for him. He used to smack me if I did not let him fuck my baby ass. He sometimes laid me down and stuck his peepee in my my mouth so hard and far that he would make me throw up and then he would spank me for that. He once put something way bigger n his peepee in my bum and it hurt so bad, but he had my eyes covered, so I don't know what it was. He never once looked at me when he put his peepee in my bum and fucked me, he said I was a dirty slut and did not deserve to be looked at while he fucked my baby ass.” Zach said, nearly emotionless, not a single tear in his eyes nor a hitch in his voice. The same could not however be said for the other two in the room. Tyler just hugged the small boy tighter to him and cried enough for both of them. It was a full minute before Janice could even think to form a sentence, and another minute to say it.

“Zach, baby, you know that wasn't your fault and that what that man did to you was a very bad thing right. You are not to blame and I thank you for telling me all this. You are also very brave for telling me this, but I have to go, I hope that what you told me will help tonight.” Janice said, still nearly sobbing and not really sure what to say.

“Janice, do you have a tape recorder or anything, I think you should have one with you when you confront him with this, and record what all he has to say?”

“No, I don't. Do you have one I could borrow by chance?”

“Yes I do. It's very small and it has an external microphone that you can easily hide, it has incredible pickup and sound quality. I will go get it now.” Tyler said and gently lifted Zach and set him in his mothers lap and he ran upstairs to grab it.

“Here you go. I put a new tape and fresh batteries in it for you. I would recommend you get it all situated first and then hit the record button right before you meet him. Actually Zach, do you think you can tell us all that again so that it can be recorded?” Tyler asked and Zach nodded and they recorded it.

“Thank you so much. Baby, I'm going to leave you in Tyler's very capable hands, you behave yourself and I will see you tomorrow sometime, okay.”

“I will mommy.” Zach said as Tyler picked him back up.

Janice left a few minutes later and the two of them laid on the couch in the living room, all cuddled up and Tyler just waited for Zach to burst. He knew he would, he just had to be patient, and that patience paid off. He was holding Zach for about ten minutes, rubbing his back and diapered bum, when all of a sudden the great big damn of emotions burst, and for the next twenty minutes Zach just cried. He cried huge pitiful sobs, all of the pain and hurt his own daddy caused him came flowing out of him. Zach had never cried and let it all out, Tyler was sure, he had just bottled it all up and dealt with it the best he could.

“There there baby. I know that that hurt to have to tell all that, and I know from the way you cried that you have not done that before have you?” Tyler asked softly, more whispering right in Zach's ear, once the crying finally stopped.

“No. I had to stay strong for mommy, she couldn't know.” Zach sobbed out.

“And that was where you went wrong. She is your mommy, and she had to know, and you are just a little man, you shouldn't have to hold all that in. That's what parents are for, we are here to take all that hurt and help to make it better.” Tyler said softly.

“But it was my daddy that did this to me.” Zach nearly screamed out.

“I know, and that's why it was so wrong baby, parents are supposed to be there to protect their babies, not to hurt them. Your mommy is not like that though is she, you can tell her anything, and she does have a right to know as well.” Tyler whispered more, trying to calm the poor boy.

“No, she is nice most of the time, but sometimes she does not listen very well, I don't think that she really likes kids.” Zach admitted.

“Well, you see, and I probably shouldn't tell you this, it's more for your mommy to do, but in this case I think you need to know. Your daddy really wanted her to have children when she didn't really want to, and well, your mom said that she really does not know how to deal with children. Some people are like that, however, she does really love you both, just sometimes she is just not sure how to handle you.”

“I know. I heard them fight one night when mommy had Zane in her tummy, and I heard her say that it was only him that wanted kids in the first place, so he would have to put up with her crazy moods.” Zach said with a little bit of a giggle.

“And you remember that, that was a long time ago?”

“Yeah, I remember lots from then, I have a really good memory. Mommy says that sometimes it's a very bad thing, 'cause I remember everything she says, she says it drives her mad sometimes.” Zach said with another giggle.

“I will have to remember that, thanks. So how are you feeling now after that emotional purge, you have to feel almost empty now after getting all that anger, hatred, and fear out.” Tyler asked softly.

“I feel lots better now, kinda empty like you said, but I have an idea what you can fill me with!” Zach said with a wicked grin.

“I can guess what that idea is, however right now, that's not a good idea. The only thing you need to be filled with right now is love. Now let's go downstairs and make sure the boys have not destroyed the basement.”

“Oh, okay.” Zach said, a little dejected.

“Deep down you know I'm right, and that sex would not feel good right now, don't you?” Tyler asked with a tender kiss to Zach's forehead.

“Yeah, I think I know what you are talking about.”

They got up and went downstairs and found the two boys playing with all the Lego's and having a lot of fun. They had played together lots before, so they were not strangers. Zane had obviously decided to also get comfortable and was also just sitting in his soggy diaper.

“Hey there boys, having fun?” Tyler asked.

“Yes daddy, Zane stay here tonight?” Aidan asked cutely.

“Yes baby, he is. I'm glad you got yourself comfortable Zane, do you need a diaper change?”

“No thank you.” Zane said.

“He likes em wet as well and will usually stay in his wet diaper till it's nearly falling off or leaking.” Zach said with a grin.

“Ah, sounds like another diaper lover in the family huh?”

“Yeah.” Zach said proudly.

“Go ahead and play with the toys while I go and finish the dinner that's hopefully not burned to a crisp, at least it was only in the oven, so it should be fine.”

Without waiting for an answer, Tyler headed upstairs and checked on dinner and was happy to see it was all fine. He threw on some vegetables to cook and got the table set. It was a good thing he had extra, but he did not figure Zane would eat that much anyways. Boy was he wrong, Zach and Zane were big eaters, where as he and Aidan were light eaters. Once they were all finished dinner, they went downstairs and watched a movie until bedtime. Tyler did grab the camera though and take a bunch of new pictures of all three of the cute boys in their soggy diapers, as both Zach and Aidan were starting to show that they were getting wet, even through the very thick diapers, as was he. For the rest of the evening Tyler had all three boys cuddled up to him while they watched the movie.

“OK little men, time for bed. Zane, let's get you into a nice dry diaper, you are about to leak all over my nice floors and then you can sleep with Aidan in his tree fort. Zach, we will stay up for a little longer, before we go to bed, and look at all the pictures I took today.”

“Okay.” The boys all said.

Tyler took the two younger boys upstairs and changed Zane's very wet bum, and just left Aidan as he would last through the night. He then got them both into a light pair of sleepers and ushered them up the rope ladder of the bed and gave them both kisses goodnight and they curled up together and both quickly went to sleep. He then went down to the rec room and found Zach sitting in the computer chair, patiently waiting for him to come down, his hand once again down the front of his diaper.

“My my, you are a horny little guy aren't you?”

“Yeah, I need you to help me out, I'm hurting.” Zach admitted with a bit of a blush.

“Okay, but no sex, I will only use my hand to help you out, you are still too raw emotionally for anything else.” Tyler told the randy little boy.

“Okay, I guess.”

“Here, let me sit down, you sit on my lap and put your legs one on either side of mine and we will look at the pictures and I will give you a helping hand.” Tyler said with a grin.

Zach did not say anything, just hopped up and let Tyler sit down, and then jumped into his lap as he was told to do. Tyler put the camera in the dock and it started loading right away and transferred all the pictures to a folder on his desktop, and then they started looking at all the pictures. They both loved them all and Tyler was busy stroking first the outside of Zach's diaper and then slowly worked his way inside and started slowly stroking Zach's very hard little penis. Nearly ten minutes later Zach went through his little premature orgasm and he squeaked and squealed so cutely that Tyler had to smile, he had also had a good spontaneous cum in his diaper from how Zach was grinding himself back into Tyler.

“Wow, that felt so good, thank you.” Zach moaned out.

“It felt good to me too baby. How do you like the pictures?”

“I love them, but I love you more.” Zach said and then turned and kissed Tyler deeply.

“Mmmm, baby that was so nice. I think it's time to go to bed. We have to be up at four in the morning.”

Zach just nodded and they walked up the stairs, hand in hand and went to bed and slept till the alarm woke them the following morning.