Chapter 3

Tyler woke up the next morning just a few minutes before the alarm went off, as he normally did, and then got up. Because Zach was practically laying on top of him he had to move the sleeping boy a bit before doing so, and by doing so caused the sleeping child to start to wake up slightly.

“Whatsamatter?” Zach asked sleepily.

“Shh, go back to sleep, I have to get up and get ready for work.” Tyler whispered.

“It's okay, I will get up with you then. I'm pretty wet too, can you change me please?” Zach asked, waking up a bit more.

“You don't have to get up baby, but if you want to, you can, it's very early though.”

“That's okay, I usually am up by five anyways, and this way I can spend some time with you before you have to go to work.” Zach said with a happy smile.

“Wow, look at you, you look soaked. I want to go get the camera and take some pictures of you like this, get back in bed and pretend like you are sleeping.” Tyler said with a grin.

“Okay.” Zach said happily.

They both did what they said they would and Tyler came back up moments later with the camera ready to go. He started taking pictures of the, so called, sleeping boy and slowly worked the blankets down and off, getting some good shots of the very wet diaper.

“Okay baby, time to wake up.” Tyler said and Zach started pretending to wake up, all the while Tyler was snapping off dozens of pictures. Zach even went so far as to stretch and roll and stretch some more. Tyler was getting impossibly hard in his diaper as Zach was posing, but making it look like he wasn't, finally Tyler had enough pictures and set the camera down.

“Oh baby, those are going to be some awesome pictures, but you made me so hard.” Tyler admitted.

“Me too. Do you think you can put your peepee in my bum this morning, do you have time?”

“I don't know, we probably have time enough, and then I will suck you if you want me to.” Tyler said happily.

“Hell yeah, I wish I was big enough to fit in your bum too.”

“I don't think we have time this morning, but maybe later we can try and see how it works. You might not be able to though, you still have a little growing in the boy parts before you will really enjoy giving, but I would love for you to try anyways.” Tyler said with a kind smile on his face.

“I would love that, now please do me?”

With an offer Tyler was unable to resist, he first let his, also very soggy, diaper fall to the ground, grabbed the lube and climbed up on the bed. He then removed Zach's nearly over saturated diaper and started licking and sucking everywhere his tongue could reach. Zach was moaning and groaning, writhing and squirming, enjoying the sensations very much. His little pecker was at its full mast and pulsing rapidly, but Tyler was not sucking it yet, he wanted to leave that for afterwards. He then got a lube covered finger into place and started toying with Zach's very hot ass, slowly working him until he was loose enough, and then once Zach was ready, Tyler changed positions.

Tyler had decided that Zach should be on the edge of the bed and he would stand, thus enabling them to look at each other more easily, so he slid off the bed and pulled Zach by his feet until his little ass was just hanging over the edge and then put Zach's feet up on his chest and moved into position. As slow as he was able to, he entered the tiny little hole, that stretched an amazing amount, and they both moaned lowly at the insertion.

“Oh baby, you feel so good.” Tyler moaned out as he reached bottom.

“You too.” Zach also groaned out, he loved this very much, especially from the person he loved most in the world.

Tyler started a slow gentle rocking motion, only pulling out slightly and then moving back in, and in this manner kept up their love making for as long as he was able to do so, which was nearly twenty minutes, something of which surprised him when he was finished, but had he been thinking with the right head, it would have told him he did not have that much time to spare. Finally though, both of them did have a nice powerful morning cum and Tyler slumped to his knees and his head ended up resting right in Zach's tasty crotch.

It was a full minute later that Tyler came down from is orgasm and decided that, since he was already in somewhat of a good position, he should give Zach what he had promised. So he began licking and sucking in and around Zach's groin and Zach was again moaning and groaning, and his penis, which had lost no hardness at all, was pulsing, waiting for action, action that Tyler was all to pleased to give it. All of a sudden, with no warning at all to Zach, Tyler engulfed the little boys entire package. With a squeak and a moan, that Tyler was afraid would wake the boys, Tyler started sucking.

What Tyler failed to realize though, was that both boys were already awake and standing in the open door, watching the spectacle with delight.

Tyler worked quickly to bring off his young lover, as he had realized he was getting seriously low on time, and his efforts paid off. Soon Zach was having another mind blowing little orgasm and was moaning and groaning and vibrating all over the place and Tyler actually had to hold the boy down. Finally the orgasm ended and Zach slumped down with a silly grin covering his face.

“Wow, that was incredible.” Zach said nearly a full minute later.

“Tell me about it.” Tyler said and Zach started to sit up and then got a worried look on his face.

“What is it baby?” Tyler asked, noticing the look, Zach just gave a look to the door and Tyler turned around.

“Oh, hi Aidan and Zane. You weren't really supposed to see that, we were playing like big boys sometimes do, but other people are not supposed to see. I guess I should have closed and locked the door.” Tyler said, upset but covering it as best he could. He did not want either boy to think it was wrong that they saw that.

“What doing daddy?” Aidan asked.

“We were, um, we were helping each other out. Why don't you boys go on downstairs and grab a granola bar each and play with some toys until we come down okay.” Tyler said, trying to get their minds on something else, and it worked.

They exited the room, Aidan grabbing Zane's hand and leading him downstairs.

“Oh no, whatdowedo?” Zach asked all upset.

“Don't worry about it. They are too young yet to understand fully what they saw, unless we make a big deal about it, then they won't either. We will have to tell your mom though, but she already knows about us anyways. But I really don't have time right now to worry about it. I only have ten minutes before I have to be signed onto my phone and I have not even had a shower yet and I smell like a brothel. Oh well, a diaper and a robe is all that I need today, I just won't be going outside I guess.” Tyler said with a weak smile on his face.

“Zane is a little blabber mouth though, he might say something in front of someone, but I guess we can't do anything now huh!” Zach said with a bit of a scowl on his face.

“No, you may as well go hop in the shower and get cleaned up, I need to get ready to get to work.”

“Nah, if you smell, then so do I, we can have a shower later, hopefully mommy is not back until after you get off work and we can have a shower then.” Zach grinned.

“Okay, if you are sure, then let's get diapered. Just normal thickness today though.”

Zach nodded and they diapered each other lovingly and Tyler grabbed his phone and signed on with only a minute to spare. For the rest of the day while Tyler was on the phone, Zach watched the boys. He even got them some cereal for breakfast, changed their diapers, and played with them and generally kept them busy and out of the way so that Tyler would not have any problems. Finally though Tyler was signed off his phone for the day, just a few minutes after one thirty.

“I have to thank you baby for helping out today, you kept the boys nice and quiet and not once did I have to ask Aidan to keep it down. He sometimes, as all three year olds do, forgets to keep the noise down when I'm on a call.” Tyler said with a quick kiss to Zach's cute little nose.

“It was fun, but let's go lock ourselves in our room and have some real fun?” Zach asked with a grin on his face.

“Sounds like fun, but let's get the boys up for a nap first, and then we can play and then we can have a shower, we both stink pretty bad.”

“Yeah, we do, but I think I kinda like it.” Zack said with an impish grin.

“I do a bit as well, although it's starting to get a bit too powerful, and I certainly wouldn't want anyone else to smell me like this.” Tyler admitted.

“Me neither.”

The boys were then ushered up the stairs and to Aidan's bedroom where both Tyler and Zach took a boy and changed their diapers. They were then herded up the ladder and into bed where they curled up together and fell asleep. Tyler and Zach then went to their room, as Zach had called it and would from then on, and started kissing each other deeply, Tyler having to kneel to do so.

“You still want to try and put your peepee in my bum baby?”

“Yes please.” Zach said excitedly.

“I will lay on my back then and pull my legs up, the rest will be up to you, you do what you want to do, and I will love it.” Tyler said, ripping his diaper off.

“Sounds awesome.” Zach said as Tyler was climbing into bed and laying down, Zach also ripping his diaper off.

Zach nearly dove onto the bed and into Tyler's crotch and started licking and sucking everywhere. He slowly moved down until his face was buried deep in the furrow of Tyler's ass crack and Zach was really starting to eat him out, jabbing his talented little tongue in and out just as far as he could. Suddenly though Tyler was aware that it was not only Zach's tongue in his hole, but also at least one finger from each hand were in there as well. He was climbing to new, totally unknown heights, places he had never been, never thought he would be. He was moaning and groaning so loudly that had he not had the presence of mind to cover his face with a pillow, it surely would have waken the two sleeping boys. He was also trying to keep the movements down so that he did not hurt Zach, as he could easily do if he moved wrong and Zach was buried in there. Soon Zach crawled out of the cozy little home he had been enjoying, and then with a few drops of lube added to his throbbing little erection and smeared all over, he moved in and in one swift motion, buried himself to the hilt.

“Holy shit.” Zach gasped out.

“Holy fuck.” Tyler groaned out.

Neither one of them was prepared for how good it would feel and they both had to pause to let the sensations drop a little before they could continue, and that included breathing. Once they both took a gasp of air, Zach started moving in and out as far as he was able to. He slipped out a few times, until he got used to it, but he soon did and then was riding his lover like an old pro. Tyler for his part was amazed that a boy that had hardly three inches, fully erect, could cause these feelings in him, but Zach certainly was. He had never imagined in his wildest dreams that it would feel this good. He was no anal virgin, but there had never been a real dick in him before, only his toys, but they never came close to the feelings he was experiencing now.

“Oh oh oh oh my god, it's happening.” Zach screeched out and his body went rigid and then started pulsing and vibrating as if he were having a seizure, and for a few seconds that was exactly what it looked like. He then he went completely limp and slumped down on Tyler, completely passed out. He had gone into complete sensory overload with that orgasm.

“Well, I think he liked it.” Tyler chuckled.

He rolled to the side and held Zach so that he would not fall, and gently lowered him to the bed so that he was laying on his back. For once his penis was totally soft, and it looked amazingly small at the moment, Tyler thought. He went to the bathroom and started a nice hot bath for the two of them, adding some baby oil to the water to soften their skin and make them smell nice. He grabbed towels and a cloth while he waited for the water to be at the right level, and once it was Tyler shut off the water and went to retrieve his still sleeping boyfriend. Tyler easily picked Zach up and carried him to the bathroom, not once did Zach even stir as if he were about to wake up. Tyler had purposely grabbed Zach so that his back was to Tyler's front so that when he sat in the water, Zach would be sitting against Tyler. Once he lowered them both in the water, Tyler started stroking the skin of Zach's chest lightly with his fingers, caressing him lovingly. It was a full ten minutes later that Zach finally came to, almost with a start, to find he was in the bath.

“Hello baby, glad you finally woke up.” Tyler whispered lovingly into Zach's left ear.

“Wow.” Zach stated simply.

“Liked that a little did you?”

“Liked it lots times a thousand, no, times a million.” Zach said, not able to fully comprehend yet, and most never do, what happened to him.

“It looked like it, and I enjoyed it very much as well. You may be just a little guy, but not where it counts, you gave me as much joy as you got as well, and you know what, I love you more than words can say.” Tyler again whispered.

“And I love you too, so much it hurts.” Zach said, a single tear rolling down his cheek. Tyler saw it and caught it with his index finger and licked it up.

“Only tears of happiness from here on out right. Well we should get cleaned and dressed sometime soon, the water's already starting to cool down a bit.”

“That's right, I'm not gonna let him make me sad or mad any more. If I ever see him again I'm gonna kick him in the balls very hard.” Zach said, pouring out a little more of the anger he felt.

“And no one would stop you from doing it, however, it really wouldn't change things, and it really wouldn't make you feel any better. Sometimes revenge is just not worth the effort put into it, sometimes it's better to forgive and forget. No you shouldn't forgive him, for what he did to you no one could ever forgive, but instead, maybe hope that he never hurts another boy just like you. No, you shouldn't forget what he did to you, it's too much a part of who you are now, instead you should forget the pain and the anger that it caused. And last but not least, I don't want you bottling up your feelings about what happened any more. Both your mom and I love you very much, and we know what happened, so if you are scared, confused, angry, sad, mad, depressed, or anything at all, I want you to come talk to one of us okay, because holding all that in can cause major problems for you later on. You had a good cry earlier, the first one I suspect, and it helped to purge lots of those feelings, but not all. There will be more.” Tyler was again whispering into Zach's ear.

“But why wouldn't it make me feel better, I could cause him some of the pain he gave to me, that would make me feel lots better? And I will never forgive him, but I will try and forget him, and I will always come talk to you, I love you.”

“Think about it, how much pain could you cause him. Lots, but only for a short period of time right? Well in order for it to truly be revenge you would have to hurt him lots over a long period of time. But causing that kind of hurt, well it wears away at the good parts of a person, it would make you bitter and even more angry. I know it really does not make lots of sense right now, but revenge never feels quite as good as you think it will, it usually just ends up leaving you feeling just as bad as you did before. I will also tell you something, your father had to have been a very sick person to have done all that to you, no, he shouldn't be forgiven, he should be pitied. Now, you want to know what my favorite measure of revenge is?”

“I think I understand what you mean, and I know what you are saying is true, cause I trust you. What revenge do you like, I thought you said revenge was bad?”

“Yes, revenge is bad for you, unless you do it in a positive way. I work through it all, which I will help you with, I then forgive and forget. Once you understand what all the feelings you are going through are, and where they are coming from, then you can deal with anything. Above all else is to love, for love is the answer, not hate. Anger is also the enemy, it will eat you up and spit you out, not to mention it's a useless emotion as far as I'm concerned.” Tyler said, giving his views.

“How come you know so much about this stuff, it all sounds so gentle and loving?”

“Well, I love to read, and I have read a lot about human psychology. Now of course this is not what many would believe, it's a lot about what others have written and what I have taken from it myself and then reworded in my own ways, as I feel it should be. And really, I think it makes a lot of sense. Come on, no more talking, stand up and let me wash you, you dirty little boy.” Tyler said playfully.

“Not the only one.” Zach said with a grin as he stood up.

“Nope.” Tyler grinned.

He then washed his little lover from head to toe, especially in the diaper areas, and then he got up on his knees on Zach's prompting and Zach did the same for him. They then got out and dried off.

“I like being bathed by you, it feels so soft and loving.” Zach said as they were walking to the bedroom, again, hand in hand.

“And I like being bathed by you too, you are so gentle and loving as well, not to mention your hands are still so soft and feel really good on my skin.”

“Can we suck each other before we get diapered?”

“We just got clean and now you want to go get all dirty again, okay.” Tyler said playfully.

He picked Zach up and tossed him on the bed and then jumped in after him. Tyler then grabbed the still giggling Zach and rolled him onto his back and Tyler noticed the horny little boy was already as hard as can be, so with no further thoughts, he attacked the tasty little treat, having no pretense of foreplay. Tyler worked quickly to bring Zach off, and within only a few minutes Zach was gone to another world, but not passing out this time.

“Oh man I love that so much.” Zach sighed out a few moments later.

“And I love doing it to you baby.” Tyler said with a warm smile.

“You're next, lay down, I want my treat.” Zach said with a grin.

“Okay.” Tyler said and then laid down and waited, his prominent erection marking the way that Zach was headed.

Zach too did everything he knew to do to bring Tyler off rapidly, and he did, soon Tyler was exploding a good sized load into Zach's eagerly sucking mouth.

“Mm, mm, so tasty, I wish I could get that ten times a day.” Zach said while smacking his lips cutely.

“I wish I could give it to you ten times a day, but I'm afraid I would probably die after the fourth or maybe the fifth.” Tyler said with a grin.

“Wouldn't want that huh?” Zach asked with a grin.

“Nope. Should we get diapered now?”

“Okay, can we go ultra thick again?”

“No, your mom will probably be here soon and then you will have to go home, so there is no point, we will just go regular this time.”

“Oh, okay. I guess I will have to be happy with that huh?” Zach asked with a grin.

“Yep. Let me go get the stuff and then I will get my big baby all diapered up so he does not have an accident all over the place.” Tyler teased.

“Then I will do the same for you so that you don't have an accident all over. Can we look at those new pictures you took this morning when we get downstairs?”

“Sure thing baby.”

They then got each other all diapered and dressed and Tyler grabbed the camera, that was still in the bedroom, and went downstairs. They were just heading down the last flight of stairs when the doorbell rang, so they turned around and went back up the stairs to the door.

“Hi Janice, good to see you back, how did it go?” Tyler asked as he opened the door.

“Hi Tyler, hi baby, it went not too bad, but I have to talk to you both about it, and how are you guys?”

“We're real good.” Zach answered.

“I can tell, you are positively glowing baby.” Janice teased Zach, but Zach did not understand.

“Come on upstairs and we can sit and talk in comfort.” Tyler offered.

She nodded and they headed to the living room and the boys sat on the couch and Janice took the love seat.

“Well it went about as well as I suspected it would, and the reason he called was for the reason I had feared. It seems he could not keep his pecker in his pants and he is in big trouble. He is out on a hefty bail of a half million dollars, but he says that with all the evidence they have on him, he will be going to jail for a long time, and that's with the best lawyer he can find, so he is just going to defend himself and take what they give him, that was on my prompting. I told him that if he fought it, then I would take the tape to the police and have it added as evidence, and then played the tape. He will have it arranged so that his child support is still paid from his trust fund, so we won't have to worry about money, and he is even going to up it a bit, again on my prompting. He was one of those spoiled little trust fund babies, so he has tons of money, he just hates spending it.” Janice said, not sad, not upset, just stating it.

“What did he do to the boy mommy?”

“I would rather not say Zach, it was pretty bad.”

“Mommy, he did the same to me, and maybe even worse, I want to know.” Zach said simply.

“And I hate to say it, but he has just as much right to know as anyone does.” Tyler added.

“Yeah, I guess you are both right. Well from what I understand he befriended this little eight year old boy that had no father, he was the father the boy didn't have, and then one day he started having sex with the boy and threatened him that his mommy would die if he ever told anyone. He was apparently very rough with the poor boy and the mother noticed some odd bruises that night when he came home, and when she asked about them, he refused to say. She knew who he was with, as she let them go out, so when she started looking closer at the bruises and realized they all led into the boys pants, she made him strip, and then she saw what had happened, no way to hide it, she immediately knew who did it. She took him to the hospital instantly and they did a rape kit on him and have every shred of proof needed to throw the bastard away for years.” Janice said sadly.

“I'm glad that he was caught and that he will be going to jail for a long time, he deserves it. I won't have to go tell anyone though will I?”

“No, for now no one knows about what he did to you, but if we had to, we would both go there and testify to make sure he does not do this to someone else. I had hoped that he wouldn't do it again, but I guess I was wrong. I'm just glad the boy only had to endure it the one time.”

“Poor boy, I wish it had not have happened to him, but this way it gets that man off the streets for a long time now.” Tyler said.

“Do you know who the boy is?” Zach asked curiously.

“No baby, and if you wanted to meet him, and I don't think it would be a good idea, there would be no way for you to know him, he lives two hours away.” Janice said.

“Oh, I did not know he moved. I would like to meet the boy though to tell him he is not alone.” Zach said softly.

“Yeah, that was one of my conditions, he had to move out of town, see a therapist, and of course never ever do it again. The only reason he called at all was because he knew that he wouldn't be able to hide it from me, so he figured he had to tell me before I found out from the papers.”

“Did he at least keep the other part of the deal up?” Tyler asked.

“No, he said he has not seen one at all, I almost told him that I was going to the police right then and there, but figured no point in adding insult to injury. It was kinda funny though when I played the tape for him, the blood completely ran out of his face and he started to shake. I told him that this tape was being kept, and if and when he ever got out of prison, if he ever touched another child and I found out about it, I would release it. With the record he will have, that will be three strikes and he will never see daylight outside of a prisons walls again. I really hope he listens this time, although given how child molesters are thought of in prison, we may not have to worry about it.” Janice said, her looks bordering on a grin.

“Yeah, and that's what scares me most about us. He and I wouldn't be differentiated at all, I would be considered just as bad, no matter what.” Tyler said sadly.

“Yes, I know that, and it's sad. However you have no fears from me, and I know that Zach won't tell anyone.”

“Yeah, but what about Zane?” Zach asked.

“What about him?” Janice asked in a confused manner.

“Well, he and Aidan kinda caught us earlier, we forgot to close and lock the door this morning and we thought they were still sleeping.” Zach said.

“Oh, well then, I guess we just have to hope that he did not really understand what was happening and as long as none of us make a big deal of it, he is likely to just forget about it.” Janice said.

“Tyler said the same thing, I hope it works.” Zach said, a look of fear on his face.

“So, speaking of Zane, where exactly is he anyways?”

“Oh, he and Aidan are up having a nap, they should be up very soon though I imagine.”

“Okay then. I'm going to head home, send them both home in a while and I will talk to you later, oh and here is your recorder.” Janice said as she was standing to leave.

“Okay Janice, talk to you later.”

“Bye mommy.”

“Bye babies.” Janice said and went down and got her sandals back on and headed out.

Tyler and Zach went downstairs to do what they were originally going to do and were about half way through looking through all the pictures when a pair of very soggy diaper boys walked in the room, still rubbing the sleep from their eyes.

“Well hello soaker's, is the bed wet at all, and how did you sleep?” Tyler asked.

“Good daddy, it not wet.” Aidan answered.

“Good, I want you two to go play, I want to get some pictures of the two of you playing in those very wet diapers, they are cute.”

“Okay.” They both said.

They went and started playing and Tyler started taking even more pictures. Zach pulled his pants down a bit so that his diaper would also show and then went to play with the boys, making sure that his diaper showed at times, especially when he lifted his arms. Tyler was loving it and so were the boys.

“I think that's enough for now, Aidan, can you go get you and Zane a couple clean diapers and the wipes please, and bring Zane's clothes down too please?” Tyler asked.

“Okay.” Aidan said and grabbed Zane's hand to come and help.

They came back downstairs a few minutes later with the requested items and Tyler and Zach made quick work of getting the two toddlers all cleaned up. Once they were freshly diapered, Zane was dressed.

“Well Zach, should we get you out of your diaper then so you boys can go home?” Tyler asked.

“Nah, I think I will just leave it, no one is outside anyways, and I'll be going right in the house.” Zach said confidently.

“Sure you want to take the chance that someone will see you?”

“Yeah sure.”

“Okay then. You boys go on up, and Aidan you can help Zane get his shoes on and we will be right up.” Tyler said in excuse to get the two youngsters out of the room for a minute.

Once they were gone Tyler picked Zach up and held him under his diapered bottom and went in for a kiss, a kiss that was well received by the little boy in his arms. Together they shared a nice gentle kiss, and with a gasp each, they parted.

“I love you baby, you can come over tomorrow afternoon if you like.”

“I would love that. Can I spend the night again?”

“Well, you should probably spend some time with your mommy as well, but why don't we say you can spend the weekends, ask her what she thinks of that and then we can all talk it over.”

“Okay.” Zach said excitedly.

They then went upstairs and found that Zane was waiting with his shoes already on, so Zach got his on and they headed out.

For the rest of the week Tyler almost did not see Zach at all, and he was not liking it at all. Only twice was he able to come over in the evenings, but they made the most of the little amount of time they had together. Janice knew that they wanted to spend more time together, but she was busily trying to get Zach his school supplies, as school was to start in a week, and it needed to get done. It had been agreed upon that Zach would spend the whole weekend, from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, and Janice even agreed to watch Aidan for the same time so that the two little boys could play together, it was well received by all, and they all impatiently awaited the weekend to arrive.