Chapter 4

Well baby, I'm off work for the weekend now, we are all by ourselves for the entire time, what do you have in mind?”

“I need you in me right now please.”

“Only if I get to have you inside me first.”

“Okay.” Zach said brightly.

They nearly ran up to their bedroom and stripped all the way there and by the time they reached the bedroom, they were totally naked. Tyler grabbed the lube, hopped up on the bed and got into position. Zach took the lube that Tyler offered to him and opened it up and set it down so that it was ready for the coming attraction. He first dove in with his face and hands and ate Tyler out totally and fingered him as deeply as his little fingers could reach, it was none the less driving Tyler mad with lust and he had to have Zach in him now.

“Oh please, you have to start now, I need you in me please?” Tyler gasped out.

Not wanting to torture the man he loved more than life itself any longer, he grabbed the lube and applied a few drops to his dick, smeared it in, and climbed into place. In one quick jab, Zach was buried balls deep in Tyler's hot ass, and both of them moaned at the sensations this caused. Neither of them caring at the moment for this to last, Zach went full at it, and with the limited experience he now had, he did far better this time, not even slipping out once. He was also grinding his little hips and rotating them to increase both their pleasure, as Tyler always did to him, and it was so much better for him, and by the moans Tyler was putting out, Zach surmised correctly that the same held true for Tyler. With deep growls from each, they both shared an equally powerful orgasm, and Tyler's first shot sprayed Zach right in the face, the rest landing on his and Zach's chests and stomachs.

“Oh man, I still cannot believe that that feels so good!” Zach moaned out as he finally started to come down from his cum.

“Tell me about it.”

“Your turn now, now fill me up please?”

“Okay baby, your wish is my command.” Tyler said with a wide grin.

Zach laid down and Tyler dove in and pushed Zach's legs up and back and then dove in with his face and started tonguing Zach's hot ass, really eating him out. Zach was moaning and groaning so deeply that Tyler was glad that Aidan was not there at the moment. After a few minutes though, Tyler's tongue was getting very sore, so he pulled out, grabbed the lube that was still on the bed, lubed up, and got into position and slid in in an agonizingly slow manner. They both moaned lowly at this the entire time Tyler was sliding in.

Once fully inserted, Tyler stayed still for nearly a minute, just looking into Zach's cute little face, the love they were transmitting between them at the time was phenomenal, and they both could feel it radiating like the heat from an oven. When Tyler felt that they were both ready, he started pulling out just as slowly as he had put it in, once he was almost all the way out, he held there for a few seconds and then went back in as slow again, and again paused for a few seconds. He kept this rhythm up for the better part of ten minutes, each in and out stroke taking a few seconds and then a pause at both top and bottom stroke for another few seconds. With such a slow motion, neither one of them was getting anywhere near to orgasm yet, but Tyler found that his muscles were starting to protest from holding the positions for so long.

So all of a sudden Tyler leaned forward, grabbed Zach by the shoulders, and then rolled them both so that he was now on his back, and Zach could ride him. With a little grin, Zach started moving, but he too kept a very slow motion. For another ten minutes they rode slowly up the inclining slope of orgasm and then with a near bellow from each, they exploded in their orgasms and Zach fell forward, gasping for breath as much as Tyler was.

“Wow, that was totally awesome.” Zach said five minutes later when he came down enough to form a coherent sentence.

“I'm not so sure that's a strong enough definition for what that was.” Tyler said, still seeing stars.

“Yeah, and you are still hard inside me, I can feel you.” Zach said and then start quickly bouncing on Tyler's still erect member.

“Oh god baby, you're gonna kill me, but damn does that feel good, oh don't stop, I'm gonna cum again, oh oh oh god.” Tyler started out in a low moan and then ended in a squeal. This was probably the first time Tyler had ever had a rapid fire orgasm like that, and he ended up passing out from the over stimulation.

“That was fun.” Zach giggled and groaned as he felt Tyler's now limp dick slip from his little bum.

Zach got up and went and started a bath and poured in some oil, lots more than was necessary as he did not know how much to add, and then grabbed towels and a cloth. He then left the tub filing and then went back to the bedroom and attempted to wake Tyler up. He started out by whispering in his ear, when that didn't work he switched to kissing Tyler, but that didn't work either, so he went to the last resort. He had found out that Tyler had very ticklish armpits, and with an almost evil grin, he started tickling Tyler's ultra sensitive armpits. At first Tyler only squirmed and giggled, but soon he was howling in his sleep and writhing all over, and then finally his eyes flew open and he grabbed the boy who was torturing him, but it was already too late for his bladder, as it released just as he was grabbing Zach, and he ended up peeing all over them both, the bulk of it landing on Zach's back.

“Ah, you're peeing on me.” Zach giggled.

“I couldn't hep it, I always pee when someone tickles me, it's your fault.” Tyler said, not mad or embarrassed at all.

“Good thing you have that mattress protector on your bed and I'm running a bath for us then huh. Now get up and carry me to the bath you big baby.” Zach teased.

“Yes, yes, and yes master!” Tyler answered happily.

By then Tyler had of course clamped down and had stopped peeing, but as soon as he got Zach in the bath, he lifted the lid to the toilet and started peeing, because he was about to burst.

“Ah, much better. You do realize though, that the next time you pass out, you are going to get the same treatment right?” Tyler asked with a grin as he was climbing in the tub.

“Oh right, I never thought about that. I thought you did not like revenge though?” Zach asked, trying to find a loophole he could use.

“Oh yes, but for certain things even I will bend the rules, and in this case revenge will be mine.” Tyler said with the best evil laugh he could manage.

“Oops. Sorry.” Zach tried next.

“Nope, sorry, no pleas of pity will get you off, and no, you won't even see it coming, I will get you when you least expect it.” Tyler said, still with an evil grin on his face.

“Awe nuts.” Zach said as he slipped down in the tub, leaning against Tyler as he sat down, submitting himself to the worst.

For the next twenty minutes they just laid in the tub together, Tyler stroking Zach's little chest lightly, and Zach luxuriating in the attention he was getting. He knew that his mom loved him, she just never showed it, and she almost never held him, so he loved these quiet moments with Tyler when they just cuddled and did not even talk.

Without either of them saying a word, Zach knew that it was time to start getting cleaned, so he got up and stood in front of Tyler who had already grabbed the cloth and the baby wash. Tyler lovingly washed his little baby lover and then Zach did the same for Tyler, also using the baby wash. Once they were both nice and clean, they climbed out of the tub and dried each other off and went to their bedroom.

“Tyler, could we get really thickly diapered again, I really liked that a lot?”

“Of course baby, and then we can go watch movies and eat and drink all sorts of bad stuff all night long.” Tyler said with a quick kiss.

“Awesome.” Zach said, and that was just what they did.

During the movie Zach stayed right cuddled up in front of Tyler who was laying down and holding Zach protectively, occasionally stroking either Zach's skin or diaper, but not sexually. They watched two movies, having a light dinner in between the two, and then decided it was bedtime, so went up to bed. They kissed and cuddled and whispered softly to each other for a few minutes and then fell asleep, happy and satisfied.

“Good morning baby, how do you feel this morning?” Tyler whispered as he saw that Zach finally came awake. He had been laying there watching his little lover for the last half an hour and loved the way he looked so peaceful when he slept.

“I feel great, I feel so loved. I love waking up next to you.” Zach sighed out, the love nearly pouring out every pore in his body.

“And you should feel loved baby, I love you so much that I hurt so bad when you are not around, and I too love waking up next to you. I have a really good idea for us to do today. My dad showed me a trail, when I was a kid, that leads up to a really nice secluded mountain lake. No one else knows about it, so we can be totally free up there. I will take my camera and we can get some pictures of you in just your diapers in nature, then we can strip and go swimming. Our diapers should hold until we get there, it takes almost an hour to drive there and about another hour to hike up there, it's almost five now so if we go get breakfast and then pack up we can get there early enough to have a good day.”

“That sounds really awesome, I love hiking.”

“Good, let's go downstairs then, get some breakfast and then we can pack a few things and get going.” Tyler said, almost as excited as Zach was.

They went downstairs, had some cereal, fruit, and toast and then packed a good lunch and some drinks into Tyler's hiking pack, grabbed the camera and set it all by the door. They now had a problem though, they were both very thickly diapered, and it was going to be a hot day out, so they wanted to wear shorts, but the car was not parked right in front of the house, so they would have to walk to it. Finally Tyler decided on some loose fitting pants they could easily take off and sweaters to tie around their waists to hide the bulge. Finally all ready to go, they headed to the car. As it turns out, they really did not have much to worry about, it was not even five am on a Saturday morning and it did not appear as if another house was even awake yet.

They climbed in the car and headed out for the hour long drive and they chatted the entire way while Zach was cuddled up to Tyler as close as he could get. They both enjoyed the drive, but when they got to the secluded driveway that led to the hiking trail nearly no one knew about, they were both getting excited. It was about another five minutes on the little dirt, well whatever you would call it, cause it sure was not a road, and then they parked in the only place there was to park.

“We're finally here. It'll probably be a little cool out still, so we will want to put our sweaters on, but as we warm up we can take our clothes off as we need to. You walk in front so that I can get lots of great pictures, but make sure to stop every so often and really show off your hot little body in that huge diaper. The trail is pretty easy to follow, so just follow it and you can't go wrong.” Tyler told Zach.

“Wicked, and you bet. This is gonna be so much fun.” Zach said and then did as he was pretty much asked to do. The entire, little over an hour hike, Zach would walk for a bit and then turn and point at something, but he was not just doing it for show, he really was asking all sorts of questions and pointing out all sorts of really neat things. As they went on and they got hotter they both started shedding their clothes until Zach was in only a pair of thin, and too small, cotton shorts that left absolutely nothing to the imagination as to what he was wearing. Tyler too was down to the same thing, except his shorts were not quite so small on him as Zach's were, and they were nylon.

“We finally made it and this is so awesome.” Zach cheered as they were standing on the edge of the lake.

“Yes it is. Now strip off the shorts and do some posing all over the place, have some fun.” Tyler said.

“Okay.” Zach cheered, he very much loved his pictures being taken, especially in his diapers.

For almost an hour Zach ran around, playing on everything and doing all sorts of fun stuff; from hanging from tree branches, both right side up and up side down, that one was super hot Tyler thought, to playing on and around large rocks, and anything else he wanted to do. Zach finished at the lake where he was playing and splashing in the water, and Tyler managed to get rapid fire shots of Zach falling in the water and the resulting splash. Zach thought it hilarious himself and just stayed in the water, splashing about, sitting in the ankle deep water and causing his super thick diapers to completely swell up with water.

Once Zack was certain that the diaper was at maximum capacity, he started to stand, he did so slowly and made sure to bend almost completely over so that Tyler could get some awesome shots of the incredibly full diaper. He then walked over to Tyler, and with a grin on his face started to undo the tapes holding the mass of sodden diapers on him. As soon as one was released, they all did so of their own free will, and within seconds Zach was standing naked, hard, and very proud in front of Tyler. Then with an even bigger grin Zach turned and took off for the water and Tyler got dozens of great shots of Zach's cute bare ass running into the water and playing. Tyler figured he now had plenty of photos as his memory card was very nearly full and he wanted a few more on the way down of him just wearing a Pampers diaper, so he put the camera back in its case and stripped off his shorts and diaper and joined Zach in the cool clear mountain water.

“I can't wait to see all the great pictures you took today, they are gonna be awesome.” Zach said as Tyler came into the water and he swam up and gave Tyler a big hug.

“Me too, there are going to be some really wicked ones in there, that's for sure. Although I will probably delete the ones of you that show your peepee, especially since it's hard.”


“Well let's just say that if anyone were to see those two or three pictures, I would be in serious trouble. As it is, pictures of boys in diapers is already bad enough.” Tyler explained.

“That bites! I at least want to see them before you delete them okay.”

“I know baby, but as it is, I'm taking huge risks even taking pictures of you, and making love to you is worse yet, well I guess we may as well keep them, how much more trouble could I get in right.” Tyler said with a shrug.

“That really sucks! If you ever got in trouble cause of being with me, I would yell and scream and kick and bite, until they had no choice but to listen to me.” Zach said emphatically.

“Thank you baby, that means a lot to me. Unfortunately it would mean nothing to almost anyone else. All we can do is be careful and not get caught.” Tyler again said with a shrug.

“Do you think we can make love up here safely?” Zach asked.

“I think it would be about as safe as at home, I have a blanket and the lube in the pack, let's go baby, I want you to make love to me first.”

“Okay baby, I would really like that.” Zach said while grabbing Tyler's hand and they walked slowly to where the pack was resting. Tyler opened up the pack and came across the lube first so handed that to Zach, who took it happily. Tyler then found the blanket, it had somehow worked its way right to the bottom of the pack, and pulled it out. He took the blanket down to the sandy beach on the edge of the lake and spread it out, Zach standing right there beside him. Once the blanket was laid out, Tyler laid down on his back and pulled his knees up for Zach.

Zach dove right in and started preparing his lover for their lovemaking, however Zach did actually enjoy this nearly as much. He dug right in and only stopped when he was getting very sore, once he lubed himself up a bit he slipped right in and both he and Tyler moaned out at the feelings.

“Oh baby, you feel so good inside me, I don't know how I lived without this for so long.” Tyler moaned out.

“Never knew what you were missing until I came along.” Zach said smartly.

“Tell me about it.” Tyler said again in a moan as Zach was slowly burying himself inside of Tyler.

Zach was keeping up as slow a pace as he was able to, he still did not have Tyler's control, but he was getting better, and this time he lasted a good fifteen minutes before speeding up to have his release. Tyler, for his part, was trying to hold off on shooting with every bit of strength he had, he wanted his entire load to be inside his baby, and he did it. Zach had his powerful cum and Tyler held his in. Zach collapsed on top of Tyler for the better part of five minutes before he finally came down enough to collect himself.

“Come here baby and squat right down over my face, I want to give you a good licking?” Tyler asked seductively.

“Okay, that sounds extra awesome!” Zach said and then pulled out of Tyler, he was still hard and buried in Tyler's ass, and went and sat on his lovers face as requested.

Tyler found that this was far more enjoyable as he did not get so sore, nearly as fast, and he could really dig in deep and touch every pleasure spot both inside and outside of Zach's hot little body. Zach was moaning and bouncing slightly, and every so often when Tyler hit one of his really sensitive spots he would squeak or squeal, but finally Tyler had about as much as he could take, and he was getting a little lightheaded from the lack of oxygen, as well as his tongue was killing him, and his head was taking a beating from Zach bouncing. He quickly searched for the lube with his hands and found it, he expertly lubed himself up while Zach was still on his face and then in one swift move, Tyler picked up, spun around, and dropped, Zach right onto his waiting cock.

“Oh fuck.” They both hissed out at the same time.

“Oh baby, you feel amazing, ride me please?” Tyler groaned out.

“You feel awesome inside me.” Zack gasped out.

Zach then leaned forward a bit, put his hands on Tyler's chest and started grinding himself forward and backward for a few seconds, and then side to side for a few seconds, and then back to the first way. He kept doing that for maybe two minutes before Tyler had the first of three cums that Zach was going to ride him through. Zach of course saw and felt Tyler go through the first orgasm, but instead of stopping, he just picked up the speed a little more and worked Tyler a little more until he had another orgasm, this time though he lasted about five minutes, but again Zach did not stop. He continued riding and this time started moving just a little faster than before, but kept the same motions, Tyler was near screaming now from the extreme pleasure that Zach was giving to him, and this time Tyler lasted nearly ten minutes before he came again, the third and final time of the day, he also passed out completely during the final cum.

“Wow, that was awesome.” Zach said as he lifted himself off the now completely limp dick.

Zach though was still very hard, painful even, so he took matters into his own hand and jacked off while kissing and licking Tyler's groin, he jacked through two orgasms until he was satisfied. Once he was done he laid down next to his big lover and curled up and went to sleep as well. They slept for nearly an hour before Tyler woke up. He was still completely weak, had a fog on his brain, was still seeing stars, his dick felt as though it had gone through a meat grinder it was so tender, and he thought it would be days before he would be able to get it up again, yet he was smiling and swore he would do it again in a heartbeat. He gently rolled over and kissed his little lover awake.

“Hey there baby, you should have put a diaper on I think, you peed.” Tyler said, pointing at the blanket.

“Oh shoot, I was so tired I never even thought about it.” Zach said, a little upset.

“Nothing to be upset about, it happens to the best of us and not like it can't be washed right. Let me grab you the wipes and a clean diaper, I want to take some pics of you diapering yourself, I think that would be hot, and then we should head home.”

“Okay, that sounds fun too.”

And so they did just that, Zach cleaned and diapered himself while Tyler took more pictures, by the time he finished, Tyler had only twenty pictures worth of space left on the memory card, it would do he figured. Tyler then got himself all diapered up and they packed up everything, including the used diapers, in plastic bags of course, and headed back down the hill. Tyler of course taking some very awesome pictures on the way. Tyler managed to make it all the way down and had one more picture left in the camera, so Zach laid sprawled on the hood of the car for that one.

“Well baby, we filled the memory card, that means there are about five hundred or so pictures in here. Let's get dressed and head home.”

“Wow, I cannot wait to see them all, it's going to be so awesome.”

They got dressed again and climbed in the car, Zach cuddling as close to Tyler again as he could, and they drove home.

“What should we do now baby?” Tyler asked once they got home.

“Let's go upstairs.” Zach said simply.

“How did I know you were going to say something like that, you sir, are insatiable!” Tyler grinned.

“What's that mean?” Zach asked curiously.

“Insatiable means that you cannot get enough of something. Insatiable also means you are going to kill me before too long.” Tyler answered with a grin.

“Then I'm definitely in, in, that word you said, can't get enough of you.” Zach said with a huge grin of his own.

“Then you go on upstairs and get ready, I want to get this stuff put away quickly.” Tyler said, holding up the pack to show what stuff he was referring to.


Zach took off like a shot up the stairs and Tyler laughed when he saw Zach's shirt fly behind him as he must have whipped it off. Tyler was also willing to bet he would find Zach's shorts on the stairs as well. Tyler quickly got everything put away, including taking the camera downstairs and putting the pack in the storage room on its hook. He then sauntered up the stairs, not wanting to be too quick, he wanted Zach to be very hot and horny, not like he wasn't normally anyways. When he reached the bedroom he saw an odd sight. Zach was laid over the edge of the bed, face down, his diaper still on, but a hole in the right place, and the lube beside him with the lid still off and Tyler was certain he could see traces of lube around the hole in the diaper.

“Zach baby, are you sure you want it like this?” Tyler asked, knowing full well what Zach had said not all that long ago.

“Yes, I want to feel it this way from someone who really loves me and I really love him, I think I need to.” Zach said, not sure how, or why, he knew this, he just did.

“Okay baby, but remember, at any time if you feel at all uncomfortable and want to move, you make sure to tell me okay.”

Zach just nodded. Tyler knew that he had to make this the most loving and enjoyable lovemaking that they would ever share, Zach was asking him to heal a very deep hurt, and he knew that Zach knew it as well, just not why he knew it. With one hand Tyler started lovingly caressing Zach's small soft back and diapered bum while the other started playing in the hole in the seat of the now ruined diaper, very lightly toying with Zach's very tender hole. Every time that Tyler would stroke right over the opening, Zach would whimper and grind his hip down and back, but Tyler was not having any of that, he needed to make this slow and loving for Zach, and every time he did it, Tyler would move as well so that his finger never went inside the hole. After about two minutes of teasing Zach's little hole, Tyler slipped his one finger in, all the way, but slowly, and Zach moaned as well. Tyler then started a slow motion, in then out, coming all the way out and then inserting his finger back in all the way. After ten strokes Tyler added a second finger, without adding more lube, in mid stroke and Zach gave an even deeper moan. All the way out, then all the way in, Tyler kept up the same slow motion for another fifteen strokes this time before he added the third and final finger, again in mid stroke and no extra lube, Zach had put lots in. All the way out, and then all the way back in, this time for a count of twenty strokes, Zach moaning continuously now. When Tyler had put the third finger inside, he had taken his hand away from Zach's back and started lubing his erection up, he had just lowered the front of his diaper as he had stripped down on the way up anyways, so once he was all done getting himself prepared, he removed his fingers.

“Are you certain baby, I won't do it if you don't want to, and you can change your mind at any time?” Tyler asked one final time to be certain.

“Yes please!” Zach asked, nearly begged, but Tyler could see tears in Zach's eyes as he turned his face. Tyler knew why the tears were there though, so just ignored them and moved into position.

Tyler lined up and slipped in, in one long slow push, both of them moaning deeply from the pleasure.

“Oh baby, you are so warm and soft inside, can I start?” Tyler leaned down and whispered into Zach's ear tenderly.

“Oh yes please, I need it.” Zach hissed out.

Tyler started moving slowly, long, tender, slow, loving, just what Zach needed. When, and if, Zach ever wanted it in this manner again, Tyler knew that there was no way he could go fast, Zach needed the loving. For very near to fifteen minutes, they both moaned and groaned and cried out in pleasure until the feelings just became too much, and they both came simultaneously. Still buried inside Zach, Tyler leaned down and started to kiss Zach's neck and the back of his head until Zach turned his head as far as he could and then they kissed properly, tears running down Zach's cheeks.

“Thank you so much, I needed you to do that and I was right, it felt so right, so loving, I love you so much.” Zach cried out.

Tyler pulled out completely and rolled Zach over and then moved him so that he was laying in the middle of the bed, and then crawled in and they kissed and hugged for another ten minutes, tears still rolling down Zach's cheeks.

Finally the tears stopped and Zach looked nice and calm again. “So how do you feel now baby?” Tyler asked softly into Zach's ear.

“I think I feel better than I ever have, you made me feel so loved, so much more than ever before, I think that was why I needed you to do me like that.” Zach said slowly, trying to piece together his feelings.

“I think you figured out another way to heal some of the pain your father caused you. You may never truly love being made love to when you cannot see the face of your lover, but at least you now know that it's not always bad.” Tyler said lovingly.

“I do still prefer looking into your face, but that was almost as nice.”

“I prefer looking into your beautiful face as well baby.”

“Good, lay back, I want another ride.” Zach said with a grin.

“Boy, you are insatiable, but I love you.” Tyler teased.

“Yep, that's me, the one who can't get enough of my boyfriend.” Zach said and hopped on.

Tyler was only able to last for ten minutes with the pace that Zach was riding him at, he was fast and furious, hands on Tyler's Shoulders, raising and lowering himself at a pace that was causing the headboard to bash the wall at a surprising pace. As soon as Tyler came, Zach hopped off, ripped off his useless diaper and sat down on Tyler's chest, it took a minute for Tyler to realize what was going on, but as soon as he did he took Zach's reddened and pulsing cock in his mouth, and Zach virtually face fucked him. Not even thirty seconds later Zach charged full force into his orgasm, and with a moan and a holler, and his entire body vibrating, but as soon as it was over he slumped backwards.

“Wow, I still can't believe that that feels so good.” Zach said a moment later.

“I'm like four times your age and I still cannot believe how good you can make me feel, I have never been made love to in a way that feels half as good as you do it to me, and you are only seven. Come up here and kiss me baby?”

“You're a great teacher is all.” Zach said simply and turned around and laid on top of Tyler and they kissed tenderly for a few minutes.

“Would you like to go for a bath?” Tyler asked.

“As long as I get to wash you and you wash me.” Zach said with a smile.

“Wouldn't have it any other way baby.”

With another quick kiss, they climbed off the bed, Zach took off the diaper that was still tucked under Tyler's balls, and they walked to the bathroom, hand in hand and totally in love. While Tyler got the water running, Zach grabbed the towels and the cloth and also grabbed the baby oil off the counter and handed it to Tyler, who took it and without a word added some and passed it back to Zach. Once they were finished getting everything ready, they climbed in and laid back while the water was still running and just cuddled. When the water was high enough, Tyler used his foot to turn it off and continued cuddling Zach and started whispering into his ear.

“You know baby, I never ever thought that I could love someone as much as I love you. It's amazing, I have always known I was a boy lover, but I never figured I would ever have a boy to love, not like this anyways, but here you are, and you have surpassed my every dream of how it would be.”

Zach was not quite sure what to say, so he didn't say anything, he just turned around and kissed Tyler sensuously, and then hugged him tight. Seeing as how he was now up, Zach pushed himself back a little, grabbed the cloth and the baby body wash and started washing Tyler off, slowly and lovingly. Once Tyler was nice and clean they traded jobs and Tyler washed Zach from head to toe, softly and tenderly, all without another word being spoken, nothing needed to be said. Finally they got out of the tub and dried each other off, and once they both were, Zach put his arms up as if he wanted to be picked up, so Tyler did just that, and as soon as Tyler did, Zach laid his head on Tyler's shoulder and started whispering into his ear.

“You know something, you have shown me what true love is, you have shown me how wonderful and loving sex can be, you are the kindest and most beautiful person there is, and no one can tell me that what we do to each other is bad or wrong. What happened to me by him was nothing like this, and I hope we never end, I love you so much it hurts.” Zach whispered, finally figuring out how to put into words just some of his feelings for Tyler.

“And I love you Zach, more than words are capable of saying.” Tyler whispered back, giving Zach's neck a little kiss.

By then they were in the bedroom so Tyler laid Zach lovingly on the bed and then went and grabbed Zach's diaper and came over and put it on him, giving him a generous coating of cream. Once Zach was done, he and Tyler traded places and Zach diapered Tyler, also with a good helping of cream.

“What do you say we go make ourselves an early dinner and then go look at all your gorgeous pictures I took today, and then watch a movie?” Tyler asked as they latched hands and were walking from the bedroom.

“It sounds great.” Zach said with a huge grin on his face.

They went to the kitchen and Zach helped wherever he could, and together they made themselves a good dinner and sat down to eat, the lights were dimmed, they sat across from each other, and looked at each other with all the love they felt for each other, and not one word was spoken. When they finished eating they both thought, to hell with the cleanup, it can wait till later, so they went downstairs. Tyler put the camera in its docking station and they waited until all the pictures were transferred over.

“Wow, these pictures are incredible.” Zach said about half way through the pictures that had been taken today.

“Yes they are, I have gotten pretty good with this camera, but the scenery in the pictures is the reason they are so incredible.”

“Thanks, but you're really good with the camera.”

They finished looking through the pictures and then went and laid down on the couch to watch a movie, Zach laying in front of Tyler, cuddled right into his man, with a blanket thrown over them, and watched a movie.

“Let's go to bed baby, and other than some kissing and cuddling, there is to be no playing around.” Tyler whispered into Zach's ear as they were still laying down.

“Okay, I'm kinda tired anyways, and I kinda want to to save it till tomorrow morning.” Zach whispered back.

They walked upstairs, again hand in hand, and after a quick diaper change, they crawled into bed and kissed and cuddled for a few minutes before falling fast asleep.

“Wake up beautiful.” Zach whispered into Tyler's ear. It was the first time that Zach had waken up before Tyler had, and it was almost five am, and he had been watching his man sleep for nearly half an hour already, but he was getting the deep itch and he wanted it scratched.

“Wake up handsome.” Zach again whispered. This time Tyler slowly started coming awake.

“Oh good morning my beautiful baby boy, how did you sleep last night?” Tyler asked once he was fully awake.

“Like I slept on a cloud with an angel all night” Zach whispered.

“Me too, and you are an angel to me.” Tyler whispered back and they shared a tender good morning kiss.

“Can you make love to me now please, I really need you in me this morning?” Zach asked sensuously.

“I would love that very much, but on one condition, you make love to me as well.” Tyler responded.

“I can go for that.” Zach stated with a grin.

Tyler then rolled over, throwing the blankets off both of them, and slowly removed Zach's soaked diaper and found, waiting at full attention, little Zach, standing tall and proud. Pushing Zach's legs up and back while moving in closer with his face Tyler got into position to loosen up his little lover. For the next ten minutes Tyler used his tongue and fingers to loosen and pleasure Zach, who was moaning and groaning from the sensations.

“Oh please, I need you in me now?” Zach asked in one long, low moan.

“Your wish is my command baby, pass me the lube please?”

Zach reached over and grabbed the tub and passed it to Tyler who took it and sat it down and he sat up a bit and removed his diaper and applied a generous coating of the slick gel and then moved into position. With a near growl from Zach, Tyler entered fully, about as fast as he could without hurting Zach. The insertion may have been quick, but the rest was very slow and tender. With long slow strokes, Tyler started gently making love to his baby, and they were both moaning and groaning the entire time that Tyler was able to last, which this morning was sadly not long enough for either, so as soon as Tyler started to roll off of Zach as his orgasm was abating, Zach grabbed on and rolled with him, pushed on the bed with his legs as hard as he was able to, to be able to continue Tyler's momentum to roll him onto his back, and with a grin down at Tyler, was now sitting atop a shocked Tyler who was still buried deep inside Zach.

“I'm not sure how you did that, but if you keep bouncing on me like that, I'm going to blow again.” Tyler said in awe.

“That's the point.” Zach responded with a smirk.

“Oh.” Tyler said as densely as he could manage.

Zach had started off rapidly bouncing on Tyler to get him back to full hardness, but as soon as he was, Zach backed off and started going much slower. He leaned forward, placed his hands on Tyler's strong shoulders, and started a slow sensuous grinding. They were again both slowly climbing to the top of a strong orgasm, and as much as they both tried to hold back, they both came at the same time.

“Oh god was that incredible!” Zach cried out as his orgasm was just fading and slumped down and hugged Tyler. A few seconds later Tyler's dick popped out of Zach's bum and they both sighed.

A few minutes later, once they were both breathing properly again, Zach started kissing Tyler's neck and slowly worked his way down, kissing and nibbling along the way until he reached Tyler's groin, which was again showing signs of life, Zach however skipped right passed the pulsing half erection, and pushed Tyler's legs so that he would get the hint. Tyler grabbed his legs and pulled them back, and Zach dove in face first, literally, and started licking and kissing Tyler's asshole. Probably three or four minutes later, Zach was getting sore so he sat back up and lubed himself up and slipped into his favorite hole. With a groan and a sigh each, Zach started moving, slowly at first, but working his way up to a slightly faster pace. Nearly ten minutes later they both came again and this time, as soon as Zach was falling forward, Tyler rolled them both so that Zach was now laying on his back. Because Tyler had to reposition himself, so that he did not crush Zach, he ended up pulling off of Zach's little boner, but he rectified that little inconvenience immediately and sat back down. He then started bouncing on Zach, rapidly to bring him back to full hardness, and in a few seconds he was, and as soon as he was, Tyler started slowly grinding himself on Zach's erection, and they were both liking this very much, if the moans and groans said anything. About ten minutes later they both came again, for the final time of the morning, and because Tyler had already had three powerful orgasms before that one, he was not surprised to only see a tiny dribble pour out of the tip of his dick, of which Zach quickly grabbed with his finger tips and sucked it down greedily.

“Wow, that was incredible.” They both said at the same time once they both came down from their powerful love making session.

“Yeah.” They both said again at the same time, which started them giggling.

They both laid down for a while, after their giggling fit eased off, and gently and lovingly kissed and cuddled with each other.

“Well baby, I think it's time we get dressed and go for breakfast and then go shopping, what do you say to that?”

“Just the two of us?”

“Yep, Aidan can stay with your brother, he won't mind or even notice.”

“Cool, let's get going then.” Zach said happily.

“I think we should probably grab a quick shower though, we both smell like babies and lovers.” Tyler said quickly.

“Good idea, but if I drop the soap don't even think of raping me.” Zach said with a giggle.

“Not sure I even could, even though it sounds like a great idea.” Tyler said with a grin.

They went and grabbed a quick shower and then dried, got dressed, and headed out for breakfast. As they were both very hungry for some strange reason, they both decided on the breakfast buffet the hotel had every Sunday. They both ate heartily and then headed out to go shopping. Today the flea market and the thrift stores were all a bust, but they got all the groceries that would be needed over the next week, so off to home they headed. Once all the groceries were in the house and put away, Tyler gave Zach a gentle kiss and then gave him the bad news.

“Well baby, I think it's about time you get heading home. When you get home can you have your mom walk Aidan over as I want to talk to her for a few minutes?”

“I know, but I don't really want to go home, but I will and I will ask her.” Zach said sadly.

“I love you baby, and I hope you can make it over during the week, but after school, as it starts this week, we will still see each other lots, I promise you, and we might even be able to have another nice weekend next weekend, how does that sound?”

“I love you too, and next weekend sounds great, but I don't want to go to school. I always got teased last year.” Zach admitted for the first time.

“How come you got teased, you are only going into, what, grade two?”

“Actually grade three, they skipped me past grade one as I was too smart for it, cause I could already read and do math. That's some of the reason, but the most is because one of the older boys found out I was gay last year and I got teased all the time 'cause of that.” Zach said sadly.

“Oh, I see, and have you told your mommy any of this?”

“No, she already has too much to worry about.” Zach said, sounding far too smart for his own good.

“Nonsense, your mom needs to know about this type of thing. When she comes over I will tell her about it as I have something else to talk to her about anyways.” Tyler said.

“Okay, can I have another kiss before I go though?” Zach asked, sounding so small.

“I thought you'd never ask.” Tyler said and bent down, picked up his lover, and they shared a long tender kiss.

“Bye baby, I love you very much and I will see you tomorrow or the next day okay.”

“I love you too, and I will try and come over tomorrow.” Zach said and left.

Five minutes later Janice and Aidan came in, and Tyler took Aidan straight upstairs for a quick nap, after telling Janice to make herself at home.

“So what did you want to talk to me about?” Janice asked as soon as Tyler was back down and seated.

“Couple things really. First is that I think Zach is starting to heal from the hurts his father caused him, he is actively seeking ways to deal with it himself, as he did yesterday. Neither of you actually said, but I have a feeling your ex husband only ever had Zach laying face down on the bed with his legs dangling off the bed, and if I had to guess I would say that was how you found them right?”

“Yes, exactly, but what does this mean?” Janice asked a little confused.

“Well at one time Zach had told me that he always wanted to look into a persons eyes while they made love, so that told me that his father never did that, but yesterday that was how he wanted it. He pretty much demanded I do it to him that way, he cried the entire time, but they were tears of happiness, and he said afterwards that he felt so loved because I did it so gently and lovingly. I don't believe that he'll ever truly be able to enjoy sex in that manner, or any manner where he cannot look into his lovers eyes, but he will be able to occasionally and not have a nervous breakdown. We talked lots over the weekend and he has opened up to me lots and told me tons, and he is working it all out. He never cried or talked about what happened to him, but he is now.”

“Oh. I never would have thought of anything like that, that that type of thing could scar someone so much, but I guess I can see why. There was no love, it was all rape, and now having it in that fashion does not feel like love. It's so sad that a little boy has to deal with this type of thing, but I think you are the best thing for Zach, he needs you as much as you need him. Okay, so you said there were a couple things you wanted to talk about, what was the other?”

“Yes, sex without love is very damaging to people, especially when it's forced, and you are right, I need him as much as he needs me. The other thing is something that he has not told you before. It seems one of the older boys found out he is gay last year and he was being teased lots. He never told you as he did not want to burden you more than you already were.”

“Oh, I could tell that on many days after school that he was miserable, but he would never talk about it. He would just go up to his room and read, and sometimes I would hear him cry a little, but again, he would never tell me why. I just figured that it was what is father did to him. I guess in a way it was.”

“No, his father did not make Zach gay, he is gay, if he weren't he wouldn't be able to enjoy gay sex at all, he might be bisexual, but I don't believe so, call it intuition. So if the kids at school know he is gay, why do the kids here not know it?”

“Zach does not go to the same school the kids here go to. I have him in the arts school as he is so smart, and they are better equipped to deal with that, plus he is a great little actor and very talented at drawing already.”

“Oh, that makes sense, and he told me he was in grade three instead of two. There are two arts schools in town right, well can we try and get him transferred to the other one?”

“I don't know, the one he is in is the one on the other side of town and the other one is closer, but because the closer one is the better of the two, they have better facilities, it was packed full. I can check it out though and give them the reason and they might be able to do something about it.” Janice said in thought.

“Might be better then to try and get him into the closer one then, all around. But honestly, I don't know why the kids would tease him, half of them are probably gay as well. Probably just trying to hide their own feelings about that.” Tyler said with a giggle.

“What makes you say that?”

“I went to an arts school as well, and let's just say that a good portion of the boys that actually belong there are gay. Not sure why, but most arty type people are gay, at least most I have met anyways.”

“Oh, makes sense and you are probably right. They are all too afraid to admit their own feelings.”

“Yeah, I know I was too afraid, but I would have never teased anyone about it.”

“Good. Well I should be going, I'm sure we will talk soon.” Janice said and she got up to leave.


Zach did end up going to his old school for two weeks before Janice was able to get him transferred to the other school, and they gladly took him, saying that they had an excellent bi/gay youth group, as many of their students seemed to be one or the other, it was a recent addition to their school, and they were very pleased with it.

Tyler and Zach did get nearly every weekend together for many years to come, plus they spent huge amounts of time together whenever they could. Thankfully they were never found out, and they stayed together for many wonderful years, well beyond what Tyler had felt that they would, in fact they are still together, as it turns out their love for each other was so strong that it did not matter that Zach grew up.

Five years after Tyler's wife disappeared, the insurance company paid out the insurance, it was enough to completely pay off the house and fill all his savings accounts so that he would be able to retire at age forty.

Once both Aidan and Zane started going to school they too went to the same art school that Zach was now in, and they too ended up being in the gay club at the school and ended up being life partners themselves, not to mention they both very much loved their diapers, something that both Tyler and Zach also shared for many years to come.

Once Zane was in school Janice went back to work and became an advocate of love unlimited, an organization that felt that true love, no matter the ages, should not be discouraged, and because she was a lawyer, she knew of many people that were affected by being torn apart from having such relationships. She eventually found herself a new husband as well, one that was caring and loving, loved both boys, but not in a manner that was harmful to either, and he understood about the relationship that Zach and Tyler had together, he said he was bi and was a loved boy and still loved his adult lover very much, and were still the best of friends.

Zach and Tyler stayed right in the very same house, as did Janice and her new husband, and when Aidan and Zane wanted to move out, they bought the house across from Tyler and Zach when it went up for sale. So close as they had lived, close they stayed, all loving and caring, for many years.