[ by God's wounds! ]

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- Alexander Pope          

Ah, Saturday afternoon... bliss. A late, easy morning, a relaxed brunch and some peace. The day, so far, had gone like clock-work, and now for that book...

Well, you may wonder what I was doing home... fine, since I don't much enjoy the hustle-bustle of social engagement, and since the boys at the malls aren't worth watching any more, I prefer staying home... Read and reflect... and rejoice my lonesome existence. And also, because that day, there was a sudden darkening of the sky... that silent, foreboding stillness that signals a coming storm, and I wasn't someone who liked taking unnecessary chances.

I live alone... in my parent's home, a lovely little bungalow, set amidst a beautiful lawn and surrounded by trees that my father had lovingly tended for many years, situated in a quiet, residential part of town. I had moved in, after letting out my apartment, once both my parents' had passed away and I inherited the property. And I'm also single, unattached and asexual.

Oh well, 'boys-at-the-malls'... yes, I'm what every momma dreads her son will one day confess to... and the Books of the Lord warn you against... and that part about being 'asexual', um, guess that needs a bit more explanation too... Well, I'm your regular, normal guy and once I realised I was the kind of magnet that went for the same pole, instead of the opposite... I took it in my stride, and went on with my life. I had my fair share of experimentations... And after the first, few, furtive fumbles... followed by a tiny period of frenzied copulation, I came back cold, disillusioned at what went on in the name of gay identity, rights, relationship and bonding... No, it wasn't a case of sour grapes, but rather a sense of fatigue watching that unending search for intransience without commitment, seeking permanence in the quagmire of mindless mating... Well, I didn't change... I still like my men and still watch the male crotch... but somehow the sexual part was out of me. And so, I'm now, for the past decade, 'asexual'...

As I picked up the book, I heard the sound of rain... a torrential downpour... but wait... it sounded different and getting up I looked out of my window and was stunned... it wasn't raining, it wasn't pouring... I could barely see a thing... there was this opaque sheet of water... thick and unrelenting. It was a cloudburst! And as I stood at my bedroom window, watching, I saw the garden fill up... right before my astonished eyes, in matter of seconds, the water level rising... Shrugging, I went back to the chair and even before I could pick up the book, the door bell rang!

`Now?' I asked myself in wonder...

The loud clang rang though the house once more, urgent.

Letting out a soft sigh I got up and went to answer the door... and as I opened and looked out I was speechless... my jaws dropping... For there stood, on my veranda, this amazing young kid, drenched to the very skin... hugging himself, shivering... desperately attempting at a smile...

"Zounds!" I exclaimed, "Come in, fast," I said moving aside.

And the wet, young merman, my dripping little male nymphet walked in, the water puddling at his feet...

"What are you doing here, in this weather?" I asked, astonished, leading him to the spare bedroom.

"Oh..." he stuttered, his teeth clattering... "I was on my way to a friend's" he sucked in air, "and then it just started..."

"Ok, ok... get to the bathroom and take off these wet clothes before you catch a cold..." I said opening the door and shoving him in. And as he turned back, looking at me, I added, "leave the clothes here and I'll dry them," pulling the door shut.

I didn't hear the click of the latch...

"I'll get you a cup of hot chocolate..." I called out, withdrawing discreetly, back to my bedroom to get a robe for the boy. After all, he couldn't go around naked; he needed a covering, right?

Opening the closet I extracted one of my spare bathrobes... a terry job, light and soft, a pale lavender. It was a new piece and I loved it, having used it occasionally, and for a moment wondered how lovely the colour would suit him... his almost translucent, glowing complexion... Sensing a small stirring, I quickly closed the closet and walked back to the spare bedroom.

And as I placed the robe on the small table near the bathroom entrance I heard a shuffle... and then a curse, followed by something hitting the door...

"Any problem?" I called out, concerned.

"Ah..." he huffed, "this wet jeans, tough getting them off..."

"Oh," I said... and almost immediately added, without giving it a thought, "want me to hel..." before I realised what I was blabbering, and stopped, feeling real weird... silently adding, 'I could help... peel them off for you...'

Another grunt followed and then another slight bump...

"Got it off?" I asked, standing close to the door.

"Yea..." I heard the triumphant reply...

"Hang the wet clothes in there, and come and get your hot chocolate..." I called back, walking out, heading for the kitchen.

I busied myself, setting the milk to heat before getting out the mugs, and some cookies...

"Deepu... there's no towel here..." I heard him holler.

"Oh..." I exclaimed, lowering the heat and rushing out, back to the room, "sorry, I'll get one, just a moment..." I said, opening the closet next to the bathroom door and grabbing a towel knocked on the door, "Towel..."

The door opened a crack... an eye looked out... and then a bit more... the whole face... The door parted further... and a part of the bare torso came into view... and a bare thigh... He wasn't exactly hiding behind the wood, nor was he displaying his wares... just enough hint of bare skin to titillate... and then a naked arm reached out, taking the towel.

"Thanks," he said with a smile as his hand slid back and he, after a very brief pause, slowly closed the door.

I waited for a moment... and then shaking myself out of the stupor, headed back to the kitchen...

"Zounds!" I exclaimed, rushing in, the milk was on boil and on the verge of frothing over... and without turning off the gas, I grabbed the pan, removing it from the fire and burning a finger in the process as it came in contact with the metal rim in my tearing hurry...

Setting the pan down heavily on the counter and spilling some milk, I cursed, sucking on the flaming finger. 'Cool it...' I told myself, steadying my nerves.

Turning off the gas, I scooped in a generous amount of chocolate into the mug and then added some extra sugar; after all, kids love their chocolate sweet... and finally pouring in the milk... stirred it.

"Do I go around wrapped in a towel?" I heard the voice say and turning around nearly dropped the pan as a frisson of excitement shot down my spine... Krish stood there, in the doorway... a huge grin on his handsome face... almost bare... except for the lush, turkish towel wrapped around his slim waist... tied in a knot under his belly, way down... glowing... looking incredibly beautiful, ravishing! The longish, wet, dark hair, brushed back with the fingers, fell in a sexy way over his forehead... enhancing his cute, boyish charm... giving him an air of innocent vulnerability.

Setting down the pan with another clatter... I fumbled a bit before finally getting the words out, "Um, ah... I've placed a robe on the table, near the bathroom door, you can wear that..." I mumbled.

"Oh, thanks," he said with a cute smile and went out of the kitchen.

I stared... feeling the unmistakable hardness in my boxers... and since it would do nothing to hide my shame, thanked the Lord for the old, oversized tee that I was wearing that day... sure that, that would save me further embarrassment... outrageous thoughts racing through my mind... as with shaking hands I stirred his hot chocolate...

"Ah, that feels good!" I heard him say, as he walked back into the kitchen, the robe tied loosely around his slim waist.

"Sit down," I croaked, placing the mug and the plate of cookies on the tiny kitchen table.

"Thanks," he said, sitting down and reaching out for the mug, taking a gentle sip. "Mmmm... good!" he said, looking up at me, smiling.

I smiled back, feeling nice.

Taking another sip he put the mug down, "I like it exactly this way, hot, rich and creamy," he said, his eyes looking into mine.

I missed a beat... and felt my knees wobble... and as I stood, I saw him lift his right leg and cross it over his left... the robe parting before falling off... revealing a smooth, bare thigh... nearly up to the hip. I gulped and felt the familiar throb once more... Willing it down, I rushed forward and sat down on the other chair, facing him.

He smiled, his eyes twinkling.

"So, what was the plan for the evening?" I asked, my voice breaking.

"Oh..." he said, giving a small shrug as he picked up the mug, "nothing much, just meet up and hang out..."

I nodded, sipping my own hot chocolate, watching those full, red lips... the way they moved when he sipped or spoke...

"Guess, the plans will have to change now..." he continued, leaning forward, the robe parting to show a smooth chest.

Blinking I turned away, looking out of the window. The rain was still pouring, still the same, without any let up... and then suddenly I remembered his clothes. "Ah, I'll go put your things in the dryer..." I said, getting up.

"Oh, why don't you sit down, that can wait a bit longer, right?" he said, looking out and nodding his head towards the window, "besides, you haven't finished your drink."

"Yea..." I replied, sitting back, silently sipping my milk and chocolate.

"That was good," he said putting the empty mug down and smiling up at me, "I really needed that."

"Want some more?" I asked, enjoying looking at him.

"Sure, if that's not too much of a trouble..."

"Nah, my pleasure..." I said, even before he could finish, getting up and taking his mug.

"So, at home on a Saturday afternoon?" he asked.

"Yup, catching up on some reading," I answered, pouring the milk.

"You didn't mind my popping in like this, huh?"

"Hell, no..." I replied, stirring in the chocolate.

"Well, 'Palm Avenue'," he said with a small laugh, "and they really mean it... your street has just palms, tall and straight, and not a single tree to stand under in a shower like this."

"Well..." I said turning around and placing the mug in front of him...

"Thanks," he said.

"Even a tree wouldn't save you from something like today!" I finished, sitting down again.

The front of the robe seemed to have fallen further apart... and I could see the left nipple... a tender pink... and pointed. Unconsciously licking my lips I reached out for my mug... my eyes staring shamelessly.

And as I watched, I saw him raise his hand, hold the edge and pull it across, covering it from my view... Shaking my head, as if waking up, I looked away, realising that my mug was empty... "I better go and put the clothes in the dryer, you sit here..." I said, getting up.

"Sure, you do that..." he said with a chuckle, and then added, "need help?"

"Nah..." I said, walking out of the kitchen, noticing that the downpour had finally stopped, as sudden as it had began... and there was already the hint of sunshine!


I went into the bathroom and collected the soaked clothes... a light, cotton tee, the tight jeans... and, I paused, my fingers trembling as I reached for it, a tiny bikini brief, an electric blue!

'Wow...' I said to myself... trying to picture him bare, in that brief... that shade of blue, picturing his healthy teen cock encased in that tiny garment... The fabric felt nice, soft and smooth... and running my finger over the material, I lifted it off the hook, feeling an uncontrollable urge to sniff it, sniff him... inhale his scent... Looking down into the front pouch, (it was inside out), I saw the single strand of pubic hair... dark and curly... A shiver passed through me and I quickly lowered my hand before bending down and collecting the wet socks and walking out of the bathroom.

I went to the work area near the kitchen and as I placed the wet clothes on the rack, the door bell rang again! 'Lord...' I wondered, 'another wet traveller come to seek shelter!' Leaving the garments on the rack I rushed to answer the door.

Opening, I stared into a familiar, smiling face... but luckily, totally dry; it took a moment and then recognition dawned..."HARISH!" I exclaimed, in joy and surprise.

"Diptanshu... Deepu..." he exclaimed back, walking in, hugging me.

"Wow, when did you get here?" I asked, looking him up and down.

"God, you're still the same..." he said, eyes smiling. "Got in early this morning and now on my way to aunt Komal's, have tons of stuff to hand over... and since I had to pass here, thought I'd surprise you."

"Great, do sit down..." I said, leading him into the living room.

"Nah, gotta rush, you know how she is, already called in three times, desperate to see what mom has sent!"

"Oh, your folks didn't come?"

"Not this time, I'm alone," he said as I closed the door, "Gosh, what a mess... and boy, did I get caught totally unaware!"

"You were on your way?" I asked.

"Yea, I had already started when the heavens opened up. And within minutes the roads had transformed into raging rivers!" he paused as he heard the sound coming from the kitchen. "Someone thr..." he started to ask as Krish walked in, clad in his robe...

His eyes saucered as he gaped.

"Hi..." Krish said, raising his hand and wiggling his fingers at Harish.

"Huh.. hi..." he said, looking back at me, his jaws open.

"Well," I started, "Harish, this is Krish, Vicky's nephew... and Krish, this is my old, childhood friend, Harish, uh, Harry."

"Hello Harry..." Krish said again, and then added, looking at me, "And what about the Harish?"

"Well, Harish left India when he was fifteen, his family moved to the US, and after all these years, twenty to be exact, it's become 'Harry'."

"Oh," Krish said, looking back at Harry, "that's interesting... And where in the US?" he asked.

"Indianapolis..." Harish said, his eyes looking from Krish to me and back again, before going and sitting down on the nearest sofa.

"Want some hot chocolate?" I asked suddenly, giving him a silly grin, as Krish took the sofa opposite him.

"Hot chocolate?" he asked after me, his face a mask of wondrous query.

"Yes, we were having..." I said, pointing at Krish.

"No, thanks," he said, his eyes keen, staring at me "You're still standing?" he added after a brief pause.

"Oh, not that..." I replied, "I have to dry some clothes..."

"You are washing clothes?!" he asked, incredulous.

"Um, not me... I mean... uh, well, Krish got wet and so I'm drying his clothes..." I mumbled.

"Krish? His clothes?" he asked.

"Yes," Krish replied, "you see, I was on my way to a friend's and then suddenly the heavens opened up. I was soaked to the skin and my scooter stalled, and since I was stuck right in front of Deepu's place, I came over. He insisted that I take off all my clothes before I caught a cold and so here I am, wrapped up in a robe, and he's drying my clothes..." Krish explained, smiling brightly at Harish.


"What's going on?" he asked in a low whisper, following me to the work area.

"What?" I asked back.

"What are you doing with Vicky's nephew?" he hissed.

"He just told you..." I replied, looking at him, seeing that disbelieving look on his face.

"How old is he?"

"Guess, about sixteen or seventeen..."

"Well?" he said, eyebrows raised high.

"Well, what?" I asked in return.

"He's just a kid..."

"Yes, I know..." I replied, putting the still dripping pieces of garments into the machine.

"And... and why did he call you 'Deepu'?"

"So?" I responded, turning to face him.

"I mean, he's Vicky's nephew..."

"Yes, and he's been over to my place many times, with Vicky."

"Yea, and so, does he call Vicky by name?"

"What a daft question," I began...

"Exactly, if he calls Vicky, uncle, then why doesn't he call you 'uncle' too?"

"How should I know, he's always called me 'Deepu'... and what do you mean?"

"You know exactly..."

"Please Harish, uh, Harry, he's a kid and I'm not going..." I stopped, why should I started getting all defensive, "You said you were in a hurry, aunt Komal, so aren't you leaving?"

"I was supposed to..." he said, a funny look on his face, "but now, well, I can't leave you two alone, not with him like that..." he added jerking his head towards the living room, "and you in your boxer and tee... guess, I'll wait till his clothes are dry and he leaves."

"I should be offended!"

"Look at him..." Harish said, barely above a whisper, "the robe reveals more than it covers. I mean, the front flaps are constantly parting, showing his thighs and..."

"Very observant for a straight guy, eh?" I couldn't help cutting in.

"Well, being friends with you for 30 long years, one can't help!"

"I'm not the only gay you know..." I said.

He didn't respond.

"Since when have you become the patron saint of wet, young boys, huh?" I asked, shutting the lid with an annoyed bang.

"I'm no patron saint for any 'wet, young boy', but when my dear friend gets barely legal boys into his house, stripped naked and wrapped up in his bathrobe, I need to worry, not for the boy, but for him!"

"I do nothing like that!" I replied, indignant, switching on the machine, "besides, I haven't even touched him!"

I went back to the guest room, Harry following me, and picked up Krish's shoes, taking them to the small alcove under the staircase and got the portable room heater out. Switching it on I placed the shoes in front before going back to the kitchen.

"Want some coffee?" I asked Harish.

"Well, wouldn't mind..." he replied.

"Krish..." I called out, "you want some more chocolate, or maybe coffee?"

"Sure," he said walking into the kitchen and standing by my side, real close, "since you're at it, I'd love to!"

"Coffee or..." I started to ask, looking up at him, but stopped seeing the expression on his face, that wild, mischievous grin...

"Coffee would be fine, since Harry is here..." he giggled, throwing a sly glance at Harish.


We got back to the living room and Harish sat down, Krish taking the sofa next to his... and I took the large one, facing them both. We sat in silence for a while, sipping our coffee, and then Harish turned towards Krish...

"So, you in school?"

"Um, well, junior college, but guess, your American system calls it high school," he replied, smiling, "eleventh grade I guess, junior year, right?"

"Oh..." Harish responded, "yea..." and then followed more questions...

I sat quiet, listening to their banter, not participating in their chatter... and slowly my eyes turned, drawn almost unconsciously, irresistibly, towards Krish... noticing that the loosely tied robe had nearly fallen apart, revealing the smooth chest... the boy tits clearly visible, amazingly mouth-watering... Still in a daze, and totally unmindful of the presence of Harish, or even what Krish would think if he caught me staring, my eyes travelled lower... to the constantly opening and closing legs... drinking in the flashes of the smooth, naked, peach thighs as he parted and closed his legs, crossing and uncrossing them... and then lifting one, on it's toes... the knee high... Unconcerned with the background drone of the two voices, oblivious of what was being said or asked... And then, suddenly... it flashed, just for a fraction of a second... Krish lifted his right leg higher... wider... and I had a clear glimpse of... of his treasure... large and heavy! Ohhh... I nearly gasped out loud... stunned, stupefied by the dazzling display! And then the leg lowered and the thighs closed... never to part again...

"Deepu..." I heard the loud call, "wake up!"

"Huh..." I said, suddenly conscious, staring blankly at Harish.

"Well, dreaming, huh?" he asked, adding "the dryer's beeping, the clothes must be done!"

"Oh..." I responded, quickly getting up and rushing to shut the machine.

I got the clothes out, caressing the brief for another brief moment and then spread them out on the line in the veranda attached to the kitchen, to air them a bit.


It was another half an hour later that Krish asked for his clothes, going with me to the veranda to collect them. He then changed in the spare room and walked back, saying his byes as I saw him off.

"Thanks, Deepu," he said taking my hand, "for everything..." he smiled, eyes dancing as he looked at me, into my eyes.

I nodded in silence, not trusting my voice and then he turned away and walked down the steps to where his scooter was parked. He tried the switch but the engine wouldn't start, and so, he kick-started the machine and sitting down waved at me, a huge, happy grin on his face...

I waved back... wondering if he'd ever drop in again... without the rain or any other emergency... just to see me... seeing him drive out and onto the road... before turning back, and walking in, closing the door.

I went back to the living room, and Harish... um, Harry...

"Well?" he asked, eyebrows raised high.

"Well, what?" I asked in turn.

The End        

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