Andrew's Story

Chapter 6

May 4, 2001


Written By: Justin Case

Edited By: Ed


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I watched myself as I undressed in front of the bathroom mirror. My mind was a furor of rumination. I wondered why Jon was showing such a sudden interest in me. I was also contemplating about Mikey and me. I thought about how much I hated living here, and my stepmom and grandparents' constant nagging. I had to call Sarah; I just had to tell her about what had happened.

I looked at my arms, as I stood naked in the bathroom. I noticed how big my biceps had gotten. Then I looked down at my smooth thighs. They had gotten thicker too; I opened the drawer to the vanity to get the cloth measuring tape I kept in it. I had to check to see how much my body had really developed. Weight lifting isn't just about how much you can lift, it is about how defined your muscle structure and size is too. I measure my arms and legs once a week or so, to keep track of my progress.

Satisfied with my inspection I hopped into the shower. I felt the water spray down on my body. I closed my eyes and visions of Mikey rhythmically moved through my head. I became aware of the water running down my chest and dripping from my limbs, it was so relaxing. I moved my head toward the stream of warmth and kept my eyes closed tightly. I rinsed off the remnants of my first sexual encounter and wondered when the next would be.

As I was drying off I heard Jon call through the door, "Andrew, Brian is on the phone."

"Yep, I'll be out in a minute. Tell him to hang on," I yelled back through the door. I realized how nice Jon had sounded, and began to think, `maybe he could be civil.'

"Hurry up, Fag Boy, he's coming to pick you up," Jon snarled.

Well, so much for him being civil. I realized how foolish that was. I dried myself off and dressed quickly. I couldn't imagine why Brian was coming to get me, he never did before. The only time he ever gave me a ride was just the day before. Now he is calling me to tell me he's picking me up and wanting to chill. I couldn't figure it out, but I didn't care, it's not like I had many friends. All I could figure was because I won the school title. He was like the biggest kid in school, and with me being so little; it didn't bother me to have him on my side.

"Fag Boy, will you get your butt out here?" Jon's voice called again.

I grabbed my wet towel and dirty clothes before I emerged from the bathroom, the only room in the house where I could find privacy. I looked at my dark eyes in the mirror. I noticed how they seemed to sparkle and chuckled to myself. I surmised that having sex put a new gleam in them, I had heard about that. I wondered if it was true. My things in hand, I opened the door and found Jon waiting just outside of it.

"It's about time. Brian wants to go to Parker's tonight, he's having a kegger. You OK with that?" The words came rapidly and quietly; he didn't want Gramma hearing him.

"Yeah, you think he'd mind if Mikey came with us?" I asked innocently.

"I don't know, you have to ask him. It's his car. Hell, he didn't seem too excited about me coming along," Jon explained.

I looked at him and noticed how cute he really was, that blonde hair of his falling into his wide brown eyes. His smooth face with the squared jaw and full lips was pleasant to look at. He was taller than I was, but I could probably beat his ass if I had to. I wished we could get along better, after all, he is my stepbrother.

"I'll ask him on the way to weight lifting," I told him, as I headed for our bedroom to put my dirty clothes in the bin we kept our laundry in.

"Do you care if he sleeps over? He mentioned it to me," Jon asked from the kitchen.

"Whatever," I called over my shoulder, before I bounced down the stairs to our bedroom.

After I put all the dirty clothes in the basket, I put on some cologne. I love to smell good, and buy all the expensive stuff too. I decided on my Gucci. I splashed some into my hands and rubbed it onto my cheeks. Then I put some more onto my fingertips and put it behind my ears and on my wrists, like I had seen my mother do with her perfume. I put the bottle back on my dresser with the seven other fragrances that I had, all costing about sixty bucks apiece.

"He's here, Andrew," I heard Jon call down to me.


I bounded up the stairs two at a time, I hated to make people wait. I came into the kitchen and saw my grandmother still sitting at the table. She looked up at me as I slid across the floor, her face in a frown. I didn't care; she could frown all she wanted.

"Andrew, you get floor all wet. I tell you no," she shouted in her accented voice, as I slammed the front door behind me.

It was looking like it was going to be a gorgeous spring day as I jumped off the cement porch. The sun was bright and the sounds of birds chirping and singing could be heard. The snow was almost all but gone from the shaded areas in the front of the house. I saw Brian standing near his car as I rounded the corner; Jon was with him.

"Hey, Little Man," Brian said, with a friendly tone in his voice.

"Hey," I said rather subdued.

I slid into the seat of his car; it felt so comfortable compared to our van. I watched Brian as he got into his seat. He was so masculine, his chest enormous. His arms were huge; his biceps were as big around as my thighs. I noticed the fine light brown hairs on his forearms as he grasped the steering wheel. I studied his face while I sat next to him. It was cleanly shaven; his blue eyes seemed to twinkle as the bright sun beamed into the windshield. I hoped someday I would be just as strong and big as him.

We chatted a little on the way to the school, mostly about Parker's party. He told me I would have a great time. He ran through the list of possible people that would show up. I was just happy he had asked me to go, I wanted to be popular so bad. I figured it was a chance to get to really know some of the other guys from the different sports. Most of the names he mentioned were jocks.

After weight lifting, I had to work. Brian had wanted to get lunch together, but I didn't have time. He took me to Jim's and hung around with Sarah and me for a few before he jetted. It was cool having him drive me around, he even offered to pick me up when I was done with work.

"Wow, Andrew you're getting to be popular," Sarah chided, as we walked to the barn.

"Oh, Sarah, I got to tell you about last night. I fucked," I blurted out.

"Really? Who?" Her face dropped, her eyes opened wide.

"Mikey, it was awesome. It was better than I imagined."

We stood near one of the horse stalls and I gave her all the details. She hung on my every word. I watched her as she played with her hair in her fingers. I was so glad that I could tell her anything, she was so cool. I told her how Mikey wanted to do it again and so did I. She smiled the whole time I told her, and listened intently. I told her how Brian had invited me to Parker's party; I just bubbled on with all my news.

"Andrew, you better be careful. I hope you wore protection," she said, with concern in her voice.

"We were both virgins, we didn't have to," I reasoned, but really wasn't sure about Mikey.

"You're so lucky, Andrew. I hope you don't get drunk at Parker's and make a fool of yourself." She laughed after she said it.

We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the stalls and combing the horses. I felt so good having her as my friend. I knew I could trust her with anything. Jim came out to check on us, and asked me how my training was coming. I was so welcome at the farm, I wished I could really have been related to them. I fantasized that I was, somehow distantly, and that's why we had the same last name.

Brian showed up, right on time to take me home. We hung and chatted with Sarah before we left. Brian asked Sarah if she was going to Parker's, she told him no, but he didn't offer to take her. I kind of wondered about that, it did seem rude. Sarah told us she didn't really like Parker anyways. I thought that was so much like her too. Parker was the most popular senior in our school. Sarah didn't like fake people, and Parker could be one. I guess that's what you have to do to be popular, be a little phony.

Brian took me home and we hung around with Jon for a while. We listened to some CD's and stuff. Mostly we talked about school. I listened as Brian and Jon talked. I had never noticed how close they were. I mean, I knew they were friends, but when they talked, their voices sounded full of affection for one another. I watched them as they sat on Jon's bed next to each other. They looked into each other's eyes as they spoke. I didn't have enough friends to know whether the way they acted was normal; it reminded me of how Matty and I acted. I couldn't help but begin to suspect that they may be more than just friends.

Jon finally said he had to take a shower, and left Brian and me alone. I decided to get dressed for the party. I had no idea what I was going to wear, so I asked Brian to help me pick something out. He was totally amazed at my clothes. He even told me he wished he was my size so he could wear some of them. I tried to picture his bulky form fitting into one of my shirts and grinned.

I stripped out of my pants and shirt and stood next to my bed looking at the things Brian picked out. I felt him as he wrapped his hand around my thigh. His fingers lightly squeezing my leg just below my boxers.

"Wow, you're putting on some girth, Little Man," he whispered.

"Yeah, I measured this morning," I told him.

I felt his hand as he slid it higher under the leg of my boxers. I turned around to face him. His face looked full of desire. I knew what he wanted. I felt uncomfortable all of a sudden.

"I'm not used to guys feeling my leg," I managed to get out.

"I'm sorry, I got carried away," he told me as he quickly removed his hand from me. His eyes shifted to the floor.

I quickly dressed. I was confused. I didn't say another word; I didn't know what to say. I wasn't sure if he was making a move, it seemed like he was, but I couldn't be certain. He must have sensed my nervousness because he sat on Jon's bed and didn't say anything either. We just acted like nothing happened. I figured it was best, I didn't want to lose him as a friend. If it hadn't been for my feelings for Mikey I probably would have let his hand travel further into my underwear.

"Hey, you guys want to get some eats?" Jon asked, as he came back from his shower.

"I'm in," I said, breaking my silence.

"I could go for some Mexican. How about Taco Bell?" Brian finally broke his silence too.

The three of us had a great time together. I couldn't push the feelings aside that I had with Brian touching me; I just ignored them. We fooled around in the restaurant and finally were thrown out by the jerky manager. I couldn't understand what his problem was; we were just throwing lettuce at each other. What was the big deal? Brian seemed to act like everything was all good, so I did the same.

When we pulled onto Parker's street, I knew immediately which house was his by the number of cars parked at it. There must have been fifty cars parked on the road, there were some on the front lawn. I was too excited about all the people that were going to be at Parker's house to really think about what had happened with Brian. I was the last one to walk in the door, Brian led the way.

I found a quiet spot in the back yard to sit and watch the goings on. Parker had a huge house, it stood two stories. He even had a greenhouse on the end of the home. The back yard was level and had an in-ground pool. Off the back of the colonial style home was a covered concrete patio that ran its entire length. The slight pitched roof hung from the back of the house between the first and second floor. Under the roof and on the patio were three picnic tables, a gas grill, and the large barrel that held the keg. I sat in a lawn chair across from the beer.

It was chilly out, and some dampness was in the night air. The sky was clear and black; the stars glimmered. I tried to pick out the different constellations; I finally located the Ursa Major and Minor, I felt some pride. I was glad they had a bonfire going in the back yard, I had forgot to wear a jacket. I looked back to the party after my stargazing and saw Parker as he filled a cup of beer. I nodded at him and he smiled back at me.

"Andrew, how's it going? Thanks for coming, I hope you win state, buddy," Parker spouted at me, as he diligently drew his beer.


"What, you're not drinking?" he asked, as he looked at my empty hands.

I immediately felt self-conscious, so I got up and grabbed one of the blue plastic cups. I stood next to Parker, watching him as he kept his cup tilted under the spigot. I had never really drunk before, let alone get a beer from a keg. I didn't want to look stupid so I made sure I paid attention to what he was doing.

I put my cup under the nozzle and pulled the handle, I made sure my cup was tilted. Nothing came out. Parker laughed, he set his cup down and took mine from me. I watched him as he pumped the other handle that was located on the keg. He pumped it up and down and explained that it created the pressure so the beer would flow. He was cool about it, he told me he remembered his first keg party and knew what it was like. It was the first time I really saw him; he seemed really conscientious.

"Come on, Andrew, my boy, let me introduce you around. I really am glad you came," Parker said, as he handed me my beer and tilted his head in the direction of the house.

I sipped on my beer as he walked me through his house, stopping in each room to point out who had come and make sure they all knew I was there. It was totally awesome. Most everyone had heard of me and knew I was going to state. A few of the other jocks shook my hand. I was blown away. We finally ended up in the family room; it was in the basement. I noticed Jon and Brian sitting in the corner; they seemed to be engrossed in a deep conversation. I just kept drinking my beer and hanging with Parker.

"You want to do a shot with me, Andrew?" he asked as he went behind the bar and placed a couple of small glasses in front of him.

I watched him as he grabbed a bottle from the shelves behind the bar. He filled the two glasses and handed one to me. He told me not to drink it yet; he wanted to make a toast. I held the small glass in my hand as he put the bottle back on the shelf.

"Hey, everyone, listen up," Parker shouted. The room quieted.

"Here's to Andrew and winning state," he shouted again. He reached his glass to mine; first he clicked the top of his glass to the top of mine and said, "Never above you." Next he tapped the bottom of his glass to the bottom of mine and said, "Never below you." Then he toasted the two glasses in the middle and shouted, "Always beside you."

I watched him as he threw back his head and tossed the booze into his mouth. I held my breath and did the same; I let my breath out after I let the alcohol settle in my stomach. I felt my throat as it burned; it caused my eyes to water. It was the first time I had ever drunk hard booze. Until that night, I had only sipped beer.

Parker began to filter around the room, talking to various people. I had finished my first full beer and decided to get another. As I walked up the stairs I could hear someone behind me, it was Brian. He followed me to the keg, two empty cups in his hand. I began to feel a little uncomfortable near Brian, and hoped it didn't show.

As we began to go back into the house, he asked me if he could talk to me later. I told him of course, but worried about what he wanted to tell me. I became more uncomfortable as the night wore on. I began to wish that I had not even come. If it wasn't for the fact it was Parker's party, I would have stayed home after what Brian had done. The booze seemed to help me relax, so I drank a few more shots with Parker. I don't even remember leaving.

The next thing I remembered was...


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