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The Coach's Office

Chapter 17

The exam room door closed behind the attractive nurse that had shown Brandon into the exam room. He had watched her hips sway as she had moved from the room and found that he had little reaction to the sexy blonde.

Brandon hopped up on the exam table to wait for the doctor. He was more nervous than he had ever felt at being seen by the doctor. Coach had told him earlier in the week that he would be taking Brandon in for his sports physical. It was lucky for Brandon and tJ that Coach had informed Brandon ahead of time that he would be going in for his sports physical today.

Brandon would be the last patient to be seen by doctor Connors and according to TJ Billy was going to use this opportunity to execute another stage of their plan.

Brandon chuckled to himself thinking of it as their plan. Hell he and TJ had little input into the plan. Billy was the brain behind the whole thing, but it seemed only he and TJ were at risk.

Oh Brandon guessed that Billy had taken a big chance infecting Coach's computer with the virus. Man had the coach been fucking pissed off when his video files began being corrupted and deleted. He had taken out a lot of his fury on the team yelling at them punishing them with more and more physical activities.

Brandon had heard a couple of the other guys talking about what a prick coach had been in the past couple of weeks. It was almost as if he was going through a sort of with drawl as each file got deleted.

Brandon could remember all to well walking into the coach's office one afternoon and finding Coach and another man sitting there at his computer.

"Um, coach," Brandon had said hesitantly.

Coach had looked up his eyes blazing. "What the fuck do you want?"

"Um you ordered me to come by after school," Brandon had said nervously.

Brandon had never seen the other man before. He was an attractive guy. He was maybe a year or three older than coach, but still in great physical shape. His blue blazer emphasized his broad shoulders and his sandy colored hair showed off his tan face and light green eyes. The glasses he wore gave him an air of sophistication instead of a nerdy look.

Brandon could feel his cock jump at the thought having this man working on him along with coach. Yes he wanted to be out from under coach's thumb, but he still liked the pleasure he received with another guy.

Brandon had not been able to see the rest of the man's body as it was hidden behind the coach's desk.

"Doesn't that fucking virus program you have work?"

Coach's voice was filled with anger and frustration. His tone was firm and commanding. The question was more like an order to make it work if it didn't.

"Chuck I have tried three different programs now. None of them can detect the virus. It is something so new that there isn't a commercial application out that can seem to pin it down let alone remove it."

"Well, can we just burn the files to a CD? I mean if they aren't infected?"

"I tried that too. I really wanted to save the files, but every time I attempt to burn the file the virus attacks the file I'm burning and destroys it. It is as if it is designed to prevent files from being burned. And before you ask, yes I tried to send them via e-mail and uploading them to the net doesn't work either. If you try to move a file from the computer it becomes instantly infected. Who ever came up with this bug sure did a bang up job. I have seen nothing like it."

"Well, where the hell did I get it?"

"Well, that is another mystery. You could of picked it up from any number of websites or something. I just don't know."

"What fucking good is that PhD you have in computer Science if you can't fucking get rid of one fucking virus."

"Look," the man said getting annoyed with the coach's attitude, "I have done all I can. You're just going to have to accept that these files are lost. I don't see anyway of salvaging anything. I think your going to just have to wipe the hard drive and restore the computer."

"Fuck! Fuck!"

"Sorry coach. But surely you can download those files again. You did get them from some porn site or something didn't you?"

"No I can't fucking download them again. If I could just go download them do you think I would be this pissed off?"

"Oh, well where did they come from then."

Coach ignored the question. "First my digital camera doesn't record and then this happens. I didn't even know these files were disappearing. Then you tell me I have been infected for a couple of weeks. I do not like it Ted. I don't like it at all."

Brandon wondered if he could slip out of the room without notice. He did not like the looks of things and he sure did not want Coach to take out his fury on him. He could remember all to well how those big hands of Coach's felt smacking his bare ass until it was rosy red.

Brandon had begun to turn from the room. He had decided to just get the heck out of there and deal with the fall out later. He had just stepped through the door when coach's voice stopped him.

"Just where the fuck do you think you are going?"

"I um, well it looks like you are busy, so I thought I would just go and we could talk later."

"I did not give you permission to go. Maybe you are sneaking out of here because you know something about this?

The Coach's hand was on the monitor of the laptop. His eyes flashed in the light of the room.

"No coach. I don't. I don't really know that much about computers."

"If I remember right you did very well in your computer science class."

"Um, yeah, but that is doing some word processing and database and spreadsheets and a little work with the network. It isn't anything like what this sounds like."

Coach took a couple steps closer to Brandon his larger frame looming over the boy as he drug him into the middle of the room.

"I bet you have spent hours on your computer at home. Probably enough time to come up with this thing that has been destroying my files."

"No coach. I mostly just type papers at home or um surf the net."

"Yeah, no doubt looking at porn huh?"

"Um, well," Brandon could feel his face blushing.

Chuck no high school kid could have came up with this no matter how well he did in computer science. It is an intelligent and ingenious little bug. You probably downloaded it with something off the net. Probably from one of those porn sites you visit."

Brandon had noticed the look that Coach had shot Ted. It was one that was saying watch your step. Ted however did not seem to notice. Or if he had he was ignoring it.

"At least I have a couple of them saved on my desktop computer at home."

"Well, if you have docked your laptop with your desktop since picking up this virus, your desktop could also be infected."

"Fuck!" coach barked.

"Well, I guess that means you have. It doesn't automatically mean it is infected. Of course with this sort of bug it is hard to believe it isn't."

Brandon had a warm filling floating around inside him. He knew it was Billy that had infected that computer and Billy would probably be very proud of his work. Especially when Brandon told him that this PhD had no clue how to clean the computer with out doing a complete restore. Brandon wondered if Billy had a way of stopping the virus. That little computer genus was doing them a big favor. Brandon knew he would be all too happy to return the favor by sucking Billy off. After all, for a bit of a nerd Billy had turned out to be okay and he was cute after all.

"Maybe I will just have to start making anew collection of videos," Coach said looking Brandon up and down.

"Um, I um."

"Well Ted," Coach said turning to the other man. "I must thank you for at least trying. I wish you could have done more."

"Yeah, sorry I couldn't. I think I would have liked to see those files you had. The little bit of that one was so fucking hot. I would have liked to see how that ended, but the damn virus corrupted the file."

"Well, I said I would share my videos with you if you fixed the computer, but it seems like am not going to be able to do that. I guess instead I can give you something a little better than a video."

"Oh really?"

There was a look of desire in the man's eyes. The look Brandon had come to realize meant the man was already turned on.

"Strip," coach had turned and shouted at Brandon.

"But um, coach."

"Brandon get those fucking clothes off let my friend Ted here see that sexy smooth young body of yours. Let it all hang out for him. Now fucking strip."

Brandon's face turned red as he pulled off the shirt he was wearing and dropped it to the floor. He kicked of his sneakers and then undid his pants. He lowered the zipper and could feel both men's' eyes watching his every move.

"Go on Son," Ted had said his eyes watching the teen as he pushed his pants down to the floor.

Brandon had pulled them off and stood there in his tight white briefs. His young cock already hard with the idea of these two sexy men watching him undress.

"Very nice kid," Ted said.

Ted's eyes roamed over the young body. He loved the red hair. Red heads had always turned him on. He liked the fair complexion of the youngster. That smooth chest, those long slightly defined arms and those hot reddish nipples. Oh how Ted would like to get his mouth on the red nubs and send waves of pleasure through the boys body.

Ted reached down and adjusted himself. His cock was growing harder and harder underneath the desk. He was so turned on by the look of this young man. The sexy young smooth body and the bulge in the tight white briefs were starting Ted's juices flowing. Ted licked his lips longing to taste that young smooth flesh.

"Go on Brandon," coach ordered. "Loose those tight briefs let us see that hard little dick of yours."

Brandon blushed at the way coach referred to his cock. He was not as big as the other guys he had seen, but Coach did not constantly have to point that out.

Brandon hooked his fingers into the waistband and pulled his shorts down. Then he straightened up dropping the shorts to the floor. He stood there naked in front of the two fully clothed men. His young hard cock was sticking straight out form his reddish pubes.

"Ah, he is a true red head," Ted said.

"I guess you like what you see huh?"

"Oh yes I do."

"Feel free to inspect him closer. Look him over Ted and you will realize what I have lost with the corruption of those video files."

Ted had gotten up and came around the desk then. His eyes were taking in every inch of Brandon's naked body.

"Such a sexy kid."

Brandon had not been able to stop his eyes from wondering over the fully dressed man. He was a little thicker around the middle than coach, but it looked to be firm muscle and not flab. His basket bulged with a hard cock being restrained by his slacks.

"See where his eyes go Ted. Right down to your cock. These boys just can't get enough of man cock. Can you?"

Brandon had known there had only been one correct answer to that question. Coach only wanted to hear one word.

"Yes," Brandon had murmured.

"What was that?" Coach asked.

"Yes" Brandon had said more loudly.

"He can't wait to get his lips around that tool of yours Ted. Trust me when I tell you, he is one fucking good cocksucker. He will swallow every inch of that hot dick of yours and long for more."

Ted had moved right in front of Brandon. He reached out with one hand and ran it over Brandon's smooth chest. His fingers touch Brandon's nipple and feeling the red nub grow and get harder. He gently pinched the hardening member between his fingers and Brandon moaned.


"Fuck but his skin is so smooth and soft," Ted said. His hands were sliding all over the smooth chest, arms, and stomach of the boy. Ted's fingers worked their way down to tease Brandon's navel. His finger darted in and out of the opening. Circling around and around before sliding down to touch those reddish pubes.

The soft hair of Brandon's pubes curled around his fingers as he slid them through the red thatch. He slid them down until his fingers touched the base of that young cock. He parted his fingers making a v shape and slid them down further.

I wonder what this wood feel like smooth?" Ted said half to himself.

"If you want to find out, we can," coach said.

Brandon was feeling like a piece of property. He was being felt over like you would a leather chair or something testing the softness of the leather and feel of it against your skin.

Coach moved over to his desk and pulled a razor from the drawer. He returned in only seconds flipping the razor on.

"Please don't' coach. Please don't shave me down there," Brandon had begged.

Shut the fuck up," Coach barked. "You will be quiet and accept that you're going to be shaved smooth as a baby's bottom."

"But coach, how will I explain that. I mean if the other guys seem in the locker room or something. They are going to think it is weird."

"Well, that is just something you will have to deal with."

Brandon began to back away. He did not want to be shaved. He did not want his pubes to end up on the floor of the coach's office. He had been shaved once before by TJ and although he liked the feeling of his smooth crotch, he found it way to embarrassing.

"Where the fuck do you think you are going?" Coach asked.

"I um, I am not going to let ya do this coach. I aint going to be shaved down there."

"You will fucking do what ever in the hell I tell you to do. If I tell you to drop and suck my dick, then you will drop to your knees and suck my dick and lick my sweaty balls. If I tell you to bend over and let teddy here fuck the cum out of you, then that is what you will do."

Coach advanced on Brandon with the humming sound of the razor growing closer and closer.

"Oh please let me," Ted had half begged.

Brandon continued to back away from the two men. He had no idea what he was going to do. There was nowhere for him to go. His clothes were on the floor and he could just not run out of the coach's office buck ass naked.

"Damn it," coach shouted passing the razor to Ted. "I fucking told you to fucking stand still now get your fucking ass back into the center of the room and get ready to have your fucking red pubes shaved. Stop this whimpering and wining and take it like a man. You fucking little shit."

Brandon began to bolt for the locker room exit to the Coach's office. He thought that if he could make it into the locker room, he might just be able to find a pair or shorts or something and get away. Coach no longer had any videos of him so he did not have to worry about Coach exposing him for the cock hungry slut he was.

Brandon only bade it a few steps before the Coach's powerful arms closed around him. He tried to struggle, but the coach's grip was like iron. He was pulled back into the center of the room. His arms were held behind his back by the coach. He struggled, but he might as well have been trying to break steel bars.

"Please don't...please don't do this to me," Brandon pleaded.

Coach smiled and told Ted to get to work. Ted took the razor and dropped down before Brandon. He looked up at the smooth body and his cock throbbed and jumped inside its tight confines. Pre cum was flowing liberally from the head as he placed the razor against Brandon's crotch and began removing the hair from his crotch.

First Ted shaved the left side smooth and then the right. Then he glided the razor up and over the cock and then around the balls and over them too. Ted wanted to make sure he got every last red hair from the boy's body. He looked up over the smooth chest. Then back down at the hard cock sticking out form the kid's smooth crotch.

"Lift your arms," Ted ordered.

Brandon glanced at coach and saw the coach nod his ascent. Brandon raised his arms revealing the reddish armpit hair.

"Oh fuck so damn hot," Ted moaned.

Ted leaned in and flicked his tongue over the head of Brandon's cock and was rewarded with a soft moan of pleasure from the boy.

Ted stood and took Brandon's right arm in his hand and brought the razor to the kid's pit. He made short work of the reddish hair.

He watched the last of the hair disappear from Brandon's right pit. His cock was so hard. His juices were flowing steadily and Ted leaned in and licked Brandon's smooth pit. His tongue tasted the salty taste of young sweat. His nose inhaled the scent of the kid.

After bathing that right pit with his tongue Ted turned Brandon and held his left arm and repeated the process. First he shaved that pit smooth then he bathed it with his tongue. His mouth drunk in the taste and his nose pulled in the scent of this boy.

Brandon stood there smooth in his crotch and pits. He had not felt anything like this before. Ted seemed to want to lick him all over. He seemed to want to taste him and enjoy his body. This guy was stranger than coach. His hands were always gentle as they caressed and stroked. It was as if Ted was worshiping Brandon's young body.

"Do you like the smooth boy?" Coach asked.

"Oh fuck yes," Ted said. I'd love to lick him all over and taste every part of his body."

"Go ahead, he is yours to play with," coach said.

Brandon felt like some toy being loaned to the coach's friend. It was obvious coach thought of him as a piece of property something he could just give to a friend. Brandon hoped that He, TJ and Billy would be able to change their position.

Brandon could not deny to himself that he enjoyed the pleasure of the Coach's cock in his hole, but he did not enjoy being treated like a piece of property. He was not some animal, but that is how he felt the Coach was treating him right now.

Ted pulled Brandon over to the Coach's desk and swept the few papers and other odds and ends onto the floor. He then pushed Brandon back against the desk and lay him down on this back. Ted then began running his tongue all over Brandon's smooth chest. It swirled around each of the kid's hard nipples. From the left pec to the right and back again.

Brandon could not stop the pleasure this man's tongue gave his nipples. It felt so hot having that moist mouth on his chest sucking each of his red nipples and bathing his pecs with the man's saliva.

Ted worked his tongue down over Brandon's flat belly. Down to run his tongue over the boy's navel Ted flicked his tongue over it several times and then pushed the tip into the small orifice. In and out Ted darted his tongue and Brandon shivered with the thrill of having this good-looking ban give him a tongue bath.

Coach sat back and watched as his old friend worked over the boy's body with his tongue. Coach had known Ted was a kinky one, but he had never known how into boy flesh the guy was. If only the man had been able to save his files.

Coach could not help but wonder how he had picked up a virus. He kept all of his Internet security and anti-virus software up-to-date. He never took chances with that sort of thing.

Brandon's loud moan of pleasure pulled the Coach back to the scene in front of him. He watched as Ted swallowed Brandon's raging boner. Ted took it down to the base and seemed to be trying to fit Brandon's teen balls into his mouth as well.

Coach's cock was straining to get free. He decided he might as well get comfortable and enjoy the show for a while. He slid down the shorts he was wearing and began to massage that monster cock of his through the tight jock strap he was wearing.

Brandon had been feeling the Coach watch him and Ted. He watched as the Coach slid off his shorts to begin playing with the bulge in his jock pouch. Brandon licked his lips remembering how tasty that monster the coach had was.

Ted pulled his mouth off of Brandon's cock and began licking up and down the inside of Brandon's legs. He started at the ball sack and licked all the way to the knee and then back up. He then licked down the other leg all the way to the knee.

Brandon had never felt anything like this. It was amazing the way this man's tongue felt. It seemed to be doing things to him that he had never considered before.

Ted had lifted Brandon's legs then and pushed them back towards his chest. He then began licking from the back of Brandon's knee all the way down to the smooth round globe of Brandon's ass. He repeated this on the other leg. Then he began licking back and forth on each side of Brandon's trench. His tongue growing closer and closer to Brandon's crack.

As Ted bathed Brandon's young body with his tongue, he unzipped his pants and pushed them down to his knees. His cock was harder than it had ever been before. His pre cum was leaking like a fire hose into his underwear.

Ted pushed down his underwear and took his hard thick 6-inch rod into his hand and began to pump up and down on it. His hand squeezing the fat head as he worked on his dick. His fingers pulling the foreskin back as he massaged his cock.

Ted's tongue moved into Brandon's trench and slid up and down the crevice. From the balls all the way back. His tongue sliding over the tight boy pucker as it explored the crack. Back and forth that wonderful tongue slid each time passing over Brandon's pucker and pushing against it with more and more force.

Brandon flinched in pleasure each time that tongue touched his hole. Each time it passed by he felt more and more pleasure. His hole was trembling with wanting that tongue to be inside of him.

"Oh fuck sir, please tongue my hole. Please Sir!"

Ted did as the Boy begged. He ran his tongue all around that pucker and then began pressing it against that tight opening. Ted worked his talented tongue into Brandon. He sucked in the taste of the boy. He drunk him in. He thought he might even taste some cum in that tight boy hole. Ted could not help but wonder who's cum he was eating out of this kids ass.

Brandon squirmed in pleasure as Ted pushed his tongue in and out of him. It seemed to be going deeper and deeper. He had never felt anyone's tongue so deep inside him before.

"Oh yes, oh yes, eat my hole. Oh yes," Brandon cried.

"Fuck but you're making to much noise kid," Coach said coming up next to Brandon's thrashing head. "I think you need to work on this big pacifier."

The coach stood there with his monster cock protruding from the left side of his jock pouch. The elastic fabric stretched back so the dripping head and shaft could be exposed. He stepped closer and grabbed Brandon's head and guided the boy's mouth to his man hose.

Brandon did not hesitate to lick the head of coach's cock. He wanted to taste that hot man juice. He needed to feel that big dick inside his mouth. He wanted it so bad. He needed that man cock. Fuck but what had he become.

"That's it my cock sucker. Lick my big knob. OH yes good boy. Now open up and suck on. Yeah, that's right put your lips around my big head and suck on me."

"Ted's tongue was deep in this boy's ass as he watched the boy taking coach's monster cock. Ted had sucked on that cock before, so he knew just how good it could taste and feel inside you.

Brandon's boy dick was leaking with pre cum as he felt his orgasm growing inside him. He felt the yearning to cum. He felt the need to shoot his hot cream all over himself. He reached down and began to stroke himself. His hand closing around his rigid boy flesh as he pumped it up and down.

Coach grabbed Brandon's wrists and pulled his hands off the young cock.

"Who the fuck said you could jack off. Did I give you permission to stroke yourself?"

"No sir," Brandon said pulling off the coach's cock. "Please coach can I? May I jack myself off?"


"But Coach."

The whimper in Brandon's voice was pleading. He wanted to stroke so bad. He needed to cum.

"You only get to play with yourself when you have been given permission. Not until that permission is given are you to touch that dick of yours."

"Yes sir. Please sir give me permission to play with my dick."

Coach smiled down at the begging boy. This red headed hot pussy boy begging to stroke himself. His cock throbbed with each pleading word from Brandon's red lips.

"In time. When I am ready. Now get back to sucking my cock or I will never let you stroke yourself."

Ted was still eating the boy's hot ass. His tongue sliding deep inside the boy's tight rose bud. He loved how tight the kid's hole was. He loved how smooth the kid's legs were as his stubble rubbed against the kid's fair skin.

In places Brandon's skin was growing red from the stubble on the man's face. He was going to eat out this kids hole like it had never been done before. He had been told on more than one occasion that his tongue was the longest anyone had ever seen. They had called him the Lizard in college because of his tongue.

Ted's fist pumped his cock harder and faster and he tongue fucked Brandon's quivering hole. He watched as the Kid's red lips stretched around the coach's monster and took the big fucker down to the base.

Eating the kid's ass and watching the kid suck on the coach's snake was more than Ted could handle. He felt his balls pulling up. He felt his cum beginning to boil over.

"Oh fuck, Oh fuck I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum."

Ted had pulled his tongue from Brandon's wet hole and stood straight his cock pointing over the naked body of the boy on the desk. His first rope of cum shot out and fired landing on Brandon's smooth chest. The second landed next to the first. The third splattered onto Brandon's belly. The rest of his load coated Brandon's smooth crotch. Ted's cum covered Brandon's dick, balls and was running down into the kid's trench.

"Shit Ted. You still have no self control do you," The coach sneered at his friend. "But at least you still shot large amounts of hot seed."

Ted rubbed his dripping cock up and down Brandon's crack. His hot sticky seed coating the Kid's trench.

Ted's cock began to harden again as he rubbed it against Brandon's smooth skin. The sight of coach sliding his cock in and out of Brandon's lips added to the blood pumping back into Ted's cock.

Ted looked down at the cum on Brandon's white skin. He licked his lips and then smiling he bent down and began lapping at the cum on Brandon's chest. His tongue licked up every drop of his seed from the boy's chest. Then down over the kids belly. His tongue darting into the navel and scooping up the pool of man milk that had accumulated there. Ted washed his seed off of Brandon's torso. Then he dove his tongue into that ass trench. He cleaned the hot sticky cum form Brandon's crack. He slurped up every last drop of his man slime from the kid's smooth skin.

"Fuck Ted, eaten' your own load. What a fucking pervert you are. Man. But I forgot how much you liked to lick and suck. Cum from a guys body."

Ted only made a muffled grunt as he pushed his tongue back into Brandon's ass.

Brandon's mouth was full of cock as he felt the other man washing his body with his tongue. Fuck but this guy loved licking him. Every drop of the cum the guy had shot onto his chest and belly was soon slurped up. Brandon's cock trembled hoping Ted would clean it of the cum he had shot onto it. Brandon was disappointed when Ted bypassed his cock and went back into his ass.

If Ted had only put his mouth around his cock for a moment he just knew he would have been able to blow that load into the man's mouth.

"Fuck but you must love the taste of that boy ass," Coach said.

"Umumum omomomom," was the only sound that came from Ted.

Coach pulled his cock dripping from Brandon's mouth. There was a long string of saliva that attached it to the kid's hot lips until Coach moved back further and the strand broke.

Coach moved around the desk to stand behind his friend. He looked down at the exposed ass. Those hard cheeks and trench with the hair growing from it. Coach wondered how tight his friend was. He wondered when the last time Ted had had a cock inside his manhole.

Coach parted those hard orbs and ran the head of his wet cock up and down the crack. The head found the tight brown pucker and he pushed against it. He thrust hard until his cock was impaled inside Ted's tight hole.

"ohohohohoh fuck oh fuck damn," Ted cried. As he was stretched further than he had been in years.

Ted pulled his tongue from Brandon's ass and looked back over his shoulder.

"What the hell chuck. What the fuck."

"Just shut up Ted. You need a good fucking. You're so damn tight. It has been a while since you got plowed really well hasn't it."

"Fuck man. Take that fucker out of me. Take it out."

"Shut the fuck up and just go back to work on that boy hole. You know your going to like it. Just fucking relax and get into it."

Ted had little choice at this point. He tried to relax his tight hole and let the Coach fuck him. He could feel that monster the Coach had pushing its way deeper and deeper into his ass. It had been a long time since the Coach had impaled him with that fuck stick.

Ted went back to work on Brandon his tongue licking at Brandon's smooth cum covered nuts. Lapping up that hot seed that he had shot there.

"Oh yes lick my balls. Oh yes sir lick them. Please sir lick my dick too. Oh please suck me."

Ted could feel his ass relaxing and growing use to the invading pole the coach was shoving in and out of him. The coach's head began to rub his prostate and he yelped in pleasure.

"Oh that is it Teddy. I found that pleasure button didn't I."

"Oh fuck chuck. Oh yes fuck me fuck me good."

Ted began pushing back against the coach. He was meeting every one of those hard and powerful thrusts with his own thrust back. He leaned down and engulfed Brandon's cock his mouth slurping up the cum that coated the rigid boy rod. He cleaned it of every drop of pre cum and his own cum. He swirled his tongue around the young dick and slurped in even more boy juice.

"Oh yes suck me. Thank you sir. Thank you for sucking me."

Brandon knew he would not last long. The man's mouth was wonderful as it worked on his cock. It felt so good. It felt so damn good.

Brandon could feel his balls pulling up. He felt the familiar tingle he knew it was about to explode.

"ahahahahaha ieieieieieie yessyessss," He cried.

Ted sucked harder and felt the first blast of hot juice hit his mouth. He drunk down the first and second shot and then the third. The shots were coming so fast he could not keep up with them. He did not know anyone could shoot so much cum. Fuck but the kid was shooting buckets of the stuff.

Tried as he might, Ted could not keep up with Brandon's massive load of boy juice. The cum began to leak from his lips. He tried to drink it in faster but choked and cum was shooting out of his nose as he could not take the kids load fast enough.

Coach pounded the man's ass harder and faster. He gripped Ted's hips and thrust harder and faster. His cock was like a piston as he drove it into his old friend.

Listening to the moans of pleasure coming from Brandon sent coach over the edge into orgasmic pleasure.

"Ohohohoh yes Teddddyyyy," He cried. "Here I cum. I'm gonna fill your fucking ass with a hot load of man seed."

Coach's big cock erupted inside Ted. His hot sticky man spunk shooting deep into Ted's guts. Ted was being filled from both ends. His mouth with hot sweet boy juice and his ass with thick creamy man seed. He grabbed his cock and squeezed the head and soon was blasting his second load onto the floor of the office.

Ted moaned around Brandon's dick and waves of pleasure shot through Brandon. He shivered on the desk his body wet and sweaty form the exertion. He moaned and added his own voice to that of the two men.

Brandon's mind was pulled back to the present as the exam room door was opened and a good-looking young man stepped into the room. Brandon took in the attractive face, the dark hair and smiling eyes. Brandon thought the guy had an awesome build underneath the white lab coat he was wearing.

"Hi, you must be Brandon," He said.


"I'm Kyle. I am an assistant of Doctor Connors. I will be doing the pre-exam work and then Doctor Connors will come in.

Kyle reached out his hand and Brandon took it in a firm handshake. Their eyes locked and they exchanged a knowing look and a quick smile.

Brandon knew about Kyle from TJ and was expecting the exam to be similar to TJ's. Kyle obviously knew that the boy was here from one of the extra special exams that Doctor Connors gave.

Kyle released Brandon's hand and looked down at the chart in his hands. He flipped up the top sheet of paper that had Brandon's statistics on it and looked at the second page. The second page was covered in dr. Connors handwriting. There were clear instructions as to what Kyle was to do to this kid.

Kyle could feel his cock hardening as he read through the instructions.

"Okay, it looks like Dr. Connors has left a few instructions here, so lets get started. I know once you are ready Dr. Connors will come in and complete the um, exam."

Kyle asked Brandon to remove his shirt which Brandon did without question.

When Brandon pulled the polo shirt he was wearing up and over his head, Kyle noticed that Brandon had smooth armpits. Kyle had expected to see some reddish hair like on the kid's head, but instead he saw smooth pale skin.

Kyle stepped up to Brandon and place the cool stethoscope against Brandon's chest. Kyle's fingers pinched Brandon's red nipple as he listened to the kid's heartbeat.

Kyle listened to the kid's heart rate speed up as he gently teased the red nub in his fingers. He worked it over and then moved his fingers to the other one. Kyle gently pinched the hard red nipple making it grow harder and Brandon gasped with the pleasure the firm hands were giving his tits.

"That sounds very good," Kyle said. "Now let me just listen to your lungs. "

Kyle moved the instrument to the kids back and listened. Brandon took deep breaths as he was instructed. Then He felt Kyle's hand on his chest again. His fingers were returning to tease Brandon's nipple. The hard boy tits were so sensitive as Kyle's fingers manipulated them over and over again.

Very good," Kyle said.

Kyle let the stethoscope drop form the kids back but continued to rub and pinch the boy's nipples. Kyle knew his own dick was straining to escape from his tight pants. He wanted to reach down and pull it out, but it was not time for that yet.

"Go ahead and remove the rest of your clothes. We might as well get started on the rest of your exam."

Brandon stood next to the table and removed his pants. He pulled off the tight jeans and placed them on the chair next to the exam table. He stood there in his white jockey briefs and socks. His hard young dick pushing out the front of the briefs.

Kyle smiled as he noticed the hard cock pressing out the front of the underwear. He also noticed the blush on Brandon's face.

"Don't worry, we all pop boners. It is perfectly natural. Please go on and remove the underwear."

Brandon hooked his fingers into the waistband of his briefs and pulled them down. He placed them on top of his jeans and then turned standing there with his genitals exposed.

Kyle's eyes widened at the smooth crotch and the hard little dick sticking straight out from it. Kyle's tongue flicked over his lips as he wondered what it would feel like sucking on that dick with no pubes to tickle his nose.

Brandon saw the way Kyle was staring at his crotch and his face grew hotter. He moved his hands to cover his exposed dick.

The movement snapped Kyle out of his wondering. He looked at Brandon and smiled. He wanted the kid to relax. The kid should enjoy the exam after all.

"Just relax," Kyle said stepping forward and giving Brandon's shoulder a reassuring squeeze. "There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Many guys like to keep themselves smooth down there."

Kyle's mind flashed to one of the guys in his frat. He could remember all to well the first time he had seen Jake naked. The guy was completely smooth from his toes to his head. There wasn't a hair on his body except for the light blonde hair on his head. The guy also had an all over tan.

Kyle had to fight hard to keep his cock from springing to full attention as they shared the showers. The guys smooth chest, firm round bubble butt and long smooth legs were driving Kyle's sexual stimulation into overdrive.

Kyle could not help but wonder what it would feel like to feel that soft cock growing harder in his hands. He wanted to massage that smooth scrotum and maybe even suck on the guy's awesome looking dick.

Jake had caught Kyle looking at him and had grinned at him.

Do you see something you like?" Jake had said.

"Um, I um, sorry, I just never um, saw any guy so smooth," Kyle had tried to explain.

Jake had given Kyle an understanding smile. The guys blue eyes seemed to be laughing.

"Right. A lot of guys find it curious the first time they see another guy shaved. They seem to wonder what if feels like. Being smooth down here."

Jake had reached down then and ran his hand over his smooth crotch. His fingers sliding around his shaft and then down to palm his smooth balls.

"Um, does it feel better?" Kyle had asked and could feel his cock plumping up.

"I think it feels great. Every thing is so much more sensitive. You can feel everything that is happening down there."

Jake had then moved from underneath his own showerhead and stepped closer to Kyle. His naked body only inches from Kyle. His swimmers build glistening in the light of the showers.

"Want to check it out," Jake had said and grabbed Kyle's hand.

Before Kyle could do anything his hand was against Jake's smooth crotch. His fingers were brushing Jake's smooth nuts. Kyle had not been able to stop his cock from growing fully erect. His hard tool pointing at the shower wall. He could feel Jake's tool also growing bigger. It was extending to its full seven inches.

"I thought you might like the way it feels. Maybe you want to do more than just feel it with your hands?"

"Um, I um, no. Um, I am just um curious thanks."

"Oh come on Kyle, I know you like the idea. Just look at that fucking dick of yours. Your rock hard just from this brief contact. I bet you are wanting more than to just feel my cock and balls. I think you would like to taste them too."

"No, No man...don't be crazy."

"Come on don't lie to me man. I can see it in your eyes and in the way your cock is throbbing."

Just then they had heard the door open and someone else coming in to take a shower. Jake had quickly moved back to his own showerhead. His cock still almost fully hard. Kyle tried to will his erection down as JD stepped into the showers.

"Hi guys," JD had said as he moved to an empty showerhead. "What's up?"

Kyle kept his back to Jd hoping the other guy would not noticed that Kyle had a throbbing hard-on. He had not been that lucky though.

"Oh, well, I guess I know what is up with you Kyle. Looks like you got some morning wood that won't go away."

Kyle had felt his face blush.

"I um," he began but JD cut him off.

"Hey it is okay. It happens to all of us. Doesn't it Jake?"

"Sure does man," Jake had said and turned so both Kyle and JD could see his hard-on.

"Damn just what were you two horny fucks doing in here before I showed up?"

"Nothing," Kyle said.

"Yeah, we both just ended up having morning wood," Jake added.

"I hope that is all," JD said. "Of course if it wasn't you know...well I might be able to be persuaded to over look certain things that the other brothers would most certainly frown upon."

"Well in that case," Jake said reaching down and beginning to stroke himself.

Kyle had not been able to believe what was happening. Jake was standing there in the spray from the shower with his hand wrapped around his hard dick. His slick hand slowly stroking it up and down and he didn't seem to mind at all that JD and he were standing there watching him.

"Nice," JD said reaching down to take his own hard member into his hand.

Kyle watched as JD too began to slowly pump up and down on his hard dick. His hand sliding down into his thick light brown wet pubes that surrounded his dick.

"Go on Kyle," Jake said as he stroked himself. "You know you want to stroke it. It is rock hard after all."

Kyle's eyes traveled back over to Jake and took in the sight of the hot young man. The completely smooth body, the defined chest and abs, the well-muscled shoulders and arms. All of the swimming Jake had done had given him a great toned and muscled body. Add a narrow waist and the smooth body and Kyle could see a model from one of the all male magazines he occasionally bought.

"Yeah Kyle," JD said. "Join us in a morning ritual. It is okay. No one will know but the three of us.

Kyle could feel the pre cum beginning to ooze from his cock so he slid his hand down over his own toned chest. His fingers sliding across his solid abdominal muscles into his own thick wet patch of brown pubes. His fingers closed around the base of his rock hard and wet cock and he began to stroke himself slowly. His hand sliding up from the curly brown pubes up to the head of his cock. The pre cum feeling slightly more slippery than the rest of his wet dick.

"That's it Kyle pump on that fucking hard dick," Jake said.

Jake was doing just that to his own cock. His hand sliding more quickly up and down the wet shaft. Jake's hand made a soft slapping sound against the wet smooth skin of his crotch as he pumped his dick up and down. All seven hard cut inches of his dick being pumped by his fist. His other hand slid down his body to reach under his dick and grasp his balls. His fingers began massaging the young cum filled orbs inside their smooth sack of skin.

Kyle watched his housemate stretch the ball sack away from his body so that each orb was clearly visible at the bottom of the sack. The balls were larger than Kyle had first thought. They were large over sized eggs inside that smooth sack and Kyle couldn't help but wonder what they would feel like if he ran his tongue over those hot cum filled eggs.

Kyle began pumping his cock faster and faster. His nuts were beginning to boil with the cum that was wanting to fire from the head of his cock.

"Wow that is it JD. Work that fuckin' dick of yours, man. Fucking pump that hard dick. Look at him go Kyle. Look at him stroke."

Kyle turned and watched the other hot stud stroking his cock. JD was shorter than he and Jake, but the guy had a hot studly compact body with his solid biceps, strong pectorals, flat stomach and a rock hard thick six and a half inch cock.

Jake was right. JD was pumping his dick furiously. His hand seemingly to fly up and down the thick dick taking every stroke as fast as he could. The guy would blow his load very soon if he kept that pace up for long.

As Kyle watched, JD slowly turned to face the wall. The water cascading over his shoulders, down his back and into the crack of his ass. Kyle watched that water running down over the athletic body. He watched as it ran out the crack of JD's ass.

JD kept one hand wrapped around his cock and pumped it fast and hard. With his other hand, he reached back and began to rub his firm round ass. He pushed it out for the other two guys to see and admire. His solid ass cheeks flexing as he grew closer and closer to blowing his load all over the shower wall. Jd's fingers slid into the crack and pulled it apart a bit and gave the other two studs a quick glimpse of his tight puckered hole.

Kyle was not going to be able to hold back much longer. The sight of JD playing with his firm ass, and the sight of Jake pounding his rock hard 7-inch cock was just too much. Kyle knew that he would be blowing a huge load of cum all over the shower floor.

Kyle reached down and gripped his own balls. He held his large nuts in one hand while pumping faster and squeezing harder on his dick. His cock getting closer and closer. He felt it growing in his hand. He felt his balls beginning to pull up. He knew his load was going to shoot.

Something of his impending orgasm must have showed on his face, for Jake said, "Look, I think Kyle's going to shoot."

JD turned and watched as Kyle's first rope of cum shot out of his dick. It fired across the room in the direction of Jake. There was no way the hot strand of cum would reach the other stud, but it went quite a distance into the room to land with a splat on the tile floor.

More jets of Kyle's load were soon shooting out to follow the first rope. His whole body seemed to be tensed as he rode the wave of pleasure and fired his seed into the shower.

"Fuck, I'm cumming too," JD said.

JD shot out ropes of his own hot seed. His white cum firing out into the room towards the ropes that Kyle shot. His hot man milk landing and mixing with Kyle's.

"Too fucking hot," Jake said. "I'm going to blow guys."

With that, Jake's hot white cum fired from the head of his cut cock. The hot jets of cum firing towards the other two loads that lay on the floor. His seed erupting over and over again. His huge load squirting out of his cock like it was a canon.

"Fuck dude, how long you been saving that up?" JD asked impressed with the large amount of cum Jake had unloaded.

Jake was breathing hard as he pumped the last of his hot cum from his still hard member. His chest heaving as he tried to regain his control.

"It's been quite a while," Jake said. "I haven't had the chance to get off. You know what the rules are about jacking off in the frat. Fuck but we could all be in trouble if any of the other guys found out about this."

"True," JD said. "But they aint going to find out are they."

"Fuck no," Jake said.

"I am not saying a word," Kyle said.

"Cool. Then we have our little secret," Jd said smiling at the other two studs and wondering how long it would be before they were ready to repeat the shower room performance.

Kyle pulled his mind back from the two hot studs in the shower to the naked kid before him. He had Brandon hop back up on the exam table and lay back on his back. Kyle then began running his hands all over Brandon's chest and stomach. He felt every inch of the kid's body and then as the instructions Doctor Connors had written told him, Kyle leaned down and began sucking on Brandon's left nipple. He swirled his tongue around and around that firm nub tasting the kid's clean skin and the smoothness of the young chest. He licked between the pecs and then took the right nipple into his mouth. He sucked on it and nipped it with his teeth.

Brandon moaned in delight as the hunky guy sucked his chest. He moaned when Kyle's teeth nipped his right nipple and squirmed at the sensations this hot stud was sending through his body.

Kyle's tongue slid lower and swiped at the little belly button. He probed into the small opening an swirled his tongue around.

Brandon's cock was harder than it had been all day and pre cum was just beginning to ooze out of the tip.

Kyle straightened back up saying, "everything seems fine so far."

He made a couple notes on the kids chart and then read the second instruction that Dr. Connors had left. Kyle smiled as he read the words.

"Okay, now if you will just stand up for a moment," Kyle said taking the short chair and rolling over to the side of the table.

Brandon stood up his cock and balls only inches from Kyle's face. Kyle reached out with one hand and cupped the hairless nuts in the balm of his hand. He felt Brandon jump as his fingers lightly closed around those small eggs.

"just relax," Kyle said as he began fondling Brandon's nuts.

Kyle's fingers explored each of the round orbs. He felt all over the surface of each testicle and then traced the connection of each one back up to the kid's body. He spent quite a while exploring each nut and watched the kids cock jump. He watched as a larger and larger drop of dew formed on the head.

Kyle's fingers released Brandon's balls and took hold of the short dick sticking out form the smooth crotch. He gently ran fingers up and down the organ and marveled at how hard and soft it felt all at the same time. He squeezed the head and watched the drop of dew begin to fall.

Kyle leaned in and stuck out his tongue. He let the drop of pre cum drip from Brandon's head and onto his tongue. Kyle's tongue never touched the boys cock but just caught the drop of juice.

"Everything seems to be working just fine down here," Kyle said looking up into the green eyes.

As their eyes met again, Kyle seemed to see something familiar in them. He knew he had never met Brandon before, but there was something about the green eyes and red hair that struck a cord of memory.

"Is there something wrong?" Brandon asked.

Kyle shook his head unable to bring up what ever it was that he found familiar about Brandon. "No, nothing wrong at all."

Kyle moved to the desk and made a few more notes. Then he spun back to Brandon who had resumed sitting on the edge of the exam table.

"Go on and lie back on the table."

Brandon did as Kyle instructed him.

"Good now just raise your legs up and pull them back toward your chest."

Brandon took a deep breath and did as he was told pulling his legs back and up.

Kyle lifted an arm from the head of the table. There were two extensions sticking out from the end of the making a wide V shape. Two cloth loops dangled from each end of the V. Kyle secured Brandon's ankles into the soft fabric and let the boy's legs rest suspended there.

"Are you uncomfortable. I can adjust the arm a bit if it is making you uncomfortable."

"No, I am um, okay."

With his legs secured in this manner Brandon was helpless. He was completely at the other guy's mercy. There was not much he could do about it. If he had not cooperated with Kyle, then he probably would have been in deep shit with /Coach. Plus TJ had said Kyle was okay. Kyle was suppose to be on their side now.

"Good. If you need to be let out at anytime just let me know. I don't want to cause you any pain...well at least no pain that isn't of the pleasurable variety."

Brandon could not help but feel more comfortable as Kyle flashed him that sexy smile. The dude should be in a magazine. He has the face for it and Brandon thought the body too.

Kyle began running his hands up and down Brandon's legs. The soft young skin adding to Kyle's excitement. Kyle ran one hand down each leg until they met at Brandon's crack. Kyle then ran his thumbs up and down that crack until his thumbs found Brandon's tight pucker. Kyle pulled the pucker opened and looked down at the kid's hot tight young hole. He knew Brandon had more than one cock in this hole, but it still looked young and fresh and as if it was ready to have its cherry popped for the first time.

As Dr. Connor had instructed Kyle leaned down and swiped his tongue over the opening. He then pushed it inside. He whirled it around in the kid's hole for a moment before standing straight.

"Dr. Connors asked me to do a taste test and see if I detected any cum in this hole of yours. I found none, so does that mean it has been a while since a cock has found its way into your ass?"

Brandon blushed but answered the question honestly. He had not had a cock in there since the coach and the coach's friend Ted had worked him over. Brandon was sure Ted and licked out every last spec of cum his long tongue could find in that hole.

"Well, I am sure that will change today," Kyle said with his warm smile.

Kyle moved to a cabinet and took out the equipment he would need. He placed it on a tray next to the exam table and then moved back down to Brandon's legs. He pulled on a latex glove and then dipped a finger into a jar of lube. He scooped out the lube and rubbed it against Brandon's hole.

"Ohohoh," Brandon moaned when the cool gel touched his sensitive pucker.

"I know it is a little cold, but your hot hole will warm it up fast.

Kyle pressed his finger into Brandon's hole and then pulled it out. He scooped up more lube and slid two fingers into the Kids ass. His fingers penetrating easily.

Kyle found Brandon's button and pressed it and the kid jumped in a wave of pleasure.

"Ah looks like the prostate is working just fine," Kyle said smiling and then on impulse leaning over and kissing Brandon's chest.

He began sucking on one of Brandon's nipples as his fingers continued to working in and out of Brandon's hole. Brandon's hot tight hole relaxing and dilating around Kyle's two fingers.

Kyle felt Brandon's hole was ready, so he pulled out his two fingers. He reached over to the tray and picked up a long cylindrical tube. One end was rounded with an opening about twice the size of a shirt button. In all the device Kyle held was about ten inches long and probably four inches in diameter.

Brandon watched nervously as Kyle opened a large container on the tray. He put the narrow rounded end of the cylinder into the fluid inside the container. Brandon watched as Kyle pulled back on the handle on the other end of the cylinder.

The liquid level inside the container decreased as the fluid was sucked up into the tube.

"Um, just what are you going to do with that?" Brandon asked his voice shaking.

"Don't worry. I am not going to do anything that will hurt you. It might be a bit uncomfortable for a few seconds, but in time you will feel great pleasure. Just trust me."

Kyle shot Brandon another one of those million dollar smiles. His purly white teeth sparkling in the florescent light of the exam room.

Kyle finished filling the tube and then moved back between Brandon's legs. Kyle spread more of the lubricant onto the end of the tube and then place the end against Brandon's puckered hole.

"Now just relax and open your hole for me. This is a little bit bigger than my fingers, but I bet it isn't as big as some cocks you have had up this hot tight boy hole."

Brandon did as Kyle instructed and relaxed. He took several deep breaths and then flexed his ass muscles as if he were preparing to take a dump.

Kyle pushed the cylinder into Brandon inch by slow inch. He forced 3 inches of the long tube into the kid's tight anal opening.

Brandon was panting and sweating by the time Kyle stopped pushing. He looked down between his legs and saw the silver cylinder protruding from his ass with Kyle's hand holding onto the end and his other hand grasping the plunger.

"You okay buddy?"

"Yeah," Brandon said as he grew use to the invading instrument.

"Good, now get ready for the second part."

Kyle pushed down the plunger and slowly the liquid inside the tube was pushed up into his ass. Brandon felt the cold fluid filling him. He felt it flooding deep into his anal channel. It was filling him up.

The fluid Kyle was injecting into Brandon's ass was a special concoction that Dr. Connors and Mr. Wilson had come up with. The liquid did nothing until injected into a body opening and then the heat of the body activated the compound.

The heat of Brandon's ass made the inactive components of the compound begin to come to life. The molecules vibrated and began heating up.

Brandon felt the cool liquid becoming warmer and warmer. He felt the warmth spreading through out his ass. It seemed as if every nerve inside his anal chute had come to life and was sending waves of impulses up his spine and into the pleasure centers of his brain.

Brandon's rigid Penis pulsed and jerked with every beat of his heart. The compound was soaking into his system. The active molecules now being absorbed by the lining of Brandon's ass. Every nerve in the anal walls was brought to knew life. Every sensation amplified 10 fold. Brandon felt as if he were on a new plane of anal awareness. He did not know if he could stand much more. He thought he might pass out from the wonderfully ecstatic impulses flooding into his brain.

Kyle's eyes were watching the clock on the wall. He was intently watching the second hand count down the time he was instructed to leave the compound in Brandon's ass.

Brandon twitched and squirmed on the table his torso covered in a fine shiny layer of sweat. His legs jerking involuntarily at the restraints.

"OH OH GAWD Oh yes OHOHOHOHOH," Brandon cried in waves of newfound pleasure.

The second hand hit its mark and Kyle went into action. He pulled back on the plunger and sucked the fluid from inside Brandon's ass. He pulled it all the way back and then pulled the tube from Brandon's ass with a noticeable pop.

Kyle shot the used liquid into the sink and then rinsed the tube with tap water. He returned to Brandon and looked down at the intense waves of pleasure covering the boys face. It appeared Brandon had enjoyed every ounce of that concoction. His boy dick was still rock hard and there was a huge pool of pre cum covering the boys belly and filling up his navel.

"You okay?" Kyle asked concerned.

Kyle had no idea what had been in the compound he had injected into Brandon's ass. He had no idea what kind of reaction to expect. But Dr. Connors note had said it would cause great pleasure and no harm. Kyle still trusted Dr. Connors medical knowledge and his oath of causing no harm to his patients.

"Oh yes, my ass still tingles from that stuff. What the hell was it?"

"I am not entirely sure what it was."

Kyle took some tissue and cleaned up the last traces of the fluid that were leaking from Brandon's stretched hole.

Kyle had no more than finished cleaning up the Kid and the exam table and washed his hands when the exam room door opened.

"How is everything going in here?" Dr. Connors asked.

"just fine Doctor."

"It does appear that the patient is receiving quite the exam," Dr. Connors said.

"Yes, I have followed your instructions to the letter."

Dr. Connors moved over the exam table and looked down at the naked young man. His legs spread and his rigid hot boyhood pointing straight out from his shaved crotch.

"Oh looks like someone likes a smooth boy," Dr. Connors said smiling and running a hand over Brandon's smooth crotch.

Brandon looked over the attractive man who was rubbing his smooth crotch. He liked the look of that bearded face and wondered what it would feel like to have those whiskers brushing against his smooth crotch as the man sucked his hard dick.

"Has Kyle been taking good care of you?"

"Oh yes, he has um, done a great job."

"yes, I can see that," Dr. Connors said as he ran a fingertip through the large pool of juice on Brandon's flat belly.

Sucking the juice from his finger doctor Connors turned to Kyle. "I see you have not reached my final instruction yet."

"I haven't?"

"No turn the page,"

Kyle picked up the chart and turned to the next page. There in Dr. Connors handwriting was the word "Strip".

Kyle sat down the clipboard and began removing his lab coat. He unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off his shoulders. His strong athletic arms and chest coming into view.

Brandon watched the sexy guy stripping. His cock jumped every time Kyle revealed a new part of his body.

Kyle kicked off his shoes and then slid his pants down over his narrow hips and pulled them off. He stood there in his boxers looking at doctor Connors. His rock hard cock was pushing out the front of the boxers as it tried to find an escape from the cotton fabric cage.

"Go on and remove those boxers too."

Kyle pushed the boxers down and let his ample dick swing free. It pulsed and pre cum had already formed on the head. He had been hard since first touching Brandon's bare skin. His juices had been damping his boxers and he was ready for what ever Dr. Connors had in mind for him.

"Your still one fucking hot guy," Dr. Connors said admiring the young athletic body of the other man. He stepped closer to Kyle and ran a hand over the solid pecs and tweaked Kyle's eraser-sized nipples making them harder than before. He ran his hand down over the tan skin down to the younger mans belly button. There he fingered the small navel as he leaned in and sucked on Kyle's right nipple.

"Ohohohoh," Kyle moaned as the warm wet tongue of Dr. Connors teased the hard nub. The soft beard tickled his smooth skin as Dr. Connors licked his way from one nipple to the other.

Dr. Connors knowledgeable hand cupped Kyle's low hanging balls and began massaging them as he worked over the chest of this young Adonis.

"Oh fuck yes Doctor. Yes suck on my man tits. Oh yes lick that hard nipple."

Brandon lay there on the exam table his feet trapped in the restraints. His own cock jumping and twitching as more juice oozed from the head. He seemed to be making more and more pre cum than ever before. His body was still warm and tingling from the stuff Kyle had injected into his ass.

Dr. Connors bearded face slid down over Kyle's smooth body. His mouth kissing and sucking every inch of that warm skin. His tongue found Kyle's navel and he licked and probed it before following the treasure trail from the younger man's navel down into Kyle's thick thatch of pubes.

Dr. Connors inhaled deeply of the other Man's scent. He loved the way this guy smelled and tasted. He could smell the day's perspiration and then stronger scent of the guy's pre cum. He licked around the base of Kyle's cock and then up the left side of it. He licked all the way to the rim of the head before stopping.

"Ohohohoh," Kyle moaned as the doctor's wet tongue teased the side of his rigid man flesh.

"Do you want me to suck you, Kyle?"

"Oh yes Doctor please suck me. Pleas suck my dick. I need to be sucked so badly."

Dr. Connors licked the right side of Kyle's dick. The hairs around his mouth and on his chin playing havoc with Kyle's sensitive organ.

"Oh please please just suck me. Please doctor. I'll do anything if you will just put my cock in your mouth."

Dr. Connors had bent his head under Kyle's protruding member and was working on Kyle's sizeable nuts. He sucked one and then the other into his mouth. He worked over each of those hot eggs and knew soon he would have the cum out of those eggs and shooting out of that hot young hard cock.

Brandon reached down to his sensitive cock and began to jerk himself off. He pumped up and down on his cock as he watched the two men going at it. He could lay there jerking for hours and watching them. He felt himself getting closer and closer to the edge, but he did not cum. More pre cum squirted from his cock but no cum. He did not climax. He pumped harder and faster on himself, but still no climatic high.

Dr. Connors was rubbing the head of Kyle's throbbing man pole against his fuzzy cheek. The soft hairs of his beard tearing new sensations from Kyle.

"Oh fuck oh fuck. Please fucking suck me. Please doctor please. I beg you suck my unworthy cock for me. I'll suck yours. I eat your ass, I'll bend over and let you pound my ass, but just suck me."

Dr. Connors put the head of Kyle's dick between his lips and began to slowly suck it. His tongue working back and forth through the piss slit as he tasted the younger man's juices flowing out the head of that dick and onto his tongue.

Ever so slowly Dr. Connors went down on Kyle sizeable man flesh. He felt the fat head hit the back of his throat and he swallowed taking the college kid into his throat and massaging the sensitive head with each swallow. He had had bigger and smaller cocks in his mouth before but none tasted as good to him as the one he had now. There was just something about this hunky young college kid that got Dr. Connors juices flowing in a way they hadn't in years.

Kyle's hips began to buck as he felt his cock sliding into Dr. Connors throat. He moaned louder as he felt his balls already pulling up closer to his body. He wanted to hold out. He wanted to make the pleasure last, but he did not know how much more he could take. The feeling of that hot wet mouth around him. That hairy chin tickling his balls as he was deep throated. It was just to damn much pleasure.

"ARARARARARGGGGG" Kyle groaned as he felt his cock expand and the first blast fire into Connors' mouth.

Dr. Connors swallowed and felt the hot young cum coating his throat. He pulled back so he could taste the kid's juice. He wanted to savor every drop. He wanted to drink in the hot male essence of this young man and let it coat his stomach.

Jet after hot thick jet of college man cream shot from Kyle and was quickly swallowed down by dr. Connors. Kyle's chest was heaving and a light sheen of perspiration covered him as he slowly came down from his climax. He still felt the warm mouth sucking the last of his load from his cock.

"Oh wow Dr. Connors. Oh fucking wow. That was great."

Dr. Connors continued to suck on the hard man flesh between his lips. He wanted to milk every drop of man seed from Kyle's sensitive organ.

Kyle moaned louder than ever when Dr. Connors tongue swirled around his over sensitive cock head. The sensations being broadcast from his dick through his body were making his knees week.

"Oh please Doctor, please. Please no more. I'm so sensitive."

Dr. Connors pulled off the still hard man flesh and looked up into Kyle's face. His tongue flicked over his lips pulling in the last traces of Kyle's seed.

"That was one tasty load. I bet you got another one in there for me."

"OH fuck oh fuck. No...I mean yes. Oh shit."

Dr. Connors got to his feet. He reached up to the taller man and putting his hand behind Kyle's head brought Kyle's mouth to meet his. There they kissed. Dr. Connors pushing his cum coated tongue into Kyle's mouth so that Kyle could taste the cum.

Kyle slurped and sucked at the tongue invading his mouth. He tasted that hot sensual taste of cum on Dr. Connors lips and mouth. His own tongue followed Dr. Connors as it withdrew back into Dr. Connors' mouth.

Kyle slid his tongue along Dr. Connors teeth and deeper into the man's mouth. He searched out any traces of cum and reveled in the taste of his own hot man seed.

Dr. Connor's hands were sliding all over Kyle's naked body. He felt every inch of solid young flesh he could reach. He could feel the dampness on the young mans back as his hands slid down to squeeze those firm round melons of Kyle's ass.

Brandon watched the two men making out there in front of him. He did not think he had ever scene anything hotter. The still fully clothed Dr. kissing the naked college stud. There mouths locked together as Dr. Connors explored that hot athletic body with his hands.

Brandon pumped faster and harder on his cock. He felt as if he was going to blow apart if he didn't cum soon. His arm was growing tired with is fast pumping action. He had never taken this long to cum before. He had never had so many different kinds of stimuli before. He should be shooting ropes of cum, but he just felt the juice coalescing inside him. He moaned as he watched the two men.

Kyle's hand had began to slide over the Doctors sexy body. He pushed the lab coat down off the Doctor's shoulders. His nimble fingers began unbuttoning the Doctor's shirt. Kyle's fingers loosened the tie and pushed the shirt down over the doctor's shoulders. His fingers feeling the warm skin as the shirt slid down and hung from the doctor's waist.

Dr. Connor's mouth had left Kyle's and now was nibbling on his neck. He tasted the soft young man's skin and loved the feel of it against his tongue. He leaned up and grasped Kyle's ear lobe gently between his teeth and nipped at it.

"Oh fuck oh fuck," Kyle moaned in pleasure.

Kyle's hands were running across the Doctor's hairy chest. He felt each of the Doctor's nipples and gently pinched them with his fingers. He slid his hands lower over the Doctor's flat but hairy belly.

Kyle loved the feel of this hairy stud. He like the feeling of that soft hairy chest and belly against his skin. He liked the way it felt to rub himself against the other man. There was something about the hairy stud that made him feel hornier than ever.

Kyle's hand grasped the bulge in the front of Dr. Connors pants. He squeezed the hard piece of man flesh and got a rewarding moan from the older man. He squeezed it again and got another moan. Then his fingers went to work on the man's pants. In no time at all Kyle had them down to the Doctor's knees. His fingers squeezing and stroking the slab of man flesh through the man's cotton boxer briefs.

Kyle was now torn. He wanted to feel the Doctor's mouth devouring him, but he also wanted to be on his knees devouring that hot piece of man flesh. The battle inside him waged until he sank down to his knees and looked at the piece of hard man meet dripping juices into the man's boxer briefs.

Kyle leaned in and took the head into his mouth. He sucked on the head through the fabric of the briefs. He tasted the cotton and he tasted the pre cum of the other man that had soaked into that fabric.

"Ohohohoh, ohohoh yes Kyle. Yes that is it son. Suck me. Suck on that dick."

Kyle did just that. His spit and doctor Connors man juice soaking the front of the man's underwear.

Kyle could wait no longer. He wanted to taste that man flesh with out anything between it and his tongue. He wanted that rod in his mouth. He wanted to feel the thick pubes against his nose as he deep throated this horny man.

Kyle hooked his fingers into the waist of Dr. Connors underwear and pulled them down. He pulled them down and watched as that hot dick sprang free. It popped up slapping against the hairy belly of the doctor. Kyle watched as pre cum flew from the head. Some of it sticking in the hairs that covered Dr. Connors' belly and some of it landing on Kyle.

Kyle leaned in and captured the hot piece of meat between his lips and began sucking on just the head. His talented tongue licking back and forth through that cum slit as he sucked.

"Oh yes oh yes. OH fucking good job Kyle. Suck me. That's it take more of it into your mouth. Be my hot little cock sucking assistant."

Kyle did as the doctor asked and sucked more and more into his mouth. He felt the thick dick sliding deep into his throat. He felt the warmth of the man's organ as it slid down into him to be massaged by his throat muscles.

As Kyle sucked on the large man flesh in his mouth and down his throat, his hand pulled Dr. Connors clothes off of the man. Soon Dr. Connors shoes, pants, and underwear were in a pile on the floor. The hairy stud now stood there in only his socks and the tie around his neck.

Brandon felt as if his nuts were going to explode. His need to shoot cum was overwhelming him. He did not know what more he could do. He had switched hands several times and still had not shot his wad of boy juice. He could not pull his eyes off the two studs going at it. It was so hot watching Kyle strip that hairy man and to watch him on his knees servicing that big cock.

Brandon wished he could service that thing he wished to have it between his lips and sliding in and out of his mouth. He wished to then have it being pounded in and out of his tight boy hole.

"Oh fuck why can't I cum," Brandon cried.

Dr. Connors heard the plea of the boy still strapped on the exam table.

"Oh my boy, I almost forgot about you," He said putting a hand on Kyle's head to stop his sucking.

Kyle looked up wondering why he had been stopped wondering if he had done something wrong.

"You are neglecting your patient Kyle.


Kyle looked over at the exam table and saw Brandon there. His feet were still up in the air being supported by the arm and the fabric loops. The kid's hand was furiously pumping up and down his young small cock. The look of pleasure mixed with yearning on the boys face brought a feeling of sympathy from Kyle.

"You had better attend to your patient."

"Um, yes Doctor."

Kyle slowly got to his feet. His rock hard young cock swaying back and forth. The drop of pre cum that had formed on the head as he sucked on Doctor Connors' cock broke off and dripped to the floor.

Kyle looked down at Brandon's naked body. He watched the kid's fist pounding his boy hood for all he was worth. More and more pre cum oozed form the head. The kid's belly and chest were coated with it. It was running down the kid's sides and onto the exam table.

He looked up into Brandon's face. His pleading green eyes begging for help.

"I can't cum. Please make me cum. I need to shoot please help me."

Kyle looked from Brandon to doctor Connors and then back again. Then Kyle pulled Brandon's hand from the hard dick and replaced it with his mouth. He sucked Brandon all the way down to the kid's balls.

"OHOHOHOH ahahahaha," Brandon cried in pleasure.

Kyle tasted the juices pouring from Brandon's cock. He drunk in the pre cum. He sucked hard and fast on the younger guy trying to milk the cum from the kids swollen balls.

"Oh fuck oh fuck, it isn't working," Brandon practically cried. "Please, please suck me harder suck me faster. Please make me cum."

Dr. Connors moved closer to the two naked young men. He could not help but like the show of Kyle sucking on Brandon's boy hood. He couldn't help but want to sink his cock into Kyle's tight ass. It was presented to him just asking for a cock to fill it.

Kyle pulled off of Brandon's cock he felt Dr. Connors place a hand on his shoulder. He turned and looked into his mentor's eyes.

"What is wrong with him? Why hasn't he been able to ejaculate?"

"It is the substance you injected into his ass. It is keeping him from ejaculating. He could go for hours before he finally ejaculates."

"OHOHOHOH NOOOO!" Brandon's wail was loud in the small room. "I can not go that long. No I can't. I gotta cum. I gotta...Please Dr. Connors do something."

"Dr. You can't torture him like that. Look at his dick. It is so hard. I mean it is longer than I think I have ever seen it."

Dr. Connors looked down at Brandon's young dick and had to admit it did look painful. The kid's hand had wrapped back around it and was stroking it again. It was as if he could not stop him self. Stroking his cock had become an involuntary reaction for Brandon.

"Well, there is one way to make him cum."

Kyle saw the twinkle in Dr. Connors eyes. He knew the Dr. wouldn't torture a patient like this. He just knew his mentor had another part to his game.

"What, what is it? I'll do anything. Just tell me."

Both men looked at the younger man and heard the pleading in his voice.

"Don't worry son. We are going to take care of you. You just gotta have a cock in your ass. That is all."

"Oh gawd, then fuck me. Fuck me. Please one of you fuck me."

"Go ahead Kyle. You heard your patient. You know the course of treatment that is needed. Now start the treatment."

"Yes sir, dr. Connors."

Kyle lowered the exam table a bit to line Brandon up with his cock. He moved in and pulled Brandon closer to the edge. The boys hot little pucker still lubed up and ready to receive a hot slab of man meat.

"OH gawd yes fuck me. Fuck the cum out of me.

Kyle pressed the head of his wet and slippery cock against the hot tight lubed pucker of Brandon's back door. He pressed harder and harder and his cock slid deep into the kids guts.

"Ahahahaha," Brandon cried with pleasure as he felt Kyle enter him.

The compound that had been injected into Brandon's ass earlier was still working on him. Every nerve in that tight anal chute was working over time. Every one of them 10 times more sensitive than before. The waves of pain and pleasure being shot from Brandon's ass up his spine and into the pleasure center of his brain was the most intense thing he had ever felt.

Kyle began to slowly pump him self in and out. He took long deep strokes. His cock sliding easily in and out of Brandon's tight ass.

Through Kyle's sensitive cock head, the residue of the substance in Brandon's ass began seeping into Kyle's blood stream. The friction of his thrusting in and out of Brandon's tight channel causing more heat and reactivating dormant molecules.

"Oh fuck oh fuck. I feel. I feel. I oh fuck," Kyle said as his cock became more sensitive than ever before. Pleasure flooding up from the head up his shaft and arching through his nervous system.

Dr. Connors stood back and watched the pleasure the two men were feeling. He watched the ecstasy flashing across their young smooth faces. Each of them with their eyes closed and enjoying the feelings of man-to-man pleasure.

While wiggling his hips to adjust his position, Kyle's cock hit Brandon's pleasure button and the kid cried out louder than before.

A rope of thick white cream shot from Brandon's cock and hit the wall behind him. A second arched up and out and landed on his head coating his hair and forehead in boy juice.

"ahahahahaha, ohohohohoh, yesssss at lasttttt," Brandon cried as more cum fired from him.

Dr. Connors watched in amazement as the largest load of cum he had ever seen flooded from Brandon's boyhood. It arched up landing on his face his neck, his chest and stomach. Some of it landed on Kyle's naked chest too. It ran down those tan smooth pecs to ooze down over that flat belly button.

Outside a silent figure made its way behind the clinic and too the rear door. The door was normally kept locked, but Kyle had made sure that it was left open for this stealthy visitor.

Quietly he opened the door and slipped into the building. He stood there waiting for his eyes to adjust in the dim light of the interior.

He knew there was no staff left except for the Doctor, his assistant, the patient they were "examining" and the Coach waiting in the waiting room. He had watched the blonde bombshell of a receptionist leave 20 minutes ago and knew this was his chance.

The most dangerous part of this was slipping past the waiting room with out the coach seeing him. He could not get caught. If he was caught...well he did not want to think what might happen to him.

He moved quietly down the hall. His footsteps silent on the tile floor. He made it to the receptionist desk. This was where he might get caught. He had to slip past the large opening that led right from the waiting room back into the exam area.

He stuck his head around the corner and looked out over the receptionist counter into the weighting room.

The coach sat there in all his studly glory. His large biceps stretching the fabric of his shirt as he sat there with his arms bent holding a magazine. He was quietly waiting while the Doctor and his assistant examined Brandon.

He wondered why the Coach wasn't back there with his player. He would probably like the kind of exam those two medical professionals gave.

Figuring he would have no better chance he dropped down and slipped behind the receptionist counter. He crept silently as he could. He tried to be as quiet as a mouse slipping through the receptionist area. He was just about to move across the open area when he heard footsteps approaching.

His heart began racing. He broke out into a cold sweat and slithered back. He slithered under the receptionist desk and pulled the chair in to hide himself. He prayed silently that the coach had not seen the chair move.

The footsteps came closer and closer. He tried to breathe quietly. His heart was thudding in his ear. He knew he was caught. He knew he had been seen. He was screwed. All those plans all that work and he had blown it. He would now never get what he wanted. He would never reach his target.

Hands grabbed the chair that was half sticking out from the receptionist counter. His heart stopped as he waited to be jerked up from his hiding place.

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