College Swimmer and the Twins, Pt. 4 (Conclusion)


The following fictional story includes sexual acts between young males. If you do not enjoy such stories or it is illegal to read such material in your jurisdiction, please do not continue.

The regional meet was to be held just across the state line in a city a few hours from Pete's home. The Marlins had qualified just three swimmers for the meet -- Pete, naturally, and the twins, Jason and Jeremy. Both boys had just completed their first year of high school, swimming for the same school team Pete had joined a few years before. Pete had decided to drive himself to the meet, just so he would have his own car available. Coach Mike was also driving -- this way, the guys would have two cars at their disposal, which would facilitate transportation between the hotel and swim center, trips to local restaurants, etc. Swimming would begin Friday evening, and continue all day Saturday and much of Sunday. The twins' parents had planned to attend the meet, but an illness in the family compelled them to instead travel to an in-law's home in Indiana, in the opposite direction from the meet, forcing Jason and Jeremy to ride with the coach. Pete would have gladly driven them himself, but had not received word of their parents' last-minute change of plans, so was not at home Thursday evening to get the call.

Pete was looking forward to this, his last meet as a Marlin. He enjoyed these "away" meets -- hanging around the hotels, seeing distant friends at the pool, spending time with his buddies. Coach had reserved three rooms at the hotel -- one for himself, one for the twins, and one for Pete. Pete had been grateful for this -- he had shared enough hotel rooms and motel beds on the road over the years! He was glad Coach Mike had thought to give him this little taste of freedom, and he really appreciated it. Apparently, Mike thought it wasn't appropriate for an adult coach to share a room with younger swimmers, and assumed the age difference between an upcoming college senior and a couple of high school kids made it desirable to separate them into different rooms. Because he would finally have his own room, Pete knew he would enjoy a certain amount of freedom he'd never had at an away meet before. On impulse, he shed his boxer briefs, and dug out the little blue bikini Trevor had given him a few years before. He slipped the skimpy thing up over his muscular thighs, then pulled on a pair of old cut-offs. A swim tee-shirt from his college team completed his wardrobe. As he sped away from the Chicagoland area, he shook his head, wondering what strange force had compelled him to wear the little bikini?

He reached the hotel by mid-afternoon, checked in, and tracked down the coach and twins just down the hall. By an odd coincidence, almost all their heats were scheduled for Saturday, with only Pete's 50 freestyle on Sunday. Pete and Jason were both swimming the 100 free on Saturday, and Jason was also entered in the 200 backstroke. Jeremy was in the 500 free and 100 fly. All events had preliminary swims in the morning, finals in the evening. After the group had a relaxing dinner, they gathered in Mike's room to discuss race tips and strategies for the following day. Finally, around 7:30, the boys headed back to the twins' room to begin final preparations, which, naturally, included shaving their lean, muscular bodies.

"Hey Pete," Jason said, "will you show me and Jeremy how to shave down for this meet? We've never done it before."

"Sure guys, no problem. But I can't imagine either of you have much to shave! There's barely a wisp of hair on your upper lip! How much body hair could you have?" answered the college jock.

"Well, not too much, I guess," said Jeremy. Just some on our arms and legs. Oh, and Jason has some hairs on his tummy, growing from his navel down to just above his weiner!" snickered Jeremy.

"Yeah, I'm becoming a man -- I'm growing some dick hair -- unlike you, runt!" said Jason, shoving his twin onto the bed playfully.

Jeremy jumped up, his eyes flashing, and stated, "I've got some hair down there, maybe not as much as you, but I'm not a little kid anymore!" Then Jeremy turned to Pete and asked, "If me and Jason are twins, why does he have more hair, well, you know, down here (waving toward his groin area) than I have, Pete? Shouldn't we be the same?"

"Not necessarily," Pete responded. "It may just be a slight difference in testosterone levels between the two of you. I'm sure you'll catch up in a few months or so." Jeremy looked satisfied with this answer, then asked the collegiate athlete to help them with the shaving. Pete had helped the younger guys for several years, demonstrating and helping them with the finer points of stripping the hair from a young male's body to make him slick and quick in the water. But this evening, he felt a subconscious pang of -- what was it? Guilt? Anticipation? Fear? He wasn't sure, but somehow, Pete felt a little uncomfortable being here with these two boys he'd known for so long. Boys who were quickly growing into young men, with hard, muscular physiques, and -- was it possible? Jason had a `treasure trail'? Pete knew he had to be careful, had to watch himself, had to control himself with his younger charges. They looked up to him, respected him, trusted him, and he couldn't -- wouldn't - do anything to jeopardize the relationship they had.

The boys knew their legs had to be shaved -- it was a ritual among swimmers, one that needed to be explained over and over to non-swimming friends who would notice their smooth, hairless legs every time they wore shorts for weeks to come! Jason and Jeremy were both planning to wear jammer suits, the ones that came well down their thighs, so they asked if they could skip shaving the thigh regions. "No, no, you have to shave your whole leg. Jammers may cover your skin, but the hairs will poke through the fabric and slow you down," Pete told them. They had planned to wear their jammers for the shave, but upon learning this, they were forced to don the smaller racing briefs they had also brought with them. Somewhat shyly, they slipped into the bathroom, changed into the small, revealing briefs, then came back out and over to Pete for their first lesson. "OK," said Pete, "back into the bathroom. Both of you sit on the edge of the tub, feet inside the tub."

The boys obeyed, and Pete, wearing just a pair of cut-off shorts, got in the tub, plugged it, and ran a small amount of warm water. "Now, reach down and wash this warm water over your legs, let it soak your skin and hairs thoroughly." Producing a can of shaving cream, he continued: "Once the hairs are soft, we will apply this cream, let it soak in, then start shaving." At first, the twins playfully splashed each other, but the horseplay quickly died down when they saw how serious Pete was about the upcoming shave. Each boy smeared the cool cream on his calves first. Then, under Pete's tutelage, they began to swipe the razors Pete had given them along the lower portions of their legs, with Pete occasionally taking the razor to demonstrate how to reach a difficult spot. Neither had much hair below the knees, so they quickly progressed farther up.

"Pete," said Jason, "I think I put too much cream on my lower legs. Will you do my thighs, to show me how much to use, and how to spread it?" Pete hesitated a moment, but realizing the innocence of the request, began to help Jason, while Jeremy watched.

"Yeah, dude," Pete said to Jason. "You did use too much before. Here, let me help you." He squirted a normal amount of the cool gel on Jason's thigh, then began to lightly rub it into the warm flesh. Jason giggled and squirmed slightly, finding Peter's touch to be both ticklish and sensual. Pete began to lightly stroke the razor along Jason's thigh, first with the `grain' of his light hairs, then against. For Pete, this was serious business -- helping teach an up-and-coming swimmer the proper technique to get his skin smooth and silky for a race, yet it was also highly stimulating -- arousing even. Jason was becoming a man -- that was evident in his deepening voice, the appearance of hair in his armpits, the obvious increase in size of his male organ -- to the point where his brief swimsuit only seemed to accentuate, not cover, his swelling manhood. Jason's thighs were, of course, much smaller and slimmer than his own, Pete noticed, but they still were strong and muscular. Try as he might to concentrate on his task, Pete found his eye wandering to the tight groin area of the small suit, and was both shocked and excited to see young Jason becoming sexually aroused. His shaft, which had been soft and pointing toward his left hip, was quickly lengthening and hardening, straining against the thin lycra material, and the youth seemed to be breathing erratically. A feeling of nasty wickedness swept over the college man, and he began to softly caress the younger swimmer's naked thighs, pretending to search for stray hairs, yet in reality teasing and tormenting the teen, testing him, curious to see how much the boy could endure.

Poor Jason was humiliated. "Please, PLEASE don't get hard," he mentally begged his cock futilely, as his dick sprang to life in the small suit. "Oh, no, no -- not in front of Pete. Please. PLEASE!" his mind screamed. But it was no use. Pete's large, strong hands seemed to have a feather-light touch on his legs, stroking them warmly, softly. It felt so good, Jason just couldn't control himself, and he blushed as he felt his body surrendering to the gentle touch of his college idol. He was helpless to prevent his body's reaction, and he knew it. Still, he was ashamed and embarrassed, and his face burned as his blush deepened to a bright red. Pete, glancing at Jason and seeing the discomfort he was in, suddenly realized what his ministrations were doing to his younger teammate, and, scolding himself for touching the kid in such an erotic fashion, quickly withdrew his quivering hands and gave the razor to Jason.

" Jason...I...I think you have the idea. Why don't you try it yourself now?" But the stirring in Jason's small Speedo had caught the eye of his twin brother, who snickered delightedly, and began to taunt his sibling.

"Jason likes it when you rub his thighs, Pete. Sometimes, at night, when we're alone in our room, he asks me to climb into his bed and `make him feel good' by rubbing him all over -- even on his dick!"

"Shut up, freak!" Jason yelled at Jeremy. "It's not true, Pete -- Jeremy just jumps all over me -- touching me, squeezing me, always trying to grab me between the legs and make my dick get all hard and everything!" Jason reached out and punched his brother -- hard -- on the upper arm in an effort to silence him, but it was no use.

"Bullshit," yelled Jeremy. "You like it -- you practically beg me to do that stuff to you. You grab my hand and put it where you want it, then say stuff like, `Oooh, rub me. Make my dick hard. Make me squirt my sperm.' If I stop rubbing him, he keeps doing it himself until he starts shooting out that creamy sperm stuff, then he aims it at me, trying to squirt it on me!"

"You're just jealous `cause I can make my dick shoot and you can't -- you're still a little boy and I'm practically a man!" hissed Jason, crowing over his superiority in the sexual development competition between brothers -- a battle that has raged since time began.

Jeremy was suddenly subdued, his expression sinking into one of despair at the cutting remarks Jason had just uttered. "I...I don't know why my dick doesn't make sperm yet. Dad said it may be the medicine I was on a couple years ago, Pete. I had a bad infection, and the doctor put me on some medicine. Sometimes, that medicine can slow down your development or something. I wish I had never taken those stupid pills!"

Pete was shocked by this frank, honest discussion about the twins' sexual development. Jason, who moments ago had lashed out at Jeremy, now put a comforting arm around his shaken brother, telling him, "It's OK Jer, pretty soon you'll be shooting just like me. We'll have a contest to see who can shoot farther, and since your body has been building up all that sperm, just waiting for a chance to squirt, I'll bet you'll beat me by a mile!" Jeremy smiled a little, then put his head down on Jason's shoulder, while Jason playfully tousled his blond hair.

Pete cleared his throat, then consolingly told Jeremy, "Dude, you'll be fine. Some guys just take a little longer to mature than others. It may have been the meds, it could just be a difference between your diet and Jason's, or just a small difference in some hormones between you two. I know you're twins, but there are still millions of differences between you two. You will catch up to Jason in no time -- trust me, man." Jeremy smiled weakly, grateful for the words of encouragement from the college jock. Then Pete continued, saying, "Let's finish up shaving your legs, Jason, then do your chest and tummy."

Peter was feeling ashamed of himself for allowing his mind to be distracted by dirty thoughts about the younger swimmers, so he quickly regained his composure, and began helping Jason shave his chest, while Jeremy sat and watched. There really wasn't any hair to speak of on the youth's chest, but his ab region did have a light coating of fine hairs. Jason's sexual excitement had cooled somewhat, despite the presence of the razor and Pete's hands near and on his sensitive nipples. But his arousal returned full-force as Pete spread the cool shaving gel across his abdominal area, especially as he worked it into the small `treasure trail' Jason sported leading southward from his navel. Despite his best intentions, Pete couldn't help but notice the sudden return of Jason's erection, which the small suit could not hide.

"Just shave with slow, smooth strokes, all around your abs, and then down along your lower belly. You need to remove all the hair, even this little trail below your navel," said Peter, as he guided Jason's hand. Jeremy was staring with rapt attention, watching the procedure as thoroughly as someone trying to memorize a complex surgical skill.

"Pete?" said Jason. " far down should I shave? I mean, my jammer suit is really low-cut, and at the last high school meet, one of the guys on my team whispered to me that he could see my pubes -- at least the top of them. Do I need know...shave ALL my hair off, even down there?" he said, nodding toward his crotch area. Pete looked up to find identical faces peering at him intently, waiting to hear the verdict on whether Jason's wispy pubic hairs would have to be removed.

"No, not all your hair down there," answered the collegian, his voice cracking slightly with emotion. "Just slip your suit down to about where your jammer rides -- you can just shave that much off, and leave the rest alone. Here, let me show you." His hands trembling slightly, Pete grasped the waistband of the swim brief and slid it down, exposing much of Jason's lower abs, finally allowing the suit to settle along the lines of the teen's inguinal ligaments. A small, thin patch of light pubic hair was exposed to view. However, the fabric of the suit, bunched around Jason's groin, was now slightly loosened, allowing his penis to shift position. The attention paid to his groin area was causing Jason's erection to grow uncontrollably once again, and suddenly, his cock was jabbing out and up. It was confined by the suit, but there was now enough loose material that his shaft had room to expand, and all three of them watched in awe -- and some embarrassment -- as the teenager's sex organ sprang to life. Within seconds, his long, thin shaft was tenting the suit obscenely, his round knob prominently displayed beneath the shiny, tight suit.

"Oh no, not again," muttered the humiliated boy, as his face again became flushed with color. Jeremy started to snicker, while Pete sat dumbfounded, unsure whether he should continue the shaving exhibition or wait until `things' settled down a bit. Finally, Pete started to chuckle.

"Dude, you sure do get excited easily," said Pete, as Jason's cheeks reddened. "Here, just take your hand and move `Mr. Excitability" over to the side so you can shave along the waistband without anything in the way." Jason quickly reached into his suit, grabbed his penis and pushed it to the side, so the head was now aimed toward his hip, the long shaft trapped under the smaller side panel of the suit instead of jabbing out and up. Jeremy continued to snicker, while subtly picking at the front of his own suit in an attempt to hide his own swelling member. Pete then guided Jason's smaller hand, clutching the razor, along the top of his sparse pubic bush, though bush was too generous a term to apply to the few wispy hairs in evidence. Soon, the work on Jason was completed, and it was Jeremy's turn.

With his delayed maturity, Jeremy's body had even less hair than Jason's, and the shaving was completed fairly quickly. Again, as with his brother, Jeremy became extremely `excited' as the razor came down his taut belly, closer and closer to his privates. And, as Jason had been forced to do, young Jeremy learned to adjust himself in a way that made it possible to shave along the top of his pubic region without interference from his aroused sex organ, though there was little or nothing there to be shaved anyhow.

Pete was thankful his cut-off shorts were so loose fitting -- they gave him just enough coverage to hide his own stiff and straining prick, eagerly straining against the confines of his bikini briefs. His mind was spinning, with strange, even nasty thoughts, washing over his brain, and colliding with his conscience. He found himself wondering why he had checked that web site two nights ago -- the one that listed the `age of consent' for sexual activities in the various states. Why had he been oddly excited to discover the state hosting this swim meet had an age for male consent of just 14? Surely he wasn't planning to `do' something with one or both of the twins, was he? "No, NO," his conscience screamed, as his restless cock pushed and struggled to gain its freedom.

"Pete, PETE," said Jason loudly, finally attracting the attention of the college man. "Do you want us to help you shave? If you put on your suit, we can do you like you did us. You've got, well, lots more hair than we have -- it might take all night to get you ready to race!"

Pete laughed nervously, suddenly having a vision of himself in a skin tight, too-small Speedo, as these two handsome teens shaved his body bare. ", no, I think I can do it myself, guys. I've had lots of practice over the years, so I'm pretty adept at this by now." He could see a touch of disappointment on their faces, but Pete knew it was best to avoid temptation. Back in college, they'd had a few shave-down parties the night before a big meet, and Pete well remembered how randy his teammates had become at times, resulting in various grab-ass scenarios, Speedo wrestling/domination matches, and the frequent appearance of bulges and wet spots in embarrassing places on the fronts of their suits or underwear. He knew it would not do for such a scene to develop tonight, here in the twins' motel room, so he excused himself, ordering the younger boys to get lots of rest, while he returned to his own room to shave himself.

As he glided the blade smoothly and precisely across his body, Pete felt once again the familiar stirrings in his loins. He loved the feeling of his skin -- so silky smooth -- after a complete shaving, and relished the thought of hitting the pool the next day, feeling the cool water rushing past him. He trimmed and shaved his pubic region, knowing his super small, super tight racing suit left little to the imagination. He also knew how extremely low-cut the brief was, so had to reduce his pubic bush to a size that would safely stay within the confines of the fabric, yet also let anyone in the showers afterward know he was all man. His thoughts kept straying back to Jason and Jeremy -- he had known them since he started swimming, and had always thought them two of the greatest young guys he'd ever met. But they were boys -- he had to keep telling himself that. Yes, their bodies had matured, and quite nicely. But they were in high school! They were just kids, innocent in the ways of men. Weren't they?

The meet the following day went well for the Marlins, with both Jeremy and Jason earning trips to the evening finals. Pete also made the finals, seeded third in the 100 free -- he was just hoping for Top 5, so 3rd was outstanding. While in the locker room, Pete had been careful to slip his shorts and bikini briefs off and on at the same time, knowing it might attract unwanted attention to be in a locker room in bikini underwear instead of the ubiquitous boxers. The same dudes who paraded the pool deck in the tiniest racing suits imaginable, granting the public shockingly lewd views of male bulges and stray pubes, wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of "gay" bikini underwear. And they would unmercifully harass anyone who was, thought Pete to himself, shaking his head. After their morning swims, Coach Mike took them for a healthy lunch, then back to the motel for some rest and relaxation. They would head back to the pool around 5 p.m. for the evening session. The afternoon was scorching hot, and the boys decided to spend an hour or so at the motel pool -- just splashing, tanning, and playing. In the water, the twins wore older pairs of practice suits, racing cut Speedos, while Pete, being more circumspect, donned his `drag' suit -- still much briefer than the ever-present boardies, yet with a fuller cut than a racing suit. The younger boys loved to torment the older swimmer -- playing keep-away or tag or whatever struck their fancy. Inevitably, the twins decided it would be fun to try and strip the drag suit off Pete, leaving him (they thought) in just a small, skimpy Speedo he had on underneath. Most swimmers do that -- wear a small suit, with the drag suit on top. But Pete was saving his racer for the evening final, and had neglected to wear anything under the drag suit.

As they frolicked in the water, one or the other twin would try and sneak behind Pete and yank down his suit while the other had Pete's arms entangled in some sort of wrestling move. At first, Pete was unaware of the boys' nefarious intentions, thinking one was trying to grab his legs to get him off balance. As the play-battle raged, a handful of guests in lounge chairs around the pool took great interest and amusement in the unfolding "war". One middle-aged gentleman, who had been quietly reading, suddenly produced a camera and began taking numerous snapshots of the wet, glistening, nearly naked youths, zooming in on taut, muscular torsos, bare thighs, chests with hardened nipples, wet and clinging suits barely covering swollen male `packages', and beautiful smiles. The twins saw him, and realized this would be a golden opportunity to `get' Pete -- caught on film in a skimpy, revealing suit! They worked him toward the shallow end, where the water was only thigh deep on the collegian, then, in a sudden attack, both from front and back, they grabbed his loose-fitting drag suit and yanked it straight down!

No one was more shocked than the twins to be face-to-face with a pale white ass and closely shaved cock and balls! Pete, dumbfounded by this sudden turn of events, stood stock-still in shock for several seconds, absorbing the situation, while the cameraman behind him got several crisp shots of his cute bubble butt, while secretly cursing himself for not taking a chair on the opposite side of the pool! The twins, expecting to see their idol in a small Speedo, feared their eyes would fall from their sockets as they stared open-mouthed at the naked stud, while gasps and `oohs' and a whistle or two were heard around the deck. Within moments, Pete dropped into the water and yanked his suit back up, his face reddening. "Pete...we are sorry...we...we thought you had another suit on underneath," wailed Jeremy, fearful of Pete's possible reaction. But after recovering himself, Pete had to chuckle, then laughed with most of the onlookers as he meekly climbed from the pool and plopped down in a chair, wrapping his towel around his waist.

"Come on, guys," Pete said. "You got me -- you've had your fun for the day! Let's get back inside and rest for the swim meet tonight." The three athletes hurried away from the pool deck, while the jovial spectators hooted and hollered behind them. They returned to their respective rooms and napped for an hour or so, giving their muscles a much-needed respite for the exertions of the night finals. Coach Mike rounded them up around 4:45, and drove them the short distance to the pool.

The evening finals were a pleasant surprise for all three of the boys. Jason won his 200 backstroke race, setting a Divisional record for his age group, and did well in his 100 free, setting a personal best time. Jeremy was a little disappointed with his time in the 500 free, but was thrilled when he dropped two full seconds in his 100 fly time! And Pete, not to be outdone, took second in his senior group 100 freestyle, losing only to an in-state rival and nationally ranked swimmer from Northwestern University. The meet had started at 6 p.m., but around 7 p.m., a line of storms moved through the area, causing a half-hour blackout at the aquatic center. The guys did not leave the pool until nearly 9:30, and were surprised to see tree limbs down and intersections flooded in many sections of the city. They did find a restaurant and had a late dinner, finally reaching their motel at 11 p.m. There, another surprise awaited them.

"I'm really sorry about all this," said the motel manager, "but would it be possible to reduce your booking from three rooms to two?" he asked the coach. "Several rivers came over their banks during the storm, and emergency services are desperately trying to find rooms for people driven from their homes. I was hoping to free up some rooms here at my motel for people in need, and my staff has offered to work late to clean rooms and help relocate guests."

"Sure," said Mike, "we'll be glad to do what we can. I'm sure we can arrange something. My room has just the one queen-sized bed, and Pete has a room with one bed, and the twins have a room with one. What do you suggest?"

"Well, that's the problem," said the manager. "I can leave you, Coach, in your room. But I'd like to combine the boys in one room if possible. Unfortunately, I just have a room with a king sized bed. Can your three swimmers share one king? Like most swimmers, they look very fit and slim, and I'm sure there would be ample room for the three of them."

"Well, what do you boys say? Can you three share one room and one king-sized bed for one night, without killing each other?" asked Coach Mike, chuckling to himself.

"Yeah, I think we can manage," said Pete, while the twins nodded in agreement. All three were eager to help make extra room for those people driven from their homes, and felt this small sacrifice was the least they could do. The move was hastily arranged, and the boys found themselves in their new room within a few minutes. "Well, this is cozy," said Pete, smiling at the twins. "Who wants to sleep in the middle?"

The twins both chorused, "You sleep in the middle, Pete." Jeremy added, "Yeah, then you can keep us apart. And besides, Jason has to sleep on the side nearest the bathroom so he can get up and go clean his messy underwear in the middle of the night when he has one of his weird sex dreams!"

"Shut up, dork!" yelled Jason, taking a playful swing at his sibling while Pete held them apart. Pete realized this night might be more than he bargained for, but knew they had to make the best of the situation. The younger boys were frisky -- full of energy and silliness -- knowing they had no races the following day. After quickly brushing their teeth, the twins were up on the bed, clad only in their tighty-whities, fervently flipping the TV remote to see what kind of `dirty' channels they might find. Grabbing his bag of personal items, Pete headed into the bathroom to take care of his own business. He quickly brushed, relieved himself, and started to strip for bed. And that's when it hit him. What in the hell was he going to wear to bed? At the pool, he'd stripped off his racing suit and just pulled on a pair of cargo shorts. But he couldn't sleep in those. Normally, he would just sleep in his underwear -- his boxer-briefs. But the only underwear he'd brought on this trip was...the skimpy little pair of light blue bikini briefs -- the pair Trevor had given him a few years ago. "What on earth will the twins say about my choice of undies?" Pete wondered.

Finally, deciding to take charge of the boys, Pete walked boldly out of the bathroom and headed straight for the bed. "OK, guys, off with the lights and TV -- it's after midnight and we swimmers need our rest." At first, Jason and Jeremy, engaged in a brotherly squabble over what to watch, didn't hear Pete's command. But as he neared the bed, both boys turned toward him, their eyes widening in surprise. "Whoa," squealed Jason, "cool underwear, Pete! Are you going to sleep in that bikini?"

"Yes, that's the plan," replied Pete, feeling a little self-conscious as he felt the eyes of both boys eyeing him in the skimpy little briefs he wore. It brought back memories of that night with Trevor, and the way he had admired and appraised Pete's body the first time he'd worn them. "No, no," Pete warned himself, "no thoughts about that night. No need to `stir' things up in front of the twins." C'mon guys, off with the TV -- let's hit the sack." The TV was quickly switched off, and the boys scooted to the outer sides of the large bed as Pete climbed between them. But sleep was the last thing on the minds of the twins, as they snuggled under the light sheet and blanket. Almost on cue, they began to bicker about switching sides on the bed. Pete tried to quiet them, but their adrenaline was already pumping, their sibling rivalry already in overdrive. Pete again tried to settle things, to no avail.

"Just because you're older than us, it doesn't mean you can boss us around," said Jeremy, a gleam in his eye as his brother struggled not to laugh. "Yeah," chimed in Jason, "who said you were in charge? There's two of us and one of you, Pete, so whatcha gonna do, Mr. College Guy?" With that, Jason kicked the sheet and blanket down, leaving the three males barely covered by just their underwear. He quickly rolled over on top of Pete, saying, "C'mon Jer, let's get Pete!" And the battle was on!

Pete was taken by surprise by Jason's sudden attack, but quickly responded by pushing the smaller boy back over to the side of the bed. He started to rise, but Jeremy was suddenly on his legs, pinning his lower body down as Jason returned to the fray, giggling. By lifting himself on one elbow, Pete was able to twist to the side, again throwing Jason off himself, but Jeremy's hands were locked around his knees, and he struggled to break free. Had it been just one boy, Pete would have had no problem gaining the upper hand, but with both boys, or young men as they were, it was a different story. By continuing to twist and squirm, Pete was able to get his legs free, and he promptly rolled over, with his knees on the bed, and swept Jason under him. But now Jeremy was on his back, as if riding him like a horse, his arms now around Pete's broad neck, while he laughed in Pete's ear. Rearing back, Pete was able to partially dislodge his `rider', but this allowed sneaky Jason to slip from beneath him. And now, both boys were free to renew their assault on the college athlete!

"Get him, Jeremy! Hold him!" yelled Jason, as Jeremy leapt onto Pete's back as the oldest youth struggled to get off the bed and stand on the floor. Finally able to stand, Pete thought his height and size advantage would finally give him some control, but it was not to be. Jason scrambled around the bed and tackled him, wrapping his surprisingly strong arms around Pete's thighs, straining to bring the collegian to his knees. Both boys continued to laugh and giggle -- grabbing an arm here, a wrist there, slowly weakening the larger athlete with a constant assault on his body. Pete would get an arm free, only to find himself sinking to one knee under the weight of the onslaught. Grasping desperately at Jeremy, trying to claw the agile boy off him, he ended up only getting a handful of Jeremy's FTLs, accidentally ripping them along one side seam. Pete was finally able to pull Jeremy over his shoulder, planning to drop the boy carefully to the ground. But suddenly, Jeremy locked his legs around the back of Pete's neck, leaving himself dangling, torso to torso, against the college swimmer's sweaty body. In this position, Jeremy, now upside down, found his face pressed directly into the stuffed pouch of Pete's little bikini. The boy found himself inhaling the musky scent of his idol's groin area, his cheek pressed against a bulge he found surprisingly large, and growing larger by the moment.

Pete was astounded by the strength and versatility of his adversaries, with their lightening speed and powerful grips. He had feared dropping Jeremy, but when the whelp clamped his legs around his neck, Pete was forced to support the youth's full weight while continuing to fend off Jason, who was now playfully pummeling his thighs, arms -- anything he could reach. Then he went for Pete's legs again, and between the two of them, they were able to get the bigger man off-balance. Pete felt himself tumbling onto the bed, and both younger teens quickly scampered into positions atop the large athlete. Pete found himself virtually helpless, pinned to the bed, with Jeremy sitting on his chest, Jason straddling his muscular but weakening thighs. He also became aware of one other thing -- his growing erection. Pete realized he was in a bad predicament -- the twins were obviously full of energy, and were a good bit stronger than he had anticipated. And he realized that touching the two boys -- wrestling them, feeling them jumping onto him, wrapping arms and legs around him, was arousing him shamelessly.

Jeremy, sitting on Pete's chest, leaned forward to press Pete's thick wrists down onto the bed, above the struggling man's head. This would make the college man's strong arms almost useless, rendering him even more helpless. As he pressed forward, Jeremy's own crotch was now pushed nearly into Pete's face. Pete could see the boy had grown excited by the match -- his young dick was obviously hard, poking out against the front panel of the cotton briefs. The tear along the side had widened, and as Jeremy twisted slightly to get a better grip on Pete's arms, Pete was shocked when he found himself staring straight into the gaping hole, and he could see the entire length of Jeremy's penis where it jutted from his groin and tented the white fabric. As the young twin twisted and strained for position, his briefs began to be pulled to the side, the rip slowly moving from his side toward his front. As if preordained, the knob at the end of the boy's shaft began to slide toward the opening. As Jeremy twisted yet again, giggling with delight at the `power' he now wielded over his victim, his shaft slipped yet again toward the opening, and then, all at once, it was free. His penis had finally found the freedom it sought, poking proudly through the gaping tear. Poking out and away, and straight toward Pete's face, only a couple of inches away.

Jeremy seemed blissfully unaware of his exposed condition as he taunted the bigger boy, saying things like, "Surrender, Pete. You are my prisoner. You must obey! I control you now. I have the power!" The teasing continued between giggles and chuckles, as Jeremy called to his brother, saying, "I have control of his arms and upper body! He is growing weaker, and will have to surrender to us!" But Pete now had other things on his mind. The sight of Jeremy's swollen erection -- so close he could almost taste it -- triggered a surge of lust in Pete like nothing he had felt before. Oh, what was he thinking, his tortured mind screamed -- feeling desire for a high school boy? But the desire was there -- he couldn't deny it. And it was growing stronger with every twitch of Jeremy's naked cock, which bounced in his face with every rapid beat of the twin's heart.

Meanwhile, Jason remained straddling Pete's thighs, using his weight and strength to subdue the struggling man's lower body. His buttocks rested on Pete's thighs, just above his knees, and Jason's knees and lower legs were positioned outside, but snugly against Pete's legs. This prevented Pete from swinging his legs free. In essence, the college swimmer was trapped, and totally at the mercy of his captors. Leaning forward, Jason placed his hands on Pete's hips to prevent him from twisting his body free. As the big boy's struggles continued to lessen in intensity, Jason found himself in a position of authority and control, and he liked it. He noticed that his fingers and hands were on the narrow waistband of Jason's skimpy bikini briefs, and he snickered when he thought how easy it would be to strip the little bit of clothing from his teammate's muscular body, leaving him naked and exposed. Should he do it? Already, due to the twisting and turning that had occurred during the `fight', the little bikini had slipped precariously low on Pete's narrow hips. Jason could even see a few dark, wiry hairs of Pete's pubic area, the bikini had slipped so low. But what truly amazed young Jason was the huge, swollen bulge in the light blue cotton pouch below the waistband. "Oh wow," Jason thought to himself, "Pete has got himself a big, stiff dick!" "Jeremy," Jason said softly, "turn around and look at this. Look at Pete's big boner!"

Pete heard those words and immediately stopped his futile attempts to break free. He could certainly feel his large shaft, hard in the little pouch, straining mightily against the confines of his underwear, but he had hoped neither of the boys would notice. Now, he watched as Jeremy turned his head and glanced back toward his groin. He watched as Jeremy's mouth dropped open in surprise. He watched as Jeremy's face brightened into a huge grin. And he shuddered when Jeremy whispered back to his brother, "Let's touch it. Let's see if we can make him squirt his sperm like you do, Jas!"

Peter began to struggle again, now full of shame and embarrassment at his predicament. Here he was, a grown man, practically a college senior, and he was being subdued and dominated -- humiliated even -- by two young high school kids. And now, to make matters much worse, he was sexually aroused, and the kids knew it. And they were intrigued by it. And curious about it. And now, judging by Jeremy's statement, they were intent on pursuing the issue of Pete's sexual arousal to an ultimate climax, forcing him to `squirt his sperm', as the twin had put it. Bucking furiously, Pete was able to roll onto his left side, as his legs swept apart in an effort to escape. But the twins were quick -- they pounced on him full-force, entangling him with their four arms and legs to his two. Jason regained control of Pete's lower body by hooking his arm behind the man's right knee, and pulling his right leg up toward his chest, while using his legs to push Pete's left leg backward, splaying the college stud's legs wide apart. Jeremy had to use all his strength to keep Pete lying on his left side, while pulling his right arm back in a half-nelson hold. In effect, this once again immobilized the larger athlete, allowing the younger boys to again gain the upper hand. Pete grunted in frustration, still twisting and trying to roll free, but to no avail. He was yet again at their mercy, and he knew it.

In this position, with his left leg on the bed but pushed uncomfortably far back, and his right leg hooked at the knee and pulled by Jason toward his chest, Pete's lower body was virtually helpless, yet also exposed in ways that excited his young captors. The little baby-blue bikini barely covered him to begin with, but in this position, poor Pete was left nearly naked, the bikini stretched and twisted every which way. Jason began to run his hands admiringly along the bulging muscles of Pete's bare right thigh, even caressing the older youth's naked right buttock, the flimsy seat of the bikini having slipped uncomfortably into his ass crack. "Geez, Jeremy, look at Pete's thighs, how big and strong they are." As he rubbed the bronzed, muscled upper limb, Jason let his hand slip along the back, or underside of the thigh, still rubbing and stroking gently. And then his fingers, slipping between Pete's splayed legs, touched the tightly packed pouch of Pete's bikini, the pouch containing the bigger boy's oversized testicles. Jason felt Pete's body quiver as he brushed his fingertips over the cloth-covered sac, and he realized his teammate's nuts were totally exposed to him. On instinct, he began to tickle and tease the nutsac, trapped as it was between Pete's muscular thighs. Jason let his fingers lightly dance over the swollen `nads, as his victim's struggles suddenly quieted, small moans of pleasure escaping from his lips. "Jason, Jason," Jeremy squealed excitedly, "touch him in that special place behind his nuts -- you know, that place you like -- the place you ask me to rub you sometimes." Pete knew what was next, and he gritted his teeth, trying to keep control. But it was no use. Jason began to tease his exposed perineum, that sensitive, sensitive spot between his nuts and his anus. In his splayed position, Jason had easy access, and he made the most of it, using his forefinger to gently stroke and tickle Pete's most erotic and sensitive spot. Pete could do nothing but groan softly, loving the touch of his young captor. "Do you like this Pete? Do you like when I touch you here?" cooed the twin, as the older youth writhed and moaned in ecstasy.

Just as suddenly, the teasing of his perineum stopped, and Pete was shocked to feel a finger sliding further back -- back toward his ass crack. The seat of his bikini was stretched tight, but not tight enough. Jason began to softly trace his finger up and down the length of Peter's crack, gently stroking and probing, pushing the fabric of the brief into the crack, then pushing his finger in, poking and prodding in places Pete knew his finger had no right to be. And even greater shock. He felt Jason's hand slipping inside the leg opening of his bikini. He could feel the boy's hand gently rubbing his buttocks, skin against skin. And then -- again -- the probing finger, now entering his butt crack, probing, seeking entry. Peter was shocked, wondering where one so young would have learned the secrets of anal pleasure. As if reading his mind, Jason whispered to Jeremy, "Remember that story on the internet? The one about guys who like fingers...and even dicks...put up their asses? I wonder if Pete likes it when I poke my finger in here?" And with that, Pete felt Jason's finger begin to wriggle it's way inside him, into a place only one other finger -- Curt's -- had been before.

"Stop. Please stop, Jason. You shouldn' shouldn't...please ...touch me like...oh...that. You're too young." Pete managed to whisper, in a barely audible voice. But before Jason could respond, Jeremy interjected with his own request.

"Let's play with his dick some more, Jason, I wanna see it squirt like yours does!" With that, Jeremy began to roll Peter onto his back, and Peter, hoping to dissuade Jason from his anal interest, willingly allowed himself to be repositioned. Now, the college jock was flat on his back, with two randy teenaged boys holding him down, toying with him at will. Giggling again, Jeremy began to snap the waistband of Pete's bikini briefs, slipping his finger between the band and the stud's tight, taut lower abs, pulling the band up, and letting it loose, slightly stinging the older boy with each snap. Then, Jeremy leaned over and began peeking into the bikini each time he lifted the band. "Ooh, I see some hairs down here. We may need to help him shave!" Then, SNAP! Another lift -- "I see a big, one-eyed snake in there, and he's looking pretty riled up!" SNAP! "I can see some more hairs, and that snake is starting to stretch himself out!" SNAP! Jason, meanwhile, was quietly, almost thoughtfully, stroking and caressing Pete's strongly muscled thighs, concentrating his caress along the inside, close to where Pete's cloth-covered scrotum rested against the jock's upper leg. Then, Jason's fingers began to tickle and tease his victim's ballsac, jiggling and jostling the baby-makers within. Furthering his torment, he now slipped his fingers inside the leg opening of the bikini, and took Peter's heavy sac into his right hand, and began to fondle and gently squeeze the older stud's aching, churning gonads.

Pete knew resistance was hopeless -- these boys were working him into a sexual frenzy like none he had experienced before. And, ashamed as he was to think it, it felt so good, so exhilarating, that he didn't want it to end. It shocked him to realize these young kids, as he considered them, seemed to be so expert at the art of male sexual manipulation. His mind was reeling with images of the twins touching, exploring, discovering one another's young, hard bodies. Though Jeremy was still a sexual innocent, at least in terms of reaching orgasm, it was obvious these boys had a great deal of experience in what brought pleasure to the male body. This idea was fully proven when Jason withdrew his hand from inside the leg opening and began to toy with Pete's long, turgid shaft. His dick was rock-hard, and pushing against the soft bikini fabric, creating a hard, quivering arch of man-flesh where is strained against the baby-blue cotton material. Jason wrapped his fingers around the shaft and began to pump and squeeze it playfully. Then, he took his index finger and began to trace lazy circles along the underside of Pete's shaft, searching and searching for that tender spot he suspected every guy has -- the one spot that triggered a pleasurable groan and shudder every time his brother touched it on his own dick. And it didn't take long to find. Within moments, he'd located that spot on Pete's cock, and he began to concentrate his torment there -- teasing and scratching that sensitive place as the college man writhed and moaned beneath him.

Jeremy had stopped snapping the waistband, and had begun to play with Pete's hardened nipples, flicking them and pinching them -- not painfully, just enough to bring pleasure. Jeremy loved the feel of Pete's hard and powerful pecs, and between nipple-squeezing, he rubbed and lightly pounded on the slabs of muscle on the wide, strong chest. He also loved squeezing Pete's huge upper arms, trying to wrap his smaller fingers around the stud's swollen and straining biceps and triceps. "Wow, Jason," Jeremy exclaimed, "his muscles are so big, his arms so strong. Pete has a body like one of those bodybuilders -- all big, hard muscles and bulges." But he stopped speaking when he saw Jason had found that sensitive spot on Peter's penis -- he knew how much Jason liked it when he touched his brother on that spot, and how quickly it would bring Jason to an ejaculation. He stopped to watch what effect it would have on his college idol. And he didn't have to wait long.

Pete knew he was in trouble now. When Jason had found his g-spot, there was no controlling his reaction. His cock had turned even more rigid, and his entire body began to quiver with excitement as the sweet, tingly feeling of arousal swept over him. And then it happened. Peter could feel his cock responding to Jason's touch -- he could feel the pre-ejaculate fluid begin to seep up his seminal duct toward his bulbous, mushroom-capped cockhead. He tried to fight the release, to control his own body, but it was no use. Jason's incessant teasing and scratching of his undershaft had unleashed Pete's primal sexual forces, and now, there was no holding them back. He felt a momentary burn as the fluid oozed between his piss-lips, then felt the sticky substance pass from his shaft. Glancing down, he saw the pearly drop emerge from his penis tip and quickly soak through the light blue bikini, creating a large, dark wet spot right where his cockhead thrusted against its cotton prison. Both teens also watched in wonder as the drop emerged from the tortured cock, soaked through the fabric, and clung precariously to the tip.

"Oh, look at that Jeremy -- look at his dick," cooed Jason softly. "It's starting to leak -- just like mine does. "Look at that big drop of stuff that just came out of his dick." Both boys stared at the drop, then Jeremy slowly placed his index finger on the drop and began to swirl it around Pete's cockhead, soaking the bikini material stretched over Pete's cocktip. Almost immediately, another, even larger drop emerged from the slit -- this too, Jeremy began to smear, first on the tip, then back along the straining shaft. Jason pulled his fingers away from the man's g-spot as Jeremy's deft fingers took over.

"Here, let me, let me," Jeremy crowed excitedly, as he began to rub and stroke that oh-so-sensitive spot on Pete's undershaft. While Pete groaned with lust and desire, Jeremy began to methodically torment the stud's bull cock, saying, "Let me milk him, Jas. Let me milk the sperm from him like I do to you. You know, in the way you like it, the way you beg me to do it. Let me do that to Pete." Jeremy continued to gently scratch and torture Pete's aching shaft, while Jason slipped his hand back inside the bikini leg opening, and again began to squeeze and play with the hefty, walnut-sized testes in their sac.

With one boy on his shaft, and another on his sac, Pete knew he was absolutely helpless, and totally at the boys' mercy. He no longer struggled to free himself -- damn it, he didn't WANT to break free! He wanted to stay like this forever, just the three of them -- touching and holding and fondling and stroking each other. Pete noticed that Jeremy's hard shaft had again popped out of the torn briefs he wore. Glancing at Jason's crotch, he could see the teen was equally aroused, his dick poking against his underwear, stretching those poor FTLs almost to the ripping point. He also noticed one other thing -- he wasn't the only boy in the room with a leakage problem. The front of Jason's briefs was shiny with wetness, and the fabric was so damp he could see the pinkness of Jason's shaft where it pressed against his briefs. Gently, Pete reached a free hand up into Jason's groin area, and began to diddle the boy's shaft through the wet material. Jason gasped with excitement, then began to jiggle Pete's nutsac with increasing intensity -- it was like a contest to see who could make whom cum first.

"Oh, Jason," Jeremy whispered to his twin. "Pete's gonna make you squirt right in your underwear! He's gonna make you squirt your sperm, bro." Jeremy's eyes were wide with excitement and wonder as he pulled his hand back and allowed Jason to once again take charge of Peter's hard, throbbing shaft. As the older and more experienced youth, Pete was still able to maintain some semblance of control, though he had to bite his lower lip to keep from crying out in total lust, or bellowing an animal-like roar of guttural passion. Jason, on the other hand, had little experience in controlling his sexual needs and desires. Almost upon the instant Pete's large, strong hand and fingers had encased his smaller cock, Jason began to feel that strange sensation in his lower stomach -- that churning excitement he got every time he touched himself -- or his brother touched him -- in a sexually stimulating way. Within moments, young Jason felt himself losing all control, and he gasped as Pete's expert hand manipulated him -- stroking and teasing his hardened cock through the soggy briefs, quickly bringing him to the point of orgasm. Jason released Pete's dick, and simply knelt next to the collegian, helpless to stop his impending ejaculation. A few more strokes by Pete's strong hands, and he was there, shooting his teen spunk into the wet briefs, gush after gush of his pure boyseed soaking the front of his FTLs, and oozing through the damp fabric as his body quaked with arousal. Giggling, Jeremy leaned over and pulled the waistband of Jason's briefs open, watching in awe as his brother's cock shot what seemed like quarts of warm, thick cream.

"Oooh, Jason," Jeremy said, "You've just shot a huge load into your underwear. Your dick and your briefs are soaked -- covered with your own sperm." For a moment, all three boys looked in wonder at Jason's groin, and Jeremy tugged the front of the briefs low enough that Pete, still lying prone, could look over and see for himself what Jason's hot cock had produced. He was amazed at the large quantity of semen the younger teen had ejaculated, and suddenly found himself reaching into Jason's briefs and scooping a large dollop of the sticky stuff onto his index finger. Bringing it to his nostrils, he inhaled the heady scent of the boy's emission, then, almost uncontrollably, Pete put the dripping finger to his lips and began to lick the sweet spooge into his mouth. "Oh, oh," Jeremy moaned, "look at that, Jas. Pete is eating your cum -- just like you and I do whenever you shoot a load!" The two teens began to quickly scoop up gobs of the white, creamy ejaculate for themselves, and, in a performance Pete found totally erotic and sensual, began to feed each other, each putting a semen-covered finger into the other's hungry mouth, where it was licked and sucked clean. Moments later, the two horny teens turned their attention back to the college jock, still helpless before them. With renewed energy, they attacked his body once again, touching his most vulnerable places, stroking and teasing him back to full erection.

Pete knew he was in for it -- he could see the look of determination on their faces as they went to work on him once more. He heard Jason say to Jeremy, "This is like that story from the internet, Jer. The one called "Milkin' the Bulls", or something like that. Do you remember it? The story about the guys in that college fraternity who needed to prove the new boys they recruited for their frat were capable of making sperm. Do you remember that story?" As Jeremy grinned and nodded yes, Jason continued. "That was so hot, Jer, so damn hot. They would gather the recruits in a room, arrange them in a circle, and make them stroke off. The last one to squirt had to eat the cum the others had shot onto a cracker in the middle. It was a way to prove that they had all reached manhood, were able to shoot off the way a man should, and it was a way to establish and prove their brotherhood to one another. That's what we're doing to Pete -- `Milkin' the Bull', though we know he's already proved his manhood with all those slutty girls at his campus!" Both boys started laughing with delight, but their hands continued working steadily, stirring Pete into a state of total arousal and furious desire.

Pete could feel his body responding to their every touch. Jeremy had returned to his nipples and pecs, rubbing and squeezing and pinching him, then flicking his pointy nubbins until they were hard and standing proud. Then, he dropped his hands lower, running his fingers along Pete's ridged abs, then lower still, teasing and lightly dancing his fingers along the taut lower abs, where he could see the skin stretched over the veins of the jock's lower torso. Pete groaned aloud at the sensual feel of Jeremy's fingers touching him in that sensitive area between his navel and pubes, and Jeremy let his fingertips stroke and toy with Pete's lower abs, gently tracing circles and lines along Pete's inguinal ligament area. The big stud quivered and groaned at the gentle touch, his state of arousal continuing to build. Jason, meanwhile, went back to work on his favorite plaything -- Pete's hard cock. The tight little bikini pouch was stretched obscenely as it barely contained the big oozing sex organ. Jason would lightly dance his fingers up and down the long shaft, then wrap his fingers around it and begin stroking and pumping it. Jason could feel the size and girth of Pete's cock, and along the undershaft, he could trace the outline of the stud's seminal duct where it ridged outward as it ran along the length of the shaft. Pete's dick was now leaking copious amounts of pre-orgasmic sex lubricant, but Jason wanted more. Placing his thumb at the base of Pete's seminal duct, he began to apply pressure as he worked his way up the long shaft. He did this again and again, each time milking a huge drop of the sex fluid from Pete's tormented organ. Jason and Jeremy watched in awe as the drop would emerge from the piss slit, soak through the bikini, and cling to the tip. Then Jason would smear the liquid back down the shaft, soaking the bikini fabric. The thin, wet material offered Pete's penis no protection now -- it was like having nothing more than a layer of wet tissue paper stretched over his straining rod -- and Jason's expert fingers milked and rubbed Pete's dick so teasingly that the college jock thought he would go mad with desire if the boys didn't allow him to cum soon.

"Let's strip his bikini off, Jer," said Jason, panting with excitement. "Then we can really work his dick over good." The boys began to grasp at the narrow waistband, tugging eagerly. They began to pull the bikini down, trying to roll the bigger boy this way and that to get the garment off of him, but Pete resisted every way he could.

"Damn you little pups," cried Pete as he struggled to keep the bikini on. For some reason, he felt the removal of his briefs would mean the loss of his last shred of decency. As long as he was "covered", he had some chance of yet fighting the determined boys off, and regaining control of his own body. But it was hopeless -- four hands vs. two put the odds squarely in Jason's and Jeremy's favor, and the sopping little baby blue bikini was soon around Pete's thighs, then his calves, then yanked over his feet. The twins, still in kneeling positions next to Pete, began tossing the sopping bikini back and forth over the prone, naked stud, while he tried to catch the skimpy things in mid-air. "Gimme back my briefs," he said, struggling to reach higher to catch them. "C'mon guys, let me have my underwear -- giv'em back to me," Pete said again and again, to no avail. The boys just giggled, enjoying the torment they were putting their idol through. Finally tiring of tossing the briefs, Jason threw them across the room. The younger boys had now stripped the collegian completely nude, and, pinning him down on the bed, they paused their torture to admire the sight beneath them.

Pete's big, strong body -- his bulging pecs, rippled abs, muscular arms and legs, was at their mercy. And now, projecting from his neatly shaved groin area, was a rod of manflesh like none they had seen before. It was easily eight -- perhaps nine -- inches in length, capped with a bulbous mushroom head, with a girth perhaps twice as big around as their own younger cocks. It was red from the abuse it had endured, and looked aroused, almost angry. The cockhead was blushing a deep shade of purple, and the entire length of that enormous organ was glistening with a sheen of sweat and lubricant. It bobbed with each beat of Pete's heart, and as they watched, yet another large drop of fluid emerged from the tip and began to trickle down the shaft. Pete's nutsac rested against his thighs, and on impulse, Jeremy reached down, gently grabbed the sac, and began fondling the large testes within. Hefting the wrinkled, slightly hairy pouch, Jeremy said to Jason, "It feels like his nuts are dancing and squirming inside, like they're happy to be making sperm for us!"

Jason grinned at his brother, then returned to the task at hand. He wrapped his fist around the quivering shaft, and began `wagging' it to and fro, while gently squeezing and toying with it. "So, you think you're a big stud, don't you Pete," he said teasingly. "This is the dirty dick that you've used to fuck all those nasty girls at your college -- damn Jeremy, we should have washed this thing down before we touched it. I'll bet it's been in some nasty pussy on campus, hasn't it Pete?" Pete could only writhe and twist feebly, still hopelessly trying to escape. He honestly didn't know how to answer Jason's charges, and he felt his face blushing slightly.

"Maybe he used it on a boy at his school," interjected Jeremy, a twinkle in his eyes. "Maybe both the girls AND the boys at his college have been taken by his big dick," Jeremy said, as he continued to fondle and flick the older youth's swollen nipples, and caress his bulging biceps. "Have you ever, well you know, Pete, have you ever done any sex things with a boy?" Jeremy asked quietly.

Pete's blush intensified, as he struggled to find an appropriate answer to the question. But before he could come up with anything, Jason said, "It doesn't matter where this bog ol' dick has been, tonight it's ours, and we're gonna make it squirt for us!" At that, he again wrapped his fingers around the stiff rod and began pumping furiously. Pete could only gasp and moan as the pressure in his loins began to build rapidly. "You ready, Jer, ready to see him blow his load for us?" Jason continued, as his brother nodded vigorously, grinning ear to ear. "Well, watch this," Jason crowed. With his left hand, Jason grabbed Pete's nutsac and began to rhythmically squeeze and prod the hefty balls within, while his right hand stopped pumping. Then, he placed his right index finger on the naked undershaft of Pete's throbbing member, and, using his fingernail, began to scratch along the length of Pete's seminal duct where it flared outward from the hard shaft. "Now, where was it again, Pete? Where was that sensitive spot on your cock?" Jason crowed, as his nail slowly scratched upward from the base. "Wasn't it somewhere" he said, as his nail hit Pete's g-spot dead on. Pete gritted his teeth and gasped aloud as Jason began working that spot with his nail, flicking and scratching and teasing it, just the way Jason himself enjoyed it when his brother did it to him. "Yeah, that's the spot, that's it, right here, right here" he whispered, as he saw Pete's reaction. "Look Jer, he's just about there -- see how the drops of stuff from his dick are turning milky? That means he's just about there -- his sperm is leaking into his fluid. He can't control it. We control his dick now. Give us that seed, Pete, give it up. You know how good it's going to feel to shoot that big load. Give it to us, man, give us all you've got."

Pete knew this was it. He gasped for air, his whole body quivering as his ejaculation began to build. He knew Jason was right -- he had lost control of his sex organ, and was now completely at the mercy of two teen-aged boys. Jason's incessantly scratching nail was driving him into a frenzy of lust, and he was helpless to stop what was happening. With a final long groan, Pete surrendered to his tormentors. A gush of semen seeped out of his piss lips, coating his purple cockhead with a yellow-white frosting. And then, as Jeremy chanted to Jason, "Milk him. Milk him", Pete endured the most powerful orgasm of his life. It felt like his very cock was exploding as his seed rushed up the length of his shaft and shot into the warm air. "Unh, unh, unh", moaned the college man, with each thrust and squirt of his aching penis. Again, and again, and again, and yet again and again, his cock erupted with geysers of hot, fresh cum, shooting up and arcing in all directions as the boys whooped and laughed. Pete's semen shot everywhere -- onto his abs and chest, his thighs, the bed next to him, the legs of both boys kneeling beside him. The air reeked of that odd chlorine odor semen often gives off -- the smell of mansex. The boys kept counting as shot after shot emerged, finally stopping at eleven, as the shots slowed to an oozing trickle. Pete lay there quietly, his body completely spent, and he struggled to regain control of his ragged breathing. The boys, wide-eyed with amazement, could only stare in disbelief at the copious ocean of sperm Pete's virile body had sent forth. Finally, comfortingly, Jeremy brushed Pete's sweaty forehead and cheek, whispering to Pete, "Are you OK, Pete? Are you OK?" Pete could only nod, too exhausted to speak.

In the afterglow of his powerful ejaculation, Pete's breathing began to slowly return to normal. He was incredulous at how weak he felt -- weak as a newborn kitten. He knew the two teens had drained him, both literally and figuratively, and he continued to lie almost motionless as the boys hovered over him. Jason reached a tentative finger to Pete's chest, and scooped a big swipe of college-boy spunk, bringing it to his nostrils to inhale the man's seed-scent. He then put out his tongue to gingerly lick the creamy treat into his mouth, but Peter grabbed his hand, telling him to wait. "You boys need to know a few things," he told them, "starting with some basic safer-sex practices."

"Oh, we know all that safer-sex stuff," said Jason. "We learned about it in health class at school." Then he continued, asking Pete, "Are you saying it's not safe for us to, well, you know, eat your sperm?"

"No, guys, I was recently tested and found to be fine. You know I would never do anything to endanger either of you like that." The boys nodded their heads in understanding, as Pete then said, "I just wanted to make sure you were aware about the possible dangers of ingesting a guy's bodily fluids -- you know, in case you ever found yourselves in a situation like this again, with someone you didn't know that well."

"Pete," said Jeremy, "we know you wouldn't do anything to hurt us, or put us in danger. Gee, we wouldn't do this stuff with just anyone! But it's you -- we know we are OK with you, that you would watch over us and take care of us. We've never done this with any other guys. Just with each other. And now with you." The boy fell silent, glancing shyly at his jock idol, then said, almost in a whisper, "We... we love you, Pete." Looking from one boy to the other, Pete was met with steady gazes, as Jason smiled shyly and nodded assent with his brother's honest, open-hearted statement.

The college athlete was taken aback by this honest expression of love and admiration from his two young teammates. Then he smiled broadly and said to them, "You rascals mean more to me than you could ever know. You're like my little brothers -- like the brothers I never had but always wanted. I love you guys, too."

Now, as Jason put his dripping finger to his lips, it was Jeremy's turn to scoop up some of the big stud's sperm and take a taste. "Pete's sperm tastes a little different from yours, Jason -- a little stronger, a little more bitter." Jason agreed, then scooped another big drop off Pete's abs and placed his finger at Pete's lips. "Taste your seed, Pete," encouraged Jeremy. Pete did as he was told, savoring the flavor of his own fruitful loins. The boys continued to talk quietly, sometimes rubbing the cooling spooge on Pete's chest, sometimes leaning over him to gently lick a drop or two onto their tongues. Since Pete was totally nude, they decided to join him, removing their own small white briefs and reveling in their nakedness. But Pete noticed Jeremy's expression, and how melancholy he suddenly appeared.

"What's the matter, Jeremy?" Pete asked, concern in his voice. "You looked like you were having fun, but now you look a little sad." Pete, now sitting up with the boys, placed a consoling hand on the twin's shoulder.

"Oh, nothing, I guess," said Jeremy quietly, as he glanced down toward his own lap. Noticing the shy downward glance, Pete immediately understood. He gently reached between the boy's thighs and softly grasped the young penis. He began to slowly fondle it, caressing it with tenderness, as Jeremy smiled at the loving touch.

"Don't worry about it, Jeremy. Soon, very soon, you will be shooting loads of cum just like your brother and I. Any day now, you will hit the jackpot. I mean, you can see already how hard and stiff your dick gets when I touch it. Any time now, you will be squirting with the best of them." As he spoke, Pete continued to idly fondle the boy's reproductive organ, enjoying the silky skin, smooth shaft, and impressive size. He reached lower, softly squeezing the nuts in Jeremy's sac, feeling the nearly hairless flesh of his scrotum, lightly pinching one orb, then the other. Returning to the shaft, he was surprised that it had grown even harder, jutting outward an even greater distance than before. "Mmmm...mmmmm," the teen groaned, his eyes closed, head nodding back, a look of ecstasy on his young face. As Jason sat nearby, Jeremy continued to swoon, seemingly lost in a trance as the older swimmer touched and groped him. But suddenly, Jeremy's relaxed expression changed to one of chagrin, and concern, as he told Pete to stop.

"Pete, have to stop. You're making me feel real funny. I have this funny feeling in my stomach, like maybe I'm gonna be sick or something. And...and I have to pee all of a sudden. Please, I have to go to the bathroom," said Jeremy, starting to rise from the bed. But Pete gently grabbed Jeremy's wrist with one hand, while he continued to fondle and diddle the boy's throbbing sex organ with the other. Jeremy was on his knees, his long cock pointing out and slightly upward, while beneath his shaft dangled two modestly-sized testicles in their pouch. As Pete continued to play with the boy's penis, he noticed Jeremy's scrotum begin to tighten, the testicles slowly pulling up toward the base of the shaft. Catching Jason's eye, he nodded toward Jeremy's groin area, and Jason quickly realized what was happening. Meanwhile, Jeremy continued to struggle feebly against Pete's grip, saying, "Please, Pete, I...I need to go to the bathroom. I really, REALLY have to piss...really bad. Please, please don't make me piss on myself, or on you guys."

"It's alright, Jeremy," Pete said. "Everything is cool, just relax." Turning to Jason, he quietly said, "Jason, I think this is your job. Jeremy is your brother. This is something a brother should do." He then took Jason's hand and guided it to Jeremy's crotch. Pete released the penis he held, and allowed Jason's hand to replace his on Jeremy's dick. "Be gentle with him, Jason," Pete said, "it's his first time."

Jason nodded, then began to softly squeeze, tickle, and pump his twin's aching hard-on. Jeremy tried again to rise, but Jason stilled him, saying, "Relax, bro, it's OK. You're in good hands." By now, poor Jeremy was in turmoil. His lower abdomen was churning, and it felt like he was going to burst, so great was the pressure he felt `down there.' Yet something was different -- it felt like he had to piss, but different. And the thought of just relaxing and releasing his urine suddenly seemed so pleasant. Another surge of pressure, and the decision was made for him -- his penis suddenly released it's fluid, uncontrollably, and to young Jeremy, it felt wonderful. He closed his eyes and just let loose, hoping his brother and Pete wouldn't be too angry with him for his loss of control. He could feel his dick pulsing as it released its load. Opening his eyes moments later, Jeremy was surprised to see a big smile on Jason's face. Glancing down, he was shocked to see Jason's hand cupping the head of his burning shaft, then watched with amazement as Jason opened his palm to reveal the treasure it held. It wasn't a yellowish liquid at all. Instead, Jason held a gob of thick, white goo -- a substance with the consistency of paste. Jeremy looked again, and saw the paste squirting vigorously from his cockhead, landing on Jason's palm.

"What...what...oh...oh," Jeremy moaned, as the euphoria of his first sexual emission swept over him. "Oh...oh," was all he could say, as his young teen body quivered with excitement. The three youths stared at Jason's hand, as the thick creamy spunk still pumped from Jeremy's body, finally stopping after nearly filling Jason's hand. Jeremy broke into a huge smile, his eyes sparkling as the enormity of what had happened hit him. "I...I...I made sperm, Jas!" he cried excitedly. "Pete, Pete, look, did you see that? My dick just shot some sperm!"

Pete and Jason couldn't stop grinning as they enjoyed Jeremy's reaction to his first ejaculation. "You did it, Jer," Jason whispered, "right before our eyes, you went from boy to man. Now you can shoot, just like me!" Holding his spooge-filled palm up for all to see, Jason announced, "Here it is, guys. Jeremy's first batch of baby batter. Fresh from his virgin balls!" Pete dipped his finger into the warm, sticky mess, and scooped some up, rubbing it between his thumb and index finger. He marveled at the thick semen, with the consistency of pudding, and remembered his own first emission. It had occurred one evening maybe eight or nine years ago, after he'd spent more than a little time rubbing and touching his `privates' -- the sudden pressure, the burning sensation, the reward. Jason interrupted his thoughts by commenting on the sweet scent and tapioca thickness of Jeremy's emission. "I remember my first few jerk-offs -- how my cream was this thick. It gets a little runnier as you squirt more," he said. . The three boys laughed and giggled, then fell silent as Jason told his brother, "Here, dude, you get the honors. Taste your own spunky seed. Lick it off my finger." With that, Jason scooped some of the thick pasty ejaculate onto his index finger and held it inches from Jeremy's face. Jeremy sniffed the proffered digit, then hesitantly tongued the seed into his mouth.

"It tastes a little different than yours, Jason," Jeremy said after several seconds. "Maybe a little sweeter, thicker, not quite so bitter as yours or Pete's." Then, Jeremy ran his own finger through the goop, scooping some up and offering it to his brother. Jason licked and sucked the finger hungrily, his tongue licking the finger shiny clean. "Pete, would...would you like a taste?" Jeremy asked shyly. Pete just smiled and nodded. Jeremy scooped some more of his fresh spunk up, and Pete gripped the boy's hand, guiding the oozing finger into his mouth, sucking it clean.

"That's some good stuff," Pete said, "freshly minted, right from the nuts!" Again, the three boys burst into gleeful laughter, until Pete suddenly noticed the clock on the bedside table. "Guys! It's nearly three a.m.! We've got to get some sleep -- I'm swimming in a few hours!" The boys were shocked to realize they'd spent so many hours enjoying one another, and, with Pete in the lead, quickly hopped off the bed. Hurrying into the bathroom, they rapidly cleaned themselves up, took care of their personal needs, then climbed back under the sheets. With Pete in the middle, and a twin on each side, the three young men, still naked, settled down for the night. The excitement of the evening's activities kept them all awake and talking softly for quite some time, but they eventually settled down, their young, athletic bodies demanding sleep.

The next morning, Coach Mike awakened them at 9 a.m., knowing Pete's 50 free was the last event of the morning prelims. They had a quick breakfast and reached the pool in time for Pete to warm up. Pete was afraid his lack of rest the night before would have a negative impact on his performance, but his worries were unfounded. The adrenaline was pumping as he headed for the starting blocks. The twins hurried over to him, and, as jocks so often do, playfully patted him on his ass, which was snugly, but barely covered by the tight size 28 Speedo he wore. They wished him luck, and gave him words of encouragement. He hit the water and swam with all his might, racing toward the far wall while visions of the twins danced before him -- no, those weren't visions -- they WERE the twins, jumping up and down at the far end of the pool as he stole a quick glance forward. He stretched his fingers and hit the touchpad, as sounds of clapping and cheering swept through the natatorium. Above these sounds, he heard Jeremy and Jason screaming his name, yelling something like `You did it, Pete!'. He looked at the scoreboard -- a big "1" by his name, and a time he couldn't believe: 23:44. He had won the morning prelims with the fastest qualifying time! Even more amazing, he had just qualified to attend the U.S. Olympic Trials meet in 2008 and try out for the next Olympic team! Coach Mike was reaching down, patting his head, smiling broadly, while the twins continued to whoop and holler.

Pete had accomplished his goal -- making a Trials cut -- so he decided to forgo the evening finals so they could all get an early start back to the Chicago area. As he drove, Pete wondered about the implications of his time -- he had two years to prepare for Trials. Next year was his last year of college eligibility, so he would come back home and train with Mike after that. Could he do it? Did he have the drive, the ambition? Only time would tell, but for now, his future was looking bright. The twins had decided to ride back with him, Jason dozing in the back seat, Jeremy up front, but also asleep, his head resting on Pete's shoulder. As Pete turned onto their street, Jeremy awakened, and surprised the college man when he leaned over and kissed Pete softly on the cheek. "Thank you, Pete, for everything. This was the best weekend of my life," the boy said earnestly. Pete smiled, then tousled both boys' hair affectionately as they climbed out of his car. "See you men at practice bright and early tomorrow!" he called to them as he backed out onto the road.

It was now mid-August, and classes at State would start in a couple weeks. Peter was racing north on Rt. 31, paralleling the Lake Michigan coastline as he headed toward a favorite park and campground. Curt was in the passenger seat, smiling and talking away, filling Pete in on his summer activities. Curt had flown to Chicago, and the guys were going camping for the weekend -- a last chance at summer fun before returning to school for their senior year. "Can we stop and get some ice cream?" came the question from the back seat. Glancing in the rear-view mirror, Pete smiled at Jeremy, who, along with his twin, occupied the back seat. The boys' parents had been happy to send them camping for the weekend. "Yes, we will stop soon, guys," Pete promised, amazed at the bottomless pit teen-aged boys call a stomach. By mid-afternoon, the tent was set up and Pete and the twins were wearing brief racing suits, waiting for Curt to change so they could hit the beach. When Curt crawled out of the tent wearing his baggy, billowy board shorts, Pete exclaimed, "Where's the Speedo I loaned you?"

"It''s so revealing, Pete. I've got it on, but under my shorts. I can't walk all the way to the beach in that little thing! Maybe, if there aren't too many people around, I'll take the shorts off and swim in the Speedo." Curt stood up, ready to head toward the shore, his boring boardies drooping down to his knees.

"Oh no you don't!" yelled the three swimmers in unison, tackling Pete's volleyball-playing roomie, dropping him to the sand. "Those shorts are coming off if I have to strip them from you myself!" yelled Pete, as the two horny studs rolled and wrestled in the sand by the tent, laughing and giggling as each struggled to get the upper hand, while the twins cheered from the sidelines.

The guys never made it to the beach that afternoon, but there would be plenty of other chances to swim that weekend. And plenty of chances for lots of other activities as well.