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David Buffet

Episode 10

This time, Theo only stood at the top of the stairs for three minutes and he actually knocked on the door. When Topher appeared it almost took his breath away. He was wearing a pair of shiny red basket ball shorts with no shirt. He had clearly been lifting. His chest puffed out magnificently and his shoulders looked sculpted. He smiled shyly. Theo smiled self-consciously. They stood looking at each other across the threshold for a few seconds.

Topher shook his head as if to clear it. "Come in," he said. "I was just finishing up."

Theo walked into the room. The smell was more pronounced. It was, at once, slightly unpleasant and highly intoxicating, like returning to the sea at low tide.

"You look good," Topher said, touching Theo's cheek.

"So do you!" Theo said. "You're look really good too."

"I was just going to take a shower. Can you hang out for a minute? It'll just take a sec."

Theo nodded. Topher disappeared into the bathroom and shut the door. Theo looked around. Not much had changed since he had been there last. A few more clothes on the floor. Theo walked over to the bed and stared at it. He glanced at the bathroom door to make sure it was still shut. The sound of water came from behind. He tested the side of the bed with his hand. He turned, sat on the edge, and bounced a few times. Gathering his courage, he lay down lengthwise on the bed. The pillow smelled like Topher. Theo buried his face in it, then, overcome by self-consciousness, stood up entirely and walked to the chair on the opposite side of the room. He sat and drummed his fingers on the table a few times.

When Topher reemerged, Theo was sitting on the floor against a bookcase reading a six-year-old X-Men comic book. Topher looked at him and smiled.

"Where'd you find that?"

"It was under a pile of shit," Theo said.

Topher had put his shorts back on. His skin was pink and radiating heat. He walked over to where Theo was sitting and joined him on the floor.

"I haven't seen that in years," he said. "What the fuck else is in there?"

They began rooting through the pile on the lowest shelf. There were electronic gadgets, Sports Illustrateds, unmatched socks, a dusty gameboy, a few Playboys.

"What's this?" Theo asked holding up a four-by-six homemade book with thick pages. Topher looked at it, touching the cover.

"That's an old album my mom made."

Theo's face alit when he opened to the first page. There, looking back at him, was the most adorable five-year-old he had ever seen. Tow-headed, chubby-cheeked, and grinning from ear to ear, the kid held a football that was bigger than his head.

"It's like a football album," Topher explained. "That was after the first game I ever played."

"How old were you?"

"Five, I think."

"You were the cutest thing in the world," Theo said unable to suppress a wide grin. Topher shrugged.

Theo turned the page. The body of the kid in the second picture was the same as the one before. This time, though, it was capped by an enormous helmet which completely hid the body's head. It looked like a toddler scarecrow.

"That was when they bought me my first helmet," Topher explained. "I loved it so much I wore it all the time. I would run around the house in it. My mom says I cried when I had to take it off to go to sleep."

"I can't stand it," Theo said.


"You were so cute!"

"Yeah," Topher added for him, "what happened, right?"

"You grew up and became really hot," Theo answered. Topher grinned crookedly, and turned the page.

"Oh, my God!" Theo effused. In the new picture the little round blond was standing next to a brown-haired Dennis the Menace. Their arms hung about each other's shoulders.

"That's EJ. We've been friends forever. We were on the same peewee league team."

"He was adorable!"

"I wouldn't ever say that to him if I was you," Topher warned. Theo's grin was getting bigger with each picture. The next was a picture of the cherub holding a trophy. When Topher saw it, he got up, ran to another bookcase across the room, rooted around in a pile, and came up with the trophy. He held it in the same pose the kid in the picture held. Theo laughed.

Turning to the next page, Theo gasped. There were six-year-old Topher and EJ dressed up in wigs and enormous ball gowns. The costumes were replete with accessories. The little blond sported a feather boa that was twice as long as he was around his neck. EJ was festooned with broaches, a multitude of bracelets, and a string of pearls.

Topher, remembering the picture too late, dove across the room to snatch the album from Theo. The distance was too far to cover, and Theo had time to put it behind his back.

"Gimme it," Topher said seriously. He was on his hands and knees in front of Theo reaching for the album. Theo twisted around holding the book as far away from Topher as he could while still trying to look at the picture. He was laughing hysterically.

"Gimme it!" Topher commanded again. On top of him now, he had hold of Theo's arm and was easily able to pull his wrist around. Theo, weaker and weak from laughing, gave up readily. Topher got the book. He flung it to the other side of the room.

The boys were intertwined on the floor, Theo still laughing hysterically, Topher looking stern. Topher, retaining hold of Theo's wrist, swiveled him around and down to the floor. Theo lay back with his arms held out from his body, his knees bent at odd angles. Topher was on his hands and knees straddling his waist, looking down at him with a frown. Theo started to catch his breath.

"What was that?" Theo asked, pausing between each word.

"We were six," Topher said by way of explanation.

"That was so..."

Topher cut him off. "If you know what's good for you, you'll stop right there."

Theo giggled. "I think it was darling."

Topher growled. "If you ever say anything about that picture to anyone, I'll seriously hurt you. You got it?"

Theo nodded gravely. But he was still grinning. Topher sustained eye contact to emphasize his seriousness, but Theo's laughter was infectious. The corners of his mouth began to curl up.

"I was six."

"It's okay," Theo said. "I won't tell anyone. I promise."

Topher nodded. They looked at each other for a moment, each trying not to laugh.

"But you were be-ewe-tee-ful!" Theo said, losing the battle. Topher scowled. Letting go of Theo's wrists, he reached down between his legs to take hold of the sides of his rib cage. He dug his fingers in and began mercilessly tickling the boy. Theo's laughter turned to shrieks and indecipherable protestations. He squirmed for all he was worth, to no avail. When he began to look like he was going to pass out from lack of air, Topher relented.

Theo lay panting under him, but began to regain a normal color. The more Topher looked at him, the more he noticed. The mop of straight brown hair looked better the messier it was. The eyebrows were large and thick but widely spaced. They angled down a little on the outsides like a cartoon animal. His cheeks were long and smooth and developed little red patches whenever he exerted energy. If he had to shave yet it wasn't very frequently. He wore a little cross on a silver chain that was puddling in the hollow where his neck met his chest. It was a weird cross, though. It had too many crossbars, and one of them was bent at a weird angle.

Topher reached between his legs and Theo cringed, expecting another bout of tickling. Topher smiled gently and pulled Theo's shirt out from where he sat on it. He lifted it up to the top of Theo's chest. Theo raised his arms over his head and lifted his shoulders off the floor a bit. Topher slid the shirt off.

Theo's torso was long and smooth. The only hair to be found was under the boy's arms, where little black patches appeared until he lowered his elbows. Topher reached to stroke the skin at the top of his stomach where the long muscles appeared from under the center of his rib cage. Theo was settling down, but still didn't trust him completely. When Topher moved to touch him, Theo's hands jerked to his wrists to make sure they weren't going to do anything untoward. Seeing that Topher's intentions had changed, they neither stopped nor guided his movement. Still, he held on loosely just to be sure. Theo was almost breathing normally now, but the flush hadn't left his cheeks.

"You have such pretty eyes," Topher said quietly.

"My mom says I have donkey eyes."

Topher frowned, which cause Theo to giggle. "No," he added, "it's a compliment. It's a Greek thing. Donkey's have these big round, sad eyes. They're really pretty. In Greece, if you like someone's eyes, you say they have donkey eyes."

"You got donkey eyes, then." Topher said, still thinking it sounded weird. He began running his fingers up and down Theo's centerline, from the base of his neck down to his belly button. Theo squirmed a little, this time in delight.

The boy on top of him was perfect in every way. Theo relaxed his grip on Topher's wrists, and slid his hands up and down Topher's forearms while the older boy stroked up and down his torso. The forearms, like his shins, were covered with thick, coarse hair, bleached completely white by the sun. Above his elbows the hairs were tiny and fine, causing the sheen that surrounded him whenever he passed in front of a strong light. Tufts of longer hair were visible under his armpits, and there was a little patch of curly blond at the center of his chest. South of that, it picked up again at his belly button, where wisps gathered and grew in a line which widened as it neared the top of his shiny red shorts.

The shorts were tented. Topher's erection pushed them out along his right side almost to his hip. Theo let go of his arms and slowly, tentatively reached for it. He touched the tip through the slippery material and it jumped. When it returned, he ran the length of it lightly between his thumb and forefinger. It was longish and very thick. Topher's hips flexed forward involuntarily as he traced it, the horizontal muscles in his abdomen becoming more pronounced with the motion.

Topher lifted off Theo, sliding across him to rest on the floor next to him. Laying on his side, he propped his head up with his hand. Theo straightened his legs, spreading himself before the older boy. They looked into each other's eyes.

"You're too perfect," Theo whispered. Topher dismissed the thought with a pffft. "It scares me."

Topher's brow knit. "Why?"

A few moments passed before Theo could voice his concern. "Why would you want me?"

Topher smiled. "I dunno," he said gently. "But I do."

"You do?"

Topher nodded. For proof he took Theo's hand and brought it to his erection. "Yeah."

Theo circled the head with the material of the shorts and squeezed it a little. He smiled shyly. "I guess you do."

"You know," Topher said, his voice a whisper to match Theo's, "I worked out for, like, an hour and a half before you got here." Theo blinked in response. "I only usually work out for forty-five minutes," Topher continued. Theo still wasn't getting it. "I wanted to be pumped up when you got here."

Theo got it. He smiled. "It worked." He brought his hand up and touched Topher's pectoral. "Big time." Theo's fingers found Topher's nipple and began flicking it lightly, tracing the areola, forcing blood into it.

"Jesus," Topher sighed. Theo stopped. "No, keep going. No one's ever done that before. That's nice." Theo pinched lightly and pulled. The nipple engorged. Theo licked his finger and rubbed the newly sensitized nub.

"I done that to girls. I never knew guys...fuck, that feels good." Topher whispered breathlessly. Theo smiled coyly, a little proud of himself.

Topher leaned forward. Theo matched. When the kiss began, their tongues met in the middle. This time, there was back and forth. Topher was unused to having a tongue in his mouth. Usually the girls let him take possession. He decided he liked it.

Topher began stroking Theo's torso again, this time with more strength. His hand descended farther down each time. Still locked in the kiss, it reached Theo's pants and smoothly began to undo the top button. Theo's hands sped to the area, interrupting him. Topher broke off the kiss.

"What's the matter?" he asked, the whisper full of concern.

"It's...I'm..." Theo's words trailed off into nothingness.


Theo struggled with formulating the words. Topher gave him time. "I'm kind of...down there is..."

"I've seen guy's dicks before," Topher said, misunderstanding Theo's trepidation. "I'm not expecting you to have a pussy, you know."

"No...I know. It's..." Theo took a deep breath. "I'm kind of unusual down there. I'm really embarrassed about it."

Topher started to smile, but seeing Theo's reaction to it quickly stopped. "Dude," he said as reassuringly as he could, "I don't care what it looks like. It's not about your dick with me. I ain't EJ." Theo nodded, but didn't relax the grip on his wrists. "Really," he added. "What, is it, like, really bent?" Theo shook his head. "I don't care. Really. Have guys made fun of you?" Theo nodded. "It's okay. I won't. I promise." Theo relaxed his grip a little, but still held on. "You got to trust me, little dude. I like you."

Theo gulped a breath. He let go of Topher's wrist and undid the button himself. Unzipping his pants, he shut his eyes so he wouldn't have to remember Topher's reaction. He lowered his boxers and fished his dick out.

"Holy Christ!" Topher gasped in astonishment.

Theo snapped his boxers back into place and sat up ready to bolt the apartment. He was furious.

Topher laughed. "No," he said, holding Theo's shoulder. "It's fine. I was expecting, like, burnt flesh or something." Theo was still angry. "That's the biggest fucking dick I've ever seen!" Theo tried to lift himself off the floor, but Topher increased the pressure on his shoulder, pushing him back with a thud and preventing escape. "Chill, little dude." Theo continued to fume. Topher held on tightly. "I said, chill."

Theo looked into Topher's eyes. He found merriment there, but no derision. He settled down a little, crossing his legs with his elbows covering his groin. When it became apparent that he wasn't going to flee, Topher relaxed his grip. Cupping the back of Theo's neck, he stroked the skin a little.

"Listen," he said, "it's okay. Okay?" No reaction save for a slight diminution in tension. "I think it's cool."

"It's not cool," Theo said. "It's freakish."

"Look," Topher said calmly but insistently. He lifted Theo's chin with his forefinger knuckle until the boy was looking into his eyes. "I always liked girls with really big tits. Now I like a boy with a really big dick. So what?"

Theo could find no subtlety in Topher's expression. He believed what he was saying.

"I'm really embarrassed by it."


Theo shrugged. "It's so...different. I hate being different."

"Well, all I want to do is play with it now."


"Shit, yeah!" Topher effused. The corners of Theo's mouth curled up for the first time.

"Can I kiss you now?" Topher asked. Theo nodded tentatively. Topher took him in his arms and kissed him with reassuring passion. Theo slowly dissolved.

"Now, haul that puppy out so I can take a closer look at it," Topher said lightly. Theo pursed his lips, but complied.

It was, indeed, a long dick. Easily the longest Topher had ever seen. It was also blockish, maintaining the same width throughout its entire length -- even where the head emerged from its sheath. It curved up slightly. The skin was smooth and loose along its length.

Topher held it, weighing it in his hand. "How long is it?" he asked in wonder.

Theo shrugged. "Seth wanted to measure it. I never did. I kind of don't want to know."

Topher closed his fingers around it. Thumb and forefinger barely met on the other side. "Jesus Christ."

"I wish you'd stop saying that."

Topher looked at Theo. The boy was unhappy. With his hand still encircling the beast, he kissed Theo gently on the lips, then retreated a few inches. "You know what it means if you have a really big dick?" he asked. Theo shook his head. "More for me to play with."

He increased the tightness of the circle he had made with his fingers and started slowly jacking. Theo breathed in sharply.

"Tell me how to do it," Topher whispered.

"Just the way you do it when you do it to yourself," Theo whispered back.

Extending a forestroke, Topher pulled the loose skin over the head and vibrated over the ridge a couple of times. "Naw," he said, "that's what feels good on me. I want to know what feels good on you."

"That feels pretty good," Theo replied, trying to keep his eyes from rolling entirely back into his head.

"What else?" Topher asked, still whispering.

"I don't know," Theo answered.

"Yes you do," Topher whispered patiently but firmly. "Tell me what you'd like."

"I'd like...I'd like...I'd like you to kiss me while you're doing that."

Topher complied, but not in the way Theo expected. He found the area where Theo's neck met his shoulders and began wetting it with his tongue. Beginning a series of moves that were clearly well-practiced, he licked, nibbled, sucked lightly, blew on and rubbed the stubble of his chin across the skin. All the while he worked the ring of his fingers slowly back and forth along the entire length of the boy's dick.

Theo's head swiveled backward in quivering delight as his knees drew up involuntarily. Topher seemed to intuitively know how to run the line between tickling and pleasure, his near proximity to the former only increasing the depths of the latter. Theo found himself unable to keep from making little noises as he spasmodically breathed. He accepted the sublime service until his own need to please took over.

He rolled, pushing Topher onto his back and climbed on top of him, knees straddling his thighs in reverse of the position in which the two had begun. He looked down at the rounded face, the blue eyes, the small, slightly crooked nose with an intense sense of possession. Leaning forward, he lowered himself down to kiss the full, if somewhat chapped, red lips.

When he got there and made contact, their tongues waged slight battle. Theo's won. Entering the older boy's mouth, he undulated across the palate, the inside of the cheek, the back of the teeth. The inside of Topher's mouth was a surprisingly small space, Theo realized. By broadening his tongue, he could fill it to create friction in all corners at once.

Theo felt Topher's hands at his dick. He raised himself up, sitting back on his haunches. Taking Topher's wrists, he lifted up and out. The hands unhappily released his erection. Theo maneuvered Topher's wrists onto the floor next to his ears, bending his arms as if he were doing a body building pose. He bowed, pinning the meaty forearms and contracted biceps under his own forearms and elbows.

Having thus immobilized his prey, he leaned in to kiss him again. This time, though, it was only cursory. Finishing quickly, he attacked again on the chin, licking the rough translucent stubble there with his tongue. The cross that hung from his neck dangled onto Topher's chest, tickling it as he nibbled.

He moved south, wetting a line down the center of Topher's neck, past the hollow, to his chest. The skin tasted of soap. He worked over to Topher's right nipple. Taking it in his mouth, he bit the end of it with moderate pressure. The resulting muscle contractions caused Topher's hips to buck. Theo rode him like a mechanical bull. When he finally let the nipple slide through his teeth, it was to replace the bite with tongue-centered sucking.

"Fu-uck," Topher sighed as Theo withdrew to see the results of his handiwork. It was a short respite. Theo moved to begin work on the other nipple in order to make it as hard and sensitive as he had the first.

Satisfied he had every nerve ending in the area alive and firing, he turned south again. Trailing down the centerline of his torso, his elbows slid down to rest on Topher's chest and he grabbed hold of the large round biceps. The pectorals were relaxed but supported his weight easily. Topher flexed his arms making his biceps go rock hard. Theo made an appreciative sound as he licked his way down.

Picking up the line of hair south of his belly button, Theo laved it well. He reached the waistband of the shorts. He let go of Topher's arms and sat up again. Grabbing hold of the shorts, he lifted up and down. Topher's erection worked free and thumped against his stomach. The older boy lifted his hips off the floor, lifting Theo easily along with them. Theo slid the shorts down to the large, slightly furry upper thighs.

While not nearly as long as Theo's, Topher's dick sported its own proud length with a thickness that grew from the base to its widest point two-thirds of the way down where it tapered again to a smaller, sheathed head. It was pale pink except where a large blue vein appeared on the underside and ran along the length before disappearing.

Topher had a thick bush of long, amber hair. While curly, the curls weren't as tight as on his chest. Below, pendulous balls hung in a loose sack that itself was covered with a goodly amount of hair.

"That's the way a dick is supposed to look," Theo said appreciatively, running his knuckle along the fleshy underside. A drop of precum formed at the top.

"C'mere," Topher said, beckoning with his finger. Theo bent forward. Topher cupped his neck and pulled him down the rest of the way, kissing him when he arrived. "You got a great dick. I love it."

Theo smiled. Pulling out of Topher's grasp, he arched his back, drawing down until his mouth was at the base of Topher's erection. With one long, slow motion, he licked the length of it until he came to the droplet at its end. Sucking it up, he explored the wide hole in the head.

"Mmmmm," Topher moaned, putting his hands on Theo's head. He stroked the boy's hair tenderly. "Take it in your mouth," he whispered. Theo complied, pulling the skin down taut and lifting the log off Topher's belly. He closed his lips on the head and swirled his tongue around it. Topher hissed as he exhaled.

"Take my balls in your other hand and work them around." Again, Theo followed instructions. They were heavy and still fully distended. The skin was warm, the hair on it making a scratching sound under the movements of his fingers. Theo ringed his fingers about the top of the sac above the two orbs and gently pulled them away from his body.

"Fuck, that's good," Topher purred. "Can you take more of it in your mouth?" His hands stroked Theo's hair again, guiding more than pushing him downward.

Theo opened wider and slid down as far as he could go. He got around two-thirds of it in his mouth before it bumped uncomfortably against his throat. He gagged a little in response, foisting a single, slight dry-heave. Topher pulled him off.

"That's okay," he said reassuringly, "you're doing great."

"Seth's smaller than you are," Theo said. "Much smaller. I could get his all the way in."

Topher laughed. "Well, you already done more than Lise ever would!"

"Lise never gave you a blow job?"

Topher shook his head.

Theo's eyebrows widened. "Why not?"

"A lot of girls don't like to," Topher said.

"That's stupid."

Topher laughed. "I think so, too!"

Theo giggled.

"C'mere," Topher whispered. Theo spanned the distance quickly. They kissed again. "You want to try again?" he asked. Theo nodded. "Sweet. Just try to relax and take it slow. You're doing great."

Theo returned to the work zone. He raised Topher's dick to a right angle with his hand, and took a deep breath. Again, he opened his mouth as wide as it would go and pushed down as far as he could. The head hit his esophagus and again he gagged. Topher pulled him up.

"I'm sorry," Theo said unhappily.

"That's okay, dude. Really. You're doing fine."

"No I'm not. Tell me what to do. Tell me how to do it."

Topher laughed. "I don't know. I never done it before!"

Theo smiled at his own silliness. "Oh, yeah. Right. I can ask Seth. He'll know."

"Seth learned on you. Yeah. That makes sense," Topher said petting the boy's head as it hovered over his dick.


"EJ. EJ was saying that Seth was really good. He was wondering where he learned. Now it makes sense."

"I told you Seth and I practiced on each other."

"Yeah, but I didn't know you were so...It makes sense how he learned to deep throat, that's all."

"I want to try again," Theo said, determined to make a go of it.

"Just do what you can, okay? It all feels great anyway. You don't have to go that far down."

Theo raised the dick a third time. This time he didn't attack it directly. He put the head in his mouth and sucked at it, wetting it completely. He slid down an inch then back to the head, rubbing his tongue along the sensitive underside where the head grew from the shaft. Topher moaned in appreciation. Theo slid again, this time two inches. Topher's head bumped against his soft palate. Theo created a vacuum, sucking for all he was worth as he pulled back to the head. He reached for Topher's balls again with his free hand. They weren't hanging as low this time, having already begun to recede with the work Theo had done. He tugged them gently, drawing them back out. Topher grunted in pleasure.

Theo took a deep breath and pushed down as far as he could go. It wasn't too much farther than the last time, but this time he worked hard not to heave, pulling off half an inch before he did. The added space gave him the ability to breathe out through his nose. He did, quickly drawing back in another deep breath. Still, he couldn't get the head past his esophagus. In frustration, he lifted his right hand, which was still holding Topher's dick, sliding the skin along it up to his chin.

"Fuck!" Topher gasped. Theo realized that he had just jacked Topher's dick while it was in his mouth and, while not deep throating, that might be pleasurable as well. He started a new strategy. He slid up with his mouth while sliding down with his right hand, all the while tugging at the balls with his left.

The opposable motion had the desired effect. Topher began writhing, muttering "fuck...fuck...fu-uck" as Theo reached zenith and nadir, nadir and zenith. The skin of his dick alternated between bunching up and being stretched tight with each motion.

Topher, continuing to stroke Theo's hair with one hand, brought the other to take Theo's hand off his balls. Theo let go, allowing his hand to be placed beneath the ball sac in the crevice between the large thighs. It was hot and damp there. Theo felt a bulge and realized it was where the erection began -- much lower than he had always assumed. He pressed the area with his knuckles.


Theo worked up a rhythm, trying to coordinate mouth with both hands. He bobbed for twenty seconds when Topher snapped to horizontal attention, pulling away completely from all his ministrations.

"What's the matter?"

The boy looked concerned. Topher caught his breath then smiled. "Really close," he said. "Don't want to blow."

"Why not?" Theo asked disappointedly.

"Nobody cums unless we cum together," Topher said as if reciting a catechism.

"Really?" Theo slid down from his straddle and lay on his side next to Topher. Propping his head in his hand, he bent his knee, drawing his thigh over Topher's, and placed his free hand at the center of his chest. He began absently pulling the little hairs straight then letting them go, watching them snap back into tight curls. Seth didn't have any hair on his chest. Theo had never had the pleasure of playing with chest hair before.

Topher stroked the top of Theo's thigh with one hand, and the forearm of the hand that was stroking him with the other. Still breathing heavily, he was beginning to calm down, pulling back from the precipice on which he had found himself. "My dad and I had, like, one conversation about sex my whole life. I was fourteen. I had already hooked up with a couple of girls by then, but he didn't know it. He said that it was important to be good at it, and if I wanted to be good at it, I had to do what they wanted, not what I wanted. He said a lot of stuff. One of the things he said was if you're going to cum alone, you might as well stay home and beat off."

Theo's eyes widened. "I can't imagine my dad saying anything like that to me. Ever."

Topher nodded. "It was horrible. I wanted to fucking disappear." They stroked for a moment in silence before he added, "but he was right. About all of it. I mean, I didn't want to hear it, but I agree with it totally now."

Theo sighed and rolled onto his back.


"Too perfect," he said. "It's all a dream."

"I'm not perfect at all. I'm not even fucking close. I'm just a stupid Polack," Topher said. He sat up, then stood up and surveyed the boy laying before him. His cheeks were rosy, the eyes at peace. His dick curved up well past his belly button.

"My little donkey," Topher said smiling. Theo batted his eyelashes. "I wasn't talking about your eyes," Topher added. Theo frowned.

Rising to a standing position slowly, he pressed the front of his body against Topher's. Reaching down, he took the older boy's balls in his right hand, reaching his fingers around to pinch the vas defrons on the other side. He looked up sweetly into Topher's eyes.

"If you ever say that again," Theo whispered with all the treacle he could muster, "I'm going to have to seriously hurt you." He gave the balls a mild but clear twist.

"Ooof!" The smile left Topher's lips as he tried to bend, back up, and grab Theo's wrist all at once. "Okay! Okay! I give!"

Theo raised his fists in victory. "...Still champeen," he announced, imitating a boxing announcer, "Theodore...ore...ore Cardiosandros...andros...andros!" He made the sound of a crowd cheering, and began to bounce around like a prizefighter accepting acclaim.

Topher laughed heartily. Walking over to the bed, he collapsed onto it lengthwise watching Theo hop around the room. Theo gaze finally settled on him.

"You ready to get it on with the Undisputed Champion of the World?"

"C'mere," Topher said, beckoning again with his finger. Theo bounced over to the bed. "I want to make the champion blow his fucking wad."

Theo's bravado melted back into desire. He lay down on top of Topher, who rolled them over on the bed until he was on top instead. Getting onto his knees, he turned around so that he was facing Theo's midsection and straddled his chest.

Theo began stroking the outside of the mighty thighs, beginning to love the scratchiness of the hair. Topher's back was as magnificent as his front. Here, again, Theo was surprised by finding definition where he never expected definition to be. Little bumps and furrows going at odd directions. Just above where his butt began, another little patch of hair was beginning to grow right in the center of his lower back.

Topher took hold of of Theo's knees and bent them up. He hooked his elbows behind the knees and drew them back farther. This had the effect of pivoting Theo's hips up, so that soon Topher was looking directly at the crack of his ass.

This was a new position for Theo, whose line of sight was blocked by the wide shoulders above him. He was expecting a blow job. He saw Topher, indeed, bend forward and down to do that very thing. But he seemed to miss. Instead, his tongue made contact in the space behind his balls between his legs -- the space Topher had told him to press on when he had been doing him.

A completely new and unexpected sensation enveloped him as the tongue slid forward -- backward from Theo's perspective -- toward his hole. His hamstrings began to twitch in response, as if the nerves went straight to those muscles instead of way-stationing in his brain. Topher's hold on him was pretty strong, though, and no amount of twitching would break it. His elbows crooked in the back of his knees, his hands rested on the cheeks of his ass, where he was gently pulling them apart both with his thumbs and by widening the angle between his elbows.

Theo began breathing through his mouth as Topher neared his pucker. The relaxing ministrations were having a counterindicated effect, increasing rather than decreasing the tension and contraction of the muscles he was massaging and licking. Theo felt drawn out, wound back like a bow holding a quiver. When Topher reached his asshole with his tongue, Theo bucked so wildly the older boy became concerned.

He relaxed his grip, rose, and turned to look at the boy lying beneath and behind him.

"Sorry," Theo said.

"You want me to stop?" Topher asked.

"God no!" Theo all but screamed. Topher chuckled. "It's just so...intense. I've never felt anything like that before."

"I've never done anything like that before."

Theo looked at him in amazement. "Then how do you know? I mean, how do you know what's going to feel good? I mean, how did you know that that would feel so good?"

Topher smiled coyly. "I guess I've done a lot of digging. When you get down to it, a hole's a hole."

Theo laughed. He wiggled his bum in the air where it lay in Topher's hands. Topher got the message and returned to pay it attention.

Theo considered himself neither savvy nor stupid when it came to sex. He had done some reading, he had done some talking, he had done some practicing. This technique, however, had somehow gotten past him without ever being noticed. He didn't know if it always felt that good, if Topher was just really good at it, or if part of the delight was its unexpectedness. Whatever the answer, he didn't particularly care. His eyelids fluttered shut as his pucker fluttered open. Mouth wide, reaching for shallow breaths and making sounds his own ears didn't hear, he gave himself over to the sensations completely.

When he returned to his body, Topher had stopped and was looking at him, twisted around where he knelt, a look of confusion on his face. Theo realized he had said something, but he didn't know what it was.

"Why?" Topher asked.

"Why what?" Theo felt like he was returning from a head rush.

"Why stop?" Topher asked.

"Don't stop! Why stop?" The conversation was unfolding like an Abbot and Costello routine.

"You said stop," Topher said completely confused. "You were pounding me on the legs with your fists. I think you bruised my calf right there." He pointed to a place on his left leg.

"I punched you?"

"Yeah," Topher answered in his what-a-retard voice. "Hard."

"Topher, that was so intense. I don't even remember...I had no idea that I was...that felt really good."


"No, I mean...shit...I can't believe Lise ever left you. What an idiot."

Topher let go of Theo's knees, letting his legs fall back to the bed. "It was never this intense with her," he said, turning back to face Theo's feet. "I don't think I was ever this good with her."

"How could you not have been?"

Theo saw the shoulders shrug. "It's kind of different with you."


The shrug again. Theo waited for an answer. He waited a long time. Finally it came.

"Lise kind of expected it all, you know what I mean? So it was like...I don't I mean I liked it. I always like it. But you're more like...surprised when I do stuff. It's nice. Makes me want to do more stuff."

Theo was glad Topher was facing the other direction so he wouldn't see the full flush that engulfed his cheeks. "You know what it makes me want to do?" He asked. He saw Topher shake his head.

Theo pushed at Topher's ass, inveighing him to sit up on his knees. The larger boy complied. Theo reached through his legs, pulled his dick down, and scooted a few inches forward. He took the end of it in his mouth, reached up to grab hold of Topher's ass, and pulled it forward as strongly as he could. The dick slid into his mouth, making it to within two inches of being fully engulfed.

"Fu-uck," Topher grunted in response. He felt the tongue swirl around within the tight enclosure while the boy fought to deep throat him. In response, he snatched at the kid's knees, rolling them back up again and dove for his pucker.

The two urged each other on that way, effort begetting effort. When, at last, Topher could take no more, he began to pull out. "I'm getting real close," he whispered hoarsely. Theo pulled him back with his hands, increasing the already noticeable suction in his mouth and bobbing up and down a few times with his head.

Just as he was about to gush, Topher timed a deep-as-he-could-go tongue thrust with the ending of one of Theo's muscular contractions. Theo had become so loose in response to his rimming, the tip of his tongue slid in a full inch before the walls closed on it again clamping it off. He felt the abdominal jerk in Theo just as one of his own was forming. He quickly reached around the kid's hip to find his enormous dick hanging down toward his stomach. He felt his first squirt rush across the boy's tongue as he felt the kid's first squirt ooze into his hand. Using it as coating, he slid his palm down Theo's dick and jacked him hard a couple of times, timing their releases together. Whatever shards of ego still stood after the initial earthquake were tumbled by the countless aftershocks.

Within minutes, both were fast asleep where they lay.