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David Buffet

Episode 14

Having dropped off Theo and Topher at Topher's house, EJ peeled out. The screech of the wheels was the only thing that broke the frosty silence in the cab of the truck.

"Are you mad at me?" Seth asked after a few blocks.

"I'm not mad," EJ said.

Seth watched the shadows of the streetlights play off the striations of EJ's clenched jaw.

"You seem mad at me."

"I'm not mad," EJ said. The cap was pulled low over his eyes. He held onto the clutch with his right hand, his thumb rubbing the smooth off the knob.

"You're mad at me for chatting with Tyler," Seth said.

"I'm not mad," EJ barked.

"You're sexy when you're mad. All evil looking."

"I'm not...that's not the..." EJ pursed his lips in frustration, then smiled despite himself. The kid was even cute when he was being annoying. "Look," he said, "Tyler and I have a history."

Seth sidled over and took hold of EJ's right arm, feeling the strength of the biceps through the leather of his letterman jacket. "You know, when you get mad, this muscle right here gets all bulgy." He ran his finger up EJ's jaw sliding against the grain of the stubble. EJ let go of the stick and put his hand between Seth's thighs. "Are you jealous? Is that why you're mad?"

EJ roughly grabbed Seth's crotch through his pants and gave him a warning squeeze. "I'm not jealous, and I'm not mad," he said, twisting his hand a little. "But if you keep it up, I'm going to get mad, and then you're going to be a sorry little boy, you got it?"

"Mmmmm," Seth said. "You're sexy when you're not mad." EJ chuckled and loosened his grip. "Where are we going?"

"My house," EJ answered. "Just be quiet when we get there. I don't want to wake my folks up."


Once Topher and Theo got inside Topher's room, the propriety and restraint they had both shown so valiantly in front of others vanished. Topher grabbed hold of the boy's waist as Theo threw his own arms over Topher's shoulders. The kiss was almost desperate, each fighting to consume as much of the other as he could. One of Topher's hands migrated up between Theo's shoulder blades, the other slid down to cup his ass. Theo lifted a knee, hooking it around the top of Topher's hip to give him unfettered access. Topher leaned back, lifting him clear off the ground.

The display of strength just got him hotter. Freed from gravity, Theo lifted his other knee, circling Topher's waist with his legs. The senior held him easily, counterbalancing with little effort. Theo threw his head back as Topher sucked at the nape of his neck.

"I am so incredibly hot for you," he moaned.

Topher didn't answer. Instead, he turned them and walked toward the bed, dumping the boy on it when he got there. Theo lay splayed wide and breathless as the blond stood over him.

Topher growled. Theo smiled. Topher growled again and pounced onto the bed, landing on his hands and knees astride the boy. The mattress bounced under his weight. Theo giggled.

"Grrrrr. I'm supposed to be impressing you with my ferociousness," Topher said. "Stop laughing."


Seth didn't have time to scope out EJ's room. From the moment the door was closed, his attention was entirely focused on trying to cope with the force of EJ's advance. His kisses were overwhelming and demanding, stealing Seth's concentration, strength, and breath. Seth didn't even know how his clothes had ended up on the floor. He was just suddenly naked, pressed up against EJ's fully clothed frame.

EJ lifted him off the floor and fairly threw him onto the bed. He pulled his own shirt over his head in a fluid motion, then stood watching Seth watch him. He brought his hand to his stomach, feeling the line of hair and the muscles beneath. Seth's eyes went to his midsection. His hand traced up to his own chest, pulling Seth's eyes with it. He smirked. Seth was rock hard.

He walked up to the bed and slowly unbuttoned his jeans. Seth licked his pretty little lips. EJ fished his dick out of his boxers and aimed it down at the kid.

"You want it?"

Seth sat up, hanging his feet over the side of the bed. "Yes, please."

EJ pulled his pants and boxers down to his thighs. Seth took hold of his dick in one hand, his ass in the other, and pulled him forward into his mouth. EJ sucked in his breath as the slick warmth enveloped him. He ran his fingers through the silky blond hair at his waist, gripped the back of the Seth's head just behind each ear and pulled mercilessly forward until he could feel the kid's nose smashed against his abdomen. He was, again, surprised and delighted how easily the boy took his size.

He rotated his hips a little just to feel the friction and waited for the kid to gag. It took far longer than he expected. Eventually he felt the telltale suction. He held the kids head in place for a few seconds more before releasing. Seth pulled back, gulped some air, sniffed and lapped at the knob of his dick.

EJ took a fistful of the kid's hair and pulled his head back so that he was looking up at him. The boy was irresistible -- wet eyes, red cheeks, runny pug nose. He bent down and sucked the kid's mouth. Seth gave himself over.

EJ didn't know why he got off so much on seeing how much people got off on him. Yes, it was narcissistic, yes it was selfish, yes, it was manipulative, but it was who he was and he had accepted it long ago. Who knew why it was that what got people hard got them hard? In time, he came not to care about it. He liked to be in control. His partners were getting what they wanted; why shouldn't he?

EJ stood back up and, one hand still clutching the kid's hair, guided his dick back into the boy's mouth. He pulled and the kid slid onto him. After ten or twelve long deep strokes, his eyelids began to flutter.


Theo lay with his head hanging upside down off the side of the bed. Topher, now as naked as he was, stood before him. The angle provided him a novel view. Topher's balls were covered with a tangle of yellow hair, and hung loose and low in their sack. Conversely, his dick pointed proudly up from where it grew out of its own nest of long blond hair.

"You don't have to. Really," Topher said again.

"Shut up." Theo replied. He reached up and bent the dick down toward his mouth. With his other hand, he took hold of the back of Topher's thigh. Theo wanted to keep his air passage as straight as possible. Toward that end, he manhandled Topher into position, rather than accommodating himself. Topher did his best to follow the lead, inching to his left when prodded in that direction, rotating his hips back to allow for a horizontal penetration.

Theo took the head in his mouth and played with it with his tongue a little, enjoying it both with the foreskin protecting it and with it drawn back. Topher moaned in appreciation, but made no attempt to move. Theo drew him in a little, concentrating on doing everything at once -- covering his teeth with his lips, swirling his tongue, providing suction, not bumping it against his palate. It had been so much easier with Seth. For one thing, with Seth, Theo didn't care.

He gripped Topher's thigh more tightly, and began to draw him in. Topher complied, if slowly. Just when he felt like he was going to gag, he pulled fast and swallowed hard as if trying to down a number of pills at once. They both felt the head pop past his esophagus. From there, it was only a couple of strained gulps before Topher's bush was scratching his nose.

Topher drew in a sharp breath and held it, engulfed by the same unsure bliss that captures you a quarter-second before you sneeze.

Theo began to gag again, but with the dick lodged so completely in his throat, the only effect was that his throat spasmed wildly about the shaft.


Theo held out as long as he could, finally pushing Topher back. He had hoped to take a couple of breaths then attack again, but the gagging continued even after the head had cleared his larynx. He forced it out of his mouth entirely and gasped for breath, desperately trying to quell the need to dry heave. Seth was right. His nose and eyes were both awash.

Topher looked down in concern, misreading the tears. He wiped them from Theo's cheeks with his thumbs, then turned the boy lengthwise on the bed and lay down on top of him.

"You okay?"

"Yeah," Theo said, still panting, still on the verge of tossing up a hairball, but otherwise triumphant. "I did it!"

"You sure did."

"Next time," he said, regaining his composure if not his normal color, "twice!"

Topher laughed. "You don't have to, Theo," he said. "It's okay."

"Of course I do," Theo answered as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"No," Topher said. "Don't get me wrong -- that was...incredible...but that's not what I like the best."

"Oh, yeah?"

Topher nodded slowly. "And I was kind of know...if it's okay with you..."

Theo finally realized that Topher, star quarterback, famous senior, hunk of hunks, was shy as a kitten.

"Fuck me, Topher," he whispered. "Fuck me ferociously."


Seth and EJ lay intertwined on their sides facing each other, their groins in light, playful contact. Seth's leg was hooked over and behind EJ's thighs, his foot on the bed behind EJ, his knee in the air. While he played with the diamond of short hairs on EJ's chest, EJ stroked the smooth skin on his ass and teased his crack. Seth purred. EJ ground their dicks together in response.

Seth was pretty clear on what EJ wanted. It wasn't too difficult to figure out. It was what people had always wanted from him. A little flattery, a little coyness, a little cuteness, a little deference. And in this case it wasn't as if the flattery or deference were a lie. EJ was stunning. Seth knew it. EJ knew it. Even (to Seth's ultimate delight) Evil Alex knew it. Seth's shivers were real. The purring was genuine, the moans were involuntary.

Giving him what he wanted was easy, and it had a wonderful payoff. EJ was, at his tamest, a tiger. With the right guidance, he could become a veritable whirlwind. Seth kissed a nipple then looked up and squiggled closer, opening his legs a little more to give EJ's fingers freer access. EJ smiled, looked down, and kissed him on the nose.

"You are so hot," Seth said.

"You're cute too, babe." EJ answered happily.

"I can't wait to tell Jen."

"Not Theo? I thought he was your best friend."

"Oh, yeah," Seth said, "Theo's absolutely my best friend. I want to tell Jen so she can eat her heart out."

"I'm just a trophy, huh?" EJ asked with mock dubiousness, liking the idea. "Just a hunk of meat, is that it?"

"Ooooh," cooed Seth, reaching down between them to take hold of him, "but what a hunk of meat!" EJ laughed and spread the lips of Seth's hole lightly with his fingers. Seth sighed. "You don't understand," he said, leaning more of his weight on the bigger boy, "you're, like, the catch of the school. Everyone wants you."

EJ was pleased. Seth deserved a reward, he decided. It came as a kiss as tender as it was caring. "Well, you got me, babe," he purred with syrupy fondness.

Seth found the gentleness surprising. "Yeah," he answered, after a considered pause. He returned his cheek to EJ's square pectoral. "I mean, that Tyler guy is cute and all, no doubt. But it's not like I'd actually take him up on it."

He could feel EJ tense up. He looked up innocently. "I mean, I'm sure he'd be fun, but why bother with him when I can have you?"

EJ frowned.

"What?" Seth asked coquettishly. "I'm saying you're better."


Topher's reaction wasn't what Theo had expected. He didn't throw Theo's knees over his shoulders or flip him upside down. He didn't even growl. Topher's ferocious fuck began with a slow, wet kiss. Theo began to unwind from the tension of so desperately wanting to be able to deep throat. Topher had rolled sideways and so wasn't pressing himself onto the kid during the kiss, which gave them the ability to explore each other with their hands. Theo's went to his favorite place -- below Topher's nipple where his pectoral grew in a great arc from his rib cage. There was something about that particular curve that kept drawing his eye, his hand, his mouth. Topher worked down Theo's midsection, toying briefly with his fully engorged dick -- more massaging its aura than the dick itself -- coming to rest behind Theo's balls. He pressed at the perineum with thumb and forefinger. Theo's knees spread entirely of their own accord. He traced a line to, over, and past the pucker. The muscles clenched involuntarily. Topher traced the line back up.

On the second descent, he still felt a twitch. By the third, the muscles remained in repose. Theo's eyes were closed. Had he opened them, he would have seen the ice blue studying him. A fourth run across the site and he felt the slightest lessening of tension. On the fifth, he dwelt.

The broad pad of Topher's forefinger pressed lightly at Theo's hole, gently probing left, right, down, up, and finally slightly in. Another clench slowed him, and he circled for a while, exploring the surface. The muscles fairly vibrated under his touch. He broadened his field of play, sweeping his hands over the taut cheeks a couple of times.

Theo's being was concentrated entirely on a four-inch square of his own flesh. The massage was stimulating and relaxing at the same time, as was the pull between desire and fear. He didn't know whether to turn to Jell-O or stone and ended up alternating between the two as the fingers magically coaxed him from one state to the other. Topher was reading him like braille.

Topher began running his hand over Theo's flesh. It found its way to his dick. He gripped it and jacked a few times. Theo's eyelids fluttered. It continued its journey upward, tickling the warm skin of Theo's midsection and chest. When it reached his mouth, the fingers traced his lips, begging entry. Theo smiled.

"Open up," Topher said. Theo opened his eyes. Topher took his hand away, leaned forward and kissed him. Retreating again, he returned his fingers. "Open up. You gotta get 'em wet."

Theo opened his mouth and Topher swabbed his tongue with fore and index fingers. Theo sucked them in. They were salty and the cuticles were rough. Theo wondered if, in his life, he had ever had any reason to have someone else's fingers in his mouth. What reason could he have had?! The thought made him grin. When Theo grinned, his upper lip pulled back, and his two front teeth showed. Their appearance invariably made Topher grin in return, if for no other reason than that he thought Theo was so cute.

"Wha'?" Theo asked, the word making its way out around the fingers.

"Nothing," Topher said. Their grins broadened. Each one thought the other did so first.

"'hy are oo 'auphing'?" Theo asked.

"I'm not laughing. Why are you laughing?" The grins had both broken out into smiles.

"I'n 'ot 'auphing," Theo said, starting to laugh.

"I'n 'ot either," mimicked Topher, also starting. Within a minute they were both in hysterics neither of them could explain.


EJ's dick was completely buried in the boy's ass. Seth was still twitching, trying to accommodate the assault. It was like in the woods, but moreso. This time, he was kneeling upright behind the kid on the bed, one hand practically holding the kid in a half-nelson while the other was firmly clamped over his mouth muffling, the yell that would otherwise have surely awoken his parents.

He had intended to do it nice this time. Give the kid a gift. Really turn on the charm. Long, gentle, and slow. But once Seth had started talking about Tyler, everything he said had just pissed off EJ more. The kid couldn't have gotten him angrier if he had tried.

EJ had shoved in his dick, sloppily lubed with a gob of his own spit as much to shut the kid up as anything else. It was a brutal thrust. They had gone from utter repose to complete tension so quickly EJ wasn't even clear how it had happened. But he was in deep, and the kid's thighs were beginning to stop quivering. Seth was still breathing noisily through his nose in quick, shallow drafts. Unseen from behind, EJ pursed his lips. This was not at all how it was supposed to go this time. But be that as it may, the kid's ass did feel good on him.

Another half minute passed. "You settled?" EJ said quietly into the kid's ear. Seth nodded, his mouth still covered by EJ's hand. "You still need to yell?" Seth shook his head. EJ released his mouth and relaxed his grip on the kid's shoulder and neck. "Just breathe," he said. "You'll get used to it."

Seth worked at relaxing. Maybe he and Theo should have fucked. If he could have gotten used to that monster, he could take anything. EJ let go, and Seth collapsed to his elbows on the bed,
doggy-style. Just like the first time, it had been sudden, it had been painful, it had been a shock to his system, but it had been Good. It had been Very Good. He didn't like this position as much, though. He couldn't see what was happening.

EJ, however, could. When the boy bent forward, he looked down to where his dick disappeared into the kid's smooth, white ass. The skin around his thick root was stretched so tightly it looked as if it would sound a note when he pulled out, like bowing a saw blade. With one hand he tried to coax the kid's ass into relaxation with strokes and a few playful slaps. He reached around and took hold of the kid's dick with the other. It was strange, but just like the first time he had taken him, the kid's erection did not diminish in the slightest when he plowed him.

Most guys he did -- especially the virgins -- lost their erections completely when he let them know what it was like to really get fucked. That first, suddenly full, relentlessly deep plunge was almost a trademark of his. He knew he was big, and that such an attack on an otherwise unopened hole took some getting used to. Even the Rabbit would go to half mast for a minute or two before the fullness turned pleasurable again. But Seth had remained a rock through the smothered yell, through the shock and shaking.

"You're hard," EJ observed, surprised to hear that he said it out loud.

"So are you," Seth grunted.


Topher's fingers were amazing. The first's entry had felt...unusual. Then interesting. Then kind of good. Theo watched him as he did his work. Topher was lying on his side propping himself up on an elbow, the other hand disappearing between Theo's legs. He alternated between looking up into Theo's eyes and down at his ass.

"That okay?" Topher asked for the umpteenth time as he slid the second knuckle in again.

Theo nodded. "Mmmmm."

Topher rotated his wrist so that his finger turned inside the boy. Half way around he felt something deep in -- a firmer patch of the hot, wet wall he was exploring. Remembering EJ's advice, he bent his finger and pressed it hard.

Theo's entire body headed toward the ceiling, levitating a good three inches off the bed. The explosive movement and squealed yawp caught Topher completely by surprise. He withdrew his hand immediately, sitting up in case medical intervention was necessary.

"What the fuck?" he asked with concern.

"What did you do?!" Theo was still shaking visibly.

"I don't know. What did I do? EJ told me to do that. I'm really sorry. I'll never do it again. I promise."

"Are you nuts?" Theo cried, "Do it again!! Do it again!!"

Topher's eyes widened. He really thought he had hurt the kid. "That felt good?"

"Ummmm....yuuuuh," Theo answered using Seth's impatient voice -- as if it were the Most Obvious Thing in the Universe.

"Really?" Topher still wasn't convinced.

Theo pushed Topher's shoulders back, dumping the older kid on the bed. He pushed the furry knees apart impatiently, slathered up his own fingers, and went for Topher's hole.

"Hang on a minute," Topher said, "I'm not...whoa..." Theo's finger slid inside. "I don't get...jees...not really into..." Theo's finger rotated around until it was facing the same direction as Topher's had been in him. He felt a little knob inside. With his other hand, he grabbed hold of Topher's dick. "...don't have to...that feels kind of differ...Holy Fucking Shit!" Theo had pressed for all he was worth.

Theo let up the pressure. They stared at each other for a moment, then both broke out into the wide, conspiratorial grins of two ten-year-olds who had just found a brand-new but abandoned bebee gun in an alley.


While he would have preferred to be able to watch, Seth was learning there was a lot to be said for this new position. For one thing, on his hands and knees, he could move more freely than when he was pinned on his back. He found himself rocking fore and aft to meet EJ's rhythmic thrusts with a reverse velocity of his own. It also felt like EJ was getting deeper in this new position, though he couldn't tell whether that was real or a by-product of having already been fucked once. Either way, it was nice. Every third or fourth stroke, they'd time it perfectly and the flared head of EJ's dick would find a new depth to explore.

It hadn't taken quite as long to get used to it this time, even though the entry had been more savage. And like the first time, the sensory overload had ended up being somewhere between pain and pleasure, like the intensity of the tingle when you whack your funny bone. And once he had accommodated, the fury of the fuck became indescribably hot.

EJ was jabbing at him, pushing as far in as he could go, then rotating his hips for an extra few millimeters of impalement. The thrusts were so forceful Seth could feel EJ's balls slap up against him each time they made full contact. Despite his intention to be quiet, he found he could not contain the little grunts that escaped him each time EJ slid across the Spot.

EJ gripped him firmly by the hips, pulling as he pushed. Despite the intimacy of the act, because he was facing the headboard Seth felt this position was somehow more private. He was the complete focus of EJ's attention while EJ wasn't even in his field of view. While EJ centered on what he was doing, Seth could center on what was being done to him. He liked it.

He liked being the center of EJ's world. Here was this big, built, dominant, aggressive football player who was completely absorbed by him. And it was so easy to get there. It felt...powerful. Seth reflected back on all his fantasies of EJ, all his expectations. EJ had met or surpassed every one of them.

Now he was reaping the reward. The heat of friction, the stretch, the sense of completion, of command, the scratch of EJ's pubes against his backside -- he could definitely become addicted to this. He could hear EJ's breathing become more rapid, feel the sweat on his thighs. Seth smiled privately into the pillow. "I'm making him do that," he thought. Another drop of precum dribbled from his dick.


They lay in opposite directions, head to crotch, each with a mouthful of dick and a hole full of finger. They had gotten past the stage where each time one would press the other would buck or squeal or crack up. They had gotten past the game of One, Two, Three, Push It, which left them both gulping for air in spasmodic fits of pleasure and laughter, especially after Topher mispronounced push it as poo shit. When Theo suggested what they were doing should be called "Dueling Buttjos" it took them a full five minutes to recover. They had also gotten past the subsequent discovery that one didn't have to press for all one was worth to get a reaction. While serious pressure made you feel like you were cumming without actually cumming, slight pressure was delightful in its own right. Now they were exploring the gradients, sucking on dicks -- or, in Topher's case, on the head of a dick -- while playing with the new range of sensations they could evoke in each other.

Topher finally rolled onto his back for a rest. They lay in repose, staring at the ceiling, arms hooked inside knees, and fondled each other in a relaxed way.

"Man, that fucking blows my mind, you know?" Topher said after a big sigh. He could hear Theo nod. The two of them breathed for a while. "Why didn't anyone ever fucking say, you know? I mean if someone had said, I would have known and..." the sentence ended in another sigh.

"What, like teach it in school?" Theo asked with a smile.

"Yeah! Fuck, I'd'a paid attention to that!"

Theo snorted. They lay in silence for a while more. Topher took a breath as if he was about to say something, but let the air out instead.

"Yeah?" Theo asked.

"Nothing," Topher answered.

"No. What?"

Topher stopped his fondling. Theo recognized it. Topher turned entirely inward when he tried to put words to a difficult thought. It had happened all through the first night at the party, and then periodically after. He waited patiently.

" really had no idea I was the quarterback?" Topher asked finally.

It wasn't what Theo was expecting. "No," he answered genuinely but with care, not getting why his ignorance was so bothersome. "I didn't even know what a quarterback was."

"Humph," Topher said.

"That okay?"

Topher got up, turned in the bed and climbed onto Theo. "Yeah," he said adding, after a tender kiss, "that's okay." He kissed again, this time the chin. The next was for the neck. Topher worked his way down, crawling backward down the bed as he kissed. When he got past Theo's groin, he hooked his hands behind the boy's knees. Theo knew what to do, happily drawing them to his own chest.

Topher went to town, hitting Theo's ass like a spaniel on a favored chew toy. His fingers joined his mouth this time, prodding, opening, loosening. One fingertip then two, then a third from the other hand, while his tongue stroked and laved. He pulled his fingers apart and with a grand exhalation from Theo, a gaping chasm opened. Topher dove into it with his tongue, working for depth. When he needed a breather, his fingers replaced his mouth.

Theo didn't know if he was opening from desire to do so, from the determined treatment he was getting, or if his ass was simply giving up in the losing battle to stay tight in the face of such a single-minded, lengthy assault. All he knew was that each time Topher pulled, it stretched wider; each time he entered, it was with more fingers and deeper in. Minutes and minutes passed. It was only when he stayed open and loose when Topher withdrew everything that he was deemed ready.

Topher climbed off the bed and walked over to his night stand, his big dick bobbing with each step. He fished in it for a second and pulled out a tube of KY. Bringing it back to the bed, he climbed on and attempted to squirt some into his hand. None came out. He squeezed harder. Still nothing.

Theo took the tube from his hands and examined it. "See, it's covered with this foil at the top, 'cause you haven't used it yet," he said.

"Oh, yeah. Okay."

"You got the cap?" Topher handed it to him. Theo used it to poke a hole in the protective foil. "There you go." He handed the tube back.

Topher squeezed out a massive glob onto two fingers. It felt cold and wet.

"EJ says I got to use this on us."

Theo nodded. "That's a lot, I think."

"It is?"

Theo nodded again. Topher shrugged. "Then it'll be real slippery." He brought the glob to his dick and smeared it around generously. His fingers were still slick enough to apply more to Theo's hole.

"Oooh," Theo said as Topher lubed him up. "Squoogy."

Topher became serious. "You ready?"

Theo gathered his knees to his chest and nodded.

"It might hurt, you know."

"I know."

Topher swatted his knees back down and pushed him over, taking his place in the bed.


"I figured you could sit on it. That way you know...take it at your own speed."

Theo smiled. Topher was pretty smart when it came to the important things. He climbed on top and straddled his waist. Topher pointed his dick up. Theo lifted up until he was over the tip of the head. He descended until he felt contact, then a little more until he felt Topher's head glide in. He waited there, gauging how it felt.

"You okay?"

"Yeah," Theo said, surprising both of them. "It doesn't hurt yet. You done good, huh? Feels...I don't know...big but not hurt."

"You want to go a little more?"

Theo descended. Topher's head wasn't the widest part of his dick. His sphincter stretched more while the flesh inside got introduced to the invader.

"You okay?"

Theo laughed. "You can stop asking me that, Topher. Yeah, it's okay. Feels real stretched out, but it's not that bad. How's it feel for you?"

"Me? Word!"

Theo descended another inch. The widest part of the dick was now at his hole. He took a few breaths, expelling them through pursed lips.

"Oh, shit!" Topher said.

"What's the matter?" Theo asked, pulled from his concentration.

"Nothing. Shit." Topher explained.

"What's wrong?"

Topher knit his brows. "No. Listen: shit. EJ said you're supposed to push out like you're taking a shit. He says it will make it go in easier."

"Oh, okay." He pressed abdominally as if he had to go. He sank another inch without trying to. "It worked!" He pushed out and sank down again, now almost fully impaled. The dick had passed the knob, pressure against which was counteracting the discomfort of the slow, if strenuous internal stretch.

Theo was breathing deeply and regularly, in through his nose, out through his pursed lips. Beads of sweat began to appear on his forehead and his cheeks had gone all crimson patch. It had never occurred to him that getting fucked would take such focused concentration.

"Just a little more to go," Topher encouraged. "Can you do it? Do you want to stop?"

Theo shook his head. Two deep cleansing breaths later, he engaged a serious push and sank into Topher's lap.

It hurt. But it was a surprising hurt. It didn't throb like a headache, or sting like a cut or ache like a bruise. He felt like he had a minor cramp. And it wasn't that bad.

"You okay?"



"Not bad," Theo said. "Actually, it's getting better just sitting here. Is it okay for you?"

"Oh yeah," Topher sighed, holding onto the boy's thighs, "this is incredible."

"Really?" Theo said, "Actually...I'm kind of wondering, you, what all the fuss is about."

Topher smiled. "Slide all the way up and down," he suggested. Theo did so, his eyes widening in surprise.


Topher nodded.

Theo did it again. Topher had done his job tremendously well. He didn't feel like his skin was going to tear and the cramp had diminished to a dull ache -- and then only when he sank the last inch or two. Instead it was replaced by a sensation of ticklish well-being, accentuated whenever movement occurred. Motion, Theo realized, felt better than stasis. Much better. He raised up and sank again, eliciting a moan from the blond beneath.

"Starting to feel good?" Topher asked.

"Oh, yeah." He bounced a few more times in succession, deciding he could get very, very used to the feeling.


Still behind the kid, EJ had lifted Seth from his elbows to vertical and was holding him against his own torso. They knelt, one in front of the other, locked together by their connection at the waist and EJ's arm, which wrapped around Seth's chest holding him in place. EJ sucked at the kid's ear lobe with his mouth, vigorously tweaked the kid's right nipple with his left hand and jacked the kid's dick with his right, all the while rocking his dick in and out of the kid's tightness. Seth had gone completely slack-jawed, lost in the pleasure EJ was inflicting on him.

EJ loved this part. He could bring his victims to a state of senselessness -- a kind of sexual hypnosis in which he forced them out of their own bodies. It was what guys who wanted him craved, he had found: a dissolution of the ego into the universe at large. EJ was happy to oblige. He had not met the ego he couldn't dissolve in a bout of sexual frenzy.

He had his way in bed the way he had his way on the field: by matching his wits, strength, speed and agility against his opponent. The only difference was that on the field, his opponents were trying to stop him. Maybe that's why he found this kid so hot. His sexual contests were usually so one-sided that they didn't feel like victories at all. Like the way they had played the game earlier that night -- the visiting team was so bad they could beat them in their sleep. As a result, he and his teammates had sunk to the level of the other team's incompetence. It was better when you bested a worthy opponent.

Seth's eyes were rolled back into his head, his eyelids fluttering, his breaths coming in gasps timed to EJ's plunges and the sweeping of his palm along the kid's dick. He had the kid exposed, raw, naked, accepting everything EJ had to give. He knew the kid was close, but he wouldn't let him cum. Not until he was ready.

EJ let go of the kid's dick and pulled his balls from their hiding place high in their sack. The skin of Seth's scrotum had already gotten thick, wrinkled, and rubbery. Timing perfectly with a deep in-stroke, EJ pulled down, twisting a little, and gently pinching the kid's vas deferens. Seth sucked in air through his teeth. EJ palmed the balls, keeping a downward pressure on them. Seth responded by clenching his already tight ass muscles and letting his head roll back limply against EJ's shoulder.

"There you go, babe," EJ purred into his ear. "Just let it all go. I got what you need."

The sound that Seth made brought EJ to the edge. It wasn't quite a word. Seth had tried to respond but couldn't muster the energy to form a consonant. Instead, it came out as a semi-sung, breathy, indecipherable diphthong. Seth was gone. What was left was pure reaction. Reaction to EJ's majesty.

He grabbed Seth's dick and pumped the sensitive head furiously. Seth closed like a clamp on his own dick and he blew, pumping the kid full of himself. Their spasms would have threatened to pull them apart, were it not for the strong arm EJ had wrapped securely around the kid's chest. Seth's arms flailed, he gulped for air. EJ showed him no mercy. Despite the cum flying into and out of the boy, the running back kept stroking. EJ was not content to send the kid to the moon. He was aiming for the stars.


Topher was on top. They had already cum once. That only took them a few seconds, surprising Topher, who prided himself on his ability to draw it out. But he'd never felt anything that tight, he explained apologetically. Girls were different. This would take getting used to.

Theo had laughed, pointing out that he, too, had cum right away and that getting used to it might not exactly be the chore it sounded like. As neither of them had deflated much with their orgasms, their next time was only a few minutes later.

The second entry was a breeze. Topher threw Theo's legs over his shoulders and guided himself slowly in. Theo's impatience took over and he bumped his ass up, grinding himself into Topher's scratchy bush. The senior grinned, getting the message. He started balling like a pro, long-dicking the kid at a brisk but sustainable pace. The last part of each down stroke evoked a grunt from Theo. When Topher realized it wasn't from discomfort, he continued to go deep.

Theo found that if he bent his legs even more, he could rest his heels on Topher's shoulders. That gave his upper thighs a bit of a rest, rotated his hips up so that Topher could punch with a better angle, and separated their upper bodies, allowing Theo to see what was going on. He watched the wide, rigid shaft disappear into and emerge from his own hole. The sight was too hot. He closed his eyes for fear he'd cum right away again.

Topher had never butt fucked anyone before, having been quite content with pussies for a long time. It was unlike anything he had ever experienced. He didn't know whether it was because it was an ass, or whether it was because it was Theo's ass in particular, but the heat, friction and tightness were beyond his comprehension. Despite his best training, he found himself veering toward the edge again way too soon. He stopped in mid stroke.

"Aaaarggh!" Theo grunted, opening his eyes. "What happened? Don't stop. Don't stop!"

"Really close," Topher said apologetically.

Theo reached around and pulled Topher's ass toward him, shoving the dick back deep. "Who cares? Me too. Keep going! Keep going!"

He did. They came a second time shortly thereafter, within seconds of each other. Topher collapsed on the boy, his dick still embedded and twitching in the kid's ass.

"You think we'll ever be able to do that for longer than thirty seconds?" Topher asked after he had caught his breath a little.

"Gonna be a shitload of fun trying!" Theo sighed.