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David Buffet

Episode 7

Seth and Theo sat backstage loading weights onto the ropes to counterbalance the sets that were being hung. Seth didn't really have to be at rehearsal. They weren't blocking any of his scenes that day. He just wanted to avoid going home as long as possible, and helping Theo was a good way to kill time.

"So then he told me he's been walking around all day with a hard on since he met me," Seth said, "and I was like, your dick is Fabulous, and he was like, you can have it whenever you want."

"Not bad," Theo said, picking up another weight. "So there you go then. When you going to do it?"

Seth grinned. "I told him he had to be nice to me first."

"Now why would you go and do that? Hasn't he been being nice to you?"

"Exasperated grunt. You are So naive," Seth said.

Theo rolled his eyes, dropped his weight into the holder, straightened up, then looked at Seth. "I think Topher and I did it."

Seth picked up another weight. "Did what?" he asked.

"I think Topher and I had sex."

Seth blinked at him. Theo blinked back. "Be serious," Seth said.

"I am being serious. I think Topher and I did it."

"You think?" Seth asked.

"Well, nothing went inside anything else, but we both got off. Does that count?"

"Shut up!!" Seth said wide-eyed. "You and Mr. Yummy??"

Theo nodded.

"Get out!! Tell me Everything!"

Theo gave a brief account of the previous evening, leaving out the unspoken emotion and the conversation at the end. Seth listened to it slack-jawed. When Theo was done, a wide grin spread across his face.

"You Dawg! Why didn't you tell me you were trying to get him to come on to you?"

Theo shrugged.

"That's it. I got to do EJ now. This is so unbelievable! We're both going to have boyfriends at the same time, and they're best friends, and we're best friends. It's like Rob and Laura and Jerry and Millie. Except you guys are Jerry and Millie."

"I am not Millie Helper," said Theo emphatically, "and I don't know if he's my boyfriend or not. It just kind of happened. I don't know if it means anything."

"Of course it means something," Seth said. "And if it doesn't, you can make it mean something. This is so cool."

Theo returned to the task at hand, lifting another weight to bring over to the holder. "He said I'd buff out if I kept lifting. You think I should?"

Seth looked at him. "I don't know," he said honestly. "I like you the way you are. But you'd probably look hot if you bulked up. Do you want to?"

"Seems like a lot of work," Theo said.

"Yeah," Seth agreed. "But you'd be doing it with Him."

"Yeah," Theo echoed. "There's that."


Football practice let out at 5:00, play rehearsals at 5:30. EJ and Topher changed quickly without showering. Fifteen minutes before the rehearsal broke, the two showed up in the auditorium. Seth and Theo were backstage. It was Theo who spotted them come in. The boys walked out into the audience while the rehearsal continued behind them.

EJ took a seat in the back left corner of the theater. Topher, catching Theo's eye and indicating where he was going, moved to the back right. The boys split, each to their respective interest.

"I'm supposed to keep you busy while EJ plays with Seth," Topher said as Theo took his seat.

"You didn't tell him, then?"

Topher shook his head. "There wasn't really time. He spent all day talking about what he was going to do with Seth."

"I wasn't going to tell Seth. I wasn't not going to not tell him either. I mean I figured it would just come out some time later. But it came out this afternoon. That okay?"

"Sure," Topher said. "What do I care?"

They sat in silence for a minute watching the rehearsal. Theo didn't know what to say. He wanted to tell Topher how much he enjoyed the encounter, how turned on he was by him, how talented Topher was in bed, but he felt that to do so would somehow be inappropriate. He didn't want to come across as clingy.

"What play's this?" Topher asked after listening to a few lines.

"It's called The Country Wife," Theo said. "It's a Restoration comedy."

"Is it good?"

Theo shrugged. "I hardly pay attention to it. It's just a place to hang out after school. I work on the sets. See that living room over there?" Topher nodded. "I made that."

"That's good," Topher said. "Good job. You like working with your hands?"

Theo tried to decipher whether the question was meant as a double-entendre. "Yeah," he finally said, deciding it wasn't, "it's fun."

They sat still for another minute. Then, with an enormously understated motion, Topher bridged the three inch gap between them by moving his hand close enough to Theo's so that they were touching. Theo looked down at their hands, then up at Topher, who looked at Theo then down at their hands. Theo looked back at their hands wondering what would happen. Nothing did. He moved the pinky that was against Topher's hand so slightly it wasn't even a movement. It was more the suggestion of a movement. They watched for another half minute, until Topher's hand slowly took Theo's in his. Another half minute passed. Theo looked up at Topher. Topher looked back. Theo smiled at him. Topher smiled back.

Across the auditorium, Seth had taken a seat next to EJ.

"Hey, babe," EJ said.

"Hey, sexy," Seth returned draping his hand over EJ's thigh. EJ spread his knees wide in response and tweaked Seth's nipple through his shirt. "What brings you here?"

"You do. We just got out of practice. Thought I'd drop by and see if you wanted a ride home when your rehearsal got out."

"Sure!" Seth said. "Let's go for a drive!"

"Now?" EJ asked. "Don't you have to wait for the end?"

"Naw," Seth said. "I don't really have to be here today. They're not doing my scenes. I just came to hang with Theo. We can go, so long as I'm home for dinner."


Topher and Theo inconspicuously let go of each others' hands when EJ started walking in their direction.

"I'm taking Seth home. That okay with you, dude?" EJ asked Topher when he got to their seats.

"No problem," Topher replied. "I can walk."

"You sure?"

"Yeah. No worries."

He and EJ bumped knuckles, and EJ was off. Once out of sight, both boys rebridged the three inch gap.

"Your hands are really rough," Theo said.


Theo laughed. "Just an observation, not a complaint. I like them."

"You do?" Topher asked.

"Yeah. This knuckle especially," Theo said, indicating the middle knuckle of Topher's right pinky finger. "This is a mighty fine knuckle."

Topher laughed. "As good as my left knee?"

"Oh, I don't know," Theo equivocated, "that left knee's a killer..."


Seth was all over EJ as soon as they got into the truck.

"You're a randy little buck today, huh?" EJ said, pushing him out of the way so that he could maneuver the stick shift.

"I missed you," Seth answered, cuddling back close again once the truck was in forward gear. "Take me some place romantic."

"You're on." EJ peeled out of the parking lot. When he was done shifting, he put his arm around Seth's shoulders. Seth nuzzled in.

"Wow, you're ripe."

"Sorry," EJ said. "We didn't shower after practice. Wanted to make sure we got to the auditorium on time." He began to pull his arm away. Seth grabbed his hand and returned it to his right nipple.

"That's okay," Seth said, "I kinda like it."

"Perv," EJ said, laughing.

"Do what you do with my nipple again," Seth said. EJ tweaked Seth's nipple through his shirt. "Yeah," Seth giggled. "That's it. I never knew why guys had nipples before."

"I'll show you why you have lots of things, babe," EJ said, giving Seth's nipple a good pinch. Seth squirmed.

"I can show you some stuff too, you know," he said.

"Yeah? Like what?" EJ asked.

Seth walked his fingers across EJ's thigh and took hold of the top button of his jeans. "Oh, I don't know," he said slyly, pulling the button open and taking hold of the zipper. "Just stuff."

EJ tried to keep his eyes on the road as he felt his zipper lower and Seth's head descend into his lap. A blow job from a little blond in his pickup -- EJ was in heaven. He became instantly hard, the head of his dick poking up through his boxer shorts. His hand moved to the back of the boy's neck to help guide him toward the prize. He fought to keep his hips in the seat.

Seth peeled the top rim of EJ's boxers down just enough so that the head and crown were free but the rest was still restrained by the waistband. It was a great dick, from what Seth could see. The head was far bigger than the shaft, overhanging it in angled eaves. It was darker than the rest of EJ's tan skin, though it grew from the alabaster white below his tan line. A pearl of liquid was forming at the broad opening at its end.

"This is it," thought Seth. "Remember this moment."

He licked the tip, taking the liquid up with his tongue. It was unidentifiable in taste -- like his own when he tasted it at home. Unlike his own, though, he decided he liked it. He also liked the shiver that ran through EJ when his tongue made contact. "I did that," Seth thought. "That was because of me."

He felt the pressure on the back of his neck build. EJ was pushing him down onto his dick. Seth allowed it to happen. He kissed the end and ran his tongue around the head a couple of times. It was rubbery and loose at the surface but rigid underneath. He took the head into his mouth and sucked at it, rubbing it back and forth with the pebbly surface of his tongue.

EJ was at a disadvantage. He needed his feet to be free in case he had to break or shift gears. On the other hand, every muscle in his midsection was trying to force his weight onto his heels so that he could pivot up at the hip to shove the length of his dick down Seth's throat. Clearly, the boy needed to be taught how to go down. EJ would, otherwise, have been delighted to teach him. But he couldn't do it and drive at the same time.

He let go of the back of the boy's neck and took hold of the bottom of the steering wheel with his right hand, keeping pressure on Seth's back with his right forearm. That freed his left hand to lower his shorts, at least. He took hold of the waistband to pull it down under his balls, but Seth pushed his hand away.

EJ laughed. "I'm just getting my shorts out of your way, babe."

The head of EJ's dick fell from Seth's mouth with a plop. "I can do it myself, thank you very much." He leaned up and kissed EJ's chin before returning his attention to his midsection. "Now, where was I? Hmm..."

"Blow job," EJ said.

"Oh, yes." Seth licked around underneath the eaves. Pressing the area in front just below the head caused another globule of milky-white to form downstream. Seth lapped it up. Yes. He definitely was going to like the taste.

When the pickup stopped, Seth sat up. They were at the entrance to a small parking lot.

"Romantic, Chief. I said some place romantic."

"This is romantic," EJ said letting a car pass in front then pulling forward again into the lot.

"A Taco Bell? You think a Taco Bell is romantic?"

The pickup maneuvered behind the restaurant where a second completely vacant parking lot adjoined. EJ crossed over the short dirt patch between them. They were now behind a large warehouse of some sort.

"This is the old K-Mart," EJ said. "Closed a couple of years ago." He sped up, driving across the length of the lot away from the building. The pavement ended at the rim of a large gorge. Below, the wild trees were just beginning to turn colors. Yellows and greens and a touch of orange. Seth leaned forward to peer down into the gorge, then scanned to make sure the lot was truly empty.

"Okay," he said, "well, this is kinda romantic."

"Now," EJ said pulling his pants and shorts down to his knees, "where were you?"

"Let's talk for a while," Seth said, cuddling in.

"Do you fucking like giving me blue balls? Is that it?" EJ asked testily.

"Don't get angry."

"You can't keep priming the pump if you're not going to bleed the radiator," EJ said with some annoyance.

"I don't think radiators have pumps, Chief."

The muscle just below EJ's left temple bulged as he clenched his jaw. His eyes narrowed. Pulling the lever near the floor, he slid the seat as far back as it would go. Another lever and the steering wheel was tilted up and out of the way. His nostrils flared. Enough was enough.

In one quick, sure movement, EJ's hand cupped the back of Seth's neck and drew him forcibly toward him. Given the strength of it, Seth couldn't have resisted even if he had wanted to. When their lips met, EJ was unstoppable. He was everywhere, probing, demanding, taking. With his grip remaining firm on Seth's neck leaving no other option, Seth dissolved into the fury of the kiss as EJ consumed him.

As it was otherwise occupied, Seth was not permitted to breathe through his mouth, and as soon as he'd draw in air through his nose EJ would appropriate it for himself. He began getting dizzy from intensity and asphyxia.

Still locked in the endless kiss, Seth was only partially aware of the driver's side door being opened, of EJ maneuvering himself out of the car, of his being laid down lengthwise on the front seat. By the end of the kiss EJ was standing outside the truck bending over the seat. They were upside down to each other.

EJ stood up. He was magnificent. His shirt caught on his stomach just above his belly button, his shorts pulled down to his knees. Centered between, his dick stood up at a forty-five degree angle. It was long, dark and fleshy, and it was very, very hard.

He took Seth by the armpits and pulled him forward on the seat until his head hung back off the side. He pointed the tip of his dick at Seth's lips. This would be very satisfying. The boy was going to learn to go down, and he was going to learn quickly.

Seth was still breathing heavily from the kiss when he was pulled along the seat. That and the curious upside-down angle he found his head in made him go slack-jawed. From this vantage point, he could see the inside of EJ's thighs. They were defined by graceful curves. Seth reached up over his head to comb the hair on them with his fingers. But EJ was moving forward. By the time his hands got there they were too close. Instead, Seth grabbed on to the outside of EJ's thighs, feeling the junction where his ass grew from his hamstrings. Everything was happening very quickly. EJ was still moving forward. The unshowered funk got more pronounced. The tip of his dick passed Seth's lips.

The boy opened up and took the head with his lips, swirling his tongue around it. It was not enough for EJ, who now had a straight shot. With some satisfaction, he thrust forward steadily until his dick was buried down to the root. To his surprise, Seth took it easily, opening his throat and swallowing the shaft completely. The tight warmth was overwhelming. EJ grabbed onto the roof of the car for leverage. He pulled back so that just the head was in the kid's mouth. Seth used the opportunity to take a few deep breaths. EJ thrust again as deeply as he could, half hoping the kid would choke a little. It didn't happen. EJ watched Seth's throat enlarge as he took the dick in full.

Having tested for limits and finding none, EJ started pumping in full, assertive strokes. To his amazement, the kid was a master, managing to time his breaths, cover his teeth, open his throat completely, and still work the shaft with his tongue when it was in transit. The hands on his ass were even pulling him in, forcing that extra half-inch of depth after each thrust. EJ went wild.

He let go of the roof and bent in, holding onto the steering wheel for balance. With his other hand, he tore at Seth's pants. Managing to get the button open, he fumbled with the zipper. Seth, without missing an oral beat, reached down, opened his fly, and lowered his pants. His hands soon returned to EJ's ass where they once again pulled for bonus.

Freed, Seth's dick slapped up against his belly with a thud. It's base grew from a thin bush of yellow-brown hair. The sac beneath it, almost hairless, was wrinkled and tight, the balls already having begun receding in pleasure. In the heat of the moment, it was the prettiest dick EJ had ever seen.

EJ dropped a gob of spit onto his hand and grabbed the dick roughly. Another gob, and he was able to coat it completely. He began jacking the boy in rhythm with his thrusts. Seth's knees drew up involuntarily, fighting against the waistband of his shorts. His stomach was lithe, tight, and smooth, broken by a pronounced tan line just above where the bush began.

The sight of the boy laid out before him, taking his dick all the way down his throat and pulling for more, reacting to his jacking with such need brought EJ to the edge. He slid his palm over the head of the boy's dick furiously as he followed two half-strokes with a deep thrust. The switch flipped. The orgasm began in his toes and sped throughout his body. With his dick lodged deeply down the boy's throat, he spurted load after load. The pressure on his sensitive head as the boy swallowed was amazing, and soon became too much to take. He withdrew, shivering as the kid's lips tried to hold him in.

Able to breathe again, Seth blew instantaneously. The first spurt came out so forcefully it hit the roof of the pickup where it hung for a moment before dropping again back onto EJ's forearm. EJ didn't let up, stroking the boy's dick as furiously as when he was plowing him. Seth shot again and again, this time onto the windshield, the next onto his own chest. He was gulping for air now, and his hands flew to his groin to take control of EJ's manipulations. EJ would have none of it. He pumped for all he was worth, including the head in his strokes every once in a while just to see Seth squirm. When the boy was, at last, spent, he slowed, let go, and stood.

It took almost three minutes for them to catch their breath.


Topher had offered to walk Theo home. The sun was setting as they ambled onto his street.

"So you don't know anything about football?" Topher asked again, still confused that one could live fifteen years without such integral knowledge.

Theo shook his head.

"Well, do you want to come to the game anyway? I mean, I can teach you what's going on pretty quickly. At least in general."

Theo smiled. "Do I get to watch you bend down in those little stretchy pants and stick your hand in another guy's crotch?"

Topher laughed. "Yeah, that's part of it."

"That'd be fun," Theo said. He stopped in front of his house. "This is it."

The two of them looked at each other for a while, each not knowing what to say.

"Look," Topher said finally, "you know, this is all pretty new to me. I mean with boys and all."

"Me too," Theo said. "But I don't think it's that different."

"Yeah, it's different," Topher said. "If you were a girl, you'd be yelling at me by now."

Theo giggled. "For what?"

Topher shrugged. "I can never figure it out."

There was another silence. Theo looked at Topher. Topher looked at his feet.

"See, the thing is I kind of like you," the big blond said.

Theo smiled. "I kind of like you, too."

"And...and you know the thing we did when you came over to work out?"

Theo nodded.

"Well, I kind of want to do that again. Except more. More stuff."

"Me too," Theo said.

"So you want to come over work out and stuff?"

Theo nodded.

Topher finally looked up. "Cool," he said.

"Except this time, do I have to work out?"

Topher smiled and shook his head.

"Cool," Theo said.

"You have really pretty eyes," Topher said. "Is that okay? Can I say that?"

Theo nodded.

"You do."

Theo took Topher's hand in his. "I have to get inside. My mom'll be waiting for me to come before she has dinner."

Topher nodded, but didn't move. Neither did Theo. "I like you too," Theo continued. "And I really liked what we did together, and I want to do more, and I'd love to watch you play football, and if you want me to lift weights, I'll lift weights, and...well, I like you too."

Topher pulled on Theo's hand drawing him in. They kissed on the street, beginning to learn each other's taste. Theo finally broke it off, and with a squeeze, let go of Topher's hand. He started up his walkway, but getting half way to the door, stopped and turned.

"And Topher," he said, "if I ever yell at you, I promise I'll tell you why."


"There's some more over there," Seth said, pointing to a blob of cum on one of the radio knobs. EJ hit it with a kleenex.

"So I'm your first time, eh?"

"Yeppers," Seth said, pointing at the glove box. "There's another one."

EJ wiped it up. "So where the fuck did you learn to do that?"

"I've practiced a bit." Seth was still reclining, this time with his head in EJ's lap and his feet dangling out the passenger side window. He turned his head, lifted the hem of EJ's T-shirt and kissed his belly button. The line of hair that led to it was silky and tasted of salt.

"With who?"

Seth looked up, smiled enigmatically, and batted his eyelashes.

"A man of mystery, eh?" EJ laughed.

"A boy's got to have some secrets," Seth said.