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David Buffet

Episode 8

Jen, Hymie and Evil Alex sat across from Seth and Theo in the World Cultures class. Jen was okay, but Alex was a dick. Hymie, whose real name was Scott, had used to be Alex's best friend but they had had a tremendous fight the year before and now they hardly spoke. That was how Scott had earned the name Hymie.

They were supposed to be discussing the classwork that had been assigned -- listing the great thinkers of the sixth century B.C. As the teacher was working with another group on the opposite side of the room, they were chatting instead.

"That party was totally chill," Alex said. "Did you see Brandon when he fell down the stairs? It was hysterical."

"You're an idiot," Jen said.

"No, it was. He was fine. He kind of skied the rug. His socks tore off. I thought I was going to pee."

"I didn't see it," Seth said.

"Yeah," Hymie said to Seth, "Where were you? You totally disappeared. I saw you come in, then poof."

Jen leaned forward conspiratorially and lowered her voice. "You didn't hear?"

Seth frowned while Alex and Hymie shook their heads.

"Seth was busy throwing up poolside."

"No shit?" Alex asked trying not to raise his voice. Jen nodded.

"You know EJ? Senior? Plays tenor, football team, really, really hot?"

Alex nodded.

"In his shoes."

A burst of laughter escaped Alex. The teacher looked over, raised her finger in the classic don't-make-me-come-over-there warning, and returned her attention to the group she had been working with.

"That was just foreplay," Seth said trying to minimize the horror.

"Oh, right," Alex said, "like you could get EJ. Did he kill you? He must be so pissed. Did he pound you?"

Seth grinned at Theo who grinned back.

"In a sense..." Theo said.

"Actually," Seth added, leaning back with his hands clasped confidently behind his head, "he got me. He spent the whole night trying to get into my pants."

"Right," Alex said incredulously, "like EJ would try to get you."

"Where have you been, Alex?" Theo said dismissively. "They're an item. Have been all week."

Jen went wide-eyed. "Are you serious?"

Theo nodded.

"Oh my God," she said. "He is such a complete babe." Seth beamed in response.

"You and EJ?" Alex asked unable to get over the idea.

"Don't worry," Seth said patting Alex's hand condescendingly, "you'll find someone."

"Not someone as good, of course, but someone." Theo added.

"Bitch," Alex said. Theo smiled sweetly.

Jen turned her attention to Seth. "I'm inclined to agree. You're definitely a bitch. It's not fair."

"Life's not fair," Seth said. "Otherwise it would freckle in the sun."

The teacher moved groups, wandering closer. Hymie raised his voice for her benefit. "Siddartha. Siddartha was a great thinker of the sixth century B.C."

"Yeah," said Seth. "Excalibur was Way Cool."

"Not King Arthur, you idiot," Alex said, "Siddartha. The Buddha."

"Whatever," said Seth with smile. "I'm doing EJ."


EJ worked his way through the lunch crowd and sat down across from Topher, putting the pizza between them. They each reached for napkins and began dabbing at the oil.

"Anyway, I figured out how to shut him up," EJ said, continuing the conversation they had begun at the counter.

"Yeah?" Topher asked taking a slice from the pizza. "How's that?"

"I shoved my cock down his throat."

Topher almost choked on the bite he had just taken.

"He was good," EJ continued. "I mean, really good. I don't know where he learned how to do it, but he took me right down to the root. It was choice."

"Better than the Rabbit?" Topher asked.

EJ considered it for a bit. "Yeah," he finally said, "I think he was better at it than the Rabbit."

"Wow," Topher said.

"Yeah," EJ echoed.

"You got a boyfriend now."

"He's not a boyfriend, dude. He's a fuck bunny."

Topher smiled and nodded. The smile artificially fixed when Tyler joined them at the table and sat down next to EJ.

"Who's a fuck bunny?" Tyler asked, bumping knuckles with EJ then turning to do the same with Topher.

Topher eyed him impassively, returning his bump noncommittally. "EJ's new boyfriend," he said.

"He's not my boyfriend," EJ repeated, trying to read Topher's reaction to Tyler's arrival.

"You have a new boyfriend?" Tyler asked. "Word. Who is he?"

"He's not my boyfriend," EJ insisted. "He's just a fuck bunny."

"Little sophomore named Seth," Topher said, taking another bite of the pizza.

"Damn," Tyler said, looking EJ up and down with mock disdain. "A sophomore?"

"He's not my boyfriend, okay? Jesus!"

Tyler's number was called. He got up to pick up his food. "Later," he said as he was leaving. The two boys echoed.

EJ looked at Topher. Topher looked at his pizza.

"So that's it?" EJ asked.

"Yeah," Topher said to his slice, "I think so."

"You're not going to call him out on it?"

Topher took a bite and thought about it while he chewed.

"Don't think I need to," he said finally. "What's done is done. I'm kind of over it."

EJ scanned his friend. Something was different. While that sentiment had been expressed many times, this was the first time EJ believed it. Topher didn't look like he was hiding anything. EJ looked closer. No, that wasn't true. He just didn't look like he was hiding his thing for Lise anymore. Now it was something different.

"What's going on?" EJ asked.

Topher looked up, then back at his pizza. "Nothin'" he said. "It's just not worth it with Tyler. I mean, what he did really bites, but he's a teammate, and even if that means fucking shit to him, it means something to me."

"Fair enough," EJ said, taking a bite of his pizza.

EJ looked like he was going to ask another question Topher didn't want to answer. He headed him off. "So have you fucked the kid yet?" he asked.

"No," EJ said, "that's next." The rest of the lunch conversation was taken up in listening to EJ's detailed plans for fucking Seth.


"So what happened?" Theo asked when they were finally alone at the lunch table in the cafeteria.

"I gave him a blow job," Seth said.

"Was it hard?"

Seth smiled. Theo rolled his eyes. "I mean was it difficult?" He corrected.

"Piece of cake," Seth answered. "He has a great dick. It's big, but not too big, you know what I mean?"

Theo pursed his lips. Seth could be an asshole sometimes. But he never meant to be. At least there was that.

"And he was really...I don't was almost like he was angry while he was doing it."

"Why?" Theo asked. "What did you do?"

"No, nothing. It wasn't like that. It wasn't a bad angry. It was kind of hot. He...I can't really describe it."

"Topher didn't seem angry at all," Theo said. "He seemed... watchful."


"Yeah. He kept watching me. It was a little disconcerting. What we were doing...I was, like, on Mars, you know? I totally lost it..."

Seth nodded.

"...but he was, like, completely there. Like...focused..." The boys picked at their food in silence for a minute.

"I think EJ lost it. I sure did. I mean, I think we both were...I don't, out of our bodies."

Theo nodded pensively. "He wants to do it again," he said. "I told him I did too."

"That's Way Cool," Seth said. "When are you going to?"

"I don't know. I think we'll do it again, but I don't know," Theo said tentatively.

"You think so?" Seth mimicked.

Theo nodded.

Seth stared at him a moment then rolled his eyes. "Frustrated grunt," He said. "Jesus. Get over yourself, Theo. You're beautiful. Everyone likes you." Theo didn't respond. Seth sighed. "Seriously, Theo, you're the only one who cares. It isn't a problem."

Theo shrugged impassively. "I guess I'll go over after dinner. I'll tell my mom I'm at your house, okay?"

Seth nodded.

"He wants me to come to the football game on Friday."

Seth smiled. "That'll be great. I can't wait."

"EJ wants you to come too?"

"Of course he wants me to be there," Seth said. "He just doesn't know it yet."


Seth stood in his livingroom, peering out the window from behind a curtain. He had just finished dinner when he heard the beeping in front of his house. The blue shitbox was idling at the curb. EJ sat in the driver's seat, staring at the house. Seth pulled the curtain open and waved. When he was sure EJ had seen him, he ran for the door. He arrived at the curb the same time EJ did. They grinned at each other. EJ opened the passenger side door with a chivalrous flourish. Seth got in and, after EJ had scooted around the front of the truck and climbed into the driver's seat, made himself comfortable on EJ's side.

"You look good," EJ said, trying to embrace and shift gears at the same time. Seth was in a hunter green collared jersey that brought out his eyes and his best pair of good-ass jeans.

"You look incredible," he answered. "You always look incredible." EJ smiled confidently. He wore a tight, sleeveless Jets jersey and a pair of 501s.

"Can you go for a ride?"

Seth ran his hand down the inside of EJ's right thigh and nodded. "Yeah. My folks'll just think I'm at Theo's."

"Cool," EJ said spreading his knees as he drove off. "You have a good day?"

Seth could already feel the erection growing under the jeans. "I dunno," he said coyly, running his fingers along the growing length of it. "Stuff on my mind. You know."

EJ tweaked his far nipple. "Stuff, huh?"

"Yeah. It's not so easy being a god of Universal Desire, you know," Seth said. "Lots of responsibility. All these guys beeping in front of your much noise. Makes it very difficult to get any work done."

EJ laughed.

"So where are we going?" Seth asked.

"Some place romantic," EJ said.

"Mmm..." Seth gurgled doing a fair Homer. "K-Mart..."

EJ parked in the empty lot at the edge of the gorge and hopped out of the car, picking up a gym bag from the back. Seth followed as he made his way down a makeshift trail toward the trees and shrubbery below. The path was steep, the light was failing, and while EJ seemed to be able to negotiate it with an easy grace, Seth found it treacherous. The dirt kept giving way under his feet and twice he found himself on his ass hugging the hill to keep from sliding all the way to the bottom.

EJ, now half way down, looked back over his shoulder. "C'mon."

Seth furrowed his brows. He had always considered himself sure-footed. He got up to brush himself off but the motion of his arm caused him to fall again.

"Quit fooling around," EJ called back, already nearing the bottom.

Seth pursed his lips. Rising slowly, he outstretched his arms and moved forward like a Wallenda. Unfortunately, a rock gave way underfoot and he descended like a Wallenda, coming to a slow, gliding rest at EJ's feet. The avalanche he had caused continued for a few seconds after he ground to a halt.

EJ extended him a hand, helped him up, and brushed him off with a few swats to the backside. "This way," he said, heading off into the trees. Again, Seth had difficulty keeping up as the trail, now at the bottom of the gully, wound about the underbrush and overgrowth. He grabbed hold of the bottom of EJ's shirt, stretching it behind as the running back wove among the roots and branches. The path met up with a small stream, crossing it a few times via a series of well-placed rocks. EJ hopped them with the grace of a cat. Seth hopped them with the grace of an avocado. At last, they came to a large, grassy, stream side clearing. EJ dropped the bag and turned. "Here we are."

The clearing, while lovely, was far from pristine. Empty beer cans and a few broken bottles littered its periphery. There was an ash pit to one side with the charred remains of some logs, and someone had set up a lean-to which had long since collapsed. But it was quite private. You couldn't see the top of the gorge through the trees, and anyone coming would be audible for some time before their arrival.

EJ gathered Seth into his arms, kissing him insistently. Seth had to stand on tiptoe as EJ didn't lean forward. It made him feel giddily off-balance. EJ's hands lowered to his ass. Taking a cheek in each, he squeezed hard. Seth wiggled playfully.

EJ let him go. "I've come prepared," he said, leaning down to unzip the gym bag. Out came a large blanket which he spread on the grass. Next appeared a little boom box, which he set up and turned on. A hurricane lamp followed, which he lit and hung from a low branch at the side of the clearing. He fished through the bag again, this time pulling out a small vase which he placed to the side of the blanket. He pulled a dandelion from the grass and placed it ceremoniously in the vase.

"Only the best for you, babe. No one ever said I wasn't romantic."

Seth smiled and stripped off his shirt in response. EJ did the same. They grinned at each other across the blanket.

It was really the first time that EJ and Seth had had an opportunity to look at each other shirtless. They stood across the blanket in silence, taking in the sight.

Seth was perfect, there was no denying it. The slim hips, the golden, unblemished skin, the slender stomach, the chest suggesting the promise of muscles more than the muscles themselves -- if one were to construct a boy designed to get EJ hot, one could not do better. Even the Rabbit had his flaws -- just a bit too tall, just a bit too ruddy, just a bit too wiry. Not so Seth. Seth had it all, from the practiced coyness of his stance to the stunned admiration in his eye.

And stunned Seth was. In all his preparations, he never thought to consider the reality of the effect of a shirtless EJ there in front of him. He was thick and thin at the same time, if that could be possible. Wide, rounded shoulders capped square, defined pectorals which crowned granite, indented abdominals. For all the density, though, there was no fat anywhere. Fine dark hair created a fleur-de-lis on his chest then thinned to a line which extended down the middle of his torso, growing on either side of the central valley and curving gently into it. His torso was long -- Seth always felt he was more leg than body, EJ looked more body than leg.

EJ's arms were big at the top, biceps and triceps each defined and meaty. Farther down, a network of veins was visible under the dark hairs which covered his forearms. As he naturally tended to come to rest in Abercrombie and Fitch model poses, his shoulders slanted. One hand hung lower than the other. His fingers were long tapers.

EJ could read himself in Seth's expression, which was kindling for the fire growing inside him. Seeing himself reflected in the immobilizing desire in Seth's eyes, he slowly brought his hands to the front of his jeans and popped the buttons open one by one. He watched Seth lick his lips, wondering if the boy was aware that he had just done so. As he lowered the flaps of his jeans to reveal his erection, he saw need for himself in the intent stare, in the subliminal flare of nostrils, in the dry swallow. EJ got off on the effect he had on people. Seth's reaction was making him drip.

"You want me?" EJ asked, his voice quiet and raspy.

He watched Seth's head bob silently in the flicker of the light from the hurricane lamp.

"You want me to take you?" Again the slow nod.

"Good," EJ said. "You're going to get your wish."