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David Buffet

Episode 9

The expert blow job Seth was giving him had caused an unexpected problem. On the one hand, it was not why he had brought the kid to the clearing -- the most notorious rendezvous for teen sex in the county. On the other hand it felt so fucking good EJ didn't want it to ever stop. Seth was kneeling in front of him, taking his dick in in long, deep, masterful swallows that made his knees go weak. Even the Rabbit wasn't that good at it. And the sight of him! The blond hair capping the face with green eyes that periodically looked up at him, glassy to the point of teariness, the way he slowly jacked himself below with one hand while pulling on to EJ's ass with the other -- EJ could easily spend his life in that single moment. He held the boy by the back of the head, but his usual technique of using the grip as a lever to push himself in wasn't necessary. Seth pulled harder than he ever had to push.

But that wasn't why he had come. It didn't matter the way Seth's tongue seemed to be everywhere at once, the way he actually used his teeth sometimes in a way that made the suggestion of scraping feel good, the way his dick disappeared entirely into Seth's mouth without any part of Seth's face getting larger to indicate what was within. It didn't matter that his breath was now audible and labored, that his stomach was tight as a crossbow, that he was getting closer and closer.

EJ pulled himself forcibly from Seth and took a step back, stooping over to rest his elbows on his knees. He fought to normalize his breathing. Seth, wiping his nose on his forearm and sniffing a few times, regarded him with curiosity.

"Sorry," EJ said, when composure finally returned, "Really close there." He straightened up, still a step back.

Seth, remaining on his knees and continuing to slowly stroke his own dick, watched the older boy try to collect himself with self-satisfied passivity. "Take your time," he allowed.

"You're pretty fucking good at that, you know," EJ said, still standing clear of the batter's box.

"I know," Seth said. "You inspire me."

EJ laughed. "Right," he said with great dubiousness. He rose to his full height. Fuck if EJ was going to be outdone. He stepped up to the plate and dropped to his knees. He spit on his palm, swatted Seth's hand away and took hold of the dick that now pointed at him. No sophomore was going to get the best of him in his own house!

He began playing in the way that had gotten countless boys to agree to anything and everything. The Rabbit used to suggest that he should charge for it. EJ dismissed the idea, of course, but it would get him a little hard whenever he thought about doing it. It was, of course, working perfectly on Seth. The boy had taken hold of his dick when he had knelt down and had even gotten in a few good strokes before EJ's magic started working. Now his dick sat immobile in a grip that fell slack except for an occasional twitch or shiver. That was the trick that made EJ hottest -- when he got them to forget what they were doing.

He was looking straight into Seth's eyes, but Seth wasn't seeing him. Seth wasn't seeing anything. He leaned forward without interrupting his ministrations and gently pushed Seth onto his back, allowing him to stretch out. EJ stayed upright, now working Seth's dick and balls together with both his spit-slicked hands. He began to work the boy's knees apart with his leg so that he could move between them, but a well-placed sweep of the palm on Seth's oozing dickhead did the work for him. Seth's knees lifted and spread of their own accord.

"Good boy," EJ said, content with the effect he was having. Seth responded with a series of random guttural consonants. EJ moved inside and forward so that his knees were spread and against the boy's cheeks, his thighs supporting the boy's legs, which were as wobbly as a rag doll's on either side of him. Aiming well, he let a large gob of spit fall onto the boy's crotch and worked it in. Seth's balls pulled from his grip and began receding.

"No, you don't," EJ said. With his right hand his grip on Seth's dick went vice-like while with his left he gave the boy a light but firm three-finger smack on the balls.

"Ooof!" Seth lifted his head in surprise, the world rushing back to his senses with the shock of the change. He was lying on his back, EJ between his legs. EJ's dick -- hard, majestic, and potent -- rose straight up from its root to just past his belly button. The hand on his own dick was grasping it so hard as to almost hurt. "What are you doing?"

"You're not getting off that easy, babe," EJ said, relaxing his grip and sliding his palm over the head one more time to remind Seth how he got into this position in the first place, "I got other plans."

"You know what I'm going to do, right?" EJ had reached over to retrieve a bottle of some kind of lotion from his bag. Having put a dab on his finger, he worked it pleasantly into Seth's crack and hole.

"Um hum," Seth said and wiggled his ass against EJ's thighs. The hair on them tickled his bum. Seth felt he was the luckiest guy in the universe. EJ was hotter than he ever could have imagined.

"Tell me," EJ said, dropping another large gob onto his finger.

"Tell you?"

"Yeah," he brought the gob to Seth's pucker, "tell me." A finger twisted the goo around the rim. His forefinger pushed past the ring and spread the lubrication around the inside. A second finger joined, though only up to the first knuckle.

"Mmmm," Seth purred, "that feels good. We're going to fuck, right?"

EJ nodded, never breaking eye contact. He pulled his fingers apart a little, stretching the ring a bit. Seth's lips drew back slightly. He relaxed and so did the lips. "You want to?"

"Mmmm," Seth purred again.

"Tell me."

"I wanna fuck."

"You want me to fuck you?" EJ corrected, spreading a little more with his fingers.

"Yes, please," Seth said.

"Tell me."

"I want you to fuck me, please."

EJ's fingers withdrew and he tapped Seth's hole with them a couple of times, each tap a little harder than the one before. Seth's ass twitched, clenching by the fourth. EJ rubbed the outside of it again, coaxing it to return to relaxation.

Seth watched EJ's face as he performed his ministrations. He seemed entirely absorbed in what he was doing. His lips gently parted, he breathed through his mouth while the traces of a smile played hide-and-seek at the corners. What he was doing was making Seth's asshole alternate from open to closed. Each transition played across EJ's face in a slightly new expression of curiosity or delight.

"How much?"

Seth giggled. "You want me to beg?"

"No," EJ smiled, "you want to have to?"

"No." Seth didn't get the feeling that EJ was serious, and he liked the idea of being playful EJ had busied himself with another glob of goop, working it onto the length of his dick. It was slick and shiny when he was through.

He wiped his hand on the blanket, then leaned forward onto his hands and knees, straddling Seth's shoulders with his arms. Seth's knees rose along with him, tilting his ass farther up. The new angle put the wide base of EJ's dick at Seth's slippery hole, with the rest strongly pressing against his perineum and up and past the base of his balls. He looked down into Seth's eyes. His dick slid slowly along the length of Seth's crack, the head poking gently at the hole before sliding slowly back.

"How much?"

"About as much as you want to fuck me," Seth said.

EJ's smile turned to a cocky grin. This was not the right answer. "Yeah?" Another slide, this time faster. Seth found by rotating his hips in the opposite direction, he could increase the friction. When the head found the hole, it pushed through fractionally before jumping the top lip and continuing the grind.

"You need it?" EJ asked, his voice low and raspy.

"Mmmm," Seth answered, his eyes rolling back with the delight of the friction and faux entry.

"Tell me."

"I need your dick, Chief," Seth sang melodramatically. A corner of EJ's mouth twitched up. Still not the right answer. Another slide. This one pushed the head three quarters of the way through Seth's ass ring before pulling out and ended with a wild thrust of the base of his dick against Seth's ass causing the boy to bounce forward on the blanket. Seth moaned. EJ pulled the kid back down and repositioned his hands on the blanket above his shoulders, preventing another inadvertent escape.

"Tell me."

Seth looked at him and blinked. They stared into each other's eyes. EJ rotated his hips back one last time. His head found Seth's pucker and he pushed. Seth let him in, feeling the ridges of the head pop past his muscles. It hurt a little, but his practice had paid off. EJ was not that much bigger than your average zucchini.

EJ froze, loaded, cocked, and poised. "Tell me."

"I do," Seth whispered. "I really want you to fuck me."

EJ nodded slowly, victorious. "I just want to warn you -- if I'm going to fuck a guy," he said in his sexiest sotto voce, "he's going to know he's been fucked."

"And I want to warn you," Seth returned in a foreboding stage-whisper, "if a guy is going to fuck me, he better be fucking good at it."

EJ smirked. He buried it to the hilt in one savage thrust.


EJ had let Seth scream. There was no one around, and the trees deadened the sound anyway. There was no pleasure in hurting the kid -- that wasn't it. EJ wasn't at all sadistic except, maybe, on the football field where everyone was kind of into SM in a mystical, unspoken way. He just wanted to settle the question once and for all. And that should have done it.

He waited until the pain passed, Seth could relax, and the kid's eyeballs could find a way back into his head. Seth was panting as if he were giving birth. His fingers dug deeply into EJ's upper arms. A nail or two was probably drawing a little blood. EJ didn't mind. He knew it was just waiting now.

He rocked the merest fraction of an inch. Seth drew in a sharp breath like a backward eff. Not ready yet. EJ relaxed a little. It might take a while.

Good for the kid for trying, EJ thought. Few guys did. When EJ turned on the sexual charm, boys and girls alike tended to diffuse into a puddle of docility. Doing them was fun and all, but where was the challenge? It was like playing football against a team that sucked. When your opponent isn't up to standards, your own performance suffers. Seth was feisty, trying to keep control of things all the way up to the end. It was cute, really. And disabusing him of the notion that he could was hot. He checked the kid by twitching his dick inside him. Seth shook in response. Still not ready.

The Rabbit had kept challenging him too, but that was different. The Rabbit was feisty because he had wanted EJ to exert control. Seth was feisty because he thought he could. EJ smiled inwardly as he looked down at the smooth little blond sophomore beneath him. As if.

He couldn't remember the last person who had put up such a fight. Maybe it was that 30-year-old chick EJ had met in a grocery store one day about a year back. She was hot for a 30-year-old, and EJ had caught her checking him out when she thought he wasn't looking. He had decided to do her to see what doing an old chick was like.

She had had other ideas, it seems, and all kinds of excuses. Propriety, the difference in age, distaste for one-nighters, and -- EJ's favorite -- "you're a child, and children are boring." It had taken him almost the rest of the day to strip her defenses. Once those were gone, it only took seconds to strip her clothes. When he left, she had a contented, if exhausted, smile and a new world view. Not all sixteen-year-olds were kids, and not all kids were boring.

EJ tested again. The reaction was better, but still not good. Seth had been playing him all week. It was the longest he had ever gone wanting to fuck someone without actually doing it. He had allowed it as a kind of novelty. Feeling the pressure build was an interesting experience. And he didn't mind lulling Seth into a false sense of power. It made the fall all the more thrilling. But a week was enough. He was ready for release.

Seth's breathing was almost back to normal, and his grip had let up a little. EJ pulled out so that just his head was inside. Seth's chest fell as he exhaled fully in a deep sigh. Having sent the kid one clear message, EJ was ready to send him another of a different kind.

EJ found Seth's lips and began to kiss him deeply and possessively. He rocked his hips forward half-an-inch and pulled back, repeating the slow, easy movement a few times. When Seth's chute finally accepted the first inch of his dick without resistance, he slowly slid in the second. The strokes became a tad longer but remained languorous. Meanwhile, his tongue was busy. It fucked Seth's mouth relentlessly, breaking only so that EJ could bite his lips or chin or suck on his eyelid or ear. It went where ever EJ wanted.

Seth was so distracted by trying to accept the fury of EJ's kisses, he hardly noticed that the strokes had increased in length yet again. Half the dick was now gliding in and out of his ass, generating warmth, a sense of fullness, and a curious tingling sensation at the halfway mark, but not so much pain anymore. As EJ sucked at his neck, tickling his skin with the stubble on his chin, he began to breathe in rhythm with EJ's rocking.

EJ's tongue returned to Seth's mouth, sweeping the kid's lips and tongue out of the way whenever they attempted even the slightest resistance. He went deep, flattened it so that it could brazenly taste both of Seth's cheeks at the same time, curled it into a little poker. Seth felt like he was being fed a meal.

EJ stepped it up yet again. He bounced his head with the same motion as his hips so that his tongue fucked Seth's mouth as his dick, now burying in three-quarters of the way, fucked his ass.

Seth found himself not only beginning to get used to it, but to like it. It must be like childbirth, he thought. An enormous pain, followed by something you could love the rest of your life. If it had to hurt so much, at least it had hurt with EJ. And he was sure making up for it. The feral kisses alone would have been enough to get Seth off were it not for the new sensations below. The pain really was receding, and every once in a while an inexplicable tingle would propagate through his midsection. In an attempt to find more of those, Seth began to move, tilting his ass into the down strokes and away from the withdrawals.

EJ felt the change. The kid was beginning to grip him when he pulled out. That was the sign he had been waiting for. He spit in his hand, reactivating the lube that had dried there and took hold of Seth's dick. He only had an inch to go, but it was the fattest, deepest inch, and he knew what it did to people. Starting to jack the kid, he brought a thrust to the verge of completion before pulling back out in rhythm. A few more sweeps of his palm over Seth's dick and he buried it to the hilt.

Seth's eyes rolled up and he moaned, but he didn't scream. That last little bit hurt -- both at his ass ring, which felt like it was being stretched to the point of splitting, and deep in, where the head pushed a place that had never imagined being pushed before. But EJ pulled back out almost as soon as he had gotten there, and what with the stroking of his dick feeling so good, Seth began to wonder if, when he did it again, it would feel better.

It didn't. It still hurt. But on the second withdrawal Seth found himself strangely looking forward to the third. It came seconds later. A feeling of fullness beyond fullness. It still hurt a little. In glaring contradiction to the way he had lived his Entire Life, Seth decided there was such a thing as good pain.


Seth had been close to cumming for almost five minutes. Every time either of them would touch his dick, he would feel it starting. But EJ kept squeezing his balls or batting his hand away from himself just when he was about to blow. The talent for timing was beginning to annoy Seth, who was becoming frantic for release.

He was beginning to understand the role of muscular contractions. It happened naturally without his having to think about it. He'd tighten up when EJ would push in, relax when he'd pull out. Clearly EJ enjoyed it, as he started issuing a series of little contented grunts when he did. There was still a little pain involved, especially when EJ changed the angle of his attack, or gave that extra push when he was all the way in. But the pleasure of the rest of it easily compensated. And the sight of EJ, sweating, teeth clenched, muscles taut as he buried his bone was electric.

Since the grunts came whenever he tightened, Seth decided to experiment. He clamped down and held for all he was worth on both sides of the stroke. It was hard work, but the payoff was immediate. EJ hissed air out through his teeth and his eyes rolled back and closed. Still tight as he could go, Seth began wiggling his ass from side to side as EJ plunged back in.

It worked. EJ's hand flew to Seth's dick and began furiously jacking it. He didn't need to do it long. After three strokes, Seth was bucking wildly as jets of cum flew from his dick. The added pressure forced EJ into spasm. He dumped load after load up the kid's ass, pressing in so deeply their skin stuck together when he released. When they were both spent, he rolled off onto his back. They both lay on the blanket with their eyes closed. It was a long time before either could speak.