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Diving Trials - Part One
Nicholas Patrick <>


As an author who took a long break from writing, one of the things that encouraged me to begin again was reader feedback. I know that it's easy to just read a story and move on, but some of us, as authors , appreciate the simple act of you clicking "well written" and "hot" after you've enjoyed our work. I hope you enjoy this and offer your support if you do.

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story describing gay sex between several pairs of male sports celebrities. I am in no way suggesting that the characters representing the individuals are actually gay or practice sex in the manner described. This story is a complete fantasy.

This particular story revolves around the antics of the US Diving Team at the 2013 FINA World Championships in Barcelona. If you want to google Toby Stanley, David Bonuchi and Steele Johnson to see what they look like before reading, feel free. If not, just remember that divers have amazingly chiseled bodies.

Diving Trials Part 1

Toby had never been more embarrassed in his life. His synchro partner had pulled some crazy stunts, particularly at this meet, but not showing up to dive was just not something you do. He stood alone below the platform for 7 minutes before a judge finally came to tell him that he was disqualified.

"Disqualified for what?" he asked incredulously.

The Spanish official looked like he couldn't be bothered. "A doping violation," the judge hurriedly replied, shuffling back to the booth to await the next set of divers.

Overhead, the speaker confirmed what the judge had just told him.

"Bonuchi and Stanley disqualified. Up next: Johnson and Enos."

He continued standing there, dumbfounded as Steele Johnson pushed past him.

"Tough luck little buddy," Johnson said with a toothy smirk. Together, he and Dashiell Enos climbed the stairs up 3 levels to the 10 meter platform.

Not knowing what was going on, or where to go, he opted to return to the locker room. He felt as if every eye in the stands followed him as he went. After almost a decade of competitive diving, Toby Stanley was used to people looking him over in his red white and blue Team USA speedos. The 2013 FINA Diving Championships in Barcelona were the first time he'd felt self-conscious since he'd joined the National Team.

David Bonuchi was a lot of things, but a doper was not one of them. Toby wasn't chosen this time for the random drug tests that were infamous at international meets, so that meant Bonuchi must have showed positive. But then Toby remembered that David was with him when their coach had told them that they were good to begin practice the day they had arrived, meaning neither of them were selected. There was really only one thing to do: find his diving partner and figure out what the hell was going on.

Thirty minutes later, Toby wasn't sure what the hell was going on. He left a crying naked David Bonuchi in a changing stall in the US corner of the locker room. Stanley was nervous, but not for the reason you'd think. He thought (incorrectly, it turns out) that if Bonuchi had tested positive for something, then there was a chance that his own bloodwork might also come back positive if the officials wanted Toby to submit to a review as well. He didn't know who he could talk to, where he could turn. Also he was tired. He had just overpowered a guy almost six inches taller than him, subdued him, and spanked his ass until he cried. But again, that's not why Toby was nervous.

He needed to find someone who understood biology and how drugs worked. There was the team doctor that always traveled with them, but that was a no go. The Doc might report him and get him kicked off the team, destroying his Olympic dreams. Who did he know that might be able to help him? The conclusion he came to was not much better than the team physician.

Steele Johnson (which may be the most ironic name for a guy parading around scantily clad showing off 95% of his body) had been his synchro partner for the 2012 Olympic Trials last year. In their time together, they had met each other's families and Toby remembered that his father was a doctor who wanted his son to follow in his footsteps (to the point of making him read medical textbooks whenever he wasn't practicing). Toby loathed the idea of going to Johnson hat in hand after the argument that had ended their brief, successful partnership. Suffice it to say that they had different philosophies on diving.

As luck would have it, for the first time since this meet had begun, Johnson bumped right into him as he was exiting the locker room.

"You're not having a great day Mr. Stanley."

He wasn't lying. Toby was physically and emotionally exhausted. It would be easier to just get this over with.

"I'm not," Toby stated blankly. "I need your help though." The words tasted bitter coming from his mouth even as he said them.

Steele laughed out loud.

"Ha ha ha ha! How could I possibly help you Mister by the book? As I recall the reason you left me to partner with Bonuchi was that you didn't want to help me get up to your level. My, how the mighty have fallen."

He wasn't wrong. Toby had been a complete ass when he had chosen Bonuchi over Johnson as a partner to advance his career faster. In Toby's mind, David's age, maturity and skill level was more advanced than Johnson, who was 4 years younger. Now he found that he was going to have to eat his words, making this officially the worst dive meet in history.

"Look, I get it. I was a dick to you," Toby replied. "You're the only one who can help me. I just need to ask you a question."

Johnson put his hands on his hips. "Ask away little man."

Toby hated when people made fun of his height. At 5′6″ he was the shortest member of the National Team, but he bit back his anger.

"Your Dad's a doctor. How much do you know about the blood tests we have to take?"

Steele's head leaned backward in shock. He raised an eyebrow. "What did you take?"

"I didn't take anything," Toby was emphatic. "I found out that Bonuchi took some amphetamines the day of prelims. He got so high that he ended up going to the hospital. FINA didn't test him, the Spanish Doctor tipped them off when they got his blood work back."

"What's that got to do with you?" Johnson said, more than a little confused. "If you didn't take anything, you're fine."

"What about fluid exchange?" Toby countered, his voice tapering off.

Johnson's forehead was running out of room for his eyebrows to raise any higher.

"What kind of fluid Toby?"

Toby blushed, a full body blush given the state of his dress.

"It doesn't matter. Just tell me how much of fluid would it take to show up in one of my test results?"

Johnson reached out and took him by the arm. "Follow me."

The shorter diver was confused. At 21, he wasn't accustomed to a 17 year old leading him around, particularly after he had just asked him a sensitive question. Steele led them into the American quarter of the locker room. As they entered, a teary eyed David Bonuchi hustled past them and to the exit, actively avoiding eye contact with Toby.

"What the hell was that all about?" Johnson demanded.

"Don't worry about it," Toby tried to respond, but Steele cut him off.

"Actually, I will worry about it. You can't ask me veiled questions and expect a response." He paused. "Tell me what happened from the time David got high, to just now when he walked out of here looking like you beat him up."

It wasn't an unfair demand. While it might be embarrassing, Toby didn't see any other choice.

"Okay, but you have to promise not to tell anyone. Ever…"

"Fine. Deal. Whatever, just get on with it already Toby, I've got finals in 20 minutes."

Toby began: "So the day of prelims, Bonuchi was acting weird. I didn't know at the time, but some girl in one of those night clubs in Barcelona gave him some drugs. He took them thinking they would wake him up before the first dive of our set, since he had stayed up all night. What it actually did was made him get as hard as a rock 10 minutes before we were scheduled to dive."

Steele interrupted him. "As in he got a boner? Shit Toby, what are you about to tell me?"

"This is difficult enough without you interrupting Steele."

"Sorry dude," the younger diver once again took him by the arm and led him into a changing stall on the back wall. He told Toby to sit on the bench. Toby obliged but Steele remained standing. "Go on."

He continued, despite not wanting to. "Anyway, I noticed that he was starting to come out of his suit and asked him what he was doing. He told me that he didn't know but he couldn't get it to go down. He asked me to walk in front of him to the bathroom so no one would see his dick bulging in his suit. Once we got there, he went inside, I figured to jerk off and get rid of his hard on. Less than a minute later he poked his head out and asked me to come in. I didn't want to make a bigger scene so I went in with him."

"He told me that he couldn't get off because he needed lube. I told him to just spit on his hand and use that. But apparently the drugs had dried out his mouth so he couldn't. I told him to figure it out and get to the diving board in 5 minutes or we'd lose our slot. He told me the only way we could fix this was for me to help him."

Steele shifted uncomfortably. The boyish grin the blonde normally displayed was missing. "Go on," he prompted.

"Look, I don't know how it happened, but the next thing I knew he had me on my knees with his dick in my mouth," Toby blurted out with such force that Steele actually backed up (as far as he could, given the stall was only 4 feet wide).

"Wow… So he made you blow him," Johnson asked, sounding genuinely concerned.

Toby didn't respond for a moment. "It wasn't exactly like that."

Another moment passed. "I guess he convinced me that it was the only way we were going to make our dive time. I just didn't want to be DQed."

"Dude, that's fucked up. I know you're committed to diving, but that's taking it too far."

"I know Steele, it's not like I enjoyed it, it seemed like it was my only option at the time. Can you just tell me what I need to know?" Toby slumped forward, his elbows on his knees. Given the proximity of the two boys, there were mere inches between the top of Toby's head and Steele's mid-section.

"I don't even remember the question at this point Toby. What is it you need?" an exasperated and increasingly more interested Johnson replied.

"He came in my mouth… I mean he came in my throat. He grabbed the back of my head and I couldn't get away. I almost threw up. Ugh, I don't want to talk about this any more." Toby threw his head back and slumped against the wall, causing a gust of wind up Steele's freshly shaven legs, and a shiver to go up his spine.

Johnson at this point needed to hear the rest of the story. It was like a cliff hanger that ends without the car ever getting to the edge. "Look buddy, you came to me. Are you worried that you taking a load of semen will make up come up positive for whatever David took? Because if you are, that's fucking dumb Toby."

It was weird for Toby to hear the normally jovial Johnson speaking with such seriousness, but given that his Dad only let him dive on the condition that he go to med school once his diving career was over, it made sense.

Toby sat up. "What do you mean?"

Johnson explained. "The amount of cum you ingested couldn't possibly have had enough—"

"It was a lot," Toby interjected, a little too eagerly. He piped back down as Johnson gave him a quizzical look.

"As I was saying, it couldn't possibly have had enough of the drugs David took to show up on a test. If he had only taken them that morning, there wouldn't have been time for it to get to his reproductive system and even if it had, your digestive system would have destroyed it before it hit your blood stream."

Toby was relieved. He let out a sigh of solace. "So I'm good. Thanks man." He went to stand up, but Johnson stopped him.

"Not so fast big guy," the 17 year old put his hand on Toby's shoulder. "You still haven't told me why Bonuchi just high tailed it out of here when we came in."

"Fair enough," Toby figured he might as well finish the story. "I didn't find out that we'd been DQed until after I waited at the platform for him to show up. He's such a coward that when they told him, he didn't have the balls to tell me."

Johnson made a joke to himself about Bonuchi obviously having balls, since he'd dropped their contents in Toby's stomach the day before. Steele decided to keep that joke in his head.

"So when I found him, I confronted him. He told me that it wasn't a big deal, it wouldn't affect me, and I should feel sorry for him. I was so mad that I pushed him into the lockers. We tussled and I ended up putting him in a headlock and dragging him into one of the changing stalls. Actually the one we're in now… Anyway, I told him that since he was acting like a selfish little kid, I was going to treat him like one."

Johnson didn't think this tale could get any wilder, but somehow it did.

"I twisted his arm behind his back and started spanking his ass. He kept fighting back and trying to get up but I swatted him as hard as I could and kept twisting his wrist to keep him under control. After a while, he just gave up, when limp over my knee and started crying and begging me to stop. I didn't stop until he finally admitted that he was wrong and apologized to me. Or at least I think he was apologizing to me, mostly he just said "sorry" and gasped for air by the time I was done."

"That's the whole story?" Steele asked.

"That's it. Thanks for your help…" Toby stopped talking mid-sentence. He was staring straight into Steele's crotch which was rapidly expanding. "Umm Steele, are you okay?"

Johnson looked down. "Actually looks like I'm good," he said returning to just normal joker persona.

"Okay, well you need to find Dashiell if you're going to make you're dive time. And you might want to do something about that," pointing at the remarkably large bulge now fully formed and pressing tightly to the teenager's right hip in his tiny diving suit.

Toby attempted to stand only to once again be blocked by Steele.

"Actually, I was thinking you could," Johnson had a funny look on his face but his tone was matter of fact. "I'm not going to force you, but I will say, the only thing keeping me from telling the whole team that you are Bonuchi's cum dump is the fact that I'm a good guy. I mean Bonuchi is an asshat and you blew him; I'm a stand-up guy who just let you vent for the last 15 minutes about your oral sex and spanking adventures. It only seems fair."

The younger boy reached down to his suit and stroked the front. Toby's eyes were fixed straight ahead. Steele inched forward. Toby leaned back.

"Nobody is forcing you to be here little guy," Johnson taunted him slipping his speedo down and freeing his, what appeared to be 8 inch, fully engorged dick. It sprang out perpendicular to his wash board abs.

Toby Fumed. "Don't call me…" he stammered only to be greeted by a mouth full of cock.

This one was way bigger than the last. Bonuchi was a show-er and had a healthy bulge all the time; the team had even joked about it. But when he got hard, it was a mere 6 inches. Steele Johnson on the other hand was a text book grower. He might as well have been a Ken doll in a glance at his speedo, but now with only half of the completely erect penis in Stanley's mouth, Toby could feel another 4 inches of thick meat working its way past his lips. As a side not: comparing package size was part of the comradery of being on the diving team.

Steele had known the older boy would object to being called little and thrust his dick just as Toby started talking. He pressed it forward into Toby's mouth and throat until the back of Stanley's head hit the wall of the stall. Johnson wasn't gay by any means, but he did have a secret fetish that he had never been able to live out. As a diver, he couldn't risk being exposed as a spankophile because the evidence would be apparent in the formfitting diving trunks that they were required to wear. Toby's story had gone from amusing to arousing the second he had started recounting the spanking of David Bonuchi. He actually found himself envious of Bonuchi.

Toby, equally not gay, found himself with the second cock in as many days jammed into his mouth. Where David had grabbed his head and thrust wildly in and out, Steele seemed content to let his hips do all the work, keeping Stanley pinned and unable to escape. The weird thing was the Toby could have escaped. He could have pushed Johnson, or Bonuchi for that matter, away. With Bonuchi, he had just gotten to his knees, slackened his jaw and let him do all the work. With Johnson not moving though, Toby figured the only way to get this over was to be more active.

Stanley moaned and the vibrations shot up Steele's shaft eliciting a moan from him. The younger lad eased back and was surprised to find that Toby's mouth remained tightly sealed around his manhood. Standing completely upright, he allowed the older boy to take him, literally by the balls, as Toby reached up and cupped his acorn sized nuts. Toby just tried to do what he had seen the women on internet porn do and the results were phenomenal. He bobbed eagerly up and down on Johnson's cock until he felt his scrotum start to tighten. Given that Bonuchi had gagged him at the moment of his orgasm, Toby assumed that Johnson would do the same, blowing a load down his throat.

Johnson meanwhile was simply using Toby as an outlet to relieve the pressure from the arousing story he'd just told and had no desire to force him to swallow his seed. That confusion resulted in Steele pulling out of Stanley's mouth just as his first spurt of cum launched from his cock head. It coated Toby's lips and trickled into his mouth and drippled down his chin until Steele shot a second time, coating Toby's left eyebrow and cheek. Johnson grasped his dick and milked the last few ounces of fluid from it, which landed on the front of his former partner's speedo. As he backed away, he surveyed the damage.

Toby's body was painted with Steele's semen from crown to crotch. Looking down, he couldn't help but notice that the smaller boy's suit was a doing its best to contain a burgeoning erection.

"Well, I guess I wasn't the only one to enjoy that."

He wiped his hand off on Toby's shoulder, opened the door to the stall and said: "I've got a dive time to make. Thanks bud."

In spite of himself, Toby scooped the cum from his face, chest and groin, slipped his suit off and coated his cock in Steele's seed. Johnson had barely left the locker room when Toby shot a load over his head that landed with a plop right back on his face. He chalked his horniness up to the stress of the last two days and rushed to the showers to clean himself off.

When the team boarded the plane back to the training center in Indianapolis the next morning, David Bonuchi asked the coach if he could switch seats, since partners were booked sitting next to each other. A very eager Steele Johnson volunteered and sat down next to Toby.

"I just wanted to let you know that I'm not going to tell anyone what happened," Steele whispered during the safety demonstration.

Toby, ever by the book, was annoyed that Steele had taken this moment to talk about their locker room antics.

"Thanks," was all he could manage.

He turned to the window and did his best to pretend he was asleep. He spent the entire trans-Atlantic crossing thinking about what had happened and decided that he was going to put it behind him, and focus on his goal of winning the gold medal at the Rio Olympics. He finally fell asleep as he always did, imagining his dives.

"Kick, twist, point, rip," he thought over and over, finally drifting off to sleep.

Next to him the cherub faced Johnson slept like a baby, dreaming of Toby spanking David, Toby spanking him, him spanking Toby and finally the dream that always woke him up: him showing up to dive practice and the team seen his red ass. As he awoke he looked across the aisle to see Bonuchi bounce out of his seat as the plane set down back in the US. He smiled knowingly and shook Toby awake.

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