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End Game

Sunday, July 2007:

A final, dazzling weekend... A weekend of dispelled clouds and rain that had been threatening the Championships... And now, the Centre Court was packed to capacity, heart in their mouths... all eyes focused on the two figures at the centre...

It had been a hugely entertaining game, with both players probing the other for weaknesses, covering every inch of grass from the baseline to the net, from tramline to tramline, realizing that every point was crucial... teasing the other, giving it his very best... working from side to side, dinking gorgeous drop-shots, breathless... stretched... working every muscle in their body. Refusing to give up, refusing to surrender. Anything that one could do, the other could do just as well!

Break-points... Deuce... Unforced error... Flashes of brilliance... tenacious and brimming with confidence, both players played their hearts out. One a powerful Spanish bull; the other, a through-bred stallion... One, a most beautiful hombre, lately branded 'handsome', 'heartthrob', and 'sexy', a brilliant young star, the King of Clay... a powerful and exciting player, a joy to watch. And the other, the undisputed Lord of the Game, longest reigning No.1, winner of a record number of Grand Slam titles. One, just turned 21, and the other, a seasoned 26!

Both had travelled a long way over their careers... one from being a 'baby-faced' and 'barely legal' to a 'a hot kid', someone lusted after and rumored to be, according to an enamored locker room attendant, 'hung like a donkey'... whose awesome, muscular ass was being openly patted on-camera. The other, from his former image as a tantrum-tossing youngster, an enfant terrible; to a tennis sensation... a top-ranked male star, the undisputed Lord of the Courts... Cool, composed, and collected!

The crowd gave the players a standing ovation as the pair left their seat and walked out onto the court for the final encounter, the final bout that would decide who would get the crown... Rafito, short and stocky, muscle and brawn, dressed in his trademark sleeveless t-shirt and three-quarter length shorts, the hair flowing in the light breeze; Freddie, tall and languid, decked out in his spotless whites.

This was the final Set, and both players were equally placed... And every heart was equally divided... Would a record be matched - a fifth, consecutive title? Or would the challenger usurp the crown?! Would Experience prevail once again... or would the massive bicep flexing 'boy' succeed in wrenching the crown out of the Master's grasp this time? But having not had a day's rest since the start of the week, and now with his right knee taped, could he pull it off?

Tension mounted... gasps resounded around the stands... Cheers... It was magical... It was mesmerizing... Phenomenal!


FIFTH SET: Advantage Freddie... Second deuce... Freddie is set to make the record, just two points away....

MATCH POINT: A powerful return... but, Rafito digs deep to take blow after blow until Freddie hits a forehand long... Another MATCH POINT!

The players contest the point... Freddie dominating and Rafito scrambling... the knee troubling?

Silence, as all hearts pump... expectant...

An overhead put-away, and Freddie falls to his knees, overcome with emotion as people rise as one to applaud the victor, the Champion...

A record has been matched!

Rafito advances to the net and embraces his opponent, the victor. There is so much mutual respect between the two, and for the privileged lot witnessing it, a heartfelt bond seem to be developing... Or was it... Developing?

Pulling on his white blazer, the winner smartly walks up to receive his trophy from the Duke, holding it aloft to the cheering crowd before stepping aside as the second-best goes and accepts his plate, turning around to thank his supporters, the crowd cheering as loud, as enthusiastic... He had put in a great performance, maybe next year will be his year... he's definitely getting closer to the trophy.

The impromptu 'interview' over, Rafito, slowly walks away as all eyes, and the cameras, pan back on the champion... doing a circuit of Centre Court showing his trophy off to his fans.

Every sport has its share of rivalries... some real, some perceived... some healthy, while others are downright ugly... Some acrimonious, some gentlemanly. Some involving jealousy between the sportspersons... Others are just a figment of the fan or media imagination... Yet, despite their intense duels over the past couple years, these two men had remained on unusually friendly terms... pushing each other into legendary status with the beauty and intrigue of their clashes... making many a mind wonder... wonder at what that special bond was...

"I have good relations with him. I wouldn't say we are friends, but we get on okay..." Rafito had once said in an interview when asked about his equation with the top-ranked player and their unique bond.


The room was dark as he entered and softly closed the door after him, flipping the lock.

The Ball, as usual, had been great. The exclusive crowd was appreciative... handshakes and congratulatory back-pats, admiring and adulatory, but he had been desperate to get away... impatiently looking at his watch every few minutes, eyeing the exit longingly. And at the first, polite opportunity, had excused himself and rushed out, heading for the elevator and then up to his suite...

'Must be tired,' the guests had decided. After all, it had been a five set, grueling encounter...

He'd just change into that special, sexy silk brief and kimono, which he had recently picked up, and then make the call announcing his return to the room he decided as he slid out of the jacket... He knew that his call was anxiously awaited, as anxious as he was to make it. And a smile lit up his face at the thought as he entered the bedroom and flipped on the light switch...

For a moment he didn't notice, as he flung his jacket across the chair and reached for the shirt button... and then he paused, startled for a brief second, and then joy filled every feature of his handsome face, elated as he saw the familiar figure stretched out on his bed... The bronzed, muscular frame, stark against the white sheets, completely naked... thighs spread wide... the right hand stroking that immense, magnificent erection!

"Welcome, mi hombre encantador, mi deliciosa taza torta... my yummy Swiss cheese..." Rafito greeted.

"Ha," Freddie grinned, pulling off his shirt, "I must learn Spanish, I hardly understand all those sweet endearments you throw at me!" he exclaimed before adding, "Cheese, huh? With all those holes?"

"Ah, there's only one that I care for," replied Rafito, in his heavily accented English, feeling his cock jerk at the sight of his lover's naked torso.

"Huh... and what about the other? And you always say that I give amazing head, uh?"

"That too... and now get here and start what you're good at, mamame la verga!" he grinned mischievously, wagging his fat cock at Freddie. And as he stripped away the last stitch of his clothing, the grin was replaced with pure lust as the full lips curled, "Mi Dios, you're... you're magnífico!" he exclaimed.

Freddie giggled as he moved in close, his anxious cock lifting the bloated head heavenwards in anticipation of what the night held. "When did you get here?" he asked standing at the foot of the bed.

"Been a while, you took a long time..."

"I wanted to run away," Freddie replied, climbing in, on his knees, "but you know how it is..." he added with a shrug.


"How's your knee," Freddie asked, his eyes concerned as he looked into Rafito's, "I was real worried for a while there..."

"Ah, I'll survive..." he replied with a wry smile as Freddie reached out, patting and then caressing the still taped knee.

Bending forward, he gently kissed the sore knee... and then crouching between the spread legs, moved upwards... kissing along the broad, muscular thigh... higher... the tongue darting out to wiggle along the satiny smooth skin...

Holding his breath, Rafito moaned... his hips already twisting, as the legs stretched out taut... his hands reaching out to grab the head of his lover, the strong fingers wrapping around the curly locks. "Mmmm..." he moaned, as the mouth feasted up, along the brisling thigh... inching closer, and closer to the throbbing shaft as it lay on the flat abdomen, twitching and jerking, a hint of crystal clear dew oozing out of the tiny slit at the tip.

The pursed lips crawled higher... moving along the inside of the muscular column... kissing and licking, towards the junction... The nostrils now filled with the strong musky scent of manhood... warm and intoxicating... Reaching out with his tongue Freddie lashed at the tight scrotal sac and felt Rafito shudder, as a lusty moan emanated from the parted lips of his competitor, his rival... His friend and lover.

With eyes tightly shut Rafito rolled his head from side to side, moaning continuously as the hot mouth licked along his groin... over the pubic arch... the tongue tip rustling around in the curly dark hair, shiny and velvety black... and then around, to the base of his throbbing shaft... The mouth opening wide to suck on the knotted balls... and then up along the whole length of the twitching penis, right up to the tingling tip... His hips jerked and lifted off the bed... his heart desiring that magical suction that he knew Freddie's mouth was capable of... urging the older man to take him in...

Swirling in and around the groin and over the pelvic mound... the lips and tongue moved up... and with a disappointed groan Rafito felt his ass slump back on the mattress... He knew, he understood... he had to wait, had to wait till the victor thought it fit to give the pleasure that he was seeking... yet enjoying the tantalizing caress... the teasing delay... knowing very well that when it came, it would be incredible... Freddie gave amazing head!

Following the fine, barely visible treasure trail the tongue climbed up the taut abdomen... over the pronounced belly button... It paused for a moment to circle around the deep indentation... and then up to the chest... leaving a hot trail of kisses... the tongue dragging over the smooth, bronzed skin... Once more he paused... first to lick and then suck on each of the two rigid nipples... nipping them gently before continuing his journey across the heaving chest... licking his way up the throat... His lips crushed against Rafito's, the experienced tongue licking the full lips before forcing its way inside... rolling around, searching and finding new corners and crevices to tickle... sending awesome tingles down Rafito's spine, making him squirm and giggle under him.

With arms tightly wrapped around his lover's shoulders, Rafito moaned his lust deep into the mouth, sucking the tongue as it probed his oral cavity... The two pubes grinding in unashamed lust... the two cocks renewing their old bond of friendship as the drooling tips nudged and jostled each other...

Back down again, he went... licking, kissing and nibbling his way down the path he had come... back to the groin and back to the teasing... And then... as Rafito was sure he could take it no longer, all of a sudden he felt the hot, wet mouth cover his cock... sucking it in... With a howl he ground his hips up, feeding more of his cock into the oral cavity, his heart pounding furiously, his knees bending... the thighs spreading wider as he offered better access to the worshipping mouth...

"Ah, Fred..." he groaned with lust, his fingers digging in the powerful shoulders of his lover, "take it... ah, take it deeper..." he pleaded.

With hollowed cheeks and a nasal moan, Freddie lunged forward, sucking in more than half the thick length of the turgid cock... saliva rushing in to lubricate the rigid shaft... rolling down to wet the pubic bush... He loved Rafito's penis... he knew the power of that shaft... the pleasure it could bring him... and he loved to lavish it with care and attention... bring it off... and get it ready...

His ears buzzed... and his breath came in harsh spurts... Rafito had been horny the whole day, and seeing Freddie across the court that afternoon and made him even more lusty for that mouth... that amazing tight butt hole... And now, as they groaned and grunted in the privacy of Freddie's room, the magic mouth working its wonders around the raging phallus, Rafito could hardly contain himself... and with shocked surprise he felt the familiar stirring in his balls... the uncontrollable flexing of the powerful stomach muscles... He knew, no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't hold back much longer... his balls were desperate to release their liquid treasure... flood the sucking mouth with the seed they contained.

This was incredible, this was too quick... And not wanting it to end this soon, not prepared to let go and cum yet... desirous of prolonging the magical moment, he released the head and with eyes still closed, grabbed the shoulders, tugging hard, "Fred... oh... Fred, get over here..." he panted.

Understanding what Rafito wanted, and reading the urgency in the tone, Freddie hefted himself up, but didn't release his hold on the flexing cock. He moved, on his hands and knees, turning around... his knees now planted on either side of Rafito's head... dangling his erection tantalizingly over the admiring face.

The slight break was sufficient for him to gain back his control, and now seeing the handsome cock, all tall and pink, so close to his face, after such a long time, Rafito moaned as he reached up... caressing along the smooth inner thighs, up into the inverted V to stroke the raging penis... running both hands along the length of the silky smooth shaft... Wrapping his fingers around the girth he stroked the flesh column, marveling at the texture and the tenderness of the organ, squeezing the shaft and watching it flex, the tip leaking beads of clear pearls. Pulling back the foreskin completely he exposed the reddened glans, all wet and shiny with the coated precum, and as the crystal drop fell in a sticky string, onto his lips, Rafito could hardly contain himself any longer... with a husky groan he lifted his head off the pillow and lashed out with his tongue, licking the drooling tip and then swirling it around the flared ridge... Reaching up with his open mouth, he wrapped his lips around the tip and felt the pelvis jerk and retract, before pushing down... feeding him the erection that he so craved.

And as he sucked on the throbbing penis he felt the mouth around his own cock pause, the nose now buried in his swollen scrotum, a long moan bubbling out from around the rigid shaft lodged snugly in the depth of the gurgling throat...

With nasal moans and loud slurps, the two stars labored at each other's groin, sucking the cock... and licking the rolling balls... Hands roaming each other's thighs and hips, caressing... reaching into dark corners between the legs... sliding into deep clefts... fondling and kneading... On and on they went, hell bent on outdoing their own spectacular performance of that afternoon, on the court...

Releasing the cock, Rafito grabbed the slim waist and tugged, and as Freddie folded his knees, lowering his crotch closer, Rafito reached around, pulling the cheeks apart to expose the tiny, wrinkled opening... groaning as it came into view. Determined fingers sneaked into the crevice, running along the cleft, nudging at the tight orifice as the thumb massaged around it.

And as the mouth pouted out in response, a long and furious digit jabbed the slit, forcing itself in... reaching as far as it could go, and then moving in large circular motion, opening up the tight orifice, preparing the tender linings for the assault that was about to happen, that he was planning...

Groaning heavily, Freddie rotated his ass... spreading his thighs even wider as he ground his dangling balls into the hot mouth... moaning his hunger around the cock buried deep in his own throat... Both were close... but both wanted the moment to go on... move on to the next level without a break... and so reluctantly Freddie released the cock and at the same time pulled his hips away from the adoring mouth... "Fuck me Rafa..." he whispered hoarsely.

No word was needed as the two young men scrambled around the bed, taking up their new positions... Freddie on his elbows and knees, thighs parted wide, the ass pushed up high, in offer... as Rafito moved in between the spread legs...

"My diestro, my lusty matador..." Freddie panted as he looked back at his lover, over his shoulder, "come, estocada your puntilla in me..."

Sliding his fingers between the full buttocks, and reaching lower to grab and squeeze those humongous testicles, "Puntilla, eh, this you call a puntilla?" Rafito snorted. And then gripping his solid phallus he slid the raging column along the deep cleft of Freddie's parted ass, "this is astigordo, a lance, thick and long..." he said, swatting the tender butt cheek before adding, "and I make... um, I do hacer amor with this. I make love!"

Grabbing the slender waist and flexing those massive, powerful biceps, Rafito rammed in... forcing the broad head past the tightly clenched orifice... boring in... inch, by thick inch... deeper... making Freddie whimper, as he raised his ass higher, pushing back...

Rafito grunted with the effort, but didn't let up... he loved the snug hole, and always enjoyed those first few moments of entry... feel that seething passage grab his shaft... like powerful bands, tightening and squeezing his shaft... suffocating! Feel those tender lining flutter around the encroaching column... roll over the buried shaft... almost like a million tiny fingers raking at his exposed cockhead!

Biting down hard on his lower lip Freddie lifted his knees off the bed and with toes firmly pressed against the mattress rotated his ass, slamming back at Rafito... the ass mouth opening wide, gulping in the remainder of the healthy column... He felt the curly bush come to rest against his smooth buttocks and immediately clamped his ass shut and heard Rafito groan, his pelvis jerking uncontrollably, making the immense, low hanging balls sway, rapping his own dangling testicles.

Both paused for a while, catching their breath... and then Rafito began to move... pulling back and then shoving in... his muscular groin smacking audibly against the plump buttocks of his lover... making both grunt with unbridled lust... And the bed soon joined in, squeaking with glee as the two jocks made furious love.

"Fuck me... oh, fuck me, Rafa..." Freddie wailed as he buried his face in the pillow, shoving back at the slamming pelvis...

"Yes... yes..." hissed Rafito in response, speeding up, fucking with long, powerful strokes. Extracting his lengthy phallus, almost all the way out and then slamming in and rotating his hips, extracting even more grunts from the prone champion, before pulling out once again, till the bloated head was trapped and held tight by the unrelenting sphincter.

It had never felt this awesome before... the hard won victory, the equaling of a world record... and now being fucked by the super stud young rival seemed to make this union even more special. And today Rafito was really outdoing himself... fucking like he had never fucked before. There was no trace of any tiredness or exhaustion after that extended encounter on the court... He was incredible!

And as the broad, ridged cockhead dragged over and rubbed the swollen gland deep within his rectum, Freddie felt his balls begin to tingle... rolling up to form a tight knot at the base of his flexing penis... and as it grew better and better... the electric shock ran up his spine, blinding him with a lightening flash... and crying out loud he swayed his hips, slamming back at the plunging cock before grinding his way to his first orgasm of the night... It ripped at his very gut, as the balls liquefied and shot their way out of the throbbing tube of his bursting phallus... splashing his heaving chest and the bed under him... draining him, completely

"Caray!" Rafito bellowed as the ravenous ass chewed at his pistoning cockhead in the dying throes of the massive orgasm. With a roar he slammed in one final time and let go, his rich, thick cream spewing out in great gobs, shooting from the flexing tip of his cock into the gulping rectum, filling the willing bowel of the groaning champion... soothing it...

Both slumped forwards, catching their breath... the hearts still slamming wildly against the rib cage... the blood pumping audibly in their ears... as the sweat drenched bodies merged into one.

But then... youth is never so easily satisfied... and Rafito was not done yet, one single visit to that seething inferno wasn't enough to satisfy his lust, his youthful hunger... His cock had lost none of its rigidity... and within minutes he was pulling out of the sopping hole, sounding like a foot being pulled out of thick mud... the copious cum instantly dribbling out to coat those rounded cheeks... Grabbing the hips once more, he pulled Freddie down onto the bed... "Move closer..." he whispered as he spooned the drained champion.

With a sibilant cry Freddie moved in closer, backing up and grinding his buttocks into Rafito's hungry crotch... as if wanting to fuse the two bodies together. And his heart, which had just begun to return to its normal beat, once again picking up at the anticipated union of a fresh fuck, his spent cock twitching anew...

"Rafa...ah, Rafa..." he moaned in a lusty voice, as he bent his upper leg at the knee and parted his thigh in preparation of being entered again, "yes, now..." he begged, longing for that fat, lengthy cock to force its way deep into him.

The super hard sword of the matador plunged in with one swift and powerful jab... thick and strong, as if desperate, in a tearing hurry to return to the cozy nest that it had just inseminated... ripping its way deeper and higher into Freddie's convulsing belly.

"Nnnnnghhh..." Freddie cried out grabbing handful of the rumpled sheet as he slammed back at his lover, his own cock now stiff once more, the tip already drooling precum.

The initial frenzy satisfied, this time the haste was in copulating, not cumming. It was a slow, more sensual session as the two men rocked their hips in gentle unison... intent on exploration, on experimenting. Hands roamed the two bodies... caressing, tweaking and fondling... Fingers seeking and intertwining as the hands joined in a loving clasp... Mouth reaching out to nibble and kiss... The moans too were less harsh, and the whimpers less urgent as they made love... whispering, giggling and squealing with passion... slowly building up towards the pinnacle... steadily climbing the heights of passion...

Side by side, with arms wrapped around sweaty bodies, and glued at the crotch, they speeded up at the approaching finale... And finally when the time came, again with almost thrilling togetherness, it was intense... the animal groans downing out every other sound as one cock filled the belly, while the other hosed the sheet.


Extracting the fast softening phallus from the gripping orifice, Rafito lay back on the sweat drenched sheet and felt Freddie roll over and curl himself against him, snuggling close, his face buried in the steaming armpit... The night was still young... and the hunger insatiable... He knew they would renew their union many more times before dawn forced them apart... They both couldn't seem to get enough of each other... on the court, in the bed... but then, they had to be careful... cautious.

The End

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