Friends Forever

By Roy Davenport

Part 1: Saying Goodbye

It was a Saturday in June. The sun shone and the birds were singing. We just finished our last match of the season. We had won with 12-4. My team mates where happy and celebrating. I should have been happy yet I was sad. I took a shower, got dressed grabbed my bag and walked to my bike. I didn't want to say goodbye. I didn't know how. I knew I would miss this place but it was for the best. Too much had happened the last few months.I joined my sports club when I was at age of 6. I made friends, I played with the same team mates for almost 9 years and really was part of the group. But that all changed last year. We all grew older and it was time to take another step up the ladder. But for me they had other plans. They decided I should take 2 steps instead of one. I would skip a team. They placed me by kids who all where at least 1 year older then I was. Not that that was really a problem I was used to that being the youngest of my class for almost 12 years. It's just the way I found out about it and what happened next.

My old team played on a very high level. We reached 4th of the country last year. The new team played low. We had random trainers and the team wasn't very serious. We lost almost every game and after a year I decided it wasn't fun anymore to play. So I decided to quit. And today had been the day of my last match. And we had won. I even made 2 scores. All my old team mates where here since they knew it would be my last game. They had tried to convince me to stay but I was determined. The fun was gone.

I had a hard time saying goodbye to all of them so I decided to sneak out. I knew my friends would be waiting for me in the clubhouse. I just didn't know what I would say to them.  I knew most of our friendships where just based on our mutual interest in the some sport. And now that was gone. They would die a slow died.

When I reached my bike I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Mark, one of my best friends from my old team. He was the closeted friend I ever had. To me he was a bit more then just a friend. I loved him I was certain of that. I had never told him that of coarse. After all I was a boy and he was a boy. And you just don't tell another boy that you are in love with him do you?

"Hey" he said with a low voice.

"Hey I answered back." I just didn't know what to say to him. Couldn't find the words.

"I gonna miss you, you know."

"Yeah, I gonna miss you too."

"Can't believe this is the last time I gonna see you" he said after we had been quiet for a while.

"It don't have to be the last time you know."

"Yeah I know."

"It won't be Mark. I promise."

"Kay then. It's been nine great years you know."

"Yeah I know. Would you do one last thing for me."

"Sure, Just say what and I will."

"Tell the others I gonna miss them."

"Why don't you yourself" he asked but I could see in his eyes he already knew the answer.

"I can't Mark. It just hurts to much. That's why I decided to sneak out.."

"Yeah I understand. I just had that feeling you would try to sneak out without saying personal goodbye's. That's why I waited here so I could say goodbye to you. Guess I was right" A small smile forced itself out.

"Thanks Mark. I'm glad you did. I feel a bit better now that I at least said goodbye to you personally."

"Yeah? Well I guess I'm gonna tell the others then."

"Yeah. I guess I will go home then" I said back.

We both stood there not sure knowing what to do looking at our feet's. Should we just shake hands or should we hug? I decided we should hug. He had been my closeted friend for 9 years after all. It felt wrong just shaking hands. So we hugged and I even gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Then I grabbed my bike jumped on it and raced away. I had tears in my eyes. I felt hurt inside. But I knew it was for the best. I could feel Marks eye's on my back. Just before I turned around the corner I looked back one last time. Mark still stood there. When he saw I looked at him he waved. Then I was around the corner and he was out of my sight.

Part 2: Re-united

It has been 2 years since I left my old sports club. A lot had happened these years. After I stopped playing I got a job for 2 hours an evening. It paid well and I had some pocket money to spend. I finished my exams with great grades and started college. Unfortunately my college was situated in another city and after 6 months traveling by train I decided to move. I rented a small apartment with a living room, a kitchen and 2 bedrooms. I took a job for the late evenings and I decided to join a new sports club again. I missed playing. 

And today, today would be my 1st match with my new team from my new sports club. It was only a friendly match against another sports club from our city.. I had nothing to worry about, did I? But then: Why was I this nervous.

Alright granted. It would be my 1st game in more then 2 years. But I had trained for almost 10 weeks now 3 evenings a week. I was in shape. My team was happy with me. And I even made some great friends. One of my best friends on my new team was Marcel. I was age of 18 now and I knew for sure I was gay. I decided I shouldn't keep it a secret in my new team since it was who I was. No one had a problem with it. After 3 weeks Marcel told me he was gay to and that he had fallen in love with me. At least that's what he had thought 'cause he hadn't been in love before. That's when I had told him about Mark and that I couldn't forget him. He understood and we are best buds now. At least we could check out cute boy's together.

Ring. Ring. The doorbell.

That would probably be Marcel. He would pick me up to go to the field together. And indeed it was Marcel. I grabbed my bag, my keys and ran to the door. We said hi and I grabbed my bike. Although I was 18 and was permitted to get my drivers license I still hadn't started lessons. I just hadn't the time for it.  When we arrived at the field the other members of the team where already there. We changed in our shirt's and we prepared the field. Then we had a team meeting to discuss our strategy. While we discussed our strategy the other team arrived. And I had the shock of my live. Wasn't that Mark. Nah couldn't be. Could it? Well he certainly looked the same. A bit taller maybe and 2 years older. I watched him entering the locker room before paying attention to the discussion. I just heart them say my name.

"Huh What" I said. Sorry what did you just asked?

"We asked if you wanted to be our 1st man since you're our best player" Linda one of my teammates said.

"U yeah sure that's okay no prob" I answered feeling my cheeks getting a bit red. I most certainly wasn't their best player that was for sure. after that the strategy was discussed and all we had to do was waiting for the match to begin. We had about 15 minutes before it would and we decided to get our muscles lose with some warming up.

"Your okay Roy" Marcel asked.

"Yeah I'm fine. What makes you ask" I said.

"Well you look a bit  away with your mind."

"Your right I am. I was thinking about our opponents."

"What's with them" Marcel asked curiously.

"Well I'm not sure but I thought I just saw Mark with them."

"Mark? Who's that?" Marcel said. Then a light started to shine.

"You don't mean your Mark do you? The guy from your old club?"

"That's exactly the one I do mean" I said.

"Wow, And he's here. But how can that be. This isn't your old club right."

"It isn't. I lived in another city at that time remember."

"And you are sure that it is Mark."

"I'm sure. At least I think I am. He was in the locker room before I could tell for sure." At that moment the door of the locker room opened and the other team came out. The 2nd guy to come out was Him. It was Mark I was certain now.

"And" a very curious Marcel asked. "Which one."

"The second."

"Wow he's cute."

Yeah I know. Why do you think I fell for him in the first place?"

"I don't know. Why don't you go to him. Talk to him."

"Yeah right, What would I say to him. I haven't seen him for almost 2 years".

"Well you could say Hi to start with. And then you ask how he's doing and what's he doing here."

"Yeah I could do that can I." I wasn't sure what to do and I needed some-one to convince me to go to him. I had never expected this to happen. But it appeared it wasn't necessary anymore. As soon as Mark stepped out of the locker room he had recognized me and he waved. Now I had to go to him. So I started to walk in his direction step for step. And he walked towards me. With every step I took I came closer to the guy I loved for almost 4 years now. The guy I hadn't seen in over 2 years. I hadn't realized how much I missed him until I saw him standing there all by himself. His teammates walked to the field to start their own warming up.

"Hi" I said when I finally reached him

"Hi he said" then it was quit again.

"So I guess the promises I made to you came true now."

"Yeah looks like that"

"But what are you doing here" I said still a bit confused.

"Seeing you."

"Huh what."

"I came 'cause I knew you would be here."

"But how did you know."

"My sister told me"

"Your sister" I asked even more confused "But how did she knew."

"Her boyfriend"

"And how did he knew?"

"His nephew."

"Yeah Right. I'm not following it anymore you know."

"Well maybe you can ask Marcel to explain then" Mark said with a smile.

"Huh Marcel. What's he got to do with all of this" I asked. I really couldn't follow what he was telling me.

"He's the nephew."

"He's what?" I yelled. "I'm gonna kill him."

"Not before you kiss me" Mark said.

"Huh what, what did you say?"

"What do you think I said, Roy?" Mark said with a very serious voice.

"I uh, I don't know Mark. I uh you didn't just asked me to kiss you did you?" I stammered.  I tried to understand what was happening here right now. I thought Mark just asked me to kiss him but that couldn't be true. It must have been my imagination. It was my Imagination right.

"Maybe I did." Mark answered and then he took me in his arms and kissed me full on the mouth. I was taken by surprise. He kissed me in front of..., of everyone. When he finished the kiss he moved back. My eyes locked with his and I saw tears of happiness in his. Mine had them too. I knew this would be the best day of my live. After 2 years I saw my best friend again. The guy I was in love with for double the time. And now he just kissed me. And he told me he loved me.

"Guy's I hate to interrupt but uhm..." It was Marcel.

"Get lost." both Mark and I said in unison.

"How much I would want to I can't guys. We still have a match to play you know." He was right of course and Mark and I followed Marcel to the field.

"Remember the old day's." Mark asked me. "When we where both on the same team."

"How can I forget kiddo. You where there."

"Remember the trainings. We always played against each other 'cause that way we had the best training."

Yeah I remember. We where really matched for each other back then weren't we?"

"Yeah we where. Now come on. We have a match to play and I intend to win from you."

"Yeah well you have to get by me first then. You never could back then what makes you think you can now."

"You'll see" he said while we took out positions in the field. The whistle sounded and the match started.

Our team won with 12 - 4. The same score as the day I said goodbye to Mark. But this time I was celebrated too. This time I said welcome back to Mark. And this time I would never let him go again. 

Part 3: Happily Ever After.

After that match I asked Mark to move in with me. After all I had my own apartment with a living room, and 2 bedrooms right. I could sleep in one and he in the other. If we had an argument that is otherwise we would just share one ofcoarse.

He said yes and moved in 3 weeks later. I went back with him to my hometown for his last match at my old club. Correction: Our old club. Since he was moving in with me he would join my new club and team as well. It was weird to be back at my old club again after 2 years. I saw all my old friends again and we shared memories. They all told me how sad Mark was after I left and how Marks play had worsened without me to train with him. I was happy to hear that of course. We used to have team sleepovers at birthday's and Mark and I decided that for our 21st birthday we would invite the old team again for such a sleep over. And so we did. We watched video's all night and didn't get much sleep. It was fun.

We are both 28 now. Me being a few month's older then Mark is. He's cooking dinner right now for the three of us. Who's the third??? Well Marcel of course. No he's not living with us just visiting. Marcel still is my best friend. If it wasn't for him Mark and I would never be together. Marcel managed to explain to me how thing went with my re-union with Mark. I'll try to explain here but don't blame me if it's a bit confusing.

Well here it is: I had shown Marcel a picture of me and Mark taken at our last training together.  Then when he was at his Aunt's birthday a few day's later his nephew and his girlfriend were there too and she had shown him a picture of her brother. It was pretty funny when he told me that. His nephew and Marks sister both knew that they were gay and in love with a guy named Roy. They didn't know it was the same guy however their relative had a broken heart from. So they had decided to bring Marcel and Mark together to forget me. And as soon as they had showed the picture of Mark to Marcel he had said to his nephew: Hey that's the guy Roy is in love with. You must have seen there faces when they realized they tried to couple 2 guys in love with the same guy. And as soon as Marks sister realized I was in love with Mark too, they decided to bring me and Mark together again.

They spent weeks on trying to figure out how to bring Mark and me together. Then that friendly match came and 'cause Marcel's nephew played in that team they decided Mark would take Marcel's place in the team so he could meet me again. And what happened then you already know 'cause it's described above.

I know I will grow old with Mark. He's such a great guy you know. Well taken that we share memories from childhood is part of us getting along so fine. I'm glad I found him again. We are planning on going on a world tour soon. After we finished college we both got great jobs. And we managed saving some money. We are planning on going to America 1st. Going to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York. And ofcoarse visiting my uncle and aunt living there.

Well I gotta stop writing now 'cause Mark is yelling that dinner gets cold. And we don't want that to happen will we. He's just such great Housewife. I can't think of any one better. Haha

Well bye bye now.

Roy Davenport.

That's it for this story. I loved writing it for you. Hope you loved reading it.  I like to get E-mail so send me one if you have the time. My E-Mail address is: Ofcoarse you can Sign my guestbook too. It's located at Battle Stations my own website.